Psylocke by Rick L

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Marvel Super Heroes: Psylocke FAQ (Arcade Version)
By: Rick L
Version 1.0

This FAQ is bascially made for the sole purpose of the character, Psylocke.
The FAQ should help you master her moves, and give you various strategies on
how to defeat your opponents. If you are a Psylocke fan, and you could help me
by sending in maybe some history on her or something from the comics or
something, then by all means do so, and I'll try (I dunno, I get lazy.) to put
it up on here.

This FAQ is to ONLY be on, or any other site that I am the
webmaster of. You may not reproduce or distribute any portion of this FAQ. In 
fact, if you wish to do something OTHER than print it out for your SOLE USE
ONLY, then you must e-mail me to get permission. Otherwise, I will find a way
to make sure that you are a punished person. Get it? Got it? Good.

Version History

Version 1.0: Started the FAQ.
Version 1.1: Added new opponent strategies, and added the Version History.


Now, let us get on with the FAQ, shall we?

1. Basic Manuvers
2. Movelist
3. Gems
4. Character Strategies
5. Credits

Symbol Key:

U: Up
D: Down
F: Forward
B: Backward
QCF: Quarter Circle Forward (Down to Forward)
QCB: Quarder Circle Backward (Down to Backward)
HCF: Half Circle Forward (Backward to Forward)
HCB: Half Circle Backward (Forward to Backward)
LP: Light Punch
MP: Medium Punch
HP: Heavy Punch
LK: Light Kick
MK: Medium Kick
HK: Hard Kick
PP: Any two punch buttons
KK: Any two kick buttons

1. Basic Manuvers

This is basically a refresher course on the different things you can do with
any character, but this section also contains things that mainly pertain to
who this FAQ is covering...none other than Psylocke herself!


To walk, simply hold the direction in which you want to walk. To dash, press
the direction you want to dash in twice. For example, to dash forward, press
forward twice. (F, F). To dash backward, press backward twice (B, B).

Jumping/Super Jumping

To jump, simply move the joystick up. In this game, Psylocke is able to do a
triple jump! To do this, simply press "up" while you're in the midst of one of
your jumps. Remember, the first time you jump counts as one jump.

To do a super jump, press down, then up (D, U). This enables Psylocke to jump
much higher than normal. However, you cannot do multiple triple jumps in the
air. Your first jump may be a super jump, but all jumps after that can only be
regular jumps.


To block, simply hold back on the joystick. You can do three different types
of blocks in this game. The first block is simply a high block, which you can
block high attacks with. The second is a low block, which you do by ducking
and holding back at the same time. The third is an air block, which lets you
basically block attacks from the air. It should be noted that you cannot
block a low attack with a high block, and a high attack with a low block.
Most regular moves (except for Hulk's moves) do no damage when blocked, other
than the time someone is using the power gem. Special moves, Power Gem
attacks, and any of Hulk's attacks will cause a minor amount of damage to be

Basic Combos

For some easy, basic combos to use, then you go with punch/kick progession.
For example, you can go (LP, MP, HP) or (LK, MK, HK). You can also mix these
two up, and create one five-hit combo. (LP, LK, MK, MP, HP). This should get
even the most beginning player started. Unfortunately, I'm no combo expert.
However, with Psylocke's quick attack speed, you can basically create a small
impromptu combo ending with a special attack, which can do more damage.

Gem Use

To use any gem in your inventory, press QCB, PP. Gems can be knocked out of
anyone's inventory by special moves, and then can be picked up off the ground
by anyone. There are six gems in total, but you'll only really use five of
them, seeing as how one of them is rather rare and very hard to get.

2. Movelist
Here is the list of Psylocke's special moves and Infinity Special Moves. Live
and learn, and then give some awesome whoopin' to the computer or a friend!

Spinning Flip Kick: F, MK

This would be a good move to fake out a human player and screw them up when
they go to block. It's a good one-off hit move, but not exactly good for much

Backward Hop Kick: B, HK

This is mainly an evasive move. Psylocke hops back, but then at the end of the
hop, he goes for a kick. This really isn't the move to use if you're cornered,
because it takes so long to actually pull off the manuver, and the opponent,
no matter now stupid, will hand your ass to you on a silver platter. Therefore
only use if you got space.

