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Ver 2.1(07/19/98) - Wow, been awhile.  Time passes by too fast.  I hadn't 
really planned on updating since I kinda got bored of the game but I was 
recently playing MvC and I found out some cool combos that involved air 
comboing into OTGing.  Namely for Hulk, Chun Li, MegaMan, and Jin.  Gambit
has one but it's really ugly so I didn't put it in(Gambit is my favorite 
character after all and it's all about style with him).  Not to mention 
combos that I've wanted to add for awhile.  And I've reread my FAQ and 
changed a lot about character specifics that I think is more or less wrong.  
Added some things from  the e-mail that's slow come in.  Why 2.1?  So people 
will hopefully notice there's been an update.  I still don't really plan on
finishing the strategy sections though.  Anyway, enjoy the new combos!

Ver 1.3(03/30/98) - Updated some info.  Thanks to the guys who helped me out 
by sending stuff in!  Added more combos and a CapCom and Wolverine strategy.

Ver 1.2(03/14/98) - Fixed Shadow Lady's code.  Added strategies for Zangief 
and Spiderman. Added/corrected some other combos/information.  Uppdated the 
Onslaught section so check it out if you can't beat him.

Ver 1.1(03/07/98) - Finally finished move descriptions.  Added secret 
playable characters!  Corrected/added a lot of combos and information.

Ver 1.0(02/27/98) - I'm so dumb!  I misspelled Rogue's name almost every time 
in my last versions and she's my favorite character!  Well I fixed that 
serious flaw!  Anyway, finished up most move descriptions and added some more 
combos!  Added Zangief's Level 3 super and Lariat Super.  Added "How to get 
your Helper" section.  Added Secrets/Codes section.  Did some major 
reorganization. Of course, added/corrected some more small bits of 

Ver 0.9(02/19/98) - Added Morrigan's other air dashes.  Finally, put in some 
combos and some general strategies for Cap A. and Gambit.  Corrected/added 
some information.

Ver 0.8(02/17/98) - Updated Captain Commando's move descriptions.  Put in 
Cap. A's Cartwheel move, added some Magic Series, and added launcher 
sections.  Added/corrected some other info.

Ver 0.7(02/14/98) - Updated Chun Li's move descriptions.  Put in Morrigans 
level 3 super.  Corrected a lot of wrong information.

Ver 0.6(02/13/98) - Updated Morrigan's move descriptions.  Added a AC 
finisher section for each character.  As usual, corrected a lot of what I 
said before throughout the guide(e.g.  Double Attack mode) and updated many 
other things, especially in the characters section.  So feel free to quickly 
reread the guide.

Ver 0.5(02/11/98) - Updated Hulk's move descriptions.  Confirmed Ryu's Shin 
Shoryuken is in game. Corrected some helper info.  Added description/opinion 
of the double attack mode in Miscellaneous Info. Added most team super moves 
and character variable counter moves.  Put in known magic series.  Basically, 
did some updates/corrections all over the guide but mostly on the characters 

Ver 0.4(02/09/98) - Updated Megaman's move descriptions and did dome minor 
corrections/additions to a few others.  Also did some grammar corrections.  I 
try to sneak in some useful comments while describing the moves and stuff.  
But no real concrete strategies yet.

Ver 0.3(02/08/98) - Updated Gambit's move descriptions and did more 

Ver 0.2(02/07/98) - Written about 10 minutes after finishing Ver. 0.1  Added 
some abilities to Captain America, Chun Li, and Strider.  Also did some small 
spell checking and refining.

Written by:
Edward T. Ma using Microsoft Word Ver. 7.0a
Copyright 1998

Copyright Information:
Two most important things to keep in mind:
1) Don't use this guide for commercial use, period
2) Give credit where credit is due
Basically, if you quote or take information from this guide, just say so.  
I'm not too picky about this copyright stuff but don't be pasting and copying 
a section from here without saying so.  Otherwise, you suck. 'Nuff said.
If there are any questions, mail me at my e-mail address at the bottom of 
this guide.

The Reason I First Wrote This:
Why am I writing this you ask?  Well, for one, I really like the vs series 
Capcom has put out (well, I like all the fighting games they've made) and 
even though Xmen vs Street Fighter was my favorite, I figured why not do one 
for the newest vs fighting game out now?  Besides, it's raining llike crazy 
outside (El Nin baby!) and I've got time on my hand as it is 1 in the morning 
and I'm wide awake!

As this is my first foray into strategy guide writing, I'll try to keep it 
short and to the point. I think it's going to be for people who don't really 
know how to play this type of game.  I'll admit it's probably not going to be 
very organized but follow along.  Hopefully, you've actually seen a fighting 
game in the arcades before so you'll semi-understand what I'm talking about.  
I'll try to explain the rest.  I will try not to put in anything I am not 
completely 110% sure on.

I. Basic Controls
II. Helpers
III. Super Moves
IV. Magic Series
V. Double Attack Mode
VI. Miscellaneous Information
VII. The Fighters!
VIII. Onslaught
IX. Secrets/Codes
X. Thank You Section

And now, LET'S GET CRAZY!!!
(Man, I hate the game announcer's voice!!!!)
(OR what smashing all those buttons and twirling that stick actually does!)
Some abbreviations first: (Hopefully this doesn't get too confusing)

JP - jab punch
SP - strong punch
FP - fierce punch
SK - short kick
FK - forward kick
RK - roundhouse kick
PP - means press any two punch buttons
KK - means press any two kick buttons

F - forward
B - back
U - up
D - down
QCF - Quarter circle forward meaning roll the stick from D to DF(down 
      forward) to F
QCB - Quarter circle back meaning roll the stick from D to DB(down back) to B
HCF - Half circle forward meaning roll stick B, DB, D, DF, F
HCB - Half circle back meaning roll stick F, DF, D, DB, B
SPD - quick 270 degree motion with stick.  I find the easiest way to do this 
      motion is F, DF, D, DB, B, UB(up back).
FTD - Front to down means do what it says
BTD - Back to down means B, DB, D
DP - Means F, D, DF
CDU - means hold D/DB/DF for a bit(time varies) and then go U
CBF - means hold B/DB/UB for a bit(time varies) and then go F
Are you guys figuring out this abbreviation thing yet?

Stick movements:
A Pic of the Stick(I wish I knew more ASCII values!)
Assuming you are facing right:

Up Back        Up            Up Forward
               __ -----------(This is the controller in case you can't tell!)
              /  \
Back          \__/           Forward
Down Back     Down           Down Forward

Forward - Walk Forward
Back -Walk Backward/Block high if opponent is attacking
Up - Jump Up
Down - Crouch Down
Up Forward - Jump Forward
Up Back - Jump Backward
Down Back - Crouch/Block low if opponent is attacking
Down Forward - Crouch/Offensive crouch
Tap Forward Twice - Dash Forward
Tap Back Twice - Dash Backward
Down, Up(quickly) - Super Jump

All 3 punch buttons with stick forward - Dash Forward
All 3 punch buttons with stick backward - Dash Backward
All 3 kick buttons - Super Jump

All 3 punch buttons while blocking a hit - Advancing Guard, pushes opponent 
away, and lessens chipping damage from certain Supers.  Be careful you don't 
start pushing the buttons before you get hit or you'll stop blocking and get 

FP + RK - Switch fighter (assuming you have two fighters left still)
* You partner will come in attacking with his jumping roundhouse.  However, 
after landing, he does his taunt pose and is vulnerable to attack(which means 
a super probably!) so be careful when doing this.

Variable Counter:
BTD + FP and RK - If done while blocking a hit, will switch characters and 
have the other character do his variable counter move.  A good way to safely 
switch characters in general.
 Takes one level of super meter.

SP + FK - Call Helper Character to attack
Speaking of which:
There are 20 helper characters with 2 secret helper characters that I know of 
but there are probably more.  Just push a button during the helper select 
screen and you get whichever helper the random selector was on.  There is a 
limited amount of times you can use each helper which is dependent on how 
useful they are.  Helpers are very useful in creating distractions among 
other things.  You can easily connect many supers after a helper connects 
too.  It is important to note that all helpers can be knocked away if hit.  
All attacks from helpers take chipping damage.

(I copied and pasted most of this part from Mig's Page listed down at the 

Unknown Soldier - Forgotten World
He shoots out some beams at your opponent covering most of the bottom half of 
the screen.

Tia - Capcom Mascot
She makes a whole bunch of dice rain down as far behind your character as 
possible.  The worst helper in my opinion.

Anita - Darkstalkers
Her disembodied doll heads float around her as she walks forward, making a 
shield of sorts.  Eventually, she will release her doll heads forward.

Lou - Chariot
He's an elf that shoots several arrows and flame at your opponent.

Michelle Heart - Wings of Ales
She appears on the same level as the opponent and shoots beams in three 

King Arthur - Ghouls n Goblins
He throws lances at your opponent. The fun part is that if he gets hit, he 
loses his armor!

Saki - Nigiirochou no Kiseki
She shoots a laser at your opponents.

Ton-Fu - Strider
She does a long range kick in the middle of the screen

Devilot - Cyberbots
She comes in on a mech which self-destructs after a LONG time.  It's 
unblockable though so use her in cornering!

Psylocke - X-Men
She does a Psi-Thrust super on your opponent.

Iceman - X-Men
Makes a whole bunch of ice blocks fall onto the screen.

Cyclops - X-Men
Optic blasts his opponent.  Uses his low(jab) optic blast.

Thor - Marvel Comics
Shoot lightning at his opponent.

Storm - X-Men
She throws out a vertical typhoon a bit in front of you.

Jubilee - X-Men
Shoots out several firecrackers at different angles that slightly track the 
opponent, pops her gum and leaves!

Juggernaut - X-Men
Comes barreling toward the opponent, doing a weak version of his Juggernaut 
Headcrush.  Fills the entire screen.

Rogue - X-Men
She does her rushing punch special from XSF. Starts from the middle of the 
screen and moves diagonally upward.

Colossus - X-Men
Shoulder charges the opponent.  I hate this guy.  I really wish Capcom has 
left him out.  5 frigging uses!

Magneto - X-Men
Throws out an EM disrupter.

US Agent - MSH vs SF
Does a Charging Star across the screen.

Secret Helpers:
To get the secret helpers push start and the corresponding buttons before the 
helper select screen pops up.

Shadow - MSH vs SF (push JP + FK + FP)
Does his Somersault Super move(the one where he does three flash kicks).  
Good anti-air.

Sentinel  XCOTA (SP + FK + FP)
Flies across the screen and physically attacks the opponent.  Mostly fills 
the entire screen.

How To Get Your Helper:
The Helper Select grid is labeled from 1 to 20 from left to right, top to 
bottom.  Shadow and Sentinel are 21 and 22, respectively.  For instance, say 
you want Ton-Pooh.  Since she is the first square on the 2nd row, her number 
is 5.  To select her, before the Helper Select gird appears. Simply hold down 
FP and JP, since 4 + 1 = 5.  Below is the compilation of what buttons to use 
for selecting the character.

JP = 1
SP = 2
FP = 4SK = 8
FK= 16
RK = 32?

01 Unknown Soldier: JP + START
02 Lou: SP + START
03 Arthur: JP + SP + START
04 Saki: FP + START
05 Ton-Pooh: JP + FP + START
06 Devilot: SP + FP + START
07 Anita: JP + SP + FP + START
08 Pure and Fur: SK + START
09 Michelle Hart: SK + JP + START
10 Thor: SP + SK + START
11 Cyclops: JP + SP + SK + START
12 Magneto: SK + FP + START
13 Storm: JP + FP + SK + START
14 Jubilee: SP + FP + SK + START
15 Rogue: JP + SP + FP + LK + START
16 Psylocke: FK + START
17 Juggernaut: JP + FK + START
18 Iceman: SP + FK + START
19 Colossus: JP + SP + FK + START
20 U.S. Agent: FP + FK + START
21 Shadow: JP + FK + FP + START
22 Sentinel: SP + FK + FP + START
Supers are one of the things that make MvC really fun to play and can be 
quick tide turners if you connect with one.  They are also quite flashy 
sometimes.  At the bottom of the screen is your super meter which you can 
fill up to 3 levels.  You do so by attacking, comboing, doing special moves, 
getting hit, etc.  Basically, everything except walking and jumping fills it 
up.  Some moves do it faster then others such as a JP fills it much slower 
then a FP.  Doing a super involves a certain motion and certain buttons.  You 
automatically start each fight with one level of super filled.  Most 
individual supers only take one level to do and involve pressing two punch or 
kick buttons.  However, it is usually safer to press all three punches or 
kicks to insure that the super comes out.

Team Supers:
You need:
1) 2 levels of super meter filled and
2) both your fighters left to be able to do the team super.  Then, your 
current character will do his team super move while your resting character 
will jump in and do his/her team super move.  Usually, a very safe way to 
change characters if you've got 2 super meter levels that you don't need 
One of the things that makes MvC stand out (good or bad) from other fighting 
games is the so called "Magic Series" of each fighter.  This is the ability 
of each fighter to link their attack buttons together while attacking.  To do 
the series though, you have to connect with the first hit.  It doesn't matter 
if the opponent is blocking or not.  Each fighter has a ground, jumping, and 
super jumping magic series.

For example:
Strider's ground magic series is the Hunter series.  This means that on the 
ground, he can link all six buttons (or any other combination) together while 
attacking his opponent.  So if he was on the ground and hitting Ryu, he could 
hit JP, SK, SP, FK, FP, RK.  Or he could skip a few and do JP, FK, FP, RK.
However, he can not cycle backwards through the buttons such as JP, FK, SP.  
He can only, on the ground, go from punch to kick and only by increasing 
strength.  I really hope this is understandable as this is essential to being 
a good player at this game.  Here are the Magic Series I know of although I'm 
not sure if they are all in MvC:

1) Hunter Series: defined above

2) Weakest to Strongest: Basically, you can link a weak(JP or SK) to 
   medium(SP or FK) to strong(FP or RK)  Remember, you can also just do JP  
   RK or FK - FP.  You don't have to do all the buttons.

3) Weakest to Any: Able to link a weak(JP or SK) to one button of stronger 

4) Punch to Kick:  Shuma Gorath had this ground series in MSHSF.  You can 
   only do, one punch of any strength to one kick of any strength.  Venom has
   this ground magic series.

5) Kick to Punch: I think Blackheart had this in MSHSF (but I don't play him 
   AT ALL).  Other then that, I haven't seen anybody else with this series.

6) None: Characters, like Dan in MSH, have no ground magic series.  You can't 
   link any buttons together.
(These next couple of sections I mostly just copied from Mig's page.  He 
 explains it better then I do anyway. Thanks for letting me Migs!)

Launchers are without a doubt, some of the most important normal moves in the 
game! They are essential for setting up air combos and if you don't know your 
characters launcher, then you are going to have a lot of trouble with your 
offensive game! I've included the specific launcher for all the characters in 
their individual sections. The definition of a launcher is a move that is 
done on the ground that knocks your opponent upwards and unable to block! All 
launchers can be canceled into super jumps by simply pressing up immediately 
after contact is made! Get to know the properties of your characters launcher 
because some of them knock the opponent up in strange angles and heights!

Normal Launchers
This is the generic version and every character has one. They knock the 
opponent up at a good height and can be used both as ground offense and air 
defense! Roundhouse and Fierce are often the most used buttons for launchers, 
therefore they have quite a bit of recovery time! Learn how to chain moves 
before these so that if you know that an opponent will block, you can do a 
move that will give you relative safety instead of attempting the launch!

The Regular Launcher
Aside from the normal kind, there are certain other kinds of launchers that 
have special requirements!
Small launchers cannot be followed by a super jump because they only knock 
the opponent slightly upwards! However, these are extremely quick and if they 
connect, your opponents are unable to block while they are knocked upwards! 
These are often used in cooperation with Air launchers because they set them 
up perfectly! Examples of small launchers are Spiderman's C.Forward and 
Wolverine's C.Strong!

Air Launchers - (The type I will list in my character sections (me, as in Ed, 
not Migs!))

The final kind of launcher is the Air Launcher! Air Launchers often have more 
combo possibilities than regular launchers because of the height that they 
knock the opponent up! They can be used as air defense or chained after a 
small launcher! However, if done while the opponent is firmly on the ground, 
they will not be launched! You can still super jump right afterwards, but the 
opponent will remain on the ground!  Examples of air launchers are 
Spiderman's S. Roundhouse and Hulk's S. Roundhouse!

