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Asked: 2 years ago

The Black Rider treasure?

I am unable to find the last treasure in The Black Rider. It is the third row from the bottom, 5th from the right. I have all of the minikits, but what's strange is that the MInikit Chest Finder keeps showing me the minikit chest in front of the hollow log, where you disturb the beehive, and when I dig it up, it shows a minikit chest, even though I have them all. Can anyone help me find that last treasure, that's the last one I need in the whole game.

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The climbing wall leads to a chest.

Accepted Answer

From: Talaeladar 2 years ago

Found it. In the first area where you use the small door to climb up the tree to scare the crow, at the first river. Head straight towards the screen from that tree, and there is a Morgul structure. Break it, and build a scarecrow to scare the mole or bug or whatever, and you get a Ferryman's Cap.

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Did you go where the bridge falls. You can break the bridge and go by the waterfall.

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