FAQ/Walkthrough by mattadot

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Version: 1.06
Author:  MattAdot
Email: mattadot@hotmail.com

Table of Contents                            Quick-Find Code
1) Introduction ..................................... #INTRO
2) Glossary ......................................... #GLSRY
3) Brush Techniques ................................. #BRSHT
4) Divine Instruments (Weapons) ..................... #WEAPN
5) Walkthrough ...................................... #WKTHR
   5.01) River of the Heavens and Cave of Nagi ...... #RH&CN
   5.02) Kamiki Village ............................. #KMKIV
   5.03) Hana Valley ................................ #HNAVL
   5.04) Shinshu Field .............................. #SHNSH
   5.05) Kamiki Revisited ........................... #KMKRV
   5.06) Agata Forest ............................... #AGTFR
      Mini-Boss #1 .................................. #MNBS1
   5.07) Tsuta Ruins ................................ #TSTRN
      Boss #1 ....................................... #BOSS1
   5.08) Agata Again ................................ #AGTAG
   5.09) Taka Pass .................................. #TKAPS
      Mini-Boss #2 .................................. #MNBS2
   5.10) Kusa Village ............................... #KUSAV
      Mini-Boss #3 .................................. #MNBS3
   5.11) Sasa Sanctuary ............................. #SSSCT
      Mini-Boss #4 .................................. #MNBS4
   5.12) "A DOG-gone difficult quest" ............... #DGQST
      Mini-Boss #5 .................................. #MNBS5
      Mini-Boss #6 .................................. #MNBS6
   5.13) Gale Shrine ................................ #GLSHN
      Boss #2 ....................................... #BOSS2
   5.14) Before the Rendezvous ...................... #BFRDV
   5.15) Moon Cave .................................. #MNCAV
      Boss #3 ....................................... #BOSS3
   5.16) City Checkpoint ............................ #CTYCH
   5.17) Ryoshima Coast ............................. #RYSHM
   5.18) Sei-an City ................................ #SNCTY
   5.19) Sunken Ship ................................ #SKSHP
   5.20) Imperial Palace ............................ #IMPPL
      Boss #4 ....................................... #BOSS4
   5.21) Homecoming ................................. #HMCMG
   5.22) Sei-an Sequel .............................. #SNSQL
   5.23) North Ryoshima Coast ....................... #NRYCT
   5.24) Catcall Tower .............................. #CTCLL
   5.25) N. Ryoshima Redux .......................... #RYSHR
   5.26) Dragon Palace .............................. #DRGPL
   5.27) Dragon Bowels .............................. #DRGBL
      Mini-Boss #7 .................................. #MNBS7
   5.28) Revelations ................................ #RVLTN
      Mini-Boss #8 .................................. #MNBS8
   5.29) Oni Island ................................. #ONISL
      Boss #5 ....................................... #BOSS5
   5.30) Backtracking 101 ........................... #BT101
   5.31) Kamui ...................................... #KAMUI
      Mini-Boss #9 .................................. #MNBS9
   5.32) Wep'keer ................................... #WP'KR
   5.33) Ezofuji .................................... #EZFJI
   5.34) Yoshpet .................................... #YSHPT
   5.35) Ponc'tan ................................... #PNCTN
   5.36) Inner Yoshpet .............................. #INYSP
   5.37) Spirit Gate ................................ #SPTGT
      Mini-Boss #10 ................................. #MBS10
      Boss #6 ....................................... #BOSS6
   5.38) Wawku Shrine ............................... #WKSHR
      Boss #7 ....................................... #BOSS7
      Boss #8 ....................................... #BOSS8
   5.39) Loose Ends ................................. #LSEND
   5.40) Devil Gate Trio ............................ #DGTRI
   5.41) The Ark of Yamato .......................... #AKOYM
      Final Boss .................................... #FNLBS
6) Version History .................................. #VSHST
7) Contact Info ..................................... #CNTCT
8) Legal Stuff ...................................... #LGSTF
9) Credits .......................................... #CRDTS

1) Introduction                                       #INTRO
My walkthrough philosophy consists of three priorities, and these three things
are what I offer my reader:

1) Completeness

OK.  I'll admit it.  I'm a completionist.  When I play a video game I like to
know that I've found and achieved everything possible in that game.  In fact,
if any stone is left unturned I don't consider myself done.  Sometimes I even
lose sleep.  No joke.

So, while there are several very good guides for this game already there are
none I've found to satisfy my completionist needs.  That will therefore be my
main priority in writing this guide.  You, my reader, hereby have my solemn
promise to provide for you the most complete guide I can, including every
quest, every side-quest, every item, every weapon, every treasure, every bit
of praise, and any other miscellaneous objectives along the way.

The only thing I won't include is the myriad of breakable objects like vases
and trees.  These objects respawn after breaking so it's nearly impossible to
be sure you've broken every one.  It's also almost completely unrewarding to
break them all.  The yen that they yield is a pitiful amount and your Astral
Pouch can only hold so much food.  They do also give you Feedbags, but those
are not unique and can be easily bought from any merchant.  Of course, every
bit helps, so I suggest you break whatever you find along the way.  I just
won't direct you to do so since it's not something I consider necessary for

Of course, one can never really be sure that they have completed everything
possible in a game.  For this I will require my readers' help.  If there is
anything that you think I've missed, please inform me, even if it's just a

2) Organization

A guide should be, in my opinion, not only complete but also succinct and easy
to follow.  A well structured guide should be easily navigable.  With that
in mind I've implemented a kind of keyword system.  Every section of this guide
has been given a unique code in the Table of Contents. To quickly find your
desired section simply highlight the code, then simply press Ctrl-C (copy), 
Ctrl-F (find), Ctrl-V (paste), and Enter.  This will cause your browser to 
"Find" the next place in the guide where that code is used, bringing you to 
that section.  This is probably pretty standard for those of you familiar with
FAQs, but I thought I should explain it for the sake of clarity.

I also believe that a player should spend more time playing the actual game
than reading a walkthrough.  I will therefore try to be very concise in my
directions, while still being thorough.  Basically, this means explaining what
to do but not why you do it.  Most importantly, I will keep my personal
commentary to a minimum.  I'd love to dazzle my reader with my eloquent prose,
but aside from this introduction I will refrain.

3) No Spoilers

This is my third priority, but still VERY important.  I can't even remember the
number of times a game's plot has been spoiled for me.  Often times I don't
think people even realize they are spoiling the plot.  With that in mind I will
do my best to avoid revealing anything about the plot to my readers.  This
specifically means the following: 

* No plot summary.  The game reveals the plot exactly how the designers wanted
it to be.  My input is unnecessary.

* No boss names.  This is the most common way to spoil a game.  It might not
seem like a big deal, but knowing who your enemies are is often the most
significant part of the plot.  Suffice it to say I will only refer to bosses by
the order in which you fight them.

* No unnecessary explanation of people, places, objects, or even themes.
Anything that plants expectation, doubt, or suspicion in my readers' minds is a
spoiler.  The only explanation I will give is what is necessary to complete the

It may seem like I'm being overly cautious, but I would rather err on the side
of safety.  If there is ANYTHING in this guide that someone considers a spoiler
please let me know and I will try to change it.

2) Glossary                                           #GLSRY
Here I will explain a few of the terms I'll be using throughout this guide just
to make sure we're all on the same page.  These are basically just definitions,
but I will also offer some advice on how some of these aspects should be used
in the game.

That's you, Amaterasu, the player character.  I may occasionally slip up and
call Ammy "she" even though the game never clearly states Ammy's gender.  Bear
with me.

Celestial Brush
Um.  It's a paintbrush you use to alter reality.  Wish I could give a better
explanation, but its just kind of a mysterious tool.

Basically this is the equivalent of experience or exp in RPG terms.  You use it
to upgrade your stats. Unlike most RPGs you wont get it from random battles but
rather from completing various objectives, blooming plants, feeding animals,

Solar Energy
That's health, hit points, or HP.  As far as upgrading Solar Energy, I don't
consider it a priority of your stats.  Take a couple more units of energy, but
then spend your praise elsewhere.  You shouldn't plan on taking a beating, and
you should be fighting battles too quickly to get hit.  Yeah, fighting without
taking damage takes practice, but don't give yourself that crutch to fall back
on.  Just say no.  

Sun Fragments
These are collectable items you can use to increase your Solar Energy.  Every
third one you get increases your Energy by one.  Just another reason not to
spend your early praise on Solar Energy.  You'll be getting more health even
without spending praise.

Ink or Ink Pots
Somewhat like mana, magic points, or MP.  You use ink pots to perform
techniques with your Celestial Brush.  This is my priority as far as praise
goes.  Having ink to spare is very handy.  Also, running out of Ink totally
gimps Ammy.  She'll lose her weapon entirely and certain special moves, so you
don't want to run out of Ink at the wrong time.  Like I said, buy a couple more
units of energy and then focus on this.

Astral Pouch
Essentially it's an extra life or a 1-up.  If you run out of Solar Energy the
Astral Pouch gives you a second chance.  Of course it only works if it's full
of food that you've collected (it's not hard to keep full).  You can upgrade
the Pouch with praise to give you more 1-ups, but it's really not a priority.
Don't plan on dying.  Focus on Solar Energy before this.

Holds your money or yen with which you buy various items.  Upgrading this with
praise adds another digit to the max amount it can hold.  Generally I wait
until I have half of my max (i.e. 50,000 yen) and then save up my praise to
upgrade the Purse.  Then at 500,000 I start saving again.  It's not really
necessary, but I'd hate to think that yen was going to waste just because I
didn't have room for it, and some techniques are really expensive.

The instruction book and the game don't really explain this very well. This is
basically a shield that absorbs hits from enemies so you don't take damage.  It
is depicted during battle at the bottom left corner of the screen. There are
three levels of Godhood: green, yellow, and red in descending order.  Each 
level absorbs one hit from any foe.  

So, for example, if your Godhood is green and you get hit your Godhood will go
down to yellow.  If you get hit again it goes down to red and so forth.  A
picture of nothing in the bottom left corner means your Godhood is zero and you
will take damage from attacks.  A skull symbol will appear if you run from
battle, drown in water, die in cursed zones, etc.  This is negative Godhood,
and as the game says this "weakens" you.  As far as I can tell this "weakening"
only makes you take more damage, not deal less with your weapons.

Godhood increases levels by striking foes.  The exact formula used to determine
how your hits figure in to Godhood is unclear.  It seems though that the more
individual hits you strike and the higher your combo counter, the faster your
Godhood increases.

Demon Fangs
A type of trade currency.  You can give your Fangs to collectors in exchange
for some very useful artifacts.  How do you get Fangs?  Good question.

1) Loading screens.  If you see a blank loading screen tap X as fast as you
can.  You'll see a pawprint appear every time you press X and if you hit it
enough times you'll see a Demon Fang appear.  If you see a loading screen with
pawprints progressing from left to right tap the X button in rhythm with the
steps.  Each pawprint will appear larger than it would otherwise, and if you
correctly time all five you will see a picture of a Demon Fang instead of a
silhouette of Issun.  It's hard to perfect the timing, but even mashing the
button works if you do it at the right speed.

NOTE!!! This particular method of obtaining Fangs from loading screens can only
be used in the PS2 version of the game.  Wii players, please defer to the
following strategies

2) Flora Finishers.  When you deplete an enemy's health the game will briefly
slow down time and the enemy will go into its death animation (usually some
form of lurching into the air).  At this point you must perform a Brush
technique on the enemy to make it release a Fang.  The specific technique you
have to use varies depending on the enemy.  In my guide I will write in
parentheses next to each monster's name which technique must be used to get the
Fang.  Anyway, make sure you actually kill the enemy first and then use your
Brush once they have no health left.  If you use the Brush technique as the
killing blow they won't release Fangs, and you wont be able to use a Flora

3)  Other battle techniques.  You can buy Golden Fury and Brown Rage techniques
from a dojo.  These techniques can be used in battle to make enemies drop
Fangs.  Also blocking melee attacks with a reflector as a sub-weapon usually
causes a Fang to drop.  If you performed all three of these on one enemy plus a
Flora Finisher you could potentially get more than 5 Fangs per enemy!

Anyway, start collecting Fangs early.  The sooner you get those artifacts the
more useful they will be.

Origin Mirror
A save point.  It goes without saying, use them often.  Later in the game some
of them will be used as warp points to quickly travel around Nippon.  I'll
explain more about that when we get there.

Stray Beads
There are 100 of these items in the game that you can collect.  They are
essentially useless, but if you collect them all you will receive a very
powerful artifact that makes you invincible, gives you infinite ink, and
increase the damage you deal by ten fold.  You can only use it, however, on a
new game after beating your first game, so don't get too excited.  If you
don't care about this artifact, don't bother collecting any of the Stray Beads.

Other Stuff
Oh yes, there's plenty of other terms to define, but it's not really necessary
to understand it all at this point.  I'll deal with the rest of it as we come
across it in the game.

3) Brush Techniques                                   #BRSHT
This will be a brief explanation of the various Brush skills you learn
throughout the game.  I'll explain their multiple effects, how best to use
them, and when you learn them in the game.

This is the first technique you learn, gained from Yomigami in the River of the
Heavens, and used to restore broken or missing things.  For the most part this
technique is only used to make paths (e.g. restoring bridges so you can cross),
and few times to advance the plot.  

Issun explains this technique well so just do as he says.  Hold down R1, and 
press the triangle button down hard to paint wide strokes.  Use as many strokes
as you need to cover the area.  It doesn't really matter how sloppily you do it
as long as you cover the area to be restored.

Power Slash
This skill is learned from Tachigami in the Cave of Nagi.  Use it anytime you
want to cut or break something.  Slash pots, vases, and trees to break them,
Slash enemies to damage them, or Slash enemy projectiles to deflect them.  This
technique is really one of the most useful and versatile in the game.

To use this skill simply paint a single horizontal line over what you want to
Slash.  When targeting one object it is best to keep the line short.  You don't
need to draw across the screen.  A small hyphen-like line will do.  When
targeting multiple objects you can either draw long lines, or maneuver the
camera so all the targets are aligned.

When drawing long lines it may be easier to hold X while you draw, but it
really just takes practice to draw straight lines. Also, the line doesn't have
to be perfectly horizontal.  Generally anything less then 45 degrees from
horizontal will do.

Power Slash 2  --  This upgrade, bought from the spring inside the grotto in
N. Ryoshima, makes Power Slash more powerful.  Basically this means that it
does more damage to enemies, and it can be used to break various iron rocks
around Nippon

Power Slash 3  --  This upgrade, bought from the grotto in Ezofuji, makes your
Slash even more powerful.  It does more damage to enemies, and can now break
the diamond rocks that are lying around Nippon.

This technique is gained in Kamiki Village from Ammy herself.  Use it to draw
a sun in the sky and turn night into day.

Basically, you just angle the camera upward and draw a circle in the sky.  Just
about any patch of sky will do as long as there isn't too much clutter between
you and the sky.  I find it easiest to start at the top of the circle and
quickly rotate the analog stick 360 degrees.  Also, make sure the circle is
fully closed, and make sure to draw the circle with only one stroke.  Once
again, small circles are easier to draw than large ones, so keep them small.

This Greensprout skill is learned from Sakigami in Hana Valley.  Use it to
restore the flora throughout Nippon.  It can make dead trees burst to life,
cleanse cursed patches of grass, and spontaneously create flowers and trees in
the ground.

To Bloom trees simply draw a circle around the tree you want to Bloom.  Draw
the circle the same way you would with a Sunrise.  Also, like Power Slash, you
can target multiple trees at once if you draw the circle around more than one
at a time.

To create flowers and restore cursed patches of grass, simply draw some
squiggles on the ground.  You can tell where you are able to draw flowers by
the green smoke at the tip of your Brush when you scroll over the ground.
Restoring cursed grass is a lot like Rejuvenation, but I find it easier to use
square instead of triangle.

To sprout trees just paint a dot on the ground where you see the Brush's green
smoke.  This particular skill can be used in battle as well.  Sprout a tree and
nearby enemies will be slightly damaged as well as briefly stunned.

Cherry Bomb
This technique is learned from Bakugami at the pyrotechnist's house in Shinshu
Field.  Use Cherry Bombs to break open cracked walls and floors, and to damage

To draw a Bomb takes two Brushstrokes.  First draw a circle like you would for
Sunrise or Bloom.  Next, draw a line that crosses the circle's perimeter.  The
game says to draw a line that pierces the circle from the outside, but I find
it easier to draw the line starting inside the circle and extending outward.
The direction of the line does not matter at all, so place the line however you

The tricky thing about Cherry Bombs, and the thing to master, is accurate
placement.  The size of your Bomb drawing does not affect the Bomb's size, but
rather the placement of the Bomb.  Small Bombs appear far away from the camera,
and large Bombs appear closer.  For the most accurate placement move the camera
so you are looking down from overhead.

Cherry Bomb 2  --  This upgrade, bought from the spring in N. Ryoshima, lets
you have 2 Bombs on the screen at one time.  You can't actually draw 2 Bombs
simultaneously, though.  You have to draw on Bomb, release R1, then draw

Cherry Bomb 3  --  This upgrade, bought from the spring in Kamui, allows you to
have 3 Bombs on screen at once.  Again you have to draw them all separately.

Water Lily
This Greensprout skill is learned from Hasugami when you return to Kamiki
Village after restoring Shinshu Field.  Water Lily is used to create platforms
on the surface of water for Ammy to stand on.  This can prevent Ammy from
drowning and give you a stepping-stone from which you can jump to higher
ground.  Also notice, when you get Galestorm, that you can blow Lilies around
in the water with your wind power.

You know how to draw a circle by now, so Lilies should be simple.  Just draw a
circle on the water and a Lily will appear.

This Greensprout move is learned from Tsutagami in the Tsuta Ruins.  Vine is
used to reach distant or hard to reach areas, as well as to lift or pull some
objects that have hooks.  In either case, Vine can only be used in he presence
of a Konohana Blossom.

To drag Ammy through the air, draw a line from a Blossom to Ammy's body.  You
will know that you've drawn the line correctly if your Brush smokes green at
the beginning and the end of the line.  The line does not have to be straight,
but you do have to be close enough to the Blossom for it to open.  If the
Blossom is closed you have to be closer to it to start drawing the Vine.

To use Vine on hooked objects merely draw the vine from the Blossom to the hook
on the object.  The same rules apply here.  Get close enough to the Blossom to
make it open, and make sure you see green smoke when you start and end the

This ability is learned from Nuregami at the spa in Sasa Sanctuary.  Use it to
transport water from one place to another.  This can be used to fill containers
with liquid, douse fires, or to attack some enemies.  It can also be used on
certain bubbling spots of water called power springs to create geysers you can
ride on.

To transport water simply place your Brush over an existing water source like
a pond or pool.  Make sure you see blue smoke, then draw a line to your target.

To make geysers place your Brush on the power spring, watch for the blue smoke,
then draw a line upward.  For some reason long lines don't seem to work well,
so just draw a short vertical line.

Fountain -- This facet of Watersprout, learned at the Dragon Palace, allows you
to travel between Mermaid Springs without consuming Mermaid Coins.  This will
make travel around Nippon much cheaper.

To use fountain simply draw a spiral on top of the Mermaid Spring.  You can
draw it spiraling in or out, clockwise or counterclockwise.  It doesn't

Deluge  --  This subdivision of Watersprout is learned at Himiko's Palace after
returning from Oni Island.  Use it to create a downfall of rain and douse
everything on the screen.  In battle this can be used to stun large groups of

To create rain draw two vertical lines from the top down.  Again, you may find
it easier to draw straight lines if you hold X while drawing.  The longer the
lines you draw the harder the downpour.

This technique is learned from Yumigami after catching the Whopper in Agata
Forest.  Use it to draw a moon in the sky and turn day into night.

To draw the Crescent correctly you have to draw a backwards C-shape, with the
gap facing left.  A normal C-shape will not work.  Also, make sure to use only
one Brushstroke.  I find it easier to draw it from the top down.

This skill is learned from Kazegami at the top of Gale Shrine.  Use it to 
summon gusts of wind to extinguish fires, disperse piles of leaves, propel
your floating Lily pads, and bring down flying enemies.

You can draw a Galestorm two different ways: a loop or a spiral.  A loop
blows wind from side to side.  Start on the side you want the wind to come
from, and draw the loop in the direction you want the wind to blow.  Basically,
a loop is like a circle except the beginning and end of the stroke extend to
cross each other.  It's an X shape with the top two points connected.  The
spiral blows wind forward.  Again, it does not matter in which direction you
draw the spiral.

For both shapes, the size of the drawing determines the strength of the wind.
Large drawings summon large gusts and small drawings summon small gust.  All
sizes use the same amount of ink.

Whirlwind  --  This facet of Galestorm is learned at Umi's restaurant in N.
Ryoshima.  Use it to summon a wind storm that stuns and damages all enemies on
the screen.  This works similar to Deluge, but certain elements work better on
different enemies.

To draw a Whirlwind draw three horizontal lines.  If you can draw a Power Slash
you can draw a Whirlwind easily.  Once again, the size of the drawing
determines the size of the storm.  Three large lines will summon a short but
powerful storm, while three short lines will summon a long but mild storm.

This ability is learned from Moegami in the Moon Cave.  Use it to transport
fire from place to place.  This is useful for melting ice, lighting cannon
fuses, and attacking enemies.

Draw Inferno just like Watersprout.  Place your brush over an existing fire
source, wait to see the red smoke, then draw a line to whatever you want to
ignite.  The line does not have to be straight, but you must begin and end the
line with your Brush smoking red.

Fireburst  --  Learn this subdivision of Inferno at Yama's teahouse in Sei-an
City.  Use Fireburst to summon a burning fireball without an existing fire
source.  The fireball will burn everything near it.

The easiest way to draw a Fireburst is to draw a figure 8.  Don't bother trying
to draw it sideways to resemble the infinity symbol.  An 8 works fine.  Also,
the game shows the symbol drawn starting from the center, but you don't have
to start there.  I find it easiest to start at the top, draw an S-shape, then
drag the Brush back to the start.  Other people may find it easier to draw it
some other way. Just find a way that works for you and practice it.

Also, the size of the 8 determines the size of the fireball.  Large Firebursts
consume more ink, and are usually unnecessary.  When you want to light a single
target just keep your 8's small. It's easier to draw them small anyway.

Veil of Mist
This technique is learned from Kasugami inside the Imperial Palace.  Use Mist
to slow down time, essentially making Ammy super-fast.  This is especially
useful in battle for attacking and avoiding enemies.

Drawing Mist is just as easy as drawing Power Slashes.  Just draw 2 horizontal
lines instead of one.

Mist Warp --  This facet of Veil of Mist is learned by buying the Fog Pot from
the Emperor in Sei-an City.  Use Mist Warp to travel instantly between the
large Origin Mirrors with X's on them.

To warp, step onto the platform in front of a Mirror so that the camera shows
a first-person view of the Mirror.  Draw an X over the preexisting X on the
Mirror, and you can then choose a destination to warp to.

Learn Catwalk from Kabegami at the top of Catcall Tower.  Use Catwalk to climb
vertical walls and cliffs to reach places that were previously inaccessible.

To use catwalk you must be in the presence of a Kabegami statue.  When you are
near a statue, just place your Brush over the statue and you should see purple
smoke emit from your Brush.  Now draw a line from the statue going up the wall
you wish to climb.  Footprints will now appear on the wall.  Finally, jump
against the wall and tap X again in mid-air to grip the wall.  Keep jumping and
gripping to climb higher.

This ability is learned from Gekigami on Oni Island.  Use it to transport
Electricity from one place to another in order to zap enemies, power certain
machines, and open chests.

Thunderstorm works just like Inferno or Watersprout.  Place your brush over a
source of lightning and wait to see yellow smoke.  Draw the line to what you
want to zap, then release the line when you see yellow smoke again.

Thunderbolt  --  Learn this facet of Thunderstorm by helping Gen in Sei-an
City.  You may have guessed that this lets you summon lightning without a
preexisting source.

This is another shape that can be hard to draw.  Basically you want to draw a
Z-shape that points down like a lightning bolt.  The Z-shape can zigzag left or
right, but make sure your Z has sharp angles.

Once again, the size of your drawing directly affects the power and ink cost of
the Thunderbolt.  Smaller ones are easier to draw, but you may want to practice
larger ones so you can hit many enemies at once.

This final technique is learned from Itegami in Wawku Shrine.  Use Blizzard to
freeze things,  extinguish fires, create ice platforms, and harm enemies.

Blizzard works just like Inferno, Thunderstorm, etc.  Place your brush over a
preexisting source of ice, see the blue smoke, draw a line to what you want to
freeze.  To make ice platforms simply drag the line over any place where you
see floating ice crystals in the air.  There arenít many sources of ice or
floating ice crystals in the game so this power is really only useful in Wawku

The game keeps it somewhat secret, but you can actually use Blizzard without an
ice source, much like Fireburst or Thunderbolt.  Draw an X like you would for
Mist Warp, then draw a vertical line or a horizontal line crossing the center
of the X.  The drawing should resemble a six-sided star or snowflake.  The
resulting effect will cause a blizzard, freezing everything in the area and
harming enemies.  The size of the drawing is directly proportional to the size,
power, and ink cost of the resulting blizzard.

The only time the game shows you this facet of the Blizzard skill is in the
Boss fight #5.  If you let the boss draw some symbols with her own brush she
will draw this snowflake pretty often.

4) Divine Instruments (Weapons)                       #WEAPN
Combat is a huge part of Okami and in my opinion the most fun.  A lot of things
will affect how you fight off your foes, but I find that the single most
influential thing that affects how you fight is the type of weapon you choose.

There are many different weapons in Okami, but all of them fall into one of
three categories.  Weapons of each category are essentially the same except for
the amount of damage they do.  For this reason I will simply address each
category rather than each weapon.

Also, once you buy certain techniques from a dojo you will most likely want to
use the same type of weapon for both your main and sub-weapons.  This will
increase the damage they deal.  However, some of these techniques you get late
in the game, and in the beginning your options will be limited.  Hence I will
explain separately how each weapon type is used as both main and sub-weapons.

Rosaries -- Main

These are the weakest of the three types of weapons, but they also have the
longest range.  In fact the range on these is astonishing!  Typically you can
simply stand in the middle of the "demon realm" and hit anything within the

These are therefore great weapons for keeping enemies at a distance.  Any enemy
that has to be close to you to hurt you (i.e. melee attacks) will typically
fall victim to the Rosaries before they can close the distance.

Rosaries also hit very fast, often multiple times every time you press the
square button.  That means they build your combo counter fast which means they
fill your Godhood better than any other weapon.


They just don't do much damage.  They certainly hit fast, but in my experience
it usually takes longer to kill something with the Rosaries because they don't
hit hard.  If you're not careful this could end up giving you less of a yen 
bonus at the end of battle.

Any enemy with projectiles or long range attacks will be a problem.  Rosaries
simply don't hit hard enough to bring these guys down before they can hit you,
so you'll have to do some dancing around.  Basically, you've lost your range
advantage with these enemies.

Rosaries -- Sub

A great projectile attack.  Basically it has an infinite range, it's fast, and
it auto-targets to boot!  I've never seen it miss (although it can be defended
against).  Great fun for button mashers and those who like to shoot stuff from
a distance.

Different rosaries have different types of projectiles.  The first set of beads
you get and every other one thereafter shoots a single bead straight forward at
an enemy.  The second and fourth sets you get shoot multiple beads that fan out
in front of Ammy.  Typically the stronger weapons hit harder and fire faster.


Again, it's weak.  You'll end up taking longer to kill stuff and your hand will
be tired from the mashing.  Also there seems to be a limit to how much you can
fire at once (kind of like running out of ammunition).  Fire a whole bunch of
beads and Ammy won't be able to fire again for a brief while.  The stronger
weapons seem to be able to fire more before running out, but they all seem to
have the same reload time.

Reflectors -- Main
Pros and Cons:

You'll get closely acquainted with these since they are your first weapon.
These are the middle-of-the-road weapons.  Average range, average speed,
average damage.  Their strengths are the same as their weaknesses.  They are

This means they are useful in any situation, whether you are fighting melee
enemies or long range enemies, whether your fighting tanks with tons of Health
or fast hitting fighters.  Got an enemy that needs killing?  The reflector
will get the job done. It may be average but its reliable.

One thing to be said for the reflector is that it is the first weapon for which
you can get the technique to increase its damage by equipping them as both sub
and main weapons.  This makes them pretty good power-hitters until you can
upgrade the glaive.

Reflectors -- Sub

The greatest strength of the reflector is as a sub-weapon. Basically you can
use it as a momentary shield to block incoming attacks.  It takes some practice
to time it right, but it is invaluable if you can master it.  

I hear a lot of strategies that involve dancing around the enemies, avoiding
their attacks and looking for an opening.  This sub-weapon, however, opens up a
new world of possibilities.  Instead of running from monsters you can stand
with them toe to toe, and instead of looking for an opening you can make your
own.  For example if you use this move to block a melee attack you will
instantly counter-attack by slamming your opponent into the ground.  This
counter-attack does a lot of damage as well.

Additionally the block even works on bosses!  The counter-attack doesn't work
on bosses, but still blocking their attacks is a great and underrated strategy.
Some attacks that bosses use are difficult to avoid, but with a simple tap of
the triangle button they are harmless.  Also, bosses are often only vulnerable
to attack after they have attacked.  Avoiding attacks means you have to waste
time closing the distance between you and the boss before you can attack.
Blocking, however, keeps you at close range so you can immediately fight back.

Lastly, blocking usually nets you a demon fang.  Cha-ching!  It's only once per
enemy, but they add up.

Overall, a very useful sub-weapon, and probably the most underrated move in the
game.  No cons.  All pros.

Glaives -- Main

These are the power-hitters, and they can hit REALLY hard.  They don't have the
speed or range of the other weapons, but they can decimate foes with a single
swipe.  Basically it's the sniper philosophy:  One shot, one kill.

Of course, getting used to the glaive can take some practice.  The idea is that
you need to charge each swing of the glaive by holding down the square button
and then releasing it at the most opportune moment.  You could simply mash the
square button like you might with the other weapons, but then you'd only be
dealing about the same damage as you would with a reflector.   This is the
important thing to realize with glaives: instead of striking every time you 
press the square button you strike every time you release the square button.
What that means is that you want to get into a slow rhythm, holding each swing
of your combo for about a second before releasing it.

Do it right and you'll be surprised by how much extra damage you can do.  Tough
enemies that took dozens of attacks from rosaries can be destroyed with just
one or two hits from a glaive.

The greatest thing about this is that you can use down time to your advantage.
For instance, when you first enter a normal battle with a demon scroll it
usually takes a few seconds for the enemy to appear.  In the mean time you can
charge your first glaive swing to full power and kill the enemy as soon as he
pops up.  Also in boss fights, while you're waiting for them to let down their
defenses you can charge your glaive.  If they only let down their defense for a
second, the glaive is the best way to take advantage of that second.


Um.  Personally I love glaives, but they do have their disadvantages.  Like I
said, charging them can take some getting used to.  Rhythm is sometimes more
difficult than button mashing.  Also, glaives have a short range so you will be
chasing down your foes instead of hitting them from afar.  They also have no
mid-air combo, only a single hit.  This makes fighting flying enemies a hassle
unless you can bring them to the ground with a Power Slash or the like.  I
usually switch weapons.  Lastly, charging your Godhood can take longer since
you won't be racking up lots of individual hits.

Glaives -- Sub

Glaives as a sub-weapon basically provide another charged attack.  Just press,
hold, and release triangle to attack your enemies.  This particular swing
depends on the level of glaive used.  The first, third, and fifth glaives
attack laterally, swinging and lunging forward in the direction Ammy is facing.
The second and fourth glaives resemble an uppercut, which is useful for
attacking aerial enemies or anyone above you.  Charge either swing just like you
would a normal swing, and it can be very powerful.

Another good way to use this attack is to jump into the air and then press
triangle.  This will make Ammy dive toward the nearest enemy, riding the
glaive sub-weapon.  This is an excellent way to catch up with an enemy that is
far away.  Also, since it is auto-targeting you can use it to find enemies that
are off the screen.


Unfortunately glaives are probably the least useful sub-weapons.  The charged
swing is nice, but Ammy cannot move while you charge it!  Remaining stationary
is not a good idea, so itís best to rely on the main weapon. 

The mid-air attack is useful for its auto-targeting ability, but it also has
its flaws.  You canít charge it very long while your in the air because you
will fall to the ground before long.  Also at the end of the dive Ammyís glaive
will stick in the ground and it will take Ammy a moment to retrieve it.  This
can leave you vulnerable to attack..

Basically you only want to have a glaive as a sub-weapon if you also have a
glaive as a main weapon, so that your damage from the main weapon is increased.
Otherwise, use a reflector or some rosaries.

5) Walkthrough                                        #WKTHR
A few things before I start:  

For those who skipped my wordy introduction, this is a completionist guide.  I
will try my best to cover every single thing you can accomplish in this game.
The only thing I will not cover is breakable objects.  For the reasons stated
in my intro I don't consider these a necessary objective for completeness.

Each section of this guide will have a checklist of the items, praise, etc.
that are obtainable at that moment.  Obviously, there will be certain things
you can't yet get, and these won't be listed.  I will cover these later of
course.  Each category in the checklist and in the walkthrough will have its
own symbol (** for collectable items, ++ for Praise, >> for Brush techniques,
and == for other miscellaneous objectives), and each objective in the checklist
will have its own paragraph in the walkthrough.  Hopefully this will make it
easier for my readers to scan through and quickly  find whatever they are
looking for in the guide.

A note on feedable animals:  I'll list each group of animals in the checklist.
Each group counts as 1 whether it is a group of 50 hares or just 1 bear.
Basically I'm counting the number of times you can feed them, not the number of
actual animals.  I will also list the percentage complete of each animal type
up to that point.  If you feed them in a different order than I have your
numbers may vary slightly, but you should reach 100% at the same time.

There seems to be some debate about how much Praise is possible in one play-
though.  For this purpose I will have a ++PRAISE TRACKER++ at the end of each 
section totaling the amount of praise up to that point.  Obviously, you will be
spending your praise on upgrades, but if you had simply let it accumulate or
keep track of all the praise you've spent, this total will show you how much
you should have.  Hope this helps.

About directions.  Most areas in the game are too complex for me to map them in
ASCII.  Fear not.  If you hold L2 the game will display a map overlay.  All the
compass directions I give are in relation to these maps.  We are all familiar
with compass directions, aren't we?  For the sake of clarity, from the top
going clockwise in 90 degree increments there are North, East, South, and West.

... I must also admit, and it pains me to say this, but I am slightly dyslexic
or something and I have trouble visualizing the difference between west and
east.  I have tried very hard to be precise in my directions, and I believe I
have fixed every one of my mistakes, but I may have slipped up occasionally.
If I say "west" and it doesnít make sense, try going east.  Likewise , try west
if "east" doesnít make sense.  I'm very sorry if I confuse anyone.  I am
practicing very hard to condition myself correctly.

Enough jibber-jabber.  Enjoy.

5.01) River of the Heavens and Cave of Nagi           #RH&CN
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Holy Bone S          Astral Pouch          Stray Bead #1 |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Rejuvenation         Power Slash                         |

When you have control of Ammy run into the light.  Go north through the grassy
field.  Save at the Mirror on the left side of the bridge, then continue 
across. Run west along the path and wall jump up the cliff.

**HOLY BONE S**  To the right of the gap in the fence is a treasure chest.

Go north across the newly made bridge and go up the hill to the east.

>>REJUVENATION<<   Obtain your first Brush technique by completing the 
constellation.  Just Hold R1 and tap square to paint a dot where Issun failed.

Return to the bottom of the hill.  Perform Rejuvenation on the patch of 
sparkling water.  Swim to land on the other side (Rejuvenate more water if you
can't reach).

**ASTRAL POUCH**  The chest is in the middle of the grassy field.  Issun won't
let you miss it.

Run through the shining gate to the next area.  Go up the winding path until
you see a bridge across some water.  Turn right and you'll see a strip of land
just across the stream.

**STRAY BEAD #1**  Jump across the stream to the strip of land and open the
chest.  Jump back to the path and continue across the bridge. 

Run all the way up the path to the cave at the end.  Use Rejuvenation on the
statue's sword.

>>POWER SLASH<<  Obtain the second Brush technique by completing another
constellation.  Hereafter anytime I say "Slash" I mean Power Slash.  Practice
your Slash on the rock as Issun instructs.

Follow the gold arrow.  Slash through the gate that closed behind you, and
run back down the steps. Your first battle ensues against a pair of Green Imps
(Power Slash).  Just wail on them until time slows down, then Slash them for

--TIP--  You may wish to Slash them when they turn black & white to make 
battles go faster.  Beware, however, that if you kill them with Brush skills
you can't perform Flora Finishers.

--TIP--  You'll notice that the Imps drop loot when they die including yen,
health, and ink.  Make sure you chase this stuff down.  Later you'll get an
artifact that makes the loot come to you, but for now you have to go to it.

Continue backtracking down the path.  Another pair of Green Imps (Power Slash)
attacks you before you leave the area.  Back at the River keep following the
arrow all the way down to where you entered the tree.  Save again as you pass
the mirror.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  0

5.02) Kamiki Village                                  #KMKIV
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Feedbag (Seeds)      *Traveler's Charm     Stray Bead #2 |
| Glass Beads          *Wooden Bear         Dragonfly Bead |
| *Coral Fragment      *Dragonfly Bead     Exorcism Slip S |
| Rabbit Statue        Glass Beads                    Vase |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 110 total                                                |
|    20 from restoring the pond                            |
|    7 from the Komuso time trial                          |
|    7 from turnip mini-game                               |
|    7 from drying laundry                                 |
|    30 from restoring the trees at village entrance       |
|    39 from 7 groups of animals                           |
|       4 sparrows (26%)                                   |
|       1 dog (5%)                                         |
|       1 hares (4%)                                       |
|       1 chickens (28%)                                   |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Sunrise                                                  |

Slash the fruit down from the tree to restore the village. Follow the path
south.  At the fork examine the stone statue, then take the path to the west.
Among the buildings examine a couple more stone statues until Issun tells you
to find higher ground.

Follow another gold arrow back up the path to the previous fork.  Now take the
eastern path and follow the spiral up to a wooden deck that overlooks the

>>SUNRISE<<  Do as Issun says and draw a circle in the sky.  Apparently you 
"had this kind of power from the start," but you couldn't use it until now.

After a scene engage three Green Imps (Power Slash).  Just wail on them like
before.  Try not to get hit.

++20 PRAISE++  Killing the Imps restores the pond yielding praise.

**FEEDBAG (SEEDS)**  Open the chest directly in front of you, next to the pond.

Jump into the pond and collect the health if you took damage from the imps.
Proceed just past the pond.

++5 PRAISE++  Press circle and feed the Sparrows (8%) the bag of seed.
Sparrows only appear during the day.  I'll only mention this now, so any time
I say to feed sparrows make sure it's daytime.

Run down the spiral path to the fork again.  Talk to Komuso to engage three
Green Imps (Power Slash).

--TIP--  This is a great opportunity to practice fighting without taking 
damage.  Each time you talk to Komuso you fight the Imps again as long as you
take your time killing them (longer than 12 seconds).  Fight them until you
know their moves, then kill them fast (under 12 seconds).

++7 PRAISE++ Killing the Green Imps (Power Slash) within the time limit yields

**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  When done look for a little, golden, loop thing
protruding from the ground near the northern path of this intersection (move
the camera close to Ammy to see it).  Dig at this spot with the triangle button
to reveal a chest.

--TIP--  At night the dig spot will be obvious as it is marked by a shining
pillar of light, but you can still see these buried treasures during the day.

Turn to the western path again, but before following it look up to a wooden
structure supporting the deck above.  Your goal: jump up to those horizontal

**STRAY BEAD #2**  Wall jump off of the rock to the north of the path to reach
the northern beam.  Open the chest on this beam.

**GLASS BEADS**  From the previous chest adjust your camera to view the beams
one level higher.  See the next chest on the southern beam? Slash it with your
brush and the treasure comes to you.

Run down the western fork to the village proper.  At the bottom of the hill
turn west.  Over a short distance of water you'll see a small island with a
large rock on it. Swim to this island, tapping X along the way to swim faster.

**WOODEN BEAR**  On the eastern side of the island next to a small shrub there
is another golden protrusion to dig up (or a pillar of light if it's
nighttime).  Digging there reveals a chest.

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  On the western side of the large rock.  Smash it open and
swim back to the village.

Back in the village enter the first house on your right (the western most 
house).  Tackle the screen in the back of the house to enter a small alcove. 
This time you can't see the buried treasure unless it's night, but it's there.

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  Dig in the alcove of the Oranges' house to reveal a chest.

Outside the house, cross the path and find a turnip patch to the east.

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  On the northern corner of the field there is another
buried treasure protruding very slightly from the ground.  Dig up the treasure
chest and bust it open. 

Talk to the woman in the field and the boy with a leashed dragonfly to learn
about the turnip mini-game.

Turnip Mini-Game
Objective: Dig up 10 turnips.

- Start by repeatedly tapping the triangle button to dig up one of the turnips.
The woman runs after you.  If she catches up to you and hits you the mini-
game ends.

- Use your Brush to smear her with some ink. This delays her pursuit, giving
you time to dig up another turnip.  Smear her with ink again when she recovers,
then dig up another turnip.

- Repeat until you have dug up all 10 turnips. The tenth turnip is an Oddly
Shaped Turnip, and you must pick it up with the triangle button.  Bring the
Oddly Shaped Turnip to Mushi (the boy with the dragonfly).

++7 PRAISE++  For mastering the art of turnip theft.

Northeast of Mushi, along the shore of the river is an old woman.  Speak to
her repeatedly until Issun suggests restoring her pole. Next to the old woman
are two vertical sticks in the ground.  Paint a line linking the tips of the
sticks to Rejuvenate her drying pole.  Get a close camera angle to make sure
the Brush technique works. Listen to the woman complain again, then paint a sun
in the sky.

++7 PRAISE++  For your domestic miracles.  Also, any time at night you can go
into the Oranges' house to get some Cherry Cakes from the old woman.  It's not
really necessary but it fills your Pouch quite nicely.

To the west of the old woman there is a rock and a cliff.  Wall jump up the
cliff to a small ledge.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Bust open the chest on this ledge.

Drop back down, then run east to the bridge that crosses the river.

**RABBIT STATUE**  Look in the water north of the bridge.  See the chests at
the river bottom?  Slash one and jump into the water for this statue.

**GLASS BEADS**  Slash the second chest just south of the first.

Follow the river back south to a small lake just south of the watermill and the
rice field.

**VASE**  At the bottom of the lake is another chest.  Slash it and swim to the

Return to the bridge and cross the river.  Save at the Origin Mirror on the
right.  Follow the path to the southeast up to a merchant.  Talk to him and
fight a battle with the new Red Imp (Power Slash).  Wail on the new imp until
he blocks you with his instrument.  Slash him to destroy the instrument, then
finish him off with a few more hits.

++30 PRAISE++  Beating the imps restores the trees here.

Listen to the merchant until another gold arrow points the way. Follow it into
the eastern most house. Smash the jug on the right, drop down the hole, and
tackle Susano to wake him.  Haul him back to the merchant for a scene.

Go back across the bridge and talk to Kushi in the rice field a couple times.
Rejuvenate the broken water wheel, then go inside the mill and talk to Kushi
to receive her sake.  Press triangle to grab it.

Run behind Susano's house to find him resting and offer him the sake.  Talk to
Susano again to start his practice.  Each time he swings his sword at an object
use your Brush to Slash the object in half.

After a scene the road leaving Kamiki is open and the merchant has set up
shop by the entrance.  Talk to him to sell those treasures, or keep them if
you consider that an objective for completeness.  Buy some Feedbags.  Try to
keep between 5 and 10 of each type.  Time to backtrack and feed some animals.

++6 PRAISE++  A group of hares (4%) is along the road just north of the
merchant.  Feed them herbs.

++3 PRAISE++  Just east of Susano's house is another group of sparrows (14%).
Feed them seed.

++10 PRAISE++  Next to Mushi is Hayabusa, his dog (5%).  Feed the dog meat.

++8 PRAISE++  Next to Mushi's house is a group of chickens (28%).  Feed them

++3 PRAISE++  In the turnip field feed more sparrows (19%) some seed.

++4 PRAISE++  Even more sparrows (26%) at the intersection with Komuso.

Return to the merchant, replenish you Feedbags, save and leave Kamiki.