AC Finishers
AC Finisher is an abbreviation for air combo finisher and quite simply put, 
it is a move that will finish an air combo! These can be normal moves, 
special moves and even super moves! The idea is that after one of these moves 
are done in an air combo, the opponent will be knocked across the screen and 
you will be unable to attack him any longer! This is a phenomena known as the 
Flying Screen. Knowing which moves are AC Finishers is a valuable part of 
being a combo master! AC Finishers are valuable because they prevent the 
opponent from counter attacking you, they do the most damage and they are 
visually impressive! Not doing an AC Finisher makes you look like a loser and 
your opponent even has the opportunity to attack or air throw your sorry ass 
if you mess up an air combo!  I have listed down all the possible AC 
Finishers that the characters can possibly do in their individual combo 
sections! I have also made the possibilities very flexible because instead of 
writing specific moves, I usually just put "AC Finisher" as the last move in 
and Air Combo! It's up to you to pick which to do, depending on your skill
level! Examples of AC Finishers are Ryu's strong throw, Wolverine's Drill 
Claw and Hulk's SJ.Fierce!
(Okay, back to my writing.  Thanks again Migs!)

This is a completely new feature in Capcom's fighting games.  It takes up 2/3 
levels of supers and it calls in your other character (jump kicking in) to 
attack with you.  You control both of them as well!  The trade off for using 
up your levels of supers is the ability to have unlimited supers for about 7 
seconds or so.  This isn't as cheap as it may, at first, seem to be.  For the 
most part, anyone I've seen using this move (including myself) has pretty 
much starting doing continuous Super motions and hitting the buttons.
Obviously, awesome ticking damage if done right but you can block everything 
(I haven't tried special grab moves but you CAN throw during the double 
super).  However, I did the following situation once and had it happen to me 
once as well (I'm pretty sure).  The guy I was playing did the double move 
and about half way through his time meter I decided I would do the double 
move too!  So here we are nailing each other with supers and stuff having fun 
not really knowing what is going on.  His time meter runs out and then I pull 
off some more supers.  When his time meter ran out, he paused for a second to 
taunt or something and got nailed!  This also happened to me once as well!  
So there are apparent weakness to this thing but I need to experiment more.
One cool thing is that you can double launch and do an air combo with both 
your fighters.  I did it once with Cap A. and Strider by getting on opposite 
sides of the other guy and crouching FP which is both of their launchers.  
I'm not sure if both your characters have to have the same launcher but at 
least I know it's possible!

So my overall opinion of this feature is at the moment: low to loathing.  In 
fact, I think it's really stupid.  It promotes button mashing and doesn't 
seem to have any real strategy (other then the obvious) involved.
I'm going to have to give a arcade-playing thumbs down on this feature but I 
will do further research on the matter.  Luckily,  most scru. err players 
seem to have no idea how to do it.  They can't seen to read the instructions 
on the machine or something.
(This stuff is important in knowing to get better so read it!)

Recovering Energy:
Your fighter who is resting will regain energy up to the red part on the 
lifebar so switch out every once in a while to regain energy.  I think the 
more energy you can recover is dependent on how you lose it.  A long combo 
will allow more recoverable energy.  So if you were to choose losing the same 
amount of energy from three separate FP's or a combo done on you, you would 
choose the combo.

Throwing is simple.  Every character can do it in the air or on the ground.  
Just get right next to opponent and push F or B and SP/FP or FK/RK.  In the 
air, it requires more timing and most characters can only throw with either a 
punch or kick button.  Tech hitting is a way to get out of a throw or lessen 
the damage of a throw.  I'm pretty sure you just push forward and your 
character's throw button just as you get thrown.  To lessen the damage, do 
the same just as you hit the ground.  It may be different in MvC although it 
doesn't seem so.
Throws have returned to their former XSF glory where you can, with many 
characters, OTG someone right after you throw them unless they roll!  I 
always like that feature even though I don't throw much so I'm happy it's 

OTG means "on the ground".  In the game, OTGing someone means hitting them 
while they are laying on the ground say, after a roundhouse trip or AC 
Finisher or a super.  Only certain moves can OTG a downed opponent before 
they get back up.

Rolling is very important when playing against advanced players.  It keep you 
from being OTG'd into longer and more damaging combos.  Even better, you can 
often counter attack someone who has tried to OTG you.  To do it, as you hit 
ground after begin knocked down in some way, do the following motion:
QCF + any punch

The punch used determines the distance rolled where JP is a short distance 
and FP is all the way across the screen.  This is how I always do it although 
there probably other ways to do it.  It requires some practice but once you 
got it down, it becomes almost automatic.

In MvC, you can cancel ANY of your normal moves at ANY point in the animation 
of the normal move with a special move regardless of whether or not you 
actually hit the opponent with the normal move.  All you have to do is do 
your normal move and immediately do the special move.  You can also cancel 
normal moves with supers, character switches, helper characters, and even 

For example:
If you were Ryu, you could do a FP(standing, crouching, or jumping) and while 
the FP animation is going do a fireball and he will cancel his FP into a 
fireball.  Same goes for this being essential to being a good player.

And let's not forget:
This move is useless.  Wait, no I believe Chun Li's and probably Morrigan's 
taunts count as strikes.  But otherwise they are useless.  Or are they?  They 
leave you totally open for a sec to attacks so why use them you may wonder?  
Well, for one, they're really fun to use when you want to rub your opponent's 
face in his total defeat.  And two, they also make your opponent want to 
attack you much of the time.  You ever see Dan taunt a guy in MSHSF?  I did 
cause I used to do it all the time when I played Dan.  With him, you could 
taunt in the air, on the ground, while rolling; he even had a Super Taunt
move!  Boy, did this make the other guy want to attack me.  This can make 
your opponent predictable and you can exploit that.  Don't taunt if you don't 
really know when you can or you will be eating it!  Oh and lest I forget, to 
do a taunt push start while on the ground.

I know I've forgotten things but I think that's about it for now so on with 
the fighters!!!!!  I'm also going to have a special section for what powers 
Rogue could have stolen from each character had she been(is hopefully!?!?!?) 
in this game.  Rogue was in XSF and was one of my, if not the, favorite 
characters.  So if you Capcom guys ever stumble upon this, PUT ROGUE BACK IN 

A word on my combo rating system:
Each combo section will have three skill levels: Easy, Intermediate, and 

Easy combos: Combos that require barely any stick movement and need no real 
timing.  Practice these if you are beginners!

Intermediate combos: Combos that require stick movement and need some timing 
to pull off.

Hard combos: Just like intermediate combos but require skills such as dashing 
and OTGing and knowledge of your fighter's abilities.

For short:
j. will mean a jump in
c. will mean crouch
sj. will mean super jump

I've basically come up with these combos on my own although some I've picked 
up from other people or sites or have seen.  Some of them may not be true 
combos in the sense that your opponent can block some of the hits but the 
combos may catch them off guard for extra hit(s).  And remember, some combos 
will only work on certain sized characters like Hulk or Zangief.  If a combo 
doesn't seem to work against someone like Megaman, either it just won't work 
or you can try taking out some hits in your combo.
If you know of a combo that you believe WORKS for sure, please send it in and 
I'll go test it.

NOTE: One thing I decided not to do is put in throw combos in which you throw 
someone and then OTG them into more combos before they get up.  However, a 
lot of the fighters can OTG after some of their throws!  Just off the top of 
my head, some people who can are Gambit, Wolverine, Strider, and War Machine.


Marvel Characters:

Captain America:
Even though I've never played Marvel Super Heroes (which was his first 
fighting game appearance) this guy was THE MAN in MSHSF.  Well, at least in 
my opinion.  With that big ass shield of his and his Final Justice among 
other things, he (in the right hand, namely mine) dominated everybody else.  
Here's the moves:

SP (If opponent is hit out of air)
c. FP

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finishers:
FP, RK, Shield Slash

Shield Slash (ground, air):
QCF + punch
Jab version - Throws shield along ground at opponent.  Can OTG.
              In air, throws forward diagonally down
Strong version - Throws forward at Cap's head level
                 In air, throws straight ahead
Fierce version - Throws forward and a bit diagonally up
                 Also throws up diagonally in air

* Cap can lose his shield if he throws it and then moves before it comes back 
to him.  To pick it up, simply walk over it.  Eventually, if he doesn't pick 
it up, it will drop on him from the top of the screen.

Stars And Strips (ground):
DP + punch
Button used determines height jumped up.  This is Cap's dragon punch and 
comes out more horizontally then Ryu's dragon punch.  A good anti-air move as 
it has good recovery time (or at least the JP version does) and comes out 
very quickly.  Good damage too.

Charging Star (ground):
HCF + kick
Cap charges at his opponent with his shield in front of him.  Button used 
determines distance traveled with SK being the shortest and RK being the 
farthest and fastest.  Since Cap has gotten back his speed from MSH this move 
is a bit more effective now.  It combos well but still, don't use this move 
too much because even though it cancels fireballs, after hitting the fireball 
Cap slows down a bit and he has HORRIBLE recovery time from it.  Just as bad 
as Hulk's after hitting a blocking opponent with his Gamma Charge!  However, 
if you are close and you know your opponent is going to throw a fireball, do 
it with the RK.

Cartwheel (ground):
HCB + punch
Cap does a cartwheel forward.  The distance gone is the same for each button.
While he doing the cartwheel, Cap is invincible to fireball attacks but not 
to anything else anymore!  This includes throws (not sure about special grabs 
like Morrigan's Vector Drain) as well.  He can still go through opponents 
though.  A good surprise move if done every once in a while.  Opponents will 
see Cap do this move and often think A) either he's going to appear on the 
other side of me so I better block the other way or B) I should try to 
But they won't be able to make up their mind in time and so will often end up 
just not blocking as Cap ends the Cartwheel animation.  Guess what to do 
next?  Learn the distance Cap goes so you can decide if you want to end up in 
front of your opponent or behind.  Do this especially if you've got your 
opponent on the run.  Just remember, don't get too obvious with this by doing 
it a lot.

Final Justice (ground):
Cap pauses for a sec and then charges at his opponent yelling FINAL JUSTICE!  
If it connects, he throws his opponent up and the catches him while their 
falling and proceeds to beat the crap out of them.  After about 7 or 8 hits 
he tosses them up again and jumps up, catches them, and suplexes them to the 
An awesome finisher to a round.  His flashiest and funniest Super to connect.  
Unfortunately, it can be hard to connect with this one.  It didn't combo in 
MSHSF.  It DOES combo in MvC if you are close enough to your opponent.  
Still, once you get the timing down pat, you can punish almost any mistake
your opponent makes with it.  It will not go thorough fireballs and he is not 
invincible during it but it has great recovery time so if your opponent 
blocks it, start quietly jamming on Fierce to smack him when he tries to walk 
up and throw you or hit you.

Hyper Stars & Stripes (ground):
DP  + PP
His fastest and most easily comboable super but also his worst recovery time 
super.  Basically, he rushes across the screen doing in order, his JP then SP 
then FP versions of his Stars & Stripes ala Ken's Shoryu Reppa.  This super 
will OTG an opponent.

Hyper Charging Star (ground):
Basically, a super version of his Charging Start.  It is a GREAT chipping 
Super.  He is invincible to all Beam Supers (even Gamma Waves I think) during 
this but he has a slow start time, so try to do it when you know the opponent 
has no choice but to block or be hit or if you're going to combo it.  It also 
has virtually no recovery time as well so only the best (or luckiest) players 
will hit you after it.

Team Super:
If Cap is your current character then he will do Hyper Stars & Stripes.  If 
he is the resting character, he will jump in and do his Hyper Charging Star.

Variable Counter Move:
Cap will jump in doing his SK Charging Star

* He has double jump ability

Easy Combos:
1) JP, FP, cancel JP Shield Slash

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. FP, c. SK, c. FK, c. RK, JP Shield Slash (OTG)
2) j. FP, c. SK, c. FK, cancel Hyper Stars & Stripes
3) j. FP, c. JP, c. SP, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj, FK, AC Finisher

Hard Combos:
1) j. JP, j. SP, dash, c. SK, FK, FK, cancel Hyper Stars & Stripes
The FK will hit twice if you push the button twice.

2) Cartwheel, c. SK, c. FK, cancel Hyper Stars & Stripes
Try Cartwheeling through fireballs up close or through your opponent to cross 
them up.

3) Final Justice, c. SK, c. FK, cancel Hyper Stars & Stripes
If your opponent blocks the Final Justice, he will often try to walk up and 
throw you.  But since the FJ has such great recovery time, turn the tables on 
them by pulling off another combo!
You'd be surprised how often this works!  Or you could use the Hyper Charging 
Star in place of the Final Justice for better chipping damage!

4) SK, FK, RK, cancel Final Justice/Hyper Charging Star
Yes, this combo works again!  Awesome!  You just have to make sure you are 
very close when you hit them with the RK and then cancel fast.  The full 
combo only seems to work on large opponents though.

5) j. JP, j. SP, dash, c. JP, c. SP, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. JP, sj. JP, double 
jump, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, sj. FP, sj. JP (OTG), c. SK, c. SP, c. 
This combo is just so damn awesome.  But it's really hard to get the OTG part 
to work.  I forgot the timing on it and I can't even do it anymore.  But I 
know it works.  In any case, experiment.

6) j. JP, j. SP, dash, JP, SP, FP, cancel Final Justice/Hyper Charging Star
Done without the shield.  If you don't want to dash always, just do JP, FP to 
make sure it connects.  If you end the combo with a HCS and with your 
opponent completely in the corner, you can follow it up with ac. SK (OTG), c. 
SP, c. FP.

Cap is one of the better characters to have on your side.  He's a great 
combination of speed, range, and power.  When you are on the ground, the FP 
cancel JP Shield Slash should be a constant in your arsenal as it will
leave you safe from counter attack and will take chip damage.  Always be on 
the look out to connect

Intermediate Combo #2(minus the j. FP) for some quick damage.  Cap's SP is 
good anti-air and will launch into combos.  Use it against opponents who end 
up a bit in front of you as they are jumping in.
In the air, rely on Cap's FP when leading into attacks or keeping away your 
opponent because the shield has such great range.  In air battles, if the FP 
connects but they block, cancel into a JP Shield Slash for chipping damage.  
Don't forget about his RK in the air however.  A regular air RK makes Cap 
kick straight forward with good range but if you push D RK, Cap will kick 
almost straight down with one foot.
Use the D RK if you are coming in right above your opponent as it has better 
priority and range then his FP.  Use that double jump ability to it's 
fullest!  Use it to get close to and to get away.  Use it to trick an
opponent into doing an long delay anti-air move and miss.  Use it to get 
behind people when they try to catch you with a long lasting super as you 
fall! These are the basics of Cap so learn them.

Rogue section:
Could take Cap's ability to use his shield.  So if Cap dropped his shield, 
Rogue could pick it up and use it but only throw it at one height.  That'd be 

I always thought this guy was about style and really quick fingers.  You be 
the judge of that.  Along with Rogue, these two formed my XSF team.  They 
were an awesome combo I thought.  Besides, they are in love with each other.  
Or are they still?  I don't really know anymore.  Why does he look so dumb on 
the character select screen?  Someone get him some Aspirin!  Anyway, here are 
the moves:

c. FP

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:

Kinetic Card (ground, air):
QCF + punch
Basically, Gambit pulls out a few cards and charges them with kinetic energy 
(changing the cards potential energy to kinetic energy, thank you very much 
physics class!) and then he tosses them at his opponent.  A very unique 
"fireball".  JP comes out faster then SP which comes out faster then FP.  The 
reason for this is that it Gambit takes more time to charge up more energy 
using FP then he does using JP.  When released, it's invisible and 
practically travels across to the other side of the screen in an instance.  
Because of the invisibility factor, it often catches your opponent napping.  
So wake them up with it.  Other fireballs will cancel with it but it is the 
fastest projectile move (not including moves like War Machine's Shoulder 
Cannon which is a beam move) and is hard to counter.  If it hits, the 
opponent is stunned for a bit as the cards appear on them and then they fall 
to the ground as the cards explode.  Depending on which button you use, JP 
leaves you a split sec. more to hit your opponent while FP leaves you a full 
second to do whatever you want.  However, FP rarely connects as it takes too 
long to actually come out so stick with the JP version.  The down side is 
that even the JP version takes a split sec to actually be released so you 
can't combo it unless you are RIGHT NEXT to your opponents.  Whatever normal 
move you want to cancel the JP Kinetic Card with (usually the standing RK) 
you really have to be touching your opponent when you hit them with the 
normal move and then you have to cancel very quickly.  Otherwise, if you try 
and do the standard Ryu DFK (Crouching Forward Kick) cancel into fireball, 
the opponent has a small window of time to jump over the cards and nail you.  
In the air, the cards will go down at about a 45 degree angle.

