Wolverine by Benzi

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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 20:09:02 +0800


*****             *****  d#######b   ###   Y##b        Y##b ###  #########
 *****           *****  d#b#####d#b  ###    Y##b      Y##b  ###  #########
  *****    A    *****  d#b       d#b ###     Y##b    Y##b   ###  ####
   *****  A*b  *****   d#b       d#b ###      Y##b  Y##b    ###  #########
    *****A***b*****    d*b       d*b ***       Y**bd**P     ***  *********
     #####p*q#####     d*b       d*b ***        Y****P      ***  ****
      ###p   q###       d*b*****d*b  **********  Y**P       ***  *********
       #P     Y#         Y*******P   **********   YP        ***  *********

		   #########        A         d#######b   
		   #########       d#b       d#b#####d#b
		   ####           d#^#b     d#b       d#b
		   #########     d#P Y#b    d#b       d#b
		   *********    d*******b   d*b       d*b
		   ****        d**P***Y**b  d*b   #b  d*b
		   ****       d**p     d**p  d*b****#b*b
		   ****      d**p       Y**b  Y*******#b
	    /      Wolverine FAQ made by Benzi Robledo          \
	   |              (benzi@iconn.com.ph)                  |
	  |                                                      |
	  | Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. Distribution of |
	  |  this file, in whole part or in part is permitted,   | 
	  |  provided that it is not modified in any form and    |
	  |    that proper credit is given to the author.        |

| Contents: |

I.   Updates
II.  Introduction
III. Who is Wolverine??
IV.  Basic Controls
 V.  Moves
	a. Normal Moves
	b. Throws
	c. Special Moves
	d. Supers
VI.   Combos 
VII.  Versus
VIII. Strategy
XI.   Tricks
X.    Other Stuff
XI.    Credits


I. --==< Updates >==--

Ver 1.4 (04/27/98)  - finished the whole FAQ and made an ASCII art again.

Ver 1.3 (04/26/98)  - added the secret characters in the Versus section and
		      some spell checking       

Ver 1.2  (04/25/98) - added the history of Wolvie and Onslaught on the Versus 

Ver 1.1  (04/24/98) - added more combos and info in the Versus section. 

Ver 1.00 (04/22/98) - started the FAQ and finished it for about an hour...


II. --==< Introduction: >==--

Hi guys! Did you get my New Combo FAQ?? Oh well, This FAQ is dedicated to my 
all-time favorite, cheapest character (according to Migs' Voting Center...) 
of the game Marvel vs. Capcom: Wolverine! I started using this guy on Marvel 
Super-heroes and boy, he is a very good character (even for beginners...I was 
one of those). I continued using him from Xmen vs. Street Fighter up to Marvel 
Super-heroes vs. Street Fighter  (It was then I learned how to do killer 
combos). Still, he's the very best for me. This FAQ is designed for all players 
(beginners, intermediate players...everyone!). And by the way, I made this FAQ 
on MS-EDITOR and it's very best seen in it. Let's get to business and get 