There's really nothing special to do in Shinshu Field yet except fight some
Demon Scrolls if you want to practice or collect yen.  Investigate and explore
whatever you want, but don't die in those cursed zones.  Talk to the Nameless
Man if it pleases you.  When you're ready follow the murky river into a cave to
the northwest of the Nameless Man.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  110

5.03) Hana Valley                                     #HNAVL
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| *Coral Fragment     Traveler's Charm  [Greensprout Tips] |
| *Stray Bead #11     [Digging Tips]          Sun Fragment |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 117 total                                                |
|    30 from Blooming the Sapling                          |
|    15 from killing a Yellow Imp                          |
|    15 from killing the campfire imps                     |
|    12 from Blooming 4 monster trees                      |
|    12 from Blooming 12 dead trees                        |
|    15 from Blooming 3 clovers                            |
|    18 from feeding 2 groups of animals                   |
|       1 boar (16%) and boar piglets (6%)                 |
|       1 monkeys (6%)                                     |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Bloom                                                    |

Save at the Mirror at the entrance. Cross to the eastern side of the river.

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  On the north of this strip of land there is a buried
treasure.  You can't see it at all during the day, so either wait until night
or just dig around that shadowy area.

Jump back to the western bank and proceed north.

**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  Just before a bridge made of logs.  You can't miss it.

At the camp fire fight a group of Green and Red Imps (Power Slash). There's a
fair number of them, but just stay on offense, hitting everything that comes
near you. 

Continue North through a short cave.  For now just sprint past the fruit-
chucking trees, cross the bridge and head north. In a clearing you fight two
Green Imps (Power Slash) and a new Yellow Imp (Power Slash).  

Kill off the green ones first as the yellow one burrows underground.  When he
pops his head out of the ground try to be behind him and then wail on his
flank.  He'll emerge from the ground and then he's at your mercy.

After a scene follow Issun to the mural and paint a circle in the upper-right
of the picture.  Follow the new path north, wall jumping when necessary.  In
the room with the tiny sapling turn west, Slash the logs barring the path, and
follow that route.  Save at the Mirror along the way.

In the room at the end play another Slashing game with Susano, using your Brush
to Slash each object Susano does.  After a scene push the big crystal ball back
into the room with the sapling.  Push it up the slope to the north, and into
the puddle of water on the ledge.  Move to the northern balcony where you can
see the sky.  Draw the sun.

>>BLOOM<<  Complete another constellation for your third Brush Technique.  Use
it on the Guardian Sapling.

++30 PRAISE++  For Blooming the Guardian Sapling.

Follow the path back south.  Back were you fought the Yellow Imp (Power Slash)
fight another one.  Use the same tactics as before.

++15 PRAISE++  Killing the imps restores a patch of grass, and makes some boars

++9 PRAISE++  Feed the boars (16%) and boar piglets (6%) some seed.

Continue to backtrack to the fruit-chucking trees.

++3 PRAISE++  Do as Issun says.  Slash the fruit then draw a circle to Bloom
the tree.

**[GREENSPROUT TIPS]**  Past the first tree there is a dark patch of cursed 
grass. Bloom it with a few squiggles of your Brush to obtain this scroll.

++3 PRAISE++  South of that grass is another fruit-chucker.  Slash and Bloom.

The wall just south of that tree is green.  Wall jump here to reach a ledge
overlooking the water.

++5 PRAISE++  There's a pillar of green light (night or day) shining on the
ledge.  Dig in that spot to reveal a clover.  Bloom it for praise.

Drop off the ledge back where you came and cross the bridge. 

++3 PRAISE++  Slash and Bloom the fruit-chucker.

++1 PRAISE++  Bloom the dead tree right next to the bridge.

++3 PRAISE++  Walk a bit east, then Slash and Bloom another fruit-chucker.

++2 PRAISE++  Bloom the two dead trees next to the previous fruit-chucker. 1
Praise each for 2 total.

**STRAYBEAD #11**  Just before you enter the cave to the campfire there is a
large tree on the right.  Buried next to it is a chest containing the bead.

Return to the campfire and beat the group of Imps once again.

++15 PRAISE++  Victory restores some plants, an island, and some monkeys.

++9 PRAISE++  Feed the monkeys (6%) anything but herbs.

++6 PRAISE++  Bloom the 6 trees around the campfire.

++2 PRAISE++  Cross the log bridge, and Bloom the 2 trees here.

**[DIGGING TIPS]**  Jump to the island to the northwest and open the chest for
this scroll.

++5 PRAISE++  Next to the chest is another clover.  Dig it up and Bloom.

++1 PRAISE++  Bloom the final dead tree here on the island.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  Return to the room with the mural to find a new chest.

Finally, run all the way back to the entrance of Hana Valley.  Jump to the
eastern bank of the river once again where you got the Coral Fragment.

++5 PRAISE++  The southern part of this strip of land holds another clover.

Save at the Mirror and leave Hana Valley.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  227

5.04) Shinshu Field                                   #SHNSH
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| [Fleeing Battle]     Traveler's Charm       *Wooden Bear |
| *Stray Bead #8       *Stray Bead #7                *Vase |
| [Legend of Orochi]   Rat Statue          Exorcism Slip S |
| *Stray Bead #5        Coral Fragment           [Feeding] |
| Holy Bone M          *Stray Bead #6       Vengeance Slip |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 195 total                                                |
|    30 from Blooming the Sapling                          |
|    10 from Charming Ida                                  |
|    45 from 4 Devil Gates                                 |
|    15 from Blooming 10 dead trees                        |
|    10 from Blooming 2 patches of cursed grass            |
|    10 from Blooming 2 clovers                            |
|    75 from 8 groups of animals                           |
|       3 hares (21%)                                      |
|       1 sparrows (33%)                                   |
|       1 boars (50%) and boar piglets (32%)               |
|       1 horses (18%)                                     |
|       1 pigs (27%)                                       |
|       1 boar piglets (32%)                               |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Cherry Bomb                                              |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Fleetfoot            4 Winds                             |

Run to the middle area of the map to find another Guardian Sapling.

++30 PRAISE++ Bloom the Sapling and dispel the curse.

**[FLEEING BATTLE]**  The chest is directly in front of the Sapling.

**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  Another chest just behind the Sapling.

Shinshu is laid out in somewhat of a circle, so we'll follow it in a clockwise
fashion.  There's a merchant west of the Sapling.  Buy and sell as you please.

++5 PRAISE++  Just north of the merchant, on the river bank, is a glowing green

**WOODEN BEAR**  West of the clover is a buried treasure.  See how it is
surrounded by three shrubs?  Nearly all the buried treasure in Shinshu is
triangulated like this.

Run west to the Nameless Man's house and cross the bridge over the river to the
north.  Meet your first Devil Gate on this side of the river and fight a couple
waves of Green and Red Imps (Power Slash) within.

++15 PRAISE++  Restore the Nameless Man's kilns by destroying that Devil Gate.

++10 PRAISE++  Feed the hares (11%) between the kilns.

**STRAY BEAD #8**  North of the western kiln in the corner of the cliffs is
another triangle of shrubs.  Dig up that chest.

A road leads southeast from the kilns.  Follow that until you meet a guy
named Ida.

++10 PRAISE++  Talk to Ida.  He steals one of your Traveler's Charms then runs
away.  We'll chase him down later.

From where Ida was follow the bank of the river south.

++15 PRAISE++  Next to the river, east of the Origin Mirror is another Devil
Gate.  Fight more Red and Yellow Imps (Power Slash) inside.

++8 PRAISE++  Feed the hares (16%) that appeared in the Devil Gate's place.

**STRAY BEAD #7**  A little south from the hares and up a small cliff is a
treasure buried among a triangle of shrubs.

++5 PRAISE++  East of that chest at the bottom of a small cliff is a clover to

++6 PRAISE++  Atop that cliff is a set of hares (21%) to feed.

Pick up the road again and continue south. You'll find a bridge leading
southwest and a wooden ramp leading down to the southeast.  Take the ramp.

++1 PRAISE++  Bloom a dead tree here at the base of the ramp.

--NOTE-- When you Bloom trees you will get praise.  When you finish Blooming
all the trees in any specific area you will also earn a bonus amount of praise
(usually 5-10) for completing the set.  If you Bloom the trees in a different
order than I do you will receive the same bonus, but you will get it from a
different tree.  Anyway, the bonus praise is a good way to know when you have
Bloomed all the trees in an area.

**VASE**  South of the tree next to a wooden dock is a buried chest.

++4 PRAISE++  A short distance east is a group of sparrows (33%) during the

Approach the house to the east and you'll encounter a new enemy: Dead Fish
(Power Slash).  Just Slash them down from the sky, then wail on them.  When
they get low on life they try to latch on to you and self-destruct.  Slash them
again to kill them.

--BATTLE TIP--  Getting Fangs from these fish is a real chore because it's so
hard to kill them with normal attacks before they can latch on to you.  I've
gotten some emails that assure me it's not impossible and which describe
elaborate stategies of whittling them down to a precise percentage of health.
Still,  it's just more effort that it's worth for a single Fang.  If you really
must have Fangs from them, using an Exorcism Slip for the killing blow is the
simplest way.

++1 PRAISE++  Bloom a dead tree north of the pyro's house.

**[LEGEND OF OROCHI]** There's a chest right beside the door of the house.

The message on the door says to come back at night, so wait around until it's
dark.  Enter and speak to the guy several times.  Tama points out the drawing
on the wall.  When prompted hold R1 and draw the same shape as the one on the
wall (a circle and a line protruding from the center).

>>CHERRY BOMB<<  Complete the constellation and acquire another Brush
technique.  As usual, practice with Issun, and blow a hole in the nearby wall.
From henceforth I will refer to Cherry Bomb as simply "Bomb."

**RAT STATUE**  Inside the hole you just made is a chest.

Backtrack a ways: Go up the ramp, and follow the road back north.  Along the
eastern cliff face you'll find another crack like the one you just Bombed.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Cherry Bomb the crack and open the chest inside.

Return again to the intersection with the ramp.  Take the bridge this time to
the southwest.  On the other side follow the cliff to the left (southeast).
Turn left through an orange gate when you are able, and go down the long path
to the water's edge.

There's a house here with a side-quest, but we'll return for it later when we
have the Crescent Brush skill.  West of that house, along the beach, is a
slightly raised ledge.

++2 PRAISE++  Bloom two trees on this platform.

**STRAY BEAD #5**  Notice the familiar shrub arrangement?  Dig for the chest.

Run back up the long hill to the top of the previous path.  At the orange gate
turn left (south).  Follow the cliff's edge past a pool of water to some cursed
purple grass.  Bloom that spot with a few squiggles of your Brush to reveal a
crack in the ground.

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  Bomb the crack where the cursed grass was and open the

North of that chest is a pool of water and a wooden dock.  Run to the dock.

**[FEEDING]**  North of the dock is a chest next to a sign.

++15 PRAISE++  Next to the previous chest is a group of boars (50%) and boar
piglets (16%).

Return northeast, past the orange gate, to the wooden bridge.  Turn down the
path you ignored before heading west.

++8 PRAISE++  Feed a couple horses (18%) along this path, then continue west
toward the building in the distance.

++15 PRAISE++  Before you reach the building you'll find another Devil Gate.
Enter it and kill some Yellow and Green Imps (Power Slash) to restore a spring.

Follow the bridge over the spring.

++9 PRAISE++  Just south of the path is a group of hungry pigs (27%).

Enter the dojo and talk to the sensei to learn a couple new combat moves.

==FLEETFOOT==  Learn Fleetfoot now!  Even if you don't have enough yen, fight
some Demon Scrolls until you do.  Fleetfoot dramatically increases your
maneuverability in battle, which in turn increases your chance of victory.

==4 WINDS==  This is useful too for dealing damage, but not a priority.  Most
normal enemies will die or evade before you complete the combo anyway.  Buy it
too, but buy Fleetfoot first.

**HOLY BONE M**  Perform 4 Winds several times until sensei is satisfied.
He'll throw you a bone.

Leave the dojo when you're done learning.

**STRAY BEAD #6**  Behind the dojo to the west is another buried treasure.

Run back east to the horses you fed earlier.  Now continue down the winding
path to the north.  After a couple switchbacks you'll find another Devil Gate
in a clearing to the west.  Defeat some Red and Green Imps (Power Slash) inside
the Gate to restore some stone monoliths.  No praise this time, but ...

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Open the new chest in the middle of the circle of stones.

Continue along the path you were following to a T-intersection. You're nearly
back where you started.  The Sapling is to the northeast, but there's nothing
new there, so at the intersection continue straight (northwest) past a small

++10 PRAISE++  See the patch of cursed purple grass?  Blooming the grass to
restore some nature.

++15 PRAISE++  A group of boar piglets (32%) appears.  Feed them.

Your circuit of this area is complete.  Now progress downhill and to the west,
toward Kamiki.

++11 PRAISE++  Just before you reenter Kamiki there are 6 dead trees for you to
Bloom for a final bit of praise.

Return to Kamiki.  If you didn't explore some of those red circle on your map
Issun will comment.  Either go examine those circles or ignore Issun.  Don't
worry, you haven't missed anything. 

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  422

5.05) Kamiki Revisited                                #KMKRV
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Sun Fragment         *Inkfinity Stone     *Stray Bead #3 |
| Bull Horn                                                |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 55 total                                                 |
|    20 from Blooming 15 dead trees                        |
|    20 from Blooming Konohana                             |
|    5 from Blooming 1 clover                              |
|    10 from Camille's reality check                       |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Water Lily                                               |

The merchant is still at the entrance.  Buy or sell whatever.  Save at the
Mirror if you haven't in a while.  Down the path near the bridge Komuso is
dancing wildly.  He explains the next objective: 15 trees to Bloom.

++1 PRAISE++  Next to Komuso is a dead tree to Bloom

++1 PRAISE++  Northeast between Susano's house and the river is another tree.

++1 PRAISE++  On the other side of the river, next to the bridge lies a third

++1 PRAISE++  Northeast, past Mrs. Orange, there's a fourth tree near the

++1 PRAISE++  Southwest between the rice field and the lake is the fifth tree.

++1 PRAISE++  Return to the path.  Between Kushi's and Mushi's houses along the
path is the sixth tree.

++1 PRAISE++  The seventh tree is inside the fenced garden of Mr. Orange's

++4 PRASIE++  Along the uphill path leading to the intersection are trees 8, 9,
10, and 11.

++9 PRAISE++  Follow the path toward the sacred deck.  Near the pond are the
last 4 trees.

Go to the sacred deck and talk to Mr. Orange.  The next scene is like the
Slashing games you've done with Susano.  As the old man flails drunkenly Bloom
5 different parts of Konohana.

++20 PRAISE++  During a scene Sakuya says "praise be to you."  The game doesn't
say how much you got, but after the scene you'll have 20 more than before.

>>WATER LILY<<  Complete the constellation for your new skill, and practice
with Issun as usual.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  On the small island that Issun indicated is a chest.  Jump
up to it from a Water Lily.

North from there is a larger island.  Swim to it, then draw a Lily on its
edge.  It can be hard to jump up to this island from the Lily.  Try jumping and
tackling in mid air.

++5 PRAISE++  Bloom the clover on this island.

**INKFINITY STONE**  East of the clover is a dig spot.  Wait until night.

**STRAY BEAD #3**  West of the clover is a second dig spot.

Swim and run back to Konohana.  Talk to Camille and Camellia a few times.

++10 PRAISE++  When Camille says she needs a beating, indulge her masochism and
tackle her.

**BULL HORN**  There is now another fruit hanging from the branches of
Konohana.  Slash it down for this treasure.

Later in the game Issun says that Sakuya said that each Guardian Sapling you 
revive will make Konohana bear fruit (even though she never did really say that
exactly).  So according to Issun there should be 2 fruits now since you've
already revived 2 Saplings. So either Sakuya's holding out on us, or Issun
doesn't know what he's talking about.

That's all for now.  Leave Kamiki and run to the southern part of Shinshu to
that pool of water with the wooden dock.  Now that you have Water Lily you can
follow the water into the cave.  Just swim as far as you can, then draw a Lily
beneath Ammy before she drowns.  At the end of the cave jump up to the ledge
from a Lily pad, then Bomb the crack, and go through.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  477

5.06) Agata Forest                                    #AGTFR
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Stray Bead #12       Devout Beads            Glass Beads |
| Coral Fragment       *Steel Soul Sake        Holy Bone S |
| Lacquerware Set      Steel Fist Sake     Exorcism Slip S |
| Wooden Bear          *Stray Bead #13     *Stray Bead #14 |
| [Enhancing Weapons]  [Battle Tips]       Inkfinity Stone |
| Incense Burner       Traveler's Charm    *Dragonfly Bead |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 205 total                                                |
|    30 from Blooming the Sapling                          |
|    30 from 2 Devil Gates                                 |
|    40 from Sleepy's 3 spheres                            |
|    10 from Blooming 1 patch of cursed grass              |
|    5 from Blooming 1 clover                              |
|    90 from 12 groups of animals                          |
|       3 hares (30%)                                      |
|       1 nightingales  (15%)                              |
|       5 deer (50%)                                       |
|       2 sparrows (44%)                                   |
|       1 monkeys (13%)                                    |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Giant Salmon         Golden Lucky Cat           Wood Mat |
| Peace Bell           Gold Dust x2                        |

Run down the path to the southwest, and descend a wooden ramp down to a beach.
Turn right (northwest) and enter the cave.  At the end you'll find an Origin
Mirror and a house.  Save and enter the building.

**STRAY BEAD #12**  Inside the house the chest is in plain view.

Talk to Madame Fawn and pay her to tell your future, if you want.  Of course,
I'll tell you the same thing, and my advice will be much less vague and less
expensive.  On the other hand, if you consider her predictions necessary for
completeness, by all means, pay her a measly 500 yen.

Leave the house and the cave.  On the beach turn northeast to find a small
path leading along the cliff base and the water's edge.  Follow this path to a
cave behind a waterfall.  Inside the cave Bomb the cracked wall.

++30 PRAISE++ Bloom the Guardian Sapling inside the next room.

**DEVOUT BEADS**  The chest is right in front of the Sapling.

++5 PRAISE++  There's a clover on the opposite side of the Sapling.

++6 PRAISE++  Some hares (25%) are hanging around the Sapling.  Feed them.

--TIP--  A mini-boss battle is coming up when you leave the cave.  I suggest
you keep your reflector equipped as a main weapon even if you think you'll
prefer rosaries.  A boss battle is no time to be getting used to a new weapon.

When you are prepared for battle leave the cave and walk a bit into the open.

<< Mini-Boss #1                                                       #MNBS1 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) *Sword Throw                                                       |
   | 2) Slash                                                              |
   | 3) Lunge                                                              |
   | 4) Spiral Dive                                                        |
   | 5) 2 Hit Combo                                                        |
   | 6) *3 Hit Flurry                                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | OK.  This boss can be relatively tough for the first one of the game. |
   | He is FAST, and considering your somewhat low health he hits hard.    |
   | Also, the water makes this battle tougher than it has to be.  Try to  |
   | stay on dry land, jumping from island to island.                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | The strategy for beating this boss (and any boss for that matter) is  |
   | to either wait for an opening in his defenses or cause an opening to  |
   | appear.  If you simply run up to him and start wailing on the boss he |
   | will counterattack and you will die quickly.  So, go in for the kill  |
   | only when he's vulnerable.  Usually this means the boss turns black   |
   | and white, but not always.                                            |
   |                                                                       |
   | So this boss has 2 openings: First, after his 3 hit flurry (#6 in my  |
   | list) he turns black and white and stands still for a moment.  Now    |
   | you can wail on the boss until he becomes colored again.  I list this |
   | opening for completeness' sake, but I DON'T recommend it.  It can     |
   | work, but staying in close range to this boss is dangerous!  He has   |
   | too many close range attacks and only uses number 6 occasionally.     |
   |                                                                       |
   | Instead go for opening number 2:  Stay at very long range from the    |
   | boss, and wait for him to throw swords at you.  Now pull out your     |
   | Brush and Slash the sword in mid-air.  The sword will ricochet and    |
   | strike the boss.  Now the boss is lying on the ground in black and    |
   | white.  Run up to him and wail away until he stands back up, then     |
   | Fleetfoot away to long range.  Repeat this process until the boss is  |
   | defeated.                                                             |
   |                                                                       |
   | A few special notes.  You can't attack in water, so try to make the   |
   | boss fall on dry land.  Using the rosaries to stay at range is also a |
   | good idea, but only if you are comfortable with that weapon.  Also,   |
   | if you can block one of the boss' melee attacks with your reflector   |
   | you could win a Demon Fang.  Not really worth the effort, but I       |
   | thought I'd mention it.                                               |
   |                                                                       |
   | Lastly, don't forget you can rotate the camera WHILE your Brush is    |
   | drawn.  Use this to your advantage.  Rotate the camera to get a       |
   | better view of the battle WHILE time is frozen instead of on the fly. |

Victory!  Time for some exploration.  Agata has a huge lake in it's center with
9 islands in the water,  For the sake of clarity I will number each island from
eft to right and top to bottom (just like the order in which you read).

Island 1: The boss fight ends here.  Otherwise it's empty.

Island 2: East of Island 1.  The smallest island.  Also empty.

Island 3: Southwest of Island 1.  Here there is a Giant Bud.

**GLASS BEADS**  Bloom the Giant Bud for some treasure.

Island 4: East of 3.  Nothing.

Island 5: The western most.  Nothing here.

Island 6: East of 5. Two items here:

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  Bloom the Giant Bud on the south side.

**STEEL SOUL SAKE**  Buried on the northern side. 

Island 7: The largest.  Two more items.

**HOLY BONE S**  Bloom a Giant Bud on the northeastern edge.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  Bloom another Bud just south of the last.

Island 8: South of 6.  There's a Bud here.

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  From the Bud.

Island 9: East of 8.  Talk to the fishing child several times until Issun
tells you to headbutt him.  Do so to begin a mini-game.

Fishing for Salmon Mini-Game
Objective: Catch the Giant Salmon

- The game explains this well, but I'll offer my 2 cents.  Draw a line from the
tip of the pole to any of the fish.  It doesn't have to be a straight line.

- The Brush acts somewhat like a magnet, so if you put the Brush in the
vicinity of the pole or the fish the Brush will be drawn to it.  You'll see
black smoke on the Brush's tip if you've done it right.

- Once the fish is on the line press and hold the left analog stick in the
opposite direction from the way the fish is facing.  If the fish changes
direction press the other way.

- The gauge on top of the screen is the power with which you are reeling in the
fish.  Here's what the indicator means:

- If the indicator is to the left of the gauge, and the indicator is blue, you
aren't pulling hard enough and the fish will likely get away.

- If the indicator is to the right of the gauge, and the indicator is red, you
are pulling too hard.  You will steadily lose health, and if you lose it all
the mini-game ends.

- Try to keep the indicator near the middle of the gauge, where the indicator
is green.  This will wear the fish out, but not you.  To do this, hold the
analog stick until the indicator is green.  Now tap the stick repeatedly so
that the indicator stays in the green range.

- When the fish is reeled close enough to the shore a button appears on the
screen (X, circle, square, or triangle).  Press that button to make the fish
jump out of the water.  When the fish is in the air, pull out your Brush and
Slash it.

- Ta-da!  You caught a fish.  Small fish take only one Slash to catch, but
larger ones may take up to 3.  To finish this mini-game catch two small fish
and then a larger one.

==GIANT SALMON==  The third fish is your objective

The Salmon coughs up the key to Tsuta Ruins.  Let Kokari take the key back from
you.  We'll be exploring Agata before we head off to Tsuta.  From island 9 swim
to the southeastern shore.  There's a patch of cursed purple grass here.

++10 PRAISE++  Bloom the grass and reveal some hares.

++4 PRAISE++  Feed the hares (28%)

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  West of the hares is a Giant Bud.

**WOODEN BEAR**  West of that Bud is another.

Southwest of that Bud is a small hut.  Nothing inside but some food.

++3 PRAISE++  West of the hut is a group of nightingales (15%).  Like sparrows
these birds only appear during the day.  NIGHTingale is apparently a misnomer.

**STRAY BEAD #13**  Buried in the dirt near the tip of the peninsula.

Turn around and follow the path leading east from the hut.  Jump up to ledge
along the eastern wall and follow the ledge to the south.  There's a cracked
wall here you can Bomb, but there's nothing inside for you yet.

**STRAY BEAD #14**  Just in front of the cracked wall, buried in the grass.

++8 PRAISE++  From the chest jump down off the ledge.  Feed the deer (8%) here.

South of the deer is the entrance to Tsuta Ruins.

++8 PRAISE++  Next to the doors to Tsuta is a pair of deer (16%).

**[ENHANCING WEAPONS]**  Beside the deer is a chest out in the open.

West of Tsuta is a Devil Gate.  Fight some Red and Yellow Imps (Power Slash).

--BATTLE TIP--  A fun new way to kill these Yellow Imps is with the reflector
as a sub-weapon.  Wait for them to pop out of the ground and do a drum roll.
As they reel back for their ground striking attack hit triangle.  If you're
close enough to them you'll block their attack and counter by throwing them
into the air and driving them into the ground.  It does a lot of damage, it's
easy to time the block, and you don't have to worry about positioning yourself
behind the Imp.

++15 PRAISE++  From the Devil Gate near Tsuta.

++3 PRAISE++  Feed the sparrows (39%) where the Devil Gate was.

++8 PRAISE++  West along the path is a group of deer (25%).

++12 PRAISE++  Further west is yet another group of deer (37%).

Up the western path is a man with an umbrella named Kiba.  Now we can finally
trade in some of those Fangs.  Here's what you can buy:

==GOLDEN LUCKY CAT==  This artifact is very useful since you will no longer
have to chase down all that loot that enemies drop.  Make sure you buy this
right away.  If you've been collecting Fangs regularly you should have enough.

==WOOD MAT==  This is another useful artifact that will allow you to heal
without using holy bones.  Buy this second, after the Golden Lucky Cat.

==PEACE BELL==  This artifact prevents Demon Scrolls from chasing after you.
It's good to equip when exploring areas, just so you don't get sidetracked,
but otherwise it's not all that useful.

If you don't have enough Fangs for all three keep collecting as many as you
can, and come back to Kiba later.

**[BATTLE TIPS]**  Next to Kiba is a chest.

++3 PRAISE++  Beside Kiba is a fenced path.  At the beginning of the path is a
group of sparrows (44%).

From Kiba go north, and follow the water's edge to another small peninsula.

++15 PRAISE++  A second Devil Gate is here.  Fight some Dead Fish (Power Slash)
and a Yellow Imp (Power Slash).

++9 PRAISE++  Where the Devil Gate once stood is a group of monkeys (13%).

**INKFINITY STONE**  At the tip of the peninsula is another Giant Bud to Bloom.

Northwest and uphill from the peninsula is Karude, Kokari's father.  Talk to
him to learn about more responsibilities Kokari is shirking.  East of Karude is
a merchant.  Sell some stuff for money.

==GOLD DUST X2==  Buy the merchant out of his stock of Gold Dust.  This stuff
permanently increases the damage that a weapon deals.  Use one on whatever
weapon you like, but save one for later.  When you get better weapons later you
can upgrade them immediately if you keep Gold Dust stocked in your inventory.

A fenced path leads up to the north.  Follow that to a spring and a tree.  Jump
into the spring and swim into a cave beneath the tree's roots.  Bloom the
cursed grass here to reveal a Giant Bud.

**INCENSE BURNER**  Bloom the Giant Bud inside the tree.

Vacate the cave, and head east.

++12 PRAISE++  East of the tree is a group of deer (50%).

To the east is an exit to Shinshu Field.  Ignore it for now.  Run back down the
fenced path, and go back to Karude.  Drop down to the beach, and follow it
northwest.  Back near the cave to Madame Fawn's is a new Giant Bud.

**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  Bloom the Bud.

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  Just east of the wooden ramp is treasure buried in the

Reenter the cave now, and return to the Origin Mirror.  Now that the Sapling
has been bloomed there are some hares to feed here.

++4 PRAISE++  Feed the hares (30%) between the Mirror and Fawn's house

Almost done here.  Return up the northeast path to where you originally entered
Agata Forest.  You'll see the bear there from Hana Valley.  Apparently Sleepy
likes spheres.

Sleepy's Spheres Mini-Game
Objective: Roll 3 spheres to Sleepy

- Run back down the path but stop before you get to the beach.  You'll see a
large head of cabbage along that path lying in the grass.

- Roll the cabbage up the hill back to Sleepy.  Be patient.  There's no time
limit so take your time.  If you have trouble use the wall on the left to
guide the cabbage, and avoid that cliff at all costs.  Honestly, I get
frustrated rolling these spheres, but it only takes time.

++10 PRAISE++  Sleepy gets aroused and jumps on the new sphere.  Then he goes
back to sleep.

- Return to the peninsula southeast of Karude.  There's a large walnut here, so
guess what...  Yep, roll it back to Sleepy.  It's faster to roll it along the
beach then up the wooden ramp instead of around the grassy path.  Use the same
strategy as before.

++10 PRAISE++  Sleepy gets excited again and jumps on the walnut before falling
back to sleep.

- Return to the peninsula where the walnut was.  Look over to island 8 and look
up the tree.  See the beehive there hanging from the branch?  Slash it down and
start rolling.  You'll have to roll it across some water, but that's the easy
part.  Just push it to the beach.

- Now, this beehive is a real pain.  It's jumpy, it slips easily off Ammy's
nose, and it really likes to roll downhill.  Still, use the same strategy as
before, just take your time.  It's a game of inches not miles.  Don't forget to
use the wall to guide the hive.  You really don't want it falling off the cliff
once it's all the way up. (I did that).

++20 PRAISE++  Sleepy explodes with rapture.  I guess we should call him
Dancey now.  Pop your collar.  You just completed one of the more frustrating
side-quests in the game.

Return to island 9 where you fished with Kokari.  Tackle the kid to make him
cough up the Tsuta Ruins key, then press triangle to pick up the key.  Run to
the southeast corner of the map to the Tsuta Ruins entrance.  Use the key and
leave Agata.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  682

5.07) Tsuta Ruins                                     #TSTRN
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Exorcism Slip S    [Enhancing Divinity]  Steel Soul Sake |
| Vase               Incense Burner        Steel Fist Sake |
| Vengeance Slip     Stray Bead #18              Bull Horn |
| Exorcism Slip S    Lacquerware Set           Holy Bone S |
| Tsuta Ruins Map    Stray Bead #19         [Godhood Tips] |
| Holy Bone S        Snarling Beast           Golden Peach |
| Stray Bead #20                                           |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 152 total                                                |
|    15 from killing the 2 Bud Ogres                       |
|    15 from 3 Devil Gates                                 |
|    20 from purifying the water                           |
|    30 from Blooming 3 cursed grass                       |
|    22 from Blooming 4 fruit-chuckers                     |
|    50 from Blooming 10 clovers                           |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
|  Vine                                                    |

The purple water is impassable, so ignore Issun's suggestion.  You are at a
T-intersection, so head left (west).

++3 PRAISE++  An island to the north holds a familiar fruit-chucking tree.  As
usual Slash the fruit it throws at you, then Bloom the tree.

You'll see a clover on that same island.  You can reach it now if you sprint to
full speed then jump and tackle in mid-air.   It's much easier, however, to get
to this clover later, so I'll hold off on it.  Continue west, and you'll hit a
dead end. Oh, well.  Look northeast to an island you can jump to easily.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  On that island is a Giant Bud you can Bloom.

Return to the intersection at the entrance, and take the eastern path.

**[ENHANCING DIVINITY]**  There's a chest out in the open that's hard to miss.

**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  Just north of the chest is a Giant Bud.

++3 PRAISE++  Continue east to another fruit-chucker.  Slash and Bloom.

**STEEL SOUL SAKE**  Just north of that evil tree is a Giant Bud.

*VASE**  There's a chest to the east out in the open before the next room.

There's a short cliff northwest of that chest.  Go to the shortest part of
the cliff, near the murky water. If you wall jump here you can reach the ledge
on top.  Just be careful not to fall in the water.

++5 PRAISE++  Bloom the clover here.  If you can't reach it yet don't fret.
You can get to it later much easier.  Continue east to the next room.

++3 PRAISE++  Just inside this side room is a fruit-chucker to the north.
Slash and Bloom it.

++13 PRAISE++  Another fruit-chucker is in the same room on an island to the
east.  You'll see a clover on the same island.

The water is clear in this room, so jump toward the island into the water. You
can make the jump without falling in the water, but just paint a Lily pad if
you do. 

++5 PRAISE++  Bloom the clover next to the fruit-chucker.  Go east to the next

**INCENSE BURNER**  Continue down the long path. Bloom the Bud at the end.

Wall jump here to progress upward.  At the top turn around and look back
where you came.  See the pottery on the higher path?  Along the northern wall
there are some ledges you can jump across.

++5 PRAISE++  Bloom a clover back above the entrance to the room.

Return east, jump in the water and draw a Lily to reach the ledge to the
east. Do some wall jumps, then enter the northern passage.

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  There's a Giant Bud next to some rocks at the beginning of
the northern path.

Ignore the sphere for now, and continue north.  Encounter a new enemy: Bud Ogre
(Bloom).  Hack at the Ogre until he falls and a red circle appears over him.
Bloom the Ogre, then wail on the exposed core.  The core is the only way to
damage the Ogre so hit it fast before he closes back up again.  Try Slashing
the core to make it die quickly.  When his health is depleted use Bloom again
to get a Fang.

Killing the Ogre makes the previous sphere movable so go back to it. Roll the
sphere down the path to a floor switch at the end.  Depressing the switch with
the sphere opens a door to the next room.  In the next room fight two Bud Ogres
(Bloom).  Fighting two at once can get hectic.  Just stay mobile with Fleetfoot
to avoid their projectiles.

--BATTLE TIP-- To make this fight easy on yourself, use Cherry Bombs.  Draw a
Bomb right on top of an Ogre to make it explode in his face.   One Bomb makes
them pause their attacks, and two Bombs make them susceptible to Bloom.  So,
Bomb each twice, Bloom them, then kill the cores.

++15 PRAISE++  Defeating the Ogres restores a log with some mushrooms.  We'll
come back to the log in a second. 

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Slash through some logs to the south to enter a room with a
Giant Bud.  Return to the log.

If you examine the log Issun tells you what to do.  Look up and draw a sun in
the hole in the ceiling.  Ascend the shroom stairs to a high ledge.  Directly
in front of you is a wall next to some grass.  It isn't cracked, but you can
Bomb it to reveal a path leading north.

++5 PRAISE++  Follow that new path to a clover.

Return to where you Bombed the wall and continue south.  Here is another wall,
cracked this time, so Bomb it too.  The next part of the path is linear, so
just follow it. A large semi-circular path starts to fall as you go across.
Just sprint into the next room.

The next door is locked by a Lockjaw, so drop down to the bottom of this room.
To the southeast is an archway blocked by a character named Blockhead.  Talk to
him to begin a kind of mini-game.

Blockhead Mini-game
Objective: Hit Blockhead's weak points.

- Tackle Blockhead to reveal his weak points.  Remember the location and the
order that the circles appear, then paint a dot on each spot in the order that
they appeared.

- The most important thing when killing Blockheads is to draw dots in the order
that they appeared.  Any other order will not work, even if you hit all the
spots exactly..

- Also, use triangle when drawing the dot and press hard.  That will make a
bigger dot than using square, covering more area.  This makes it more likely
that you will hit the weak spot even if you can't remember the exact location.

- This Blockhead has only two weak spots, so it's not very hard to remember
them.  If you've done it right Blockhead crumbles, revealing a path back to the
entrance (but don't go there).

Defeating Blockhead also reveals an Exorcising Arrow on the central pedestal
of this room.  Pick up the Arrow with triangle.  Start climbing back up to the
top of this room, using the platforms along the sides of the room and the green
logs that act as bridges between them.  On the third platform Bomb the statues
to break the wall behind them and reveal a new room.

**STRAY BEAD #18**  In this side room is a Giant Bud ready to Bloom.

Keep following the green logs back up to the door that was locked by the
Lockjaw. The Exorcising Arrow unlocks the Lockjaw, so proceed to the next room.

In this room there's a wall directly to the southwest, but if you look up
you'll see there's an opening higher up.  Wall jump on this southwest wall to
the opening.

**BULL HORN**  Open the chest up on the ledge.  Drop down and continue south.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  There's a large circular alcove to the west with a Giant
Bud on a bit of raised ground.

Follow the cave east. You'll encounter a broken bridge, so Rejuvenate it and
walk across.  The next room contains an Origin Mirror, so save.  From here jump
along the grassy tiers to the northwest and go through an archway to a ledge in
the central room.

++5 PRAISE++  Bloom the clover on this ledge.

Return to the Mirror, then go southeast to the next room.  This room is
somewhat circular, so lets go through it in a clockwise manner. Northeast of
the entrance is a Devil Gate.  Kill a Bud Ogre (Bloom) and a Green Imp (Power
Slash) within.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  Along the water's edge are two Giant Buds. Inside the
western Bud is this treasure.

**HOLY BONE S**  Inside the eastern Bud.

The next Devil Gate is to the southeast.  Some Yellow and Green Imps (Power
Slash) in this one.  The third and final Devil Gate is to the southwest.
Herein kill two Green Imps (Power Slash) and a Dead Fish (Power Slash).

++15 PRAISE++  For the trio of Devil Gates.

Another log with mushrooms appears.  As before, Sunrise through the hole in
the ceiling, jump along the shroom stairs, then follow the path north. Next to
a pool of purple water there are 5 statues spewing filth.  Tackle them one by
one, or Slash them all in one fell swoop.

++20 PRAISE++  Destroying the statues restores the water.

**TSUTA RUINS MAP**  Before jumping in the water like Issun suggests, there is
a chest to the south.

Jump into the water, then fall down the waterfall.  Stop here and look back
toward the waterfall to see a cave behind the sheet of water. Bomb the wall
inside this cave to reveal a room with a Giant Bud.

**STRAY BEAD #19**  Inside the Giant Bud.

Return to the water and follow it to another waterfall.  Don't forget to draw
Lilies when needed.  Drop off the next waterfall, and you're back in the
central room near the eastern edge.  

If you didn't Bloom the first clover here on the eastern side  of the room,
you can reach it easily now by drawing a Lily in the water and wall jumping to
the ledge.

Head south to dry land, then head west back to where you entered the dungeon.
Remember the first fruit chucker we Bloomed on the island to the west?  Well
now you can reach the island easily with a Lily and a wall jump.

++5 PRAISE++  Bloom the clover on that island.

Return to the T-intersection at the entrance, and save at the Mirror. Follow
the new stepping stones northward but don't enter the light just yet.  See the
small ledge to the left (west) of the shining portal.  There's a glowing green
pillar of light that is difficult to see in the glare of the portal.

++5 PRAISE++  Jump from the northern most stepping stone to the ledge with the
clover.  Bloom it.  Now you can go into the light.
You'll find yourself in a circular room with three patches of cursed grass
around the perimeter.

++30 PRAISE++  Draw a few squiggles to Bloom the three patches of cursed grass.

>>VINE<<  A new constellation appears after the third patch of grass.  You
guessed it.  Complete that constellation.

Once again, practice your new skill with Issun and draw a line from the
Konohana Blossom to Ammy.  Just like the fishing game, the Brush acts like a
magnet to those Konohana Blossoms, only now it shows green smoke when you can
draw the vine.

The next camera angle shows you the next Blossom, so use Vine again to climb
further up the room.  There are 4 more Blossoms in this room, each higher than
the last, that you can use to climb to the room's exit.

--TIP-- You can actually skip some Blossoms when they are this close together,
and you don't actually have to wait to land before drawing the next Vine.  If
you see the next Blossom before you land, just draw a Vine as soon as you are
close enough to that Blossom to make it open.

Once you can climb no higher, exit the room to the south.  There's a Blossom
right in front of you, but ignore it.  It's only good for returning here
quickly.  Follow this semi-circular ledge to the north and Vine through another
path of Blossoms to the top of the colossal statue.

Here there are 4 Blossoms facing downward, and 4 hooks protruding from the
statue.  Connect each Blossom to a Hook with Vines, and the top of the colossus
lifts upward.  Jump into the resulting hole.

You're in a circular room with tons of little idols. Smash them to your heart's
content, but save at the Origin Mirror.  Follow the long northern hall to
another room.

**[GODHOOD TIPS]**  Next to some stairs are two chests.  Within the western
chest is this scroll.

**HOLY BONE S**  Inside the eastern one.

Proceed north to the large doors.  Issun expresses hesitation, but ignore him
and step through the doors.  There's a Golden Gate here, which acts like a
checkpoint, as Issun explains, in case you die in the upcoming battle.  Step
through it.

Actually, it's so hard to avoid the Golden Gate that it's kind of fun to try.
Wall jump on the side of the Gate, then tackle in mid-air over the Gate.  Why
should we  avoid the Gate?  Because it's fun to live dangerously.  "Look, Mom,
no safety net."

Whatever you choose to do, continue down the path and prepare for battle.

<< Boss #1                                                            #BOSS1 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Web Strings (damages and pulls Ammy to close range)                |
   | 2) Charges and Stomps                                                 |
   | 3) *Climbs Web and Dives                                              |
   | 4) *Egg Bomb                                                          |
   | 5) Tosses 4 Spheres                                                   |
   | 6) Punch                                                              |
   | 7) Jump (only damages if it lands on Ammy)                            |
   | 8) Drops Stalactites (only used if connected to a Vine)               |
   |                                                                       |
   | This boss is fun.  She may seem like trouble from the long list of    |
   | attacks, but all of them are pretty easy to avoid.  Just sprint       |
   | around the arena, using Fleetfoot to keep up your speed.  Stay mobile |
   | and the boss canít touch you.                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | So the trick to this boss is to draw Vines from the Blossoms that     |
   | surround the arena to the hooks on the bossí behind.  If you try to   |
   | run around behind the boss to get a good view of the hooks you will   |
   | have a hard time.  This boss spins fast, and youíll likely never get  |
   | behind her.                                                           |
   |                                                                       |
   | So letís do this the easy way.  Remember how I said you can rotate    |
   | the camera while your Brush is drawn?  As soon as the battle starts   |
   | hold R1, then take your time adjusting the camera until you have a    |
   | good view of the hooks and the Blossoms.  Draw a Vine from a Blossom  |
   | to a hook, and the boss becomes angry.  Stalactites start falling     |
   | from the ceiling, but donít worry.  Just freeze time with your Brush, |
   | then take your time drawing another Vine.  With 2 Vines connected to  |
   | the boss she falls over and opens up, revealing her core.             |
   |                                                                       |
   | OK. Now we can damage the boss.  Jump up to those eyeballs and start  |
   | hacking away.  You need to pop these pusballs fast before the boss    |
   | closes back up, so using some Steel Fist Sake isnít a bad idea.       |
   | Slashing the balls doesnít do much damage unless you can hit them all |
   | in one Slash.  Bombs donít tend to work, so the best thing to do is   |
   | just wail on the balls with weapons.  When the boss starts to shake   |
   | she's about to close up.  Fleetfoot away, or take damage when those   |
   | pedals close.                                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | Time to draw Vines again.  If youíre having trouble connecting to     |
   | those hooks just wait until the boss uses her egg bomb attack.  Slash |
   | the egg before the boss throws it, and the boss will momentarily      |
   | collapse.  Similarly, when the boss starts to climb her web to dive   |
   | at you, Slash the web to make her fall to the ground.  From this      |
   | prone position drawing Vines is a cinch.  Repeat this process until   |
   | all 8 eyeballs are popped and the boss is dead.                       |

**SNARLING BEAST**  Victory grants you a new reflector.

After a few scenes you find yourself back in Agata.  There's still a couple
more things to do in Tsuta, however, so reenter the Ruins.  At the T-
intersection turn left (west), and go to the room that was blocked by
Blockhead.  Climb the logs and platforms back to the top of this room.  If you
look up toward the northwest you'll see a Konohana Blossom.  Vine up there.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  Inside the room beyond the Blossom is a Giant bud.

++10 PRAISE++  Two clovers are in this same room.

Return to the entrance and take the eastern path.  Make your way back to the
room with the stone sphere.  Look up near the entrance to the room to find
another Konohana Blossom.  Vine up and explore the high ledges in this room.

**STRAY BEAD #20**  To the north, above the floor switch, is a Giant Bud.

++5 PRAISE++  To the southeast, above the water, is a final clover.

Now you can leave Tsuta.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  834

5.08) Agata Again                                     #AGTAG
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Stray Bead #15       Bull Horn            Stray Bead #16 |
| [Ink Bullet Tips]                                        |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 24 total                                                 |
|    10 from building a bridge                             |
|    14 from feeding 2 groups of animals                   |
|       1 dog (11%)                                        |
|       1 hares (33%)                                      |

Go to the branch where you slashed down the beehive.  Above that branch is a
Blossom, so Vine to it.