Trick Card (ground):
QCB + punch
His anti-air move.  Only use this move when you become very good at Gambit.  
It's kinda like Cyclops's FP optic blast.  It goes up and forward at an angle 
but takes a long time to come out!  Even the JP version.  The FP version?  
Don't even think about it.  However, it comes out much faster then it's XvSF
Counterpart (i.e. The FP version in the game is about as fast coming out as 
the JP version in XvSF) so if you do happen to hit them in the air with this, 
you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want as not only are 
they stunned, but they have to fall to the ground too.  You just have to be 
quick in recognizing that you did, indeed, hit them!  It can also hit really 
tall standing opponents (like Venom) who are standing right next to you.  
This does happen sometimes because you will do this move on the ground and it 
will take them a split sec. to realize that you did it and then not block as 
they try and walk up to hit you.  Guess what happens when they come out of 
their blocking stance?  
However, don't rely on this move very much unless you know exactly how to use 
it(i.e. they are Super Jumping and you can time it so they land on the Trick 
Card as they come down).  Use the standing RK for more effective anti-air.

Cajun Slash (ground):
DP + punch
Gambit attacks forward with his staff.  Different punches do different 
things. His JP version is, if you want to be an effective Gambit player, 
gonna be one of your primary weapons.  It's got great range (almost half the 
screen!), has little recovery time (but more then XvSF damn it), and comes 
out extremely FAST!
We are talking about the ultimate counter here.  Basically, Gambit swings his 
staff forward in an arc extremely fast.  It also moves him forward a bit.  
Opponents safe combos aren't so safe anymore with this move!  His SP and FP 
version are both three staff-slashing moves.  The difference between the two 
is that the, the SP version makes him do a hopping downward attack first 
which will OTG while the FP's second hit will OTG the opponent.  The FP 
version is better to put into combos, while the SP should be used after
knocking down an opponent.

Cajun Strike (ground):
CDU + punch or kick
An often overlooked move.  Best used in moderation though.  Pushing UB makes 
him jump to wall behind him while pushing UF makes him jump to the opposite 
wall.  If you then push in the opposite direction after touching the wall, he 
will jump to the other wall.  Depending on which kick button was used, 
pushing a kick makes him quickly jump kick to a certain area of the screen.  
Pushing a punch will give you control over him after touching the last wall.  
You can move him around much like you would Bison after his Head Stomp move.  
Pushing punch again while he is rolling down in the air will make him slash 
So move him around to confuse your opponent and then at the last second hit 
punch when you are next to/above your opponent.  This is also a great escape 
move and has almost no recovery time.

Royal Flush (ground):
His super from XSF.  He tosses his staff straight up nearly to the top of the 
screen and starts throwing a whole deck of charged cards straight at you.  
Ram on the buttons for more hits.  Try to time it so the opponents body is at 
the same level as Gambit or else you won't get that much damage.  For 
instance, if Ryu does a FP Dragon Punch (Shoryuken) and while he's hanging up 
there in the air, you can immediately do the super.  Of course Ryu will only 
be hit about 7 or 8 times for pathetic damage as only his legs will be
hit by this move.  Learn the timing!

Pluses:  It still OTG's and does great damage!  The staff also can still be 
used as anti air if an opponent is right above Gambit's head and will knock 
the opponent down usually into the oncoming cards.

Minuses:  Can we say delay time?  After doing the move, Gambit turns and says 
something and looks all cool and everything.  Of course if he has not hit his 
opponent, he won't be looking so cool after he eats a super while standing 
there.  The delay time has been toned down since XSF but still, it's there.  
Go ahead and do it on guys with no fast long range capability (i.e. Zangief, 
no super levels), if your opponent has like two or three pixels of life left, 
or if you know you will hit.  Do not ran domly do this against guys with beam 
supers or you will suffer!

Cajun Explosion (ground):
QCF + KK (Right of Screen)
QCB + KK (Left of Screen)
I'm happy that Gambit got a new super and even happier he got such a useful 
one!  He jumps to the corresponding wall and then releases several HUGE 
charged cards which hit the grround and explode!  This acts much like Hulk's 
Gamma Wave or Venom's Death Bite in that it will carry the opponent across
the ground like a wave.  Unlike the other two however, the cards reach up to 
almost the top of the whole screen so opponents usually can't super jump over 
it!  It's a semi-useful super in crossing up the opponent.  It also has great 
recovery time so don't expect to hit him after he jumps down off the wall.  
Try using this Super during Double Attack Mode to cross up your opponent.

Team Super:
He does his Royal Flush.  Obviously a good damaging super to have!

Variable Counter Move:
Does his JP Cajun Strike.


Easy Combos:
1) c. SK, c. RK, cancel Royal Flush (OTG)
Don't do this against people who roll!

2) SK, FK, RK, cancel JP Cajun Slash

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. FP, j. RK, c. SK, c. FK, cancel FP Cajun Strike
2) j. FP, c. SK, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher

3) JP Kinetic Card, JP Cajun Slash
The JP Kinetic Card gives you just enough time to nail them with a Cajun 

Hard Combos:
1) Trick Card, Kinetic Card, Royal Flush
I've never actually done this whole combo but it should work.  The Trick Card 
will hit them out of the air and then time the Kinetic Card to hit them as 
they fall to the ground and then nail them with a Royal Flush!  The hard part 
is hitting them with the Trick Card and them timing the Kinetic Card.

2) j. FP, j. RK, dash, c. SK, c. FP, cancel Royal Flush
The tricky part is getting close enough for the c. FP so that when you do the 
Royal Flush, the rising staff will knock your opponent back down into the 
Royal Flush.  Not much damage but very stylish.

3) j. FP, j. RK, dash, SK, RK, cancel JP Kinetic Card, FP Cajun Slash
You have to be REAL close to hit them with the JP Kinetic Card.  I mean, 
REALLY, REALLY close.  If you are too far away after the Kinetic Card, just 
hit them with the JP Cajun Slash.

4) Cornering Strategy: JP Kinetic Card, JP Cajun Slash, JP Cajun Slash, 
repeat Many, many times.
Your opponent will block the Kinetic Card and stop blocking for a sec.  Nail 
them with the JP Cajun Slash.  If they block that, try another one!  This 
works a lot!  Once you get good at this, alternate the timing of the moves 
meaning wait a sec before doing the first or second Cajun Slash.

5) j. FP, j. RK, dash, c. JP, c. SK, c. SP, c. FP, Trick Card, Kinectic Card, 
Royal Flush
This is basically a way to connect Hard Combo #1.  After the c. FP which 
launches them a lot of people will come down attacking and get nailed by the 
Trick Card.  If you want to for example, connect the FP Trick Card you would 
have to cancel almost immediately after you launch them.  There are a lot of 
variations on this move and I've even gotten two Kinetic Cards to connect 
before the Royal Flush so experiment with it.  You could even launch them 

Gambit is a tricky character to play.  He doesn't really overwhelm you like 
say Cap. A can but he can defeat you with quick attacks and combos.
His major offensive weapons are his JP Kinetic Card, JP Cajun Slash, and 
jumping/crouching FP.  His major defensive weapons are his air JP Kinetic 
Card, RK, and crouching FP.
I can't stress how important I think his JP Cajun Slash is to Gambit.  Make 
sure you learn how to quickly pull of the motion to hit an open opponent.  It 
has great priority too against physical attacks.  You can even stop supers 
like Spiderman's Crawler Assault!  
Learn to do his j. FP, j. RK to lead into jump attacks.  Many people will be 
surprised that he can chain the two before he hits the ground.
If you want to keep away an opponent, mix JP Cajun Slashes with jumping JP 
Kinetic Cards.  The jumping JP Kinetic Cards are confusing to dodge because 
they are invisible.  Then let them through and nail them with the standing 
RK.  The c. FP can be use as well but only if the opponent is close to you.
However, as anti-air, it's got great priority.
Gambit's air combos have tricky timing.  I find it easiest to connect all the 
hits if I attack as early as possible on the way up.  It seems strange 
because his launcher knocks them so high up but I find that's the only way to 
do it.
His j. SK is one of my personal favorite ways to keep away characters who 
like tto meet you in the air because his foot sticks out so far and for so 
long and will stop opponents more often then not.  It also annoys the hell 
out of people who play that way :)

Rogue section:
Well, in XSF she got the kinetic card move so I guess that's what she gets 
here too.  But where does she pull out the cards from.

In the comics Onslaught took over this guy and severely messed with him and 
tried to make him kill Cable.  So, in the game, sometimes you have to fight a 
much faster version of him in secret matches.  At least that's my theory.  
Some people say it's the Thing but that sounds too lamee even for Capcom to 
do  Let me just say one thing that can sum up Hulk's game plan for you.  I 
watched someone BEAT (albeit barely) the first version of Onslaught by 
standing there trading hits with Onslaught using Hulk's S. Fierce.  He is a 
POWER character.  Keep that in mind.  Here's his moves:

c. FP (second hit)

AC Finisher:

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Weakest to Any
Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Any
Super Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest

Ground Wave (ground):
QCF + punch button
Very high damage/priority fireballish type move.  Hulk will do his animation 
for his crouching FP and literally rip up the ground, sending it in a ground 
wave across the screen.  The fact that he does a crouching FP, added with the 
Ground Wave itself, keeps him relatively safe from people who try to jump
over and attack.  In fact, try doing this move sometimes as someone jumps at 
you.  Always try to cancel his long delay normal moves (especially his FP's) 
with this move.  The JP Ground Wave only goes 1/3 of the way across the 
screen while the FP goes all the way across.

Gamma Tornado (ground):
HCB + punch button
To me, this is just an insult move!  Ranks right up there with Dan's Super 
Taunt.  Hulk will extend his arm forward and reach for the head of his 
opponent and if he connects he will start twirling his opponent around and 
around BY HIS HEAD!  He will then toss him away like so much garbage.  
Besides the obvious visual hilarity of this move, there are several other 
reasons I call this an insult move.  Hulk's opponent can block this or in 
some cases simply duck it!  Also, if Hulk misses, he is totally open to any
sort of counter attack.  Plus, it really doesn't do too much damage.  If I 
were going for hard damage I definitely would rather do a FP or some other 
combo.  There ARE some interesting combo possibilities such as C. FP (one 
hit) cancel into JP Gamma Tornado.  Or at least this combo was possible in 
You can also try and catch jumpers with his but don't count on it working 
very much!  The JP version comes out quicker then the other two (although 
still not quick enough to avoid counter attacks) and it does less damage.  
The FP version spin your opponent around several times more then his JP 
version but it comes out sllllloooowwww.  Anyway, in general, don't use this 
move if you are trying to win unless you are really good at Hulk and know how 
to connect with it!

Gamma Charge (ground):
CDU + kick button
CBF + kick button
This is a high risk, but useful move.  Hulk, if you do the CBF motion, will 
quickly charge across the ground using an energy barrier to protect his 
frontal area.  If you connect with your opponent or you do the extra motion 
early enough, you can push in any upward direction with a kick and redirect 
Hulk in that direction still doing his Gamma Charge!  Same thing goes for his 
CDU motion except that the first charge will go up and any additional 
redirection can go from up to forward.  Sounds good right?  Now here is the
BIG minus:  If he misses or especially if the opponent blocks, he will be 
counter attacked in a hurry.  If he does it upward and misses he can still 
redirect but as he falls back down he will not be able to block.  And Hulk is 
a HUGE target.  Let me clear it up even more:  When he does the ground 
version against a blocking opponent, he is basically putting himself as close 
as possible to the opponent as one can be.
There is no distance between the two fighters.  Let me clear it up EVEN more: 
if you do the ground version against a blocking opponent, you will be hurt 
(unless your opponent sucks hard!)  So why do this move?  Well, following 
Hulk standards, this move hurts like hell.  It also negates Fireball moves, 
just like Cap's Charging Star.  But it works better then Cap's so you can do 
it through a fireball and still hit most of the time.  Of course, timing is 
important.  Also, you can escape most things if you miss in the air and
immediately change direction to charge forward so that when you fall, your 
opponent will hopefully be to far away to hit you(well, not including super 

Gamma Wave (ground):
His most damaging super if used correctly.  And this is saying a lot!  
Basically, he does a Ground Wave that will, if it hits, carry the opponent 
all the way to the other side of the screen (people who like to go whomping 
on the beach will know the feeling!).  However, it only goes a certain 
distance now and if you are in the corner and do it, the Gamma Wave will only 
go most of the way so maybe it isn't his most damaging super.  Don't even try 
jumping over the Wave and attacking Hulk!  I don't believe that it can be 
done without being hurt!  So try doing this when a opponent is about to land 
in front of you from a super jump and likes to attack a lot.  They will be 
chewing on tons of dirt!

Gamma Crush (ground):
Awesome anti-air super!  Hulk Gamma Charges up at the opponent, out of the 
screen, and comes down holding a huge rock smashing the opponent.  Hulk 
smash!  Some important things to know:  when Hulk initially jumps up, he will 
automatically try to hit the opponent.  If the opponent is on the ground, 
Hulk can still hit him if he is close enough.  If he does hit the opponent, 
they will automatically be knocked over while Hulk soars up and grabs the 
rock(where the heck does he get it?) and then will automatically come down 
crushing the downed opponent.  On the way down however, you can control him.  
So even if you don't hit opponent on the way up you can try to land on the 
other side of them and cross them up.  If you don't touch the stick, Hulk 
will automatically try to hit behind the opponent on the way down.  So try
to move him into the opponent.  This super has semi-long recovery time but 
for some reason you don't often get hit after doing this and missing.  Always 
try to hit the opponent on the way down because after you hit them (blocking 
or not) you will jump away where as if you land away from them, you will 
bounce right next to your opponent.

Gamma Quake (ground):
This works almost exactly like Iceman's helper move.  I'm not sure why they 
gave Hulk this one.  He slams on the ground and many rocks and rocklike 
things fall to the ground from above.  I guess that since smart players can 
super jump above the Gamma Wave, Capcom wanted to give Hulk some definite hit
type of super.  However, the range on this thing kinda sucks as it doesn't 
even reach to the other side of the screen.  I'm guessing this does better 
chipping damage then either of the other two.  His slamming on the ground 
will also hit opponents so I believe this super combos.  It probably OTG's as 
well.  I guess you can tell I haven't experimented much with this super.

Team Super:
Does his Gamma Wave.

Variable Counter Move:
Does his Gamma Charge along the ground.  You can also redirect it (just like 
you always would and should after connecting the first Charge)!

* It is important to note that Hulk has Super Armor meaning that he can take 
two weak hits without reeling.  He can actually take a hit from a fireball 
without stopping!  However, jumping FP and RK will automatically make him 
reel back and sweeps will automatically knock him down.

This is one instance where the magic series and canceling and combos becomes 
important because you cannot beat a good Hulk player by jump FP/RK or 
sweeping him all day!


Easy Combos:
1) FP, cancel JP Gamma Wave
Ok, this isn't much of a combo but that FP takes off so much and if your 
opponent blocks, just cancel into Gamma Wave.

2) JP, FP
Simple but painful!

3) c. FP, cancel Gamma Crush
Make sure you maneuver Hulk onto the knocked over opponent cause sometimes 
he'll miss.

Intermediate Combos:
1) c. SK, c. FK, cancel RK Gamma Charge, redirect U RK.
A high damaging combo that every Hulk player should learn.  This hurts like 

2) j. RK, c. FP (one hit), cancel Super Gamma Wave
The first hit of the FP does not launch so make sure you cancel before the 
second hit comes out.

3) j. RK, c. SK, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. FK, AC Finisher
Ouch, ouch, and ouch!

4) j. SK, j. FK, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. SP, sj. RK (OTG), c. FP
This is a real simple but showy offy combo.  It doesn't even take much 
timing. You can also add on more hits in the middle but I haven't really 
tried.  You just have to do it in the corner.

5) j. RK, c. FP, cancel U RK Gamma Charge, redirect U RK
The second Gamma Charge hit can be hard to connect sometimes.  Don't do it 
too early or you will miss.