III. "Who is Wolverine??"

Codename: Wolverine
Real name: Logan (no last name??)
Also known as: Patch
Age: Unknown (but he's apparently over 100 years old)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 195 lb.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
First appearance: Incredible Hulk, issue #180, 1974
	In the Marvel Universe, Wolverine (his real name is Logan) was a 
member of CSIS (Canadian Secret Intelligence Service) before he "volunteered" 
for the Weapon X project, in which the Canadian Government fused the metal 
called Adamantium to his skeleton. Adamantium is indestructible once it has 
been set; accordingly, Wolverine's bones cannot be broken.  Wolverine was 
chosen because his mutant ability is a healing factor which allows him to 
recover from wounds at exponential rates; he was the only person the Canadian Government thought would be
able to withstand the trauma of having Adamantium fused within his body.
	The most noticeable feature of Wolverine is that three razor-sharp
Adamantium claws can be extended from each forearm by him at will. Because 
Adamantium is indestructible, Wolverine can use these claws for a variety of 
purposes: he can use them to climb stone walls, pick his teeth, peel an 
orange, or disembowel anyone he doesn't like (this is generally what the 
readers like to see).
	The origin of his claws are a source of much debate.  For years, 
Marvel insinuated that he obtained his claws when he was infused with 
Adamantium. However, after Magneto viciously ripped the Adamantium out of his 
body in the Fatal Attractions series, Wolvie discovered that his claws were 
actually bone to begin with; he only discovered them after he was fused with 
the Adamantium, and consequently thought that they were metal. Many readers 
hate this idea.  Regardless of where they came from, though, Wolverine 
currently only has bone claws left.  This sucks.  Like they'd be an effective 
weapon.  They'd chip, splinter, crack, etc.  What was Marvel thinking?  But, 
due to the loss of his Adamantium, he's becoming more feral then ever before.  
Wolverine can no longer control his berserker rages to the degree that the 
once could, and because his healing factor no longer has to compensate for 
the foreign Adamantium in his system, he now heals insanely fast.  If you 
were run him over with a truck, he'd be good as new by the time the rear 
tires left his body.
	Aside from his claws and his healing factor, Wolvie has mutant 
enhanced physical attributes and senses. He can track people endlessly 
through smell, hear the slightest noise, and perform all sorts of gymnastic 
maneuvers to better bear his claws on his opponents. 


IV. --==< Basic Controls >==--

   ______          ____           ____             ____
  /******\        /    \         /    \           /    \
 |********|      |      |       |      |         |      |  --> Punch buttons
  \_****_/        \____/         \____/           \____/
    |~~|         J a b         S t r o n g     F i e r c e
  .-|  |-.         ____           ____             ____
 (  \__/  )       /    \         /    \           /    \
  \.____./       |      |       |      |         |      |  --> Kick buttons
		  \____/         \____/           \____/
		S h o r t    F o r w a r d    R o u n d h o u s e

b  = hold back               d = hold down (not dash)   u  = hold up
t  = hold toward             c = while crouching        j  = while jumping
+  = add                    \/ = you've landed          -> = chain                  
d. = while dashing

otg  = on the ground (?)  { } = do  it quickly    /\      = super-jump
s.j. = while super-           (tap fast but     d.c./d.s. = dash then
       jumping                not necesarrily             quickly crouch/dash
			      needed for                  while standing
			      the combo)

QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter Circle Backward
DP  = Dragon Punch


V. --==< Moves >==--

A. =-=[ Normal Moves: ]=-=

1. Standing Jab and Crouching Jab
-> He jabs with his left hand. When crouching, he sticks out his left hand. 
You could start a well-linked ground combo with this. Short range. 

2. Standing Short and Crouching Short
-> He kicks with his right foot. Usually used after a successful S. jab or 
C. Jab. Short range.  

3. Standing Strong
-> He slashes his opponent with his left (then right if pressed twice). It's 
like a side swipe. There's a pause after two presses. Medium range.

4. Standing Forward
-> He does a knee bash. Short range but very quick. If pressed twice, he will
do a kick with his other leg, doing two hits. Try setting up for an Air 
Launcher (Standing Roundhouse) or a Berserker Barrage X. Medium range.

5. Standing Fierce
-> Wolvie does a huge "X" slash with both of his claws that covers his entire
front. Great for defense and when dashing. Great range.

6. Standing Roundhouse
-> Wolvie sticks his claw on the floor and will do a hand stand with
a kick with both of his legs. This is his air launcher and great for  
countering air attacks. Short range.

7. Crouching Strong
-> he twists and does an upwards slash while on the floor. When hit, this
brings them a bit to Wolvie, which is excellent to chain with his air 
launcher. Short range.                            

8. Crouching Forward
-> he will do a descent ranged sweep. This will not trip the opponent.
Link with c. fierce -> c. roundhouse then his Fatal Claw or you could stop
on the C. Fierce with a Berserker Barrage X. 