**STRAY BEAD #15**  The Blossom drops you on the Bead.

**BULL HORN**  To the northeast is another Blossom above island 7.  Vine to it
and drop on this item.

Head west to the merchant, then up north to the spring.  Above the tree here is
a Blossom.  Vine to it to drop into a pool of water on top of the tree.

**STRAY BEAD #16**  Draw a Lily so you don't drown, then Slash the chest.

Now go southwest, and follow the fenced path near Kiba.  You'll reach a river
and see a scene with Kokari.

Water Log Mini-Game
Objective: Draw vines to the 6 hooks to stop the log.

- As you float down the river Blossoms pass by on the banks of the river.  When
you pass these Blossoms simply draw a Vine from the Blossom to the hooks.  The
only thing that's difficult about this mini-game is the speed of the log.  Here
are a few tips to deal with that:

- Periodically press R1 just to pause time, even if you don't see a Blossom.
This effectively works like slow-motion, giving you time to react to what you

- Now, just as any time you draw Vines, the Brush acts like a magnet.  Just put
the Brush in the vicinity of the Blossom and wait for the Brush to be pulled
toward it.  When you see green smoke draw the vine.

- The brush is also a magnet to the hooks.  Get your line in the vicinity of
the hook, then release the button when you see green smoke.

- A Blossom can actually be slightly off the screen and still be usable.  Just
move the Brush over to where it would be if you could see it.  If you see green
smoke you can still draw a Vine.

- Feel free to crisscross your vines.  If you only have a hook on the left
side of the log and the camera is showing Blossoms on the right bank, just draw
the line over.  It doesn't have to be straight.  It doesn't have to look
pretty.  It only has to work.

++10 PRASIE++  Completing the mini-game creates a bridge.

++10 PRAISE++  Feed Kokari's dog (11%) some meat.

++4 PRAISE++  Cross the log to the other side of the river, and feed the hares
(33%) to the west.

**[INK BULLET TIPS]**  There's a chest out in the open before the exit.

Exit Agata.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  858

5.09) Taka Pass                                       #TKAPS
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Stray Bead #21       Tiger Statue           *Glass Beads |
| Golden Mushroom      *Stray Bead #22         Glass Beads |
| *Stray Bead #23      *Holy Bone S                        |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 221 total                                                |
|    30 from Blooming the Sapling                          |
|    45 from 3 Devil Gates                                 |
|    20 from Blooming 10 dead trees                        |
|    20 from 4 clovers                                     |
|    106 from 14 groups of animals                         |
|       1 nightingales (55%)                               |
|       3 deer (87%)                                       |
|       2 horses (54%)                                     |
|       2 foxes (22%)                                      |
|       1 tigers (22%)                                     |
|       1 boar piglets (38%)                               |
|       2 dogs (23%)                                       |
|       1 sparrows (50%)                                   |
|       1 monkeys (20%)                                    |

Beside the path to the south is a merchant.  Buy and Sell as you please. Head
down the southern path, and save at the Mirror as you pass it.  Along the path
Bomb a cracked wall to the left (east), and follow the cave to a room at the
end.  Hope you're ready for round 2.

<< Mini-Boss #2                                                       #MNBS2 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) *Sword Throw                                                       |
   | 2) Slash                                                              |
   | 3) Lunge                                                              |
   | 4) *3 Spiral Dives                                                    |
   | 5) *7 Hit Flurry                                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | This boss should look familiar.  Basically, this is the same battle   |
   | as before, but with a few minor changes.  The boss' combo move is     |
   | gone, but his flurry has been upgraded to 7 hits.  There's still an   |
   | opening after this flurry, however, if you want to use it.  The       |
   | spiral dive has been upgraded to a series of 3 hits, but now there's  |
   | an opening after that move as well.                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | The most significant change is the boss' health.  He seems to have    |
   | nearly 3 times as much as before, so this fight may take awhile.  In  |
   | fact, getting the time bonus from this battle can be difficult.  My   |
   | advice:  Anytime you see an opening unleash a 4 hit reflector combo,  |
   | then Slash the boss.  You don't have enough time per opening for more |
   | than one combo, but you do have time for that extra Slash.  Don't     |
   | begin with a Slash, though, because that will cause the opening to    |
   | close, and then you won't be able to do a combo.  Also, use a weapon  |
   | upgraded with Gold Dust, and use some Steel Fist Sake if you're going |
   | for the time bonus.                                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | Other than that, just do as you did before.  Stay at range.  Slash    |
   | the throwing swords back at the boss, do a 4 hit combo plus a Slash,  |
   | then Fleetfoot away.  The boss seems to like to jump around more      |
   | often, but try to keep your distance.  If he is ever close enough to  |
   | try his flurry or his spiral dives, make sure to take advantage of    |
   | those openings.  4 hit combo plus a Slash.  Fleetfoot.  Repeat.       |

Victory, but no rewards other than yen.  Look to the pool of water on the
right.  The water is too bright to see the bottom, but there are some bubbles
rising to the surface.  Maybe there's a chest down there leaking air.

**STRAY BEAD #21**  Slash the water at those bubbles, and a Bead floats up from
the depths.

Continue up the covered ramp and through the second part of the cave.  Once
you're outside again keep following the path north.

++3 PRAISE++  Beside the path on the western side are three trees ready for
Keep following the path north to a broken bridge.  Rejuvenate it and cross to
the Sapling.

++30 PRAISE++  For Blooming the Sapling

++8 PRAISE++  Huddled around a pile of leaves is a group of nightingales (55%).

++16 PRAISE++  Back south along the path, next to one of the trees you Bloomed,
is a group of deer (66%).

Follow the fenced cliff to the west, and if you look up you'll see some
Blossoms.  Vine through a series of 6 Blossoms.  Now you have a choice:  A
downward facing Blossom to the south or another Blossom to the east.  Choose
the downward facing Blossom.  Vine and fall to a high ledge.

++15 PRAISE++  Three clovers on this high cliff.

Vine back to the last upward facing Blossom.  Now take the eastern Blossom.
Vine through a few more Blossoms to land on the tip of a large boulder.

**TIGER STATUE**  Smash the chest on this boulder.  Drop down from here and
you're back near the previous deer.

++8 PRAISE++  Follow the path further south.  Just west of the cave entrance is
a group of horses (36%).

Reenter the cave and return to where you fought the Mini-boss.

++6 PRAISE++  A group of foxes (11%) wants some meat.

++5 PRAISE++  In the same room, on the other side of the central stone column,
is a clover.

Continue back through the cave.  Outside run north past the merchant and tea

**GLASS BEADS**  Between the rock and the bamboo north of the tea house is a
buried chest.

Go back south, and at the Mirror head west.  In a grassy field is a Devil Gate
with two Dead Fish (Power Slash) and a Bud Ogre (Bloom).

++15 PRAISE++  Vanquishing the Devil Gate restores some flora and fauna.

++10 PRAISE++  Next to where the Devil Gate stood is a pair of tigers (22%)
who like meat.

From the tigers head southwest, following the cliff on the right, until you
see a circle of holes in the ground and some moles.

Whack-A-Mole Mini-Game
Objective: Bop Moley, the blue clothed mole, when he appears from a hole.  You
must hit him 3 times to win.

- The first couple times are pretty easy.  Just run up to him and tackle him as
soon as you see him pop up from one of the holes.

- The third time he and his minions are much faster, and you'll have to be
pretty lucky to hit him.

- Thanks to OtterWater from the message boards for suggesting an easy strategy
here:  As soon as the moles pop up, hold R1 and rotate the camera until you see
Moley, then draw a Cherry Bomb right on top of him.  Slashes don't work, only

- You can usually tell where he's going to pop up if you follow the trail of
dust from the hole where he was before.  It isn't always a sure thing, but it's
better than guessing.  Draw a Bomb where you think he's going to pop.

- Hit Moley three times, and he coughs up a Teacup.

++6 PRAISE++  Next to Moley's holes is a group of boar piglets (38%).

Back among the mole-holes, press triangle to pick up the teacup, then run back
to the tea house next to the merchant.

**GOLDEN MUSHROOM**  Tea Master rewards you for bringing him the Teacup.

From here follow the path south and west as it curves.  Stop at the large rock
on the right of the path.

++3 PRAISE++  Just north of that rock is a small hungry dog (17%).  Keep
following the path to a fork.  

++3 PRAISE++  Feed the dog (23%) at the fork.

Take the right (northwest) path down to the Cutters' house, but be careful.
The Cutters are not nice people, and they will try to cut you if they see you.

**STRAY BEAD #22**  Buried next to the pond near the Cutters' house.

**GLASS BEADS**  There's a Blossom right above Cutter's roof.  Vine up and
smash the chest.

Return to the fork with the dog, and continue west, ignoring the path to the
south for now.  Cross a narrow bridge, and at the next intersection turn right

++3 PRAISE++  3 dead trees to Bloom here.

++3 PRAISE++  Sparrows (50%) next to one of those trees.  Return to the
previous fork and continue a little west.

++8 PRAISE++  North of the path is a pair of horse (54%).

Take the path west past a large rock.  To the north of the path you'll see
some dead trees and a guy named Bingo.

++2 PRAISE++  From Bloomin' 2 trees.  One next to Bingo and some foxes and one
just east of that.

++6 PRAISE++  Feed those foxes (22%).

Talk to Bingo if you wish, but we can't help him yet.  Just a tad southeast,
before you reach the path is a buried treasure.

**STRAY BEAD #23**  Within the buried chest near Bingo.

South of the path, opposite that buried chest, is a Devil Gate.  Two Dead
Fish (Power Slash) and a Yellow Imp (Power Slash).

++15 PRAISE++  From destroying the Gate.

++12 PRAISE++  Some deer (79%) just west of where the Devil Gate stood.

++1 PRAISE++  Just west of those deer is dead tree you can Bloom.  Follow the
southern cliff back to the east.

++11 PRAISE++  One last dead tree here, next to a pile of leaves.

Keep heading east, past some boulders and a dried up spring, to another Devil
Gate.  A Bud Ogre (Bloom) and a Yellow Imp (Power Slash) this time.

++15 PRAISE++  Destroying the Devil Gate restores the spring water.

++8 PRAISE++  Deer (87%) where the Devil Gate was.

Talk to the Spring Girl if she's your type, but head west from her.  Between 2
boulders is a buried treasure.

**HOLY BONE S**  Dig up the chest between the rocks.

From the spring follow the path east.  You're back near the branching paths
where you fed the dog.  Now go up to the south toward Kusa.

++9 PRAISE++  Along the path to Kusa Village is a group of monkeys (20%).

Keep going south to Kusa.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  1079

5.10) Kusa Village                                    #KUSAV
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Canine Tracker       Lacquerware Set     *Stray Bead #27 |
| Dragonfly Bead       *Incense Burner           Bull Horn |
| Glass Beads          Exorcism Slip S     *Stray Bead #28 |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 158 total                                                |
|    15 from Komuso's time trial                           |
|    10 from Blooming 1 patch of cursed grass              |
|    30 from 6 clovers                                     |
|    103 from 13 groups of animals                         |
|       2 monkeys (31%)                                    |
|       2 chickens (85%)                                   |
|       2 sparrows (67%)                                   |
|       5 dog (52%)                                        |
|       1 pigs (45%)                                       |
|       1 raccoons (28%)                                   |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Infinity Judge       Gold Dust x2               Pinwheel |

Several things of importance at the merchant to the right.  Hope you've been
hoarding yen.

==INFINITY JUDGE==  Another reflector.  It looks lame, but it's powerful.
Snatch it up for a hefty 50,000 yen and upgrade it with some Gold Dust ASAP.

==GOLD DUST X2==  Snatch these up, as well.  As usual, use them on the weapons
you like but keep some in your inventory.

==PINWHEEL==  For a side-quest.  Just buy it.

You may have notice that your Brush doesn't work here.  What's worse is that
your Ink is slowly being drained!  If it's drained to zero Ink Pots you lose
your weapon, so let's deal with this curse fast.

Step on the Mirror to replenish whatever Ink you've lost (and save), then
sprint into the village, and at the well bear right.  Take a path north of the
building (an inn), and follow the linear road past some switchbacks and a
wooden catwalk.  At the end of the catwalk go straight (southwest) up the steps
to a temple.  Talk to Princess Fuse.  Try to have at least some Ink here,
otherwise then next battle will be unnecessarily hard and long.

New enemy (yay!):  Blue Imp (Galestorm).  Don't worry about getting Fangs in
this fight.  You can't use your Brush anyway.  Kill the two wimpy Green Imps,
then jump up and smash the floating Blue Imp in mid-air to bring him down to
your level.  Kill him the same as any other Imp.

--BATTLE TIP--  This is just for future reference.  You can't use you're Brush
here, but later you'll want to kill Blue Imps (Galestorm) with your Brush.
Slashing them out of the sky is easier than jumping to them. Also when their
health is depleted use Galestorm to get Fangs.  Again, you don't have Galestorm
yet, but just file this knowledge away for later.

The curse is lifted, so take a breath of fresh air.  Talk to Fuse a few more
times and she forks over the ...

**CANINE TRACKER**  This is more of a navigational tool than an item, but it
shows up in your inventory, so I'm listing it as a collectable item.

**LACQUEWARE SET**  The pond south of Fuse has a chest at the bottom.  Slash

**STRAY BEAD #27**  There's a buried treasure near that pond, next to the
bridge to the south.

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  The pond north of Fuse holds another chest.

**INCENSE BURNER**  Follow the path west of Fuse's temple, up the stairs toward
Gale Shrine.  Right next to the end of the stairs, buried next to a tree is
a chest.

++9 PRAISE++  Beside the path northwest of here is a group of monkeys (27%).

++5 PRAISE++  There's a clover east of the monkeys.

Head back to Fuse, take the stairs northeast of the temple, then turn left

++8 PRAISE++  Next to the stairs leading to Fuse is a group of chickens (57%).
Continue west to a small shrine with statues.

++5 PRAISE++  Feed the sparrows (58%) here. 

Go north across a bridge to a wooden structure.  Vine up the Blossoms here to
reach the wooden platform up top.

++6 PRAISE++  Feed the monkeys (31%) on this platform.

Walk slowly across the wooden beam to the southeast.  Don't fall.  At the other
end is another Blockhead.

Blockhead II
Objective: Same as before.  Pierce the Blockhead's weak points.

- Tackle him to make him reveal the weak spots, then paint dots in the same

- Again, remember to paint them in the order that they appeared, and press
triangle down hard to make larger, more forgiving dots.

- Four weak spots this time, so only slightly more difficult to remember than

Blockhead crumbles, so enter the cave beyond and proceed to the room at the

**BULL HORN**  An obvious chest in this room.

++10 PRAISE++  Two clovers in the same room.

Return to the covered deck where Blockhead was, then climb the grassy hill
behind the deck.

++5 PRAISE++  A clover is here above the cave that Blockhead was blocking.

Walk slowly back across the wooden beam.  Vine to the Blossoms on the other
side to make this faster.  Back at the steps to Fuse's temple head northeast
back across the wooden catwalk.  At the catwalk's end don't head down the hill.
Look up and Vine to the nearby Blossom, then jump to the next catwalk.

++8 PRAISE++  More chickens (85%) up here.  Follow the catwalk along the cliff
face and up some steps.

**GLASS BEADS**  Open the chest on this platform, then follow the catwalk back
to a hole in the cliff face.

Jump up and follow the cave to the room at the end.  Talk to the dog here.
It seems he's hungry, so press start and feed the dog manually from the tools

++10 PRAISE++  For feeding the dog (29%).  That's all up here, so backtrack a
ways to the well that you passed on the way to Fuse's temple.

++10 PRAISE++  North of the well is a child watering some cursed grass.  Bloom
the cursed grass to get some praise and reveal another dog.  Talk to it if you

++10 PRAISE++  This dog (35%) is hungry, too, so feed it manually from your
tools menu.

The large building to the west (as I mentioned before) is an inn, so enter it.
There a weird egg shaped doll to the right, and it's missing an eye.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Paint a black dot in the left eye socket to make the egg

Walk up the stairs to the top floor, and tackle the restroom door in the back.
Haruka scolds you, but don't worry.  You had to do that for a side-quest later.
Exit the inn, and enter the yard of the house to the east.  Gourds are
growing from the lattice above you, and below the lattice are some pigs.

++6 PRAISE++  Feed the hungry pigs (45%) in the garden.

Follow the path to the south of the inn, and talk to Susano again.  Jump the
wooden fence beside Susano.

++5 PRAISE++  A clover's here behind the fence.

Follow the path down past Susano, through a short cave, then wall jump when
you see a ladder to your left.

++5 PRAISE++  A clover by the ladder.

++6 PRAISE++  A group of raccoons (28%) near the clover is hungry.

Bomb the cracked wall nearby, and enter the cave.  Another Canine Warrior who
is also hungry.

++10 PRAISE++  From feeding this dog (41%)

Just outside the cave is Komuso with another time trial battle for you.

++15 PRAISE++  Defeat the 2 Red Imps and 2 Dead Fish (Power Slash) in under 25

Jump back down to the path past the clover, and continue going down to the

++5 PRAISE++  Feed some sparrows (67%) along the path.

Further down Mr. Bamboo stops you to complain.  Keep heading toward the house
at the end of the path, and notice the shining stock of Bamboo next to the
house.  Slash that large bamboo stock to reveal a sleeping Canine Warrior.
Wake the dog, then feed it.

++10 PRAISE++  From feeding the dog (47%).

**STRAY BEAD #28**  Buried just inside the entrance to Mr. Bamboo's house.

Now run all the way back to Fuse's temple. Save along the way because you're
in for a Mini-Boss battle.

<< Mini-Boss #3                                                       #MNBS3 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) *Tackle                                                            |
   | 2) *3 Hit Combo                                                       |
   | 3) *5 Hit Flurry                                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | This boss is pretty easy, but don't underestimate him.  He moves fast |
   | so you'll have to stay on your toes.  Use Fleetfoot to keep up your   |
   | speed and sprint to avoid attacks.  You can also block his attacks    |
   | with a reflector, but even if you block the first few hits of his     |
   | flurry he will still probably hit you with the last few hits.  Just   |
   | avoid the attacks.                                                    |
   |                                                                       |
   | The good news: the boss charges each attack, shining with white light |
   | for a moment, warning you of his attack.  So when you see him         |
   | charging, back off and prepare to dodge.  The boss will pause briefly |
   | after each attack.  He doesn't turn black and white, and doesn't      |
   | pause for long, but it's long enough to get several hits.  When he    |
   | starts moving again, keep swinging until he starts charging an attack |
   | then Fleetfoot away.                                                  |
   |                                                                       |
   | After taking several hits the boss will turn black and white and      |
   | collapse.  Do a 3 hit combo plus a Slash or a Bomb.  No time for 4    |
   | hits before he gets his color back.  Repeat this process until the    |
   | boss goes down.                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   | The hardest thing about this fight is going to be getting the full    |
   | time bonus.  Make sure you have a Gold Dusted Infinity Judge, and use |
   | some Steel Fist Sake (if you care about bonuses).                     |

++10 PRAISE++  You've already fed all the dogs around Fuse, except for Tei.
Feed that dog (52%) now.

Fuse has told you your next goal, so it's time to leave Kusa and head back to
Taka Pass.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  1237

5.11) Sasa Sanctuary                                  #SSSCT
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| *Stray Bead #30      Stray Bead #31      Exorcism Slip S |
| Vase                 Steel Fist Sake      Dragonfly Bead |
| Steel Soul Sake      Glass Beads        Traveler's Charm |
| Wooden Bear          Holy Bone S          Coral Fragment |
| *Lacquerware Set     *Incense Burner            Duty Orb |
| *Golden Peach        *Stray bead #32        Mermaid Coin |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 69 total                                                 |
|    10 from 2 clovers                                     |
|    59 from 10 groups of animals                          |
|       4 sparrows (100%)                                  |
|       2 mice (20%)                                       |
|       2 tigers (66%)                                     |
|       1 dog (58%)                                        |
|       1 hares (38%)                                      |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Watersprout                                              |

Back in Taka, wait until nighttime, then run to the Cutters' abode.  Run up the
ramp on the northeast of the house to the second floor.  Bomb the wooden planks
to reveal a hole in the floor and drop down into the house.  Find Mrs. Cutter
inside, press and hold triangle to grab her, then slowly drag her into the

New enemy: Crow Tengu (Galestorm).  Slash these fliers out of the sky ASAP.
After they're grounded, take a swing at them to make them guard with their
swords.  Use another Slash to break their defense, then wail on them until
they're dead.  You don't have Galestorm yet, so don't worry about the Flora

Chun is your compass.  Just let her lead you to Sasa Sanctuary, and watch the

**STRAY BEAD #30**  Before you enter the building, there is a buried treasure
just to the left (west) of the gate and next to a bamboo water fountain.

To the east is a Mirror, so save.  Then wall jump up a couple ledges just south
of the Mirror

++5 PRAISE++  A clover hides in a small crevice in the rock.  Jump down, and go
through the gate, but don't enter the building.

++5 PRAISE++  To the west is a group of sparrows (76%) near a well.

++5 PRAISE++  East is a group of sparrows (85%) near another bamboo fountain.

++3 PRAISE++  Enter the building, and run behind the stairs to feed the mice

Go up the stairs and take a left to the second floor (west side).  Enter the
first room to find another egg-shaped thing missing an eye.

**STRAY BEAD #31**  Fill in the eye to pop open the egg and get the bead.

There's a merchant in this room so use him if you wish.

++2 PRAISE++  The next room south contains some mice (20%).  Komuso is also
here but no time trial this time.

Go to the second floor (eastside) if you want, but there's nothing in either
room except some new types of food.  Return to the first set of stairs, and
take the elevator to the north upward.  Watch the scene here, then open the
hoard of 10 treasure chests.  In no particular order they are:


Return to the bottom floor and go through the eastern hallway to a dried up
spa.  Talk to the suicidal sparrow with the torches a couple times to start a
new mini-game.

Diggin' for H2O
Objective: Dig through the blocks and lead Mr. Bamboo to the bottom before time

- I love these digging mini-games!  The game does a good job of explaining this
mini-game, too, but I'll offer some advice.  

- First I'll explain my directions.  The game is basically a 2D grid of
squares, and you must progress through each square.  I will therefore give
directions by naming a direction and the number of squares you must move
through in that direction.  Notice that I AM COUNTING EMPTY SQUARES.  They are
a part of the grid, too.
- In this game there are basically 2 types of blocks: breakable and
unbreakable.  The breakable blocks are all brown, but each is darker than the
other, so that's how I'll refer to them.

- The lightest block is just dirt.  Dig through it or tackle through it easily.
The next darkest block is harder dirt.  Dig twice to get through it, tackle it
twice, or place a Bomb over it.  The third darkest block is a rock with a
horizontal crack.  Power Slash through it, or Bomb it.

- There are also some unbreakable blocks.  The darkest block is a black rock.
Just go around it.  Some blocks also hold pools of water.  Later you can use
this water to your advantage, but for now they're basically the same as the
aforementioned black blocks.  Pink spiked blocks are also unbreakable.  More on
those later.

- A note on your cohort:  It's not enough to dig to the bottom.  You need Mr.
Bamboo to follow you.  It's pretty easy to lead him in this game, but if you
need to control him here's how:  Slashing him changes the direction he walks,
and Blooming him makes him run faster.

- Watch out for the pink spiked blocks.  If you or your cohort touches them you
lose time.  There's plenty of time, so don't worry too much, but beware.  Also,
Bloom Giant Buds to recover time if you're low.  Like I said, there's already
plenty of time on the clock, but resort to Buds if you get lost.

- So here's the fastest path I've found through this particular digging game:
DOWN 4, LEFT 1, DOWN 5, RIGHT 2, DOWN to bottom.

--TIP-- Use your Cherry Bomb!  It destroys not only the block you place it
upon, but also the 4 blocks directly adjacent to it.  So if you need to break
through 3 blocks in the same direction, place a bomb on the second block and
all 3 will blow up.  For instance, if you begin the game by drawing a Bomb 2
blocks below you, you will immediately drop 4 squares.   Only 3 more Bombs gets
you through this game without any digging at all.

- When Mr. Bamboo catches up with you at the bottom he will walk around until
he finds the dig spot.  He will perform a flourish when he stands above the
appropriate block.  Dig here to end the mini-game

>>WATERSPROUT<<  Complete the usual constellation and practice with Issun.

After Issun's practice you find yourself on a high ledge.

++5 PRAISE++  A clover is up here above the spa.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  Drop down to the ground.  To the north, east of the closed
gate is a buried treasure.

Walk near the large bamboo fountain.  Use Watersprout to fill the bamboo tube
with water from the spa.  The gate to the north opens, so follow that path.

++4 PRAISE++  Feed the sparrows (92%) north of the stairs.

++4 PRAISE++  East from there, after some more stairs, is the last group of
sparrows (100%).

**INCENSE BURNER**  Same landing, northwest of the crying sparrow, is a buried

Talk to Crybaby Tai, then follow the Canine Tracker north.

++10 PRAISE++  Feed some tigers (44%) among the bamboo.

North of the tigers are 5 large, flashing bamboo stocks.  Slash the stock that
is shining at that moment, and after some chit-chat engage another mini-boss.

<< Mini-Boss #4                                                       #MNBS4 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) *Tackle                                                            |
   | 2) *3 Hit Combo                                                       |
   | 3) Dirt Kick                                                          |
   | 4) Digs Hole                                                          |
   |                                                                       |
   | This boss is basically the same as the last one you faced, but        |
   | instead of a flurry he kicks dirt in your face.  This attack is       |
   | nothing special and can be avoided easily.  The only difference is,   |
   | there is no pause in the boss' attack after the dirt kick.            |
   |                                                                       |
   | Other than that, same tactics as before.  Wait until he starts        |
   | charging an attack, dodge the attack, then strike the boss until it   |
   | jumps away.  This boss is more agile than the last, so you may have   |
   | to chase him down a bit.  If he turns black and white do a 4 hit      |
   | combo, then a Slash.  He seems to take longer than the last boss to   |
   | recover so go for that extra hit.                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   | The boss only digs holes very rarely, so you probably won't see it.   |
   | If he does dig a hole just avoid the hole.  Trust me.                 |
   |                                                                       |
   | Once again, if you're going for the full time bonus, Steel Fist Sake  |
   | and a Gold Dusted Infinity Judge are the way to go.                   |

**DUTY ORB**  Victory in battle grants you this quest item.

++10 PRAISE++  Feed Take, the dog (58%) right in front of you. 

++10 PRAISE++  West of Take is another group of tigers (66%).

++6 PRAISE++  To the northeast is a small alcove with a group of hares (38%).

**GOLDEN PEACH**  Buried in this alcove to the left as you enter.

**STRAY BEAD #32**  Buried in the same alcove to the right as you enter.

**MERMAID COIN**  Return to the spa, and Mr. Bamboo automatically gives you
this item.

These Mermaid Coins are a dime a dozen, so lets use it now to save some time.
Jump in the spa and use the Coin in the middle of the spiral.  Select Agata
Forest as your destination.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  1306

5.12) "A DOG-gone difficult quest"                    #DGQST
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Justice Orb          Holy Bone M          Stray Bead #17 |
| Bull Horn            Lacquerware Set         Holy Bone L |
| Gold Dust            Golden Peach            Holy Bone M |
| Stray Bead #4        Loyalty Orb                 Crystal |
| Golden Peach                                             |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 15 total                                                 |
|    10 from racing Ida                                    |
|    5 from 1 clover                                       |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Crescent                                                 |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Whopper              Golden Fury            Spirit Storm |

2 Canines to go.

At the Spring in Agata talk to Kushi a few times, then use Watersprout 3 times
to fill the barrel with water from the spring. Team up with Susano again, and
Slash the six Imps as he strikes them. You may want to help Kushi carry the
barrel, but you can't.  Just follow the Canine Tracker to island 9 where you
fished before.

Talk to Kokari a couple times to start another fishing mini-game.

Fishing for Whopper
Objective: Catch the Whopper.

- Catch 2 fish.  Remember how?  Refer back to the previous fishing mini-game if
you've forgotten.

- The third fish is the Whopper.  You'll have to Slash him twice to catch him,
so be patient.  Conserve health by keeping the strength indicator in the green.

==WHOPPER== When you've caught Whopper the mini-game ends.

>>CRESCENT<<  Finish the constellation, then practice your new skill.

Another scene ensues, and then another mini-boss.

<< Mini-Boss #5                                                       #MNBS5 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) *Tackle                                                            |
   | 2) *3 Hit Combo                                                       |
   | 3) *5 Hit Flurry                                                      |
   | 4) Digs Hole                                                          |
   | 5) Poo Bomb                                                           |
   |                                                                       |
   | Another quadruped.  Again, this fight is like the last two, but with  |
   | a few changes.  The flurry move is back, so you have another opening, |
   | but the boss uses the first three attacks on my list less often.  On  |
   | the other hand, he seems slower than the last boss, so it's easier to |
   | hit him between attacks.                                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | To make up for his lack of speed this boss lays traps.  First, he     |
   | digs holes.  Avoid the dirt that is flung into the air when he digs   |
   | or take damage.  Also avoid stepping in the holes.  If you do you     |
   | will become momentarily trapped and the boss will urinate on you.     |
   | The urine not only damages Ammy but depletes her ink so avoid those   |
   | holes.                                                                |
   |                                                                       |
   | The boss also drops little poo bombs around the field.  These         |
   | droppings explode after a while or if you contact them.  All these    |
   | traps can make it hard to run around the arena, so you may find it    |
   | easier to stand relatively still.  Calmly step away from traps that   |
   | are placed near you, then Fleetfoot to the side when the boss charges |
   | an attack.                                                            |
   |                                                                       |
   | Other than that follow the usual strategy.  Dodge attacks, hack at    |
   | the boss until he goes black and white, then 4 hit combo plus a       |
   | Slash.  Steel Fist Sake and Gold Dust aren't really necessary this    |
   | time.  The game seems to give you more time for that bonus.           |

**JUSTICE ORB**  Another quest item for victory.

You already fed Ume, so let's move on.  There are a few more things to do in
Agata before we find the last canine.  Inside the cave near Madame Fawn's are
three chests engulfed in flames.

**HOLY BONE M**  Use Watersprout to douse the flames with the nearby pond.  The
southern chest holds this bone.

**STRAY BEAD #17**  Douse the next chest north for this treasure.

**BULL HORN**  Inside the third flaming chest.

In the pond is a power spring, so draw a jet upward.  From here jump to a high

**LACQUERWARE SET**  Inside a chest on the ledge above the water.

That's all in Agata for now, so head to Shinshu.  Take the exit up near the
mermaid spring.  Back in Shinshu, talk to Kushi.

**HOLY BONE L**  Kushi rewards you even though you can't help her carry the

You have Crescent now, so let's do that side-quest we skipped earlier.  Run
down to the beach near the Moon Cave, and enter the house there.  Talk to Mika
until you get the wanted list.  Now start hunting those monsters.  Make sure
you periodically draw a moon, because you won't find the monsters if it's
daytime.  All 5 are in Shinshu at 5 specific locations.  The monster that you
meet at each location is random, but the locations are set, so here they are:

1) Right outside Mika's house.  This one is automatically fought when you leave
the house.

2) On the beach near Tama's.

3) Along the eastern path, southeast of the kilns.

4) Near the Nameless Man's house.

5) Near the path west of the Origin Mirror.

**GOLD DUST**  Reward from Mika when you've completed the wanted list.

Thanks to Jo7kain for pointing out a chest here.  In the water behind Mika's
house, near one of the columns of the gate, is a power spring.  Use Watersprout
to create a geyser and ride it up.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  Atop the large gate in the water is a chest.

Race Ida while you're here in Shinshu.  When you see him running along the path
talk to him and challenge him.  For the most part he follows the path around
Shinshu, so cut corners to catch him.  When you are close enough to him tackle
him to win the race.

++10 PRAISE++  For schooling Ida.

Stop by the dojo too.  Now that you have some rosaries (and a bit more money)
you can buy some more techniques.

==GOLDEN FURY==  Urinate on enemies to get Fangs.  You may have enough money
for this expensive move now.  Either buy it now or save you're money.  You can
buy it at any dojo, so no hurry.

==SPIRIT STORM==  Adds to the rosaries' combo.  Buy this if you like rosaries.

**HOLY BONE M**  Practice Spirit Storm until Sensei is satisfied.  He'll throw
you a bone.

Return to Kamiki and the Canine Tracker pops up again.  Ignore it for now and
go slightly southwest of Mirror to the lake.  Look up and Vine to the Blossom
above the lake.

++5 PRAISE++  There's a clover on a ledge above the lake.

From the first ledge there is another Blossom higher up across the lake.  Vine
up there.

**STRAY BEAD #4**  Past the second Blossom, near the top of the waterfall.

Now follow the Canine Tracker to Hayabusa, and prepare for another mini-boss.
Just make sure it's nighttime first.

<< Mini-Boss #6                                                       #MNBS6 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) *Tackle                                                            |
   | 2) *3 Hit Combo                                                       |
   | 3) *5 Hit Flurry                                                      |
   | 4) Digs Hole                                                          |
   | 5) Poo Bomb                                                           |
   |                                                                       |
   | One last pup.  Nothing new this time.  Just avoid the traps, dodge    |
   | attacks, and hit the boss when you can.  In fact, this boss seems     |
   | easier than the last because he drops bombs much less often.  Plenty  |
   | of time for that time bonus, but drink some Sake if you want to be    |
   | safe.                                                                 |

**LOYALTY ORB**  Defeating the boss nets you the last Orb.

**CRYSTAL**  There's a new fruit to Slash down from Konohana as a reward for
reviving the Agata Sapling.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  And another fruit for reviving the Taka Sapling.

Time to go back to Kusa.  Either buy some Mermaid Coins from any merchant and
use the Mermaid Spring in Shinshu to warp back to Taka, or just run there.
Inside Fuse's temple in Kusa talk to Fuse until she forks over the rainbow
Orbs.  With your new accessories go west up the path to Gale Shrine.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  1321

5.13) Gale Shrine                                     #GLSHN
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Holy Bone S          Bull Horn            Dragonfly Bead |
| Stray Bead #33       Rabbit Statue           Holy Bone S |
| Sun Fragment         Gale Shrine Map      Stray Bead #34 |
| [Brush Tips]         Pearl               Inkfinity Stone |
| Steel Soul Sake      Lacquerware Set         Wooden Bear |
| Exorcism Slip S      Life Beads                          |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 59 total                                                 |
|    30 from defeating a boss                              |
|    10 from 2 clovers                                     |
|    19 from 3 groups of animals                           |
|       3 mice (100%)                                      |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Galestorm                                                |

Walk north to Susano, then west past him.  After talking to the ghost, head
west into the shrine.  Keep heading west to a room with a small pool.

**HOLY BONE S**  At the bottom of the pool are three chests.  Slash them.

**BULL HORN**  The second chest.

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  The third chest.

Head north from here through a passage to a small circular room.  A Devil Gate
is here, so enter it and kill a new enemy: Chimera (Power Slash).  I hate these
guys.  They are way too fast for something that big, and hitting them seems to
make them jump away to the other side of the arena.  Worse still, when they
finally go black and white they still damage you by spewing jets of hot water
when you hit them.

--BATTLE TIP--  So the easiest way to take them down is with Cherry Bombs.
Just draw Bombs right on top of him.  1 Bomb makes it black and white, and 2
more kill it.  If you want Fangs just use 2 bombs then deplete the rest of its
health with normal attacks.  Just make sure to Fleetfoot away when it spews
water.  Slash it once it's dead for 2 Fangs.

Grab the Exorcising Arrow, go back to the pool, and follow the path west.  The
path turns south to a Lockjaw and Mirror.  Exorcise the Lockjaw and save.

Past the Lockjaw is a type of elevator.  Draw a Cherry Bomb in its center to
make the platform rise.  Before you ride it up, however, you want to get under
it.  Stand in the door way, draw the Bomb, and the floor should rise past you
revealing a hole.

**STRAY BEAD #33**  Drop below the elevator to a room with three chests.

**RABBIT STATUE**  Second chest here.

**HOLY BONE S**  And the third.

++10 PRAISE++  Two clovers are also down here.

++8 PRAISE++  A large group of mice (54%) is huddled near a clover.

That's all down here, so take the central column of light back up.  Now stand
on the elevator, draw a Bomb, and ride the floor up to the next level.  Exit
here and fight a Demon Scroll to win another Exorcising Arrow.  Pick it up, go
back to the elevator, and ride it up to the third level.

Past another Lockjaw the path is linear. Just follow the wooden rigging up
and north.  Do as Issun says and draw some swirls, the same shape as the black
wind but in the opposite direction.

>>GALESTORM<<  Finish the constellation to get your new skill.  When you
practice with Issun, draw a loop heading to the right.

Heading back through the windmill, notice the long wooden tunnel above the
first stairs that head down.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  Jump up to that path and follow it to a chest.  This should
be your third Fragment, so you should get more health (yay!).

**GALE SHRINE MAP**  Head back down the stairs and stop at the fiery chest.
Draw a swirl to smother the flames and open the chest.

**STRAY BEAD #34**  Return to the elevator and ride it to the second floor.  On
the balcony past where you fought the Demon Scroll is another fiery chest you
can smother with Galestorm.

Bottom floor: At the circular room with the L path and 2 windmills draw a swirl
to make the L path rotate.  Exit the room west.

**[BRUSH TIPS]**  There's an obvious chest at the entrance to the next room.

**PEARL**  Directly west from that chest, on the floor, is another fiery chest.

If you look up you'll notice a bunch of Blossoms near the ceiling. Vine up
there and explore the rafters.

++4 PRAISE++  The eastern most rafter hold a group of mice (70%)

**INKFINITY STONE**  Northwest from the rats is a fiery chest near a Blossom.

**STEEL SOUL SAKE**  Southwest from there, a little higher up, is a chest near
another Blossom.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  Near the middle of the room on the lower level of rafters
is another fiery chest.

Vine west from here to the set of rafters near the hanging scrolls.  Draw a
large Galestorm to make the scrolls blow horizontal.  Jump across the 2 scrolls
before the wind dies down.

--TIP--  If you have trouble with the camera angle while jumping from scroll to
scroll, just pause time with your Brush, and adjust the angle to your liking.

**WOODEN BEAR**  On the second to last rafter is a chest.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Past another pair of scrolls, on the last rafter, is a
final chest.

++7 PRAISE++  Drop down from here near a Mirror.  Feed the last group of mice
(100%) here.

Save at the Mirror, then head west.  In the next hall use Galestorm to smother
3 sets of flames so you can jump over them to the next room.

Another Golden Gate is here.  Avoid this one, too.  Why?  I know it's pointless
and arbitrary but it has become one of my objectives for completeness:  Avoid
all Golden Gates. Do as you please, but prepare for battle.

<< Boss #2                                                            #BOSS2 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Tackle                                                             |
   | 2) Jump                                                               |
   | 3) Fire Breath                                                        |
   | 4) Fire Wave                                                          |
   | 5) Slash                                                              |
   | 6) Chest Bump                                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | For all the hype that this boss has enjoyed I suppose I could list    |
   | his name without any spoilers.  It's pretty obvious you're fighting   |
   | the "crimson something or other."  Unfortunately, the boss does not   |
   | live up to all the hype.  Personally, I love the design for this      |
   | boss, but he really is a push over.                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | What really makes this guy easy is the rainbow Orbs.  On top of your  |
   | normal Godhood, the Orbs provide another shield.  Basically you can   |
   | soak 8 hits without taking any damage.  Obviously, don't plan on      |
   | taking hits, but let those Orbs give you the confidence to stay on    |
   | offense.                                                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | About the boss' attacks: almost all of them are unidirectional.  Just |
   | stay to the side or the flank of the boss, and nearly all the attacks |
   | will miss.  The exception is the fire wave.  This attack actually has |
   | 2 forms.  Sometimes when the boss lands from a jump a wave of fire    |
   | will radiate outward.  Secondly, if the boss buries his swords in the |
   | ground he's about to unleash a wave of fire.  To avoid the fire wave  |
   | simply jump over it at the right time.  Try to keep a little distance |
   | from the boss when you see it coming so you can prepare the timing of |
   | the jump.  Also, when he buries his swords you can use a Galestorm to |
   | cool him down.  This stops the fire wave before it starts.            |
   |                                                                       |
   | On a side note, Ammy may catch fire if you get hit with one of those  |
   | fire attacks.  Just use a Galestorm to put out the flames, or Ammy    |
   | will slowly lose health.                                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | Ok, so the first stage of the boss is to break his armor.  Stay to    |
   | the side and pound on the armor until it falls away.  Cherry Bombs    |
   | can be helpful for breaking the armor if you can place them           |
   | accurately.  After taking several hits to his armor the boss will     |
   | slump and pause his attacks.  Hack 'n' slash until the armor falls    |
   | away.                                                                 |
   |                                                                       |
   | Now the skeleton is revealed, but it's covered in flames.  Use a      |
   | Galestorm to smother the flames, then start killing the boss.  Once   |
   | again, some well placed Bombs can make this go faster.  Eventually    |
   | the armor will be restored, but just break it again and use a         |
   | Galestorm.  Damage that skeleton until the boss goes down.            |

More Slashing with Susano.  The heads move even when time is paused, but just
Slash the large Japanese character.  Also, draw some wind when Susano commands

**LIFE BEADS**  A new set of rosaries is your reward for this battle.

++30 PRAISE++  Hmm.  Did we restore some nature?  Not that I remember, but we
got Praise nevertheless.  Nice teeth, gift-horse.

Anyway, exit the shrine back to Kusa.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  1380

5.14) Before the Rendezvous                           #BFRDV
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Stray Bead #29       Sun Fragment        *Stray Bead #24 |
| Golden Peach         *Holy Bone S       *Lacquerware Set |
| *Coral Fragment      *Lacquerware Set              *Vase |
| Crystal              Stray Bead #25      *Incense Burner |
| *Pearl               *Vengeance Slip           Gold Dust |
| Sun Fragment         Vase                   *Holy Bone M |
| *Exorcism Slip M     *Pearl                 *Godly Charm |
| *Bull Horn                                               |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 34 total                                                 |
|    15 from powering the well                             |
|    5 from 1 clover                                       |
|    10 from the Tea Customer                              |
|    4 from 1 group of animals                             |
|       1 chickens (100%)                                  |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| River Crab           Crawfish                  Killifish |
| Goby                 Sweetfish                 Trout     |
| Catfish              Huchen                    Salmon    |
| Mountain Trout                                           |

Galestorm opens up a whole mess of possibilities, so let's do some
backtracking.  You're headed to Kamiki anyway, so let's do some stuff along the

In Kusa:

Return to the catwalk where you got the Glass Beads (the one north of the
temple that you Vined to).  There are some hanging wind socks here, so draw a
swirl of wind, and hop across to the next platform.

**STRAY BEAD #29**  At the tip of the platform

**SUN FRAGMENT**  Beneath the overhang.

++4 PRAISE++  The last group of chickens (100%) is on this platform.

Drop down.  Inside the inn, talk to Haruka on the second floor until you get
another Wanted List.  Exit the inn, and go to the well in the town center.
Draw a wind swirl to power the well and restore some water.

++15 PRAISE++  From the flower girl for watering the flowers.

In Taka:

**STRAY BEAD #24**  Near the Mermaid Spring is a pile of leaves.  Blow the
leaves away with Galestorm and dig in that spot for a chest.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  West of the Mermaid Spring are 2 Towers with scrolls hanging
between them.  Vine up some Blossoms to the Eastern tower, then use Galestorm
to blow the scrolls horizontal.  Jump across to the western tower to find a

**HOLY BONE S**  West from that tower, on the ground near a previously dead
tree, is another pile of leaves with a chest buried underneath.

++5 PRAISE++  In the lake next to the Cutters' house there is a power spring.
Draw a jet upward, and follow it to a ledge with a clover.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  Behind the Cutters' house is another pile of leaves and
a buried chest.

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  South of the mole holes, near some boar piglets, is another
chest buried beneath some leaves.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  A pile of leaves near the Origin Mirror hides another
buried chest.

**VASE**  North of the merchant before Agata is yet another pile of leaves with
a chest.

**CRYSTAL**  In the cave past where you fought the Mini-Boss, there is a
flaming chest next to a puddle.  Use Watersprout or Galestorm to extinguish the

**STRAY BEAD #25**  Inside the cave, past the last chest near the upper exit,
is another fiery chest. Use Galestorm to smother theses flames.