Air Flip Kick: U, HK

This isn't bad for taking someone out of the air with, but it doesn't appear
to have a whole lot of priority over other air moves, so only land it if you
think you can get a clean hit. Do this against someone like Spider-Man or
Captain America and you'll be in a world of hurt.

Psi-Blade: QCF, Punch

This is Psylocke's main fireball manuver, and a move you definitely want to
master before you even attempt to master anything else. This move can be done
while airborne. Pressing LP makes the shot go diagonally downwards, great for 
nailing crouching people, or attacking from the air to an opponent who is on
the ground. Pressing MP sends a straight one flying right at your opponent.
Pressing HP sends a shot upwards, so you can intercept people who jump or fly.

Psi-Wave: QCF, Kick

This is a good air-interception move of Psylocke's...if they're right above
you. This move has lost it's range since X-Men: Children of the Atom, and now
only goes vertically. Depending on the kick putton you press, you'll go up
higher. This can also be done in the air.

Nin-Jitsu!: HCB, Any button

This is a great move. Seriously. This basically teleports Psylocke somewhere
on the screen. The kick buttons make her re-appear on the ground, while the
punch buttons bring her up into the air. If you reappear in the air, you 
cannot do another special move, such as the Psi-Blade. However, if you do
press the punch button afterwards, you'll do a mini Psi-Thrust at your enemy!
Very, very cool. To decide where Psylocke goes on screen even more, LK and LP
bring you to the left side of the screen, MK and MP make you disappear and
reappear around the area you're in, and HK and HP bring you to the right side
of the screen. These are regardless of whatever direction you are facing.

**Infinity Moves**

Psi-Thrust: QCF, PP

This is the infinity move you want to use the most. Psylocke flies at her
opponent with psychic energy abound her. This causes some damage, but more
damage can come from this if you press Punch again during the end of this!
It's a beat tricky to figure out when to push it, so just rapidly press a
punch button and you should be able to get a nice, killer double Psi-Thrust
outta this move. If you do this in the corner, you can continue on with a
quick combo as well. Very, very vicious.

Psi-Maelstrom: QCF, KK

This is basically a bigger version of the Psi-Wave. She can really score some
major hits with this move if your opponent is close enough. Make sure your
opponent is either up in the air right next to you, or above you when you do
this, otherwise, you'll definitely whiff and waste a valuable super.

Kochuo Gakure: QCB, KK

This one is quite the interesting manuver. Psychic butterflies are made all
around Psylocke, and then they split off near her, and in the air. The little
butterfly things don't go after your opponent on the ground, however. This
would best be used as an anti-air super.
3. Gems
All about the Gem usage for Psylocke, and how you can use them efficiently in
a battle against anyone, even cheap nit-wits.

Power Gem:

This gem not only give Psylocke more power in her normal blows, but also makes
clones of her appear, similar to her split in X-Men: Children of the Atom. You
will notice if you've played that game that while she had four body doubles in
that game, she only has three in this game. No big deal, though. It's still
just as effective. Your clones can hit with regular moves, but cannot do extra
damage with special moves or supers. They can still nail a good combo though!
Just remember that the center one is the real you, which can be hurt still.

Speed Gem:

Those also who have played X-Men: Children of the Atom will also notice her
speed was toned down in this game. This gem here, however, makes her just as
fast as she was in X-Men: COTA, and now double as effective! Those who are
used to her speed in the old game will have a field day with this gem.

Space Gem:

This gem is moderately effective for Psylocke. While it protects her like it
would with Juggernaut's automatic super armor, she can still be knocked quite
senseless from an agressive, comboing opponent like Shuma-Gorath, Spider-Man,
or Captain America. It's pretty much only good for possibly stopping their
combos before it's really too late.

Reality Gem:

This makes various elemental attacks come out at your opponent. It's really
good, and the shots do chipping damage, but it's uneffectiveness lies in its
really, really short usage time. You can only get about three or four attacks
out before it's all used up. Good for keeping a Keep-Away game.

