Shadow Lady by CAntonio

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  By Carlo Antonio []


I. Introduction
II. Key
III. Basics
IV. Special Moves
V. Combos
VI. Strategies


      Hey there! First of all, I'm writing [actually typing] this gameFAQ 
just for the heck of it, and of course Shadow Lady is a very cool secret 
character to use. She's one of my favorite characters [along with Chun-li, 
Jin and Strider] in the game. Since this is my first FAQ, feel free to send 
any suggestions, combos, corrections and other shtuff that could help this 
FAQ..more helpful!
      Aah..the Shadow Lady. She is Chun-li turned Shadow Lady by Shadaloo, 
yknow how M. Bison's mind runs.  Anyway, here's the Shadow Lady code:

   ? Put the cursor on Morrigan, then tap the joystick U, R, R, D, D, D, D, 
L, L, U, U, U, U, R, R, L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, U, R, R, U, U, L, L, 
D, D, D, D, D.


JP - Jab Punch            QCF - D, DF, F
SP - Strong Punch         QCB - D, DB, B
FP - Fierce Punch         HCF - B, DB, D, DF, F
SK - Short Kick           HCB - F, DF, D, DB, B
FK - Forward Kick         CBF - charge B[2 sec.], then tap F
RK - Roundhouse Kick

JOYSTICK:                 OTHER:
U - Up                    PPP - push all 3 punches simultaneously
UF - Up-forward           KKK - push all 3 kicks simultaneously
F - Forward
DF - Down-forward
D - Down                  P - push any punch button
DB - Down-backward        K - push any kick button
B - Backward              OTG - "on the ground" attacks
UB - Up-backward

S. - standing
C. - crouching
J. - jumping/jump-in
DC. - dash with a crouching attack
DS. - dash with a standing attack
JC. - jump in chain
AC. - air combo
--> - to next level [from jump-ins --> ground --> air]


Advance - tap F, F / PPP
Retreat - tap B, B / B + PPP
High Block - hold B
Low Block - hold DB
Offensive Crouch - hold DF
Air Block - hold B / DB
Super Jump - tap D, U / KKK
Advancing Guard - tap PPP while blocking
Recovery Roll - B, DB, D + P / K if hit by a knockdown attack or throw
Helper Assist - SP + FK [costs 1 Helper stock]
Switch Characters - FP + RK
Variable Counter - B, DB, D + FP + RK while blocking [Level 1]
Variable Combination - QCF + FP + RK [Level 2]
Variable Crossover - QCB + FP + RK [Level 2]


DRILL: HCF + P [ground]
      Shadow Lady goes into the Kikkoken stance but instead a drill comes out 
of her palms. This is a very good energy chipper and it is very hard to 
counter if blocked because it pushes her away from the opponent. And yeah, it 
combos too. The punch button pressed indicates the number of hits and range.

ELECTRIC FIELD: F, D, DF + P [ground]
      She surrounds her entire body with electricity that comes out in a 
flash. The punch button pressed indicates the number of hits and the duration 
of the electricity. It has good recovery time but has very bad range, so be 
careful. Also, this move is an excellent anti-air attack.

LIGHTNING KICKS: tap K rapidly [ground / air]
      Same ol' lightning legs here. Lightning kicks in the air to psyche 
people out. It OTGs and an excellent energy chipper.

      Shadow Lady bows down and missiles come out from her back and chases 
down her opponent. I think the missiles track down opponents even if they 
super jump over it. Good anti-air attack. It trades hits and cancels some 
supers [cos I did this move at the same time Gambit did his Royal Flush, the 
missiles hit him then cancelled his move and we just traded hits].

AXE KICK: HCB + K [ground]
      Use this against turtlers [yknow, peeps who block low a lot]. The kick 
buttons pressed will determine the distance, so know your distance between 
you and your opponent because you might press the wrong button and you'll hop 
over you opponent and leave yourself open for an attack.

KNEE DROP: DF + RK [ground]
      Another move for turtlers. If they blocked it high, follow it up with 
an RK just in case they block low. If they do block low, the RK will nail 
them and leave them open for an attack.

      Welp, not much about this move. I use this as a sneaky move: air dash 
over you opponent then Falcon kick. Can also be used as a jump-in then 
connect a RK after.

Other moves:

Triple jump: tap U, U, U
Air dash: tap F, F / F + PPP [air]
Throw: B / F + SP / FP
Air Throw: B / F + SP / FP [air]
Launcher: S. RK
AC Finishers: RK, FP, Lightning kicks, Air throw


    This time Shadow Lady goes in her Kikosho stance but instead a huge ass 
laser comes out of her palms. The laser is wider than War Machine's Proton 
Cannon but I think they have the same amount of hits. Obviously, it doesn't 
combo but an ok energy chipper. Use it only if your opponent made a really 
big mistake. If you picked any helper that goes through the screen 
horizontally [like Collosus, Psylocke...], Big Bang Laser after they connect. 
Be careful though, it has the same recovery time as the Kikosho.

    Shadow Lady bows and releases tons of homing missiles from her butt. 
Ah..a very useless hyper move for a very good character. It is very slow in 
coming out so it would be impossible to connect.

FINAL MISSION: CBF + KKK [level 3] favorite Hyper move. This is like Akuma's Raging the 
air! She does the Senretsu Kyaku pose then charges towards her opponent with 
her S. Roundhouse. If it connects, she launches her opponent to the air, 
chases them then the screen turns white and flashes, just like the Raging 
Demon. After that Shadow Lady taunts then her opponent lands with a huge 
explosion! Welp, it is very hard to connect and I'm still trying to find out 
if its possible to connect with a S./C. Fierce. I recommend using it after 
your opponent made a big mistake. Don't worry if they blocked it cos she'll 
recover fast enough. And remember the range is almost half screen.


Combo 1) S. JP, S. SP, S. FP

Combo 2) C. SK, C. FK, C. RK

Combo 3) DS. JP, C. SK, C. RK + Lightning Kicks

Combo 4) S. JP, C. FK, C. FP + Drill

Combo 5) S. SK, S. RK --> [AC.] JP, SK, SP, FK + Lightning Kicks

Combo 6) J. RK --> S. RK --> [AC.] JP, SK, SP + Air Throw

Combo 7) J. JP, JC. FK --> S. RK --> [AC.] JP, SK, SP, FK , FP/RK

Combo 8) Throw, DC. SK, S. RK --> any AC. Of your choice

** for combo 6, don't tap the buttons really fast during the AC. Or the air 
throw will be very hard to connect.

** for combo 8, DC. SK is an OTG and you have to throw your opponent towards 
the corner so there's little space between you and your opponent in order for 
the SK to connect. Watch out for rollers.


Here are some pointers:
- always dash in with a C. SK. Don't worry, you can always cancel the dash 
by holding the opposite direction if you see that if they're coming up 
with something. Remember that you could only cancel that dash while in the 
middle of it.
- After beating a character of the other team, jump to the side of the 
screen where the second character comes out and do Roundhouse Lightning 
Kicks, you'll chip away their energy.
- Always connect a Fierce Drill after a blocked C. RK, or S./C. FP. You'll 
always catch them if they try to react after the RK or FP.
- CHEAPS!! specialty. If they blocked your SK dash ins, walk in 
and grab `em! This is also a good way to start combo 8 if they're in the