**INCENSE BURNER**  On the upper level, west of the cave and some horses, is
another pile of leaves.

**PEARL**  North east from there, between the fence and a short cliff, is
another chest beneath some leaves.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Beside the Sapling is a final pile of leaves.

OK. Done with treasure hunting, so on to the Taka Wanted List.  Once again
these guys only appear at night, so make sure you draw a moon.  Here are the
5 locations for the wanted monsters.

1) On the upper level, west of the cave near some horses.

2) South of the Origin Mirror and east of the cave entrance.

3) West of the Mirror, near some tigers.

4) North of the Mermaid Spring near the narrow bridge.

5) Near the western exit of Taka, beside Bingo and some foxes.

**GOLD DUST**  When all 5 are dead return to Haruka for a reward.

Back in Taka, visit Bingo.  Blow away the pile of leaves then talk to Bingo a
couple times to begin another digging mini-game.

Diggin' for Treasure
Objective: Dig through the blocks and lead Bingo to the bottom right corner.

- Same rules as the digging game with Mr. Bamboo, and same types of blocks.
Now that you have Galestorm you can use it to make Bingo skip over a block.
This is useful for avoiding spiked blocks and jumping gaps.  Also, Watersprout
can now be used on the water blocks to create upward jets.  These can be used
as elevators for Bingo, but it's not all that useful.

- So here's the fastest path I've found:  RIGHT 4, DOWN 1, RIGHT 4, DOWN 2,

- A few things about this route.  No Watersprouting is necessary, but you'll
have to use Galestorm 3 times.  Twice over spiked blocks, and once to make
Bingo jump a gap (9 blocks into the 13 right section).

- Make sure you Bloom all Buds along the way.  Time is short for this mini-
game, so you need those bonuses.

- Bombs aren't all that useful this time around.  You need to be selective
about which blocks you break, and Bombs are too indiscriminate.  If you
accidentally break a block below Bingo he could fall and get stuck, and then
you'd have to start over.  Just break the blocks one by one.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  Completing the mini-game nets you this treasure.

Remember Moley?  You can play another game of Whack-a-Mole with him and his
buddies.  They are even faster this time, but just use Cherry Bombs like I
suggested before.

**VASE**  This is your reward for whacking Moley 3 times.

--TIP--  You can come back later and play again for another Vase.  In fact, it
seems you can play as many times as you want, and get an infinite number of
Vases.  In my opinion, winning one is necessary for completeness, but more than
that is not.

Almost done with Taka.  North of the merchant talk to the Tea Customer, and
give him your pinwheel.

++10 PRAISE++  From the Tea Customer.

In Agata:

**HOLY BONE M**  Beside the rapids is a pile of leaves covering a chest.

**EXORCISM SLIP M**  Up the path near Sleepy there's a pile of leaves you
probably saw when rolling those spheres.

**PEARL**  Another pile of leaves is up past the Mermaid Spring near the exit
to Shinshu.

Agata Fishing Spot
- You can fish with Kokari while you're here.  This fishing spot will be
unavailable later in the game, so catch all the fish you can here.  All the
fish here can also be caught elsewhere, but it's easier to catch them now.

- So here's a list of what I've caught here (excluding the two fish we caught
earlier for the story):







==CATFISH==  Night only


==SALMON==  Day only

==MOUNTAIN TROUT==  Day only

- Catfish is only caught at night, and Salmon and Mountain Trout only seem to
come out during the day.  Other than that, they're all pretty simple to catch.
Return to Shinshu when you're done fishing.

In Shinshu:

**GODLY CHARM**  Beside the dojo is a flaming pile of leaves.  Galestorm then
dig up the chest.

**BULL HORN**  Buried under some leaves next to Tama's

Alright. Enough treasure hunting.  Time to continue with the story, so enter
Kamiki.  Nothing here but a long scene so watch it, then head back to Shinshu.
Meet up with Kushi, then escort her past Mika's house, down the narrow beach
path to the Moon Cave.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  1414

5.15) Moon Cave                                       #MNCAV
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Thunder Brew         Holy Bone S                    Mask |
| Vengeance Slip       Ogre Liver          Exorcism Slip S |
| Holy Bone S          Inkfinity Stone         Lips of Ice |
| Eyeball of Fire      Bull Horn           Exorcism Slip L |
| Steel Fist Sake      Pearl                 Moon Cave Map |
| Incense Burner       Holy Bone M         Lacquerware Set |
| Black Demon Horn     Kutani Pottery         Golden Peach |
| Crystal              Godly Charm               Tsumugari |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 70 total                                                 |
|    30 from 1 Devil Gate                                  |
|    40 from 3 clovers                                     |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Inferno                                                  |

--IMPORTANT--  You cannot return to this dungeon once you leave, so all the
unnecessary items and clovers are missable.  Be thorough.

Talk to Waka to watch a scene and get past the barrier.  In the next area,
ascend the stairway and take a plunge into the purple pit.  When you hit bottom
walk south toward a Golden Gate.

**THUNDER BREW**  This jug of sake is lying on the ground before the Gate.

Avoid the Golden Gate (or not) and head south.  You may notice a power spring
and an chest encased in ice.  Remember that for later.  For now head a bit
southeast from the Gate.

**HOLY BONE S**  A chest is lying on the ground near some stalagmites.

From that chest continue south to a Devil Gate.  New enemy: Black Imp (Power
Slash).  These guys have flaming skulls orbiting them that can attack you in
numerous ways, but not if you kill the Imp first.  Just wail on the imp and it
will go down fast.  If those skulls give you trouble you can Slash them away.
Slash the Imp when it's dead for a whopping 3 Fangs.

**MASK**  In the chest that appears is your new disguise.  I always spend way
too much time painting and repainting my mask.  Damned perfectionism!  Don't
follow my example.  Just draw something you don't hate and move on.

Return north to the Imp guards, and they let you through the door.  Inside
you'll find a large circular room.  Take the eastern exit to the kitchen.  In
here there are 2 Blossoms above a large pot, so draw 2 Vines to the hooks on
the pot.  After a scene pick up the Exorcising Arrow and return to the central

Take the western exit past a Lockjaw and follow the cavern to some Blossoms.
The next series of Blossoms are mostly downward facing, so you can't wait until
you land to draw the next Vine.  Just wait until you see the next Blossom in
the series open, then draw the next Vine while you're still in mid-air.

There's a platform you can drop to about half way through the room.  Bomb the
wall behind the stalagmites to reveal a small room.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Behind the cracked wall is a Giant Bud you can Bloom.

Keep Vining to the western side of the room, then Slash the eyeball lantern to
open the door to the next room.  A Devil Gate's here, so kill the Bud Ogre
(Bloom) and Red Imps (Power Slash) within.

**OGRE LIVER**  Open the chest where the Devil Gate was.

Vine back east.  There's a power spring before you leave the cavern so ride it
up and follow the short hallway to the upper levels of the central room.  On
this platform ride another power spring up to a higher platform and exit to the

Sprint across the narrow bridge to fall to the cavern below.  Inside the Devil
Gate here kill some Black and Red Imps (Power Slash).
++30 PRAISE++  Vanquishing the Devil Gate restores some water.

Use Watersprout on the large bamboo fountain, and the room floods.  Swim west
from the fountain and jump to some ledges on the west of the room.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Open the chest here.

The southern tip of the room has another power spring, so ride it up and enter
the tunnel.  In the next room fight a Black Imp (Power Slash) then Slash an
eyeball lantern.  Don't leap down the hole this time.  Instead ride the power
spring back up to the circular hub.

Talk to the Imp on the central platform, then repeatedly Slash the Imp to lower
the elevator.  Keep going down the hole you opened with the eyeball lantern,
and when the elevator can go no lower jump to a ledge to the south.

In the next cavern fight some Imps then wall jump to the southwest to reach a
higher ledge.

**HOLY BONE S**  Open the chest up here.

The door to the east is locked by four eyeball lanterns.  Position the camera
so that all four are aligned, then Slash them all at once.

In the next room examine the ice statue to fight a new enemy:  Ice Mouth
(Inferno).  Keep your distance until the ice on the enemy disappears, then hack
at it.  Use some Slashes when it's black and white to make this battle go
faster.  You can't get Fangs yet from this guy since you don't have Inferno
yet, so just Slash it to death.

>>INFERNO<<  Complete the constellation.  Then practice with Issun.

Exit east where you melted the ice block.  In this room use the fire on the
walls to melt another block of ice.  Bomb the cracked wall behind the ice.

**INKFINITY STONE**  In the small room beyond is a chest.

In the previous room talk to the Imp to ride an elevator back up.  Jump off the
elevator, then follow the path west to a Devil Gate.  Kill two Ice Mouths
(Inferno) this time.  Use the torches to melt their ice with Inferno or to get

**LIPS OF ICE**  Open the chest where the Devil gate was.

Melt the ice barrier and you are back in the kitchen.  Let's backtrack a
little.  Remember that frozen chest back in the Calcified Cavern, south of the
Golden Gate.  Return there.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Inside the frozen chest.

OK.  Back inside at the central hub of the Moon Cave, in the northwest quadrant
are four little pots of soil.

++30 PRAISE++  One holds a clover.

Another holds a flower.  Jump into the flower and it acts like a spring board
to reach the higher levels of this room.  Climb back to that room where you
broke the narrow bridge.  Rejuvenate the bridge, then melt the ice on the other
side.  In the next room enter the Devil Gate.

New Enemy:  Fire Eye (Galestorm).  Take care of the Ice Mouth (Inferno) first.
Use the Eye as a source of fire to kill the Mouth.  When the Mouth is dead use
Galestorm to extinguish the Eye's flames.  Now wail on it until it's dead, and
use Galestorm when it is for some Fangs.

**EYEBALL OF FIRE**  A chest appears when the Devil Gate is gone.

North is another door blocked by ice, so melt it and enter the next room.  Pick
up the Exorcising Arrow within, and notice the three ice covered chests.  It
will be easy to melt this ice later when you ignite the spherical torches in
the Moon Cave, but it's not hard to melt them now with the torches by the door
in the previous room.  Just stand on the threshold and rotate the camera until
you can see the torches and the chests.

**BULL HORN**  The eastern chest.

**EXORCISM SLIP L**  The northern chest.

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  The western chest.

Exorcising Arrow in mouth, return to the central hub, and follow the platform
around the perimeter to the south east.  Past another Lockjaw is a room with
flowing sand.  Wall jump near the entrance to reach a ledge.

++5 PRAISE++  Bloom a clover here on the sandy ledge.

Head south, avoiding the sand pits.  Tackle the large stone sphere to move it
along the path to the west.  Again, avoid sand pits.  Slash an eyeball lantern
to glimpse an invisible path.  Push the rock across there, and use a Galestorm
if you want to see the path again.

++5 PRAISE++  Bloom a clover on the ground past some sand pits.

Drop down the sandy hole nearest the clover.  You fall down to a lower level,
so follow the path here.

**PEARL**  At the end of this secret path is a chest.

Bomb the cracked wall and exit back to the sand dunes.  Continue pushing the
rock north until it rests on a floor switch.

**MOON CAVE MAP**  Near the floor switch is a chest.

Exit through the door to the north.  Back in the central room follow the
platform up to an Imp merchant.  Buy and sell as you please.

**INCENSE BURNER**  Melt the chest near the merchant.

Vine up to a Blossom east from there, then follow the higher platform to some
hanging scrolls.  Use Galestorm then jump across the scrolls to the other side.

There's a cannon here.  If you use Inferno on the fuse the cannon fires about
one quarter turn later.  You want to go to the northeast, so wait until the
cannon is facing southeast.  Light the fuse, and a quarter turn later the
cannon will fire, exposing a hole in the wall to the northeast.

Use the previous Blossom to Vine back to that opening quickly, then walk
through.  Fight a Black Imp (Power Slash), then progress to a fiery sphere
sitting on a ledge.  Use Galestorm to blow the fire sphere down the hall to the

**HOLY BONE M**  A frozen chest on a ledge at the end of the passage.  Use the
fire orb to melt it.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  A frozen chest on a higher ledge.  Use the fire orb again.

Finally use the fire sphere again to melt the barriers to the northeast.  Jump
up to the next room, and defeat a Devil Gate: Black and Red Imps (Power Slash).

**BLACK DEMON HORN**  In the chest after the Devil Gate is gone.

You have all 4 ingredients, so return to the central hub.  The pots of soil
contain some new loot.

**KUTANI POTTERY**  Inside a chest between the clover and the spring flower.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  A frozen chest next to the spring flower.  Use the nearby
spherical torch to melt it.

Use that same spherical torch to melt the ice near the north of the room.  Ride
the uncovered power spring up to a wooden platform.

**CRYSTAL**  A chest on this platform.

Jump back down into the central basin, then go north through the small tunnel
to the room we flooded earlier.  At the northern end of this room is a ledge
with a block of ice.  Melt it with the nearby spherical torches.

**GODLY CHARM**  Inside the room beyond the ice.

Go back to the kitchen and give the 4 ingredients to the Chef.  Save your game,
then return to the central room and ring the bell to the north 8 times.  Now,
ride the food elevator up to the top floor.

There's another Imp merchant here.  Buy that Infinity Judge if you haven't
already, because you're in for an epic battle.. Also buy some Steel Fist Sake
if you have none.  North is a Golden Gate.  Ignore it or use it, then follow
the spiraling path upward.

After a scene the battle seems to start, but the boss is invincible.  Slash the
boss to see another scene, then the real fight begins.

<< Boss #3                                                            #BOSS3 >>
   | This boss description is going to be a bit different from the rest.   |
   | I hate to spoil anything, but it's nearly impossible to talk about    |
   | this boss without discussing his numerous heads.  Each is like its    |
   | own boss with it's own attacks.  Don't worry; you only have to fight  |
   | one at a time.  I'll list them each in a clockwise fashion going      |
   | around the arena.                                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   | Fire:  Breathes plumes of fire at Ammy.  Blow them aside with         |
   |    Galestorm or dodge them.  The head roars after this attack.        |
   |                                                                       |
   | Earth:  Pounds head into the ground, causing a wave of earth to       |
   |    radiate outward, then 3 small tremors home in on Ammy.  Jump once  |
   |    over the wave, then jump to the side to avoid the homing tremors.  |
   |    After this attack the head is dazed.  Slash it to make it roar.    |
   |                                                                       |
   | Poison:  Breathes clouds of purple smoke at Ammy.  Like the fire,     |
   |    blow them away with Galestorm to avoid damage, or dodge them.  The |
   |    head roars after this attack.                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | Light:  Three shining orbs fire beams of light at Ammy.  Jump to the  |
   |    side or run around to avoid the beams.  The head roars while the   |
   |    beams are firing, slightly after the first beam.                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | Lightning:  Spits lightning onto the ground.  This head's aim is bad, |
   |    and it's easy to dodge the lightning.  The head gets confused and  |
   |    a question mark appears over its head after this attack.  Slash it |
   |    to make it roar.                                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | Water:  Floods the arena, then buries its head in the water and       |
   |    spawns little sea serpents.  The sea serpents are easy to          |
   |    dispatch, and they yield health, but it's much better to Slash the |
   |    head when it's underwater before it can spawn the serpents.  Doing |
   |    so causes the head to roar.                                        |
   |                                                                       |
   | Wind:  Blows whirlwinds at Ammy.  Fight wind with wind.  Galestorm    |
   |    disperses those tornados.  The head roars after this attack.       |
   |                                                                       |
   | Darkness:  Coughs up 2 purple Buds.  If left alone the Buds spew      |
   |    cursed smoke that prevents Brush use.  Also serpents swarm Ammy.   |
   |    Again, the serpents are easy but it's best to avoid them           |
   |    altogether.  Blooming the purple Buds prevents both smoke and      |
   |    serpents.  The head roars after this attack.                       |
   |                                                                       |
   | All Heads (Stage 2):  If you stand close enough to any head (near one |
   |   of those pools of sake) the head lunges at you with its jaws.       |
   |   Fleetfoot to the side to avoid the lunge.  You can hit the head     |
   |   when it pauses after a lunge, but doing so causes it to thrash      |
   |   around violently.  Resist the urge, and wait for its roar after the |
   |   lunge.  Also, the heads only use this attack in the second stage of |
   |   the fight.                                                          |
   |                                                                       |
   | So now you know all the boss' attacks, but what's so important about  |
   | those roars?  That's where the openings are.  Basically you need to   |
   | get this boss drunk, so when it roars you need to pour some sake down |
   | its gullet.  Near each head is a pool of sake, so use Watersprout and |
   | draw a line from the pool to the head's mouth.  This makes the boss   |
   | chug some sake and get drunk.                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | The fight is divided into two different stages, so that's how I'll    |
   | explain the strategy.                                                 |
   |                                                                       |
   | Stage 1 (before the bell)                                             |
   | When the battle begins you need to first get 3 heads drunk.  Each     |
   | head takes 2 shots of sake, so that's 6 roars and 6 Watersprouts.     |
   | Focus on the 3 heads that you find easiest (I like the order I listed |
   | them in).  Once 3 heads are drunk all eight collapse.  Use one of the |
   | necks as a ramp, and run up onto the boss' back.                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | On his back there is a large bell that you need to destroy.  With a   |
   | Gold Dusted Infinity Judge the bell should go down fast.  If you      |
   | don't shatter the bell quickly the boss will recover and you'll have  |
   | to get 3 heads drunk again, so use Slashes or Steel Fist Sake to end  |
   | this stage of the battle fast.                                        |
   |                                                                       |
   | Stage 2 (after the bell)                                              |
   | Once the bell is gone the heads can be damaged.  Getting one head     |
   | drunk (only one shot of sake this time) makes it fall to the ground   |
   | for a few moments.  Hack, Slash, and Bomb the head to death.  Again,  |
   | you want to destroy each head before it recovers, so use all your     |
   | tricks (Steel Fist Sake, Gold Dust, and Brush techniques).  Once one  |
   | head is gone move on to the next.  When all eight are down the battle |
   | ends.                                                                 |
   |                                                                       |
   | You may notice, when facing one head, that the two heads to each side |
   | swing at you.  If you happen to get in the way you will get hurt, but |
   | that will rarely happen.  The heads on either side don't have much    |
   | range, so just stay centered on the head you're attacking and they    |
   | will never touch you.                                                 |
   |                                                                       |
   | As heads begin to perish the fire on the boss' back will start        |
   | launching fireballs into the sky that can come down on Ammy.  The     |
   | ground glows gold before the fireball falls, so if you see this       |
   | glowing spot avoid that area.  If you just stay mobile, you shouldn't |
   | have to worry at all.                                                 |
   |                                                                       |
   | A quick tip: waiting through each head's unique attacks can be time   |
   | consuming.  On the other hand, if you're fast with Fleetfoot you can  |
   | stay at close range where the heads only lunge at you.  All the heads |
   | roar after this lunge, so you can defeat every head the same way.     |
   | This will shorten the battle as well as give you fewer attacks you    |
   | have to memorize how to avoid.                                        |

Guess what?  More painting with Susano.  Draw a crescent when Susano lifts his
sword, then Slash the heads.  Again, each head still moves when time is frozen
so just Slash the symbol.

**TSUMUGARI**  Your first glaive is the reward for winning this battle.

After a few scenes you find yourself back in Kamiki.  Talk to all the
partygoers if you wish and enjoy the festival.  Susano and Kushi are all the
way back in the Cave of Nagi, if you want to catch up with them.  Anyway, 
there's really nothing to accomplish here.  In fact, you can leave Kamiki as
soon as you entered if you ignore Issun's copious protests.

When ready to continue the adventure, return to Taka Pass and take the western
exit to City Checkpoint.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  1484

5.16) City Checkpoint                                 #CTYCH
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| *Bull Horn           Dragon Statue        Stray Bead #39 |
| *Stray Bead #36      *Exorcism Slip S     Stray Bead #37 |
| [Mother Tree]        *Stray Bead #38                     |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 166 total                                                |
|    40 from restoring nature to 2 sets of ruins           |
|    80 from 4 patches of cursed grass                     |
|    1 from Blooming 1 dead tree                           |
|    20 from 3 clover                                      |
|    25 from 5 groups of animals                           |
|       2 nightingales (80%)                               |
|       1 raccoons (57%)                                   |
|       1 boar piglets (45%)                               |
|       1 horses (72%)                                     |

There's a Mirror just south of the path, so save.  There's also a merchant
north of the path, but he has nothing special.

++3 PRAISE++  East of the merchant is a group nightingales (70%).

**BULL HORN**  Behind the merchant is a buried treasure.

++1 PRAISE++  Southwest of the tea house is a dead tree near a well.

Standing near the flaming statues is an archer named Yoichi.  Talk to him if
you wish, then use Inferno to light one of his arrow in mid flight.  Head half
way across the bridge, then look up to the south.  There's a path of downward
facing Blossoms heading south.

**DRAGON STATUE**  The fifth Blossom on the path drops you on a rock with a

Keep following the path of Blossoms south.  There's a lot of them, and you're
likely run out of ink, so consume an Inkfinity Stone.

**STRAY BEAD #39**  The final Blossom drops you on a rock with a chest and some

Drop down to the water and swim east to shore.

++5 PRAISE++  At the southern tip of this beach is a clover.

**STRAY BEAD #36**  Slightly north from the clover is a buried treasure.

++6 PRAISE++  North of there, near boat in the water, is a group of raccoons

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Buried among the raccoons.

**STRAY BEAD #37**  A fiery chest just north of the raccoons.

++5 PRAISE++  There's a waterfall nearby.  Behind the waterfall is a room with
a clover.

++6 PRAISE++  Further north is a group of boar piglets (45%).

Continue north, heading up hill back toward the draw bridge.

**[MOTHER TREE]**  Beneath the ramps leading up to the draw bridge is a chest.

Cross the draw bridge to the west side.  North of the path on this side there
are 2 patches of cursed grass.

++40 PRAISE++  Bloom the 2 patches of grass.

++20 PRAISE++  You get another dose of praise automatically as nature is
restored to this side of the path.

++2 PRAISE++  Near the first patch of grass there's now a group of nightingales

++10 PRAISE++  There's a clover near the nightingales.

South of the path here are another 2 patches of cursed grass.

++40 PRAISE++  Bloom these 2 patches of grass.

++20 PRAISE++  Again, you get an automatic praise boost by restoring trees to
these ruins.

++8 PRAISE++  A group of horses (72%) is lying in the grass here.

**STRAY BEAD #38**  Northwest from the horses is a buried chest.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  1650

5.17) Ryoshima Coast                                  #RYSHM
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Holy Bone S          Holy Bone M             Holy Bone L |
| *Vase                Incense Burner          Holy Bone S |
| Coral Fragment       Exorcism Slip S      Holy Bone M x6 |
| *Stray Bead #43      Crystal            Traveler's Charm |
| *Crystal             Dragonfly Bead       Dragonfly Bead |
| Pearl                Stray Bead #42      *Vengeance Slip |
| Steel Fist Sake      *Crystal                            |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 358 total                                                |
|    50 from Blooming the Sapling                          |
|    20 from returning Inaba to the Animal Lover           |
|    60 from 2 Devil Gates                                 |
|    45 from Blooming 3 patches of cursed grass            |
|    60 from 5 clovers                                     |
|    123 from 17 groups of animals                         |
|       1 nightingales (100%)                              |
|       2 cows (66%)                                       |
|       1 dogs (76%)                                       |
|       2 foxes (61%)                                      |
|       2 cats (18%)                                       |
|       3 hares (50%)                                      |
|       2 monkeys (45%)                                    |
|       2 boar piglets (51%)                               |
|       1 pig (54%)                                        |
|       1 horses (100%)                                    |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Holy Eagle           Digging Champ        Wailing Mirror |
| 5 Winds              3 Shears          Spirit Armageddon |

There's a Mirror at the entrance.  Save then run north along the only uncursed
path.  At a fork you encounter a new enemy: Headless Guardian (Cherry Bomb).
Treat these guys like Red Imps.  When they block attacks with their staves,
Slash them then kill them.  Carefully place a Bomb underneath them when they
die to get 2 Fangs.

Keep heading north to a cracked wall.  Bomb and enter a room with a pond.  The
barrel is a hint to use Watersprout.  Wall jump up to the south, then use
Watersprout to fill the empty pool here with water from the first.  Keep
climbing to higher platforms and filling the dried-up pools with water from the
previous one.  Transporting water to the top makes the Guardian Sapling grow to
full size.

++50 PRAISE++  Bloom the Sapling.

++4 PRAISE++  There's a group of nightingales (100%) next to the Sapling.

Backtrack past the wall you Bombed.  You may fight a scroll here with a new
enemy: Thunder Ear (Power Slash).  Like the Fire Eyes use Galestorm to
blow away the thunderclouds, then kill it.  Slash when done for a Fang.

++12 PRAISE++  There are some cows (33%) to feed in the alcove near the Thunder
Ear.  They like herbs.

Back at the fork where you fought the Headless Guardian (Cherry Bomb) there's
another scroll with a new enemy: Bell Guardian (Power Slash).  Treat them
exactly like Yellow Imps.

++10 PRAISE++  East from that fork is a clover.

There's an exit here from Ryoshima back to Fawn's place in Agata.  Ignore it
for now and go back south.

++9 PRAISE++  East of the previous Mirror is a group of dogs (76%).

++10 PRAISE++  North of the dogs there's a lake with a small island.  Jump down
there and Bloom a clover on the island.

Use the power spring in the water to the south to return to the Mirror.  West
and slightly up from the Mirror is a small courtyard with some graves and a
large bell.

++12 PRAISE++  There's a group of foxes (44%) in the courtyard.

Ringing the bell numerous times yields some treasure.

**HOLY BONE S**  5 rings

**HOLY BONE M**  10 rings

**HOLY BONE L**  15 rings

To the north, through a gate and up some long stairs is Ankoku Temple.

**VASE**  Behind the temple is a buried chest.

++2 PRAISE++  On the wooden walkway on eastern side of the temple is a cat
(4%).  Cat's like fish.

**INCENSE BURNER**  Inside the temple is a chest.

Back down at the courtyard head southwest to a peninsula jutting out into the

++9 PRAISE++  Some foxes (61%) are here on the peninsula.

++10 PRAISE++  A clover is near the tip of the peninsula.

Follow the path north west from the foxes to a group of trees just west of the

++8 PRAISE++  Feed the hares (43%) here then follow the path west.

Down on the beach there's a merchant with nothing special.  Head east from the
merchant following the beach.

++12 PRAISE++  Some monkeys (40%) are on the beach

Southeast of the merchant is a grove with 3 patches of cursed grass.

++45 PRAISE++  15 from Blooming each patch of grass.

++3 PRAISE++  A single boar piglet (48%) stands where some cursed grass was.

++3 PRAISE++  A single pig (54%) is where another patch of grass was.

++3 PRAISE++  Another boar piglet (51%) where the third patch of cursed grass

East of the grove, in the water beside the beach, is a large pink clamshell.
These clamshells are scattered throughout the watery areas of Nippon, and they
contain treasure.  Slash them to open them.

**HOLY BONE S**  Slash this clamshell for some loot.

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  South of the grove, in the water by the beach, is another
pink clamshell.

A short swim to the southwest is an island with a dojo on it, so go there.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  There's a chest on the west of this island.

++6 PRAISE++  There's a group of monkeys (45%) in front of the dojo.

Inside the dojo there's plenty more techniques to learn.  You probably can't
afford them all yet, but I'll list them here and you can come back later.

==HOLY EAGLE==  This is your double jump.  Buy this first.  You'll need this to
reach things.

**HOLY BONE M**  Your reward for practicing double jumping with Sensei.

==DIGGING CHAMP==  This allows you to dig in harder ground.  Buy this second.
You'll miss out if you don't.

**HOLY BONE M**  Again, practice digging with Sensei and he rewards you.

==WAILING MIRROR==  My personal fave of the new skills.  This increase the
damage of reflectors if you equip them as both main and sub-weapons.

**HOLY BONE M**  Hit the dummy when you've equipped 2 reflectors, and Sensei
give you a treat.

==5 WINDS==  Adds another hit to the reflector combo.  This complements the
Wailing Mirror skill if you got it.

**HOLY BONE M**  Practice the combo until Sensei is satisfied.

==3 SHEARS==  This adds another hit to the glaive combo.  Buy this if you'd
rather use glaives than reflectors.

**HOLY BONE M**  Practice the combo until Sensei rewards you.

==SPIRIT ARMAGEDDON==  Adds to the rosaries' combo.  Buy this if you prefer

**HOLY BONE M**  Practice the combo several times with Sensei.

You definitely can't afford Brown Rage yet, but no big loss.  It's pretty low
on the list of priorities.  Just come back later.

**STRAY BEAD #43**  Outside the dojo is some hard dirt.  Use your new skills to
dig up a chest.

**CRYSTAL**  There's also a high wooden platform on the island.  Double jump up
to the chest.

Swim back to the mainland near the grove of trees, and keep heading west along
the beach.

**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  On the beach, west from the grove, is another pink

Along the beach to the west, talk to the Animal Lover if you wish, then
continue west to a stone dock.

**CRYSTAL**  Buried in the ground northeast of the ramp up to the stone dock.

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  Southwest of the stone ramp, in the water, is another

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  At the tip of the dock is a chest.

++6 PRAISE++  Near the chest is a group of cats (18%).

Follow the dock back to the northeast.  At this end of the dock you meet a new
enemy: Ubume (Veil of Mist).  First Slash it to bring it down from the sky.
Hit it once to make it shield itself with its umbrella, then use Galestorm.
With the umbrella whisked away Ubume is vulnerable so kill it fast.  You don't
have Veil of Mist yet, so don't worry yet about getting Fangs.

++10 PRAISE++  Off the side of dock to the north is a small bit of beach with a

**PEARL**  In the water beside the clover is a shell to Slash.

You can't jump back up from here, but there's a power spring in the water a
little to the southwest.  Run back down the dock to the northeast, and when you
reach a wooden gate hang a right and go south.

++30 PRAISE++  There's a Devil Gate here with 2 Ubumes (Veil Of Mist).  Killing
them restores some nature.

++8 PRAISE++  There's a group of hares (49%) where the Devil Gate stood.

++2 PRAISE++  One of the hares near that group has black ears and feet.  Feed
this hare (50%) separately.

Press triangle to pick up that unique hare, and carry him back to the Animal

++20 PRAISE++  For finding Inaba.

**STRAY BEAD #42**  Another reward for finding Inaba.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Return to the previous hares.  A bit south of them is a
buried chest.

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  North from there behind a sign next to the wooden gate is
a chest.

Don't go through the gate yet.  Instead head north to another Devil Gate.

++30 PRAISE++  Killing the Wheel enemies in the Devil Gate restores a Mermaid

++12 PRAISE++  On the other side of the path from the spring is a group of
horses (100%).

Now go back and enter the wooden gate.  Before going down to Sei-an turn south
on the other side of the gate and follow the grassy ledge.

++20 PRAISE++  Dig through some hard dirt to a clover.

++12 PRAISE++  Jump down from the clover to another ledge and feed some cows

**CRYSTAL**  On the same ledge with the cows is a buried chest.

Exit now to Sei-an City.  There is a whole ton of clamshells with treasure that
I ignored in Ryoshima.  Technically you could get them now with a lot of
swimming and Lilies, but they will be much easier to get later.  We'll come
back for clamshells when we have the Water Tablet.  You may also have noticed a
hard dig spot earlier in this area near the cows.  Digging a hole there leads to
an optional event that is pretty challenging at this point in the game, so I'll
leave that for later as well.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  2008

5.18) Sei-an City                                     #SNCTY
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Vase                 *Exorcism Slip M    Exorcism Slip L |
| *Inkfinity Stone     *Crystal            *Stray Bead #47 |
| Coral Fragment       Bull Horn           Steel Soul Sake |
| Mermaid Coin         Lacquerware Set      Incense Burner |
| Vengeance Slip       Steel fist Sake      Stray Bead #46 |
| Exorcism Slip S      Holy Bone S         Exorcism Slip M |
| [Land of the Gods]   Stray Bead #52             *Crystal |
| Vengeance Slip       *Pearl                  Holy Bone S |
| *Exorcism Slip L     *Stray Bead #51     Exorcism Slip S |
| *Crystal             Steel Soul Sake                     |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 40 total                                                 |
|    20 from the Digging game                              |
|    20 from Komuso's time trial                           |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Blinding Snow        Marlin Rod          Herbal Medicine |
| Charcoal             Gold Dust x2           Seven Strike |
| Cutlass Fish                                             |

Commoners' Quarter:

As usual, save at the entrance.  The Tool Dealer to the west of the entrance
has 4 unique items.  You need them all eventually for quests, so buy them now.


The Weapon Dealer has some good stuff too.

==GOLD DUST X2==  Upgrade some more weapons, but remember to keep some Dust in

==SEVEN STRIKE==  A new glaive.  Snatch it up if you like glaives and use some
Gold Dust on it.

**VASE**  There's a chest south of the Tool Dealer.

**EXORCISM SLIP M**  Buried on the northwest corner of the central section of
the city.

**EXORCISM SLIP L**  On the eastern section of the city, behind the Aspiring
Carpenter's house.

**INKFINITY STONE**  Buried along the eastern wall between 2 buildings.

**CRYSTAL**  Buried behind Mr. Flower's house to the northeast.

**STRAY BEAD #47**  Buried inside Mr. Flower's house behind a screen.

The canal around Sei-an is currently dried up, so take this opportunity to
explore the depth.

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  Northeast canal, near Mr. Flower's house.

**BULL HORN**  Eastern canal intersection, beneath a wooden deck.

**STEEL SOUL SAKE**  Eastern canal south of the last chest.

**MERMAID COIN**  Eastern canal near the Aspiring Carpenter's house.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  Eastern canal, where the canal turns east.

**INCENSE BURNER**  Western canal intersection

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Western canal, south of the last chest.

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  Western canal, just north of a bridge.

**STRAY BEAD #46**  Southwest canal, at the dead end behind the Tool Dealer.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Northwest canal, near the dig site.

Talk to Naguri at the dig site a couple times to start a mini-game.

Diggin' for H2O 2
Objective:  Dig through the block, leading Naguri to water.

- Yay!  More digging!  No new blocks or strategies here, so refer to the
previous digging games for those digging basics.

- Here's the fastest path I've found: RIGHT 2, DOWN 3, RIGHT 1, DOWN 4, LEFT 2,
DOWN 3, *RIGHT 2, DOWN 4, *LEFT 4, DOWN to bottom.

- If you follow this path you'll have to Galestorm Naguri over 2 pink spiked
blocks.  The sections of the path with spiked blocks are marked with asterisks.

- There's only one time giving Bud to Bloom along this path, but you have
plenty of time for this game, so Bloom the one and don't worry.

- At the bottom dig where Naguri does his flourish.

++20 PRAISE++  For restoring water to the canal.

Head east from the Carpenter's house to find a large gate heading north.
Before you exit this area, head to the east of the gate.

**HOLY BONE S**  Beside the gate is a chest.

Exit North.

Aristocratic Quarter:

Walk down the bridge and talk to Gilgamesh-- er, I mean Benkei, until he takes
Blinding Snow from you.  Talk to him again to start another fishing mini-game.

Fishing for the Living Sword
Objective:  Catch the Cutlass Fish

- You know the routine by now.  Catch two regular fish, then catch the Cutlass.

- The Cutlass Fish is a big one than takes 3 Slashes to finally reel in.

==CUTLASS FISH==  Fishing the mini-game adds to your Fish Tome and more
importantly Benkei connects the bridge to the north.

Walk north.  After talking to Waka enter the Lecture Hall.

**EXORCISM SLIP M**  Inside the hall, to the left of Rao.

**[LAND OF THE GODS]**  To the right of Rao.

Talk to Rao until she asks to see your divine powers.  Paint whatever Brush
technique you wish to continue the conversation.  Time to fetch some Prayer
Slips.  Exit the hall to the north.

Komuso is here, standing by a tree, with another time trial.

++20 PRAISE++  Defeat an Ubume (Veil of Mist) and a Crow Tengu (Galestorm)
within 30 Seconds.

**STRAY BEAD #52**  Komuso hands this over for defeating all 3 of his time

**CRYSTAL**  Buried in the ground to the east of the Lecture Hall.

East of Komuso is an aristocrat's house.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  The northwest corner of the aristocrat's perimeter wall
holds a chest.

**PEARL**  Buried in the southeast corner of the perimeter wall.

**HOLY BONE S**  Inside the aristocrat's house.

Cross the bridge north of Komuso.  Directly North is Queen Himiko's palace, but
the guards won't let you through

**EXORCISM SLIP L**  To the west is a tall clock tower with a buried chest
behind it.

**STRAY BEAD #51**  Buried slightly southeast of Himiko's Palace, among a
triangle of shrubs.

Cross the bridge to the east, and just to the north is another aristocrat's

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Northwest corner of the perimeter wall is a chest.

**CRYSTAL**  Buried in the southeast corner of the perimeter wall.

**STEEL SOUL SAKE**  Inside the aristocrat's house.

Exit the Aristocratic Quarter to the east, through a gate spewing mist.  Walk
forward, watch a scene with the sentries, then check out the Prayer Slips to
the right.  Press triangle to pick them up, then run back to Rao.  Talk to her
several time and agree to whatever she suggests.  Time to leave Sei-an and head
back to that sunken ship.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  2048

5.19) Sunken Ship                                     #SKSHP
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Stray Bead #41       Golden Peach       *Exorcism Slip M |
| *Glass Beads         *Godly Charm              Bull Horn |
| [Celestial Envoy]    Holy Bone M             Holy Bone S |
| Stray Bead #57       Crystal               Monkey Statue |
| Sun Fragment         Pearl               Lacquerware Set |
| Stray Bead #58       Lucky Mallet                        |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 60 total                                                 |
|    50 from crushing the slimy hands                      |
|    10 from 1 clover                                      |

Back in Ryoshima swim out to that ship.  On board the outside deck of the ship
climb a fallen shaft to 2 chests.

**STRAY BEAD #41**  On deck the ship.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  Beside the last chest.

Return to the peninsula with the clover and double jump up to the Moon Turret.
Use Crescent here to create a lagoon around the ship.  Jump down to sea floor.

**EXORCISM SLIP M**  Beside the ship to the north is a dig spot.  Dig there to
reveal a clamshell with a treasure inside.

**GLASS BEADS**  West of that dig spot is another dig spot inside the lagoon.

**GODLY CHARM**  One last dig spot in the lagoon south of the ship.

Finally, enter the glowing hole on the north of the ship.  Rao meets you here.
After a scene paint a line from the Prayer Slips in Roa's hands to the cursed
door to break the barrier.  Save at the Mirror.

Inside the hall to the west are 3 ghosts.  Toss some Prayer Slips at them to
destroy them and get some Fangs.  In the next room drop to the floor and open
the chests.  Beware!  The 2 chests near the walls are traps, so open them from
afar with Slashes.  Walk near it until a hand appears, then toss a Prayer Slip
at it to kill it ... or just open the 3 central chests.

**BULL HORN**  The southern chest.

**[CELESTIAL ENVOY]**  The middle chest.

**HOLY BONE M**  The northern chest.

Follow the hallway to the northwest.  Avoid those spikes on the walls and floor
or Slash them to destroy them. and them.

In the next room fight 2 new enemies: Jiro and Saburo (Thunderstorm).  Both
crabs have hard shells, so you have to break the shell before you can harm
them.  You may want to keep your distance and Bomb their shells or throw Prayer
Slips at them, but the fastest way to break the shells is by hitting them.
Once again you don't have Thunderstorm yet, so don't worry about Fangs.  Just
finish them quickly with Slashes.

--BATTLE TIP--  Kill Saburo (the red one with the shark tail shell) first,
since its swirling attack can be hard to avoid.  If it starts swirling jump
over it.  Alternatively, you can block all the swirling with a reflector sub-
weapon.  If you kill Jiro first Saburo gets angry and starts swirling wildly
for longer periods of time.  This is easy to block with a reflector, but if you
want to avoid it you'll need to double jump to increase your air time.

--BATTLE TIP--  Jiro becomes more aggressive when Saburo is dead, but better
his aggression than Saburo's.  Instead of spitting one purple urchin at you
Jiro now walks around spraying the field with urchins.  It's best to avoid
these by running away or using the bone pile as a shield.  When he's done he
pauses, so use that opening to break his shell then Slash him to death.
Alternatively, you can place Bombs in front of him as he walks.  2 Bombs break
the shell and stop his urchin spewing.

Exit the room through the hall to the northeast.  Ignore the Golden Gate and
use a Prayer Slip on the cursed door.

++10 PRAISE++  Inside the next room there's some dirt showing through the floor
with a clover in it.

Draw a Sunrise through the hole in the roof, then head back to the previous
room where you fought the crabs.  Encounter a new enemy: Ichiro.  You can't
attack in the water, but don't worry.  Just draw a Lily to keep yourself from
drowning.  Slash one of those barrels to make it explode when Ichiro is near it
or Bomb the shark to stun him.  Now finish him off with a few more well-placed
Bombs or draw a Lily near him so you can hit him.

Go back to the first room with the treasure and use the floating planks to jump
to a high platform with a Golden Gate.

**HOLY BONE S**  North of the Gate is a chest.

Jump down to the room with the cannon, and swim northeast to another hallway.
Toss Prayer Slips at a few ghosts along the way.

**STRAY BEAD #57**  A chest is in an alcove along this hallway.

Near the end of the hallway a large slimy hand rises from the water and tries
to slap you.  Jump into the alcove to the east to avoid it.

**CRYSTAL**  Another chest here.

Swim into the next room.  The hand rises up under you and tries to grab you, so
jump off of it quickly when it rises up.  Ascend some stairs to the southwest,
and avoid the hand that tried to crush you.  Follow the wooden path to the
north and Slash the rope to make a barrel fall.  Stand on the barrel to make it
roll through the water and into the hooks to the other side of the room.

**MONKEY STATUE**  Wall jump up from the barrel to a platform with a chest.

Back on the wooden walkway, keep following it to the east, avoiding the giant
fingers that swoop by.  Keep following the path to the room with the hole in
the ceiling.  Draw a Crescent in the sky to lower the water level.  Use the
barrel scale to jump back to the wooden walkway and return to the room with the
slimy hands.

++50 PRAISE++  On the floor roll the spiked barrels over the slime to destroy

Run back through the hallway to the room with the cannon.  Place a Bomb on the
cannon to fire it, and stand on either side of the fulcrum to tilt the cannon
up and down.  There are 3 walls to blow up here.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  The top niche holds a chest.  Double jump to the platforms
protruding from the walls to reach it.

**PEARL**  A chest in the middle niche.

Behind the bottom wall you destroyed is an Exorcising Arrow.  Use it on the
Lockjaw to the north and head up the stairs.  Prayer Slip the cursed barrier
and enter the treasure vault.  Watch out for the 3 monster chests here.
There's also three normal chests.

**STRAY BEAD #58**

The Lucky Mallet isn't what we were looking for but, its all we needed.  That's
all for the Sunken Ship, so exit the room and the ship.  After a scene quickly
swim and Lily pad your way to land.  Follow the Mallet back to Sei-an and all
the way to the Emperor's palace.  At the hole in the wall get hammered.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  2108

5.20) Imperial Palace                                 #IMPPL
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Holy Bone S       Traveler's Charm           Godly Charm |
| Exorcism Slip S   Golden Peach           Steel Fist Sake |
| Inkfinity Stone   Imperial Palace Map    Exorcism Slip M |
| Vengeance Slip    Bull Horn                        Pearl |
| Crystal           Exorcism Beads     [Veil of Mist Tech] |
| Rooster Statue    *Stray Bead #59       *Lacquerware Set |
| *Bull Horn        *Pearl                        *Crystal |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 60 total                                                 |
|    60 from 3 clovers                                     |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Veil of Mist       Mist Warp                             |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Golden Ink Pot     Thief's Glove                         |

--IMPORTANT--  You cannot return to this dungeon once you leave, so all the
unnecessary items and clovers are missable.  Be thorough.

**HOLY BONE S**  As he suggests, launch Issun at the chest with your Brush.

Run north, passed a save Mirror, then northeast under the spider.  Jump along
the rocks in the cursed water.

**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  A chest on the last rock in the water.

**GODLY CHARM**  Launch Issun at a chest in the water near the previous chest.

Jump to the mainland then fight a new enemy: Thunder Doom Mirror (Power Slash).
Fight this guy just like a Thunder Ear.  Blow away the clouds with Galestorm
then wail away.  Slash when dead for 2 Fangs.

