Spider-Man by DChu

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Spiderman FAQ ver 1.01
Spiderman FAQ made by Derek Chu


I.    Updates                - The latest updates on this FAQ
II.   Introduction           - Just that
III.  Background Information - Spiderman History and Information
IV.   Basic Controls         - The Notation guide for combos
V.    Moves
        a. Normal Moves      - Descriptions of buttons that require it
        b. Throws            - A list of Spidey's Throws
        c. Special Moves     - Moves that are not normal yet not super =)
        d. Supers            - Ouch.
VI.   Combos                 - Spidey's combos and details on how to do them
VII.  Versus                 - Strategy on how to defeat your opponents
VIII. Strategy               - How to use Spidey effectively
XI.   Tricks                 - Tricks on the game itself
X.    Other Stuff            - Miscellaneous stuff
XI.   Credits                - The great people who have helped me help you
I.  < Updates >

01/07/1998:  Finished the sentence in the Strategy section for Morrigan
after I found out the name of the super-thanks (Son of?)Swift for reminding
me.  Adding the van combo because I forgot to add that too.
II. < Introduction >

The first thing that I want to say is that I hope you, the reader, fight
with honor.  What I mean is that once you learn how to construct powerful
attacks, don't make them your sole form of playing and try to make the game
enjoyable for both yourself and your opponent(as enjoyable as can be if
you're being pummeled... yeah you can use Morrigan as your teammate LOL!).
If you don't follow this introductory advice, you may be considered "cheap"
or "cheesy" and people won't like you very much.  Do whatever you feel like
when you fight the computer but against human players, try to stick to these

1. Don't use infinite combos on humans.  Infinite combos are a series of
attacks which are repeated such that your opponent cannot escape once they
are caught by them.  Examples of this are Wolverine's Berserker Rage super in
Marvel Super Heroes vs Streetfighter(MSF).  After Wolverine's speed is
increased, he can do a C.FP, followed by another C.FP until the speed wears
off.  Spider-Man had one in MSF but Capcom have removed it for Marvel vs

2. Don't use throws or the same combos repeatedly.  One throw is ok, two in
a row is a little unfair, more than two in a row is bad.  Throws are
escapable but that is no excuse.  However, if you are an underdog such as
Roll, this is perfectly alright.  Since Spidey isn't an underdog, this isn't
alright.  If your opponent is a really good fighter and does "cheap" things,
the kid gloves are off though.

3.  Don't use the "cheap" characters.  For MSF, these are Ryu and Wolverine,
for MvC, these are Strider, Wolverine and Chun Li.  Ryu in MSF could combo
a Shinkuu Hadouken in every air combo(super bar permitting) and had great
priority, speed, stamina and strength.  Wolverine has this as well,
especially the ability to combo supers.  Chun Li has the air demon super
combo and the lightning legs super combo as well as the other abilities and
Strider them as well as great range and damage.  Characters like Captain
America, War Machine, etc. are not considered cheap because, although they
have the ability to combo supers, their moves take a little longer to come
out and/or often have less priority than the "cheap" players.  If one move
"beats" another move, it is said to have higher priority.  Cheap characters
are ok if you balance them with underdogs like Dan, Roll, Mega-Zangief and
III. Knowledge is Power: Background Information

        Amazing Fantasy #15 is a comic book that came out in August
1962 and heralded the first appearance of Spider-Man.  Its cover had Spidey
with a webline in one hand and a crook tucked under the other.  It, like
Amazing Spider-Man #1, is worth a LOT of money now.  I would appreciate
either issue if anybody is feeling generous(hey you can't blame me for

        Currently, there are 4 monthly Spider-Man comic book titles (Amazing,
Peter Parker, Spectacular, and Sensational), not to mention quite a few
limited series, Web of Spider-Man(discontinued), guest appearances in other
comics, a cartoon series, t-shirts, vid games, the movie... well you get the
picture.  Stan Lee and Steve Ditko are the creators of Spider-Man and Stan
currently heads Marvel Comics.

Spider-man's History:

        Peter Parker was orphaned at a young age when his parents, who were
apparently involved in the secret service, died in a plane crash.  Peter
was subsequently sent to live with his dad's brother, Ben, and Ben's wife,
May.  Peter eventually grew up(funny that) and went to Midtown High School,
where he was your classic nerd... except he didn't have a whiney voice and
collect postage stamps, etc.  Attending a science demonstration sponsored
by General Techtronics(presently Garid; a research company)on the
properties of radiation, Peter was "bitten" by a common household spider
which had been subjected to the radiation.

        The radioactive venom disorientated Peter and as he left the exhibit,
he was almost run over by a car.  Jumping out of the way, Peter found that
he had jumped an incredible distance and that he was stuck to a wall.
Scaling the wall, he crushed a steel pipe on the roof with his bare hands
as though it was tissue paper.

Attending a wrestling match later which offered a prize to anyone who could
stay conscious in the ring with the current champ, Peter donned a hastily
created mask and beat the wrestler easily.  A television director noticed
his talent and offered him his own television show.  Peter Parker accepted
and designed the costume, web shooters and web fluid where he finally
appeared on T.V. as Spider-Man.  Fame went to Spidey's head and when he
didn't stop a burglar when asked to by a security guard, a burglar which he
could have stopped easily, the same burglar killed his Uncle Ben.  Donning
the costume, Spider-Man tracked the burglar to a warehouse and realized his
error.  Vowing never to shirk responsibility again, the costumed crime
fighter Spider-Man was born.

Peter earned a scholarship to Empire State University where he met Harry
Osborn and Gwen Stacy.  Harry's father owned a chemical company and was
involved in an explosion which gave him powers such as strength and
rejuvenation, becoming Spider-Man's arch-nemesis... The Green Goblin!  The
Green Goblin devised a special gas which nullified Spider-Man's spider-
sense and thus discovered Spidey's secret identity.  Norman Osborn
suffered from amnesia after the showdown with Spidey until his son, Harry,
overdosed on LSD.  Remembering his hatred for Parker, the Green Goblin went
to Peter's apartment and captured the only person there... Peter's
girlfriend Gwen Stacy.  Spider-Man, suffering from a cold, later followed
his spider-sense to the George Washington bridge where the Green Goblin
knocked an unconscious Gwen over the edge as Peter tried to rescue her.
Although Spider-Man snagged her with a webline before she hit the water, the
shock of the abrupt stop "killed" her.  The Green Goblin was later impaled
on his own Goblin Glider, but he's alive in the current issues thanks to his
rejuvenitive powers.

Professor Miles Warren, Peter and Gwen's biochemistry teacher, had learned
cloning techniques from the High Evolutionary and made clones of Spider-Man
and Gwen from their cell samples following the "death" of Gwen Stacy.  Miles
became the Jackal but later died with remorse at the way he had acted and a
life support machine housing a clone of the Jackal malfunctioned, creating a
new, unsympathetic form of the Jackal.

Many issues later, a being called the Beyonder took all the super-heroes and
super-villains and put them on a constructed planet to fight each other in a
massive war.  Spidey acquired a black "costume" which repaired itself and
responded to his thoughts after his old costume was badly damaged.  After
returning to Earth and finding problems such as the new costume wouldn't
respond to his thoughts as readily and being tired after sleeping, Reed
Richards of the Fantastic Four discovered that the costume was actually an
alien symbiote that wanted to bond with Spider-Man permanently.  The alien
had been taking Peter Parker for a joyride while he was asleep!  The
symbiote was separated via a sonic gun and trickery and eventually bonded
with Eddie Brock, who became Venom.

IV.     < Basic Controls >
   ______          ____           ____             ____
  /******\        /    \         /    \           /    \
 |********|      |   P  |       |   P  |         |   P  |  --> Punch buttons
  \_****_/        \____/         \____/           \____/
    |~~|          Jab (LP)      Strong(MP)       Fierce(FP)
  .-|  |-.         ____           ____             ____
 (  \__/  )       /    \         /    \           /    \
  \.____./       |   K  |       |   K  |         |   K  |  --> Kick buttons
                  \____/         \____/           \____/
  Joystick       Short(LK)     Forward(MK)      Roundhouse(RK)

b = hold back on stick       u = hold up on stick   t = hold toward on stick
                             d = hold down on stick
D = dash-press t,t or t + 3P to go forward and b,b or b + 3P to go backwards
SJ = Super jump(press d, u or 3K)
XX = before the animation of the last move finishes, cancel with the
     following move
OTG  = Off the ground        C = Crouching
QCF = Quarter Circle Forward(d, dt, t)
QCB = Quarter Circle Backward(d, db, b)
DP  = Dragon Punch(t, d, dt)
HCB = Half Circle Backward(t, dt, d, db, b)
V.     < Moves >
A.    [ Normal Moves: ]

1. Standing Jab and Crouching Jab
-> Spidey does a light punch and turns his torso so the front of him faces
   you.  Pretty fast with good range and is a GREAT button to use when
   starting air or ground combos.  Start here because you can always go for
   a stronger button if it connects and block if it doesn't.  Don't use the
   crouching version often because it's just pathetic.

2. Standing Short and Crouching Short
-> Hmmm, I guess the best way to describe this one is that he does a little
   kick straight forward with both knees bent and leans back a little.  Use
   this button alot; if you dash in, use the crouching version, if you've
   already started the combo from the air and it has connected, use the
   standing version to show off(it looks alot cooler mixing the heights of
   the hits even though it's easier to block it) but use crouching all the
   time if you want to play it safe.