9. Crouching Fierce
-> Wolverine scoots forward a little and slashes outwards with both claws.
You connect this with a C. Roundhouse, his air launcher or his Berserker 
Barrage X. There's a pause a bit when performing this move. Medium range.

10. Crouching Roundhouse
-> pauses a bit then launches itself forward with his claws, and does a 
kick. Connects well with the Fatal Claw. Great range. 

11. Air Jab
-> The usual start in an air combo after launching the opponent. Sticks out 
his left hand, a little aimed down when opponents on the ground. Can connect
when jumping to opponent a j. short -> j. strong.

12. Air Strong
-> very similar to his Standing version, where he makes a side swipe. It can
only link 2 hits now. End with a j. forward (then drill claw) or grab the 
opponent. Good range

11. Air Forward
-> he kicks his opponent a bit higher. Very short range. Usually linked with 
a j. fierce.

12. Air Fierce
-> Wolvie throws his claws downwards while doing a flip. You could link it 
with a j. roundhouse (not like in MSH vs. SF). Great range and no much pause. 

13. Air Roundhouse
-> spinning around while doing kicks. Pretty good range.


B. =-=[ Throws: ]=-=

1. "Trip n' Slash"
-> motion forward or away and fierce. Wolvie slashes out the opponent's feet 
from under them, assumes a mounted position.

2. "Flip n' Slash"
-> motion forward or away and strong. Wolvie assumes a reverse guard position
on the opponent's back and turns the back of the enemy into a scratching post.
The, flipping over his head.
3. "Defy gravity n' Slash" (air throw)
-> press forward or strong while near opponent (on air). 

C. =-=[ Special Moves] =-=

1. Berserker Barrage (QCF + any punch)  
-> Wolvie charges the opponent slashing wildly. Usually ends some ground 
combos. Only on ground. punch buttons determine hen number of hit, distance and
duration. Keep tapping for more hits).

2. Tornado Claw: (DP + any punch) 
-> He jumps into the air, with one claw extended and twists like crazy.
On ground. Buttons (again) determine the number of hits. The more, the 
merrier, ok? A good anti-air attack move. Don't rely much in this move.

3. Drill Claw (Strong + Short + any direction) 
-> can be on air or on the ground (when on ground, and not holding the 
joystick, he'll just drill claw forward). He can't Drill Claw away from his  
opponent while on the ground, but when he Drill Claw towards a wall or the
ground, he can rebound by holding the opposite direction.

4. Berserker Slash (QCB + any punch)
-> Rushes forward as fast as the Weapon X and does a s. fierce slash. Only
on ground and the buttons determine the distance. Can be used for teleporting 
(you can end up in the other side of the enemy) but be careful for any attack. 

5. Head Stomp (d + roundhouse)
-> defying the laws of gravity, he will come straight down with his foot 
extended and then bounce away or you could link it with a Drill Claw or  
a j. roundhouse -> \/ -> c. roundhouse then the Fatal Claw (more of this 
combos later).

6. Sliding Claw (d+f Fierce)
-> Wolvie will slide along the ground with claws extended. Can be used on 
projectiles weapons, beams etc.

D. =-=[ Super Moves ]=-=

1. Berserker Barrage X (QCF + 2 punches)
-> I think the most used super for Wolverine. He dives at you and slashing 
rapidly up to 18 hits (It's like the Berserker Barrage but longer)! Great 
for countering. Only on ground. 

2. Fatal Claw (DP + 2 kicks)        
-> this can be done on ground or air. Wolvie leaps into the air (when on 
ground) or flips (when on air) releasing energy from his body in the pattern 
of a X. Anything within range gets sucked in. Can be chained in an air combo 
(after a forward) with bigger opponents or after his air launcher or his 
c. roundhouse. 

