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Where can I find the following items in the levels... ?

I am having trouble locating the following items in the specified levels. I have searched these levels for several hours and have no clue; please help!

1) Cauldron in The Black Rider (quest item)
2) Popsicle in The Pass of Caradhras (quest item). Also missing a minikit chest -- both may be located in a secret room which I can't seem to find or enter.
3) Unknown Item in The Black Gate. I am at 2/3 items for this level and am not certain what the third item is. It is not a quest item.

Halon50 provided additional details:

Found one (Cauldron):

1) In part 1, after scaring the crow by climbing up a tree via hobbit door, cross the water and destroy 2 bushes. Use Frodo's light (or use a wizard and a staff) to illuminate the dark patch behind the bushes and pick up the Cauldron there.

I had trouble with this one due to an old LCD screen. The dark patch blended in to the normal lighting.

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Found another (Popsicle):

2) In part 2, after shooting an arrow into a slot and jumping across with an elf, jump up once and you'll see a dark patch below the first set of shimmy-ing bars. Enter with Frodo or a light-bearing wizard to find a frozen room with the Popsicle and minikit chest. Gollum is needed to solve this puzzle.

Halon50 provided additional details:

I believe for the third question, it has something to do with the sleeping eagle inside the cave with the pig, rabbit and spiders. I cannot wake up the eagle though -- any ideas?

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Halon50 answered:

3) I found the Flaming Hat in a diggable area at the third troll fight. Go outside of the cave where the sleeping eagle is (he's a red herring), and near the climbable platform is a tiny diggable area with this item.
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fru1fan answered:

1) is in the dark, use the light Frodo has
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