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War Machine Strategy Guide
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* This FAQ assumes you know at least a little on the game engine, so if you
don't, check out one of the many Faqs out there that deal with it. I know
there are a few at Gamefaqs.


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-Initial Release 4\1\98-

1. Introduction

        Being the giant fan of Iron Man that I was, how could I pass up at
the chance of being his carbon copy- War Machine. In MSH, Iron Man was plagued
by terrible startup and recovery time, but I'm happy to report War Machine is
much faster, and has one more super than his predecessor! Yahoo!

        Although he is better than Iron Man was, he is still hard to use!
He is slow and has tons of recovery on most moves! Everyone he fights
seems to have an advantage over him in some way or another! But if he is
placed in the hands of a master, he can be one hell of pain in the arse! This
FAQ's purpose is to get people off of those overpowered characters and onto
fair ones that actually take skill to perfect, like War Machine, Zangief, Jin
or Captain America!

2. Moves

=Normal Moves=

Jab- Jab is his combo starter, of course! It is quick and recovers instantly,
so just throw a couple of these at your opponent, just to annoy 'em.

Strong- It has pretty good range and does OK damage. The crouching version
ain't a launcher no more! Now it's a mere mini launcher! In other words, if
you hit with this, immediately press Roundhouse(his Launcher) to launch them!
I find this really annoying! Why can't it just launch like it used to?
In the air he fires a blob of plasma out of his Chestplate. OK damage.

Fierce- War Machine releases a glob of plasma from his hands! It is a strike,
so when you hit with it, the opponent will fly across the screen! Whilst
crouching, he will fire a missle! Since this is considered a normal move,
it can be canceled by a special move at any point! In the air, War will shoot
a beam from his wrists that has excellent range! It can actually be fired in
3 directions:
Up-forward, which will hit opponents coming down at you,
Forward- great for air to air combat,
Down-forward- A wonderful jump-in! Nuff' said.
*To fire in the desired direction, hold up on the joystick to
fire up-forward, down for down-forward, and don't touch the joystick to fire

Short- As most Shorts generally are, it is best used in combos. Nothing
outstanding about this.

Forward- A very good move! It has great range and power! The move you should
use the most on the ground! The crouching version is his knockdown. He slides
a tad when doing this, so the range is a little better than it looks. In the
air it is the exact same animation as the crouching version. Very lazy of you,
Capcom. If you hold down in the air while pressing Forward, War will come
crashing down knees first. Good priority, but has a recovery if blocked.

Roundhouse- It is his Launcher. He sticks his foot straight up in the air,
so it is a great jump-in launcher! The ducking version is a strike that hits
twice, and in the air there are two versions. Normally he will come down foot
straight down, but if you hold up, War will kick his foot straight above him!

=Special Moves=

Shoulder Cannon- D,DF,F any punch

A little cannon will appear on War's shoulder and fire a beam! Jab is the
fastest- it has little startup and recovery, and is an AC finisher! It hits 3
times for sucky damage. The strong version has a little startup lag but
recovers fast, probably the one you should use mose often. Also an AC
finisher. Hits 5 times for good damage. The Fierce has a startup lag and a
recovery lag, but hits 7 times and does great damage, and it does good block

Ducking Shoulder Cannon- D,DF,F any kick

Same as above, only crouching. Useful for hitting little buggers like Megaman
and Wolverine.

Repulsor Blast- F,DF,D,DF,F any punch

War Machine puts his hands over his head and starts firing lasers like crazy!
Its supposed to be used to stop jump-ins, but if they block it the recovery
is pretty bad. Stick to the Jab version as a jump-in preventer.

Smart Bombs- Press Short and Strong simeltaneously

War Machine starts shooting bombs out of his shoulders! This is a
keep away move, so use it from long distance, or while you are flying.

Flight- D,DB,B all 3 kicks

War Machine takes to the skies with this move! It is generally a move you
want use for escapes! War does not move with the grace of Magneto or Storm
in the air, so practice this before merge it into your fighting style.

=Super Combos=

Proton Cannon- D,DF,F All 3 punches

War Machine pauses for a moment at startup, making it impossible to combo,
but the amount of chip damage this does is great! Most of the time I don't
even bother waiting, I just do it, the block-damage is so good! It can
also be used to prevent jump-ins, but you must hit with the cannon while it is
forming. However, this move does have 2 deadly strikes against it. First, it
does not push your opponent away, second, it has a recovery time. Just use it
at long range and you'll live longer, okay?

War Destroyer!- D,DF,F All 3 kicks

War Machine puts on a backpack and starts firing Heat Seeking Missles
straight up, and then they will come down on the enemy! It connects very easy
off his launcher, and can deal with Onslaught very well! I use this as
counter, because it never misses missed Dragon Punches, Shinryuukens,
Shoryuu Reppas, etc.

3. Strategies

        If you want to do chipping damage with the Proton Cannon, do it from
long range! The reason for this is that it will not push your opponent, like
Ryu's Shinkuu Hadoken will! If they are close when you use it, they will
remain in the same spot, leavin' them close and you open when you finish!
Not a good position. If you really want to be safe, get em' on the way down
from a Hyper Jump!

        If you want to throw, use the Strong throw! For the Fierce throw, War
will drag the opponent all the way across the screen, screaming "Please tech
hit this throw!" The Strong throw, however, he grabs the guy and shoots them
across the screen quickly, leaving you safe and them far away.

        Keep people on the ground away by using the Forward kick! It is fast
and strong, and will catch most people napping!

        Air Combos are very important to War Machine! Take time and learn how
to combo in his Shoulder Cannon for max damage!

