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Great game :) but does anyone know any good racers where you can customize anything like NFS MW1?

I tried this game before buying it and i have to say... it's loads of fun indeed... but i'm also jonsing for a PS3 game where you can customize like in NFSMW (body... hoods... spoilers... etc...) wasn't too thrilled with Carbon either... was kinda like Ol Crappy McWeak Sauce IMO (although i did like being able to autosculpt chop roof on muscle cars... made the viper and the Z06 look friggin epic!!!)... but i used to play the other MW until my 360 got red halo... and really miss being able to customize cars like in that game... any ideas?


BKGlover answered:

Well, oviously this one you can't, but the only other one I can think of is Midnight Club LA. Just seems like the whole concept has been abandoned.
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andrew2high answered:

Like BKGlover said, the genre is now trying to separate itself from the "tuner mod" scene and are "glam"ing it up. Car companies aren't all that fond of anyone showing them up, design-wise. At the same time, game companies don't want to spend the time, resources, and disc space on creating thousands of seemingly random parts and decorations that aren't significant additions to the game. Now it's more about (symbiotically) driving the higher end, already insanely designed vehicles that actually exist, tuned to the actual real world specs. Maybe this is what DLC was created for. Everyone can drive the default car designs, but for $10 more you get access to a custom garage?
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