3. Berserker Rage (QCB + 2 punches) 
-> From his original level one from X-men: Children of the Atom, He slashes 
and then making a shadow like images of himself appear and making him fast 
for a few seconds. A very cheap move 'cause you could get 18-20 hits with a 
c. fierce alone. Only on the ground.
4. Weapon X : (DP + 2 punches) 
-> Wolvie dashes to the opponent then hitting the opponent 12 times ending
it with an X. This goes through most projectiles (this will not apply on 
Morrigan's fireball).


VI. --==< Combos >==--

1. jump in: {j. jab -> j. short -> j. roundhouse} -> \/ -> d.s. jab ->
s. jab -> s. strong -> s. fierce
**This combo can be started with the d.s. jab on the ground. A very cheap 
move. Not that effective though...still...

2. s. roundhouse -> /\ -> s.j. jab -> s.j. short -> s.j. strong -> 
s.j. forward -> s.j. fierce or s.j. roundhouse

**His standard, basic air combo. When you're a new or a beginner, perform 
this move with ease and don't panic or something...just be happy that you
did it, k??   

3. d.s. jab -> s. jab -> s. short -> c. forward -> c. strong -> s. roundhouse
-> /\ -> s.j. jab -> s.j. short -> j. strong -> j. strong -> j. forward ->
Fatal Claw, drill claw upwards or end with a s.j. fierce -> s.j. roundhouse 

**This a very complicated combo. Your opponent must be on the corner and when 
you dash, you got to be very near...Use the Fatal Claw for big opponents, the
drill claw and the s.j. fierce -> s.j. roundhouse can be applied to all 

4. jump in near enemy j. jab -> j. short -> j. roundhouse -> \/ ->
d.s. short -> s. forward -> s. forward -> s. roundhouse -> /\ -> s.j. jab ->
s.j. short -> s.j. strong -> s.j. strong -> drill claw -> try to go above 
enemy and Head Stomp (otg)

**If you want more hits, perform all moves...but you could start it with the 
d.s. short -> s. forward etc. Perform the drill claw when you're on the 
other side of the screen already because if you do the drill claw, it
initiates the Flying Screen. I dunno if the Head Stomp will hit the enemy
and hit him/her.

5. after defeating the enemy (press start): d.s. short -> s. roundhouse ->
/\ -> s.j. jab -> s.j. short -> s.j. strong -> s.j. strong -> drill claw


d.s. short -> s. roundhouse -> /\ -> s.j. jab -> s.j. short -> s.j. strong -> 
s.j. forward -> s.j. fierce
**I usually do this after finishing the opponent. The second combo works for 
some characters and after you hit the s.j. fierce, you could still continue 
the combo with a drill claw.

6. near: d.s. jab -> {s. jab} -> s. strong -> c. fierce -> Tornado claw.
**A very easy combo to perform...you can disregard the second jab.

7. jump in: j. jab -> j. roundhouse -> \/ -> c. jab -> c. short -> c. strong
-> s. roundhouse -> /\ -> s.j. jab -> s.j. short -> s.j. strong -> {s.j. 
strong} -> s.j. forward -> drill claw or s.j. fierce -> s.j. roundhouse  

**you could start off with a d.c. jab -> d.c. short -> c. strong -> 
s. roundhouse etc..  

8. super jump: head stomp -> (still on air) s.j. roundhouse ->  d.c. jab -> 
c. short -> c. strong -> s. roundhouse -> /\ -> s.j. jab -> s.j. short -> 
s.j. strong -> {s.j. strong} -> s.j. forward -> s.j. roundhouse,  s.j. fierce 
or drill claw

**like #7, but starting of with a Head Stomp. Quickly hit the roundhouse 
button again after the Head Stomp then continue on doing the combo.