Hard Combos:
1) j. SK, j. MK, c. FP (one hit), cancel JP Gamma Tornado, FP (OTG), cancel 
JP Gamma Tornado.
This only works if Hulk is in the corner.  He will toss the opponent into the 
corner where he can then OTG them.  Very hard timing to get used too.  Only 
seen it done a few times myself.

2) j. punch throw, j. RK (OTG), c. FP, cancel Gamma Crush
This is another show off combo.  However, the Gamma Crush will only hit on 
the way up and not on the way down.  Beats me why.  Must be some rule.  Try 
doing a Gamma Quake or Wave.  Or air combo them.  But this one just looks 
cool even though you kinda screw yourself.


Rogue section:
She could get Super Armor or if that's too much, she could just get the Gamma 
The first comic book I remember reading was about the Xmen (back in the days 
when they had those nasty blue/yellow costumes) confusing Spiderman with some 
ultra evil Spider guy or something and they fought it out.  Ever since then 
Spiderman was one of my favorite comics (alongside X-books).  Like most of 
the returning old characters, he doesn't seem to have changed much with the 
exception of a new super.  He's still his quick, dominating self!  Here are 
his moves:

RK (if opponent is hit out of air)

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Web Swing, Web Ball

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

Web Ball (ground, air):
QCF + punch
Spiderman's "fireball".  He shoots out a blob of sticky webbing that will, if 
it connects, completely encase his opponent in webbing and make them unable 
to do anything (hint: including blocking).  The time it takes for them to 
break out of the webbing depends on which punch button you use.  JP gives you 
no time to hit them while FP gives you all the time you need to do a 
combo/super/throw/taunt/etc.  Just don't do another Web Ball!  The downside 
is that the FP practically never connects because it takes forever just to
come out so you may want to just use the JP and SP.  However, as an example: 
since sometimes it can be hard to hit Ryu after a missed Dragon Punch with a 
Maximum Spider, try using the FP Web Ball to set him up for you.  In the air, 
it comes down at about a 45 degree angle and the same button-time rules go.
You can only fire off one in the air though so don't think you can stay up 
their forever firing off Web Balls you keep away players!

Web Swing (ground, air):
QCB + kick
Spidey uses his web to quickly swing forward feet first.  This move OTG's.  
It also goes through opponents.  Other then that, I can't find a great use 
for this move.  The bad part is that if you miss, you are totally left open 
and if you do it in the air, you can't block on the way down.
And since this move almost always moves you toward your opponent, you'd 
better make sure you hit with this move most of the time.  It used to be 
useful in swinging over beam supers while in the air but now that he has an 
air dash, I don't use this move much.  The kick button used determines the 
distance he goes.

Spider Sting (ground):
DP + punch
Spidey's really awkward looking altered Dragon Punch.  Effective though.  It 
is a two hit uppercut but only if you hit the punch button twice.  The first 
hit knocks them up and the second hit sends them into the ground.  If you hit 
them out of the air but don't hit the button a second time, they go flying 
way up just like they would if you hit them with a air launcher.  If you 
forget to hit them the second time, just wait for them while they come down 
and try different things.  For instance, try hitting them with the Web Throw.

Web Throw (ground):
HCB + punch
I think that Capcom has this Insult Move department somewhere where all the 
people do is come up with really insulting moves for their characters to use.  
The Web Throw must be a product of this dept.  Spidey shoots out a single 
line of webbing.  The direction he shoots it out depends on which punch is 
used (JP forward, SP 45 degrees up, FP straight up).  If the webbing 
connects, he starts swinging his opponent around and around over his head and 
then throws him away.  Spidey then follows it up with a taunt motion!  Does 
good damage too.  However, if your opponent is too far away (all the way 
across the screen), it just hits him for less damage.  Hard to connect 
because it takes a bit longer then his Web Ball to come out but it leaves him 
relatively safe afterwards as long as he hits the opponent (whether or not 
they block) so play around with this move to learn the timing.  The SP may 
combo in certain launching situations but I'm not sure.  Try using the JP 
against people who like to dash in and attack (i.e. Wolverine and Strider).
They'll get a face full of webbing!

Maximum Spider (ground, air):
Still a cool move!  Spidey will jump back against the wall and then launch 
himself forward.  If he connects, the opponent gets hit up while Spidey 
bounces all over the walls punching and kicking them.
You have partial control of Spidey so in the beginning you have to direct him 
toward his opponent.  If you don't move the stick up or down he'll just fly 
straight forward.  After the first hit, try and move him toward the opponent 
so they won't fall on the ground.  You can OTG them once if they do hit the 
ground but only once.  But as long as you try and hit your opponent, the 
computer seems to do most of the redirection work for you.  However, the 
jumping on the wall is a really OBVIOUS indicator of this super so don't 
expect to pull this off randomly and hit with it.  Also, if you miss or they 
block, Spidey will bounce away and give your opponent a long damn time to hit 
you with almost any super.  That's why you don't do this move randomly.  You 
will be punished if you do!  Nail them with this if they make a long recovery 
time mistake.  You can try and surprise them while they fall from a super 
jump and so can't see you on the way down.  This used to go through beam 
supers but since beam supers seemed to have gained a lot of priority, I don't 
know anymore.  For instance this doesn't go through Ryu's Shinku Hadoken.

Crawler Assault (ground):
Spidey's chipping super.  He rushes across the ground quickly doing a bunch 
of his normal moves.  OTG's easily so do you can do it after a RK sweep.  
Leaves him relatively safe after if they block.  Sorry, not much else to say 
about this super.

Ultimate Web Throw (ground):
This has some interesting possibilities.  Spidey jumps up quickly and 
releases a large cobweb.  If he connects with it, Spidey goes to the center 
of the screen and starts spinning in place while holding on to his opponent 
via the web line.  After many rotations, he lets go of the web line sending 
his opponent flying.  The good thing about this is that it's pretty fast and 
even if it misses, Spidey has little recovery time from it.  Also, it seems 
to go through beam supers!  I did Megaman's Hyper Megaman on the computer 
Spiderman who quickly pulled off this super.  Just as my beam and rockets and 
other stuff started to connect with him he fired out the webbing and he got 
me!  However, the range on this thing sucks!  It doesn't cover much of the 
screen area.

Team Super:
Spiderman will do his Crawler Assault.

Variable Counter Move:
I believe he does his jab version Spider Sting.  I'm not sure if you can do 
the second hit or if it is done automatically.  Haven't played Spiderman in 
MvC much!

*Has Air Dash (Tap F twice or all punch buttons, remember?) and can jump off 

Easy Combos:
1) c. SK, c. RK, cancel Crawler Assault
For some reason, this seems hard to roll out of so use it a lot if you want 

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. JP, j. SP, j. FP, c. SK, c. FK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC 
You know it, I know it.  Use it all the damn time!  Personally, I think the 
best AC Finisher is the JP Web Ball or the FP/RK as it sets you up to come 
down pressure attacking them as they recover!

Hard Combos:
1) meet opponent in air, j. JP, j. SP, jump, j. JP, j. SK, j. SP, j. FK, AC 
The timing on this is tricky but if you are able to catch someone in the air 
while you are falling during a normal jump, you can hit them a few times, 
land, then jump straight up and quickly do an air combo!  Sounds impossible 
but that's how fast Spiderman is!  I wouldn't be surprised if Strider or 
Wolverine could do this too!

Capcom kept Spiderman true to his comic character.  To be an effective 
Spiderman is to be an annoying Spiderman.  Jump around all over the place.  
Dash back and forth (if only just to piss off your opponent from constantly 
hearing Spiderman's dashing sound).  Taunt like crazy.  Toss out Web Throws 
all over the place.  And then, after making your opponent angry at you, jump 
in and attack them while they're careless.  Spiderman is quick so you have to 
be quick too with your fingers to effectively pull of his combos.  Out of all 
the fighters, he's probably got the fastest attacks.  He can even do a 
jumping three hit attack on Wolverine!  Learn Intermediate Combo #2 and it's 
variants as that will be one of your big combos that you will want to pull 
off all the time.  His jumping and standing RK both have awesome priority so 
use them as much as possible.  Spiderman is one of the few that rule the air 
because he can jump so high, can jump off walls, and now has an air dash.  So 
constantly stay in the air with him!  Don't rely on his supers very much 
because, for the most part, they are extremely hard to connect with.  Learn
how to cross up your opponent with Spiderman.  One of the most effective ways 
to cross up an opponent is to jump attack them and hit them a few times, then 
land on the other side of your opponent attacking.  
Spiderman's so fast that it can be confusing just to figure where he is, not 
to mention how hard it is to block all his attacks.  Remember, he's not a 
power character of any sort.  You have to learn how to combo quickly with him 
by pressure attacking like crazy.

Rogue section:
Hmm, this is a little tough.  How about increased speed?  That's something 
Rogue lacks.

A combination of Eddie Brock and some alien symbiote from outer space.  They 
both hated Spiderman (although not anymore I think).  Thus was born Venom.  
He always kicked Spiderman's ass in the comics whenever they fought.  It was 
kinda pathetic but Spiderman miraculously always figured out away to beat 
Venom just like he does for everyone of his enemies.   Sometimes it got a 
little too far-fetched.  Anyway, here are the new guys moves:


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Punch to Kick
Jump Magic Series: Punch to Kick
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Venom Fang

Venom Fang (ground, air):
QCF + punch
Venom's most useful move because of it's speed and quick recovery time.  He 
will turn into a large black blob with a head and quickly jump forward a 
certain distance in a low arc.  The distance he goes is dependent on the 
punch button used.  This is very useful against fireball guys because the 
Venom Fang will go over all types of fireballs.  And because of the extremely 
quick recovery time, you don't have to worry much if they are able to block.  
Just don't try and land on top of them with this move because if they block, 
they will be able to hit you afterwards.  Instead try and hit their front.  
Use this in the air as well for quick surprise attacks like for instance if 
you are jumping backward, use this to suddenly spring forward.  This move 
also OTG's.

Venom Rush (ground):
QCF + kick
This move works much like Omega Red's crouching RK's.  Venom will send his 
symbiote through the ground which will then rise up and attack and then 
retract toward Venom.  The distance it goes depends on the kick button used.  
The SK, which appears right in front of Venom, is good anti-air if done fast
enough and can combo well but the other two versions (especially the RK) just 
seem to leave him way too open to attack.  The RK, if missed, just gives the 
opponent an eternity to counter attack while Venom is retracting his 
symbiote.  Quick opponents can even see the RK version coming toward them and 
super jump or dash forward.  I stick with the SK for the most part.

Web Throw (ground):
HCB + punch
Basically the same as Spiderman's Web Throw move.  But since he's taller, 
Venom shoots out the webbing at different heights.  If it connects, Venom 
slams his opponent on the ground a couple of times and then throws them away.  
One thing I've noticed is that a lot more people will get hit by this move 
then Spiderman's because when playing Spiderman they think, "Oh no, I'm 
playing Spiderman so I better be more careful!", but when they play Venom 
they think, "Large, easy target!  Dash in and attack!" so use this to your 
advantage by catching them with the JP Web Throw or other versions if they 
try to super jump in.

Venom Web (ground):
Venom flashes white quickly and then jumps to the middle of the screen and 
release a huge amount of webbing that covers almost the entire screen 
(possibly not the very edge though, not completely sure).  If the opponent is 
not blocking he will be webbed up and then Venom will jump on him and auto-
combo him with recycled animation ending with a Venom Fang.  It seems I'm 
able to connect with this the most in crossing up the opponent when they are 
just a little bit in front of the middle of the screen.  Two problems:  the 
flashing white part is an OBVIOUS indicator of  this move so don't pull this 
out of nowhere and expect to hit.  The second problem is that if your 
opponent is remotely close enough to the middle of the screen, after blocking 
they can nail you as you fall to the ground.  This happens to me a lot since 
I most often use this move in trying to cross up my opponent so you have to 
be careful about that.
This is one of those super that you can try on those super jump happy people 
who like to come down and attack.  Since they can't see you flashing white, 
they will be hit a lot as well.

Death Bite(ground):
See Hulk's Super's Gamma Wave.  Ok, ok.  I'm just getting lazy with 
descriptions.  But that's basically what this super does.  Venom will send 
wave upon wave of his symbiote to attack his opponent and if it connects will 
carry them all the across the screen.  Unlike Hulk though, Venom will not 
trade hits with things like beam supers because if he is hit, the symbiote 
disappears whereas Hulk's Super Gamma Wave will keep moving forward and 
interrupt the opponent during their beam super.  I probably should have
stuck that fact in Hulk's section.  Also, unlike Hulk, this super will go as 
far as possible so it's very effective if you are in the corner.  Watch out 
though because it has semi-long recovery time.  Example: you can hit Venom 
after doing his Death Bite from across the screen with your own Death Bite!  
The Death Bite will also OTG.

Team Super:
Does his Death Bite super.

Variable Counter Move:
Does his JP version of his Venom Fang move.

*Also has Air Dash.  Ground punch throw encases opponent in webbing for short 

Easy Combos:
1) c. JP, c. RK, cancel JP Venom Fang(OTG)

2) SP Throw, c. SP, c. FK, cancel Death Bite
The SP Throw is not necessary but makes it easier to pull off.  A bit cheesy 

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. RK, SP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher
2) j. FP, j. FK, dash, c. SP, c. RK, cancel Death Bite

3) j. FP, j. FK, SP, cancel SP Web Throw
You can combo the Web Throw after the launcher anytime as long as you launch 
them off the ground.

Hard Combos:
1) j. FP, j. SK, SP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, sj. FP/RK, cancel FP 
Venom Fang, Web Throw
The added sj. FP or sj. RK is a bit hard to do but looks awesome!  Try and 
get as many hits out of either one before canceling into the Venom Fang.  If 
you end the air combo in the corner, try and grab them with the Web Throw as 
they fall down.

2) j. FP, j. SK, SP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, SP Air Throw, Death Bite 
This only works if you are in the corner.  If you do the Death Bite JUST as 
you land you can OTG them. Or alternatively, you could do a team super.


Rogue Section:
Hmm, another tough one.  I guess she could use the symbiote but that would be 
kinda far-fetched.  I don't see anything else though.

War Machine:
Who the hell is War Machine?  Ok, I know who he (isn't he Rodney, Ironman's 
friend) is but why him and not just Ironman?  I heard there was some 
copyright thing going on but doesn't Marvel own both Ironman and War Machine?  
There really shouldn't be much of a difference in giving permission I would 
think.  Oh well, I know nothing about copyright stuff anyway.  Here's his (or 
Ironman's) moves:


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
D FP, RK, JP Shoulder Cannon

Shoulder Cannon (ground, air):
QCF + punch (or kick on ground)
WM will shoot a beam from a shoulder mounted gun.  On the ground, punch will 
shoot the beam out at shoulder level while kick will shoot the beam out at 
about knee level.  The strength of the button used determines how long the 
beam lasts and how many hits it does.  The JP/SK versions come out faster 
then the FP/RK ones which last longer.  Great chipping damage so try and end 
all ground combos with this move.  Be careful as it has bad recovery time so 
if you miss entirely with the beam, you will probably be counter attacked and 
get hit.  Many characters can duck the punch beams so use the kick beams 
against them.  Be careful though because they may predict what you are doing 
and jump over the beam and attack you.  Mix the two up.

Repulsor Blast (ground):
HCB + punch
This move is a "better hit or be punished" type of move.  War Machine will 
send out four beams in different directions above his head, one after thee 
other.  Good anti-air if the attack as virtually nothing gets through it.  
However if they block, you're in trouble because the recovery time on this is 
The FP will send out longer Repulsor Blasts then the other two but also has 
the worst recovery time.  Even if you hit, the opponent can sometimes roll 
when he hits the ground and recover before you do!  Stick witht he JP.  If 
you want to use this move for maximum damage, try doing it just as they are 
above your head so you can hit them with as many of the 4 beams as possible.  
Never, ever, ever, do this when your opponent is on the ground!  I don't 
know, maybe it combos?

Smart Bomb (ground, air):
Another keep away move.  War Machine unloads two bombs from his shoulder 
packs that travel downward in a curve.  They seem to come out fairly slow but 
they can actually combo on the ground I think.  Use this move a lot during 
flight to keep away jumpers.