3. Standing Strong
-> The webslinger does an uppercut extending his whole body.  This by itself
   will launch your opponent into the air and is perfect for comboing a FP
   version of the Web Throw if they're directly above you.  Try not to use
   it to set up air combos as it is harder to do them if you just use this
   and it doesn't do as much damage.  It comes out quick and has more
   vertical range than the RK version and should be used accordingly.  You
   can't do his infinite anymore so this move isn't used anymore by the

4. Standing Forward
-> Spidey does a funny spin kick that looks like he's trying to do swing his
   leg over a log but doesn't quite have the flexibility(although he does
   easily). This move looks a bit like an overhead attack but it's not.  If
   your opponent blocks your light kick, follow with this and then a
   Roundhouse one to leave you fairly safe.  If they have an "instant" super
   such as a Ken-Ryu's rushing dragon punch, press this but don't press the
   Roundhouse one as they might be waiting till you do before unleashing it.

5. Standing Fierce
-> Spidey leans back a bit and then does a huge punch that goes downwards
   so fast that he ionizes the air molecules, causing them to glow white
   where his fist had been.  Hey, it sounds better than "there's just a
   white line where he punches".  Finish blocked ground combos with this to
   leave you relatively safe.

6. Standing Roundhouse
-> Spider-Man does a quick backflip, lands on his hands and uses the power
   to kick his opponent to the moon.  This is a great move once you learn
   the timing of it.  By itself, it will merely hit an opponent on the
   ground like any other move.  However, if your opponent is in the air and
   are hit by this move, they will be launched to the perfect height for an
   air combo.  This is the launcher you should use all the time.  Just
   remember, do a crouching medium kick, then release the joystick and press
   RK or they won't be launched.  Number one form of air defense by itself.

7. Crouching Strong
-> I'm such a big Spider-Man fan so please excuse the bias but I just love
   the way he fights, even if it's not the same as the comics.  For this
   attack, the webslinger gets down and does a backhand which hits upwards.
   Use this in his three hit ground combo as an alternative to MK for eye
   candy but remember that if you do then you can't chain into an air combo
   if they are hit by it.

8. Crouching Forward
-> Spidey gets down... and puts one foot in the air?  This is his mini-air
   launcher; knocking your opponent just off the ground if it hits.  Follow
   immediately with RK.  Don't forget to release the joystick.

9. Crouching Fierce
-> Spidey uses his ability to stick to surfaces on the ground(so he doesn't
   fall over) and tries to elbow his opponent's shins(or head if it's Roll
   or Megaman LOL).  Once again you should be fairly safe after this move.

10. Crouching Roundhouse
-> Two hands on the ground and two feet in a leg sweep.  Not a bad move due
   to its range but not a great move due to its recovery.  If you manage to
   connect with it you might want to follow up immediately with the Crawler
   Assault but a)You have to cancel into the Crawler Assault fairly quickly,
   b)The Crawler Assault sucks because it is very unoriginal and c)They can
   roll away after the sweep and make you hurt since you're still trying to
   recover from the super.  Use it against Onslaught if you're ducking under
   a Psychic Blast and waiting for him to finish it.

11. Air Fierce
-> Spidey does a horizontal version of his standing Fierce
   punch, and looks cool just like that one.  If you finish an air combo
   with this, your opponent will go flying for a close encounter of the
   terran kind.

12. Air Roundhouse
-> This is a very high priority move.  At one stage or another, you're
   likely to see fights where Spidey jumps around with his heels aiming
   for his opponent's head.  Not a good idea to get used to this but use it
   when you need to.  If you're starting to get desperate use this move but
   don't pull it out too early because it gives your opposition a chance to

13.  The other air moves have been omitted because it's a waste of space.
B.    [ Throws ]

1. Double Rolling Slam (T or B + Fierce while close to opponent)
-> Spider-Man grabs the opponent, jumps into the air, does two forward flips,
   then flings them to the ground.  You have to be on the ground to do it.

2. Shoulder Toss: (T or B + Strong while close to opponent)
-> Spidey grabs the opponent's arm and vaults him over his shoulder.  Spidey
   recovers quickly being the legend that he is and if you throw an opponent
   into the corner(wall), you can follow up with an OTG combo(You can
   probably do a Crawler Assault instead but I go for the air combo.  Once
   again, ground only throw.

3. Air Double Rolling Slam (T or B + Strong or Fierce...close in mid-air)
-> Spider-Man grabs the opponent and flips over frontwards twice, flinging
   them to the ground from the air. Basically the same properties as the
   standing version.  Use it as an air combo finisher if you do the air
   combo quickly or if your opponent gets used to jumping in blocking
   because you launch them if they don't, jump up and throw them.

C. =-=[ Special Moves ]=-=

1. Web Ball (QCF + any punch)
-> Spiderman puts both his wrists togethers and fires both webshooters to
   make a glob of web fluid while saying "Web ball!".  If it connects, his
   opponent becomes entangled in a cocoon of webbing.  The stronger the
   punch button used, the longer the webbing lasts.  Use the jab version as
   an air combo finisher, and the jumping fierce version if you feel like
   playing keep away since only this version lasts long enough to follow up
   with the Maximum Spider, or other combos/supers.  A MP version MAY work
   if you're both close to the edge of the screen on your side but don't bet
   on it.  It's Spidey's only real method of playing keep away and when
   you're fighting Mega-Zangief or Gold War Machine you should use it heaps
   against MZ and a little bit less against GWM.  The webbing won't affect
   the Hulk while he's on the ground and I think the same is true for Jin
   when he gets his desperation powerup.  Nevertheless, it still does
   damage.  Air webbing goes diagonally down and ground webbing goes
   horizontally.  Ground webbing almost NEVER hits unless it's the Jab or
   Strong version because it's so obvious that Spidey's doing it.

2. Spider Sting (DP + any punch)
-> Spidey loves to make fun of people, just like Dan, so this move imitates
   the Shotokaners' dragon punches(he even says the name of the move...
   "Spider sting!") except he can punch them back to the ground when he
   reaches the apex of his jump(you need to press punch again).  Be careful
   when doing this because a good roller will be able to do a short roll if
   you do the second punch and Spidey will end up vulnerable and at their
   mercy.  Be careful when doing this move because this will leave open for
   some time if you miss. It's quite invincible going up and you should use
   it against moves which Spidey can't use a launcher very effectively
   against like head stomps and Venom Fangs.  Play conservatively and use
   the Jab version unless you're sure of hitting because it has less
   recovery and I think it comes out quicker.  You can combo it after his
   launcher but your opponent will go out of the screen upwards and will be
   able to block afterwards.  Ground only move.  This is also his Team
   Counter move; great since it is a dragon punch and hits twice with a
   second punch button!

3. Web Swing (QCB + any kick)
-> Spidey lets everyone know that he's coming by shouting "Web Swing!" and
   shoots a webline at 45 degrees upwards which sticks to nothing and then
   holds onto the other end while swinging forward with his feet in front of
   him.  It's damaging, it's quick, it... has a lot of recovery time?  Doh!
   Use it primarily as an air combo finisher(you can use the RK version!)
   and also as an OTG after a sweep (C.RK) on a downed opponent.  Air or
   ground, Spidey's coming to get you!

3. Web Throw (HCB + any punch)
-> I love this move!  Spidey sticks one arm out and with a "Thwip!", shoots
   a strand of webbing towards his opponent.  If it snags them, Spidey grabs
   the other end and spins his victim around (move the joystick as fast as
   you can and ram the buttons for more spins to see how much momentum you
   can build up) and as he lets the line go, he says "Web throw!".  This
   move does alot of damage, is fun to do and watch, and although it is
   slow, it can even be used in serious battles if you know how and when to
   use it correctly.  Good occasions to use it are:

After a MP launcher, if your opponent is immediately above you(FP version).
If you're fighting somebody who likes to do a high priority, low recovery
time attack on you like Venom Fangs and Jin's diving drill kick(MP version)
After you jump in to combo the Hulk and he does a Gamma Crush, land and wait
for about one second and then do it and you'll get him.  Too slow and you'll
be crushed and too fast and he'll just be hit out of it without being

Naturally go for too soon when you're trying this out(FP version)
Punch strength determines angle at which spidey fires the line:
Jab is horizontal, Strong is at 45 degrees and Fierce is straight up.

Ground only move.

4. Wall Cling (jump against a wall, hold the joystick in the opposite
               direction to stick, release when you want to jump off it)
-> This IS Spider-Man y'know!  If anybody climbs walls, it's Spidey.  This
is a great move if you want to surprise somebody(A wall cling?  For me?  You
shouldn't have!) because you can jump away from them, then come right back
at them by tapping the lever away from the wall for a split second.  Also,
you might want to use this to avoid supers.  Very useful during Rush Drills,
and Duo Team attacks(super jump and stick to the wall while their super bar
runs out).  You can't block while you're on the wall and you can only stay
there for so long so don't think that you're perfectly safe up there.  If
you're on the wall or heading towards it and a "beam" super is (about to)
be unleashed down below, stay on the wall if you're sure you won't be hit
and just before their super ends, do the Maximum Spider so that you don't
risk being hit during it.  It's very hard to safely dash while you're in the
corner so if you want out, just jump up, wall cling, and escape.  If you
really want to be nasty, stay up there a couple of times when fighting
Captain Commando if he's on the other side of the screen.  If he does the
Captain Sword, do the Maximum Spider and find out who's the fastest!  You
need to be quick or anticipate it.  If you see the little arrow coming
towards you, jump off the wall and block or he'll Corridor you.