Head through the short cave with the Golden Gate to the next room.  Directly
across from the hall is a little waterfall with a cracked wall on top.  Bomb
the wall.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  A chest inside the room beyond the small waterfall.

There's a taller waterfall to the east.  The feet try to smash you, so make one
follow you to the waterfall and stomp on the ground near there.  Jump on top of
the foot and then double jump to the top of the waterfall.  Bomb the wall here
as well.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  A chest inside the room beyond the tall waterfall.

You passed an Exorcising Arrow on top the waterfall, so grab it and start
running back to the first room with the Mirror.  Back in the first room use the
Arrow on the Lockjaw to the northwest and go through the passage.  Bomb the
mound of earth and fall through the hole.

++20 PRAISE++  Use the nearest Platform Spider to rise to a ledge with a

Drop down to the bottom of the room and Bomb the cracked wall to the north.  In
the room beyond Slash the rope the gourd is hanging from then jump inside the
gourd.  Inside draw a spiral toward the opening to blow the mist and yourself
out of the gourd with galestorm.

>>VEIL OF MIST<<  Complete the constellation and practice with Issun on the
Blocking Spider.  Hereafter anytime I say to use Mist I mean Veil of Mist.

--TIP--  This is by far my favorite Brush technique for battle.  It slows
enemies to a crawl, giving you plenty of time to wail on them or charge a
glaive.  It also costs relatively few Ink Pots.  Give it a try in upcoming

Use Mist to get past the Blocking Spider and return to the previous room.
Outside fight a new enemy: Wind Doom Mirror (Veil of Mist).  Use Mist to slow
the disk down and smother it's gusts of wind.  Wail on it and use Mist again if
the gusts of wind come back.  Use Mist again when it's dead for Fangs.

Jump up the ledges to the south, then jump up the shrooms there.  Jump to the
Platform Spider, then quickly jump to the next ledge before the spider falls.

++20 PRAISE++  Jump along the ledges here to another clover.

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  Launch Issun at a chest behind the clover.

Use 2 Platform Spiders near the clover to reach a ledge on the other side of
the room.  Use Mist if you have trouble with the spiders' movements.

++20 PRAISE++  On this high ledge is a clover.

Nothing more in this room, so return to the pillar of light where you fell into
the room.  Back up top return to the room with the feet that try to crush you.
Use Mist to get past the Blocking Spiders along the way, and to get past the
brooms.  Run through the hole to a cursed water garden with a Golden Gate.

**INKFINITY STONE**  Launch Issun at a chest in the water near a bamboo

Use Watersprout to make the bamboo fountain tilt, then jump up on the bamboo
chute.  Jump along the series of bamboo fountains, using Mist to slow their
tilting.  At the end use a Platform Spider to enter the building.

Fight some scrolls inside if you want.  One of the scrolls has new enemies:
Fire Doom Mirror (Galestorm) and Ice Doom Mirror (Inferno).  Treat them just
like Ice Mouths and Fire Eyes.  Use the Fire Doom Mirror to scorch the Ice one.
When the Ice Doom Mirror is dead use Galestorm to extinguish the Fire Mirror.
Use Mist to give you time to kill them.

When your done playing with the Demon Scrolls climb the Platform Spiders to the
rafters.  Past the Golden Gate there are swinging pendulum-like spiders.  Just
avoid them or use Mist to slow them.  Follow the rafters west and north.

**IMPERIAL PALACE MAP**  At the end of one of the rafters.

**EXORCISM SLIP M**  Launch Issun at a chest southwest of the last chest.

Follow the path south of the Golden Gate, along the Platform Spiders.  Slow
them down with Mist.  At the southern rafters head west.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Launch Issun at a chest behind some cobwebs.

Thanks to Jo7kain who emailed me to tell me that you can actually get past this
cobweb and open some more treasures.  The web is slightly tilted to the
northwest, so your goal is to jump northwest of the cobweb and land on the
beam on the other side.  Back up to the eastern most end of the rafter you're
on, then sprint west.  You should reach full speed before the cobweb.  At full
sprint double jump northwest and tackle in mid-air to reach the beam.  It may
take several tries, but don't worry.  Falling here has no consequence.

Now you can reach 3 treaure chests on these sets of rafters: 1 directly south,
and 2 on the western wall.  Here's what they are.


Jumping back to where you were is a little tricky, too.  It's probably easiest
to sprint south along the rafter toward the Bull Horn chest, then double jump
and tackle east toward that rafter.

The pendulum spider's north of here are fast, so Mist them to slow them down.
Run north to the thick column of green mist and dive in.  Ignore the uvula, and
run north to the Mirror.  Save, then continue north.  Progress past a Golden
Gate then jump down to the pit of the Emperor's stomach.

<< Boss #4                                                            #BOSS4 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) *Slash                                                             |
   | 2) *Throws Swords                                                     |
   | 3) Dash                                                               |
   |                                                                       |
   | This boss is slow for the most part, but he has super fast attacks.   |
   | Veil of Mist, however, makes him a slowpoke and a push over.  He just |
   | floats around mostly, but when you see him pause and begin an attack  |
   | use Mist to slow him down.  All his attacks take some time for him to |
   | prepare so they're easy to see coming.                                |
   |                                                                       |
   | His dash looks more like a teleport at normal speed, but at slow      |
   | speed it's pretty unremarkable.  Just dodge it.  There's no opening   |
   | there so wait for another attack.                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   | The slash attack is like a dash with his sword drawn.  Again, Mist    |
   | him then dodge the attack.  After the slash he turns black and white, |
   | so that's your opening.  Hit him to make his sword, Goldnail, fly     |
   | away.  Goldnail will stick in the ground a short distance from the    |
   | boss.                                                                 |
   |                                                                       |
   | The sword throw is even easier to see coming.  Several swords will    |
   | orbit the boss before he tosses them at you.  Again, slow time and    |
   | simply dodge the swords.  You'll notice one of the swords is glowing  |
   | blue.  That's Goldnail, so Slash that particular sword in mid-air to  |
   | make Goldnail stick in the ground.                                    |
   |                                                                       |
   | Attacking Goldnail is the only way to harm this boss.  When you see   |
   | it stuck in the ground hack at it with all your might.  It only stays |
   | in the ground for a short time, so use Mist again to give you more    |
   | time to deal damage.  When you see green mist collecting around       |
   | Goldnail it's about to return to the boss.  Fleetfoot away before the |
   | the mist collects or you'll take damage from the mist.  Continue      |
   | using Mist, dodging attacks, and disarming the boss to attack         |
   | Goldnail.  When the sword is dead so is the boss.                     |
   |                                                                       |
   | On a side note, you can launch Issun at the boss or at Goldnail to    |
   | steal some items.  It's all random and nothing special, but you might |
   | like to try it.                                                       |

**EXORCISM BEADS**  You get some new rosaries when you win.  I would have
preferred Goldnail.  Oh, well.

After a scene lurch over to Kaguya's cell.  It's the only path you're allowed
to follow.  After another scene you can trade Demon Fangs with the Emperor.

>>MIST WARP<<  Buy that Fog Pot first since warp travel is very useful.  80
Fangs shouldn't be hard to come by if you've been good about Flora Finishers.

**[VEIL OF MIST TECH]**  Buying the pot also reveals a chest with this scroll
explaining how Mist Warp works.

Talk to the Emperor to trade some more.

==GOLDEN INK POT==  Hopefully you have enough for this now.  Increasing your
ink regeneration is useful so buy it next.  Save up if you don't have enough.

==THIEF'S GLOVE==  This artifact is fun to use, but not necessary.  Buy it

**ROOSTER STATUE**  Behind the Emperor and to the right is a chest.

**STRAY BEAD #59**  Buried in the dirt directly south from the previous chest.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  Buried just south of that chest.

**BULL HORN** Buried just east of there.

**PEARL**  Buried beside the garden in front of Kaguya's cell.

**CRYSTAL**  Buried north of the last chest.

Exit the Imperial Palace when your done digging.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  2168

5.21) Homecoming                                      #HMCMG
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Fire Tablet                                              |

Outside the palace talk to Kaguya 'til she runs away.  The curse is gone from
the city now, but let's hold off on the exploration.  North of the Imperial
Palace is a Mermaid Spring, so use that to warp back to Sasa Sanctuary.

Run past the spa up to the bamboo grove where you fought the Canine Warrior.

Diggin' for Secrets
Objective:  Dig through the blocks and lead Kaguya to the bottom.

- Here's the path:  LEFT 1, DOWN 3, *RIGHT 2, DOWN 2, RIGHT 1, DOWN 3, *LEFT 4,
DOWN 4, UP 2, LEFT 2, DOWN 4, *RIGHT 5, UP 2, RIGHT 2, DOWN to bottom.

- Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why DOWN 4 then UP 2?  Why not just DOWN
2?"  Well, there's only empty space in that column, so you can't stop Kaguya
from falling past the path to the left.  On the other hand, you can use the
power spring at the bottom to lift Kaguya back up 2 blocks, allowing her to

- The second UP 2 string works the same way.  Use a second power spring to lift
Kaguya again.

- When you use Watersprout on the power spring just draw a short line upward.
Long lines don't tend to work, so keep your strokes small.

- Again I've marked the sections with spiked blocks with asterisks.  There's
three to Galestorm over.

- Dig at the bottom where Kaguya glows to end the mini-game.

**FIRE TABLET**  After a scene Kaguya hands over this artifact.

Use the Mermaid Spring to warp back to Sei-an.  Prepare for some major side-

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  2168

5.22) Sei-an Sequel                                   #SNSQL
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Lacquerware Set      *Sheep Statue        Stray Bead #54 |
| Crystal              Godly Charm               Bull Horn |
| Pearl                [Northern Land]         Holy Bone M |
| Stray Bead #55       [Holy Artifacts]         Border Key |
| Steel Fist Sake      *Crystal                      Pearl |
| Incense Burner       Inkfinity Stone       *Golden Peach |
| Exorcism Slip L      Stray Bead #51       [Inferno Tech] |
| *Crystal             Horse Statue         Incense Burner |
| Holy Bone S          Pearl                       Crystal |
| Exorcism Slip S      Crystal                Sun Fragment |
| Glass Beads          Traveler's Charm         *Bull Horn |
| *Crystal             Stray Bead #48                      |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 439 total                                                |
|    50 from cooking with Yama                             |
|    20 from Mr. Flower's Gura Shuffle                     |
|    20 from medicating Blossom's Papa                     |
|    20 from tackling Blossom's Papa                       |
|    100 from designing kimonos                            |
|    120 from the ferry service                            |
|    69 from Blooming 40 dead trees                        |
|    40 from 4 clovers                                     |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Fireburst                                                |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Black Bass           Smelt                         Loach |
| Freshwater Eel       Robalo                          Koi |
| Sturgeon              Giant Catfish                      |

Now it's time to explore and quest.

Aristocratic Quarter:

++10 PRAISE++  Behind the Mermaid Spring is a clover.

++1 PRAISE++  Beside the clover is a large dead tree to Bloom.

++1 PRAISE++  Southwest of the spring is another dead tree.

Sei-an Fishing Spot
- West from the spring Benkei is fishing in the canal.  Time to add to that
Fish Tome.  Here's a list of the fish I've caught here, minus the ones we
already caught in Agata.

==BLACK BASS==  Day only


==LOACH==  Night only

==FRESHWATER EEL==  Night only



==STURGEON== Day only

==GIANT CATFISH==  Night only

- The only one that gave me trouble was the Loach.  Not only is he strictly
nocturnal, he's one of those small ones that seems to only appear in the first
few rounds of the fishing mini-game.  So if you start only seeing big fish
try quiting and restarting so you reset the small fish.  Also, I caught my
Robalo during the day, but I have received multiple emails from players who
caught this bugger only at night.  Try both, I guess.

++2 PRAISE++  Across the bridge south of the Mermaid Spring are 2 more trees.

++1 PRAISE++  West of those two trees, south of an aristocrat's house is
another tree to Bloom.

++2 PRAISE++  Inside that aristocrat's house are 2 trees to Bloom.

++1 PRAISE++  South of the Imperial Palace is a large dead tree to bloom

++1 PRAISE++  Directly west from the last tree is another, near a water wheel.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  At the bottom of the canal north of that tree.  Slash the
chest to open it.

Go back and head west across the bridge in front of the aristocrat's house.

++2 PRAISE++  2 dead trees are in front of Queen Himiko's Palace.

Two guards prevent access to Queen Himiko's Palace, so Mist them and run past

**SHEEP STATUE**  Buried in the sandy courtyard of Himiko's Palace to the east
of the entrance.

East of the stairs to the north is a short fence, so jump over it and follow
the sand path behind the east wing of the Palace.

++10 PRAISE++  A clover at the far end of this path.

West of the Palace stairs is another short fence.  Vault over this one and
follow another sandy path.

**STRAY BEAD #54**  At the end of the path behind the west wing.

Either jump up to the west wing from here, or take the stairs near the entrance
up and to the west.  There's a small room here at the end of the wooden path.

**CRYSTAL**  A chest lies inside the west wing.

**GODLY CHARM**  Paint an eye on the egg-shaped doll to receive this treasure.

Run over to the east wing of the palace.  There are 3 chests in here.


Back outside, don't enter the central doors yet.  Run around to the back of
the Palace.

**HOLY BONE M**  A chest here behind the central building.

Now enter the Palace but don't take the elevator up yet.

**STRAY BEAD #55**  Ground floor of the Palace, behind the elevator.

**[HOLY ARTIFACTS]**  Take the elevator up.  A scroll sits by the lake of lava.

Equip that Fire Tablet, then swim north across the lava.  Run straight through
several screens and doors to Himiko's giant throne room.  Talk to Himiko
several times until she forks over the ...

**BORDER KEY**  Given to you by Himiko.

Exit the Palace, and Mist the guards again on the way out.  West from there is
the clock tower, and south of that is a guardhouse

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  A chest in the southwest corner of the guardhouse
retaining wall.

**CRYSTAL**  Buried in the south east corner of the retaining wall.

**PEARL**  Inside the guardhouse is a chest.

++4 PRAISE++  Back outside, north of the clock tower is a grove with 4 trees.

++10 PRAISE++  A clover sits in the northwest corner of the Aristocratic

Head to the bridge to the southern part of the Quarter.

**INCENSE BURNER**  In the canal east of the bridge is a chest.

++1 PRAISE++  South of that chest, in front of an aristocrat's house is a tree
to Bloom.

++2 PRAISE++  Inside the aristocrat's house are 2 trees.

++1 PRAISE++  Back outside, the tree next to Komuso can be Bloomed.

**INKFINITY STONE**  South of Komuso is a chest next to the southern wall.

++11 PRAISE++  Northwest of the chest is the last tree of the Aristocratic

**GOLDEN PEACH**  Buried northwest of the tree.

**EXORCISM SLIP L**  Slash a chest at the bottom of the canal north of here.

++10 PRAISE++  A clover sits on the western most part of the quarter, on a
small bit of land near the water wheel.

Head back through the Lecture Hall, talking to Rao if you want, and cross half
way across the big draw bridge.  Jump in the water east of the bridge.

**STRAY BEAD #53**  At the bottom of the lake, along the eastern fence.  Slash
the chest and wait patiently for the bead to surface.

Swim south, jump back up to the bridge, and exit south.

Commoner's Quarter:

Plenty more to do here, so let's get started.  Make sure it's nighttime, then
enter the restaurant to the east.  Talk to the drunken customer, Masu, until
he hands over another monster hit-list.  We'll take care of that later.

For now head into to the backroom of the restaurant and talk to Chef Yama.
If you did that Moley quest ages ago, hand over the Golden Mushroom.  Note the
symbol on the scroll in the back of the room.  Talk to Yama again, and when
you're prompted draw the infinity symbol or figure 8 if you prefer.

This symbol can be hard to draw. Refer to my Fireburst explanation in the
Brush Techniques section (#BRSHT) if you have trouble.

>>FIREBURST<<  Completing the symbol grants you an upgrade to your Inferno
skill.  Technically this is skill is not a new one.  It is only a new usage of

++50 PRAISE++  For cooking with Yama

**[INFERNO TECH]**  A chest appears with a scroll explaining Fireburst.

**CRYSTAL**  Back outside, buried northeast of the restaurant.

Jump across the canal to the east and chat with Mr. Flower until he unveils his
plan for Blooming the city.  Time to help him out by Blooming some trees.

++20 PRAISE++  Bloom the little tree on Mr. Flower's head.

++6 PRAISE++  In Mr. Flower's yard there are 6 trees to Bloom.

++1 PRAISE++  Inside Mr. Flower's house is another tree.

South of there, next to the Aspiring Carpenter's house, is cursed tree that you
can't Bloom yet.  There are several of these around town, so just ignore it for

++1 PRAISE++  East of the Aspiring Carpenter's house is a tree you can Bloom.

If it's daytime there's a girl south of that tree drawing your mask symbol in
the sand.  Give her your Charcoal when she asks, then talk to her 'til you see
a drawing in a thought bubble above her head.  It should be a star symbol.
File that symbol away for later.

Across the southern bridge and to the east is a dried up pond.  Watersprout
some water from the canal to the pond to fill it up again, then ride the power
spring up into the sky.  At the island in the sky run around to the back of the

**HORSE STATUE**  A chest on the island in the sky.

Look inside if you want to inspect Waka's computers, then drop back down to the

+6 PRAISE++  Near the entrance to the city are 6 small trees to Bloom.

++2 PRAISE++  Slightly northwest of the Weapon Dealer are 2 more trees.

++2 PRAISE++  Arcoss the path north of the Tool Dealer are another 2 trees.

Cross the bridge to the previously cursed western section of the city.

++1 PRAISE++  North of the bridge on the west side (next to Raiden if it's
nighttime), is a dead tree to Bloom.

On the southern side of that western section is a locked building.  Bomb the
wall on the southern side, and enter.  8 chests are in this building.  3 on the
floor, and 3 in the rafters.  Run along the rafters to the south and drop into
the enclosed cage for the 7th chest.  Jump onto a platform to the left of the
entrance for the 8th.


**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  Back outside, follow the western wall north and there's
a chest behind the kimono shop

**BULL HORN**  Buried behind a building in the northwest corner of the western

Return to Mr. Flower to begin a Bloomin' Mini-game.

Gura Shuffle
Objective:  Follow Mr. Flower around town Blooming 6 trees

- There are 5 trees around town that you couldn't Bloom before, and Mr. Flower
runs over to each one to perform his dance.  Follow him, because he can't do
this on his own.

- When Mr. Flower performs his dance the purple curse is momentarily exorcised
from the tree. Now that the curse is gone you can Bloom it.

- After a tree is Bloomed  Mr. Flower moves to the next, so run after him.  He
likes to do some crazy acrobatics over the canal, so be prepared.  Draw Lilies
in the water and pursue him.  As long as you don't lose sight of his pink
thought bubble you can catch up.

- Veil of Mist doesn't slow him down, so don't bother.

- It may help if you know where he's going next to here's the progression: 1st
tree south of his house, 2nd tree south of the Weapon Dealer, 3rd tree north of
the Tool Dealer near a chest you dug up, 4th tree on the western section near
the locked house with treasure, 5th tree north of the Weapon Dealer.

- The 6th and final tree is atop the roof of Mr. Flower's house, so follow him
back there to finish the game.

++20 PRAISE++  For helping Mr. Flower.

Run back to the western section of the city.  During the day, northwest of the
tree with Raiden is girl named Blossom.  Talk to her until she asks you for the
Herbal Medicine, then give it to her.

++20 PRAISE++  For supplying drugs to Blossom.

++20 PRAISE++  When Blossom's Papa doesn't get up, tackle the old man.  He
smells the cherry blossoms and rewards you with praise.

Back outside, enter the big kimono shop near Blossom's house.

**CRYSTAL**  Buried in the dirt inside the kimono shop.

Talk to Mr. Chic in the back room until he stares at the kimono for

Kimono Design
Objective: Draw 5 designs for Mr. Chic that "make something happen"

- Draw the star shape that the little girl with the charcoal showed you.  As
long as you draw it all in one stroke, without lifting your brush, the shape is
pretty easy to draw.  When Mr. Chic says it could "make something happen,"
return to the little girl with the charcoal.

++20 PRAISE++  Talk to the girl to get some praise.

- Talk to the girl again to peek at her next avant-garde design: a heart shape.
Notice that the way it is displayed in the thought bubble the heart is drawn
with one stroke, starting from the bottom, and going around clockwise.  Go back
to Mr. Chic, and when he looks for inspiration draw the heart.  The game will
most likely not recognize the heart shape unless you draw it the way I
described above.  When you're done run back to the charcoal girl.

++20 PRAISE++  Talk to her again for more praise.

- Talk to the girl for the next design: a V shape.  Back at Mr. Chic draw the V
on the kimono.  This is pretty simple.  Draw it in one stroke or two.  Just
about anything will do.  Run back to the girl when Mr. Chic is satisfied.

++20 PRAISE++  From stealing the girl's design again.

- Talk to the girl again for the next design: a kind of clover shape.  Notice
that the shape is drawn as 4 separate circles that touch.  When you draw it for
Mr. Chic draw it the same way.  Run back to the girl when done.

++20 PRAISE++  From the girl again.

- Talk to her one last time for her final design.  The game shows you exactly
how to draw the character with 4 strokes.  Basically, its a capital F with an
additional diagonal line like the one from a capital R.  So when you draw it
for Mr. Chic draw it just like you saw: 2 horizontal lines, 1 vertical line
connecting the 2, then the diagonal line.  When you draw it sufficiently return
to the girl.

++20 PRAISE++  From the girl for your plagiarism.

**STRAY BEAD #48**  The girl also forks over a bead for your effort.

One last side-quest before we move on.  SAVE BEFORE HAND.  You can miss out on
some praise here if you're not careful, and if you're as obsessive as I am
about getting the maximum praise you don't want to risk it.

Ferry Service
Objective:  Transport people along the canal using your Lilies and Galestorm.

-  All around town there are various ferry ports with people waiting on them.
The ferry will never come for them, so it's up to you get them to their

- Stand near one of them and draw a Lily in the water.  The passenger will hop 
on to the Lily.  Now jump on the lily with them, and use Galestorm to blow the
Lily down the canal.  As soon as you draw a Galestorm the timer pops up, so you
have to be fast guiding the Lily to the destination.

-  You'll have to watch out for the whirlpool.  Getting stuck in one will slow
you down drastically, so go around them or time it so you go over them when
they momentarily disappear.

- It's easier to guide the Lily with a forward Galestorm (draw a spiral going
inward) than it is to use a sideways Galestorm (the loop).  Loops may be easier
to draw, but it's harder to see where you're going from the side and harder to
avoid the whirlpools.

- Draw large spirals that cover the screen.  This will make larger gusts of
wind that blow the Lily farther.  On the other hand, don't waste time making
your spiral circle around several times.  Just one full rotation is fine.

- Obviously, you'll want to have lots of ink, and preferably have the Golden
Ink Pot.  Drawing all those Galestorms can drain your ink fast, and you don't
want the delay of running out of ink.  If you don't have enough Ink Pots now
come back later.

- There are 4 passengers around the city:  A girl north of the Tool Dealer
wants to go around to the other side to the Weapon Dealer.  A man near the
locked treasure building wants to float to the Aspiring Carpenter's house.  A
girl near the Carpenter's house wants to go all the way to the southeastern
most port.  Finally, the Aspiring Carpenter wants to go from his house to the
Carpenter's house.

- If you get each passenger to the destination with 2:00 or more left on the
clock you will receive the maximum 30 praise.  If you take longer than that
you will get less praise, but you can try again.  If you are fast enough the
next time you try you will receive the remaining praise out of a maximum of 30.
In other words, you can get 15 praise on your first trip, then another 15 from
the next trip if you're faster.

* The exception to the rule is the Aspiring Carpenter.  He can only be ferried
once, so make sure you get his full 30 praise on the first try.  If you know
you aren't going to make it before the clock strikes 2:00, jump off the Lily
andbrun away until the timer disappears.  As long as the Aspiring Carpenter
didn'tbreach his destination you can try again.

++120 PRAISE++  30 praise from each of the 4 passengers.

Finally done with Sei-an.  Time to continue the story.  Exit Sei-an to Ryoshima
then run north to the gate with 2 guards.  With the Border Key, they let you

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  2607

5.23) North Ryoshima Coast                            #NRYCT
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| *Stray Bead #60      *Crystal             Stray Bead #64 |
| *Crystal             Incense Burner      Exorcism Slip S |
| Inkfinity Stone      Exorcism Slip M         Wooden Bear |
| Glass Beads          Mermaid Coin         Coral Fragment |
| Vengeance Slip       Steel Soul Sake          *Bull Horn |
| Vase                 *Stray Bead #61    Traveler's Charm |
| *Pearl               Boar Statue          Stray Bead #63 |
| Golden Peach         *Bull Horn          Steel Fist Sake |
| Holy Bone S          Dragonfly Bead               *Pearl |
| *Stray Bead #62      Holy Bone M           *Golden Peach |
| [Power Slash 2]      Crystal             [Cherry Bomb 2] |
| *Crystal             *Pearl                              |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 446 total                                                |
|    30 from the Guardian Fruit                            |
|    30 from 1 Devil Gate                                  |
|    42 from Blooming 12 dead trees                        |
|    240 from 19 clovers                                   |
|    104 from 9 groups of animals                          |
|       3 cats (63%)                                       |
|       1 foxes (83%)                                      |
|       1 dogs (94%)                                       |
|       1 pigs (100%)                                      |
|       1 cows (100%)                                      |
|       2 hares (76%)                                      |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Power Slash 2        Cherry Bomb 2                       |

Run down the path, watch a scene with Waka, then run a bit farther to encounter
a new enemy: Earth Nose (Veil of Mist).  Mist them right off the bat.  Mist
gets rid of it's windy shield, so hack at it quickly until it's dead.  Mist
again for 3 fangs.

Around this area you may also encounter some new Guardian-type enemies.  Halo
Guardians (Cherry Bomb) are very similar to Blue Imps.  Slash them out of the
sky then kill them.  Executioner Guardians (Cherry Bomb) are like Black Imps.
You may not be able to kill them as quickly as Black Imps, so Slash their
orbiting skulls before they cause trouble.  You could also Mist them and kill
them while they are slowed.

**STRAY BEAD #60**  Follow the water to the west to a buried chest near the
dilapidated steps.

++10 PRAISE++  Jump across the water to the land to the north west.  There's a
clover there.

++6 PRAISE++  Feed some cats (31%) near the clover.

Return to the path, and across to the east.

**CRYSTAL**  On the east side of the path, in a triangle of shrubs is a buried

Continue down the path to the Origin Mirror.  Save, then if you bought the Fog
Pot draw an X on the Mirror to begin a warp.  Notice the destination labeled
"N. Ryoshima Coast (Rocky Area)."  This place is only accessible with the Fog
Pot, so warp there.

++20 PRAISE++  There are 2 clover here by the Mirror.

**STRAY BEAD #64**  A chest by the clovers.

Jump off the ledge to the west and you're back near the previous Mirror.
Follow the path to the northwest almost to the beach.

++12 PRAISE++  To the west of the path, in a small ditch near a rock, is a
group of foxes (83%).

**CRYSTAL**  Northwest of the foxes, near the water, is a buried chest.

**INCENSE BURNER**  Run to the beach north of that chest.  There's a clamshell
in the water by the beach, so Slash it for this treasure.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Northeast along the beach is another clamshell.

**INKFINITY STONE**  East along the beach is a third clamshell.

Umi's Restaurant is here.  Nothing in this building yet, but south of there ...

++8 PRAISE++  A group of cats (50%) near some rocks.

Run back to the Origin Mirror, then take the path northeast across a bridge. A
merchant's here with the Marlin Rod if you didn't buy it before.  Make sure to
buy a lot of fish feedbags for the upcoming horde of cats.  A dozen should be

++20 PRAISE++  Near the merchant is a clover buried in some hard dirt.

++9 PRAISE++  North of the clover, near an intersection of paths, is group of
dogs (94%).

**EXORCISM SLIP M**  Jump in the river south of the clover and Slash a chest at
the bottom.

**WOODEN BEAR**  Swim downstream, and Slash another chest in the river before
the bridge.

**GLASS BEADS**  Continue downstream and open a chest just north of the bridge.

**MERMAID COIN**  Slash a 4th chest just north of the last.

Swim downstream again, and land on the beach to the east

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  A clamshell along the beach to the north.

On the beach near that shell is a group of bullies harassing a Urashima.  Watch
the harassment, then tackle Urashima to hear about Orca.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Follow the beach north to another clamshell in the water.

**STEEL SOUL SAKE**  Another shell along the beach to the west.

**BULL HORN**  Buried in the sand south of that shell.

**VASE**  A clamshell on the beach behind Urashima's house.

Ignore the pier for now.

++15 PRAISE++  Some pigs (100%) are to the east of Urashima's house.

Run up the incline to the east and find Yoichi by a pond.  Chat with him if you

++12 PRAISE++  Feed the cows (100%) by the pond.

**STRAY BEAD #61**  Buried near the cows.

Watch Yoichi's target practice, and when he fires an arrow use Watersprout to
transport water from the pond to the arrow.  The fruit ripens, so swim over to
that island.

++30 PRAISE++  Slash down the fruit.

**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  A chest behind the Sapling.

**PEARL**  A buried chest to the southeast.

++10 PRAISE++  A clover to the north.

Swim back west to the mainland.  East of the raised area with Yoichi is a hard
dig spot.  Dig it up and drop down the hole.  Inside the little grotto is

++14 PRAISE++  4 dead trees to Bloom.

++30 PRAISE++  A large group of hares (71%).

++30 PRAISE++  3 clovers.

And 3 chests containing:

**STRAY BEAD #63**

Stand in the light shining from above to return to the surface.  East from the
grotto is a Devil Gate.

++30 PRAISE++  Kill some Halo and Executioner Guardians (Cherry Bomb) to
restore a tree.

++6 PRAISE++  A group of hares (76%) is near the tree beside a girl.

**BULL HORN**  Buried east of the tree.

Now make sure it's daytime and return to the pier.  After a scene with Orca
head out to sea.  Ignore the obvious Catcall Tower for now, and swim to the
western most island with the wooden dock.

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  There's a clamshell on the beach north of the dock.

**HOLY BONE S**  South of the dock is another clamshell.

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  West along the beach is another shell.

**PEARL**  In the middle of the beach is a buried chest.

**STRAY BEAD #62**  Up the grassy incline to the west, buried among some

++20 PRAISE++  Farther west is a hard dig spot with a clover.

**HOLY BONE M**  A chest next to the clover.

++10 PRAISE++  Southeast from the last clover is another.

Follow the dock on the beach to the fisherman at the end.

Fishing for Marlin
Objective: Catch the Marlin.

- You know the drill.  Catch 2 small fish, then catch the Marlin.

- Up until now you may have got by just tugging as hard as you can on the rod,
but that will not work with the Marlin.  He will outlast your health and pull
the fisherman into the water.

- Just be patient and remember to keep the indicator near the middle of the
guaue.  The Marlin likes to switch directions often, so stay on your toes and
switch with him.  It may take a while but stay the course.  Slash the Marlin 3
times to catch him.

We'll get our reward for fishing later.  For now jump back on Orca and swim to
the next island to the north.  Ignore the hard dig spot here for now.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  Buried west of the hard dig spot.

Ride Orca to the next island to the north.

++10 PRAISE++  There's a clover on the small island.

Swim east to the next island.

++10 PRAISE++  Another clover on the lower half of this island.

Slash the rock on this island and jump down the hole into another grotto.

++14 PRAISE++  4 more trees to Bloom.

++30 PRAISE++  3 more clovers.

There's a Divine Spring here that you can toss coins into.

>>POWER SLASH 2<<  Feed the Divine Spring a total of 60,000 yen.

**[POWER SLASH 2]**  A chest appears next to the spring with a scroll
describing the new Brush skill.

++40 PRAISE++  Back up on the surface, Slash the iron rock here and  Bloom the
clover underneath.

Ride Orca east to the next island.

**CRYSTAL**  There's a fiery chest on the southern tip.

Bomb the mound of dirt here and descend to another grotto.

++14 PRAISE++  4 more trees.

++30 PRAISE++  3 more clovers.

Another Divine Spring is here.

>>CHERRY BOMB 2<<  Feed the spring 120,000 yen.  If you don't have enough just
come back later.  The ability to draw 2 Bombs is not all that useful, so 
there's no rush.

**[CHERRY BOMB 2]**  A chest appears with this scroll.

Back top side, swim southeast to the next island.

**CRYSTAL**  Buried on the west of the island.

**PEARL**  Buried on the east of the island.

Swim south to Catcall Tower.

++6 PRAISE++  Up the grassy slope are some cats (63%).

Save at the Mirror, then enter the Tower.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  3053

5.24) Catcall Tower                                   #CTCLL
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| [Mark of Kabegami]   Traveler's Charm        Holy Bone S |
| Lacquerware Set      Stray Bead #67           Cat Statue |
| Mermaid Coin         Incense Burner         Sun Fragment |
| Crystal              Stray Bead #69       Stray Bead #68 |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 46 total                                                 |
|    30 from 3 clovers                                     |
|    16 from 8 groups of animals                           |
|       8 cats (100%)                                      |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Catwalk                                                  |

Inside fight a new enemy: Poltergeist (Galestorm).  This is basically a wheel
enemy, but it has several different element.  Ice can be dispelled with a
Fireburst, Fire and Lighting with Galestorms, Wind with Veil of Mist.  When you
got rid of it's element wail on it 'til it's dead.  Galestorm afterward for
some Fangs.

**[MARK OF KABEGAMI]**  A chest directly in front of the central tower.

++2 PRAISE++  A cat (68%) southeast of the tower.

++10 PRAISE++  A clover on the ground east of the tower.

++2 PRAISE++  Near that clover is a cat (72%).

++10 PRAISE++  Another clover northeast of the tower.

++2 PRAISE++  North of the tower is another cat (77%).

++10 PRAISE++  A third clover is northwest from the tower.

++2 PRAISE++  West of the tower is fourth cat (81%).

Start climbing the central tower, pressing X to jump, then X again to grip the
wall.  You start at the southern face of the tower, but you'll have to rotate
around the tower to follow the pawprints on the wall.  A red line marks the 1st
level of the tower.  You can't fall past each red line, so feel free to drop on
the encircling cloud-floor.

++2 PRAISE++  A cat (86%) is sitting on the platform on the 1st level.

Continue climbing the tower's wall to the 2nd level.

++2 PRAISE++  Another cat (90%) on a similar platform on the 2nd level.

Climb the tower to the 3rd level.

**TRAVELER'S CHARM**  A chest sits on the 3rd level platform.

++2 PRAISE++  And beside it is another cat (95%).

Climb to the 4th level.  No safety net here, but there's a larger stone

**HOLY BONE S**  A chest is on the catwalk north of the tower.

Climb the tower to the 5th level.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  A chest on another platform.

The 6th level has no safety net either, so be careful jumping to the platform

**STRAY BEAD #67**  A chest on the 6th level.

The path to the 7th level winds around the tower quite a bit.

**CAT STATUE**  7th level platform.

Climb to the 8th and final level, and jump through one of the gaps in the wall
to enter a room at the top.  There's a Mermaid Spring here in case you want to
warp back tot his tower.

**MERMAID COIN**  A chest is near the spring.

**INCENSE BURNER**  Climb up the stairs to the next floor and open the chest to
the northeast.

Run up some stairs, walk outside, then circle around to the south.  Follow the
stone walkway south to another platform.

++2 PRAISE++  Feed the final cat (100%) atop the tower.

>>CATWALK<<  Complete the constellation and practice with Issun.  Just draw a
line up from the Kabegami statue, then climb the new pawprints.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  A chest behind the big cat statue and to the tip of a stone

Skydive from here all the way to the ground  GERONIMO!  On the ground northwest
of the central tower is a small tower with a Kabegami statue.  Use Catwalk to
climb up there.

**CRYSTAL**  Atop the west tower.

A similar short tower with a Kabegami statue is to the east.

**STRAY BEAD #69**  Atop the eastern tower.

OK.  Don't hate me, but climb back up the central tower.  Yes, all 8 levels
once again.  At the top for the second time a chest appears.  No, using the
Mermaid Spring doesn't work.

**STRAY BEAD #68**  Inside the new chest.

Skydive again and exit to N. Ryoshima.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  3099

5.25) N. Ryoshima Redux                               #RYSHR
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Exorcism Slip L      Vengeance Slip      Lacquerware Set |
| [Galestorm Tech]     Dog Statue                          |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 95 total                                                 |
|    20 from Umi's Cyclone Slice                           |
|    20 from restoring the Whirlpool Galaxy                |
|    40 from 1 clover                                      |
|    15 from 1 group of animals                            |
|       1 tigers                                           |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Whirlwind                                                |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Starfish             Moray             Loggerhead Turtle |
| Sunfish              Nautilus                  Clownfish |
| Blowfish             Bonito                  Red Snapper |
| Lobster              Striped Snapper               Manta |

Return to Orca, and ride him back to the mainland.  South of the tree where
the Devil Gate was is a Kabegami statue.  Use Catwalk and climb to a high
cave.  Inside the cave are 3 chests.


Run back to the beach with Umi's Restaurant.  There's an iron rock near the
restaurant you can Slash now with Power Slash 2.

++40 PRAISE++ A clover under the iron rock.

Enter Umi's and go to the back room.  If you caught the Marlin before, Umi is
preparing to cook the fish.  Talk to him, and when prompted to paint draw 3
horizontal lines.

>>WHIRLWIND<<  An upgrade to Galestorm is your reward.

++20 PRAISE++  From helping Umi slice the Marlin.

**[GALESTORM TECH]**  A chest appears beside Umi with a scroll describing

Before continuing with the story, return to the pier during the day and ride
Orca to the dock with the fisherman.  Time to add to that Fish Tome, so crack
open a beer, turn on some Jimmy Buffett, and cast your line.

N. Ryoshima Fishing Spot
- Here are the fish I've caught here.





==NAUTILUS==  Night only



==BONITO==  Night only


==LOBSTER==  Night Only


==MANTA==  Day only

- A few were hard to find here.  The Manta only appeared after I caught several
Turtles and Sunfish.  The Striped Snapper and the Bonito are both medium sized
fish, and I only caught them after several Red Snapper and Nautiluses ... er,
Nautili.  Whatever.

Ride Orca back to the mainland, then return to the dilapidated stairs where you
started this area.  Jump across the water to where you Bloomed a clover, and
use Catwalk on the Kabegami Statue and climb.  Atop the high ground, head east.

**DOG STATUE**  Buried in a triangle of shrubs west of the path.

++15 PRAISE++  Feed some tigers (100%) east of the path.

North encounter a new enemy: Blue Cyclops  (Watersprout).  These guys are
noting special.  Just Mist them then wail on them 'til they're dead.  They're
aerial enemies, so use something with an aerial combo like reflectors.  If you
manage to snuff out his pipe he'll go on a rampage.  You don't want that.  Kill
him quickly, or reignite his pipe with a Fireburst.  When he's dead any water
attack makes this guy drop fangs, but you have no source of water yet, so don't

Talk to the Watcher near the path.  If it's nighttime he comments on his desire
for a shooting star, so draw a dot in the sky and watch his excitement.

++20 PRAISE++  For restoring the Whirlpool Galaxy

Continue down the path to the tip of the peninsula.  Jump on the pedestal, and
if all the various "windmill" references weren't enough, draw a Galestorm to
make the Whirlpool Galaxy spin in the sky.  Keep Galestorming until the actual
whirlpool appears.

Return to the wooden pier, and ride Orca into the whirlpool.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  3194

5.26) Dragon Palace                                   #DRGPL
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Dragonfly Bead      Holy Bone S                    Pearl |
| Kutani Pottery      Stray Bead #70           Godly Charm |
| Exorcism Slip S     Shell Amulet               Bull Horn |
| Vengeance Slip      Stray Bead #71  [Watersprout Tech 1] |
| Inkfinity Stone     Glass Beads           Stray Bead #72 |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 119 total                                                |
|    20 from digging with dancers                          |
|    14 from Blooming 4 dead trees                         |
|    40 from 4 clovers                                     |
|    45 from groups of animals                             |
|       1 boars (66%) and boar piglets (96%)               |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Fountain                                                 |

Run north to the Mirror and save.

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  South of the Mirror is a clamshell

**HOLY BONE S**  Across the path to the west is another shell.

**PEARL**  North of that shell is another.

Enter the Palace, run behind the stairs, and Bomb the wall cracked wall there.
Jump down the new hole to another grotto.

++14 PRAISE++  Bloom the usual 4 trees.

++30 PRAISE++  And the usual 3 clovers.

++45 PRAISE++  A huge group of boars (66%) and boar piglets (96%) is here.

3 chests, as well, containing:

**STRAY BEAD #70**

Return to the Palace and climb the central stairs.  Don't enter the elevator,
but turn right to enter the second floor east wing.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Inside the room here is a chest.

The west wing holds nothing but an insignificant merchant.  Go there if you
want, then ride the north elevator up.  Talk to Otohime several times, and
refuse to hear the story again when asked.

**SHELL AMULET**  Otohime forks over this key item after her long harangue.

Return to the bottom floor and head east past the guard into a room with
dancing women.

**BULL HORN**  On the ground in the northwest of the room is a shell

**VENGEANCE SLIP** Jump to the north of the room to another shell.

++10 PRAISE++  Double Jump west of that shell to a platform with a clover.

There are some pillars on the east side of the room, progressing in tallness.
Rejuvenate the 3rd pillar then jump along them to the 4th.

**STRAY BEAD #71**  Atop the 4th pillar is a chest.

Talk to the dancers if you want to flirt, then dig at the hard dirt in the
center of the room.  Agree to the Dancer's suggestion to start a digging mini-

Diggin' for H2O Finale
Objective:  Dig through the blocks to the Dancer, then lead her to the bottom.

- This digging game is a bit different from the others.  You start by falling
down to the bottom, and you must dig your way up to the dancer.  Don't touch
the analog stick when you first fall, or you may touch some spiked blocks and
lose time

- Here's the path to the Dancer starting from the bottom: (RIGHT 6), (UP 3,
LEFT 1), (RIGHT 1, UP 2, RIGHT 1), (UP 2, LEFT 1), (RIGHT 1, UP 3, LEFT 1),
(UP 2, RIGHT 1), (UP 2, LEFT 1), (UP 3, RIGHT 1), (LEFT 1, UP 3, LEFT 1),
(RIGHT 1, UP 2, RIGHT 1), (UP 3, LEFT 1), (UP 2, RIGHT 1), (UP 3, LEFT 4).
DOWN 1 to Dancer.

- OK.  That looks complex, so lets make a little ASCII map for clarity's sake.
Each character represents one block, and the plus signs (+) mark the end of
each parenthetical section:

                             |      +---|
                             | Dancer   |
                             |          |
                             |         |+
                             |         |
                             |         +|
                             |          |
                             |          |
                             |         |+
                             |         |
                             |        +|
                             |         |
                             |         |
                             |         |+
                             |         |
                             |         |
                             |         +|
                             |          |
                             |         |+
                             |         |
                             |         +|
                             |          |
                             |          |
                             |         +|
                             |          |
                             |         |+
                             |         |
                             |        +|
                             |         |
                             v         |

- Let's break it down.  Basically you're climbing the wall to the far right.
You can't jump any more than 3 blocks high, so that's why none of the UP
directions are more than 3.  At the same time there's no reason to jump fewer
than 3 blocks if you can help it.  It may be simpler for you to jump up fewer
blocks, and rest at the sides more often, but for the sake of brevity I've
noted the fastest path, not the easiest.

- The directions are noted in parentheses because each series in parentheses
must be done all in one jump, or you'll fall back to some previous section.  So
the series (RIGHT 1, UP 2, RIGHT 1) is basically just a diagonal jump 2 blocks
right and 2 blocks up.  Think of it like this:  Note your starting block, use
my directions to spot the ending block, then figure out how to jump there in
one move.  Hope that makes sense.

- It's best to use Bombs on this part to blow up multiple blocks at once.
Also, anytime you find a hard dirt block above you the only way to get past it
is to use a Bomb.  You can actually draw Bombs in the margins of the screen, so
when there's a block above you draw a Bomb 2 squares above you to blow it up.

- Once you reach the Dancer the hard part is over.  You may think you can just
direct her down the path you just dug.  Well, you can't actually get her to
your path because she's sunk down a block and there's no way to raise her up.
Looks like more digging!

- Here's the path to the bottom starting from the Dancer: DOWN 7, LEFT 1,
RIGHT 1, DOWN 4, *LEFT 2, DOWN 2, RIGHT 1, DOWN to bottom.