Flight (ground, air):
HCB + kick to start and end flight
War Machine will launch himself into the air using boot jets.  He can then 
fly around for a long time before a) you stop him or b) stops by himself 
after a certain amount of time.  The good thing is that he is very fast and 
maneuverable during this mode so it can be hard to hit him.  The bad thing 
is, he can't block at all.  Still, to me the good outweighs the bad as you 
can quickly get out of this flight or you can surprise them with the Knee 

Knee Dive (air):
D + FK
WM comes down at a steep angle knees first.  Not as annoyi.. um, useful as 
Wolverine's Head Stomp move.  Still, you can chain a FP or RK after it and 
then lead into a combo.  An unlike Wolverine's you don't have to super jump 
to add the extra hit.  During flight mode, try using this move to come down
quickly on them when they least expect it.

Proton Cannon (ground):
War Machine garbles something and then a big ass Proton Cannon appears out of 
nowhere and lands on his shoulder.  He then proceeds to fire a big ass proton 
(I'm guessing) laser that will hit even ducking opponents.  The Cannon itself 
takes a sec to materialize.  In that time, War Machine can be knocked out of 
the super.  But the Cannon formation can also knock opponents, especially 
ones that are jumping at you, into the beam so it's a bit risky to attack 
him.  It can be effective anti-air because of this fact if you time it right.  
If you notice fast enough that WM is doing the super and are close enough, 
dash in and attack.  But don't jump at him!  Semi-long recovery time 
afterwards so be careful.  Try and catch them at long distance or in the air 
with this so by the time they land and dash up to you, you will have 

Star Destroyer (ground):
I ended a match with this move and Venom's Death Bite and I got Death Star as 
my finishing move!
Wait, no that was Cap A and Venom.  That was pretty funny.  Anyway, this 
works a lot like Ken's Shinryuken.  War Machine will face you and a large 
pack of missiles and such appear on his back.  A huge beam then erupts upward 
with missiles rocketing up.  They then come down. They track your opponent 
when coming down but fast characters can avoid them by dashing forward and 
can even counter attack you after dodging the missiles!  Semi-long recovery 
time here too so only use this move when appropriate, like when they are high 
above you.

Team Super:
Proton Cannon of course

Variable Counter Move:
Does his Repulsor Blast.

* Can control air FP direction with controller (UF, F, DF).  Can chain two 
standing JP's.  Has Air Dash while flying.

Easy Combos:
1) SK, RK, cancel Star Destroyer

Intermediate Combos:
1) SK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, sj. U FP, cancel JP Shoulder 
Make sure you a up FP or you won't get them with the S. Cannon.

Hard Combos:
1) Knee Dive, j. D FP, SK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, Flight, JP, SP, U FP, cancel 
JP Shoulder Cannon
I think you can add on more hits after the Flight mode too!


Rogue Section:
Can't do it.  She has to physically touch him in order to take any powers.  
Actually, with Venom, she'd be touching the symbiote and taking it's powers 
so maybe that wouldn't be to far fetched!

I never played this guy in any vs game and I still don't.  But to all you 
button mashers out there, enjoy!  Actually, he is one of the better developed 
comic book characters, not to mention one of the more popular ones as well.  
Everybody always complained that he was to cheap but I don't think so really.  
He's just so easy to play as almost all his normal and special moves have 
awesome priority and recovery time.  Here are his chea... um, moves:


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Drill Claw

Berserker Barrage (ground):
QCF + punch
Wolverine runs forward slashing like crazy as if there's something jammed up 
his butt.  The punch used determines how far he goes, how many hits he does, 
and how long his recovery is.  The JP has virtually NO recovery time.  I 
mean, practically zero, zip, nada, none.  Use this version a lot in your 
combos for good chipping damage and your opponent will never be able to 

Tornado Claw (ground):
DP + punch
He jumps into the air twirling around with one claw extended.  Basically his 
version of an uppercut.  This is the move that seems to come out the most if 
you spaz on the controllers.  Pretty good anti-air and multi-hitting as well.  
Standard uppercutting rules apply.  How many of you Wolverine players out 
there actually realize he has this move?

Drill Claw (ground, air):
Hold a direction + SP + SK
In whichever direction you hold, Wolverine will fly in that direction with 
one claw extended straight out.  
It's a pretty good surprise move and his best AC finisher but it's got bad 
recovery time as he will bounce off his opponent afterwards and not be able 
to block much like Spiderman does if he does his Maximum Spider on a blocking 
opponent.  Still, a useful move.  For instance, if you want to get away from 
an opponent who is expecting you to land in front of them, Drill Claw away in 
the opposite direction.

Berserker Slash (ground):
QCB + punch
Of course, they give Wolverine a new move but not anybody else!  When done, 
Wolverine just sort of quickly rushes forward a certain distance and does one 
big FP slash.  The distance he goes is determined by the button used.  This 
move will go through almost everything  including your opponent.  The actual
slash is what touches the opponent.  Recovery time is decent but try to judge 
what distance he needs to go to hit his opponent or you may end up on the 
other side and be counter attacked easily.  Useful against fireballers, as a 
surprise attack, covering distance, getting out of corners, etc.  Geez, as if 
he needed another advantage.  One thing I will say is, please, try and use 
this move you Wolverine players.  Maybe you'll learn some other cheesy tactic 
with it.  And at least I'll see some variety.

Head Stomp (air):
D + RK
God, I hate this move.  IMO it's even better then his XSF version.  Wolverine 
will come straight down with his foot extended and then bounce away after 
hitting you.  You can counter attack him then if you're really fast.  But if 
he super jumps above you and comes down with this move, he can add on another
Attack (I think another RK right you dumb Wolverweenie players out there!) 
and not bounce away and then proceed to combo you as he touches the ground.  
I mean, that defies his magic series!  He does two RK's in a row!  What is 
that?!  This is so hard to counter against especially, if you are in the 
corner unless you character switch or super or something like that.  So I 
guess I have to say that this is an EXCELLENT cornering/comboing strategy 
move.  Just don't get too obvious with this move by always jumping way up
above your opponents head and coming down because you will eat super!

Berserker Barrage X (ground):
Wolverine runs forward slashing like crazy as if something was stuck..(oh 
wait, already said that).  slashing about oh, a million times.  Combos 
practically off anything as it comes out extremely fast.  It has a large 
amount of recovery time though so be careful with it.  The last slash ends 
them flying away and you can OTG them as they hit the ground as they can't 

Weapon X (ground):
Pretty impressive super.  Wolverine pauses for a sec and unsheathes his 
claws. Then he runs forward as if somet. wait, he runs forward like a bat out 
of hell and if he connects, will auto-combo his opponent.  He will not go 
through fireballs and the like anymore so use that to your advantage and 
fireball away!  It still has good recovery time so don't worry too much about 
being counter attacked if they block.

Fatal Claw (ground, air):
If anybody can point out to me one instance in the comics when Wolverine 
could do this, please do so!  Wolverine jumps forward into the air and 
suddenly releases all this energy in the shape of a large X.  He can easily 
cross up an opponent with this since the energy "blades" goes all around him.  
He can't block afterwards as he falls to the ground so watch out for that.  
You're probably only going to want to do this in a ground combo.

Berserker Rage (ground):
Wolverine does a big slash (which hits) and becomes about twice as fast and 
loses almost all recovery time (as if he ever had any) for some time.  The 
initial slash will also hit.  Not sure if you can pull off the pseudo 
infinity he had in MSHSF using this super but go ahead and try.  I've heard 
the most he can get now is just 3 FP's before the opponent is knocked too far 
away.  Many possibilities open up with this super so try different things.

Team Super:
As usual, he does his Berserker Barrage X.

Variable Counter Move:
Does his Berserker Barrage

* Can jump off walls.  Can chain two standing/jumping SP's together.

Easy Combos:
1) Get near opponent, spaz like crazy
Ok, this sounds like I'm kidding but, sadly, I'm not.  I can't really tell 
you what will happen cause it's just random stuff that always seems to come 
out at the most inappropriate times.

2) JP, SP, FP, cancel FP Berserker Slash

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. JP, j. FK, c. JP, c. SK, c. SP, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. SP, sj. 
   FK, AC Finisher

2) Super jump, Head Stomp, sj. RK, c. JP, c. SK, c. FK, c. FP, c. RK, cancel 
Fatal Claw
I don't even know why I'm putting this combo in the intermediate section, 
it's so damn easy.

3) j. JP, j. FK, c. JP, SP, SP, cancel Berserker Barrage X, SP, SP
You can add on the extra SP's or something else if you are in the corner.

Hard Combos:
1) j. JP, j. SP, dash, c. JP, c. SK, c. SP, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. 
SP, sj. FK, Head Stomp, sj. RK, c. SK (OTG), FK, RK, jump forward, SP Air 
The tricky part here is making sure you are high an close enough after the 
sj. FK to do do the Head Stomp, sj. RK. Then you will fall to the floor 
faster then your opponent allowing you to OTG.  After the RK, wait a split 
sec and then jump and air throw them as they fall!  Absolutely evil!  At 
least this combo involves skill.

2) Cornering Strategy: Any ground combo that ends with c. RK, cancel JP 
Berserker Barrage 
Wait a sec before canceling into the JP Berserker Barrage.  This is so evil 
because it's so hard to counter attack if they block the Berserker Barrage!  
Just figure out how to cycle back into this strategy after the first time 
cause I'm not telling!

Wolverine is simply the absolute best fighter, no questions.  The combos 
listed above don't even come close to the amount he has in his arsenal.  He's 
the fastest fighter, extremely small, got great priority/recovery/range on so 
many of his moves, awesome throw range and priority, etc...
Just go all out offense when you play Wolverine and you can often just 
overwhelm an unprepared opponent.  He can easily match and beat anybody in an 
air or ground battle because of his high jumping ability and his quick speed.  
Try and dash in with a c. SK to start your combos because it has such great
priority and is so hard to counter.  Learn how to quickly super jump over 
your opponent and pull off Intermediate Combo #2.  It will so easily lead you 
to victory you won't believe it!  If you ever need to do some easy damage, 
just look to connect a JP which can easily chain into a very high damaging 
super combo.

Rogue Section:
The Berserker Barrage was really useful to her so that's what she should get 
in this game as well!
Capcom Characters:

Captain Commando:
This guy I think was supposed to be one of Capcom's mascot (Captain 
Commando).  For some reason, no one ever remembers the recent action arcade 
game that starred Cap C. and his 3 friends.  I do.  It was a good game I 
thought but now he's on his own (sorta).  His three friends will help him out 
in certain moves and grabs.  He can be both an effective keep away character 
or an offensive one.  Here are his moves.

c. SP

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Captain Fire

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

Captain Fire (ground, air):
QCF + punch
Cap lets loose a burst of flame from some secret opening in his arm.  The 
flame comes out fast and goes all the way across the screen no matter what 
button pushed.  Very useful in keeping away enemies unless they decide to 
super jump.  The recovery time isn't great so don't do this move much if the 
opponent is very close to you!

Captain Corridor (ground):
QCB + punch
If your opponent decides to super jump at you, try doing the Captain 
Cap pounds the ground causing a pillar of energy to rise up almost to the 
very top of the screen so it can even nail super jumpers.  JP makes the 
energy pillar appear closer to Cap then the FP version does.  The difference 
is slight, but noticeable.  Use JP when they are right above you.  Do not do 
this move much when your opponent is on the ground because Cap has large 
recovery time after doing this move.  Will OTG as well so try comboing it 
after a RK sweep.

Captain Kick (ground):
QCB + kick
Cap does a very Dan Gale Kick like move.  He quickly flies across the screen 
kicking several times with his feet on fire.  The button used determines the 
distance gone forward and the height gone up.  The RK will go above even the 
tallest opponents unless they are close so stick to the SK or FK in combos.  
Not nearly as safe or useful as Dan's Gale Kick (there's a first!) because of 
the recovery time and the poor hit accuracy.  It's may be good as anti-air 
though.  Plus it's also useful if you want to get away from your opponent.

Commando Strike (ground):
QCF + kick
Cool move!  Cap pauses while he signals for his teammates to help him out.  
The SK calls Ginzu(?), the ninja who appears slightly above and in front of 
Cap.  Ginzu will then fall forward to the ground striking at anything in his 
path with his sword.  Good move to use in cornering opponents.  FK calls Mack 
(that zombie with knifes) to fly above Cap from one side of the screen to the 
other with knifes spinning like a helicopter.  It is supposed to be anti-air 
but is hard to connect unless you correctly guess that your opponent is going 
to jump at you.  The RK call the baby in his mech to come down and shoot a 
big slow missile straight forward.  This missile takes way to long to come 
out so it is a somewhat useless move.  Just use the Captain Fire if you want 
a long distance move. Your teammates can even act like shields for you as if 
they get hit, they fly away.  One of thhe problems is that Cap pause during 
this move giving quick opponents time to hit him with a Super so make sure 
you try to use each individual teammate when the correct situation arises.

Captain Sword (ground):
Cap and his teammates brace themselves as they use some sort of gun that 
releases a huge laser directly up.  They then swing the laser down 90 
degrees.  Good anti-air and can combo off his RK launcher.
Decent recovery time but really quick opponents can nail you with certain 
moves/supers afterwards.  Do this against opponents who like to super jump 
directly above you and then come down attacking.

Captain Storm (ground):
Cap's auto-combo super.  It's visually awesome!  Cap will rush across the 
screen and sort of do a small uppercut at the other side of the screen.  If 
he connects, his opponent will fly into the air and him and his teammates 
will each have a turn at smacking them.  Then while the opponent falls, Cap 
nails them with a Captain Corridor and then his 3 teammates appear behind him 
while the opponent falls to the ground. 
 Now if Cap misses or the opponent blocks. well, just don't do this move out 
of the blue because he has horrible recovery time.  The little uppercut at 
the end can hit opponents who try to jump up or over you as well.  Also, as 
Cap rushes across the screen in the beginning, he will duck under fireballs!  
That ability makes this super extremely useful!  Think of it as the new 
Weapon X!  He can al so OTG the opponent afterwards if he is close enough!
Note: This doesn't work against Roll!  Hehehehe.  try it!

Team Super:
He does his Captain Sword.

Variable Counter Move:
Does his Captain Corridor

Easy Combos:
1) c. SK, c. FK, cancel FP Captain Corridor
You can stick in a c. RK after the FK but they may roll so watch out!

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. FP, c. JP, c. FK, c. FP, cancel JP Commando Strike/Captain Fire

Hard Combos:
1) j. SK, j. FP, dash, JP, SK, RK, cancel Captain Sword, c. SK (OTG), RK, sj. 
JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher
Awesome combo!  To OTG after the Captain Sword, you have to be mostly in the 

2) j. SK, j. FP, dash, c. SK, c. FP, cancel Captain Storm, c. SK (OTG), RK, 
cancel Captain Sword, c. SK (OTG), RK, cancel Captain Sword, c. SK (OTG), RK, 
sj. JP, sj. SK, sj, SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher
Can we say OUCHIE?  Have never completed this full combo as the second 
Captain Sword always seen to screw up.  So maybe it doesn't work.

3) j. FP, dash, c. SK, c. FP, cancel Captain Storm, OTG and keep going.
All I can say is that I wish it was this easy to connect with the Final 
Justice!  Just make sure you cancel fast and are close when hitting with the 
c. FP.

Captain Commando is definitely one of the best characters.  I'd say he's 
around the 5th or 6th position.
The reason is because he's got good speed, has high damaging easy combos, 3 
other helpers, and basically is a very versatile fighter.  CapCom can be a 
very effective cornering/offensive player.  When you jump in, if you want to 
be safe, always use the FP which has great range and priority to lead into 
combos.  Always look to try and connect Easy Combo #1 and it's variants.  Use 
his helpers in a variety of ways to keep the opponent cornered.  
For instance, after doing a ground combo that ends with a Captain Fire, do a 
SK/FK Captain Strike and repeat.  Throw in your helper too to keep them 
guessing.  If they jump at you, do a Captain Storm or a c. SP to push them 
back into the corner.  The same tatics can be used to be a great defensive 
player as well.  If you want to keep them all the way across the screen from 
you, keep mixing up Captain Fire's, FK/RK Captain Strike's, and Captain 
Corridor's to play a very annoying keep away.  CapCom also has great air 
throw reach.  Often, you'll find yourself accidentally air throwing them went 
you want to just hit them.