9. super jump: head stomp -> (still on air) s.j. roundhouse ->  c. jab -> 
c. short -> c. forward -> c. fierce -> c. roundhouse -> Fatal Claw, 

**you could forget the c. roundhouse and perform a Berserker Barrage  or 
It's super version (Berserker Barrage X). Also, you could make all things 
short by performing a c. roundhouse -> Fatal Claw after the head stomp -> 
s.j. roundhouse (so that would be: head stomp -> s.j. roundhouse -> 
c. roundhouse -> Fatal Claw).

10. d.c. jab -> c. short -> c. forward -> c. fierce -> c. roundhouse -> 
Fatal Claw

**his popular ground combo...you could forget again the c. roundhouse like
in #9 or you can forget the c. fierce then proceed to the c. roundhouse 
(which I usually do...I sometimes forget the c. fierce)

11. c. short -> c. strong -> s. roundhouse -> fatal claw 

**It's very simple and easy to do...no more explanation

12. d.s. jab -> s. short -> s. strong -> c. forward -> c. fierce -> 
c. roundhouse -> Fatal Claw

**I'm not pretty sure about this combo...

for more combos, got to Migs page (the site is down there)


VII. =-=[ Versus ]=-=

VS. Ryu

Ryu mode: Surely, he'll rain you with fireballs. Just keep on avoiding them.
If he misses a Dragon Punch, try setting up a Super, or a combo.

Ken mode: Same as in Ryu mode, use the missed Dragon Punches to your 
advantage. If he does the Super Hurricane Kick, just do a super... 

Evil Ryu: his defense is crap so charge him with ground combos. Be careful 
when he launches you...he can still use his super.

VS. Captain Commando

Never, ever jump on this guy...he may use his Captain Corridor, instead, rely
on your ground combos but still be careful. Don't try to be launched with this 
one because he can connect it with a Captain Sword. Fool him with your dash 
then counter. Use Juggernaut for this one.

VS. Hulk

Don't attack and attack with this guys because for sure...you'll be soon dead. 
Wait for him to do a Gamma Charge then attack with Combo #4 (up there) 
starting with the d.s. short -> s. forward -> s. forward etc..or you could 
do a Super on him. Just be patient and he'll be soon dead. Use a strong helper 
on this one.

VS. Chun Li

Don't be launched with this girl because she has a new super. Always jump in
and do a combo. If she did a Kikosho and you're away, time it with a  
Weapon X.

VS. Gambit

This guy always sweeps you and does a Super or his Cajun Staff or launches 
you and makes a Royal Flush. Be careful with his j. fierce. So be defensive 
with this guy. If he missed with his "bounce off the wall" move, try setting
up a Super or a combo

VS. Megaman

Be careful of his fireballs because he can rain you with them with only a  
press of a button (how cheap) and his Supers too. His c. roundhouse can  
be linked with the Tornado Hold so play defensively (crouching). If he 
misses a Super, make way for a ground combo or a super.

VS. War Machine

get away from this guy because he always grabs you and throws you to the 
corner. Don't be launched or jump at him because he has a Deadly anti-air 
Super. Beware of his Beam Attacks. Just wait until he screws something and
then attack.

VS. Strider

Don't be too near with this guy...he has a deadly ground combo so always play 
defensive. Have a Big Helper for this one. Just always get ahead of him with 
ground combos. Be aware of his Ourobos and always shield (crouching except  
when he jumps).

VS. Spiderman

Just ground combo him and do a Super. Be careful though, he throws you to 
the side sometimes. Just wait for him t attack with his Super then attack  
with yours.

VS Zangief

When he is in his normal mode, always try to Head Stomp him then do a combo
(look in the Combo section for combos starting with a Head Stomp). Don't try  
to put a ground combo on him because he may grab you or do a super...just 
don't be near him. When he is in the Evil mode, don't attack him much and rely 
on your big helpers. Pick strong partners who can attack with fireballs (like 
Ryu, Captain Commando, Strider etc.)

VS. Jin

Like the Hulk, he will nail up to the corner...just wait for his slide then
Super him. Don't go above this guy because he has a deadly super which can 
take almost half of your life. Attack with big helpers. 

