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Asked: 2 years ago

SVT Raptor & SWAT trucks?

The Raptor's considered a tank by most players on the board. But will it hold its own against SWAT truck roadblocks & go through its gaps?

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Or another related question: can the Raptor stand toe-to-toe with a single SWAT truck? Will the pickup wreck after being hit on the side by the SWAT truck?

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From: metal_cue 2 years ago

Maxed out the Raptor today & here's what I found out.

1) The F150 can plow through the gaps between rhino roadblocks, provided your speed is below 100 mph (you'll crash if you're traveling too fast).

2) It can survive a head-on rhino crash & wreck it, provided you're below 100 mph. Faster than this, the rhino wrecks you.

3) The SWAT truck roadblock is impregnable (except if there's a gap to the side of the roadblock, as in highways), even for a pro'd Raptor.

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A;though I haven't tried it, I doubt it. I believe the SWAT roadblocks were designed to not be passable.

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