Rogue Section:
Well, Cap. C's powers seem to come from his suit only so what would Rogue 
take?  I guess the Captain Fire.  Whoever said fighting games made sense 

Chun Li:
The queen of street fighting is back in her like 10,000th fighting game 
appearance.  Well, okay more like around 7 or 8 appearances.  Whoever said 
age slows down a person!  She's aging like a fine wine (or something)!  She 
is easily a favorite among players because of her speed and abilities and the 
fact that she's one of the few classy female fighters out there.  Here are 
her moves:


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Lightning Legs

HCF + punch
Chun Li's Fireball that they gave to her way back in SSFII.  Probably the 
worst fireball.  For one, it's really small.  It can't be done in the air. 
It's a HCF instead of a QCF motion.  It's comboable but good Chun Li players 
really shouldn't use or rely on her fireball very much.  Use her kicks

CBF + punch
This is a quick charge motion.  Chun Li will release a bubble of energy in 
front of her.  It seems like it's good anti-air to use if the opponent is 
jumping in and is going to land a bit in front of you.  One advantage is that 
it has better recovery time then the Rising Bird Kick.

Lightning Legs(ground, air): - her signature move!
push any kick rapidly
Do I have to explain this move?  She kicks like crazy covering her whole 
frontal area.  If you want, you can keep ramming the kick buttons and she 
will keep kicking practically forever.  You might want to try doing that in 
the air to psyche out an opponent.  It will also OTG so a standard combo for 
her is to sweep (D RK) and cancel into this move.  Even if they roll or push 
block before the Lightning Legs come out, you can simply stop pushing the 
buttons and you will be safe.

Stomp Kick(air):
D + FK
This is her other signature move and, along with the Lightning Legs and the 
wall jump, is her only original move left from SFII.  Ah, them good ol' days 
when I was just starting to play the game.  I remember seeing SFII when it 
first came out tucked away in a corner of my arcade.  Anyway, this move has 
incredible priority.  Use it when ever you are right above your opponent or
even if you are slightly to the left or right.  If it hits, do it again and 
keep pushing the FK to chain into Lightning Legs.  If you want to be an 
annoying Chun Li player, use the following method:

jump on opponent, Stomp Kick, Double Jump up, Stomp Kick, Triple Jump, air 
dash, repeat.

This can really piss off an opponent but watch for those anti-air 

Rising Bird Kick (ground):
DP + kick
Her kicking version of a Dragon Punch.  She jumps up and slightly forward 
feet first, kicking multiple times.  This is great anti-air.  But only use it 
as that as doing it on grounded people will more often then not leave her 
open to attack, even with the SK version.

Axe Kick (ground):
HCB + kick
Chun Li will flip forward and kick.  Her foot acts somewhat like a downward 
chopping ax (thus the name!).  Awesome anti-turtle move as it can only be 
blocked standing.  The SK makes her jump up the highest and go forward the 
least while the RK makes her barely jump off the floor and makes her go
forward quite a bit.  A good strategy is to keep doing the crouching FK to 
make them block low, and suddenly do the RK Axe Kick.

Neck Breaker (ground):
OC (offensive crouch-remember that?) + kick
This move was used a lot back in SFII but in the vs series it's been pretty 
much forgotten.  Chun Li will jump way up, flip over, and come down kicking.  
It will knockdown the opponent.
  It's good to do every once in awhile as it can frustrate the opponent by 
making them want to attack you with an anti-air move without giving them much 
time to pull off the motion.  Back off after doing it a couple of times  as
opponents can quickly figure out how to get around it (i.e. quick Dragon 
Punch, partner switch, throw, etc.) 


Kikosho (ground):
She releases a huge dome of energy that basically makes her invincible to all 
attacks as it completely surrounds her.  This has become a great chipper of 
damage so use this when your opponent has 7 or 8 pixels of energy left.  It 
OTG's as well.  It combos off a FP but be careful as it will leave her open 
for a LONG time if the opponent blocks.  Try using it on those Wolverine and 
War Machine players who like to jump way up and then come down with their 
stomping moves.

Senretsu Kyaku (ground) - super version of Lightning Legs
Chun Li will rush across the screen doing her Lightning Legs move.  This move 
combos off a FP also and it is still a good chipping super.  It will leave 
her very open if the opponent blocks or she misses though.

Hazan Tenshou Kyaku (ground)
She will do a super version of her Rising Bird Kicck hitting multiple times.  
All hits will combo off her RK launcher if you cancel quickly.  I'm pretty 
sure that you can OTG after the opponent hits the ground.  Yet again, if 
missed, she will be left very open to attack so be careful with this super.

Shichi Sei Sen Kuu Kyaku (air):
Loosely translated, Seven Star Air Kick.  I can't express how awesome I think 
this move is!!!!  It even works as an AC finisher if you cancel fast and time 
it right!  She will pause, and then quickly shoot across the screen.  This is 
my best description of what she does if it connects:

Remember how Wolverine's Weapon X ends with a slow motion thing?  If you 
connect with Chun Li's, she does a slow motion move that looks like she 
kicked right through the opponent while the background turns black (you can 
still see Chun Li and her opponent) and big Chinese(?) characters appear on 
the screen around her.  Then the whole background starts going crazy, looking 
like a million fireworks have gone off in the background.

That's about my best description.  You just have to see it for yourself I 
guess.  Even if you miss or they block, you will almost always be safe 
because of her quick recovery.

Team Super:
She does her Kikosho if she is the active fighter.  If she is the resting 
character, she will do her Senretsu Kyaku (Super Lightning Legs).

Variable Counter Move:
I'm almost sure she does a Kikoken as that is what she did in MSHSF and XSF.

* She has triple jump ability, an air dash, and can jump off the wall


Easy Combos:
1) c. FK, c. RK, cancel Lightning Legs (OTG)

2) c. FK, c. RK, cancel Senretsu Kyaku
The super should hit them before they can roll.

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. JP, j. SP, SK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, cancel Shichi Sei Sen Kuu Kyaku
This combo just hurts!  Way too easy to do for the damage it does.

2) j. JP, j. SP, c. SK, c. FK, c. FP, cancel Senretsu Kyaku, Lightning Legs
Do on the Lightning Legs afterwards so that when they get up they eat 
enormous tick damage!

Hard Combos:
1) j. JP, j. SK, j. SP, dash, SK, RK, cancel Hazan Tenshou Kyaku, c. SK 
(OTG), RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, Stomp Kick, Stomp Kick, Lightning Legs
You don't have to add on the extra Stomp Kick and can just go into the 
Lightning Legs.  The timing is a bit tricky on this one.

2) j. JP, j. SK, j. FK, dash, JP, SK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, Stomp Kick, 
sj. JP, sj. SK, cancel Shichi Sei Sen Kuu Kyaku
After the Stomp Kick quickly hit the JP.  This looks so damn cool!  Yes, you 
CAN do an infinite instead but I HATE infinites so don't do them!

3) launch, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, sj. RK, sj. SK (OTG), SK, FK, RK
You have to of course, do this combo in the corner.  Wait literally, a split-
sec in between the SP and FK so that the the second hit of the RK will hit 
them above you.  This is a pretty cool combo.


Rogue Section:
In XSF she had the Kikoken but it wasn't really that useful.  Maybe the mini-
Kikosho?  Or the Lightning Legs?  That would look kinda absurd though.
Jin Saotome:
Umm, I don't have much to say about this guy.  The new Dan maybe?  He's from 
Cyberbots, a game I played like once or twice in the arcades.  He's kinda 
weird as many of his normal moves look and act like specials.  They have 
really great priority and damage because fire will erupt from his hands and 
feet for his stronger attacks.  The fire attacks take tick damage too!  I've 
changed my mind about all his moves having bad lag time.  They only just look 
like they do.  Really, only his standing and crouching RK have bad recovery 
time.  Well, here are his moves:


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Weakest to Any
Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Any
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:

Saotome Typhoon (ground):
CBF + punch
Jin will become a large typhoon and goes forward a certain distance depending 
on the punch button.  You can still see his face in the middle of the 
typhoon!  This move has horrible recovery time so if you don't hit, you're in 
trouble.  Try using this in crossing up an opponent as they jump at you.  
Since it comes out fast, if your opponent is not expecting you to attack 
you'll probably hit them.

Saotome Dynamite (ground):
CDU + punch
Jin basically ignites himself and blows his clothes off causing many 
explosions to take place around him.  Excellent anti-attack move and it seems 
to have pretty good range.  Not much willl touch Jin when he doe this move as 
the explosions around him have total priority.  It OTG's too.  However, yet 
again this move has horrible, horrible, recovery time.  I don't know why they 
gave him such bad recovery time on his moves!  Try doing a c. RK (which has 
horrible recovery time) and then cancel into this move.  It's all about mind 
games then as your opponent will eventually learn that you will do the 
Saotome Dynamite to keep him from counter attacking you and then wait for you 
to do the move and block it and then work you!  I don't do throws much but 
you could try doing the c. RK and then throw them as they expect you to do 
the Saotome Dynamite.

Saotome Crush (ground):
HCB + kick
This acts a lot like Sean's Tackle move except it sucks like ten times worse!
If he actually connects (which practically never happens), he'll grab his 
opponent and fly along the border of the screen while driving them into the 
ground/wall/ceiling for good damage.  It's so slow in coming out and so 
obvious though.  It also covers distance so slowly!  That's why you'll almost 
never connect with this move except maybe against the computer.  I believe 
(hope) it has to be blocked low though.  Plus, it has good recovery time.

Tornado Kick (air):
D + RK
Jin turns his legs into a tornado and comes down at about a 35 degree angle.  
It has good priority on it too just like most of his moves.  However, it 
comes down slowly so don't do it when super jumping.  It is most effective 
when quickly doing it just as you jump up.

Saotome Fire (ground):
Taunt, push punches quickly
Okay, this move even more confirms that Jin is supposed to be the new Dan.  
His taunt is humiliating enough but if you start pushing punches, Jin will 
rub his towel on his neck faster and faster and get redder and redder and 
then he'll catch on fire!  The fire will also hit jumping in opponents!  His 
face looks really weird then too!  Use this move at your own discretion!

Brodia Punch (ground):
Jin will do his standing FP motion and be backed up by the big ol' fist of 
his robot.  Works a lot like a beam super.  It comes out fairly fast and 
OTG's as well.  Combos off many of his moves.

Brodia Vulcan (ground):
Jin snaps his fingers and a part of his robot pal appears behind him and 
begins firing away.  Jin then jumps into Blodia and if you haven't blocked, a 
control panel appears at the bottom of the screen with Jin's hands on the 
firing buttons ramming away on the buttons.  The bullets start firing fast 
enough that you can actually catch opponent jumping in if you activate it 
fast enough.  You can super jump above the bullets though.  The recovery time 
is long enough though that Jin can be nailed by quick Beam Supers after 
jumping out of his robot.

Saotome Cyclone (ground):
I can't recall how many times the computer has crossed me up with this super 
when I'm super jumping over his head.  Jin becomes a huge ass tornado that 
reaches to the very top of the super jump screen.  He will move forward a bit 
automatically as well to try and catch opponents who aren't paying attention.  
But, like I said, it seems most effective in catching opponents who are way 
above you.  Can also combo off his launcher.  Has no recovery time either.

Team Super:
He definitely does his Brodia Punch

Variable Counter Move:
Does his Saotome Dynamite

* Jin automatically begins glowing after he reaches a certain low level of 
health and is the last character.  It causes damage from his attacks to 
double and acts like super armor.


Easy Combos:
1) SP, cancel Saotome Cyclone
You have to be really close when launching them with the SP.

2) c. RK, cancel Saotome Dynamite
3) SK, cancel Blodia Fist

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. FP, c. JP, c. FP, cancel Blodia Fist/Blodia Vulcan
I don't believe they can roll out of this if you do it early enough as you 
hit them before they touch the ground!  The Blodia Vulcan only seems to 
connect if you start the combo in the corner.

2) j. SK, j. RK, c. JP, c. SP, cancel Blodia Fist, c. RK
The c. RK will hit if you are in the corner.

Hard Combos:
1) launch, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. RK
The hard part here is to actually launch them since air combos aren't really 
in Jin's game.  Wait a split-sec between the JP and SK and then quickly hit 
the rest of the buttons.  It is also possible to OTG after if you are in the 
corner but I've only done it once with a SK before I hit the ground so I'm 
not really sure the best way of doing it.


Rogue Section:
Well, I guess I would have to say the tornado move as the dynamite move would 
make her blow off her clothes for a sec (which isn't necessarily a bad thing 
though)!  Actually, the Saotome Crush would be more Rogue-like.

Another of Capcom's cornerstone characters.  Except for the fact that they 
didn't seem to give him enough powers to call upon, Megaman is, I think, the 
most interesting new character.  He's also my favorite even though he sound 
really annoying when he talks.  You should see his taunt though!  He sticks 
he tongue out and goes, "bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh" or something to that 
effect.  Since he's a short character, he can be hard to hit with certain 
moves too.  He's a good character to use if you like a defensive character 
with occasional spurts of offense.  Here are his moves:


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
RK, FP (Mega Buster), Leaf Shield

Mega Buster (ground, air):
push and hold FP - Can charge infinitely.  Let go to fire.  As you hold the 
button, MegaMan starts to glow bright red.  You can charge the Mega Buster 
Even as you are getting hit or are falling to the ground!  Get used to 
automatically pushing and holding the button down after letting go of the 
previous shot so that you will constantly have at least a 2 or 3 shot
fireball at ready.  I'm still figuring out the ratio of seconds held to 
number of hits the Mega Buster will do but I believe it's around 2 to 3 
seconds for every extra hit.  It is as fast as Ryu's FP Fireball and since it 
is only a one button move, you will probably be winning all fireball wars 
(unless Ryu does his Super Fireball!).  The charged up Mega Buster will even 

Mega Upper (ground):
DP + punch
Why did they give him an uppercut?  Well, it's your standard uppercut 
although I don't believe he is invincible while doing it.  I guess it's kinda 
satisfying to nail Ryu with an uppercut after he does one but other then that 
I barely ever use this move.  It doesn't come out very fast and even the JP 
has semi-poor recovery time too.  I would rather do a standing Roundhouse to 
launch them into a combo.

Item/Weapon Change (ground):
QCB + kick
This move is great!  Doing it calls FlipTop down.  FlipTop will then walk 
toward MegaMan and pop out an item which MegaMan has to walk over to pick up.  
The type of item depends on the kick button used.  SK gives him the RockBall, 
FK gives him the Tornado Hold, and RK gives him the Leaf Shield.  I'll
explain them in the next section.

Item/Weapon Use(ground):
QCF + punch
(The Leaf shield can be fired off in the air)
RockBall - I'm still trying to figure out the usefulness of this move.  He 
shoots out a little rock-soccer ball in at his feet.  Then you have to crouch 
kick it and it will rebound around the screen until either it hits the 
opponent or it bounces off the 4 walls.  It's probably good against large 
characters and in backing up jump in attacks but the other two items seem to 
be more useful.
Tornado Hold - This is what MegaMan starts each fight with by default.  It's 
a bit like Storms vertical typhoons.  When used, he will shoot out a small 
cell of some sort on the ground at certain distances depending on which punch 
used.  The cell will then release a vertical whirlwind that is about as tall 
as the normal screen.  JP shoots it out right in front of him while FP shoots 
it out on the other side of the screen.  This will also OTG so you can 
Roundhouse and cancel into a JP Whirlwind Shot.
Leaf Shield - Awesome!  This will create a shield of revolving leafs around 
MegaMan that will protect him from one unblocked hit.  Kinda like temporary 
armor.  He can also shoot it out and it will hit for about 7 hits.  If not 
used within a certain amount of time (I believe about 7 sec) it will 
disappear so try use it in a combo.  Try to create the shield when you know 
you won't be hit as it takes a sec to recover from creating it.

SUPERS: All 3 supers are very good at chipping away damage
Hyper Megaman (ground, air):
Behold, Optic Blast!  Whoops, wrong guy.  But that's basically what it is.  
It takes up the entire screen and is about as good at doing damage.  MegaMan 
transforms into Hyper Megaman and shoots out a huge beam of death while he 
sends out all sorts of mechanical animals to attack.  Also, an important 
difference is that it takes a second to comes out so you can be hit out of 
it.  However, the attacker is taking a risk because the actual transformation 
will hit him/her up and into the super beam.  So if you want to be gutsy, a 
fast fireball of some sort is probably the safest way to interrupt the super 
before it starts.