D.    [ Supers ]

1. Maximum Spider (QCF + 2 punches)
-> I'm telling you right now, this is the best super Spidey has.  It's both
effective and looks cool!  Spider-Man jumps onto the wall behind him(or goes
to the wall even if he's in midair, sticks to it for an instant while he
summons his Spider strength, then says "Maximum Spider!" as he springs
across the screen like lightning.  If the opponent doesn't block it, he
hits them from all sorts of angles for 5 hits, bouncing off walls, the floor
and the ceiling.  If they block it, Spidey does a slow backwards sommersault
and is vulnerable until a little while after he lands.  It does great damage
and is the number one counter I use when I've got sufficient time.  Combo it
immediately after Fierce web ball and if you've ever jumped above a beam
super, don't hesitate to execute it immediately.  It can go through even a
Proton Cannon!  Make sure you aim it correctly initially and release the
joystick as soon as you see that he's going the right way since extra input
can cause Spidey to get hit by supers and miss the following hits.  Also, if
you are close to your opponent after the super, you can OTG them with LK,
then use RK to launch them into the air!  I've done it a few times but I'm
not sure if you can do an air combo after it like normal.  You may have to
do the full motion for a super jump after the RK instead of just pressing
up.  If you can't do it, cancel the RK into a Spider sting or better yet...
you might be able to do a Crawler Assault as an OTG!

2. Crawler Assault (QCF + 2 kicks)
-> Spidey says "Showtime!" and does a funky rushing attack which uses
recycled animation from his other moves.  His only useful chipping super and
the only super that can be normally comboed(excluding web ballls and
helpers.)  The only times you should use it are in combos, to finish people
and to counter during a player switch.  Ground only super.

3. Ultimate Web Throw (QCB + 2 punches)
-> Petey's third super... he jumps backward and at the peak of his jump he
stops and shoots out a large spider web.  It covers a fair part of the
screen and is easily blocked unless your opponent is doing a move.  If his
victim doesn't, then they are ensnared by one of the web lines and spins
with it a few times like in his air Rolling Slam throw while falling very
slowly and smashes his opponent into the pavement.  The best thing about it
is that it fakes people out.  Jumping away doesn't seem very threatening to
many people and this super allows Spidey to get out of the way of people who
jump in with moves like Jin's drill kicks or Venom's Fangs.  It does no
block damage though so don't try to finish somebody with it unless you can
afford to.  Only executable when on the ground.
VI.     < Combos >

Ok, this is really simple once you get the hang of it.  There are three
parts to a big combo usually... an jumping combo part, a ground combo part
and finally a super jumping combo part.  I will describe each combo
accordingly and all you have to do is add your desired mini combos into one
large combo.  So you can do a jumping combo into a ground combo, a ground
combo into a super jumping combo or a jumping combo into a ground combo into
a super jumping combo.  I will make the appropriate notes where...

1. D.Short -> Forward -> C.Roundhouse XX Crawler Assault or Web-Swing

**Note: Ok this is a simple combo which does LOTS of damage... if you use
the Crawler Assault.  Dash at the start to quickly get close to your
opponent then press Short, then Forward, then press Roundhouse while holding
the lever in the down position.  As soon as you finish the last hit, execute
the Crawler Assault so that Spidey stops recovering after the sweep and
starts the super.  You can use either standing or crouching for both the
Short and Forward buttons, but crouching is the best as if your opponent is
blocking high then they will still be hit by the first low attacks.  You can
also omit one or both of the first two attacks or substitute it with the
same strength punch button(LK=LP, MK=C.MP).  The Crawler Assault is
escapable if the opponent rolls after being swept, so use this combo
relative to how skilled your opponent is.  Use the Web-Swing if you don't
like ugly looking supers.

2. C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse -> u/t -> SJ.(Jab, Short, Strong, Forward XX AC

**Note: The C.MK knocks them slightly up into the air, then the RK launches
them at a great height for an air combo.  As soon as you press the RK, hold
u/t and Spidey will immediately Super Jump after his victim.  Wait for a
very short period after he jumps and then do the rest of the combo as
quickly as you can.  If you want to do the least number of hits using his
launcher while still doing a full air combo, use this combo.

3.  Strong -> u/t -> SJ.(Jab, Short, Strong, Forward XX AC finisher)

**Note:  This is the simplest way to get a full combo but try not to get
into the habit of doing it as you will be at a distinct disadvantage when
compared to the roundhouse launcher as the range is less, you have less time
to respond to the fact that you're hitting them and in some of the other
games with Spidey you may find that air combos are more difficult or even
impossible to connect with all of the air blows.

4. D.Short -> C.Forward -> S.Roundhouse -> Spider-sting

**Note:  As soon as you press RK, do the motion for the Spider-sting and
press FP after they are launched.  Spidey will do the sting and they'll go
flying vertically upwards and off the screen.  You can't combo after this,
the only possibility may be to do a team super using Captain Commando... if
they come out quickly enough CC might be able to hit the skyborn opponent
with a Captain Sword, although I suspect that they will recover before it
hits.  You can't follow up with an OTG or infinite combo in MvC like the
other games as they are knocked too high and, more importantly, recover
while they are falling.

5. Jump in: J.Jab -> J.Strong -> J.Fierce -> C.Short -> C.Forward ->
S.Roundhouse -> SJ(Jab -> Short ->
Strong -> Forward -> Air Double Rolling Slam)

*Note:  You may use a LP.Web Ball if you cancel quickl or any strength Web
Swing instead of the throw.
**Note:  This is probably Spidey's most damaging combo.  The first three
jump in hits will only connect if you start the combo early and on
relatively tall people... which leaves you open more often than not... you
should be able to get the first two hits in if you leave it later.  Then,
after you land, IMMEDIATELY do the LK.  I was so used to Marvel Super Heroes
vs Streetfighter that, when I first played this, the Hulk would almost
always throw me when I landed even though I hit him with the other hits.
It just goes to show how much these games have changed... it's VERY hard to
dash after landing so the dash should always be when you're coming towards
your opponent or not at all.  The crouching Short will often open them up
for the rest of the combo because some people aren't used to changing the
height at which they're blocking.  Follow with a C.MK, then a S.RK and then
hold up/towards to Super jump after them(you don't have to press down then
up, only up... but up/towards is better because you get closer which makes
the air combo easier/possible).  The following hits must be done relatively
quickly... I used to have a lot of trouble with this.  Now, I use my middle
finger for punches and index for kicks which makes it very easy and I think
that I can combo faster than many other people... plus this leaves my little
finger free to charge a big MegaBuster with Megaman.  The thing about
combos in Marvel vs Capcom(and generally with other "vs" games) is that the
more hits that you do, the less damage the combo does for the later hits.
Thus, if you do a Web swing or a Web Ball as an air combo finisher, it will
only do a fraction of the damage that it would if you managed to connect
with the move by itself.  Same goes for normal moves.  Throws, however,
don't follow this pattern and do the same damage that they would if you did
one normally.  The problem is that they may be tech-hitted or if your
opponent is really crafty, then they may throw you instead!  So be careful.

6.  Alternate Jump-Ins:
     LP, FP, RK.
     MP, FP, RK.
     FP, RK.
**Note:  Don't you just love these notes?  Ok, time to explain Spidey's
Jump-In Magic Series.  You can do three hits maximum Jumping in, I think.
You can't go from kick to punch, but you can go from punch to kick.  You
can't go from Strongest to Weakest but you can go from Weakest to Strongest.
That means that you can do three punches(LP, MP, FP) or (LP, MK, RK),
(LP, MP, RK), (LK, MK, RK).  Actually you probably can go from kick to punch,
but only the next strength one(so LK -> MP and MK -> FP), but you can't do
the move above it(e.g. LP, LK, MP).  I'll find out later.  How close you are
to the ground when you start the combo dictates how many and what hits you
can land.  So the height of your target determines the height at which you
can start a jump-in combo.  Hulk is a sucker since he's so tall.  Customize
your jump-in with this knowledge.  If you're in an air fight(where both you
and your opponent are jumping) and they block, you can do the full six hit
magic series(LP, LK, MP, MK, FP, RK).  They won't be hit by it of course but
it charges your super meter and you can stop midway through attacking them
and throw them instead.

(For more combos, Go to Migs' webpage...look for the address in the Credits
Spidey's Marvellous combo in MSH:
J.LP, J.LK, J.MP, J.FP, LK, C.MK, S.RK XX MP.Spider Sting, S.MP, SJ.LP,

Spidey's Big combo in MSF(without using the van):
FP.Web Ball, J.LP, J.MP, J.FP, LK, C.MK, S.RK XX FP.Spider Sting, C.LK(OTG),

Spidey's Big combo in MSF(using the van):
Get your opponent so that the van is behind them(on the stage with the
police where the floor caves into the sewers), then:
FP.Web Ball, J.LP, J.MP, J.FP, LK, C.MK, S.RK, SJ.LP, SJ.LK, SJ.MP, SJ.MK,
VII. --==< Fighting the Computer >==--

General Strategy:

The best offense uses a great defense.  Dash at your opponent and as soon as
you do, hold backwards to block.    Dash forward, dash forward and jump,
dash like there's no tomorrow.  Spidey would have to be the fastest
superhero out of all of the people there in the comics and in the game he
is one of the fastest.  Move as quickly as possible this way but do the
double tap forward very quickly and block as soon as you do it.  If your
opponent attacks you, even if you are dashing into most supers, you will be
able to block it(unless it's an unblockable move like a throw but I will get
to that) and may be able to get counter their attack with one of your own if
the move that they used has a lot of recovery on it.  So for Captain
Commando, if you dash at him and he does a Captain Corridor(pillar of energy
when he punches the ground) and you block, you will get knocked back a
little or stop but suffer very little damage.  If you immediately dash
again, you may be able to get him while he is recovering from the move. And
if at first you don't succeed... try and try again.  They will often break
under pressure(if they are human) of Spidey coming for them... just like in
the comics!  Make sure that you hold backwards UNTIL you are ready to attack
.  That is the golden rule; block everything.  If you release it too early,
you can be killed by Gamma Crushes, Captain Corridors, War Destroyers... you
name it.  As soon as you are close enough after dashing in, start attacking.
You have speed, you have momentum, they have a long sleep filled with
nightmares of Spider-Man coming for them again.  If you do it late enough,
they don't have enough time to attack you and have to go on the defensive.