- For the sake of symmetry let's map that, too.  Asterisks (*) are spiked
blocks you have to Galestorm the Dancer over:


- So only 2 spiked block to worry about.  There are also spiked blocks along
the sides that could cost you time, but they don't actually block progress, so
they aren't a problem.  The path down is pretty straight forward, and if you
found the way up you can get down easily.

- There's plenty of time for this digging game, so Blooming time Buds is not
necessary (thank God).

- For those who care, this is the finished map with both up and down paths.  As
it works out the path with plus signs (+) is up and the path with minus signs
(-) is down:

                             |  +---|
                             |  |   |
                             |  |   |
                             |  |  |+
                             |  |  |
                             |  |  +|
                             |  |   |
                             |  |   |
                             | -|  |+
                             | |   |
                             | |  +|
                             | |   |
                             | |*- |
                             |   | |+
                             |  -| |
                             |  |  |
                             | -|  +|
                             | |    |
                             | |   |+
                             | |   |
                             | |-  +|
                             |  |-  |
                             |   |  |
                             |   | +|
                             |   |  |
                             | -*| |+
                             | |   |
                             | |- +|
                             |  |  |
                             v  |  |

- Once the Dancer's at the bottom dig where she indicates to end the mini-game.

Talk to the Dancer again when you're done, and when the troupe starts to run in
circles draw a spiral on the spring.

>>FOUNTAIN<<  An upgrade to Watersprout is your reward for all that hard work.
Sell off the coins you have for some extract yen.  You won't need them now.

++20 PRAISE++  The Dancer also praises you for your help.

**[WATERSPROUT TECH 1]**  A chest appears near the Dancer with a scroll.

Go back inside the Palace, then run down the west hall past another guard.  In
the next room there's a giant hole in the center, but don't jump down yet.

**INKFINITY STONE**  A shell northeast of the hole.

**GLASS BEADS**  Jump north of the hole to a short ledge with a shell.

**STRAY BEAD #72**  Double jump up to a ledge to the east to find another

Now plunge down the hole in the center of the room.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  3313

5.27) Dragon Bowels                                   #DRGBL
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Inkfinity Stone      *Pearl                      Crystal |
| Holy Bone S          *Bull Horn          Exorcism Slip S |
| Vengeance Slip       Exorcism Slip M     Steel Soul Sake |
| Steel Fist Sake      *Pearl                      Crystal |
| *Incense Burner      Dragon Orb                 Fox Rods |

**INKFINITY STONE**  To the west as you start there's a platform in a stream
with a clamshell on it.

**PEARL**  To the west, across the stream, is a shell that must be dug up to

**CRYSTAL**  North from the shell you dug up is another shell out in the open.

**HOLY BONE S**  Adjacent to the last shell is another.

Back on the east bank of the stream continue north to a kind of bridge. 

**BULL HORN**  There's another buried shell here.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Jump along the platforms to the east to reach a shell.

Now follow the little bridge to the west, and continue north through the
corridor.  The next room has a pool of water down below with lots of pillars
protruding upward.  If you fall down to the water you can use power springs to
get back up.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  The first pillar to the east holds a shell.

**EXORCISM SLIP M**  Jump along a couple more pillars to the northeast to find
another shell.

**STEEL SOUL SAKE**  The pillar to the north holds this clamshell.

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  And north of that is a shorter pillar with a clamshell.

In the water north of there are some platforms with an Exorcising Arrow.  Jump
down there, pick up the Arrow, then swim back south.  Use any of the numerous
power springs to reach the path to the east of the pool.

**PEARL**  On the southern tip of this ledge is a buried shell.  Be careful.
Pressing triangle to dig will let go of the Arrow, so pick it back up before it

Follow the path north to an Origin Mirror.  South of the Mirror is a power
spring, so use it to enter a small hole to the east.

**CRYSTAL**  There's a chest inside this hole.

Go back through the hole.  A small puddle near the power spring restores health
if you're low.

**INCENSE BURNER**  To the west, near a tree, is another buried shell.  Make
sure to pick the arrow back up when you're done digging.

Continue north past the Mirror, and use the Arrow on the Lockjaw.  Ignore the
tangled orb in the next room, and head down the corridor to the east.  The next
room has a large ulcer hanging on the ceiling.  Jump on the one dry platform,
and use Watersprout a few times to dissolve the ulcer with some of that red

The previous rooms are now flooded with acid, so draw a Lily and float it down
the hall to the tangled orb.  Use Watersprout a few more times to dissolve the
tangled muscle with the red acid.

**DRAGON ORB**  Dissolving the muscle releases the orb.

And starts a fight.

<< Mini-Boss #7                                                       #MNBS7 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) *3 Hit Combo                                                       |
   | 2) *5 Hit Flurry                                                      |
   | 3) Ink Drain                                                          |
   | 4) Shoots Foxfire                                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   | These guys are a lot like the previous canines you've fought, but     |
   | there's 8 of them (at least that's how many I count).  You only have  |
   | to fight up to 3 at any one time, but with their super speed it can   |
   | still get pretty hectic.                                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | So the best thing to do is try to keep a constant Veil of Mist over   |
   | the arena.  Slowing them down makes this battle a lot easier, and you |
   | won't have to wait for the openings after their combos.  Just Mist    |
   | them wail on them, then Mist again when it runs out.                  |
   |                                                                       |
   | If you see black clouds of ink trailing from Ammy's body, one of the  |
   | canines is draining your ink.  This is very bad.  If it manages to    |
   | drain all your ink you will be left weaponless.  So either run up and |
   | hit the leach or Slash it from afar to make him stop.  Alternatively, |
   | you can use an Inkfinity Stone so you don't have to worry about the   |
   | ink drain at all.                                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   | You may find it easier to not focus on any single enemy, since the    |
   | others will be attacking you while you're killing the one.  Instead   |
   | run around the arena hitting each canine in turn.  This will keep     |
   | them all reeling from your attacks.  Mist makes it easier to run      |
   | around between enemies.  Yet another reason to love Mist. Mist FTW!   |
   |                                                                       |
   | One thing of note: the canines tend to reel back when hit, often out  |
   | of range of reflectors, so it's difficult to get multiple hits.  I    |
   | prefer to use Mist time to charge my glaive, then hit them with one   |
   | massive strike.  Lastly, unlike other bosses you can perform Flora    |
   | Finishers on these guys.  Slash them for Fangs.  Technically, I guess |
   | that makes them normal enemies, as opposed to bosses.  Whatever.      |

**FOX RODS**  Your reward for victory.

After a scene sprint back out of the Dragon's bowels.  There's plenty of time
on the clock, so don't worry.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  3313

5.28) Revelations                                     #RVLTN
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Treasure Box                                             |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 20 total                                                 |
|    20 from Blooming dead grass                           |

After some long scenes you're back in the Dragon Palace.  Where the Dragon's
den used to be there is now a bit of rubble and dead grass.

++20 PRAISE++  From Blooming the dead grass in Dragon's den rubble.

**TREASURE BOX**  A chest appears near the former Dragon's den.

Go back inside the Dragon Palace, and return to Otohime.  Watch another long
scene and Issun mentions your next destination:  Ankoku Temple.  The fastest
way there would be to warp from the Mirror, but Issun won't let you.  Just run
over to Ryoshima and head up the stairs to the temple.  Follow the ghost behind
the temple, through a wall, and down a well.

Follow the secret passage to Himiko's Palace, and make your way back up to
Himiko's throne room.  Don't forget to equip the Fire Tablet to cross the lava,
and be sure to save before the throne room.  Run up to Himiko, and after a
scene engage in battle.

<< Mini-Boss #8                                                       #MNBS8 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Throws Daggers                                                     |
   | 2) Overhead Slash                                                     |
   | 3) Side Slash                                                         |
   | 4) Lunge                                                              |
   | 5) *Fire Dive                                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | This boss is tougher than it appears.  Its attacks are fast, and it   |
   | only briefly lets down its guard.  Most often the boss uses the       |
   | throwing daggers.  In fact if you keep your distance from the boss    |
   | the daggers will likely be the only attack you see.  The annoying     |
   | thing about these daggers is that they home in on Ammy so well they   |
   | can be hard to dodge.                                                 |
   |                                                                       |
   | So there are a few things you can do about these daggers: You can     |
   | dodge them with a combination of running, jumping, and Fleetfooting.  |
   | You can Slash them out of the air with one Brushstroke.  I prefer to  |
   | block them with a reflector sub-weapon.  The boss let's down it's     |
   | guard for a split second while it throws daggers, so staying close    |
   | with a reflector shield lets you counter attack immediately.          |
   |                                                                       |
   | The same applies to all the other attacks.  The boss pulls its sword  |
   | back each time it swings, so each attack can be blocked fairly easily |
   | with a reflector.  The overhead slash is pretty fast, but you can see |
   | it coming so react quickly.  Even if you can't block that one attack, |
   | just make sure you have some Godhood to soak it up.  Each time you    |
   | block an attack you can immediately counter with your own attack.     |
   |                                                                       |
   | As long as you have a reflector as a sub-weapon you might as well     |
   | equip one as your main weapon as well to get the extra damage from    |
   | Wailing Mirror.  I find this is the fastest way to defeat this boss.  |
   | Everything else requires a kind of hit-and-run strategy that takes    |
   | too long and in the end gets Ammy hit more often.  By all means, feel |
   | free to whittle down the boss with rosaries if you prefer that        |
   | tactic, but getting the time bonus for this fight will be harder.     |
   |                                                                       |
   | The only move that shouldn't be blocked is the fire dive.  After      |
   | blocking several attacks and counter attacking, the boss starts a     |
   | series of several fire dives.  The boss will suddenly teleport above  |
   | you and dive downward with a flaming sword.  Fleetfoot away as soon   |
   | as you see the boss above you.  After each dive the boss turns black  |
   | and white and you are free to attack for several seconds.  Perform a  |
   | full 5 hit combo then a Slash.  If you're lucky when the boss         |
   | recovers it will immediately perform another fire dive.  Dodge it     |
   | again, and repeat your combo 'til the boss is dead.                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | A few final tips: In my experience using rosaries never makes the     |
   | boss use fire dives, so if you prefer rosaries you'll only see that   |
   | attack very rarely.  Also, use Mist right before any of your attacks  |
   | to lengthen the amount of time you have to cause damage, especially   |
   | after those fire dives.  You can also use Mist to slow the boss down  |
   | and make it easier to block attacks.  Mist FTW!                       |

After another scene sprint out of town and all the way to Watcher's Cape in N.
Ryoshima.  Again, Issun won't let you warp there quickly, so just run.  At the
cape watch a scene, then run forward to Oni Island.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  3333

5.29) Oni Island                                      #ONISL
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Golden Peach         Exorcism Slip S             Crystal |
| Pearl                Bull Horn                   Crystal |
| Lacquerware Set      Exorcism Slip M      Coral Fragment |
| Golden Peach         Pearl                   Godly Charm |
| Exorcism Slip L      Dragonfly Bead      Steel Fist Sake |
| Exorcism Slip S      Incense Burner          Wooden Bear |
| Traveler's Charm     Vase                    Holy Bone M |
| Vengeance Slip       Steel Soul Sake         Glass Beads |
| Pearl                Bull Horn           Inkfinity Stone |
| Holy Bone S          Crystal             Exorcism Slip L |
| Pearl                Oni Island Map       Vengeance Slip |
| Pearl                Bull Horn           Lacquerware Set |
| Crystal              Pearl                       Crystal |
| Blade of Kusanagi                                        |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 50 total                                                 |
|    50 from 1 clover                                      |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Thunderstorm                                             |

--IMPORTANT--  You cannot return to this dungeon once you leave, so all the
unnecessary items and the clover are missable.  Be thorough.

Watersprout the lava power spring and climb to the higher platform (with Fire
Tablet equipped).  Run north past a Golden Gate and jump into the lava.  Swim
from rock to rock, and go through the eastern passage.  You can't draw Lilies
in lava, so make sure you stay near the rocks.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  Vine up to the tall rock to the southeast and open a chest.

Use the power spring to the north to reach the stone ledge.  Run west to the
main gate, then south.  Don't drop back down to the lava.  See the two stone
ledges protruding south along the sides of the lava pit?  Run south along the
eastern ledge to the end of the wall, then north on the other side of the wall.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  A chest is here on the eastern ledge.

**CRYSTAL**  Another chest is on the western ledge, on the other side of the
wall in directly west from the last chest.

Jump down from here to the western lava pit.

**PEARL**  Vine up to another tall rock and open the chest there.

Use another power spring north from there to return to the stone ledge.  Run
east to the main gate.  Near the gate you encounter 2 new enemies: Blue Ogre
and Red Ogre (Thunderstorm).  Mist is your best friend here.  Both Ogres have
iron masks that protect them from the front, so Mist them then run around and
attack them from behind.  When they turn black and white Slash them to shatter
their masks.  Now just wail on them 'til they're dead.  When you get
Thunderstorm you can get Fangs from these two, but not yet.

Head through the doors to the north.  In the next room there's an Origin Mirror
to the east and a Merchant beside it.  Run down the hall to the west, then
north to the next room.  Fight two Poltergeists (Galestorm) here, then pick up
the Exorcising Arrow.  Run back to the first room, then use the Arrow on the
Lockjaw east of the Mirror.  Run down the hall to some stairs.

**BULL HORN**  Before going down the stairs jump to the other side and open a

Run down the stairs and down the hall to talk to Tobi.  Start the race by
stepping on the floor switch.  The first race is a straight shot, so just
sprint through it.  Mist doesn't slow Tobi, so don't ever bother trying.  The
next race is over a pit of spikes.  Use the hanging platforms to jump over the
pit to the northwest.

**CRYSTAL**  In the room past the pit, in the northeast corner, is a chest.

Run up the series of stairs to a Kabegami statue.  Catwalk up the wall, jump
along the platforms to the north, and follow the hall to Tobi.  The third race
is along some more platforms.  Tobi is pretty fast here, so charge up to a full
sprint before stepping on the floor switch.  Other than that it's a straight
race.  Just follow the platforms to the south.

The fourth race starts where the third ended.  Charge to full speed again, then
run over the floor switch.  This is a linear race of hurdle jumping.  Single
jump the 1st saw, double jump the 2nd, single jump the 3rd, then double jump
over the 4th and 5th all at once.  Single jump the 6th, then double jump over
the 7th and 8th.  Time your jumps early so you come down just on the other side
of the saws.  This will give you time to set up the next jump.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  In the room at the end of the race is a chest.

In the fifth race you must sneak through the gaps between spiked wheels.
Again, sprint to full speed before stepping on the switch.  Mist doesn't slow
the rolling of the wheels so just run through at full speed.  Only 2 parts here
can cause trouble: There's a pair of wheels just past where the hall turns to
the left.  Be careful taking that turn, and try to rotate the camera so you can
see around the corner.  Also the steps at the end can slow you down.  Double
jump and mid-air tackle to cover as many steps as you can in one leap.

**EXORCISM SLIP M**  In the room after the race.

The sixth race contains a battle against some Headless Guardians (Cherry Bomb).
Basically you have to kill the enemies before Tobi can reach the other side of
the room.  Don't worry about getting Fangs.  Just kill them as quickly as
possible.  Use Bombs to do some major damage, and use the time before they show
up to charge your glaive.

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  A chest in the room after the race.

Jump up the steps to the next room.  Here there are a bunch of platforms and
statues shooting lasers.  It looks a lot more complex than it is.  Just jump
along the platforms avoiding the lasers that rake the wooden walkway.  The
gray platforms are safe, so you don't have to worry about getting hit while
you're on them. If the lasers are causing problems you can Slash the statues'
heads to make them momentarily stop firing lasers.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  There's a chest along the east wall of this room.

**PEARL**  And another on the west wall a bit south.

An unavoidable Golden Gate leads to the next room.  Fight a Blue Cyclops
(Watersprout).  When he's dead use the pool to hose him for some Fangs.  Head
through the screen doors to the north, and save at the Mirror before the next

Ignore the Lockjaw and continue on tot Tobi.  The seventh race is surprisingly
easy.  Just sprint to full speed, start, vault a couple saws and you're done.
Bomb the cracked wall at the end and go through the hole to the roof.

Follow the roof east to a Kabegami statue, and Catwalk up the wall.  Snag the
Exorcising Arrow to the west, then backtrack through the hole to the Lockjaw.
Head down the path to the north, but watch your step in the next room with
floor spikes.

**GODLY CHARM**  Among the floor spikes is a chest.  Come at it from the side.

Keep heading north through the door.  Outside walk east to the statue, and draw
a line on the bow where an arrow would fit.

>>THUNDERSTORM<<  Complete the constellation and practice as Issun instructs.

Head through the newly opened door and Thunderstorm the lightning rod to power
the platform wheel.  When the platform is horizontal sprint across it to the
other side.  Continue west.

++50 PRAISE++  Beside a door is a clover.

Enter the door and go south past the Golden Gate.

**EXORCISM SLIP L**  Thunderstorm the chest to open it.

Bomb the cracked floor, fall down the hole, and follow the path west.  Pick up
the thunder key, the head back east.  Jump up the electric platforms to the
next door, and Thunderstorm the rod to open the door.  Use the key as a source
of lightning.

Fight a lone Headless Guardian (Cherry Bomb) then head through several sliding
doors to the "Labyrinth of Torment."  There's plenty of loot to gather here.
Luckily this "labyrinth" is set up like a grid, so I'll make a little ASCII map
to make things easier.  Following is a map legend:

LS      = the Labyrinth Sign
| and - = impassable walls
\       = a hole in the wall which makes the wall passable
****    = a Bombable wall at the exit
        = sliding doors are not marked as they are always passable
#       = a chest to loot, numbered for later reference

         |                                                  N
         |----|----|----|----|-----                         |
                                  |                         |
                                  |                    W----+----E
         |----|----|----|-----    -                         |
      LS |                   |    |                         |
         |                   |    |                         S
                             -    -
                             |    |
                             |    |
                        ------    ------
                        |              |
                        |              |
                        |              |
                        |              |
                        -    -    -    -
                        |    |    |    |
                        |    |    |    |
                   ------    -    -    ------
                   |         |    |         |
                   |         |    |      #3 |
                   -    ------    ------    -
                   |         |         |    |
                   |#1       |         |    |
                   ------    ------    -    -
                   |         |         |    |
                   |         | #6      | #4 |
                   -    ------    ------    -
                   |         |    |         |
                   |      #2 |    |         |
                   -    ------    -    ------
                   |    |         \         |
                   |    |         | #5      |
                   ------    -    -    -    -
                   |              |         |
                   | #8        #7 |         |
                   -    -    -----------    -
                   |                   |    |
                   |                #9 |    |
                   -\---------    -    ------
                   |    \         |         |
                   |    | #11     |      #10|
                   -    -    -    -    -    -
                   |    |    |    |    |    |
                   |    |    |    |    |    |
                        |    |
                        |    |
                        |    |

Here's a key for the treasure:

**WOODEN BEAR**       #5
**VASE**              #7
**HOLY BONE M**       #8
**GLASS BEADS**       #11

After exiting the labyrinth, head south through the room where you fought the
Poltergeists, then west at the hallway.  Thunderstorm the rod  (using the key
as a source of lightning), and follow the hallway west.

**PEARL**  Open the chest at the end of the hall.

Head back east to the first room.  Save at the Mirror, place the thunder key in
the light bulb lock, and run north past the newly opened gate

**BULL HORN**  Use the previous key to Thunderstorm a chest past the north

**INKFINITY STONE**  Thunderstorm a second chest next to the last one.

Continue down the hall and open 2 more chests at the end.

**HOLY BONE S**  The western chest.

**CRYSTAL**  The eastern chest.

Thunderstorm the bronze sword of the large statue, then run down the revealed
stairs.  At the bottom turn west.  When the lava begins to rise Slash the four
eyeball lanterns in front of you, then rotate the camera and Slash the eyeball
behind you.  When all five are Slashed the door to the west opens.  Following
is some side-scrolling fun.

Left to the lightning source, then Thunderstorm the bronze rod.  Jump up along
the platform wheel to the right, and continue right to another wheel.  Jump up
to a Lightbulb Lock and continue left.  Use the Kabegami statue to climb past
the spiked platform, them use the platform wheel to jump to the left,

Use the three platform wheels here to jump higher, and follow the linear path
upward.  Slash the barrier along the way, and grab the thunder key.  From there
double jump left to a hidden passage.  Follow the passage left, jumping over a
trap door, then tackling over another.

**EXORCISM SLIP L**  A chest at the end of the left secret passage.

Head back right, and double jump up the chasm to a high platform.  Double jump
from here, and use 2 Blossoms to Vine up to the top of the chasm.  Head right
and jump over 2 trap doors.

**PEARL**  At the top right is a chest.

Drop down the trap door to return to the room with the thunder key.  Head all
the way back past the spiked platform wheel to the Lightbulb Lock.  Use the key
and climb up the new path.  Watch for floor spikes.  At the bottom of another
chasm jump up through the holes in the spinning platforms to climb higher.
Head right to the exit.

Save at the Mirror to the south, then head north and jump up to the west.  Grab
the thunder key, then jump back down below the stairs.

**ONI ISLAND MAP**  Thunderstorm the chest beneath the stairs.

Climb the stairs now to a room with several electric platforms.  Head north
then east across the first platform, then jump south and west along the next
few platforms.  South of the swinging spider is a little balcony you can jump

**VENGEACE SLIP**  Thunderstorm the chest here to open it.

Jump north past the spider to the chimney-like structure.  Standing above the
opening spit out the key to drop down the hole.

**PEARL**  Open the chest at the bottom.

South is a closed gate.  Use the torch on the west side to light the one on the
east, and the gate opens.  Go through that gate if you want to backtrack, but
beware.  You'll fight a Headless and an Executioner Guardian (Cherry Bomb) in
the room beyond the gate.

Jump up to the north of the gate and pick up an Exorcising Arrow.  Now head
east down a short hall, and Slash the scroll on the wall to reveal a crack.
Bomb the crack, walk through the hole, and use the Arrow on the Lockjaw to the
north.  Return to the pedestal where you got the thunder key and pick up
another one.  Now go north past the Lockjaw you unlocked.

Climb up the stairs, then turn around.  See the ledge on the other side?  Jump
over there.

**BULL HORN**  Thunderstorm the chest to open it.

Back at the top of the stairs meet Tobi again.  There's little room to build
speed, so just tackle, then run over the switch.  Mist the Blocking Spider so
you can pass him, then continue down the hall.  At the base of two sets of
stairs are some floor spikes, so jump over them.  Atop the stairs is the finish
line and a Golden Gate.

When you beat Tobi turn back around.  Head down the set of stairs you just
climbed and jump back over the floor spikes.  At the top of the second set of
stairs look across to another small ledge you can jump to.

**LACQUERWARE SET**  Zap another chest to open it.

Head back up to the Golden Gate, and head south.  Go east through some sliding
doors, and fight the Red and Blue Ogres (Thunderstorm).  Mist them as usual.
You can zap them, too, for Fangs.  Either use your thunder key or the thunder
clouds above you.

Head east through more sliding doors, but watch out for the pit and the floor
spikes.  Use the southeastern most door, then jump along the electric platform
across the pit to the other side.  Head east then north to another pit.  The
wall on the other side has a Kabegami statue on top, so Catwalk up to the top.

Instead of dropping down on the other side, look back the way you came.
There's a high ledge on the other end of the hall, so use the Kabegami statue
again to Catwalk back along the wall.

**CRYSTAL**  Zap another chest here.

Return to the wall with the Kabegami statue and this time look north to another
high ledge.  Catwalk over there, too.  Either Mist the blocking Spider to get
past or paint your Catwalk path around him.

**PEARL**  Zap the chest up here.

Drop down from here, and Mist the Spider to the west to proceed to the next
room.  Fight some Headless and Executioner Guardians (Cherry Bomb), then
continue west.  Follow the walkway around to another Blockhead.

Blockhead III
Objective:  Pierce the Blockhead's weak points

- As usual, tackle the Blockhead to reveal his weak points.  There are 5 this
time, so pay attention.

- Once again, remember to paint them in the order that they appeared, and press
triangle down hard to make larger, more forgiving dots.

- When you hit all 5 points the Blockhead crumbles

Past Blockhead is Tobi.  Before you start the final race Bomb the cracked wall
across the room.  Either draw a tiny one to make it far away, or jump along the
small ledge to the north.  Now step on the floor switch to start the race.
As soon as you start use the Blossom behind the wall you Bombed to Vine across.
Step to the south to end the race.

Run halfway down the wooden catwalk, then jump up to the electric platform.

**CRYSTAL**  Zap a chest to open it.

Drop back down to the wooden catwalk and head south through the eyeball shaped
opening.  Save outside at the Mirror, then follow the roofwalk past a Golden
Gate.  On the rooftop complete the constellation to begin the battle.

<< Boss #5                                                            #BOSS5 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Tackle                                                             |
   | 2) Tunneling Tails                                                    |
   | 3) Toxic Discharge                                                    |
   | 4) Sword Thrust                                                       |
   | 5) Tail Whip                                                          |
   | 6) Brush Techniques                                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | The most unique thing about this boss is her ability to use the       |
   | Celestial Brush.  Anytime you hold R1 to use your Brush, a second     |
   | brush will appear painting in editor's red ink (everyone's a critic). |
   | Just be fast with you're drawing and it's not much of a problem.  In  |
   | fact, if you just rotate the camera while the boss is painting, the   |
   | technique will fall harmlessly to the side.  Anyway, if the boss      |
   | completes a technique Ammy's ink will be temporarily unusable, so try |
   | to avoid that.                                                        |
   |                                                                       |
   | The rest of the attacks are fairly easy to avoid.  Blocking that      |
   | tackle with a reflector is pretty easy if you want a Fang.  The only  |
   | attacks that can be difficult to avoid is the tunneling tails move.   |
   | It's nearly impossible to block with a reflector, and double jumping  |
   | is useless.  Only sprinting at full speed seems to work consistently. |
   |                                                                       |
   | Luckily the boss' attack pattern is pretty predictable.  She'll       |
   | typically perform 2 attacks then raise her sword in the air, then     |
   | repeat the pattern.  One of those 2 attacks is usually a tackle       |
   | (attack #1), accompanied by either attack #2 or #3.  If she used #2   |
   | she'll likely use #3 in the next string of attacks, and vise versa.   |
   | Occasionally the boss will throw in a sword thrust or a tail whip,    |
   | but mostly she sticks to the first 3 attacks on my list.              |
   |                                                                       |
   | So just about every third move the boss raises her sword.  When that  |
   | happens use Thunderstorm on the sword (use the clouds as your         |
   | lightning source).  Zapping the sword makes the tails split into      |
   | several smaller tail spirits.  These little guys are unimpressive and |
   | easy to dispatch, but their numbers and speed can be overwhelming.    |
   | either use Mist to slow them and wear them down with attacks, or use  |
   | some Exorcism Slips to damage them all at once and keep them off      |
   | guard.  Better yet, use both.                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | There's one spirit that floats in the air above the rest.  As far as  |
   | I can tell this is the boss' own spirit, and it can't be damaged at   |
   | this stage.  Just focus on killing the grounded spirits.  After a     |
   | while the spirits will coalesce and reform the boss.  Just wait       |
   | through her attacks and Zap the sword again when you can.  Kill about |
   | 2 waves of the little spirits, and the only one left is the boss      |
   | herself.                                                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | With only one tail left and no mask, the boss can finally be damaged. |
   | Most of the boss' attacks are gone at this point, and she focuses on  |
   | tackling Ammy.  The tackles are easy to block, but they're faster,    |
   | than before so be careful.  The boss still raises her sword, and you  |
   | can shock her for some damage.  After a tackle the boss sometimes     |
   | turns black and white.  Use this opportunity to wail on the boss with |
   | everything you got, including Slashes, Bombs, Firebursts, and Gold    |
   | Dusted weapons.  Use Mist throughout this final section of the fight  |
   | to damage the boss more quickly and send her packing.                 |

**BLADE OF KUSANAGI**  A sparkling new glaive is your reward for victory.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  3383

5.30) Backtracking 101                                #BT101
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Gimmick Gear          *Pearl             *Kutani Pottery |
| *White Porcelain Pot  Crystal               *Bull Statue |
| Godly Charm           Stray Bead #26             Crystal |
| *Stray Bead #40       Kutani Pottery      Stray Bead #45 |
| Pearl                 Inkfinity Stone     Coral Fragment |
| Coral Fragment        Glass Beads                  Pearl |
| Steel Soul Sake       Snake Statue           Wooden Bear |
| Mermaid Coin          Bull Horn          Lacquerware Set |
| Glass Beads           Coral Fragment    Traveler's Charm |
| Vengeance Slip        Exorcism Slip S     Dragonfly Bead |
| Coral Fragment        Mermaid Coin           Glass Beads |
| Gold Dust             [Thunderstorm Tech] Stray Bead #56 |
| [Watersprout Tech 2]  Stray Bead #50               Pearl |
| Coral Fragment        Crystal                  Bull Horn |
| Crystal               Coral Fragment         Godly Charm |
| Bull Horn             Stray Bead #66      Stray Bead #73 |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 896 total                                                |
|    80 from 2 races with Ida                              |
|    120 from 3 races with Hayate                          |
|    50 from helping Gen                                   |
|    50 from restoring Camille's faith                     |
|    20 from aging Urashima                                |
|    60 from 2 Devil Gates                                 |
|    25 from Blooming 5 dead trees                         |
|    425 from 16 clovers                                   |
|    66 from 3 groups of animals                           |
|       2 hares (88%)                                      |
|       1 monkeys (81%)                                    |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Thunderbolt           Deluge                             |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Water Tablet          Trinity Mirror                     |

After several scenes Waka marks your next destination.  I know you've been
aching to do some side-questing so let's start with the most important thing
first.  Run to the Mermaid Spring in N. Ryoshima (near the Kabegami statue to
the east) and warp to Sei-an.  Enter the Imperial Palace, and trade some Fangs
with the Emperor.  He has a cool new item now.

==WATER TABLET==  Trade for 100 Fangs.  This will make future travel much
easier, and reaching some loot requires this artifact.  Besides, there's
nothing more godlike than walking on water, so buy it now.

That's the last of the artifacts you can buy with Fangs.  So if you've bought
all the artifacts and been collecting Fangs like crazy (like me) you can slow
the collecting now.  On the other hand, you can always trade in your Fangs for
Godly Charms and Golden Peaches, which will come in handy for some tough
battles later.  So keep collecting Fangs, just not as seriously.

Use the Mermaid Spring again to warp to Shinshu Field.

Find Ida again as he sprints around the Shinshu circuit.  Time for more racing.
This time Ida cuts some corners, so it can take a bit longer to catch up to
him.  Ida also drops little obstacle behind him that can slow Ammy down.  Just
don't run directly behind him and you should be fine.

++30 PRAISE++  For winning Ida's second race.

Ida won't race you again until time changes from day to night or vise versa.
Change the time of day with your Brush, then challenge Ida a third time.  This
race is a lot like the last, but Ida drops more little orbs.  Catch him again
by cutting corners.

**GIMMICK GEAR**  This item is your reward for beating Ida a third time.

++50 PRAISE++  Ida also praises you for beating him.

North of Ida's starting line, near a wall that you Bombed ages ago, is a
Kabegami statue.  Catwalk up the cliff there.  Northwest along the high ledge
is a Devil Gate.

++30 PRAISE++  Kill some Blue Imps (Galestorm) and Red Imps (Power Slash)
inside the Devil Gate.

++8 PRAISE++  Feed the hares (81%) where the Devil Gate stood.

**PEARL**  West of the hares is a triangle of shrubs with a buried chest

++30 PRAISE++  Northeast of the chest is a clover.

Head southeast and follow the path to another Devil Gate.

++30 PRAISE++  Kill the Red and Black Imps (Power Slash) in the Devil Gate.

++10 PRAISE++  Feed the hares (88%) where the Devil Gate stood.

++30 PRAISE++  East of the hares along the cliff's edge is a clover.

**KUTANI POTTERY**  South of the clover is a triangle of shrubs with buried

**WHITE PORCELAIN POT**  Buried west of the last chest, on the other side of
the path.

Approach the strange building on the cliff to the southwest.

**CRYSTAL**  Beside the building is a chest.

While your here use Thunderstorm to zap the rod on top of the building.  This
opens the building and gives you access to the next area, but don't enter just
yet.  There's plenty more to do before we progress with the story.

hop down to the lower part of Shinshu and back toward the Sapling.  Southwest
of the Mirror is a hard dig spot.

++20 PRAISE++  Dig up the clover here and Bloom it.

There's one more clover in Shinshu, but you have to approach it from Agata.
Warp there from the Mermaid Spring, then take the exit near the Spring back
to Shinshu.

++20 PRAISE++  There's a clover buried in some hard dirt here.

Back to Agata.  There's new stuff here as well.

++20 PRAISE++  Northwest of the Mermaid spring is a clover buried in hard dirt.

**BULL STATUE**  Buried in some hard dirt near the entrance to Tsuta.

North from there, near where you dug up a stray bead ages ago, there's a
cracked wall.  Bomb it if you didn't before, and use the Kabegami statue inside
to Catwalk up the tower.

++30 PRAISE++  Bloom the clover atop the tower inside the cave.

Beside the raging river where you built the bridge is an iron rock.

++40 PRAISE++  Slash the iron rock and Bloom a clover.

With your Water Tablet equipped run up the river against the current.

++50 PRAISE++  Near the source of the river is a small ledge with a clover.

On to Taka Pass.

++40 PRAISE++  On the higher area past the cave, near some horses, is an iron
rock to Slash.  A clover's underneath.

++30 PRAISE++  East of the Mermaid Spring is a Kabegami statue.  Use it to
catwalk up to a clover.

Over near Bingo is a mound of hard dirt to dig through.  Fall down to another

++14 PRAISE++  The usual 4 trees to Bloom.

++48 PRAISE++  There's a huge group of monkeys (81%) to feed.

++30 PRAISE++  3 clovers to Bloom.

There are 3 chests in this grotto:

**STRAY BEAD #26**

Back to City Checkpoint.

Hop in the river, and with your Water Tablet run upstream to a small island.

++5 PRAISE++  A clover on the island.

**STRAY BEAD #40**  Buried near the clover.

++11 PRAISE++  From Blooming a dead tree on the island.

Back to Ryoshima.

Hop in the lake to the north as you enter, and use a Kabegami statue to climb
the tower in the middle of the lake.

**KUTANI POTTERY**  Atop the tower is a chest.

Run north toward the Sapling, and jump up past some of the ponds you

++40 PRAISE++  There's a clover beneath an iron rock next to the second pond.

++40 PRAISE++  On the eastern most part of the beach is another iron rock with
a clover beneath it.

If you got the Wanted List from Masu earlier this is a good time to take care
of it.  Make sure it's nighttime.  Here are the 5 locations of the wanted

1)  Along the beach south of the grove.

2)  On the beach beside the Animal Lover.

3)  In the courtyard near the large bell.

4)  Before the cave leading to the Sapling, near some cows.

5)  Near the Origin Mirror.

While you were running around you may have notice a guy named Hayate running
around the beach  talk to him to challenge him to a race.  This is exactly like
racing Ida, so race him 3 times total.  Advance time between each race by
drawing a Sunrise or a Crescent.  If the demon scrolls are getting in the way
use the Peace Bell.

++30 PRAISE++  From the first race.

++40 PRAISE++  From race #2.

++50 PRAISE++  The last race.

**STRAY BEAD #45**  Hayate hands this over for defeating him.

Remember how I said there were lots of clamshells left in Ryoshima?  Well, now
that we have the Water Tablet it's time to start collecting.

**PEARL**  South of the island with the dojo, the side of the island is
cracked.  Bomb the crack then open the shell inside.

Several other clamshells are scattered among the rocks out at sea.  The
southern most rock formation has 2 shells, 1 in the water, and one on the


The rock formation near the Sunken Ship has 2 more shells.


**PEARL**  There's a small rock formation north of there that is fully
submerged.  It doesn't appear on the map, but there's a shell there.

The largest rock formation (the one with the rope) has 3 shells between
the two peaks.


The eastern most rock formation has 2 shells.


**LACQUERWARE SET**  Northwest from there is another submerged rock with 1

The rock formation west from the last one has 3 shells.


**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Northwest from there is one last submerged rock with 1

That's all the rock formations, but there are still a few shells along the
shoreline of the mainland.

**EXORCISM SLIP S**  Where the cliff meets the wooden fence in the water to the

**DRAGONFLY BEAD**  West of the last shell, near a power spring.

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  West from the last shell, below the fisherman on the cliff.

**MERMAID COIN**  Below the stone arch beneath the Moon Turret.

**GLASS BEADS**  North from there toward the beach near the power spring.

That's all for this coastal region, so move on to Sei-an City.

==TRINITY MIRROR==  You can buy a new reflector from the Weapon Dealer while
you're here.

During the day Masu is wandering around the entrance to the Aristocratic Qrt.
so drop off the finished Wanted List.

**GOLD DUST**  Masu rewards you for your assassinations.

Cross the bridge to the Aristocratic Qrt. and head to the clock tower.  There
are some Kabegami statues here, so Catwalk to the top of the tower.  Inside
talk to Gen and hand over the Gimmick Gear.  Talk to Gen again, and when you
are prompted draw a lightning bolt.  The shape you need to draw is outlined
with dotted lines.  You don't need to fit those lines exactly, but you do need
to make that bolt shape with one Brushstroke.  Also make the angles pointed,
not rounded, or it won't work.

>>THUNDERBOLT<<  Helping Gen earns you this upgrade to your Thunderstorm.

++50 PRAISE++  Gen also praises you.

**[THUNDERSTORM TECH]**  A chest appears with this scroll.

**STRAY BEAD #56**  Zap the chest near Gen to open it.

Back outside return to Himiko's Palace.  Behind the building is a Handmaiden
standing near a small pool.  As the Handmaiden suggests, Watersprout Himiko's
grave.  See those 4 rocks in the distance to the north?  Sprinkle water on all

>>DELUGE<<  Watering Himiko's grave grants you this upgrade to Watersprout.

**[WATERSPROUT TECH 2]**  A chest appears near the pool with this scroll.

Run back to the Commoner's Qrt.  To the west near Mr. Chic's kimono shop are
Camille and Camellia (as long as you tackled Camille in Kamiki a long time
ago).  Talk to them a couple times, then paint a tree like Camille suggests.
Just paint a dot on the ground.  Talk to the two girls again, then paint
another tree followed by a Deluge.

++50 PRAISE++  For restoring Camille's faith in gods.

**STRAY BEAD #50**  Talk to Camellia for this bead.

Done with Sei-an for now, so return to N. Ryoshima where we began this section.

There are some clamshells out at sea in this area too.  They're a bit harder to
spot so look closely for the submerged rocks.  Technically you could have
collected these earlier with Orca, but jumping on and off him is a pain.

**PEARL**  Hop down to the water to the west as you enter the area.  There's a
submerged rock with a shell on it.

**CORAL FRAGMENT**  West from there is another submerged rock with a shell.

**CRYSTAL**  On the west side of Watcher's Cape is a submerged rock and shell.

**BULL HORN**  Between the middle and northern island on the west side of the
sea there is another submerged rock with a shell.

Between the 2 northern islands is a large submerged rock with 2 submerged


**GODLY CHARM**  Between the eastern island and the catcall island is a rock
with a shell.

**BULL HORN**  North of the island with the Sapling is a final submerged rock
and shell.

Find Urashima again (the bullied kid) and hand him the Treasure Box

++20 PRAISE++  Aging Urashima nets you praise.

**STRAY BEAD #66**  The old couple also rewards you with a bead.

Done with N. Ryoshima, so either ride Orca back to the Dragon Palace, or warp

**STRAY BEAD #73**  Talk to Queen Otohime for this bead.

Whew!  That was some side-questing.  When you're ready to continue the story
warp to Shinshu and enter the strange building on the cliff.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  4279

5.31) Kamui                                           #KAMUI
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Pearl              *Etched Glass     White Porcelain Pot |
| *Stray Bead #74    Holy Bone M x3        [Cherry Bomb 3] |
| Gold Dust          Stray Bead #78    Silver Pocket Watch |
| *Amber Tassels     *Stray Bead #77             Gold Dust |
| Vengeance Slip     [Tribe of the Moon]   Exorcism Slip L |
| Stray Bead #75     *Crystal                *Golden Peach |
| Stray Bead #76     Amethyst Tassels                      |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 774 total                                                |
|    50 from Yoichi's epiphany                             |
|    50 from Blooming the Sapling                          |
|    50 from Blockhead Grande                              |
|    100 from 2 Devil Gates                                |
|    26 from Blooming 6 dead trees                         |
|    390 from 12 clovers                                   |
|    108 from 12 groups of animals                         |
|       2 sheep (31%)                                      |
|       1 foxes (100%)                                     |
|       2 cranes (50%)                                     |
|       6 bears (66%)                                      |
|       1 hares (91%)                                      |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Cherry Bomb 3                                            |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Scallop            Sea Horse                    Monkfish |
| Octopus            Yellowtail                Flying Fish |
| Squid              Supreme Tuna                  Oarfish |
| Sword Dance        Counter Dodge             Holy Falcon |
| 4 Shears           Bead String                  Hardhead |

Run through the tunnels to the snowy area at the end.  Run down the snowy path,
saving at the Mirror on the left, and battle some new enemies:  Namahage and
Blade Namahage (Galestorm).  They're just fancy versions of Green and Red Imps
respectively, so treat them just the same.

Enter the hut to the west, and watch a scene.  Leave the hut for a  mini-boss

<< Mini-Boss #9                                                       #MNBS9 >>
   | Stage 1 (humanoid form)                                               |
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) *Icicle Toss                                                       |
   | 2) Ice Breath                                                         |
   | 3) Overhead Slash                                                     |
   | 4) Side Slash                                                         |
   | 5) Lunge                                                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | Like the previous mini-boss, keep your distance and this boss will    |
   | likely only toss icicles.  This is pretty much exactly like the last  |
   | mini-boss' throwing daggers with one exception: they can be Slashed   |
   | back at the boss.  This causes the boss to turn black and white,      |
   | allowing you to hack at him.                                          |
   |                                                                       |
   | Once again, it's pretty easy to block the icicles with a reflector,   |
   | so block 4 of them and Slash the 5th.  Using the torches around the   |
   | area to ignite the boss makes the opening last longer.  Use Mist as   |
   | well to maximize your opening.  This Stage of the battle shouldn't    |
   | last long.                                                            |
   |                                                                       |
   | Note that if you get hit with any of these attacks Ammy will be       |
   | temporarily frozen in a block of ice.  Slash the ice to break it, or  |
   | melt it with fire from the torches.                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | Stage 2 (canine form)                                                 |
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Icicle Toss                                                        |
   | 2) Sword Swing                                                        |
   | 3) Spinning Dive                                                      |
   | 4) Tackle                                                             |
   | 5) 3 Hit Combo                                                        |
   | 6) 5 Hit Flurry                                                       |
   | 7) 2 Ice Clones                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   | The icicle toss is different this time: bigger and faster icicles,    |
   | and they can't be Slashed back at the boss.  They can be broken with  |
   | Slashes, however, which is the best way of avoiding that attack.  The |
   | rest are pretty easy to dodge.                                        |
   |                                                                       |
   | Like the previous canines this boss pauses briefly after most         |
   | attacks, so Mist him and hit him while he's recovering.  Using the    |
   | torches to Inferno the boss doesn't damage the boss, but it makes him |
   | pause and stop attacking.  Use that to your advantage.  Also like     |
   | the previous canines, damage the boss rapidly enough and he will turn |
   | black and white for a moment.  Mist him and wail away.                |
   |                                                                       |
   | After the boss has taken some damage he may split apart, creating 2   |
   | clones of himself.  These clones have the same attacks as the boss,   |
   | and dealing with 3 of these guys at once can get hectic.  The good    |
   | news is the clones are pretty fragile, so kill them first.  Slash     |
   | them to make them dizzy, then shatter them with a hit or two.         |
   | Exorcism Slips are also a good way to keep them at bay.               |
   |                                                                       |
   | When the clones are gone keep attacking the boss like you did before  |
   | until he's dead.  Having the Golden Ink Pot equipped is a good idea,  |
   | since you'll probably be using lots of Slashes, Infernos, and Mist.   |
   | Use an Inkfinity Stone if you start running low.                      |

Walk through the archway to the northeast.  Cursed zones block every path but
to the east, so go there.  Nothing's in Yoichi's hut, so talk to Yoichi.  This
time Thunderstorm his arrow in mid-flight to make the Sapling appear.