Soul Gem:

This basically recovers a portion of your life. Make sure to play a keep-away
game while you recover life, 'cause nothing is worse than losing life right
after you're gaining some back. Thankfully, Psylocke is good at the keep-away

Mind Gem:

The rarest of the gems, and you'll probably never see it, unless you're
fighting in a two-player match. This fills up your super level tremendously.
Before you know it, you can smack the hell out of your opponent with one of
your supers. Amazing! No wonder this is a rare gem.
4. Character Strategies

These are some strategies you can use when you're playing against the computer
in this game. Study them well, young grasshopper.


This guy seriously has an ungodly amount of reach on him. Basically, what you
want to do is play the keep-away game with him. Hulk is basically a very, very
hard hitter, and the last thing you wanna do against this guy is trade blows,
because you're always going to come out on the losing end of the stick. Sneak
behind him with a teleport if he throws the ground at you, and follow up with
a combo. Throw some downard air Psi-Blades at him, and nail him with a Kochuo 
Gakure if he misses with an air Gamma Charge to punish his green ass. If you
want, you can also simply Psi-Thrust him. That super really does a number on 
big guys who don't block, especially if you can link it to a combo afterwards.
He doesn't use it often out of my observation, but BEWARE of his Gamma Crush 
super. It'll knock you senseless, and probably out of the fight if you're not 
careful or paying attention.


Quick, speedy, and deadly...but lacking a projectile move. This would be a
perfect character to keep at a distance. However, switch gears and try to nail
him with a combo the first time he gets open if he gets too close for comfort.
If he misses with an air drill claw, then do a standing HP to knock him back
to kingdom come. Be sure to block his supers if you see them coming. Hold back
on the joystick as soon as you see the screen get dark a moment, and you hear
the sound of a super. Both his supers involve him running at you very, very
fast. Speaking of very, very fast, he still has that trick where he can speed
himself up. When he's in this mode, play defensively, since he's very hard to
hit in this mode.


This guy is such a cheap punk, that it's not funny. Basically, go all out in
Psylocke's bag of keep-away tricks, because once he's close, you're going to
be in for it, guaranteed or your money back. If he super-jumps, which he does
a lot of, nail him with a standing HP to nail him all the way to Timbuktu, or
catch him right in the air with a Kochuo Gakure. Don't do a Psi-Thrust unless
you know it's going to connect, or it's going to do nothing more than whiff,
even if you do end up doing it twice. This guy can move around so much that
it's ridiculous. Of course, since he has the abilites of a spider, it's to be
expected. If you're feeling bold, then counter his web-swing with an air MP
Psi-Blade. Beware his evil Maximum Spider. A little trick to see this coming
is if he leaps to the wall like he's going to rebound off it a bit slower than
usual. This is your cue to block it and get ready to punish him big time.


This guy seemed really easy to me. He likes to use his magnetic beam to attack
you from the ground multiple times. Do some air Psi-Blades to try and nail him
while he does this. The lag on that move is pretty bad, so you should be fully
able to jump in the air and nail him before the move connects. His second
favorite thing to do is fly up in the air and throw some magnetic shocks down
at you. Go right in the air and try to do the same to him while he's in the air
throwing crap at you. Even though he can fly, and you're only able to do a
triple-jump, you can still nail him with a well-timed projectile or attack. He
also likes to dash at you too, and he's a fast little dasher, like Psylocke, 
so be on the lookout for him to go starting a combo on you. Occasionally, 
he'll use his Hyper Grav move to try and catch you, but just block this and 
you'll be alright.


Big. Strong. Powerful. Ouch. Those four words you will know as soon as you get
into close combat with this mammoth man. Just like Hulk, you'll want to play a
keep-away game with him not only on the ground, but in the air. Be very, very
careful of his body splash, as it can do more damage that you really like, and
not only that, he can still hit you from a surprising height if you're not
careful. The worst part about Juggy is that his Juggernaut Headcrush is very
quick to start up, and goes faster than you might think. Simply keep this guy
away with Psi-Blades and never let him get close, and you should be fine. If
you find yourself getting too close to him, use your Nin-Jitsu. Above all, do
NOT try to avoid the headcrush. Simply block it and counter-attack. You'll
most likely get nailed with it if you try to dodge it.