If you are a beginner, start the match with a super(I recommend the Maximum
Spider).  The computer will often fail to block supers or counter them if
they do and it is better to get ahead in case you are having trouble towards
the end because it's a lot harder to make a comeback.  If you have a good
helper(dashing ones are often good), use them up at the start too.  Once it
is no longer a problem beating the computer this way you can omit the supers
and helpers and use your opponents for more practise at combos.  Always
choose Manual mode too, as you're more likely to lose if you use easy mode.

Vs Chun-Li

- Computer Chun Li is only dangerous if you are hit by her supers.  If you
keep advancing while blocking, she will often screw up by doing a Rising
Bird kick... after which you should either use her for combo practise or hit
her with a super.  Also, she may do a Kikousho(fireball)... if you are trying t
o jump
in at her then start a jump-in combo on her as she is helpless.  If she does
a super Kikousho and you are outside its range, then wait for one second and
a tiny bit more and do the Maximum Spider(hold the lever down or don't hold
it at all after you do it).  Occasionally she will do a jump and throw you
while you jump in if you don't beat her to it.  Don't let it bother you; it
does damage but you'll win in the end.  So don't panic and try to tech-hit
it by pressing towards and a punch button immediately.  If that doesn't
work, she will have to lean forward to throw you once she is holding you.
If you try to press towards and punch again at the instant she lets go, you
can tech hit the move(without losing damage I think).  If you miss these two
opportunities, then try for the third one(although the damage is already
done);  at the instant you hit the ground, do a quarter circle back and
press punch.  Try to stay in the air when fighting her; if you are on the
ground, there's a chance that she'll hit you with a ground combo ending in
FP and the rushing lightning legs.  If you block constantly in the air, you
won't be hit by the air demon kick that she manages to connect a miraculous
number of times.
Human Chun Li can be a real b!tc#.  Three main things to watch out for:  a
FP into the Rushing Lightning Legs super, a launcher into an Air Demon Super
combo, and a launcher into a semi-infinite(into a Air Demon Super combo
after that if they're good!).  To avoid these, try not to get launched at
all.  So stay in the air and you should avoid the worst of it... don't
forget that her launcher has high priority as air defense... but is nothing
compared to our hero.

Vs Ryu

Ryu mode - Keep jumping at him and beat him up if he does a fireball.  Be
wary when jumping in as if you attack too early he may dragon punch you.
Occasionally, he will dash forward and backwards a few times at the other
side of the screen and then do a Shinkuu Hadouken.  Try to be in the air
when he does and do a Maximum Spider.  Also, he often jumps at you and does
a fireball in midair, after which he is completely helpless.  Super him or
do a RK launcher and an air combo.
Ken mode - Use missed Dragon punches to practise combos or supers if you're
desperate. I think this "Ken" may like hurricane kicks like the other one so
it may be a good chance to try out your aiming with some web throws.
R-Ken's fireballs suck unless he combos them(they fade out after about 1/2 a
screen, but still treat them as you would Ryu's.  As Ken has a formidable
dragon punch super, you must be very familiar with air blocking when
attacking by air or you can be in trouble.
Akuma mode -  Use a combination of the modes with which you fight the other
two.  This version apparently takes more damage than they do as well.  His
fireballs go down but if you are underneath him you can RK him into an air
-Human Ryu shouldn't be too much of a threat.  Watch out for trips into
hurricane kicks supers, S.FP into a Shinkuu, launchers into Shin-Shoryukens,
launchers into air combo Shinkuu's(he's got a terrible launcher now so you
shouldn't be launched and the Shinkuu combo is much harder to do).  He's
very strong and can kill you if you don't take him seriously though.  Also
watch out for jumping into a super hurricane kick... don't forget to block
and Maximum Spider him if he does it too early.
-Human R-Ken is a bit worse in my opinion.  Watch out for the flaming tower
of death dragon punch super when you jump in and his advancing dragon punch
super because it's so quick(if you see them blocking your combos, try to
finish earlier).  Watch for MK -> Advancing dragon punch supers and
launchers into flaming tower supers.  Still has a slow launcher so no real
threat like in MSF.
-Human R-Akuma takes damage a little worse than the other two.  Watch for
the Advancing dragon punch super combo again and air hurricane kicks and
diving kicks.

Vs Zangief

- We affectionately nickname him Grief because if you don't fight him
correctly, he can give you grief(and it rhymes... duh!).  So what is the
best way to fight him?  Well, dashing in along the ground is a big no no
because he will Spinning Pile Drive you more often than not.  Attacking from
the air is more my style but Grief has the ability to SPD out of a block
stun... meaning that he if he blocks your attack, it is possible for him to
do a SPD on you, although the computer rarely takes advantage of this.  On
rare occasions you may be hit into the air and then hit by an air lariat
(where he spins his arms).  After you both fall to the ground, Grief will
pause for a second and then do a Final Atomic Buster super(FAB).  As soon as
you get up, jump to escape it.  Since he is so good at fighting close, it is
often good to use your helpers on him to chip his strength and use your
Web Balls on him to do the same and follow with a super if it connects.  If
your partner is a good fireballer you may want to use them instead but it is
fairly safe to attack him from the air so you shouldn't be too worried.
-Human Grief can be REALLY good.  If you jump and attack him, he can often
SPD you before you hit the ground if he blocks it!  To beat him, it is good
to play a bit of keep away with Web Balls since he can't play keep away
except with his helpers.  S.RK by itself if he walks near you but only if
you can hit him with your feet with it.  Best to flee.  If you can make him
come for you, use the S.RK into an air combo, and if he goes for a high
priority move like a body splash, use your Web Throw on him.  Otherwise try
to stay away and use your range on him.  If you want to fight close, use
three hit combos and finish it with a Web ball or Web swing if you think
he's going for an immediate counter attack.  Mix it up with an air dash or
two to avoid prediction.  Watch out for SPDs/FABs when attacking, MP throws
followed by supers, and his air combo with the lariat and the double RK into
a super(press RK before you land from his double RK and it will stun him out
of the super move).  Also, don't land anywhere near him after super jumping
unless you know what you're doing... after a jump there's a brief period in
which you can't jump again... and Zangief gets super armour during a FAB.

Vs Mega Zangief
- Although the Web Ball won't entangle MZ, they do hurt him.  Use the air
version only and your helper if they are good.  He cannot be launched for an
air combo so don't try to.  If you like playing with fire, then use a
jump-in combo on him and finish it with a Web Ball or Web Swing.  If you
want to combo him on the ground, then just use the medium and fierce versions
of Spidey's punches and kicks because they do have quite a bit of range and
they do slow him down, but it is dangerous if you're not careful.  Spidey's
supers aren't very effective on him but you can use the Maximum Spider and
the Crawler Assault sometimes;  MZ can only be hit by the MS when he's
recovering from a special move like a SPD(I think supers too) and the
Crawler Assault does a lot of damage but he can SPD/FAB you out of it.  Use
team supers to kill him easily or Duo Team attacks if you're feeling lucky.
He can't hurt you from a distance except with that flame(which is pathetic)
so play keep away if you just want to get rid of him since he's so slow and
Spidey's so fast.  Super Jump and/or Air Dash and/or Web Swing over his head
when he starts to corner you because you're so fast and he's so SLOOOOOW.
Vs Human MZ-  Just stay away 100% unless you KNOW that you can beat him
before he can SPD/FAB you.  Watch out for consistent J.FP's.

Vs Morrigan/Lilith

- Treat her exactly the same as Ryu and R.Akuma even though she's SOOO sexy
and keeps beckoning you forward(well her taunt does).  She can air combo you
though so be careful.  Also, she has the Darkness Illusion super so make
sure you're a good blocker.  Lilith is "worse" than Morrigan, I think
Morrigan's better than Ryu and Lilith is worse than Ken personally.  So over
the fireballs and into the combos - don't forget to block!
Human Morrigan/Lilith can be very good.  Don't be a sitting duck, attack her
alot as her air defense isn't great.  Watch for her fireballs mainly and
don't let her get close as she can combo quite nicely too.  Watch for Soul
Erasers/Brilliant Showers because they can be quite subtle and also watch
out for the C.MK into a Silhouette Blade combo.

Vs Captain Commando

- Another fireballer?  Oh goody!  CC uses his Captain Fire frequently (about
2-3 in a row) so jump over them while he's in his stun for a combo.  Of
course it's not that simple... if you do it too late then he does a Captain
Corridor and your life drains away if you don't block it.  If you do block
it, try to dash in along the ground straight away for a free combo if he
uses a powerful version of it(the more powerful it is, the more recovery
time it has).   You have to be fairly patient for opportunities for combos
sometimes but it's worth it.  Spidey's supers can take out CC pretty quickly
if you time them right too.  CC's most dangerous super is the Captain Sword,
which he combos off his launcher... so don't get launched!  If you're close
and have to block it, try to dash in afterwards for a ground combo launcher,
do the same for the Captain Storm.  If you're far away, then push-block it
to reduce the chip damage.
Human CC can be tricky at times.  Watch out for Captain Corridors and don't
let up the attack... if they keep doing them as you jump in, quickly do a
dashing ground attack for a change and you might get them.  If they just
keep doing them, walk towards him carefully and attack or defend.  Use the
odd air and ground Web ball as well as the air dash to trick him if all that
doesn't work very well.  Watch out for his launcher when attacking as he can
follow it with a Captain Sword and also for his C.FP into a Captain Storm
into an OTG into the previous combo!