Rush Drill (ground):
This is so cool and funny.  MegaMan jumps into his dog, Rush, who transforms 
in to a big ass drill with wheels.  He moves along the ground at his opponent 
slashing away at their legs.  If you push up, they will jump too!  The more 
buttons you push, the more he drills into the opponent.  The only problem 
with this super is that there is a large amount of recovery time and as yet I 
haven't figured out how to combo this so you will probably be hit after this 
doing this move if they block.  Still, fun to do and a good damage chipper!  
It also OTG's!

Beat Plane (ground, air):
Beat (his bird) transforms into a small plane.  Then MegaMan jumps into him.  
This is where the fun begins!  You can control them as they fly around the 
screen and pushing punch buttons will shoot out missiles straight ahead while 
pushing kick buttons drops bombs almost straight down.  Good recovery time 
virtually ensures that you won't be counter attacked unless you are close
to your opponent afterwards so do this or Hyper MegaMan a lot if you want.  A 
good tactic is to do this after quickly jumping over a fireball and you are 
close to your opponent.  Or do it if you are far from some one who has missed 
a move with semi-large lag time because this super comes out faster then the 
Hyper MegaMan.  Really ram on those buttons to increase damage.

Team Super:
Does his Hyper Megaman

Variable Counter Move:
Arrgh again!  I'm not sure even though I have used this move several times.  
Oh well, I'll just say the Mega Upper.  Ok, he does his Mega Upper!

* Can jump off the wall

Easy Combos:
1) N/A at this time.

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. SK, j. FK, c. SK, c. FK, c. RK, cancel JP Tornado Hold (OTG)

2) j. RK, SK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, cancel Hyper MegaMan
It's kinda weird how this combos but Ryu's Shinku Hadoken doesn't.

Hard Combos:
1) Charge up Mega Buster, j. SK, j. FK, j. RK, dash, SK, FK, RK, sj. JP, sj. 
SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, Mega Buster, Hyper MegaMan/Beat Plane
Whew, long combo.  You have to charge the Mega Buster for a while (about 7 
sec or more) to give you enough time to pull off the supers.  Also, make sure 
you time it so the Mega Buster will hit your opponent with all hits.

2) Charge up Mega Buster, j. SK, j. FK, j. RK, dash, c. SK, c. FK, c. RK, 
Mega Buster, Rush Drill, c. SK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC 
I actually haven't done this yet but I have OTG'd after a Rush Drill so this 
should work.  Charge up the Mega Buster for at least 7 seconds to give you 
enough time to connect the Rush Drill.

3) j. SK, j. FK, dash, SK, FK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. FK, Mega Buster, c. SK  
(OTG), FK, RK, jump punch throw, c. SK, FK, RK, air combo!
Wait a bit between the JP and SK.  Only works in the corner.  This may be an 
pseudo-infinite but I always mess up the second AC and they can roll or tech 
hit out of the throw.  Still this is really cool looking.


Rogue Section:
The Mega Buster all the way!  She could even charge it infinitely!  Hey, hey, 
would did I say about fighting games making sense?

Ported over from Dark Stalkers and, much like the Street Fighter gang was, 
she's been given more comboing ability and supers and stuff.  I never played 
any Dark Stalker games so I don't know much about her history.  But basically 
she seems to be a Shoto-clone.  Like we really needed another one.  However,
she does have some differences.  Here are her moves:

c. FP

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Soul Fist, Shadow Blade

Soul Fist (ground, air):
QCF + punch
Your basic Fireball.  In the air, it acts like Ken's and Akuma's but it goes 
down at a slightly steeper angle.  However, firing off the fireball pushes 
her up a bit so, with correct timing, I believe that you can do Soul Fists 
forever in the air.  The punch determines the speed of the Soul Fist:  
JP  slow, FP  fast.

Shadow Blade (ground, air):
DP + punch
Your basic Dragon Punch move.  Notable things are that it comes out very fast 
and non-JP versions hit multiple times.  Like all uppercuts, the JP version 
will only make her go up a short distance while the FP gives her opponent 
eons of time to hit her if she misses.

Vector Drain (ground):
HCB + punch
This is funny move!  Funny because if she misses, she goes into a really 
weird looking stance and makes some funny face looking like she's about to 
fall over.  This is a better "taunt" then her actual taunt I think!  Anyway, 
this is a grab move.  I'm not sure about the range but it seems like it's 
about the range of Shuma Gorath's Devitalizer move.  She grabs her opponent, 
lifts them up into the air slowly, then drives them into the ground head 
first.  This grab can be tech-hitted out of but is not blockable.

Shell Kick (air):
D + RK
A good surprise move.  She will come straight down with her legs(or wings 
turned into spikes, I'm not sure) and hit the opponent.  She will bounce off 
the opponent afterwards whether or not they block.  Quick opponents can nail 
you if they block so don't get predictable with this move.
However, as you bounce away you can fireball or do another special move that 
will keep you relatively safe.  Do this on opponents who try to walk 
underneath you and cross you up when you jump.  Surprise, surprise!

Drill Kick (air):
D + FK
When done, her legs and wings form a drill that points straight forward while 
she slowly floats down in the path that she was going.  The drill seems to 
have good priority and is hard to counter because it totally throws off your 
opponents timing.  Be careful with this move though as it can leave her very 
open as she can't do anything else until she lands or hits her opponent.

Flip Kick (ground):
F + RK
I'm running out of names here.  Could someone send in a list of move names 
that I've gotten wrong?  Anyway, another awkward move that makes Morrigan 
flip forward while kicking hitting multiple times.  I thought it was her 
overhead move(she is a Shoto-clone after all) but I'm not sure.  It seems 
kinda useless other then the fact that it's hard to counter against because 
no one has seen it before, but who knows?

Soul Razor (ground):
Well, not much to say about this except for the fact that it's a typical beam 
super.  Her bats circle around her and suddenly form a big ass laser gun with 
orbiting satellites which she prooceeds to fire at the opponent.  Bigger then 
Ryu's but I think she also has worse recovery time then Ryu's.

Silhouette Blade (ground):
This is your standard rushing uppercut supers.  Well, actually there is a big 
difference.  Instead of doing a lot of Shadow Blades at the opponent herself, 
she sends a lot of silhouettes of Lilith to do her dirty work.  They rise up 
out of the ground one after the other forward and go about as high as 
Morrigan would if she did her FP Shadow Blade.  It's a lot safer to do then 
Ken's/Akuma's/Cap. A (did I forget anyone?) but it does less damage, 
especially in the corner.

Darkness Illusion (ground, air):
Fly's almost completely across the screen and if she connects, another image 
of her appears on the other side of the opponent and they proceed to auto-
combo the crap out their opponent.  It comes out really slow though so if you 
are able to get this to connect in the air, well, good job!  Also, it OTG's 
(but only for one lousy hit)!

Eternal Slumber (ground):
JP, FK, B, SP, RK (Level Three Super)
When doing this move, she reels back for a quick sec and then her and Lilith 
shoot out a little heart that floats slowly across the screen.  If it touches 
the opponent, pink curtains cover up the screen and Morrigan proceeds to have 
a little romp with her opponent.  No wonder they call it Eternal Slumber!  
This has got to be seen!  Fireballs will cancel the heart though and it is 
pretty easy to avoid but still, a very good crowd pleaser!

Team Super:
She does her Soul Razor

Variable Counter Move:
<sigh> Don't remember again.  At least I don't put stuff up here as fact 
unless I think I know for sure!  You got to give me credit for that!  It's 
probably going to be her JP Shadow Blade.

* Has 3 air dashes.  F, F makes her go straight forward and then down.  UF, 
UF makes her fly up and then down.  UD, UD makes her fly down then up.  C. JP 
will automatically chain twice.


Easy Combos:
1) TDB Later.

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. FP, c. SK, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher

Hard Combos:
1) Kill off first character, Eternal Slumber
This is kinda cheap but as far as I can tell, the incoming fighter can't 
dodge tthe heart if you time it right unless they have an air move of some 

2) j. SK, j. SP, j. FP, dash, c. JP, c. FK, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, 
sj. FK, Shadow Blade, Vector Drain
Works if you finish the air combo in the corner.  Then, as they fall, grab em 
with the Vector Drain just as they hit the ground.  You throwers out there 
know all about this strategy!

3) j. SK, j. SP, j. FP, dash, c. JP, c. FK, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, 
sj. FK, sj. FP, sj. RK, c. SK(OTG), FK, RK
The part after the sj. FP will only work in the corner.  The timing on this 
is really hard.  During the air combo, you have to wait a bit between each 
hit to land just as they hit the ground.  I've only been able to do this 5 or 
6 times myself but at least I know it works.


Rogue Section:
Well, since taking any of Morrigan's move would already be taking any of ARK 
moves, I would have to go for the Vector Drain move.  But that's kinda 
boring.  Maybe Morrigan has some secret move or normal move that is useable?  
If you push F and FK in the air, she does this strange floating kick.  Maybe 
Rogue could take that?  Or, hehe, how about the Eternal Slumber!

Ryu (Ken/Akuma):
What the...?  Ryu, Ken, and Akuma have been combined?  Now how is Ryu gonna 
have that final showdown with Akuma?  Beat the crap out of himself?  Well, 
anyway, good'ol Hadoken-Shoryuken himself is back for ever more loving ass 
kicking.  Here are his moves (as if you didn't already know them!):

c. FP

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
FK, FP, RK,  Ryu's Hadoken, Ken's Shoryuken, Ryu's Tatsumaki-Senpuukyaku

Hadoken (ground, air): - THE Fireball
QCF + punch
On the ground, both Ryu and Akuma release a large fireball from their hands 
that goes all the way across the screen.  Ken's fireball only goes about half 
way across the screen.  In the air, Ryu's fireball still goes straight and 
across the screen while both Ken's and Akuma's go down at a 45 degree angle.  
However, Akuma's becomes much smaller while Ken's still only goes half way 
across the screen.  The speed the fireballs goes depends in the punch button 

Shoryuken (ground): - THE Dragon Punch
DP + punch (can be done in air as Ken)
Not much to say about this move other then that it is your ordinary uppercut.
Well, except for the fact that he's INVINCIBLE during the rising motion.  
What's that you say?  He's INVINCIBLE?!  That's right.  If you didn't know 
that by now, all three are invincible during the rising part of their 
uppercut motion. Ken's uppercuts are on fire, are multi-hitting, and can be 
done in the air.  Akuma surrounds his fist with some type of purple energy 
while doing it and are also mulit-hitting.  Remember Dragon Punching through
fireballs way back in SFII?  Anyway, use that fact to your advantage.  Smack 
Wolverine away while he is coming down with his Head Stomp.  Destroy MegaMan 
during his Beat Plane super.  Squash Spidey out of his Maximum Spider.  You 
can even DP through a Cajun Explosion to avoid damage!  It's still got the 
disadvantage of delay time so stick with the JP version for the most part 
unless you want to nail those people who super jump and fireball downward 
like crazy.  Remember, you are invincible!

Tatsumaki-Senpuukyaku (ground, air): - THE Hurricane Kick
QCB + kick
All three will spin forward with one leg extended straight forward.  The 
distance gone depends on the kick used.  On the ground, Ryu and Akuma go 
straight forward but Ryu knocks down in one hit.  Akuma's foot has 
electricity surrounding it and will hit multiple times.  Try OTGing 
them right as you land if you hit with Akuma's Hurricane Kick on the ground.  
Ken's Hurricane Kick will also hit multiple times, but arcs up.  Akuma has 
practically no recovery time while Ryu has some and Ken has bad recovery time 
now that he arcs up and has to drop a certain distance.  In the air, they all 
travel the same path as the jump arc.  
Do not do this move as and air combo finisher in the corner unless you are 
Ryu, as your opponent will be able to attack you as you land.

Hop Kick (ground):
F + FK
Only Ryu and Akuma have this move.  They will do a little hop kick forward 
that has good priority and comes out fast.  Use this to get close to an 
opponent and to pressure them by comboing afterward.

Overhead (ground):
Each Shoto character has their own overhead move which will hit crouching 
opponents.  Ryu's and Akuma's are both F SP while Ken's is F FK.  If your 
opponent is turtling like crazy use the Hop Kick to get close and then use 
this move to punish them.  Try using this move as they are getting up as they 
will often think that you will try to hit them low.

Teleportation (ground):
DP + PPP/KKK to go forward
RDP + PPP/KKK to go backward
Akuma will teleport leaving trails of himself behind him.  If he uses punches 
he will go all the way across the screen and if uses kicks he go almost half 
way across the screen.  He is invincible to everything during the actual 
teleportation but can be attacked at the end of the move.  Use it to get 
close to people when they are vulnerable or to get out of the corner or to 
get behind people who have done a super.  Experiment with it as it is a very 
useful move.  Just be careful not to do a super by accident!

Diving Kick (air):
QCF + kick
Very useful move.  Akuma will dive down at about a 35 degree angle with one 
foot extended.  Hard to counter unless you know it's coming.  If timed right, 
you can attack as you hit the ground.  Mix in air fireballs with this move 
during Akuma mode.  Be careful about Dive Kicking in too deep at your 
opponent because they can counter attack if they block.

Shotokan Switch (ground):
QCB + punch
Simply enough, Ryu can "become" any of the above three and use all their 
moves, normal and otherwise.  He turns his back to the screen very briefly 
and his skin/clothes become the color of whichever fighter he has turned 
into.  His head still looks like Ryu's though.

Shinku Hadoken (ground, air):
Ryu releases a large beam from his hands that goes straight across the 
screen. The chip damage on this has increased like crazy much like all the 
supers.  I believe that this beam super comes out and recovers the fastest 
too.  Too bad it covers the least area of all the beam supers.  
However, he's one of the only two who can do his in the air which is a 
valuable asset.  You can often catch your opponent by jumping backward and 
doing this just before he hits the ground.  Try doing this if the two of you 
are about a screen apart.

Shinkuu Tatsumaki-Senpukyaku (ground):
Ryu does a really long version of his regular Hurricane Kick.  He stays in 
place but the effective range is pretty large as it draws in people from 
about a 1/3 of the screen away.  The damage from this super just hurts like 
you wouldn't believe and the recovery time is instantaneous!  
Plus, since you can OTG with it, it's pretty easy to nail your opponent with 

Shin Shoryuken (ground):
Ryu's uppercut super from SFIII.  Feared by everybody in that game.  Ignored 
by everybody in this one.  Sucky range, sucky damage, just plain sucky.  If 
he connects with the initial hit, he'll add on a couple of more hits ending 
with a modified looking Dragon Punch.  If he doesn't, he'll just do a FP 
Dragon Punch that hits multiple times for pathetic damage.  Doesn't even 
combo off his launcher anymore (I think)!  It's a stylish ending to a match 
though.  Treat it like you would if you were trying to hit someone with a 
regular uppercut.

Shoryu Reppa (ground):
The original rushing uppercut super.  Ryu rushes across the screen doing the 
three different versions of his uppercut.  Comes out extremely fast and 
combos off many moves.  That flaw with the heavier characters in MSHSF 
doesn't exist anymore so don't worry about that.  And of course, the recovery 
time sucks.  But since it comes out so fast, you can often catch an opponent 
off guard.

Shinryuken (ground):
Ryu erupts into a tower of flame while rushing straight up doing multiple, 
twisting uppercuts.  Has almost no horizontal range so use it when your 
opponent is jumping in or way above you.  Recovery time sucks, too.

Shippu Jinrai Kyaku (ground):
Ken's new super from SFIII.  Pretty fun to watch.  Ryu will rush across the 
screen doing multiple RK's with his foot on fire.  If he connects, he will 
eventually end up doing a Hurricane Kick taking his opponent up with him and 
then finish them off by knocking them into the ground.  If he doesn't connect
or the opponent blocks, he just won't do his Hurricane Kick and be stunned 
for a sec leaving him vulnerable.

Messatsu Gou Shoryuken (ground):
Works exactly like Ken's Shoryu Reppa.

Tenma Gou Zankyu (air):
Ryu will quickly do the motion for a air Hadoken and then release many, many 
fireballs downward.  He will fall slightly while doing this and it will leave 
him very open if the opponent completely dodges the fireballs.

Messatsu Gou Hadoken (ground):
Works exactly like Ryu's Shinku Hadoken except that you can't do it in the 
air and it doesn't last as long.