Iron Man:

Very, very, very, very cheap with Psylocke. Don't jump at him, because he'll
just nail you with that stupid Repulsor Blast of his. He likes to use the
Unibeam often, so you can try and catch him off-guard by jumping over it and
giving him a nice, hard combo. When he flies, watch out for his Smart Bombs.
He only does this at the beginning, then flies around freely a little bit. Now
is the time to nail him with a Psi-Maelstrom. If you can see the Proton Cannon
coming ahead of time, try to get in the air ASAP and do a double-jump right
square over him. He'll basically be open to any attack of your choosing!

Captain America:

This boils down to being a watch and wait game. Wait for him to make a stupid
move, or until he drops his shield, and let him have it. If he goes for the
Charging Star, block it and counter-attack with nice, painful attack, whatever
it may be. When he loses his shield, he loves to dash right at you, or do the
Charging Star. Now is basically the time to let loose with all kinds of Psi-
Blades on him, since he'll usually be unable to block them. Try not to jump at
him all that much, for he'll hit you with either the Stars and Stripes, or an
air combo. Overall, this boils down to patience. Have patience, and you will


This is one dirty character, right here. Try not to do your MP Psi-Blade too
often, because he can dash right under it and beat the crap out of you. Never
let him get close as well, especially when he pulls off the Chaos Dimension
manuver. Teleport and avoid him like the plague if he gets himself ready for
that, because if it hits you, you're going into a whole dimension of hurt.
Keep this guy away mainly at all times, because if he gets in close, you'll
simply end up being a "waste of flesh", as Shuma-Gorath would say himself.


Not really all that tough, but he still has some dirty tricks up his sleeve.
His two main dirty tricks are his Dark Thunder and his Inferno manuvers. The
Dark Thunder can really have some surprising air range, and the Inferno is
just a pillar that you have to dodge, not jump, since it goes all the way
to the top of the screen. If he sends little demon things after you, simply
block them. They don't do any chip damage, and they'll cause major problems
if either one of the minions hit you. When he does his supers, stay away
from him and just block. You'll be asking for it if you get too close when
he does his Armageddon super, and his Heart of Darkness should simply be
blocked, unless you happen to be in a position where you can stop the attack
very easily. He is pretty easy to nail with combos because of his height,
however. Don't sweat him too much, but don't get too relaxed either.

Doctor Doom:

This guy really isn't a whole lot of trouble for Psylocke, even if he is the
first boss-type character you face. Like Magneto and Iron Man, he can fly.
This makes him easy to take out from the air. He doesn't seem to block as
often as most of the other characters, so you MAY want to go for a jump-in
combo once in a while. Beware of the evil Molecular Shield, which can really
do some big hits on you if you get too close to it, As well, don't even try
to dodge his Photon Shots. Just block them. As for his Photon Array, block
it as well. It doesn't do as much chipping damage as you might think it does.
Be very, very careful of his huge, orange beam, as that can really knock you
for an incredible loop.


This is the keep-away game with him. The only major damage trouble from the
keep-away bit will probably result in his Power Gem super, which sends a huge
ball of whatever the hell it is right at you, then it climbs up the wall.
When you're keeping away from him, use plenty of Psi-Blades, as he'll usually
like to do that move where he sends all the rocks at you, or the "flaming
boot" move, as I call it, where he sends the burst of fire at you. If he does
the rock manuver, stay all the way at the opposite edge of the screen, and he
won't even hit you at all. When he does the Space Gem super, you can actually
jump over this, and jump over Thanos as the super starts up, basically giving
you an opening to do whatever you please. Never try to jump at Thanos when he
has low life, otherwise, he'll catch you with the soul gem and replenish his
life at the expense of yours. Beware of the Reality Gem super, as it's tricky
to avoid, and can nail you pretty good with a 20+ hit if you don't block the
incoming walls. He doesn't use the Time Gem super or the Mind Gem super much.
The Time Gem super slows you down really, really badly, and the mind gem
reverses your forward-backward movement, which can really throw you off quite
a bit. Overall, play a big keep-away game, dodge, and Nin-Jitsu, and the game
has been one by you. It should be "no sweat!".
5. Credits
The Rick's thank-you section.

I would like to thank CJayC for hosting this and my currently five other FAQs,
The local mini-golf place for showing me this game existed, and me, for being
smart enough to choose Psylocke as my first-ever character to play as in this
game, as well as taking a whole night to make this FAQ.

That's go play!