Question from Gsword007

If you go into concours and you already have 5,000,000 SP, will you automatically go to Concours 1, Speed level 71?

I was wondering if you go into Concours and have, say, 6,000,000+ Speed points, if you would then automatically advance to Concours 1, SpeedLevel 71 since it asks for 5,000,000 Speed points total.


Zouiezack answered:

No. It is your choice to move into concours.
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Concours7 answered:

After achieving level 71, a player may enter Concours mode. This mode resets your Speed Level to 1 and re-locks all multiplayer cars and all multiplayer mods are reset. You get a golden license plate border to display your Concours status.

Your single-player status is kept in-tact, as well as your total number of speed points. This allows you to retain your position on the Most Wanted leaderboard.
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