Question from Adam_55

Can ucustomize cars??

I dont own the game but was considering buying it. I was wondering if u could customize the cars like in the original. Cause then the game woul be awsome. This would make big difference in my decision on buying the game.

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Mikey_R answered:

You can customise the performance and paint but not the visuals.

However, that shouldn't put you off from buying it as it is a great game.
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Breadas answered:

I totally agree with Mikey_R

Worth getting!
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shery21 answered:

performance can me customize not the visuals
there is no such scene that was in previous MW
however its a good game currently playing it
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cirkmetroid answered:

They always do this, the first game doesn't have too many options, and then Underground comes out. It makes a little bit of sense, they build the game engine first, and the real amount of time is spent in making all of the customization they end up selling more games that way, to the die hards. Heh :p
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