Vs Megaman

- "A, A, A, A...".  He likes to fire uncharged MegaBusters alot.  Go for a
jump in combo all the time.  Spidey's limbs are so long that he has no
trouble with a fist fight with Megaman.  If you see him do the Hyper
Megaman, immediately do the Maximum Spider.  Spidey should jump up to the
wall just above the beam, then dive through it and pummel MM like there's no
tomorrow!  Spidey can avoid bullets and sense danger remember so it's no
chore.  Occasionally you may be hit by a Beat Plane combo but it doesn't
hurt very much and if you block it then it's a great time to retaliate.
-Human Megaman can be a threat.  Seriously, he can.  I play a mean Megaman
so from how I play, I'd say you have to watch out for his air combos and try
to take him out quickly, without sacrificing defense.  His RK launcher has a
fair amount of priority but his range is short so don't let him get too
close.  Watch for his MK into a Beat Plane combo(dash and combo him if he
stays right next to you when it runs out, and his MegaBuster into a super or
team super(I combo it into a 2 on 1).  If his energy gets low, they'll often
try to change out by releasing the MegaBuster at you when they think you'll
attack because a well charged MegaBuster comes out quickly and lasts long
enough to decided whether to do a two person super or simply change.  Also,
watch out if he has 3 levels of super charged and Morrigan's his partner...
I found out this really devious trick;  if you fire a well charged
MegaBuster and your opponent blocks it, you can switch to Morrigan and do
the Eternal Slumber and it will catch them while they are unable to escape
from the MegaBuster.

Vs Strider

- Capcom's version of Wolverine.  This guy has high priority, high damage
moves and is quite annoying if you're on the end of his combos.  Don't be
intimidated by him.  Just keep after him with yours and make him pay when he
teleports.  Blocking is essential to victory.
Human Strider is one of your harder opponents.  Use your S.RK into an air
combo for defense but try to keep at him.  Take extra care blocking.  Don't
use any supers or specials unless you're quite sure that they'll connect...
Web Balls can be ok if you are careful.  Watch for... his combos.  his
ground one does heaps and so does his air one.  Also, watch for his supers.
The Legion does pretty good block damage... if you see him do it, super jump
immediately over it and try to come down on him for an air combo.  The
Oroboros can be quite deadly as well... he can do Oroboros->helper or bomb->
Oroboros->helper or bomb->Oroboros into air combo or into a Ragnorak.  So
don't get hit by it.  When they do the Oroboros, humans often try to screw
up your blocking so they'll connect.  If you see him jump, block high, then
low when he lands so he can't hit you low.  You don't have to do it for
long.  They may also try teleporting behind you... watch and block as soon
as he appears.  Finally, if you manage to block all that, they may try for a
throw after the super runs out.  Don't fall for it and try to throw them if
you're good.

Vs Jin

- Unlike most other fights, you often find yourself having to let Jin come
to you.  Don't panic, just watch what he does.  It usually is a jumping
diving drill kick followed by a sweeping drill kick followed by his
exploding clothes.  His attacks have high priority and often have quite low
recovery time and they also chip your strength a tiny bit.  Sometimes he
doesn't use the exploding clothes and you can counter his attack very
easily.  Jin is a good person to use the Ultimate Web Throw on.  When he
jumps in, Spidey jumps out of his way and Jin gets caught like s fly.  The
Maximum Spider isn't the best because Jin keeps coming for you and it can't
go straight down.  If you don't like being cornered at all, then Spider
sting his ass.  Be careful when you're trying to get out of the corner too
as Jin may execute the Great Cyclone super, which crosses almost everybody
up when they're trying to block and eats their strength.  Try to take Jin
out before the other player because he gets a powerup when his life is low,
he's the last of his team and he isn't being comboed.  When you notice his
life is starting to get low and he's the last of his team, hit him with a
big combo or super so that he is knocked out or has very little energy left
when he activates the powerup.  The powerup gives him armour and increases
his attack power(although I think it makes him a tiny bit slower).  To
launch him for an air combo in this mode, you have to do one hit before your
launcher, so you usually have to do (LK, C.MK, S.RK) to launch him or (LP,
Human Jin can be pretty tricky.  Fight him a bit like Computer Jin but try
not to fall into the S.FP(?) into a Blodia Punch combo.  Also, be careful of
humans who try to do a sweeping drill kick combo and cancel it into the
exploding clothes when they think you're going to attack.  If they do this,
wait for them to do it and you'll get a free shot at them afterwards.  Be
careful of being thrown if they know that you're going to wait for them to
do that.  Not too hard if you can Spider Sting well.

Vs Roll

- Be afraid of her!!!  She may look small but she can beat the best heroes
if played by a master.  She uses a lot of fireballs when the computer uses
her, and the damage she dishes out is very weak, so don't be afraid to use
the Maximum Spider on her unless you think your friends are going to turn on
you for beating up a little girl(what's she going to do if she blocks the
Maximum Spider... hit you with a fireball?  Her limbs are VERY short so just
hold her away with one arm and deactivate her with the other.  Get to her
by using up your helpers every match and not ever losing one of your team
(and a few super finishes I think).  She normally comes with Megaman.
Human Roll can kick butt if she's used right but so long as you use your
range on her, she doesn't have a chance.  Go for supers a little bit more
than usual when you think that they might hit but DO NOT underestimate her
as anybody fighting you with her probably has the skill to back them up.
I've beaten Strider/Spider players with my Spidey/Roll team and Roll can
actually can carry her weight.  Still, she SHOULD be a pushover.  I feel
kind of bad telling you how to beat her!  =(
**Note:  In Japan, Megaman is known as Rockman, and so the two are supposed
to be Rock and Roll... cool huh?

Vs Shadow Lady

- If you manage to get to her(first attack every time, team/duo super
finishes and not losing any of your team), you'll find out that she can be
annoying at times.  Generally, she throws out missiles three times in a row
and then does a Big Bang Laser super.  The missiles prevent you from getting
close to her(you hit her but the missiles get you) like normal, but the
Maximum Spider works like a charm.  She does ground combos with the arm
drill at the end and air combos as well.  She even tried to do the Final
Mission on me!  She is usually paired with Jin.
Human SL should be a cinch compared to Chun Li.  Just watch out for the
semi-infinite.  Her supers aren't comboable but they can hurt if you get hit
by them so don't.  Avoid the Big Bang Laser and if you're really good, try
to super jump and avoid the missiles.  If she does regular missiles, do a
few hits if you are close and then block, or try for a super if you think
you can make it because the missiles have a long start-up delay.

Vs Captain America

- Stars'n'Stripes!  Am I supposed to be scared?  I have the proportionate
strength and speed of a spider as well as heaps of other things and all you
have is your cruddy super soldier serum and that shield.  Yes, definitely
no sweat beating CA.  He does a few Stars'n'Stripes which leaves him open,
same goes for Charging Stars.  You can hit his shield out of the air if you
time it and although he is strong, he is slower than Spidey.  It often helps
to make him lose his shield(attack him after he throws it to move him away
from the spot where it was going to return), but this only works for the
computer(human players sometimes lose their shield on purpose to set up
super combos easier).  Sometimes he does a cartwheel... although he can't
attack you while doing this, he may end up behind you... be prepared to
block the other way(or throw him as he passes you).
Human CapA can be good sometimes.  Watch out for his jumping FP and S.FP
because the range is so good.  He's pretty slow and if you can get rid of
his shield, the loss of range is better for you than his ability to combo
supers.  Be aware that he can combo into a few supers with his shield and
all of them with it.

Vs Venom/Hyper Venom

- Venom is a hard person to jump in on when the computer uses him.  He does
the symbiote thing where it lashes about his head alot, making it difficult
to attack him like that.  Ground combos work well, but be wary of the Venom
Fang.  Also, since all of his super/special moves keep him in one spot or
cause him to initially attack diagonally upwards/forwards, air web balls
work very well.  If he does the Venom Fang, you may want to go for a
Ultimate Web Throw or a MP.Web throw.  Hyper Venom is very fast but he takes
damage like a wimp.  Use your helpers on him and hit him with lots of small
combos.  You only need about one super on him to beat him but don't get
cocky unless you know you can win.
Human Venom should be a pushover... most players will try to Venom Fang you
or use the Web hold throw to set you up for an air combo.  Spider Sting
beats a Venom Fang and so does the Maximum Spider and the Ultimate Web Throw
if you are careful.  Fire heaps of air Web balls while jumping in and try
not to chance supers.  He should never get close enough to throw you... if
you are encapsulated, jiggle your joystick to try to escape.  Red Venom is
much of the same, except he can combo after a S.RK into a Death Bite or Team
Super... beware.  Just go ape on the combos and you'll kick his butt no
sweat... drain your helpers if they're good and use a lot of low attacks.