++50 PRAISE++  Yoichi praises you for showing him his purpose.

++50 PRAISE++  Look north and Bloom the Sapling from afar.

++12 PRAISE++  Near Yoichi's hut is a group of sheep (15%).  They like herbs.

**PEARL**  Melt a chest on the other side of Yoichi's hut.

You may notice that Demon Scrolls are wandering about now.  You can avoid them,
but you may want to get acquainted with the new Namahage enemies.

Bucket Namahage (Cherry Bomb) are upgraded Yellow Imps.  They can hurt Ammy
from underground, so avoid them as they burrow.  Kill them when they pop up.

Umbrella Namahage (Galestorm) are just like Blue Imps, so ground them with a
Brush technique then kill them.

Lastly, Cannon Namahage (Galestorm) are like Black Imps with orbiting masks
instead of skulls.  Take the time to Slash the masks, because you won't have
time to kill the Namahage before the masks hurt you.  Each mask takes 2 Slashes
so be patient.  You can also try Misting them to slow their masks then killing
them.  In any case, focus on killing them first when they appear in a group.

++9 PRAISE++  Keep heading east and feed the foxes (100%) between the cliffs.

Kamui Fishing Spot
- East from here you'll find Kokari and Ume fishing.  Time to finish that Fish
Tome.  This is the last fishing spot, so if you've caught all the fish up to
this point just fish until your Tome is full.  Here's what I've caught here:



==MONKFISH== Night only



==FLYING FISH== Night only



==OARFISH== Night only

- With the cloud cover it can be hard to tell the time of day.  I had to
estimate judging by how long ago I had draw a Sunrise or a Crescent.  Still,
there doesn't seem to be anything specific to the daytime, so just keep drawing

- Marlin can also be caught here, but since we caught the one in N. Ryoshima I
didn't list it.  Blowfish are also here, and they seem easier to find than in
N. Ryoshima.

- The Oarfish and the Supreme Tuna are even harder to reel in than the Marlin
since the green area on the gauge is even shorter.  Just make small adjustments
to the analog stick, and be patient.

++12 PRAISE++  Feed the cranes (25%) north of Kokari some fish.

**ETCHED GLASS**  Buried among the cranes.

**WHITE PORCELAIN POT**  Melt the chest south of Kokari.

**STRAY BEAD #74**  Buried in the fenced area to the south next to a pile of

Enter the dojo to the far east.  Time to teach this old dog some new tricks.

==SWORD DANCE==  Of the new moves the Sensei offers, I like this ability best.
Glaives are powerful enough, but this will make them ever more so.

**HOLY BONE M**  Hack the dummy with 2 glaives equipped, and Sensei forks this

==COUNTER DODGE==  This will make Fleetfoot invaluable, allowing you to damage
enemies with a dodge.

==HOLY FALCON==  This makes double jumps do damage.  Great for damaging those
hard to reach aerial enemies.

==4 SHEARS==  Adds a hit to the glaive combo.  Buy now it if you like glaives.

**HOLY BONE M**  Combo until Sensei is satisfied.

==BEAD STRING==  Increase damage for rosaries.  A nice boost if you like
rosaries, I guess, but I never use it.  Buy it for completeness.

**HOLY BONE M**  Hit the dummy with 2 rosaries equipped and Sensei throws you a

==HARDHEAD==  Not all that useful, since you can break things with Slashes
instead of your head.  Get it anyway for completeness.

You probably still don't have enough to buy Brown Rage, so I'll list that later
on.  Exit the dojo, return to Yoichi's hut, and backtrack toward the clearing
where you fought the mini-boss.  Run all the way past the Origin Mirror toward
the building where you entered Kamui.

++10 PRAISE++  Feed some fish to the bears (13%) in the snow north of the

Back near Yoichi's hut, continue north.  You'll fight a new enemy along the
way: Igloo Turtle (Inferno).  Hack at them like Bud Ogres or Chimeras until
they collapse.  Use the fire on the tail to melt the igloo, then wail on the
exposed core.  Fire makes the Igloo drop Fangs, but the tail is burnt out at
that point.  Use Fireburst.

Follow the path north.

++5 PRAISE++  Near a sign is a bear (20%).

++40 PRAISE++  Beside the bear is an iron rock with a clover beneath it.

East of the bear is a Blossom you can use to Vine up to the Sapling.

++30 PRAISE++  Dig up a clover beside the Sapling.

Bomb the cracked wall behind the Sapling, then draw 2 Bombs at once to break
through the cracked ground beyond.  Fall down the new hole to another grotto.

++14 PRAISE++  Bloom the usual 4 trees.

++90 PRAISE++  3 clovers here too.

>>CHERRY BOMB 3<<  Donate a total of 300,000 yen to the spring to get this
upgrade.  Again, drawing 3 Bombs at once is not all that useful, so come back
later if you don't have the yen to spare.

**[CHERRY BOMB 3]**  A chest appears near the spring with this scroll.

Return to the surface and back to the bear.  Head west to the frozen lake.
There's a merchant near the lake with nothing special.  To the south, in the
middle of the frozen lake is an island.

++30 PRAISE++  Dig up a clover on the island.

++15 PRAISE++  Feed the group of bears (40%) near the island.

On the island is a hard dig spot, so dig through and fall to a grotto.

++12 PRAISE++  Only 2 trees to Bloom here.

++90 PRAISE++  From 3 more clovers.

Near the spring is a familiar character with some unexpected upgrades.

Blockhead Grande
Objective:  Strike the Blockhead's 8 weak points.

- As usual, tackle the blockhead to reveal his weak points.  There's a total
of 8 points this time, which can be very hard to remember.  Welcome to the most
frustrating task in this game.

- Other guides will suggest many different strategies to defeating this guy
including snapshots, video recording, drawing on paper overlays, drawing lines
on the screen with dry-erase markers, or teaming up with your friends to
remember different points.  All of these are great strategies, and you can
check out the other guides for more details.

- Unfortunately I have none of the required tools for these strategies.  I have
no camera or recording equipment, no dry-erase markers or transparent paper,
and no friends who'd come over at 2am just to help me with this video game.  If
you're like me you'll have to defeat Blockhead Grande the old fashioned way:
pure memory.

- The best advice I can give is to just be patient.  If you don't get it on the
first, second, or 30th try, just keep trying.  The Blockhead likes to scatter
his weak points all over, making memorization difficult, but eventually he will
reveal a small, simple, easily memorable pattern.  When the weak points start
appearing close together, that's your best opportunity.

- On my first play-through it took about 30 tries to get a pattern easy enough
to memorize.  On my second play-through it only took 2.  I wish I could offer
more help.  Best of luck to you, and yes, you can do it!  I believe in you.

++50 PRAISE++ When Blockhead Grande crumbles he relinquishes praise, and 3
chests appear.

The three chests contain the following:

**STRAY BEAD #78**

Return to the surface and continue north.  The west shore of the frozen lake
holds a Devil Gate.

++50 PRAISE++  Kill some Blade Namahage (Galestorm) and a Bucket Namahage
(Cherry Bomb) inside the Gate to restore a Mermaid Spring.

**AMBER TASSELS**  West side of the Spring is small patch of snowy land with a
buried treasure.

**STRAY BEAD #77**  Northeast of the Spring is a buried chest near a rock.

Northwest of the Spring is a small hut, so enter it and talk to Wali until he
gives you his hit-list.  Back outside make sure it's nighttime and start
hunting those monsters.  Here are the five locations:

1) Right outside Wali's hut.

2) Follow the frozen river to its northern most extreme, east of the ramp to

3) The northeast section of the map, near some bears and the entrance to

4) Across the frozen lake east of Wali's hut.

5) On the lake northeast of the Blockhead hole. 

**GOLD DUST**  Return to Wali with the completed hit-list

++12 PRAISE++  Outside near Wali's hut is a group of sheep (31%).

On the east side of the frozen river, north of Wali's hut is a Devil Gate.

++50 PRAISE++  Kill some Blade Namahage (Galestorm) and an Igloo Turtle
(Inferno) inside the Gate to restore some foliage.

++4 PRAISE++  North of there is a bridge, under which is a group of hares

West from the bridge is a cave, so enter it.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Melt a chest to your left as the cave opens up.

**[TRIBE OF THE MOON]**  Jump over the chasm to the island with the chest.

**EXORCISM SLIP L**  Jump further across the chasm to an opening, and melt the
chest there.

++5 PRAISE++  Run down to the end of the cave where there's a bear (46%) next
to a diamond rock.

++30 PRAISE++  Return to the chasm and jump to the ledge that's against the
wall.  Bloom a clover here.

++5 PRAISE++  Jump from here to a second opening and follow it to a bear (53%)
at the end.

**STRAY BEAD #75**  Melt a chest near the bear.

Exit the cave and return to the bridge with the hares.

++40 PRAISE++  East along the path is an iron rock with a clover beneath it.

**CRYSTAL**  Buried to the east near a pillar.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  Buried to the northeast next to another pillar.

++10 PRAISE++  Feed some more bears (66%) between the pillars.

Return to the bridge again, and follow the path north toward Wep'keer.  Don't
leave Kamui yet.  Right before the exit to Wep'keer jump down to a platform to
the east.

++40 PRAISE++  Dig up a clover here.

**STRAY BEAD #76**  Drop down from the clover and open a chest.

There's a wall to Bomb to the north, but we'll deal with that later.  Follow
the ice south and drop down to another level of ice.

++9 PRAISE++  Feed some cranes (50%) here.

**AMETHYST TASSELS**  Open a chest near the cranes.

Return to the bridge once again, then run up the path and exit to Wep'keer.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  5053

5.32) Wep'keer                                        #WP'KR
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| *Jade Tassels        *Stray Bead #80       *Etched Glass |
| Stray Bead #81       *Stray Bead #82        Sun Fragment |
| *Kutani Pottery      Crystal         White Porcelain Pot |
| Exorcism Slip M      *Stray Bead #83                     |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 240 total                                                |
|    50 from snowball rolling                              |
|    120 from 4 clovers                                    |
|    70 from 7 groups of animals                           |
|       1 hares (95%)                                      |
|       1 cranes (71%)                                     |
|       3 sheep (84%)                                      |
|       2 bear (86%)                                       |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Resurrection Beads   Gold Dust x2                        |

Save at the mirror to the west.  East across the ice from the Mirror is a large
igloo.  You can't enter any of the buildings here yet, so don't bother.

++6 PRAISE++  South of the igloo is a group of hares (95%).

**JADE TASSELS**  Buried near the rabbits.

++30 PRAISE++  In the middle of the ice is an island with 4 torches and a
clover to Bloom.

++9 PRAISE++  Head up the stairs north of the igloo and feed some cranes (71%).

**STRAY BEAD #80**  Buried near the cranes.

++30 PRAISE++  Cross the wooden plank to an island to the east, and Bloom a

**ETCHED GLASS**  Back down the stairs there is another igloo to the north.
Buried to the east of the building is a chest.

West from there is an abandoned merchant kiosk, so go up the stairs behind it.
Take the east fork down, past another igloo, and east toward a small lake.

++16 PRAISE++  Feed some sheep (52%) here.

++30 PRAISE++  Dig up a clover near the lake.

++5 PRAISE++  Back west and slightly south is a small alcove with a bear (73%).

**STRAY BEAD #81**  Open the chest behind the bear.

Return to the top of the stairs behind the merchant kiosk, and take the western
stairs up.  There is a landing with a door you can't go through, so continue up
the stairs to the south.

++12 PRAISE++  Feed the sheep (68%) at the top.

**STRAY BEAD #82**  Buried north of the sheep.

++12 PRAISE++  Run south from the sheep, across a bridge, and feed another
group of sheep (84%).

++30 PRAISE++  Bloom a clover among the sheep.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  Hop off the side of the previous bridge, and open a chest
underneath it.

Return to the top of the stairs where you fed some sheep, and follow the narrow
ice bridge east.  At the next landing is another building you can't enter, so
turn north and follow the second ice bridge to the end.

++10 PRAISE++  West is a fenced garden with some bears (86%).

**KUTANI POTTERY**  Buried between the bears.

Talk to Samickle at the nearby building.  The game won't let you do anything
more, so try to leave the village entirely.  Watch a scene and keep talking
to Kai until she tells you to leave.  Outside her house run back up the ice
bridges to the elder's house.  Talk to Kemu until he tells you your mission.

The town will open it's doors to you now, so enter the doors with the snowballs
north of Kai's house.  Inside Otter Mask tells you about your next mini-game.

Snowball Rolling
Objective:  Build a HUGE snowball.

- Push the snowball, rolling it over the lumps of snow on the ground.  Each
lump of snow adds to the snowball's size.

- Avoid the campfires scattered around the area.  They will melt your ball and
set you back.  Water also melts the snowball so avoid the pond as well.  The
ice chests here can freeze Ammy if he touches them, so either avoid them or
open them.

- The ball really has to be huge for Otter boy to accept it.  To give you an
idea, there is a large rock on the wall to the west as you enter.  The snowball
should be about as tall as that.

++50 PRAISE++  Roll the ball over to Otter Mask and talk to him for some

There are 3 ice chests to melt around the perimeter of this area:


**STRAY BEAD #83**  Buried in the southern tip of the area

Back out in the town, the merchant is now open, so do some shopping.

==RESURRECTION BEADS==  Buy some new rosaries if you like.

==GOLD DUST X2==  And buy some more Dust to upgrade those weapons.

OK, you want to go to Yoshpet now, but we need an amulet to get in.  Run up
the various paths to the elder's house, then run north past the house to

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  5293

5.33) Ezofuji                                         #EZFJI
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| [Another Civilization] [Power Slash 3]         Sewaprolo |
| *Stray Bead #86        Sun Fragment       Stray Bead #85 |
| Stray Bead #84         Etched Glass       Stray Bead #87 |
| White Porcelain Pot    Silver Pocket Watch               |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 441 total                                                |
|    14 from Blooming 4 dead trees                         |
|    360 from 10 clovers                                   |
|    67 from 7 groups of animals                           |
|       1 raccoons (100%)                                  |
|       2 bear (100%)                                      |
|       2 monkeys (100%)                                   |
|       1 cranes (100%)                                    |
|       1 sheep (100%)                                     |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Power Slash 3                                            |

Run north and save at the Mirror.

**[ANOTHER CIVILIZATION]**  Open the chest beside the Mirror.

Ignore the lake for now and run up the path on the western side of the area.

++9 PRAISE++  Feed some raccoons (100%) along the way.

++5 PRAISE++  Feed a bear (93%) a little further along.

Where the path turns east past the bear, jump down of the path to a snowy

++9 PRAISE++  Feed some monkeys (88%) here.

Break the iron rock here and drop down to a grotto.

++14 PRAISE++  The usual 4 trees.

++90 PRAISE++  And the usual 3 clovers.

>>POWER SLASH 3<<  Donate a total of 360,000 yen to get this upgrade.  Now we
can Slash diamond rocks.

**[POWER SLASH 3]**  A chest appears near the spring with this scroll.

++50 PRAISE++  Back on the surface break a diamond rock near the monkeys and
Bloom a clover.

Jump down from the ledge to the frozen lake, and skate along the western edge.

++12 PRAISE++  In the south west corner of the lake feed some cranes (100%).

Climb back up the western path, and enter the hut at the northern end.  Talk
to Tuskle several times.

**SEWAPROLO**  Tuskle hands over the amulet.

Back outside look out over the edge to the east.  There's a Blossom there, so
Vine to it and hop down to another snowy ledge on the north side of the lake.

++80 PRAISE++  Bloom 2 clover here.

**STRAY BEAD #86**  And dig up a buried chest near the clovers.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  Vine to a Blossom to the north, and open a chest on a higher

++30 PRAISE++  Run east along the ledge to find a clover at the end.

**STRAY BEAD #85**  Buried next to that clover.

Back at the ledge with the 2 clovers, drop down to the east.

++12 PRAISE++  Feed some sheep (100%) here.

++30 PRAISE++ A clover near the sheep.

Drop down to the lake and this time skate the north and east edges.  To the far
east Vine up to a Blossom and jump to a ledge with 2 chests.

**STRAY BEAD #84**  Use the fiery chest to melt the ice chest.

**ETCHED GLASS**  Use Galestorm to extinguish the fiery chest.

Use a Blossom to the northwest to Vine over to another ledge.

++15 PRAISE++  Feed the monkeys (100%).

++30 PRAISE++  And Bloom a clover.

Return to Wep'keer and run to the southern entrance.  Talk to Kai until she
runs away.  Use the Ultimate Mirror here to warp back to a secret area in

++5 PRAISE++  Feed a bear (100%) to the east.

Open 3 chests behind the bear.

**STRAY BEAD #87**

Warp back to Wep'keer and exit south to Kamui.  While you're here return to
the cave on the west side of the area and destroy a diamond rock beside a bear.

++50 PRAISE++  Bloom a clover beneath the rock.

Now run to the northeast part of Kamui.  Along the way you'll fight a new
enemy: Bull Charger (Inferno).  Treat them like Ogres and attack them from the
sides and behind.  He'll go down fast so Fireburst him when he's dead for some

Keep heading east to Yoshpet.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  5734

5.34) Yoshpet                                         #YSHPT
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Crystal               Pearl                  Holy Bone S |
| Cat's Eye Tassels     Holy Bone M            Godly Charm |
| White Porcelain Pot   Stray Bead #88        Etched Glass |
| Kutani Pottery        Steel Soul Sake    *Stray Bead #89 |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 135 total                                                |
|    96 from 32 fruit-chuckers                             |
|    12 from Blooming 2 dead trees                         |
|    27 from 3 groups of animals                           |
|       1 deer (100%)                                      |
|       1 hares (100%)                                     |
|       1 boar (100%) and boar piglets (100%)              |

Run forward, talk to Waka, then save at the nearby Mirror.  Talk to Kai to
start your expedition.

Yoshpet is pretty annoying.  There's no map to keep your bearings, and thus no
cardinal directions for me to give.  The areas are also too complex for me to
map in ASCII (and don't think I didn't try).  Luckily the path is fairly linear
and separated into convenient sections.

Don't worry too much about the time limit.  If it expires you just have to
start over again.  It's annoying but it still pays to take your time searching
Yoshpet for loot.

Section 1
Follow Kai, and jump through the hole in the bramble wall.

**CRYSTAL**  Open a chest just past the first bramble wall.

Hop through some more brambles to the first open area with a dozen fruit-
chuckers (remember them?).  Kai runs a zigzag around the area, going left,
then right, then straight, but you don't have to follow her.

++36 PRAISE++  Take the time to find all 12 fruit-chuckers in this area.  Slash
the projectiles and Bloom them.

**PEARL** A chest sits in the middle of this area.

Watch for those ice rocks on the ground.  Touching them will freeze Ammy.
Follow Kai to the next area.  This is a large room of ice with snowy islands.
Follow Kai as she jumps across the islands.

++9 PRAISE++  3 fruit-chuckers in this area.

**HOLY BONE S**  And a chest sits near the third tree.

Past the ice, hop through another bramble wall to a short hall.

++6 PRAISE++  Bloom 2 fruit-chuckers here.

Hop through some brambles to a fork in the road.  Kai heads right, but you
should go left.

**CAT'S EYE TASSELS**  Open the chest at the end of the path.

Return to the fork and follow Kai to the next section.  Just to recap, this
section had 4 chests and 17 Bloomable fruit-chuckers.

Section 2
Follow Kai down the path, dodging the icicles that fall from above.

**HOLY BONE M**  Open a chest along that path.

**GODLY CHARM**  Keep following Kai through some brambles and open a chest
along the way.

The room past the brambles is full of cursed murky water.  Jump along the
icy islands.

**WHITE PORCELAIN POT**  Open a chest on the first island.

++15 PRAISE++  Bloom 5 fruit-chuckers on the other side of the water.

**STRAY BEAD #88**  Follow the path down past the fruit-chuckers to a chest.

Past the chest is another fork in the road.  Kai heads left so you head right.

**ETCHED GLASS**  A chest waits at the dead end.

Return to the fork and follow Kai left to the next section.  To recap, this
section had 5 chests and 5 Bloomables.

Section 3
Run up the path, dodging the snowballs that roll down at you.  The next area
is a frozen lake with lots of ice rocks and fruit-chuckers.

++27 PRAISE++  9 fruit-chuckers in this area.

**KUTANI POTTERY**  Open a chest near the last tree.

Follow Kai through the next area, dodging the falling icicles and ice rocks.

**STEEL SOUL SAKE**  Open a chest along the way.

++3 PRAISE++  Bloom a lone fruit-chucker just past the chest.

Further along is another fork.  The sign points left and Kai goes that way, but
you should run down the path to the right.

**STRAY BEAD #89**  Dig up a buried chest at the dead end.

Return to the fork and follow Kai to the left.  Recap: this section had 3
chests and 10 Bloomables.

There's clearing here with a tree stump.  Ignore the stump for now and explore
the small area.

++12 PRAISE++  There are 2 dead trees to Bloom.

++12 PRAISE++  Feed some deer (100%) near the stump.

++6 PRAISE++  And some hares (100%) on the other side.

++9 PRAISE++  Behind the stump is a group of boars (100%) and boar piglets

Now approach the stump, watch a scene, agree to be hammered, and enter

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  5869

5.35) Ponc'tan                                        #PNCTN
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Stray Bead #91       Agate Tassels               Crystal |
| Vengeance Slip       Inkfinity Stone     Steel Fist Sake |
| Pearl                Kutani Pottery       Stray Bead #92 |
| Etched Glass                                             |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 60 total                                                 |
|    60 from 2 clovers                                     |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Eighth Wonder                                            |

Save at the Mirror to the west, then look up at lily to the northwest.  There
is a Blossom there that you can Vine to, but it may be hard to get a good
camera angle to draw the line.  Try jumping and drawing the line while you're
in the air.

**STRAY BEAD #91**  Open a chest on the lily.

Jump back down to the Mirror, then head a little down the path to the north. To
the east of the path is a Blossom, so Vine over and drop to a lily.

**AGATE TASSELS**  Open the chest on the lily.

Vine through a series of Blossoms to the northeast.  Once you land follow the
path east.

**CRYSTAL**  Open a chest along the way.

++30 PRAISE++  The field in eastern most part of the area holds a clover.

Take the path back west inside the first tree-house you encounter you can talk
to Miya and learn about the Spirit Gate.  Climb the path that spirals up around
Miya's tree-house.  At the top look over to the west at large mushroom.  Jump
over to the top of that mushroom.

++30 PRAISE++  Bloom a clover atop the central mushroom.

Jump of the mushroom to the west and continue west to another tree-house. A
merchant resides on the bottom floor, so talk to him.

==EIGHTH WONDER==  Buy a new glaive from this guy.

Back outside the shop, look up and to the south of the tree to find a Blossom.
again, it can be tough to see, but Vine up there and follow the ledge around
the tree.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  Open a chest on a ledge above the shop.

You can climb to the room at the top, but there's nothing special there.  Drop
back down to the bottom, then follow the path past the shop. Take the northern
fork to a landing with some weird vegetable sawhorses.

**INKFINITY STONE**  A chest near the sawhorses.

**STEEL FIST SAKE**  Now take the western fork and open a chest on the next

Vine over to the west and hop along the lilies there to a pond.

**PEARL**  A chest is near the pond.

**KUTANI POTTERY**  Use the power spring to climb to a high lily, and open a
chest there.

**STRAY BEAD #92**  Vine east to another lily and open a chest.

**ETCHED GLASS**  Vine through a series of Blossoms to the east, and open
another chest on a final lily.

From there look west, and Vine to a Blossom, near another treehouse.  Try to
pass the guards a couple times, and they will eventually let you in.  Talk to
Ishaku several times until he warns you about the Spirit Gate (he only mentions
it if you talked to Miya earlier).  

Back outside Ishaku's house, climb the path around the tree, using a power
spring to reach the top.  Vine west to a large hanging fruit-like house.  Enter
the fruit house and talk to Mrs. Seal.  She offers to make you a seal for the
low price of 99,999 yen.  It's not really that much, but she won't actually
take your money anyway.  Just agree and you get to design the seal for free.

Just like the mask, draw whatever you like.  Take your time or just scribble
something.  When you're done, leave Mrs. Seal's house and leave Ponc'tan.
After a scene take the exit behind the stump.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  5929

5.36) Inner Yoshpet                                   #INYSP
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Turquoise Tassels    Stray Bead #94         Etched Glass |
| White Porcelain Pot  Stray Bead #95       Stray Bead #96 |
| Inkfinity Stone      *Sun Fragment                       |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 79 total                                                 |
|    79 from Blooming 23 fruit-chuckers                    |

The second leg of the Yoshpet maze is just like the last except Issun leads
the way instead of Kai.  Head straight to the exit and agree to start the maze.

Section 1
Head straight through 2 bramble walls.  The holes in the walls move now, so be

**TURQUOISE TASSELS**  Before the third bramble wall is a chest.

Through the next brambles is a path of ice.

++12 PRAISE++  Bloom 4 fruit-chuckers along the icy path.

Next dodge some rolling snowballs.  Jumping is the best way to change direction
on the ice.

++3 PRAISE++  Bloom another fruit-chucker after the snowballs.

**STRAY BEAD #94**  Open a chest along the path just past that tree.

++6 PRAISE++  Bloom 2 more fruit-chuckers along the path before the next
bramble wall.

++6 PRAISE++  2 more fruit-chuckers before the next brambles.

Past the brambles is a fork.  Watch out for the Demon Scroll.  Avoid it or
you'll only waste time.  Take the right fork to the end.

**ETCHED GLASS** At the dead end is a chest.

Return to the fork and take the left fork out of this section.  Recap: this
section had 3 chests and 9 Bloomables.

Section 2
Pass through 2 bramble walls

++6 PRAISE++  In the next area watch for falling icicles, and bloom 2 fruit-

**WHITE PORCELAIN POT**  Then open a chest near a bramble wall.

Head through some more brambles to an area with cursed purple water.

++18 PRAISE++  Bloom 6 fruit-chuckers on 2 snowy islands in the purple water.

++6 PRAISE++  2 fruit-chucker on the other side of the water area.

Skate down the icy path to a fork with another Demon Scroll.  Take the left
path at the fork.

**STRAY BEAD #95**  A chest is at the dead end.

Return to the fork and take the right path to the next section.  Recap: 2
chests and 10 Bloomables.

Section 3
Run up the path, dodging snowballs and falling icicles.

++3 PRAISE++  Bloom a  fruit-chucker before the first bramble wall.

Hop through the brambles, avoid the Demon Scroll, and reach a large pit. 
Catwalk along the right wall.

**STRAY BEAD #96**  Drop to a ledge halfway across the pit and open a chest.

There's nothing on the opposite ledge, so just Catwalk to the end of the pit.

++6 PRAISE++  Bloom 2 fruit-chuckers across the pit.

**INKFINITY STONE**  Hop through some brambles and open a chest along the path.

++13 PRAISE++  Bloom a fruit-chucker near the chest.

Continue down the path, hop through some brambles, and avoid the Demon Scroll
near the fork.  Take the right-hand path.

**SUN FRAGMENT**   A chest is buried at the dead end.

Return to the fork and take the left path to the Spirit Gate.  Recap: 3 chests
and 4 Bloomables.

Save at the Mirror.

--NOTE--  Make sure you have Power Slash 2 before continuing or you'll miss out
on 120 praise.

Approach the Spirit Gate and watch a scene.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  6008

5.37) Spirit Gate                                     #SPTGT
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| *Kutani Pottery       Crystal        White Porcelain Pot |
| Etched Glass          *Pearl             *Kutani Pottery |
| Silver Pocket Watch   Exorcism Slip L       Etched Glass |
| 8 Purification Sake   Thunder Edge                       |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 413 total                                                |
|    43 from Blooming 23 dead trees                        |
|    360 from 11 clovers                                   |
|    10 from 1 group of animals                            |
|       10 from the "Hayabusa" dog (100%)                  |

--IMPORTANT-- You cannot return to any area within the Spirit Gate once you
leave, so all the items, animals, clovers, etc. are missable.  Be thorough!

Step forward, chat with "Shakuya" then continue down the path to the
intersection.  Take the eastern path up to the pond.

++4 PRAISE++  Bloom the 4 dead trees near the pond.

Talk to Mr. Grapefruit on the deck, if you want, then return to the
intersection.  Take the path down toward the village.

++4 PRAISE++  Bloom 4 trees along the way.

At the bottom of the path, enter Mr. Orange/Grapefruit's yard.

++1 PRAISE++  Bloom a tree in the yard.

**KUTANI POTTERY**  And dig up a chest in the same yard.

Northwest of there is an island in the water, so run across the water to the

++30 PRAISE++  Between two trees on the island is a clover.

Run back across the water to the village, and follow the path.

++1 PRAISE++  Between Mushi and Kushi's houses is a tree to Bloom.

Across the path, slightly northeast, is a Mushi-like boy who tries to hit you.
get too near him and he'll bonk you.

++10 PRAISE++  Feed the dog (100%) near the Mushi-like boy .  This is your only
chance!  Even those who are not as obsessive about treasure as I, feed this 
dog.  You can never complete the Animal Tome otherwise!

Southwest from there the Kushi-like figure hides in her house.

++1 PRIASE++  Bloom the dead tree near there, beside the rice field.

++1 PRIASE++  Beside the bridge is another tree to bloom.

++1 PRIASE++  And a tree along the bank northeast of there near the old woman.

The old woman (Mrs. Grapefruit) will surrender cherry cakes if your astral
pouch is low.  Bother her until she has no more,

++30 PRAISE++  Jump to the ledge west of the old woman, and Bloom a clover

**CRYSTAL**  Slash a chest in the river's bottom, east of the old woman and
north of the bridge.

Also Slash 2 underwater chests southwest of the bridge, near the lake.


++1 PRAISE++  A tree's near the bridge on the southeastern bank.

Save at the familiar Mirror near the bridge.  Yes, save.

++11 PRAISE++  Along the bank northeast of there is the 15th and final tree.

++30 PRAISE++  Sprint or swim to the familiar island northeast of there, and
Bloom the clover there.

The island northeast of there also holds loot, so sprint or swim there.  No
clover this time, but ...

**PEARL**  Dig up the chest behind the rock.

Return now to bridge and save at the Mirror.  Run to the nearby house and talk
to the sleeping Susano-like man.  Head but him, watch a scene, and prepare for

<< Mini-Boss #10                                                      #MBS10 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Dagger Throw                                                       |
   | 2) Sideways Slash                                                     |
   | 3) Overhead Slash                                                     |
   | 4) Sword Thrust                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   | This guy shouldn't pose much threat.  You've seen all these attacks   |
   | before since Mini-Boss #8.  In fact, this boss is much like that she- |
   | Devil.                                                                |
   |                                                                       |
   | As usual, the thrown daggers can be blocked, dodged, or Slashed away. |
   | They don't ricochet at the boss, so just use whatever strategy you're |
   | most comfortable with.  Once again, if you stay at range this attack  |
   | is about all you'll see.  The other close range attacks are easy to   |
   | block or dodge, but, again, the overhead slash is fast, so react      |
   | quickly.  Your new Counter Dodge ability may be useful if you like    |
   | dodging.                                                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | Basically the strategy is simple: Mist him into submission.  Keep a   |
   | constant Veil of Mist over the area and keep attacking.  The boss     |
   | will be kept reeling from your attacks and hardly get one of his own. |
   | After taking some hits the boss will try to roll away.  He can't be   |
   | damaged while he rolls, so just wait until he lands or use the time   |
   | to charge your glaive.  At the end of the roll, Mist him again, and   |
   | keep up the pressure until he's dead.  He can occasionally block      |
   | attacks with his own sword, but he wont do it often, so just stay on  |
   | offense.                                                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | After taking some damage he will also turn black and white.  If you   |
   | just keep wailing on him he'll probably be dead before recovering     |
   | from the opening, but you way want to throw in a Slash here to kill   |
   | him quickly.                                                          |

Watch a long scene, then run south to the lake where "Kushi" is bathing.  Walk
slowly to the robes, snatch them, then slowly walk away.  Take the robes to
"Susano" and dress him.  Now carry the warrior southeast to the next area.

++6 PRAISE++  Bloom 6 trees immediately upon entering this area.

Just past the trees encounter some new enemies: Clay Soldier (Veil of Mist) and
Clay Samurai (Veil of Mist).  These are stronger versions of Green and Red
Imps, so just kill them like you would the others.  Mist them when dead for
some Fangs.

Around the area you may also encounter Demon Scrolls with new enemies.  Clay
Shogun (Veil of Mist) are upgraded Black Imps, so Slash their floating heads
if they cause trouble, then wail on them.  Clay Flyer (Power Slash) is an
upgraded Blue Imp, so ground them with a Slash or a Galestorm, then kill them.
Clay Drummer (Veil of Mist) is an upgraded Yellow Imp.  Yes, they can hurt you
as they tunnel, so avoid their paths, then kill them when they pop up.

**KUTANI POTTERY**  Buried in the center of the stone circle near the entrance.

Follow the path northeast, through the gate to where the Sapling would be.  Be
sure to actually pass through the tori gate.

**SILVER POCKET WATCH**  A chest appears near the gate when you pass through

++30 PRAISE++  Follow the path to the northern most point an Bloom a clover.

++40 PRAISE++  Run to the southeast, and at the base of the winding path break
open an iron rock with a clover underneath.

Follow the winding path up to the area with a spring where the dojo would be.

**EXORCISM SLIP L**  Near the spring is a chest.

++30 PRAISE++  To the west, behind where the dojo would be, is a clover.

++40 PRAISE++  Back to the east, at the base of the path leading up, is another
iron rock with a clover.

++30 PRAISE++  Follow the path east, and at turn in the path is a clover.

Keep following the path south.

++40 PRAISE++  Near the tori gate leading down is an iron rock with a clover.

++30 PRAISE++  To the south, near where the dock to Agata would be, is another

Return to the gate, and run down the path.  At the bottom turn north and follow
the beach back west.

++30 PRAISE++  There's a clover on the beach here.

Now follow the beach to the southern side of the downward path, and jump up to
a small platform.

**ETCHED GLASS**  Open a chest here.

++12 PRAISE++  And Bloom 2 dead trees near the chest.

Now follow the beach east through the large gates in the water.  Run down the
path and save at the Mirror.  Continue down the path until you encounter a new
enemy: Dogu (Power Slash).  These are unique enemies, but they are nearly
harmless.  Just Mist them and wail on them until their dead.

Enter the cave, and start ascending the stairs.

**8 PURIFICATION SAKE**  Pick up the sake, and continue up the stairs, past a
Golden Gate to the familiar arena.

After a scene, engage the boss.

<< Boss #6                                                            #BOSS6 >>
   | This boss should need no introduction.  Yes, he has the same attacks  |
   | as before, and yes, the same strategy applies.  The only additional   |
   | tactic I suggest is to use Mist.  If you had trouble before breaking  |
   | the bell or smashing heads before they recovered, use Mist to give    |
   | yourself more time.  Also use 2 of the same type of weapon to         |
   | increase your damage.  Other than that just follow the same steps as  |
   | before.  I feel it would be redundant to list that strategy again, so |
   | if you need a refresher refer back to #BOSS3.                         |

After the battle watch a scene, and draw a moon when the warrior raises his
sword.  Now play another Slashing game like before, Slashing each head in turn.

**THUNDER EDGE**  Victory earns you the strongest glaive weapon.  This glaive
can also be used as a source of lightning for Thunderstorm when it is

Watch another long scene, then sprint down the steps out of the cave and out of
the Spirit Gate.

--NOTE--  At this point you have gained enough praise to max all your stats:
6020.  The remaining praise after spending 6020 will be an easier way to keep
track of how much praise you've gathered, since that remainder is shown in the
game on the praise menu.  From now on each Praise Tracker section will list all
the extra praise in parentheses, and you can quickly check that your in-game
total matches the number in parentheses.  For instance, 6421 - 6020 = 401,
so . . .

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  6421 (401)

5.38) Wawku Shrine                                    #WKSHR
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| *Stray Bead #97    *Ruby Tassels          Vengeance Slip |
| Etched Glass       Silver Pocket Watch    Kutani Pottery |
| Sapphire Tassels   Solar Flare            Stray Bead #98 |
| Stray bead #99     White Porcelain Pot  Wawku Shrine Map |
| Inkfinity Stone    Holy Bone M           Emerald Tassels |
| Godly Charm        Kutani Pottery           Sun Fragment |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 115 total                                                |
|    25 from Blooming 5 fruit-chuckers                     |
|    90 from 3 clovers                                     |
| >>Brush Techniques<<                                     |
|                                                          |
| Blizzard                                                 |

Run back through Yoshpet to Kamui.  Don't worry, you don't have to navigate the
maze in reverse.  From Kamui, run through Wep'keer to Ezofuji, and up the west
path to where you met Tuskle previously.  Watch a scene here, then enter the
large doors to the shrine.

Start running north across the icy bridge.  The cannons that Issun points out
shoot very fast cannonballs, but if you slow time with Mist you can see the
purple cannonballs as they fly through the air.  Slash the cannonballs back at
the cannons to destroy them.

**STRAY BEAD #97**  Buried under one of the cannons at the end of the bridge.

**RUBY TASSELS**  Buried beneath the other cannon.

Head north through the doors, ignore the Lockjaw, then follow the path to the
east.  The ice platforms break after you step on them, so be careful.  Melt the
ice block at the end of the path, and keep heading east to a room with a large
set of scales.

The object here is to balance the scales.  Melt the 2 blocks of ice first, then
grab one of those tiny trees and drop it on the empty scale.  Bloom the tiny
tree to make it grow, then place the second tiny tree on the same scale and
Bloom it, too.  Now the scales are balanced, and a path appears near the
ice-ball at the entrance of the room.

Don't touch the ice-ball.  Instead Galestorm it to the end of the path and use
it to depress the floor switch.  Progress to the north side of the room.

**VENGEANCE SLIP**  In the northeast corner of the room is a chest.

Head into the nook to the north, grab the Exorcising Arrow, then return to the
Lockjaw at the entrance.  Past the Lockjaw melt the ice block to create a power
spring, then ride the spring up.  Follow the path around to a wall with some

Use the Kabegami statue above you to Catwalk up the wall.  On the next platform
a short camera pan shows you some new cannons.  As you follow the path use Mist
and deflect the cannonballs to destroy the 4 cannons.  Also use Mist to slow
down the spinning gears so you can cross the gaps.  At the top of the path step
on the floor switch to make the gears stop spinning.  You don't need to roll
anything onto this floor switch.  Just stepping on it once will do the trick.

Thanks goes to my fellow players Jadedego and Dylan Mead for pointing out some
chests I overlooked here.  Now that the path behind you is clear of obstacles
return to the first of the previously spinning gears.  Look below the platform
and you will see a ledge and a crack in the wall of the central structure.  Drop
down to that ledge.  Bomb the crack if you need a path back to the power spring,
but we will take a different path.

**ETCHED GLASS** Follow the ledge south along the outside of the central
structure to find a chest.

Return to the opening you created with the Bomb, but instead of going through
look down.  Across the way you may see the door to the room with the balance,
and directly below is another ledge.  Drop carefully to that ledge, using your
double jump if you need to adjust the fall in mid-air.

**SILVER POCKET WATCH** On this ledge, directly across from the door to the
balance room is another chest.

Drop down from here to the familiar path, and use the power spring and platforms
to climb back up to the floor switch.  Head west past a Golden gate, save at the
Mirror on the western wall, then go through the door on the same wall south of
there.  Mist the spinning gears to jump across them.  Above the gears on the
south side of the passage is a ledge you can jump to.

**KUTANI POTTERY**  Open a chest above the gears.

Continue west through the doors to the outside.

**SAPPHIRE TASSELS**  Melt the frozen chest near the doors.

Follow the snowy path south past a Demon Scroll.

++30 PRAISE++  Bloom a clover near the Demon Scroll.

Keep heading south, Mist the fast Flame Spiders to get past them, and drop off
a cliff at the end.  Encounter your first Great Tengu (Blizzard).  They are
basically upgraded Blue Cyclopses, so treat them the same.  Like the Cyclops,
the Tengu may transform and cause major damage, but it's easy to kill it before
it gets the chance.  Just Mist and wail away.

To the west is a weird snow machine with spinning wheels.  Ignore it for now
and bomb the cracked wall beside the machine.  Behind the crack is a room with
a large drawing on the floor.

++3 PRAISE++  Bloom a fruit chucker inside this room.

Scatter the leaves on the floor with a Galestorm, then look at the drawing on
the floor.  It depicts the snow machine with the three wheels.  Notice the
orientation of the wheels.  From left to right they face up, right, and left.
The objective is to match the snow machines wheels to this picture.

Back outside, melt the lever on the left side of the machine.  Each time you
Slash the lever it stops one of the wheels in order from left to right.  You
want to stop the first wheel when the eye on the wheel is facing up, but it's
moving to fast at the moment.  You know what to do: Mist the wheels, then Slash
the lever when you want the wheel to stop.  When the first wheel is stopped in
the up position, repeat the process to make the middle wheel face right.
Lastly stop the right wheel when it faces left.

>>BLIZZARD<<  Stopping the snow machine reveals a constellation.  Complete it
for your final Brush technique.

**SOLAR FLARE**  Collecting all 13 Brush techniques earns you the final
reflector weapon.  This weapon can be used as a source of fire for Inferno when
it is equipped.

Practice freezing Flame Spiders with Issun, then use the frozen spider to jump
atop the cliff.  At the previous group of Flame Spiders, freeze one of the
horizontal spiders near the vertical one.  Freeze the vertical spider about
halfway through its path, then jump on to the vertical spider.  From here you
should be able to reach a ledge on the north side of the path.

**STRAY BEAD #98**  Open a chest on this ledge above the spiders.

Return to the room with the save Mirror, fighting a Poltergeist (Galestorm)
along the way.  Freeze the spider north of the Mirror and jump to a higher
walkway.  Freeze the second Flame Spider and jump on its back to reach a high
ledge.  You have to freeze the spider just at the right point to reach it,
slightly up from the lowest point on its path.

**STRAY BEAD #99**  Open the chest on this high ledge.

Hop down to the east, across the gap from the previous spider.  Before you
reach the next icicle, jump over the wall to the right, and fall to a ledge
along the outside of the central structure.

**WHITE PORCELAIN POT**  Open a chest here on the outside of that central

Use double jumps to circle around the outside of the shaft, back to the save
Mirror.  Climb back up to where you were before, and continue along the path
to a large gap.  Melt the large ice block across the gap, then use the revealed
Blossom to Vine across.

Use the Kabegami statue to Catwalk up the wall.  At the first ledge freeze two
Flame Spiders, and jump along them to a higher ledge.  Jump carefully here to
avoid falling back a ways.  Jump to another platform, freeze the last spider,
then jump along to the highest platform.

Head through the door to the east, past a Golden Gate, and into a room with
several spinning gears.  As usual, Mist the gears to jump along them.

**WAWKU SHRINE MAP**  Melt a chest on a platform after the 3rd set of gears.

Continue past some gears to the north.  Melt a block of ice, then pass through
the door to the north.  Jump carefully across two spinning platforms, then
freeze the flaming platform to walk across it to the north.  In the next room
fight a Dogu (Power Slash), then turn east.

Here is a gap with small ice crystals blowing up from the hole.  Use Blizzard
on the ice crystals to create platforms so you can cross the gap.  Once outside
follow the snowy path to another gap.  Create icy platforms across this one,

++30 PRAISE++  Bloom a clover across the icy crystal gap.

++22 PRAISE++  Bloom 4 fruit-chuckers as you follow the path west.

Back inside, use Galestorm to put out some fires so you can pass.  Beware,
there is another cannon here, so Mist it and deflect the cannonballs back at
it.  In the next room kill another Dogu (Power Slash), then turn south.  The
next icy hallway has another cannon.  Dispatch it as you skate down the path.

The next room has a Golden Gate and an Origin Mirror (seems redundant, huh?).

**INKFINITY STONE**  Melt a chest to the left of the Mirror.

**HOLY BONE M**  And another chest to the right.

Save here, then go through the gate to the south.  In the next area you'll
start a boss fight.