        Never fire the Repulsor Blast while your opponent is on the ground!
It does not fire forward, only upward!

*More to come soon!

        War Machine has a few combos, and they take off loads of life! If you
want to play a good War Machine(or any other character for that matter) you
must learn the combos! War Machine is a good combo character because he is
strong and the War Destroyer can be comboed!

=War Machine's Combo Info=
Mini Launcher: C.Strong
Launcher: S.Roundhouse
Standing Magic Series: Stronger
Super JumpingMagic Series: ZigZag

=Easy Combos=

J.Roundhouse, C.Short, C.Forward

J.Roundhouse, C.Short, C.Roundhouse

D.Jab, Strong, Jab Shoulder Cannon

=Harder Combos=

J.Roundhouse, D.C.Short, S.Roundhouse,/\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Short,
SJ.Forward, SJ.Up+Fierce

J.Roundhouse, D.C.Short, S.Roundhouse, War Destroyer

C.Short, S.Roundhouse, SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Short, SJ.Forward, SJ.Up+Fierce,
Jab Shoulder Cannon

More will be added later.
5. Versus

*If there is anything you'd like to contribute to this section, please do so!
I only go to the arcade once a week(If I'm lucky), so I need all the help I
can get!

Vs. Ryu

Ryu Mode- Feel free to jump in on him with your Fierce or Roundhouse! If
your fighting someone who likes to Dragon Punch, block it and use the War
Destroyer, or if you don't have power, launch him up for an Air Combo!
Cancel out those pesky Hadokens with your Shoulder Cannon.
Ken Mode- Since most Ken players like to go Dragon Punching off into the
sunset, it's easy to set Ken up for an Air Combo or War Destroyer. Never
sweep Ken, cause if he blocks he can use his Shoryuu Reppa. You can remain at
long range against him, cause Capcom removed his long range fireball, making
him now purely a close-range offensive.
Akuma Mode- Looks like Akuma possesed Ryu! Ryu is just as powerful as Akuma
in Akuma mode, so he is set up for almost anything you can do to him. When
he doesn't have a super charged, run up and try to do as much damage as you
possibly can. Akuma's defense is so bad songs are sung about how bad that it
is! Your Launcher can knock him out of his Dive Kick(I think..), so launch
and Air Combo when you see it. When he has a super charged there is a big
problem. Better just stay in the air and try to hit him with the great range
on your fierce.

Vs. MegaMan

Use your Crouching Shoulder Cannon to keep him away, or destroy his
fireballs. If he tries to get in close, give him a face full of S.Forward.
Use the Proton Cannon from long distance for block damage. If he misses his
Beat Plane super and is flying around, use the War Destroyer!

Vs. Captain Commando (CapCom)

The first thing you need to know about CapCom is that he will kill you if he
gets in close! Try and keep him away by using your Smart Bombs and the
Standing\Crouching Shoulder Cannon. Never jump at him attacking, because the
Captain Corridor or Captian Sword will put you on your back so fast your head
will spin! If he jumps in on you, use your launcher and hit him up for an Air

Vs. Jin

Jin has terrible recovery on all his normal moves, so fighting against him is
just a matter of blocking and countering! His Blodia Punch super has
excellent range and does excellent damage, so when has a super charged, be
more careful!

Vs. Strider

Strider's tough, especially for War Machine. Keep him away from you, using
the Smart Bombs, Proton Cannon, or Standing\Crouching Shoulder Cannon. If he
does get close, MAKE SURE you hit!! Strider has a very quick launcher, and an
experienced Strider player WILL launch you in your recovery. If he does get
you in an air combo, keep pressing Strong and Fierce in case he attempts to
finish with an air throw!

Vs. Venom

Jump in on Venom using your J.Fierce. Be on guard constantly for his
Venom Fang, which moves incredibly fast and will catch you snoozing if you're
not careful. If he jumps in on you, launch him up for an Air Combo.

Vs. Hulk

You don't really have to worry about Hulk as much as other characters do.
Keep him away with your specials and supers! If he gets too close, remember
about his Hit-Buffer! You have to hit him at least twice to make him feel
the normal effects of a combo. His Gamma Charge ang Gamma Throw have terrible
recover times, so if you block these, hit him.

Vs. Gambit

Gambit has tons of priority on that fierce of his, so don't try to to get in
close. He has recovery on some of his moves, so watch closely to see what moves
to try to hit him after. His jab Cajun Slash moves incredibly quick, so don't
dash of madly at him!

Vs. Onslaught

Onslaught is tough! He has a Super Armour like Mega Zangief, takes little
damage per hit, can't be comboed, has many supers, 2 of witch do massive chip
damage, and on top of all of that has a second form where he grows to the
size of Apocalypse from X-men and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter! On
both forms, he has unblockable HyperGravs, so be on the lookout for them!
Fortunatly for you, War Machine is THE best Onslaught buster in the game! All
you have to do is charge up your super meter and use the War Destroyer!
Granted, this might be a little harder than it looks, so here is a list of
does and don'ts:


- Use the Proton Cannon
- Use the War Destroyer
- Crouch and hit him with weak attacks, like Jabs and Strongs,
then go into block
-Use SJ. Forward to charge up your meter quickly


- Switch on him
- Jump kick him
- Try and combo him
- Try and block the HyperGravs
- Fly
- Use special moves to charge your meter
6. Thanks

Thank Ed Ma and K.M. for their excellent Faqs on the game! They were
overflowing with stuff! K.M.'s page is at  http://kao.home.ml.org.

Thank Migs Rustia for his MvC Site, witch is at

Of course, thank me.

And all the guys at Capcom and Marvel!