Vs Hulk/Orange Hulk

- The Hulk has been upgraded since Marvel Super Heroes vs Streetfighter, but
he's still only a shadow of the comic book Hulk.  If you can block very
well, Hulk just becomes one big punching bag.  If you jump at him, he will
often try and hit you with a S.FP or that handstand kick.  Keep the pressure
on and do a dashing combo when you can and a jumping combo when you can as
well.  One cool thing is when you jump at him now... he often tries to do a
Gamma Crush.  How is this cool?  Well if you block it and then land for a
second, you can snag him out of the air with a FP.Web Throw.  Other than
that, just hit him with supers and combos and you'll beat him no sweat
(Ultimate Web Throw is good for when he does the S.FP - Spidey jumps out of
the way and snags his arm... just like he would in the comic books except
this time the Hulk can't snap his webbing.  You need an extra hit before
launching him due to the super armour and Spidey's Web balls only do a
little damage to the Hulk without entangling him(unless he's in the air.
Likewise, only use MP/FP.Web Throws.  Orange Hulk is like regular Hulk except
no super armour and weaker attacks.  The increased speed should be nothing to
Spidey's... show him that.
Human Hulk should be an absolute pushover.  Dial away his super armour and
dash in for a combo whenever you block an attack.  If they use RK or FP all
the time, be patient or use an Ultimate Web Throw.  Watch out for his
regular attacks, his launcher into a Gamma Crush and his launcher into a
Gamma Wave.  Your Spider sense shouldn't even mildly buzz though.

Vs Gambit

- I'll say it right now:  Computer Gambit blocks almost everything.  You
have to be very patient before Gambit screws up but he does have his
helpless moments like when he bounces off the walls.  Maximum Spider is gold
against him; Spidey can avoid bullets no sweat so cards aren't a threat and
so if you play your cards right, the Cajun will fold.
Human Gambit can be a nasty boy.  His launcher has a fair bit of range
because he uses a staff, but his air defense is pretty crummy so the J.RK
and air Web balls should be used frequently.  Watch out for his infinite in
the corner(LP, LK, LP, LK, etc) and also for his throw into a Royal Flush,
launcher into a Royal Flush and FP.Kinetic Card into a Royal Flush.

Vs War Machine/Mega War Machine

- War Machine's fun to fight against.  His Shoulder Cannon move is designed
to win fireball wars and Spidey isn't a fireballer so WM will end up getting
beaten from above if you jump in at him.  Be alert for Repulsor Blasts when
jumping in... if he uses them and you block it, there's a nice delay for
combo or super possibilities.  His beam makes him vulnerable to the Maximum
Spider and so do his supers if you're quick.  If he grabs you and takes you
across the screen in a throw, prepare to tech-hit or roll as soon as you
touch the ground as he almost always tries to combo you after it.  A tech-hit
often leaves you next to him while he's attacking with a move with long
recovery time.  He has good range and strength but is relatively slow so beat
him with speed.  MWM is no threat to our webslinger;  just use helpers, web
projectiles and the Strong and Fierce versions of normal attacks on him(the
War Destroyer is only dangerous when you're above him and his launcher has
pathetic range so you can hit him easily without getting that close, and the
Proton Cannon takes ages to form so you can block it easily as well).
Human War Machine is only dangerous if he goes on the offensive.  If he does
air Smartbombs, Maximum Spider or dash underneath them.  You can probably
Web Throw him as well.  He has to launch you to do his most damage... and
his launcher is almost vertical.  Use your S.RK to keep him away.  When
jumping in, watch out for his launcher again.  If you are caught in it you
might end up on the wrong side of a War Destroyer.  Missed War Destroyers
should be Maximum Spidered 100%, and the Proton Cannon is just too slow for
somebody as nimble as Spidey.

Vs Wolverine

- I think Wolverine is a cool character, but the problem with him in the game
is that he's too powerful... he can combo his supers very easily and has high
priority moves as well as speed, a healing factor to speed his recovery in
the sidelines, etc.  He's considered to be one of the cheapest in the game.
The good news is that Computer Wolverine doesn't know half of the stuff that
he is capable of doing, so he's easier to beat than usual.  Jump at him alot
because his air defense is very bad and doesn't compete at all with Spidey in
the air.  Counter his specials and supers with whatever you like.  Treat him
with caution though because I saw one guy fall victim to a Fatal Claw combo
by the computer.
Human Wolverine... where to start?  Ok, first thing is to stay in the air.
Wolverine is always dangerous but Spidey has a fairly easy time since
Wolvy's air defense can suck.  Make SURE that you block everything and try
to go on the offensive.  If you are cornered, don't stay still.  Jump into
the air and if Wolvy comes in at you, you're in a position to fight back.
Wolverine can combo ALL of his supers very easily, so don't expect to get
away with minimal damage if you are hit on the ground.  To beat Wolverine,
you have to be faster than him and avoid or block all attacks.  I have a
very easy time against him with Spidey, just don't get hit!

Vs Spiderman

- Omigod, it's a clone!  If you have trouble winning fights, you should stay
in the corner because Spider-Man is dangerous.  If you do this, he should
attack you(block high when he jumps in and low when he hits the ground... if
you're too slow he will combo you but it's easy to change the blocking height
when you're used to it).  When he does the Spider Sting combo on you, he's
vulnerable so get him then.  When he does air Web Balls, he will often do two
or three or so and then do a Maximum Spider.  Block them all and when he does
a Maximum Spider, do one yourself a little bit after he hits to get him when
he lands on the ground.  If you are efficient at dashing and comboing, try to
beat him at his own game.  Be very, very careful against him as he kicks
butt with ease.  If he sweeps you, then roll.  It may seem unimportant
against the computer, but if you do it, then at least you are familiar with
it and can avoid the Crawler Assault combo that many human players do.
Human Spiderman is always fun to fight against.  But how do you beat him?
Well, for one thing, if you block everything correctly, the only way that he
can hurt you is if he throws you or chips your strength with his super and
special moves or a helper.  So if he's jumping at you, use your S.RK
launcher as air defense and don't forget to follow with a combo.  If he
dashes, then jump straight up and come down fighting.  If he jumps at you,
you don't have to sit there and hope that your air defense will work... jump
up and see who's master of the air!  Use LP to FP or RK mostly... use an air
Web ball where appropriate.  Jump up and throw him if he blocks too much.
You should always try to go on the offensive but don't forget how much
priority his J.RK and S.RK have.  Watch out for the Crawler Assault combo as
well... if he tries that, immediately roll after being swept and do the
Maximum Spider.  If you can knock him down to danger level, he might try for
a Maximum Spider.  Block it and show him how it's really done.

Vs Onslaught

First Form - If you are having trouble beating Onslaught, as many new players
do, it is understandable.  The easiest way to beat him that I've found with
Spidey is to choose Psylocke or Collosus as your helper.  Then, block in the
corner and when he's next to you after a big move like a dash, magnetic
tempest or psychic beam, then just call in your helper and press LP, MP, FP
and call your helper again.  You could also use LK, MK, RK or a combo of your
choice.  If he does the Hyper Grav, then call a helper immediately as they
will stun him out of it... often it is good to leave one in reserve but don't
have one sitting over when he's almost dead because it's a waste of your
energy.  If you don't have a good helper, then do a LP, MP, FP, Web ball
combo.  Use the Crawler Assault on him if you think he's recovering from a
move(and you can afford the super levels for your partner against his second
form).  He usually does two psychic blasts so don't attack after the first
one unless you think it's safe to.  If you're ducking under these beams, use
the C.RK on him to drain his energy, and if you're close, then use C(LK, MK,
RK).  If he charges at you, make sure you block it and block the Magnetic
Shockwave that usually follows.  If you are hit by the charge, be prepared
to roll(roll the joystick from back to down and press LP or MP to roll to
the other side of him for a safe combo)as soon as you hit the ground or he
will OTG you with the Magnetic Shockwave.  If you have a bad or no helper
and he does the Hyper Grav, then Super Jump straight over him or (Super)
jump up and bounce off the wall to get over him.  You could also jump and
air dash over him.  The more adventurous of you might like to do a LK, MK,
RK, Spider sting combo on him but you can get hit after this when you fall
so it's not the best.  Press punch again to hit him from the top of your
Spider sting.