<< Boss #7                                                            #BOSS7 >>
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Cannonballs                                                        |
   | 2) Icicle Toss                                                        |
   | 3) Talon Dive                                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | This isn't much of a boss fight.  It's really just a warm up battle.  |
   | In fact it's nearly impossible to lose this battle, since you and the |
   | other canine are double-teaming the boss.  Just avoiding attacks is   |
   | enough to win.                                                        |
   |                                                                       |
   | About those attacks, the purple cannonballs and the icicles can both  |
   | be deflected with some Slashes.  Stay mobile to avoid whatever        |
   | icicles or cannonballs you may miss with your Slashes.  Staying       |
   | mobile will also help avoid the talon dive.  The boss performs a      |
   | little aerial spin when he gets ready to dive, so when you see it     |
   | spin get ready to Fleetfoot.                                          |
   |                                                                       |
   | Eventually, after you've deflected some projectiles at the boss, he   |
   | will become dizzy.  When the boss sees stars, your canine companion   |
   | will perform a series of quick attacks and cause the boss to fall to  |
   | the ground and turn black and white.  Mist the boss now, and use      |
   | every available second to wail on the boss before he recovers.  If he |
   | survives your onslaught just repeat the process.                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | You may notice during this fight, when you hold R1 to use your Brush, |
   | a second brush will quickly draw in yellow ink.  Don't worry.  This   |
   | is not the boss using a brush against you.  The yellow ink is your    |
   | canine teammate, and those brush techniques will harm the boss,  Yet  |
   | another reason this battle is easy.                                   |

Watch a long scene.  When you have control, snatch a sparkling gear along the
outskirts of the arena and bring it to Oki.  After you descend the lift, you're
back near the Origin Mirror near the central shaft.  Follow the path northwest
and place the gear in the door near the familiar Flame Spider.  Head through
the new passage, past a Golden Gate, and outside to a snowy area.

In the new area is a series of cannons.  The 4 cannons nearest you are your
own, and across the gap to the west are several enemy cannons.  Use Inferno
to ignite the fuses on your 2 stationary cannons. This will destroy 2 of the
enemy cannons.  Now the spinning cannons.  Once again, these cannons fire one
quarter spin after you ignite the fuses.  You want them to fire west, so ignite
the fuses when they are pointed north. Now four of the enemy cannons are

Use Blizzard to create ice platforms across the gap, but as you cross use Mist!
There is a fifth cannon on the opposite side that you must destroy.  As you
cross the gap it will fire at you, so use mist and Slash the cannonballs until
the cannon is destroyed.

++30 PRAISE++  The opposite side of the gap holds a clover.

Near the doorway on this side you'll fight a Great Tengu (Blizzard).  Fight
him as before, but this time use the ice around the area to get Fangs from him.
Melt the block of ice to the south to reveal a ball of ice, then Galestorm the
ball of ice north then west through the doorway.

Keep blowing the ball west to a room of spinning fiery gears.  Use the ice ball
to freeze the gears in this room.  You should also notice that once you've
frozen a set of gears you can then use those gears as a source of ice for
more Blizzards.  First freeze the gears to the south and use them to jump to a
lone platform.

**EMERALD TASSELS**  Open a chest on this fiery gear room on the southern

Now freeze the gears again, and jump along them to a platform in the northwest
corner of the room.  Bomb the cracked floor here, and pick up an Exorcising
Arrow.  Freeze the gears again, and jump along them to the southwest corner.
Use the Arrow to pass the Lockjaw, and proceed south.

The next room has an Imp merchant, so buy and sell as you wish.  There are also
2 ice chest here on the west side of the room, so melt them.


Save at the Mirror, then continue south, past a Golden Gate, toward Oki.  Talk
to Oki, agree to fight, watch a scene, and prepare to fight.  I recommend
having the Solar Flare equipped for at least the beginning of this battle.

<< Boss #8                                                            #BOSS8 >>
   | There are 2 bosses here so I'll list each boss' attacks separately.   |
   |                                                                       |
   | Silver's Attacks:                                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Cannonballs                                                        |
   | 2) Cherry Bomb                                                        |
   | 3) Giant Bud Toss                                                     |
   | 4) Talon Dive                                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | Gold's Attacks:                                                       |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Icicle Toss                                                        |
   | 2) Egg Bomb                                                           |
   | 3) Lightning Sword                                                    |
   | 4) Talon Dive                                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | This is what the last battle prepared you for.  Now it's a fair       |
   | fight: 2 against 2.                                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | The silver boss has changed somewhat since you fought him last.  The  |
   | cannonballs can still be deflected with Slashes, but instead of       |
   | tossing icicles he now tosses cherry bombs.  This is what you have    |
   | the Solar Flare equipped for.  Use Inferno to ignite the fuse on the  |
   | bomb before the boss throws it and the boss will be stunned.  The     |
   | Giant Bud toss is actually a boon.  Bloom the Bud before he tosses it |
   | and you'll receive solar energy.                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | The gold boss is somewhat more deadly, so try to deal with him first. |
   | The icicle toss is like what you've seen before, but he pauses more   |
   | briefly before he tosses them.  Be quick and deflect the icicles with |
   | Slashes.  The egg bomb is easy to see, so Slash it before he tosses   |
   | it to stun the boss.  You should know what to do when he raises a     |
   | pronged sword to the sky.  Use the thunderclouds to zap the sword     |
   | before he uses it against you.                                        |
   |                                                                       |
   | For both bosses, staying mobile is the best way to avoid the talon    |
   | dives.  Also, use Fleetfoot when you see them spin if you're not      |
   | keeping your speed up to a sprint.                                    |
   |                                                                       |
   | You may think that, technically, this battle seems easy, since all    |
   | the attacks can be easily avoided with Brush skills or Fleetfoot.     |
   | What makes the battle challenging is the fact that you have to keep   |
   | track of 2 bosses at once.  Just trying to keep them both on the      |
   | screen can be a challenge.  If you want to keep them both on screen,  |
   | try staying as far away as possible from both bosses. On the other    |
   | hand, you may notice that the bosses alternate attacks, almost like   |
   | they are taking turns.  If you can't keep both bosses on screen, just |
   | keep track of whose turn it is to attack, and switch your camera      |
   | angles accordingly.                                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | After deflecting enough attacks, one of the bosses will become dizzy. |
   | Your teammate will now run toward you and pause in front of you as he |
   | forms a large bow and arrow.  Press and HOLD the triangle button,     |
   | then release to send your teammate flying at the boss' face.  As the  |
   | boss struggles with your teammate, Slash the boss to make him crash   |
   | into the ground.                                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | Now you are free to wail on the boss for several seconds while he     |
   | remains black and white.  Mist him to make this time last longer, and |
   | change weapons if you don't prefer the Solar Flare.  With a little    |
   | luck and maybe some Steel Fist Sake, you can kill one of the bosses   |
   | in the span of this single opening.  If he recovers from it, simply   |
   | repeat the process of deflecting attacks until you get another.       |
   |                                                                       |
   | When one boss is dead the second one is easy.  Continue deflecting    |
   | attacks, launch your teammate at him when he gets dizzy, Slash him to |
   | the ground, then pound on him with all your might.                    |

**SUN FRAGMENT**  Victory earns you this reward.

Watch some expository scenes, and afterward you'll  find yourself in Ezofuji,
at the banks of the lake.  Don't head up the rainbow bridge just yet!  First
save at the Mirror.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  6536 (516)

5.39) Loose Ends                                      #LSEND
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Stray Bead #10       Stray Bead #9   Silver Pocket Watch |
| Kutani Pottery       Stray Bead #35       Stray Bead #49 |
| Stray Bead #90       Stray Bead #93                      |
| ++Praise++                                               |
|                                                          |
| 688 total                                                |
|    100 from delivering 5 vases for the Nameless Man      |
|    80 from Bombing Tama                                  |
|    48 from the Kusa 5                                    |
|    210 from Hayazo's mini-game                           |
|    50 from racing Kai                                    |
|    50 from Ishaku's guards                               |
|    150 from 3 clovers                                    |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Tundra Beads                                             |

We're near the end now, at the point of no return, so now's the time to do all
the things that we've left undone.  You may have started some of these things
before, but for the most part you couldn't complete them until now.

First return to Shinshu field.  Make sure it's day, then find the Nameless Man
near his kilns.

Vase Offerings
Objective: Bring 5 vases to the 5 Guardian Statues scattered around Shinshu.

- Talk to the Nameless Man.  He drops a vase, so press triangle to pick it up.

- Following are the locations of the 5 Guardian Statues:

1)  South of the Nameless Man's house, beside the path.

2)  Inside the cave near the Kabegami statue where you Bombed the wall.

3)  The north side of the beach beside the path leading down to the Moon Cave.

4)  The tip of the long beach where the Moon Cave was

5)  Along the winding path east of the dojo.

++5 PRAISE++  Offering the vase to one of the Guardian Statues earns you

- Advance time one day by drawing a Crescent and a Sunrise, then talk to the
Nameless Man again to pick up a second vase.  Bring this one to another Statue.

++10 PRAISE++  From offering a the second vase to a Statue.

- Advance to the next day, talk to the Nameless Man, then pick up the third

++15 PRAISE++  Delivering the third vase to a Statue.

- Repeat the process two more times.

++20 PRAISE++  Delivering the fourth vase.

++50 PRAISE++  The fifth and final vase.

- Return to the Nameless Man when you've delivered all 5 vases.

**STRAY BEAD #10**  The Nameless Man hands you this reward for delivering his
5 vases.

Now, stay in Shinshu and return to Tama the Pyrotechnist's house.  Talk to Tama
to hear his woes, then use Cherry Bomb 2 to draw 2 Bombs simultaneously.

++30 PRAISE++  Tama gets excited by the "double whammy" and praises you.

Leave the house, then reenter.  Talk to Tama again to here his familiar woes,
then use Cherry Bomb 3 to draw 3 simultaneous Bombs.

++50 PRAISE++  Tama praises you for the "triple whammy."

**STRAY BEAD #9**  Tama hands this over for rekindling his passion.

Head back to Kamiki now.  There are 2 fruits left on Konohana, so Slash them

**SILVER POCKET WATCH**  From Blooming the Kamui Sapling

**KUTANI POTTERY**  From the Ryoshima Sapling.

Now return to Agata, and enter the cave to Fawn's house.

++50 PRAISE++  Near Fawn's house is a diamond rock.  Break it and Bloom the
clover underneath.

While you're in Agata, trade all you Fangs for Golden Peaches and Godly Charms
at the Fang trader.  You'll want these later.

Return now to Kusa Village, and reenter Gale Shrine.  Once inside and at the
small pool, follow the northern passage to where you encountered a Devil Gate
before.  Here you can talk to Princess Fuse and challenge the Canine Warriors
to battle.  Fuse gives you ample warning for this battle, but they aren't
quite as hard as she makes them sound.

Kusa 5: Round 1
Opponents: 4 Canines

- Don't let their numbers overwhelm you.  Simply keep a constant Veil of Mist
over the field, and you can keep the dogs reeling from your attacks.  When
the last second of the Mist is fading, Mist again.  I can't stress this enough!
The speed of the 4 dogs can easily overwhelm you if you don't keep slowing time
to your advantage.

- I prefer to use a glaive, charging while the Mist is active, but you may be
more comfortable with other types of weaponry.  Simply keep Misting and keep
hacking the dogs until all 4 go down.

Kusa 5: Round 2
Opponents: 3 Canines

- There may be few opponents in this round, but don't let that fool you.  These
3 are tough.  Why? Because they lay traps.  Yes, the poo bombs and the hole
digging are back.

- Once again, keep a constant Veil of Mist active.  If you are always slowing
time, then hopefully the dogs won't have time to lay traps.  Just keep them
all reeling from your own attacks, and you should be fine.

- If a dog does get a chance to lay a trap, don't panic.  Keep Misting!  Avoid
the poo bombs if you see them, and back away when you see the dogs digging
holes.  You can't harm the dogs while they dig, so just evade.  Once again,
Mist is the best way to avoid the flying dirt, and the simultaneous attacks of
the 2 other dogs.  Mist is cheap, so use it.  If you run low on Ink use an
Inkfinity Stone.

Kusa 5: Round 3
Opponents: 1 Canine

- This last round should be a cinch.  This one pup has all the most deadly
moves of all the canines, but still, it's only one pup.  I shouldn't have to
say it, but keep Mist up.  The dog hops around the arena pretty quickly, but
with Mist active you can chase him down before he has a chance to attack.  Stay
on offense and the dog will go down fast.

++48 PRAISE++  The defeated dogs praise you.

**STARY BEAD #35**  Fuse rewards you for schooling her dogs.

Return to town now, and warp to Sei-an City.  There's a new weapon at the
Weapon Dealer, so buy that now.

==TUNDRA BEADS==  These are the most powerful rosaries.  Also, when they are
equipped they can be used as a source of ice for your Blizzard.

There's also a mini-game left to do in Sei-an.

Master Thief Hayazo
Objective: Recover the stolen items for the people around town

- Your first order of business it to light the two large braziers in the
streets of the Commoners' Quarter.  The easiest way to do this is just equip
the Solar Flare and use it as a fire source for your Inferno.  

- When all the braziers are lit go to the southeast and Slash one of the 2
rocks nearest the brazier there.  A thief named Hayazo should hop out and
challenge you to catch him.

- Hayazo will now split in two, and certain symbols will appear over each of
the clones' heads.  Basically you want to use a specific Brush technique on
each clone according to the symbol that appears above it's head.

- The red symbol means you have to use Inferno on that clone, the blue symbol
indicates Watersprout, and the yellow mean Thunderstorm.  The horizontal line
obviously indicates a Power Slash.

- Be sure not to use techniques like Fireburst, Deluge, or Thunderbolt.  These
moves will hit all the clones at once, and hitting one with the wrong technique
will make you lose.  Just stick to dragging the elements from other sources.

- Since your going to need sources for the elements it's best to plan ahead.
Before starting the chase, light the torch near the beginning so you have a
source of fire.  The canal is a good source of water, and if you equip the
Thunder Edge you'll have a source of lightning.

- Also note that you must hit the clones in the order that the symbols appear.
For instance, if the red symbol shows up first, then the blue.  Use Inferno on
the first clone, and only then use Watersprout on the second.

- The only thing that is really challenging about this mini-game is that you
must chase down the clones as they run away.  With some luck and preparation
you should be able t stop the clones before they get too far.

- If you do this all right, Hayazo will collapse on the ground.  Tackle him to
make him drop a stolen item.

- The first item is a glass watch.  Snatch it with triangle, then bring it to
the Samurai Dandy.  He's the guy with the big collar walking around near the
Origin Mirror.

++20 PRAISE++  The Dandy rewards you for returning his watch.

- Advance time by one day.  Make sure it's nighttime then return to the
southeast corner of the city.  Slash the rocks again until Hayazo appears.

- This time he splits into 3 clones.  Use the same strategy as before to
dispatch these 3.  This time he drops some Millet Dumplings

++20 PRAISE++  Hand the Dumplings to Momotaro.  He's the kid with the flag
standing near the dress shop in the western side of the city during the day.

- Advance the sun, return to the rock, Slash them 'til Hayazo appears, and
challenge him a third time.  Yes, there are 4 clones this time.

++20 PRAISE++  Snag the Hairpin and bring it to the City Dweller inside the
teahouse during the night.

Back outside, draw a Sunrise to make it day, then talk to the City Dweller
again on top of the bridge heading south.

++50 PRAISE++  The City Dweller rewards you with more praise.

- Return to the southeast corner and chase Hayazo one more time.  5 clones can
get tricky, but just try to remember the order as you chase them.

++50 PRAISE++  Hayazo praises you for beating him.

- Snag the mask that Hayazo leaves behind, then climb the power spring in the
southeast corner of the city, back to the floating island.

++50 PRAISE++  Return the Tao Mask to Abe inside Waka's fortress.

**STRAY BEAD #49**  Talk to Abe again to get this bead.

You're done with Sei-an now, so exit back to Ryoshima.  Run north toward N.

++50 PRAISE++  There's a diamond rock near the gate leading to N. Ryoshima.
Break it and Bloom the clover underneath.

Keep going to N. Ryoshima, and head out to sea.  Either use Orca or your Water

++50 PRAISE++  On the island just west of the catcall island is another diamond
rock.  Break it and Bloom the clover.

Return to Kamui now, and reenter Yoshpet.  You'll notice that Kai is here, and
she wants to race you.

Racing Kai
Objective:  Beat Kai to the clearing near Ponc'tan

- There's not much to say here.  Kai is fast and it will take some practice to
beat her through the forest.  Don't expect to win on your first try.

- Try at all times to cut corners.  If there's a path through an area that
snakes back and forth, try to cut a path through the middle.

- Also try to avoid ice.  When possible try to jump from snow to snow instead
of skating on the ice.  Some of the ice is unavoidable, so use jumps to keep
traction and change direction when necessary.

- Try to memorize the course, including the pattern of falling icicles and
rolling snowballs.  The single best way to win is to anticipate the next
section.  Plan ahead.

++50 PRAISE++  Kai praises you when you win.

**STRAY BEAD #90**  Kai also hands over a bead.

While you're here reenter Ponc'tan

++50 PRAISE++  Run back up toward Ishaku's house and the guards give you some
unsolicited praise.

**STRAY BEAD #93**  Talk to Ishaku again and he will give you this bead.

Nearly done with all the side-quests.  All that's left now is a series of the
toughest enemies in the game.  If you defeated the Kusa 5 that will prepare
you well, but these next battles will take much longer.  You ready?  OK.

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  7224 (1204)

5.40) Devil Gate Trio                                 #DGTRI
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Sun Fragment         Golden Peach         Stray Bead #44 |
| Sun Fragment         Golden Peach         Stray Bead #65 |
| Sun Fragment         Golden Peach         Stray Bead #79 |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Brown Rage                                               |

Leave Ponc'tan, leave Yoshpet, and find your way back to a Merchant.  Buy up a
hole bunch of Exorcism Slips and Vengeance Slips.  So far I've tried to offer
strategies for fights that didn't require these crutches, but you will most
probably need them in the near future.  If you haven't used any yet you should
have a nice collection started.

I suggest you have about 30 Vengeance Slips in stock, maybe more if you want to
be safe.  Fewer Exorcism Slips is alright.  In fact, with the hoard of
Vengeance Slips, the Exorcism Slips aren't exactly necessary, but they will be
useful for crowd control.

Now warp back to Ryoshima coast.  Along the path to the Guardian Sapling
there's an alcove with some cows and a hard dig spot. Dig there and drop down
the smoking hole.

Down here you'll encounter a new enemy: Bandit Spider.  These guys are just
like the first boss you fought, but they should be pushovers at this point.
Draw Vines to the hooks, open them up, and Slash the exposed innards.  Mist
them to make them stay open longer.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  When you Kill the Bandit Spider a chest appears in front of

Enter the beam of sunlight to return to the surface.  Now drop back down the
hole a second time.  See the Devil Gate?

Ryoshima Devil Gate
Objective:  Defeat 10 rounds of enemies inside the Devil Gate

- Basically these Gates are like normal Devil Gates except you have to win 10
battles instead of 1.  If you enter the gate you'll have to kill several waves
of Red and Green Imps (Power Slash), but when the battle is over the Devil Gate
will still stand.

- You will have to enter the gate 9 more times to destroy it.  But don't think
it will be simple.  There are several things to beware of:

- The enemies inside these Devil Gates hit harder and take more damage than the
same kinds of enemies you've encountered before.  It's usually not much of a
difference, but be aware that some enemies will take more hits than you are
used to.

- Each wave that the Devil gate throws at you will have more enemies than you
are used to fighting at once.  There will be so many enemies on screen that it
may be difficult to keep track of where the all enemies are.  Don't let them
overwhelm you.  Mist often, and freeze time by pulling out your Brush if you
need to get your bearings.

- Each round will also feature tougher and tougher enemies.  The first few
rounds of Imps and Dead Fish (Power Slash) are pretty easy, but the Bud Ogres
(Bloom), Chimeras (Power Slash), and Black Imps (Power Slash) will be tougher.
Again, Mist them to make them easier to deal with.

- If you take damage don't worry.  You probably have a lot of Holy Bones to
left over, so feel free to use them.  You could also wait until the round is
over, then use the Wood Mat to heal in between battles.

- Even if you take so much damage that you die, don't fret.  That's what you
Astral Pouch is for.  You probably haven't used your Pouch much throughout the
game, but don't forget it's there.  You'll actually have to die 5 times to lose
any battle.

- If you recall, I said to spend your extra Fangs on Golden Peaches.  This is
why.  Personally I don't heal at all during battles.  If I'm about to die, I
just let it happen, then use a Peach to restore my Astral Pouch.  I prefer
Peaches to Holy Bones because Fangs are easy to come by, and we're still trying
to save money for that Brown Rage

- Keep track of your Godhood.  If it falls to zero, use a Traveler's Charm or
a Godly Charm,  You really never have to take damage if you bought enough
Godly Charms.

- For this gate in particular, you'll be fighting mostly Imps in each round,
which can be easily dispatched with a charged glaive attack.  When they appear
with tougher enemies try to kill off the Imps first so they don't become an
annoyance while you fight the harder enemies.

- The toughest round is probably the 9th round where you fight several Ice
Mouths (Inferno) and Fire Eyes (Galestorm).  Make sure you melt the ice and
blow out the fire on each wheel, and Mist them so they can't roll away as
quickly.  You may want to use the Solar Flare here, since you can't always
rely on the Fire Eyes as a source of fire to melt the Ice Mouths.

- This is the easiest of the 3 Devil Gates, so try not to use your Vengeance
and Exorcism Slips.  Instead, use your Brush and use it often.  Just keep track
of your Ink.  Have the Golden Ink Pot equipped, and use an Inkfinity Stone if
you run low

- Don't leave before fighting all 10 rounds.  If you do leave and come back
later you'll have to start from round 1 all over again.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  When the last enemy dies it will drop this item.

**STRAY BEAD #44**  A chest also appears where the Devil Gate was.

Well, that was fun, right?  Take a break if you want.  Fighting 30 rounds one
after another can be tiring, so take this chance to breath.  When you're ready
return to N. Ryoshima.  The middle island on the west side of the map has
another hard dig spot.  Drop down the hole and kill another Bandit Spider.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  Another chest appears when this Bandit spider is dead.

Return to the surface, then jump back down the hole to find the second Devil

N. Ryoshima Devil Gate
Objective:  Defeat 10 rounds of enemies inside the Devil Gate

- The enemies in this Devil Gate are harder than the last, but it's nothing you
can't handle.  Don't forget that Mist is your best weapon, so keep it active.

- Round 9 is against about a dozen Tube Foxes (Power Slash).  These guys move
fast, and you may recall, they steal your ink.  Use an Inkfinity Stone for this
fight so you don't have to worry.

- Round 10 pits you against several Blue and Red Ogres (Thunderstorm).
Remember that they are invincible from the front, so Mist them and run around
to their backs.

- Once again, try to conserve those Vengeance and Exorcism Slips.  You'll need
them for the last Devil Gate.

- Lastly, remember all the strategies from the previous Devil Gate.  Mist
often, keep track of your Godhood and your Ink, use Golden Peaches if you die,
and use your Brush to freeze time if you need to take a breath.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  Again, the final enemy drops this prize.

**STRAY BEAD #65**  Open the chest that appears when the Devil Gate is

You may have collected more Fangs now, so go buy some more Peaches and Charms
if you like.  When you have had a sufficient break from the mayhem, travel to
Kamui.  Near the exit to Wep'keer drop down to the ledge to the east, and Bomb
the cracked wall.

Inside the cave is another hard dig spot.  Dig it up, drop down the hole, and
kill the final Bandit spider.

**SUN FRAGMENT**  Killing the Bandit spider makes a chest appear with the final
Sun Fragment.  You should now have the max of 20 units of Solar Energy.

Return to the surface, and before you drop back down the hole save your game
nearby.  When your ready for the toughest battles in the game drop back down
the hole and enter the final Devil Gate.

Kamui Devil Gate
Objective:  Defeat 10 rounds of enemies inside the Devil Gate

-  The first couple rounds are pretty easy.  The enemies are tougher than the
last devil gate, but they are nothing you haven't seen before.  Just whittle
away at the  various types of Namahage (Galestorm) and melt the Igloo Turtles

- Round 3 features Bull Chargers (Inferno).  Mist them and attack them from
behind.  They have TONS of health, but eventually they will die.

- Round 4: Clay Samurai and Drummers (Veil of Mist).  I recommend having your 2
most powerful reflectors equipped for this battle.  Blocking with the reflector
and counterattacking is the best way to kill the Drummers.  Otherwise they pop
out of the ground and try to shoot you with their drum cannons.  Also, when you
Slash the Samurai to break their blades try to draw a large Slash to hit
multiple targets at once.

- Round 5: Clay Drummers and Shogun (Veil of Mist).  I hate the Shogun!  Maybe
there's a faster strategy for dealing with them, but the only thing that works
for me is to stay at range and Slash their orbiting masks.  Don't forget to
Mist!  When all the masks are destroyed, go in for the kill.  You'll probably
drain your Ink by Slashing the masks, so use an Inkfinity Stone when you're low.
The Drummers are an afterthought.  Kill them as usual.

- Round 6: Dogu (Power Slash) and Clay Samurai (Veil of Mist).  The Samurai are
only a nuisance.  Kill them first.  The Dogu are slow, and can't cause much
damage, but they are super tough.  Mist them and wail away at their stone 
hides until they submit.

- Round 7: Great Tengu (Blizzard).  This is where the battles heat up.  The
Tengu have lots of health, and when they rampage they can kill you easily.
Constant Misting is advised.  The first 2 Tengu can be killed before they
rampage, but the second group of 3 may take longer.  If one of the Tengu
transforms, use a Vengeance Slip and attack the ones that haven't transformed.
When the Tengu reverts to it's normal form, resume killing it.  The 3 can
actually be killed before any transform, but it requires repeated Misting,
charged glaives, Slashes, and TONS of Ink.  Use Inkfinity stones here if need

- These last 3 battles are what you've been hoarding those Vengeance and
Exorcism Slips for.  Don't hesitate to use them now.  Are you ready?

- Round 8: 4 Mini-bosses (2 #MNBS2, and 2 #MNBS8).  I wish I could be more
specific, but that might be a spoiler.  It goes without saying, but MIST
CONSTANTLY!  If you're having trouble avoiding attacks, don't hesitate to use
Vengeance Slips.  When one Vengeance Slip runs out, use another.  Each Slip
lasts for quite a while, and you can tell when they expire by the sound they
make.  If you feel surrounded or overwhelmed, use an Exorcism Slip to disperse
the crowd.  That's the key: Vengeance for damage control, Exorcism for crowd
control.  Repeat after me ... Vengeance for damage control, Exorcism for crowd

- Sauko emailed me with another suggested strategy for these rounds 8-10.  He
states, and I quote:  "All you need to do is stock up on Exorcism Slips.
Preferably a bunch of large if you can afford them so you can do damage too.
However, the small ones work perfectly fine too. What you do is when the battle
starts, immediately run towards one of the mini-bosses, and use an exorcism slip
Immediately afterwards, use Veil of Mist to slow them down. The mini-bosses
should be stunned for a moment, leaving you able to deal a lot of damamge. As
soon as they awaken again, if possible, use the same technique and the battle
should be over pretty quickly. This strategy also has a different length of
effect for each one. It lasts the shortest for Mini-Boss #2, a little bit longer
for Mini-Boss #10, and significantly longer for Mini-Boss #8. Hopefully this'll
help if you're having trouble hitting them."

- Round 9: 5 Mini-bosses (2 #MNBS2, and 3 #MNBS8).  This is the same as the
last battle, but there is an added mini-boss.  Same strategy as before.  Use
Vengeance Slips for damage control and Exorcism Slips for crowd control.  Ammy
is more powerful than these pitiful bosses.  Just use ALL her tricks!  Don't
forget about your Godhood.  Use Mist, and Charms, and Peaches, and your
various Slips.  Use Brush techniques as often as possible, and use Inkfinity
Stones if you run low on Ink.  Use it all!  This is no time to hold back.

- Round 10: 3 Mini-bosses (all #MBS10).  Refer back to #MBS10 if you've
forgotten this warrior.  Once again, hold nothing back!  If you beat the last
round you can beat this round, but use every bit of trickery you did before.
Drain your Slips, drain your Inkfinity Stones, and Mist between every swing
of your weapon.  Remember that the warrior cannot be damaged while he rolls,
so divert your attention to one of the others when you see him begin to roll.

**GOLDEN PEACH**  As the last enemy falls he drops this reward.

**STRAY BEAD #79**  After destroying the Devil Gate a chest appears before you.

That's all folks. Every side-quest and mini-game is done!  Check your menu.
The Animal Tome, Fish Tome, and the Treasure Tome should be complete. You
should have 99 stray beads, 30 travel guide entries, and 66 bestiary entries.
The only thing missing should be one Move List entry.

You will most likely have enough yen for Brown Rage now.  The Kamui dojo is
closest, so go there.

==BROWN RAGE==  Pay the hefty price of 2,000,000 yen for this move.  It's
mostly useless, but you should get it for completeness.

And that's it.  Every bit of everything.  The only ting left is to beat the
game.  When you're ready, travel to Ezofuji and save at the Mirror near the

                            ++PRAISE TRACKER++  7224 (1204)

5.41) The Ark of Yamato                               #AKOYM
| Checklist                                                |
| **Items**                (* indicates a buried treasure) |
|                                                          |
| Vengeance Slip       Steel Soul Sake        Golden Peach |
| Karmic Transformers 1-9                  Stray Bead #100 |
| String of Beads                                          |
| ==Miscellaneous==                                        |
|                                                          |
| Gold Dust x2

Run up the rainbow bridge, ignore Issun's warnings, and continue toward the
floating ship.  Watch the long scene before you enter.

Inside, talk to the merchant Marco.  He buys and sells, as well as trading
Demon Fangs.

==GOLD DUST X2==  Buy the last 2 bits of Gold Dust.  You should have enough
now to upgrade every weapon.

After you're done buying and selling, head south to the hub of the ark.  There
are 5 paths protruding from this hub, and at the end of each lies a boss fight.
Yes, you must re-fight 5 bosses.  They aren't any tougher than before, so just
power through.  Refer back to these sections if necessary:


When all 5 bosses are defeated, save your game at the hub.  Save on a different
file than you did outside the Ark, since you can never exit.  When you are
ready, climb to the central platform and enter the pillar of light.  Watch a
long scene, then engage in battle.

<< Final Boss                                                         #FNLBS >>
   | Stage 1 (Red Lining)                                                  |
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Hammer Swing                                                       |
   | 2) Saw Spin                                                           |
   | 3) Saw Slash                                                          |
   | 4) Ground Pound                                                       |
   | 5) Rocket Launch                                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | Note: The hammer swing and the ground pound attacks can break holes   |
   | in the floor if the boss hits the same area twice.  If you fall down  |
   | these holes you lose health, so mind the gaps.                        |
   |                                                                       |
   | You begin the battle drained of all your Brush techniques, and as you |
   | fight you will regain them.  Unfortunately, this means you begin the  |
   | battle without any weaponry or your Brush!  All you can do is tackle  |
   | the boss.  At least you don't worry about the ball rolling over you   |
   | It can only hurt you with its attacks, not its movements.             |
   |                                                                       |
   | Don't let your weaponless-ness make you hesitate.  The sooner you     |
   | start damaging the boss, the sooner you'll get your weapons back.     |
   | After you tackle the boss several times he will release your          |
   | Rejuvenation skill.  With that Brush technique you will also recover  |
   | your weapons and battle skills (Fleetfoot, Holy Falcon, etc).         |
   |                                                                       |
   | With Rejuvenation back you can also start using items again.  Don't   |
   | forget about them.  Use up those Sakes and Exorcism Slips.  If you    |
   | have trouble dodging attacks (during this stage or any other) use any |
   | leftover Vengeance Slips you may have.  This is the last battle, so   |
   | there's no sense in hoarding your items now.                          |
   |                                                                       |
   | Now that you have your weapons back you can damage the boss more      |
   | easily.  Notice that you can also use Rejuvenation to restore the     |
   | broken holes in the floor.  Just keep hacking at the orb until it     |
   | coughs up your Power Slash skill.                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   | The boss will now turn black and white.  Perform some combos while    |
   | he's vulnerable, then finish the opening with a Power Slash.  After   |
   | you have Power Slash back, the boss will now start using his rockets. |
   | They aren't hard to dodge with jumps, so don't worry.  After he takes |
   | more damage he restores your 3 Greensprout techniques.                |
   |                                                                       |
   | The boss now turns black and white, and a red circle appears around   |
   | it.  That's your cue to Bloom the boss.  Doing so will cause the boss |
   | to open up, exposing his fetus-like core.  Run forward and smash that |
   | fishy fetus.                                                          |
   |                                                                       |
   | When you drain the bosses health he will glow with black and blue     |
   | electricity, disappear in a cloud of black smoke, and transform into  |
   | a new form.                                                           |
   |                                                                       |
   | Stage 2 (Green Lining)                                                |
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Fiery Aura                                                         |
   | 2) Fiery Disks                                                        |
   | 3) *Napalm Strikes                                                    |
   | 4) Disk Smash                                                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | The stage begins with the boss engulfed in flames as he chases after  |
   | you, trying to burn you.  Just equip the Fire Tablet and all these    |
   | fire attacks are harmless to you.  When the boss burns out you have a |
   | few moments to wail on the boss before he starts another attack.      |
   |                                                                       |
   | Most of the boss' attacks involve splitting into several horizontal   |
   | disks.  Sometimes various disks will ignite and start slashing at     |
   | you, and sometimes the bottom disk will chase you, dropping fiery     |
   | napalm.  The Fire Tablet makes you immune to both these attacks.  The |
   | only attack you have to worry about is when the top disk tries to     |
   | smash you into the ground.  The disk has a long reach, so make sure   |
   | to Fleetfoot far away, and keep up your speed.                        |
   |                                                                       |
   | The napalm strike is particularly important beacause while the bottom |
   | disk chases you the rest of the orb also separates into disks,        |
   | exposing the core of the boss.  Use the disks as a step ladder to     |
   | reach the core, then wail on the fishy thing.                         |
   |                                                                       |
   | When the boss has suffered some damage he will surrender your Cherry  |
   | Bomb skill and turn black and white.  Use this opening to hack at the |
   | boss before he recovers from this opening.  Cherry Bombs are also an  |
   | excellent way to harm the boss.  Bombing the boss causes his disk to  |
   | split apart and expose the core, leaving you free to damage it for    |
   | several seconds.                                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | A bit more damage, and the boss restores your Watersprout skill.  You |
   | could use this to douse the boss' fire attacks, but it's not          |
   | necessary with the Fire Tablet.  Just keep attacking the boss with    |
   | Cherry Bombs and attacking the core.                                  |
   |                                                                       |
   | Before the boss transforms again he will cough up your Crescent       |
   | skill.  Interestingly enough, this Brush technique can be used to     |
   | summon the spirit of Nagi to slash the boss with his sword.  It's a   |
   | cool move that also exposes the core, so give it a try.               |
   |                                                                       |
   | Stage 3 (Blue Lining)                                                 |
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Cherry Bombs                                                       |
   | 2) Purple Cannonballs                                                 |
   | 3) Icicle Toss                                                        |
   | 4) Ball Lightning                                                     |
   | 5) Fireballs                                                          |
   |                                                                       |
   | In this stage the boss stretches out to resemble a slot machine.      |
   | There are three spinning slots, and each slot has eight symbols.  The |
   | specific symbol that the slot stops at determines the attack the boss |
   | will use.  For instance, if the slot stops at the ice symbol, the     |
   | boss will shoot icicles at you.  All the symbols are pretty self-     |
   | explanatory, except the cannonball symbol resembles a cyclops.        |
   |                                                                       |
   | In addition to the 5 attack symbols on the slots, there are actually  |
   | 3 beneficial symbols.  The Ink Pot symbol restores your ink, the      |
   | Solar Energy symbol restores your health, and the blue circle with    |
   | the claw inside makes the boss open up.                               |
   |                                                                       |
   | When the stage begins you don't have much control over what symbol    |
   | the slots stop at.  Before they start to spin the boss will show you  |
   | all three slots displaying the same symbol.  If you wait and do       |
   | nothing the boss will eventually stop on those same symbols.  On the  |
   | other hand you can Slash the slots to stop them early, but they spin  |
   | too fast to know when to stop them.                                   |
   |                                                                       |
   | For the first spin of the slots just deal with the resulting attacks. |
   | The cannonballs and bombs are easy to Slash back at the boss, and the |
   | fireballs can be completely ignored if you wear the Fire Tablet.      |
   | Icicles are the hardest to avoid, but they can be Slashed back at the |
   | boss, or blocked with a reflector.                                    |
   |                                                                       |
   | After you deflect some of the boss' attacks, he will show you 3 of    |
   | the blue circles before beginning to spin again.  Don't Slash them    |
   | and the wheels will stop on those same 3.  Now the boss opens up and  |
   | releases your Galestorm technique.  With this skill you can blow away |
   | all of the boss' projectiles, except for the icicles.                 |
   |                                                                       |
   | Keep Slashing the projectiles at the boss, and eventually he will     |
   | open up again.  This time he gives you Inferno.  Fire is pretty       |
   | useless here, so just keep doing what you've been doing, dodging and  |
   | Slashing the projectiles.  When the boss open's up a third time he    |
   | relinquishes Veil of Mist.                                            |
   |                                                                       |
   | Yay!  Mist is Back!  Now you can control the slots.  Simply Mist them |
   | then press and hold R1.  The slots will still spin in slow motion     |
   | when your Brush is drawn.  When one of the slots shows the blue       |
   | circle, Slash that slot to make it stop.  Repeat the process to stop  |
   | the other 2 slots at the blue circle, as well.                        |
   |                                                                       |
   | Now each of the three slots will open up, exposing the fishy fetus    |
   | core.  Slash that core into submission until the boss transforms      |
   | again.                                                                |
   |                                                                       |
   | Stage 4 (Yellow Lining)                                               |
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Arm Slash                                                          |
   | 2) Arm Smash                                                          |
   | 3) Jackhammer                                                         |
   | 4) Rocket Launch                                                      |
   | 5) Lightning Sword Beam                                               |
   | 6) Satellite Beams                                                    |
   |                                                                       |
   | In this stage the boss resembles a large robot with mechanical legs   |
   | and laser-like arms.  The rockets can be deflected with Slashes or    |
   | jumped away from.  The various types of beams should be jumped over   |
   | or away from, and jackhammer is best to Fleetfoot from.  The arms     |
   | have a limited range, so keep your distance.                          |
   |                                                                       |
   | Some of the attacks happen simultaneously, and it may be difficult to |
   | avoid them all.  Mist the boss to slow him down, or use those         |
   | leftover Vengeance Slips.                                             |
   |                                                                       |
   | The boss can only be damaged when the body of the robot opens up to   |
   | expose the core.  When the body is closed simply stay away and dodge  |
   | the attacks.  When the core is revealed, Mist the boss, close the     |
   | distance to him, and hack at the core.  When the robot sucks the core |
   | back in retreat back to a safe distance.                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | After taking some hits, the boss restores your Catwalk.  Now you can  |
   | use those Kabegami statues to climb the three towers on the outskirts |
   | of the arena.  Use Mist before you start climbing to give yourself    |
   | time.  Atop each tower is a chest.  They contain the following:       |
   |                                                                       |
   | **VENGEANCE SLIP**                                                    |
   | **STEEL SOUL SAKE**                                                   |
   | **GOLDEN PEACH**                                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | The boss will now only reveal it's core very quickly.  You won't have |
   | time to close the distance to the boss before he draws it back in, so |
   | quickly Slash the core before it closes up.  Deflected rockets and    |
   | well placed Bombs can also harm the boss.  When he's taken enough     |
   | damage he'll surrender your Thunderstorm skill.  This technique will  |
   | make the rest of the battle much easier.                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | When the boss raises his lightning sword arms to prepare his beam,    |
   | use Thunderstorm on the pronged arms.  This will make the boss        |
   | collapse and drop his core.  Mist immediately, run up to the core,    |
   | and start hacking at it.                                              |
   |                                                                       |
   | After some more damage, the boss will restore your Blizzard.  Ice is  |
   | not very useful here, so just keep zapping the lightning arms and     |
   | hacking at the fishy core until the boss' health is depleted.         |
   |                                                                       |
   | Watch a long scene.  You thought it was over?  Think again.           |
   | Stage 5 (The Claw)                                                    |
   | Attacks:              (* indicates an opening related to that attack) |
   |                                                                       |
   | 1) Rocket Launch                                                      |
   | 2) Fist Smash                                                         |
   | 3) Hand Slap                                                          |
   | 4) Green Fire Aura                                                    |
   | 5) Fiery Meteors                                                      |
   | 6) Tornado                                                            |
   | 7) Thunderball Toss                                                   |
   | 8) Satellite Beam                                                     |
   |                                                                       |
   | With some luck you'll only ever see one of those attacks.  As soon as |
   | the battle begins draw a Sunrise to light the arena.  The boss will   |
   | probably fire some rockets before you draw the sun, but they can be   |
   | easily dodged with a jump.                                            |
   |                                                                       |
   | The Sunrise will immediately stun the boss making him drop his core.  |
   | Consume a Steel Fist Sake, draw some Mist, then perform as many       |
   | combos as you can on the core.  When the Mist expires draw some more. |
   | You want the core to lie vulnerable for as long as possible.  If you  |
   | keep Misting you can actually kill the core before the claw picks it  |
   | back up. A tip I received via email from a player I will call Hitomi: |
   | Use an Inkfinity Stone here if you have some left to ensure that you  |
   | always have ink for the Misting.                                      |
   |                                                                       |
   | If the boss recovers and picks his core back up, you have a choice.   |
   | You can try to chase after the boss and damage the core as it sits in |
   | the claw's palm.  Use Vengeance Slips if you want to do that.  Its    |
   | probably easier, however, just to keep your distance and dodge        |
   | attacks until the arena goes dark again.  Use Sunrise again to make   |
   | the claw spill his marble, then finish off the core.                  |

Watch the final scene now, then watch the credits.  At the end of the credits
you'll notice the seal that you designed with Mrs. Seal.  After the credits
there will be a display of your achievements throughout the game.  Depending
on how you did in each category you will receive some Karmic Transformers.  
These tools allow you to change Ammy's appearance if you start a new game.  As
a reference, here are my stats and the reward for each category:

Deaths                    0                 **KARMIC TRANSFORMER 3**
Enemies Defeated          1070              **KARMIC TRANSFORMER 4**
Money Gained              8,816,654         **KARMIC TRANSFORMER 5**
Demon Fangs Found         851               **KARMIC TRANSFORMER 6**
Praise Earned             7224              **KARMIC TRANSFORMERS 7, 8, & 9**

I'm not really sure how "death" is defined.  Drowning and falling down pits
doesn't count, and neither does using Astral Pouches.  I suppose "death" means
any time you have to select "continue" or "load."  You don't have to match my
stats to get those rewards, but I'm not sure where the cut off is.  On my
first play-through I did somewhat worse and still got the rewards.

Just for finishing the game you receive the following prizes:

**KARMIC RETURNER**  This tool returns Ammy to her original appearance.
**STRAY BEAD #100**

**STRING OF BEADS**  If you collected all the Stray Beads you earn this
very powerful artifact that makes you invincible, gives you infinite ink, and
increase the damage you deal by ten fold.

Make sure to save your game in a new slot when you are prompted.  This save
will be how you start a new game with all your rewards.  Anyway, that's all
there is.  Give yourself a pat on the back, and congratulate yourself on
beating Okami!  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I hope you found
this guide helpful.

6) Version History                                    #VSHST
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1.03 -- 11/23/08 -- Minor spelling corrections and updates.

1.04 -- 04/24/09 -- Added some overlooked chests, a new boss tip, cleared up
discrepancies between PS2 and Wii versions, corrected some typos, and corrected
some misinformation on Glaives.

1.05 -- 04/25/09 -- Corrected some crediting issues, and addressed strategies
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Contrarily, if you are not trying to be helpful do not bother.  This means no
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Lastly, I cannot promise to respond to every email I receive, but if your
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9) Credits                                            #CRDTS
Thanks to the following:

- Clover and all the creators of Okami for making such a great game.

- Gamefaqs for providing a great forum for gamers.

- The official guide and its utter lack of usefulness for inspiring me to write
this guide.  Thanks also for whatever small amount of facts I may have gleaned
from it.

- Forweg for his useful walkthrough that got me through my first play-through
and which served as an excellent example for how a guide should be written.

- Mookiethebold for his wonderful side-quest guide.  It served as a great way
to check my work for completeness.

- Jo7kain for pointing out some missed treasure chests.

- DNeuschulz for helping me clear up a vague part in my guide.

- Jadedego and Dylan Mead for pointing out some missed treasure, and my Robalo

- Hitomi for the tip regarding the final stage of the final boss.

- Sauko for clearing up some typos and suggesting a strategy.

- OtterWater for his tip on the Moley mini-game, and all the other people who
post on the message boards.  Keep this game alive!!