VS. Wolverine

He will always attack with a ground combo so just block it. When he makes a 
Drill Claw, then attack. Start off a ground combo with a Big helper.  

VS. Morrigan

Don't use the Weapon X with her. Be careful of her sweeps and air combos. 
Don't be launched with her because she has a deadly super (again).

Vs. Venom

He's like Sabretooth. Be aware of his combos because it can take up serious
damage. Always attack with an air combo. He has a deadly fierce punch that 
almost covers half of the screen. 

VS. Roll

Roll is a very weak character so don't be afraid of her!! But don't be over 
courageous though, I've seen Roll players who can kick butt. Rely on your
ground combos.

VS. Orange Hulk

He's more easier than the original Hulk. But use the same technique with
Hulk with this guy.

VS. Lilith

Same on Morrigan. She is more easier (I think) than Morrigan. Make way for 
ground combos.

VS. Gold War Machine

Be careful with this guy because he's like Evil Zangief. Have a good helper
and someone like Ryu to trash this guy.

VS. Red Venom 

His fast and very powerful. Be careful with this guy. Always get ahead of him
with combos and be aggressive when playing against him.

Vs. Onslaught

One of the toughest Capcom boss characters indeed. I hate him.

First Form: Just crouch and shield. Wait for him to stop and attack with a 
c. fierce or a c. jab -> c. forward but be careful though. Be aware of his 
Hyper Gravs and always jump on it. Use big helpers (the Sentinel, Juggernaut 

Second Form: He retains the unblockable HyperGravs, and avoiding them should
be your first priority! Be careful of his drill and always get out of the
way and also his beams. Do a s.j. fierce -> s.j. roundhouse on his face but  
be careful, after the s.j. roundhouse, you're open for an attack. You can 
attack him with a perfect timed Fatal Claw. But don't rely on Wolvie...have 
someone like Ryu to fire Onslaught on his face! If you want to finish Wolvie, 
make sure Onslaught has little life left (and you got plenty) and attack


VIII. --==< Strategy >==--

- Wolverine is the most dangerous character on the ground. He has fast 
attacks, he has speed and comboable supers. But he doesn't have a long-
range attack, so always dash in and attack until your opponent makes a 
mistake. Learn a safe combo that when blocked, keeps them away and make 
Wolvie safe from a counter attack. But certain opponents require some 
patience so be careful of your actions. 

- Almost all of his Supers are very useful and can chip away life (except
the Weapon X). The Weapon X is mainly used against projectiles. The Fatal 
Claw and the Berserker Barrage X is commonly used after a ground combo. 

- Wolvie has an excellent throw range and can combo if thrown in corner.

- Some of his moves leave him open...so be careful when performing such moves
like the Fatal Claw, Berserker Barrage, Tornado Claw etc.

- If you find that your opponent is successfully blocking all your attacks, 
walk near them and throw.

- his ground combos have more damage. 

- When all else fails and you get desperate, go into a Berserker Rage. You'll 
be faster and probably be able to break through your opponents defense. 

- When dashing in, watch out for opponents with fast low attacks, such as 
Chun Li, or people with prioritized air attacks, like Gambit. If you dash in 
blindly, they'll learn your pattern and counter accordingly.

- his air launcher is a good anti-air defense. But sometimes, both of you
get hit.

- If you have an opponent that likes on jumping and attacking on you, pull
off a Berserker Barrage X or a Fatal Claw when they're about to land near you 
- The drill claw is a great move to use when you need to escape a counter 
attack or beam super. Just watch out because Wolverine can't block until he's 
landed from a drill claw, making it a risk to pull off if you land near your 

- pick a good strong helper. I always choose Juggernaut...try using him,  
Colossus, Psylocke, the Sentinel etc. Always call the helper before 
performing a ground combo or when the opponent is hit by the helper, 
perform the Weapon X.