Second Form
- Jump at his head and hit him with J.MP, , J.MK, J.FP, J.RK.  This is the
most damaging safe air combo to do on him that I've discovered.  You can do
all six hits and even finish with a Web Swing or Web ball, but it's pretty
risky because of his attacks.  Try to leave it until as late as possible
before you do this or you may fall victim to an Eyebeam Destroyer.  If you
see him fire an ED directly below you while you're attacking him, then
cancel your last move into a Web Swing to swing out of the way.  If a Web
Swing looks like a bad idea, and you can afford the super, then cancel your
last move into a Maximum Spider!  Spidey will change direction in midair and
go to the back wall.  If he hits the ED while it's a white pillar of energy,
he should bounce off it(like if he tries to do it on Chun Li's Super
Kikousho).  Of course if Onslaught is doing a row of ED's, you may be in
trouble.  The same goes for if Spidey is caught in the middle of an ED
before it is formed.  You can change the time that you reach it by changing
the angle which he takes off at... straight for getting to Onslaught quicker
and down or up for a tiny bit more time... don't forget that if you aim up
Spidey has to reach the ground before he is safe again(and Onslaught can
juggle you with two ED's if you are high up!).  Super Jump over the Hyper
Gravs(web swing or dash to get well away from them). If Onslaught says "FEEL
MY MIGHTY HAND" and dashes away, then super jump to avoid his hand and air
dash to where you think he's going to reappear.  Use MP.Web Throws and
taunts to amuse spectators and if you have a teammate with a good super then
you may want to use them on him.  Ryu's Shinkuu, Chun Li's Kikousho super,
War Machine's War Destroyer, Shadow Lady's Big Bang Laser and Galaxy
Missiles, Megaman's Hyper Megaman and Morrigan's Soul Eraser are fairly good
VIII. --==< Strategy >==--
- Spider-speed.  For a guy who can dodge bullets, fighting these amateurs is
no problem.  To ensure that you take advantage of his speed, try to dash
alot.  Once it becomes familiar, you will be able to counter many attacks
that you ordinarily wouldn't be able to and people will be afraid of you.
Dashing around is an essential part of fighting with Spidey.  An example is
when fighting the Hulk... if you try to attack him but he attacks you before
you can get close enough and you block his attack, you can often immediately
dash in while he's recovering and land a painful combo on him.  If you don't
dash, you may be jumping around all day and have to take a lot of chances.
As most of Spidey's attacks are fast as well, you can usually beat people to
the punch... so to speak.
- Spider-strength.  He normally has to pull his punches so he doesn't kill
people.  He does the same in the game but don't worry... his attacks are
some of the strongest in the game.  Five hits in the Maximum Spider and half
of an opponent's life is gone.  Learn how to do his air combos.
- Spider-agility.  Ok it's a bit like speed but what I mean is that you
should try to avoid attacks instead of blocking them.  Good examples of this
include fireballs and supers.  If you see a fireball or the starting
animation of a super, try and get out of the road if it's possible.  The
Web-slinger can usually do it easily and if you jump around like a jumping
spider then it's another psychological blow for your foe, knowing that
you're very hard to hit and he/she's never safe.
- Spider-sense.  Know what each character can do.  As you don't have the
real Spider sense in the fight, try to anticipate what your opponent is
going to do but don't rely on it.  It's fairly easy to abort an attack so
go for gold.
- Web Fluid.  Since this stuff's so expensive, your best bet is to use it in
moderation.  It's fairly slow and is hard to connect with and leaves you
vulnerable especially against fireballers and people with super armour like
the Hulk.  Nevertheless, it is a plus and you should use a bit of webbing
here and there to win your fights.
- Spider-stamina.  Ok, ok, he doesn't really have stamina like he does in
the comics so you should make your own.  How?  Well as you are attacked your
energy goes down(duh!) but it leaves behind a red part which can fill up
with energy when you're on the sidelines.  The thing about this is that
after you lose about a third of your strength, there's quite a lot of red
and then if you keep on losing strength, the red remains and a little bit
more may add to it but you can lose alot of potential energy(sounds like an
electrical course huh?) if you don't give your partner a chance.  Be smart
about it if you do... don't change out as soon as you need to as your
opponent may be waiting for you to so he can hit your partner with a super
or two.  Try pressuring your challenger to switch out normally and then hit
them with a Crawler Assault after they come in.  Good ways to switch out are
to do a launcher and then switch(your partner will jump in and hit your
opponent out of the air), do a team counter(anticipate when somebody's going
to hit you while you're blocking and go from back to down with the switch
buttons(FP + RK), team supers are good if you can get them to connect but if
you can't then you may be in a lot of trouble as Spidey stands around doing
nothing after he finishes his attack and your opponent can waste you and you
won't even change characters.  Try to keep at least one level charged at all
- In the comics, Spider-Man makes fun of his opponents to put them off
balance.  Taunts in this game don't nearly do the same thing but to land a
lot of his supers and special moves you need to play with their mind.  Try
to do the move quietly and correctly when you want to do it.  Many people
slam the controls for a super and this is a dead giveaway and won't connect
unless they're recovering from something.  They often still need to do a
move before they can be hit by one but tricking them helps immensely.
The Maximum Spider, Ultimate Web Throw, Web ball and Web throw all have a
fairly large start-up delay.  Try to use them only when you'll think they'll
connect.  The Maximum Spider is good to use when your opponent is in the air
as, more often than not, by the time that they land they will not have time
to retaliate.  Of course, it is not always wise to do the Maximum Spider
when somebody's in the air as they can sometimes fight back very well.
Examples of people not to do the Maximum Spider on while they are in the air
include Spidey, as he can do the MS himself, and possibly anybody else with
a relatively instant super such as Chun Li's air demon and Ryu's Shinkuu
Hadouken.  So if you want to try it, be sure to do it as they are on their
way up from a jump so they don't land and hit you while you're still
somersaulting from the blocked MS.  Make sure to watch their super bar as
well... people can only super you if they have a level of super y'know.
But some moves like a Venom Fang may also be able to hit you before you
recover... if you want my advice, don't do it unless you are certain that
you won't be counter-attacked.

You should only use the Web ball in midair.  If you decided to use it while
on the ground, it's a good idea to do it only when you use a LP or MP one or
if you're not visible or your opponent is helpless(like if they super jumped
and you shoot one before they land when you're offscreen or if they just did
a move which leaves them open like a dragon punch).  Since it takes so long
to come out, the move is often blocked and Spidey's quite vulnerable, you
put yourself at risk when doing this move.  Occasionally if you're fighting
a good Zangief player, you might want to jump in with a three hit combo and
use the Web ball at the end of it if they block the hits.  Of course if
they're ready for it then you're in DEEP trouble but if you're devious it
can work.
The Web Swing is a great move.  It looks fantastic if you do it in an
air combo smoothly and is useful for other things too.  Oh, you want
examples?  Well... if your opponent is one of those people who loves to dash
in and hit you low, then do this instead.  Spidey hops up and back a little
bit and then swings over their kick and kicks them in the head!  Or, if you
want an instantaneous way of moving in the air, then use the lighter
versions of it.  And if you sweep somebody but don't want to do that silly
Crawler Assault, you can do a Web Swing instead to OTG them.

Learn, Learn, LEARN how to do air combos!  Spidey has one of the best normal
combos in Marvel vs Capcom!  Even the OTG Crawler Assault combo does a lot
of damage(I heard one person say that it did 2/3 of a bar damage when linked
with a jump-in combo.  If you do it quickly it will often catch people
sleeping since it's not THAT easy to roll away from.  But don't make it the
way you win your fights because once people learn how to roll you'll be open
to supers and you won't have the experience that you should have with air
combos.  Start with Spidey's dashing three hit launcher and then do the air
combo.  If you are unfamiliar with air combos and launching, try to find
Marvel Super Heroes vs Streetfighter.  Spidey can combo much easier in that
game and the fights last longer as the damage level is usually lower.
Combos are what set the experts apart from the amateurs.  When I played
Xmen:  Children of the Atom, I used to be a fireballer with Psylocke, though
Wolverine was a favourite of mine in the comics.  Then Marvel Super Heroes
came out and Spidey was my character all the time because he is my
favourite in the comics.  I could do about 8-10 hits maximum for his combos
and often relied on the Web swing(it did a 1/4 bar of damage hehehe) but I
lost a fair bit to humans who could do air combos.  Next was Xmen vs
Streetfighter and I used to use Rogue and Wolverine but then I used Rogue
and Akuma(once I became an expert with the Raging demon and the Rogue
demon!).  Marvel Super Heroes vs Streetfighter came out after that and when
I learned that Spidey was back, I was determined to learn how to do AC's
properly as Spidey was my favourite and therefore he should kick everybody's
butt.  Once I did, there was no stopping me.  So learn his air combo.  If
you do, then other people's should be fairly easy as well and you actually
become a threat.

Spidey's Roundhouse attacks have great range and priority as well.  You may
hear people talk of his jumping roundhouse version alot.  Why?  Well the
thing is that if you jump in at somebody with this, the worst that can
happen to you is that you may trade hits with your opponent unless they do a
move like a dragon punch or something.  If you want my advice(which you
probably do since you're reading my FAQ), then try to never use it unless
you think you can't win or if you're fighting another Spidey who does and
you need some priority.  Pete's punches pound people permanently, putting
purple parts proximate to pink.  Dammit, I was trying to use all "p's".
Anyway, what I mean is that if you jump in at somebody trying for a few
punches instead, you get more hits, it looks cooler and it will usually do
the job... plus you can "dial" away Hulk's super armour very easily and do
something else at the last minute if necessary.  The RK is best used as a

- Stay in the air as much as possible.  When it comes to fighting in the
air, very few or none can beat the webslinger.  Also, by staying in the air
alot, you can often avoid many attacks such as Wolverine's dangerous ground
combos and Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken if he's on the ground(don't forget you can
Maximum Spider anybody when they get too busy trying to hit you than to
worry about their safety!).  When attacking, watch out for people who have
good air defense supers like Jin, Hulk, , Ken-Ryu, War Machine etc.
Spidey's air priority is only great when he's next to or above his opponent.
So stay in those areas.
- Offense.  Use the C.Short whenever you try to start a combo from the
ground as if it hits somebody who isn't blocking low then you've got them.
If you add a dash to it I think it increases the priority of the move and it
definitely takes people by surprise so dash!
- The Web Throw is a great, unexpected and a quick surprise anti-air
attack move that makes you look like a legend if you use it right. What you
want to do is to get your opponent when they're not blocking, and to do
that, you have to be sneaky.  The only definite ways to combo it that I've
seen in MvC is to do a S.MP when you're below them and then do a FP.Web
Throw, or to call a helper and then do it, or to do a really big MegaBuster
and switch to Spidey and then do it.  So the sneaky methods... well one way
I love to do it is to do a dashing ground combo or air combo and then to
call in Psylocke(or Collosus or somebody) after they block the RK or FP of
the last hit.  So it's LK, MK, RK, Psylocke(All blocked).  How does that get
them?  Well the thing is that you do it once or twice, depending how alert
your opponent is.  Then, you do it again but this time don't call in 'locke,
but start the motion for a Web Throw instead and finish it with MP, using
exactly the same timing that you did before.  What this does is your victim
sees and hears you repeating the same combo and figures out that you're
vulnerable to attack from above while you're calling your helper, so
anticipates you doing it again and leaps at you without realizing the
possibility that you might not do that again.  If you think that they're
wise to your little ambush, then jump up and throw them out of the air.
The jab version is occasionally useful for dashing opponents, but they can
quite easily jump while dashing and make your spider sense tingle.  The
strong version is also useful for those opponents who like to stay away
sometimes with high priority moves which you can't get near... a good
example is computer Chun Li when she does a jumping Wind Kick... just
position yourself 45 degrees to her and fire away!
If you're going to use the FP version, try to launch them with MP first.  It
looks cool to see it combo and it's safer to do that first as it gives you
time to abort the move if they block.  If you're up against people like
those Wolvie players who like to jump and then do a Head stomp, anticipate
and do a FP.Web Throw.  Don't forget that you can stop the Hulk falling out
of the sky with a big rock, so the power is on your side.  Try to be quiet
while doing this as well... if your press the controls firmly but lightly,
your opponent has less of an idea of what you're going to do and has to rely
on their sight almost completely.  Seriously, it makes a difference.  It's
very easy to know what somebody's doing by listening to the way they press
the buttons.  I mean, if you slam on the buttons for a super when you're
offscreen, it kinda ruins the element of surprise if there's a startup
delay, and the Web Throw isn't very different.

- If you're on the ground and your opponent is doing a late jump-in attack,
use the Spider Sting to out-prioritise them.  Careful, because if they
block, your webslinging days could be over.  Also, if you hit them with the
second hit of the Spider Sting, they can roll to the other side of you and
pummel the crap out of you!  Spidey's main air defense should be his S.RK
launcher.  If you hit them with it and don't trade hits(they don't hit you),
then super jump quickly after them like you would with a normal air combo
and do... a normal air combo!

- Spidey's supers are funny things.  If you're fighting a human, be sure to
do them only if you're pretty sure that they'll connect or that they'll kill
his opponent or you're in for a world of hurt.
- Spider-Man now has an air dash in MvC.  This is pretty useless except for
a few exceptions.  Use it when you don't have a super level and you are
above a super that you would normally fall into.  Otherwise, do the Maximum
Spider.  The air dash has a pause when you do it, so sometimes you may like
to jump at somebody, then "dash" and start attacking after they expected you
to come down.  Since you can block after you do it, it is useful for the
times that a Web swing normally wouldn't cut it... I use it a fair bit after
super jumping over Onslaught's second form to catch up with him on the other
side of the screen.
- Spidey can't play keep away very well, not that he needs to.  Webbing just
doesn't instill the fear that a fireball or a gun can.  However, if you use
a relatively light version at different times, you can often snare somebody
and distract them long enough so that by the time that they've shaken out of
the web cocoon, they aren't prepared to defend themselves against an attack.
If you are low on life and can't change, then attack or try to use your RK
to air combo defense as it does a lot of damage.
- Spidey is thin and light. This makes him harder to combo than many other
characters.  He's pretty tall but isn't stupid enough to stand up when he
fights; his low fighting stance makes it harder to hit him with jump in
- Don't get predictable.  If you do the same thing over and over, not only
can it become boring, but it often leaves stable holes in your defense
which an observant fighter may exploit.
- Learn how each person plays. Fireballers tend to fall into patterns of
repeating moves over and over again.  They're vulnerable to jump ins and
well timed Maximum Spiders.  People who jump in may have high priority
attacks which will trade hits with your S.RK.  An Ultimate Web Throw will
out-prioritise them.  If they leave the attack for too long, then jump up
and throw them.
- Choose a good Helper.  A good helper should be somebody who comes out
quickly and stuns your opponent long enough for them to be hit by a super
or does a lot of chipping damage.  Look in the "Best Helpers" section for
advice on who I think are good helpers for Spidey.

=-=[ Change character Line-up: ]=-=
-> hold 3 punch buttons until the round starts

This is very useful for putting your best fighter first.  Then you can
increase the energy that this character has by strategically switching out.
After all, it is better to have your best fighter have the equivalent of one
and a half bars of energy than your other partner.  Also, if you've got
somebody like Gold War Machine or MegaZangief on your team and you want to
start with them, have your other teammate start the fight and then switch.

X. --=< Other Stuff >==--
=-=[ Best Partners ]=-=
1. Wolverine
-> I used to be unbeatable with Spider-Man and Wolverine.  Now I am just
unbeatable with Spidey... and sometimes a reasonable partner.  Wolverine is
a good choice for beginners.  He can combo his supers very easily and Spidey
charges the meter for him.  Their team super is the Crawler Assault and the
Berserker Barrage X, which is good because they both go forward.  Due to a
delay however, it's not as effective as it could be.  The Duo Team attack
can be fairly devastating though.  Wolverine has high priority, speed,
stamina, a healing factor when he's on the sidelines, and damage.  People
won't be impressed with you if you stay with him forever so you should
abandon him for a "fairer" fighter if you have any honor(unless you just
HAVE to win and don't care who you step on to do it!)  Be afraid if you're
against them in the comics, be afraid if you're against them in the game.
2. Strider
-> I hate this guy.  He looks cool though.  Strider's like a cross between
Wolverine and Spider-man... except he's got a big sword instead of
adamantium claws and can't combo his supers.  The range, priority, damage
and speed on this guy are such that you need to good or very good to beat
humans familiar with his attacks.  Since he's so "good", he's a good partner
for Spidey.  I've fought(and beaten) quite a few Striders now and I am not
impressed with him.  Use him if you must but he takes damage a little worse
than average.
4. Zangief
->  Zangief is a very good character.  It takes a lot of skill to master him
but if you do, he can be a great compliment for Spidey.  If you're just
starting out, stay away from him.  Gold in the 2 on 1 mode if you know how
to use him.
War Machine
-> War Machine solves Spidey's chipping damage problem.  A unibeam or two
can chip as much as the Crawler Assault.  Plus, WM is very strong and if
people jump at you, just press S.RK for a high priority launcher.  Also very
good in the 2 on 1 mode.
->  It may just be me, but I find Megaman is a good partner as well.  If you
can charge the MegaBuster really well, and hit somebody with it, you can
combo a 2 on 1 after it!  Then, when Spidey jumps in, immediately do an
Ultimate Web Throw and have Megaman ready to waste the victim with a super
right after Spidey releases them.  You can do the Maximum Spider but it
takes a little longer so it's harder to get it to combo, but if it does,
your opponent falls down and can't block.  Then, after Megaman has had his
fun, have Spidey do another super and th-th-th-th-that's all folks!
=-=[ Best Helpers ]=-=
1. Colossus (start + Jab + Strong + Forward)
->  Everybody seems to pick him!  Colossus charges onto the screen almost
instantly and he hits multiple times while pushing your opponent across the
screen.  This attack is extremely easy to combo with almost any long
distance super.  He covers your head as he comes in and also does good
chipping damage as well as nullifying fireballs.  Use him if you need an
2. Psylocke (start + Forward)
->  Psylocke comes out quickly too, but with a toned down version of her
Psi-Thrust super from Xmen: COTA.  She comes out from behind you, so it's
harder to get it to connect(Colossus can hit people jumping in easily) but
I prefer her to Collosus.  Psylocke is almost identical to Collosus once
she's past you; she hits multiple times, cancels fireballs and kicks butt.
3. Rogue (Start + Jab + Strong + Fierce + Short)
-> Do you notice how all these helpers are Xmen or have something to do with
them?  Anyway, Rogue is very good too, although she doesn't appear to be at
first.  You get about 6 or 7 of her and if you connect while she comes in,
you can do the Maximum Spider and get them while they're in the air or just
about to hit the ground.  She comes out instantly, but you have to know her
4. Juggernaut (start + Jab + Forward)
-> The Juggernaut is unstoppable... well almost.  If your opponent is an
avid Psy/Col user, you can beat their helper with Juggy if you have time.
He'd be the best if there were more uses... three run out too quickly.
XI. --==< Credits >==--

1. My brother Cedric.
-> Ced, thanks for being one of my first sparring partners in Streetfighter
2: The World Warriors and for introducing me to comics.  Thanks for helping
me to hone my skills, being competition in all those video games we play and
for a gazillion other things.

2. Migs Rustia (squatter@iconn.com.ph)
-> Hey Migs, what would we gamers have done without you?  Thanks for making
your great websites which help everybody out and give us a chance to crap on
about combos and victories and cheapness and all sorts of crap.
For in depth information on ALL the characters, go to:
Marvel vs. Capcom: The site!!:
Marvel Super Heroes vs Streetfighter: The site!!:

3. The people at my arcades.
-> From all of you I have learnt new methods of fighting, new methods of
surviving.  I couldn't have risen to this level without you guys.

4. The regulars at Migs' messageboard
-> All the new combos, ideas and funny stuff that you've all put up have
almost always been interesting and useful.  Down with cheapness!  lol

5. Robbie/Evil Bert
-> Just when I think that there's no fight left in anybody, you turn up.  I
hope you continue to learn quickly and become a threat that I take no
chances with.

6. Marvel Comics(http://www.marvel.com)
-> You guys make the best comics!  I love them!

7. Capcom(http://www.capcom.com)
-> And you guys make the best 2D video games!

8. James Chen
-> Hey, you deciphered Marvel Super Heroes and put combos in a form which
everybody could understand as well as describing how the game engine
worked... How the hell did you do that?  Oh, and thanks!  =)

9. ???
-> Thank YOU for reading my FAQ!!  Make people fear and respect Spidey, for
with great power comes great responsibility.

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