- Don't repeat moves!! Combine them...your opponent (if a human) will 
be confused on how to beat you.

- Lastly, Combo is the key!!


XI. --==< TRICKS >==--

=-=[ Choosing your Helper:]=-=
-> after selecting 2 of your characters, quickly press the desired buttons
of your favorite helper with the Start button

| Unknown Soldier                 Jab | Devilot              Strong+Fierce |       
| Jubilee         Short+Strong+Fierce | Storm             Jab+Short+Fierce |      
| Saki                         Fierce | Juggernaut             Jab+Forward |      
| Psylocke                    Forward | Pure and Fur                 Short |      
| Magneto                Short+Fierce | Michelle Heart           Jab+Short |      
| Thor                   Short+Strong | Iceman              Strong+Forward |     
| Cyclops            Jab+Short+Strong | Lou                         Strong |      
| U.S. Agent            Strong+Fierce | King Arthur             Jab+Strong |     
| Anita             Jab+Strong+Fierce | Rogue      Jab+Strong+Fierce+Short | 
| Ton-Pooh                 Jab+Fierce | Colossus        Jab+Strong+Forward |      
| Sentinel      Strong+Forward+Fierce | Shadow           Jab+Forward+Fierce |

=-=[ Change character Line-up: ]=-=
-> hold 3 punch buttons until the round starts

=-=[ Secret Matches ]=-=

1. Orange Hulk/Wolverine
-> at least 5 team supers before reaching Onslaught

2. Gold War Machine/Captain America
-> finish opponent by switching (fierce and r.house) 2 times without
losing a character before round 6

3. Red Venom/?
-> change leader at beginning of each stage, get first Attack on all
stages, win with a switch on round 6.

4. Lilith/Chun-Li
-> use helper once in each stage, 2 team supers and one helper finish

5. Roll/MegaMan
-> use helper once in each stage, 2 with finishes and one helper finish

6. Shadow Chun-Li/?
-> use helper in every stage, get a switch finish, helper finish 
without losing a character

=-= Change Colour =-=
-> change Wolvie's color by pressing punch (blue and yellow) or kick
(greyish brown and yellow)

X. --=< Other Stuff >==--

These are only my favorites...but it's best when you team Wolvie with
them (hehehehe)

Best Partners:

1. Strider Hiryu
-> the ultimate combo machine!

2. Captain Commando
-> he will help you finish the game.

3. Ryu
-> same with Captain Commando but more effective.

4. SpiderMan
-> my old team-mate...you're going to have troubles finishing the game
with this two. 

Best Helper:

1. Juggernaut
-> he's big and strong...covers almost the entire screen.

2. Sentinel
-> like Juggernaut, he covers the entire screen and much taller.

3. Psylocke
-> like Juggernaut (again), but the height is lessened.


XI. --==< Credits >==--

OH YEAH!!! Another finished FAQ!! Here are the people I wanna thank:

1. Migs Rustia  (squatter@iconn.com.ph)
-> again, I thank you for your informative page...and for posting my 
Combo FAQ on your page (salamat pare...hehehe).

his Marvelous and outstanding page (MVC: the site) : 

2. ice-cube (icicle@mbox2.singnet.com.sg)
-> for his Wolverine Updated FAQ ver 1.98. I took some info on  
description for the moves. 

3. Shinkuu Doogie (doogiet@telusplanet.net)
-> for his X-men vs. Street Fighter: Wolverine FAQ. (I got Wolvie's 

Lastly, I wanna thank Eduardo Perez for teaching me how to do my very first 
combo (man, where are you??)...Shirley (where are you too??), to Capcom 
(nice job), to Marvel for the best comic character I ever saw in my life, 
to God up there, to Greenhills Virra Mall and to Carnival for their arcade
units, to all other FAQs out there and to you!! Thank you for reading my 
FAQ!! Just write for any comments, questions or something wrong about this 
FAQ, k?? Thank you for reading, bye guys!! 

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