Shun Goku Satsu AKA The Raging Demon (ground):
JP, JP, F, SK, FP (Level Three Super)
Still one of my favorite supers even though it's level three now!  Akuma 
glides forward and if he touches his opponent, he will grab them while the 
screen turns black and you can hear Akuma beat the crap out of his opponent.  
When everything reappears, Akuma will be standing over his opponent with his 
back to you.  You can then OTG them before they get up!  The only problem is 
that it's hard to connect so if you miss, say goodbye to 3 levels of wasted 
super!  You can also be hit or thrown(!) out of this but most people just 
jump away.  Best to do this in a combo, right after the Diving Kick if it
connects, or if your opponent leaves himself wide open.  It's an awesome 
finisher though if you manage to grab 'em.

Team Super:
RYU: Shinku Hadoken
KEN: Shoryu Reppa
AKUMA: Messatsu Gou Hado

Team Counter Move:
RYU: Hadoken
KEN: JP Shoryuken
AKUMA: Tatsumaki-Senpuukyaku

Easy Combos:
Universal Combos (can be done in any mode):
1) c. SK, c. FK, cancel FP Fireball

Intermediate Combos:
1) N/A TBD

Hard Combos:
1) N/A TBD


Rogue Section:
EASY!  Ryu - Fireball, Ken - Dragon Punch, Akuma - Air Fireball and keep that 

Remember this awesome game from the arcades?  Well, he's baaaaaack!  Easily, 
the next combo freak in this game.  But unlike Wolvie, he requires a bit more 
skill to play in my opinion.  He's quick, got great range and is powerful.  
If you only play Spiderman and Wolverine, chances are you'll pick up Strider 
next.  Very easy character to learn to play for anybody.  So here are his 
many, many moves:

c. FP

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Body Slash (if enough hits connect), Ghram

Bomb Drop (ground):
CBF + kick
Strider will call one of his eagles to come by and drop a bomb.  The location 
it is dropped depends on the kick used.  The bomb takes a while to hit the 
ground and explode and Strider is fairly vulnerable during it.
However, it has a few effective uses.  One is keep away.  Just do the SK 
version and if your opponent tries to come in and combo you, during the combo 
they'll probably be nailed by the bomb which does high damage.  Another is 
leading into attacks.  Call the bomb to drop wherever you think your opponent 
will be when it comes and then rush up and attack.  Another is cross up.  Try 
calling it land on one side of your opponent and then at the last second, 
teleport to the other side of them!  Basically, this move is about timing so 
try different things.

Satellite Orbit (ground):
To make CBF + punch
To shoot CBF + punch also.  However he can shoot them off in the air.
Strider creates a satellite that revolves around him.  He can shoot it off 
just and it acts just like a regular fireball.  Honestly, I think they give 
him this move just to screw up his combos every once in a while.  I mean, I 
always come out of a blocking position and try to attack with a punch, but 
accidentally do this move instead!  Still, you should try and constantly have 
a satellite orbiting you so you have some quick long distance move available.

Ame No Murakamo (ground):
QCF + punch
Strider will rush forward and take a big slash at his opponent.  The distance 
gone depends on which punch used.  This move has horrible recovery time and 
can be seen coming fairly easily so try not to use it too much.  However, it 

Body Slash (air):
QCF + punch/kick
This move makes you fly forward quickly at a certain angle depending on what 
button used.  Punch buttons will make you go up while kicks will make you go 
down.  The weak buttons will make you go almost completely vertical while the 
FP/RK will make you go practically in a straight line.  Bad recovery time if 
you don't hit but the JP version is an awesome looking AC Finisher (don't do 
against good rollers though!).  Good surprise move in jumping and quickly 
pulling off either the JK or FK version.

Ghram (ground, air):
DP + punch (or kick in air)
Strider will, after a quick sec, take a huge slash forward that covers almost 
the entire width of the screen!  The punch version goes above waist level 
while the kick version strikes below waist level.  The kick version also need 
to be blocked low!  Treat it like you would a shorter range Cap Com's Captain 
Fire in that you have some recovery time from it and it can be jumped over.

Vagula (ground):
QCF + kick
Strider points forward while calling a mechanical tiger to rush along the 
Groun d and attack.  Works fairly well as a "fireball" except that it is just 
a lower one.

Wall Cling (ground):
QCB + punch
B, F quickly to switch walls
F or kick to get off wall
Strider jumps on to wall and clings to it with some sort of grappling device.
He can move up and down while on the wall.  He can also attack with his 
Cypher sword using a punch or jump kick off using a kick.  The kick button 
used determines where he jump kicks down at.  Pushing forward just makes him 
drop straight down.  However, he can't block while doing this.

Formation A (ground):
QCB + kick
Strider disappears and then reappears in four images.  The real Strider will 
kick down.  The location Strider kicks down is determined by the kick used.  
Just another one of Strider's unnecessary moves.  It's got it's uses though.  
Good surprise attack and if you hit the  opponent (blocking or not), you 
don't have to worry much about counter attack.  If an opponent jumps in on 
you, try anticipating it and do this move to disappear just as they attack 
you and then reappear kicking them in the head!  Basically a show off move.

Teleport (ground):
RDP (reverse of DP) + any button
Strider disappears and then reappears.  Magic!  The button used determines 
where he reappears.  Just imagine placing the buttons on the screen and 
you'll know where he'll reappear for which button (yeah I know, bad 
explanation).  Don't do this move randomly as it has recovery time, but use 
it as a cross up move or as an escape move.

Sliding Kick (ground):
Good quick surprise move.  Strider slides along the floor foot first and will 
knock down his opponent.  Use it when you are about  of the screen away as 
it has recovery time.

Uroburos (ground):
One of the most useful frigging supers in the whole game.  Strider forms two 
satellites that revolve around him.  The satellites will pull in opponents 
and you can't launch them or knock them away so keep doing chain after chain 
of hits and specials on them!  When Strider attacks, the satellites will also 
shoot out rings of energy but the satellites themselves are the only ones 
that will do chipping damage.  The satellites will stop or trade hits with 
everything except for beam-type supers!  For example, I walked next to a
downed Ryu while this super was activated.  He did the Shin-Shoryuken as he 
got up and hit me once but the Uroburos stopped him from pulling off the rest 
of the hits!  Another Strider tried to do his Legion move on me while it was 
activated and the tigers and animals just bounced off!
 This stopped Ryu in mid Shoryu Reppa!  My best advice is that if you don't 
have a beam super, just super jump and keep away while he's got this super 
activated!  If your opponent doesn't super jump and just sits there and 
blocks, try teleporting right behind them to cross them up.  If you connect, 
try timing it so that when the Uroburos disappear, you've called a helper 
character that can keep hitting them while you call another Uroburos or
another super!  Or, you could just simply do another super while this is 
activated!  Frigging incredible!  Hulk's the only one who can get through 
because he's got super armor so be careful around him.

Legion (ground):
Strider points and many, many mechanical tigers and eagles rush forward 
filling up the entire screen.  The eagles can even slightly track the 
opponent if they super jump straight up.  Basically, it's his chipping super 
although if timed right, you can cross up an opponent with this by 
calling this just as they are jumping behind you.  Comes out a bit slow 
though so don't expect to hit many people with this.

Ragnarok (ground):
DP  + PP
His auto-combo super.  Looks awesome but is hard as hell to connect.  Strider 
will pose and then run forward and try to grab his opponent.  If he connects, 
then he flies straight up while holding them and then proceeds to quickly 
disappear and reappear in different places while doing many Body Slashes on 
his unlucky foe.  Fun to watch but to hard to connect since it comes out 

Team Super:
He does the Legion super

Variable Counter Move:
He does his JP Ame No Murakamo

* He has double jump ability and can jump off wall

Easy Combos:
1) c. FK, c. RK, cancel JP Ame No Murakamo (OTG)

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. SK, j. FP, SP, FK, FP, RK, cancel Ghram
Way too much damage done here!

2) j. SK, j. FP, SP, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher

Hard Combos:
1) j. JP, j. SK, j. FP, dash, JP, SK, SP, FK, FP, RK, cancel Ghram
Even more damage done here!

2) j. SK, j. FP, dash, JP, SK, SP, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, sj. 
JP, double jump, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher
After the first sj. FK, wait a split second and then add on the JP and then 
quickly double jump and keep going!  It can be hard to get the double jump to 
work after the extra JP though.  Try different variations of the combo.

3) Uroburos, JP, SK, SP, FK, FP, RK, Ghram, repeat, Ragnarok/Legion
Depending on how early you hit them with the Uroburos, hit them with as many 
attacks as possible before doing another super at the very end of the 
Uroburos!  Or, if you have a helper like Colossus or Psylocke, call them just 
as the Uroburos ends and then while your helper is hitting your
opponent, call another Uroburos and repeat!  If that helper part actually 
works (seems plausible).  Super death combo!


Rogue Section:
Hmm, she's got so many moves to choose from.  But since she has no sword 
thing so, from what I've seen, I think the Body Slash would be the best one 
(even though she can basically already do it herself if she wanted).  She 
could use her fist in place of the Cypher.  Either that or the Teleport move.

Ever since SF2 came out, I've been trying to master the SPD motion.  Well, I 
FINALLY can do it!  Chalk that up to playing him a ton lately.  He is the one 
and only SPD guy(remember T. Hawk?  HA!).  Alex is just a pale reflection of 
Zangief!  Hugo is a freak(just look at the guy)!  This bear wrestler is the 
original!  I'm going to perfect this guy one day!  I'm no Zangief expert so 
if you have any suggestions on him, please send them in!  Here are his moves 
which have been greatly increased since the original SF2:

c. SP

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: None
Jump Magic Series: None
Super Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Spinning Lariat, SPD

Spinning Clothesline (ground, air):
Zangief will twirl around with his arms outstretched.  Good anti-air as his 
arms are invincible while doing this.  You can also move him a bit while he 
is doing this move.  Watch out for short opponents who can just dash up and 
duck under your flailing arms!  Here's something strange.  The computer War 
Machine did the Proton Cannon on me one day.  I was very close to him and 
blocked the very initial hits and started to push block.  Instead, I did the 
Clothesline and knocked WM out of the Proton Cannon!  That was weird.

Spinning Lariat (ground, air):
Pretty much the same thing as his S. Clothesline except that I think it's 
faster and knocks the opponent straight up.  His best AC Finisher because of 
the fact that it will knock them straight up and then they fall straight down 
into your waiting arms!

Banisher (ground):
DP + punch
Zangief spins around with a glowing hand outstretched.  This move is useful 
in several ways: to cancel out fireballs, move him forward, and set up a SPD.

Air Grab (ground):
DP + kick
Zangief leaps forward into air attempting to grab something.  If your 
opponent happens to be in the place where Zangief is grabbing at, he will be 
tossed down onto the ground.  A very useful move in getting next to your 
opponent as you don't have to worry about getting counter attacked because 
you can block before you hit the ground.  Not very good anti-air but if you 
can anticipate your opponent jumping, try it!  This one guy does it to me all 
the time!

THE Spinning Piledriver (ground, air):
SPD + punch
Zangief attempts to grab his opponent and SPD them up and into the ground.  
I'm sure you've all seen it before but it takes a lot of practice to pull out 
when you want to so don't get frustrated if you can't do it on the first 
hundred or so tries.  The range has increased on this move but the damage has 
gone down.  I guess if you're a good Zangief player, you would rather have 
the range.  The button used determines the damage done and the recovery time 
from missing.

Running Bear Grab (ground):
HCF + kick
Zangief runs forward and attempts to grab his opponent.  If the opponent is 
close, Zangief will do two grabs while if the opponent is beyond a certain 
distance, he'll just toss him once.  Since this move is easier to do then the 
SPD and Zangief covers a certain amount of distance, you may want to use this 
more if you are just learning Zangief.  Also, he has super armor during this 

Siberian Blizzard (ground): - Only done in Iron Body mode
QCF + punch
Mega-Zangief's long distance move.  He spits out a blue yoga flame that 
covers most of the screens distance.  Use it in order to keep those beam 
supers from frying your ass!  Be careful, as short characters can duck 
underneath the flame.

Final Atomic Buster (ground):
SPD + PP (In this case, use two punches so you don't accidentally do the 
One of the most feared supers has been toned down again but the damage, not 
to mention the basic intimidation factor, this move does is still good!  
Treat this just like you would a RBG except that Zangief has Super Armor just 
like Hulk during this move!

Iron Body Mode (ground):
RDP + kick
Great super!  Zangief growls and turns into the secret character of Mega-
Zangief from MSHSF!  He can't block and is slow as hell but he also can't be 
launched or be tripped!  Great to use against guys like Wolverine and 
Spiderman and people who don't have very good long range capability!  He also
gains/loses a few new moves in this mode!  Recommended for Zangief experts 
only though!

Lariat Super (ground):
SPD + KK - Only done in Iron Body mode
Mega-Zangief flies straight up doing multiple lariats.  Not sure why they 
gave him this move as it doesn't seem to be of much use as it doesn't really 
suck a guy in like Ryu's Super Hurricane Kick.  But like I said, I'm no good 
at Zangief so what do I know?

Ultimate Final Atomic Buster (ground):
SPD + KK (Level Three Super) - Can't be done in Iron Body Mode
For a level 3 super, this doesn't look like it hurts that much.  Nor is it 
that impressive looking.  Zangief just grabs you a few times and does a 
finishing SPD.  I mean, he should throw you against the wall a few times or 
spin you around or something!  Anyway, when done, Zangief will just try to 
grab his opponent exactly like he does for his regular SPD.  Not the greatest 
range here so try not to miss!  I'd rather just do 3 FAB's.

Team Super:
This is very unique.  In case you never saw his Double Final Atomic Buster in 
MSHSF, here's the description.  If Zangief is your active player and you do 
the motion, your partner will jump in on the other side of the opponent and 
both of you will walk toward the opponent and if you connect, say goodbye
opponent!  Hehehe, I love doing this super.  If Zangief is the resting 
character, he will do a very long version of his Spinning Clothesline (or is 
it Lariat?) that goes forward.

Variable Counter Move:
I always get thrown by this move.  Zangief jumps in and does a Running Bear 

* Has no backward dash.  Forward dash will automatically grab opponent.  Also 
has a variety of air moves involving pressing down/up plus a button.

Easy Combos:
1) FP, cancel Banisher
A good solid two hitter that even more importantly moves you next to your 

2) RK, cancel RK Air Grab
If it's in the corner, you may have to do the SK version.

Intermediate Combos:
1) j. D FP, RK, cancel RBG/FAB/DFAB
The end grab will basically grab them just as they land from the RK!  Hard to 
time though but the damage is awesome!  The canceling is a bit tricky here as 
you can't do it right away I think.

2) j. D FP, cancel SPD
This works on almost everybody (except like MegaMan) but especially on the 
bigger guys.  This won't always work as a)they can jump out of it or b)you 
just simply miss them.  Still a good tatci to try sometimes.

3) j./sj. D SP, FAB
This works well especially on those anti-air guys because the elbow drop (D 
SP) really messes up their anti-air timing and you hit them.  Then as you 
both get up, do a FAB or SPD or whatever and you will usually get them as 
long as they don't jump away as you have priority.

Hard Combos:
1) j. D FP, c. SP, sj. JP, sj. FK, cancel Spinning Lariat, RK, cancel 
A more complicated version of I. Combo #1.  The Spinning Lariat will knock 
them into position for the RK.

2) Air Grab, j. D FP, c. SK, cancel, SK Air Grab, j. D FP
This is mainly a confusion strategy that works surprisingly well or at least 
on the people I've tried it on.  The second Air Grab always confuses their 
blocking because you cross them up with the j. D FP and then you can launch 
them or whatever.  This probably only works as well as it does because not 
many people have seen it so use it sparingly.

Zangief is not a spaz character.  You have to be methodical and have good 
timing to win with him. I've FINALLY learned how to do the SPD motion fairly 
well.  That motion is required if you want to become one of the few Zangief 
elite.  That's the motion for his SPD, FAB, UFAB, and Lariat Super.  You have 
to master it and figure out it's varying ranges.  To get the SPD's and such 
though, you have to get next to your opponent who, if they're smart, will be 
playing keep away.  Because Zangief is so slow, it can be hard to get close 
to those Spider-man's and such.  The most effective ways too do this are 
super jumpingthe Banisher, the Air Grab, and calling out the helper to pin 
them in place.  Honestly, I think the Air Grab is the best way because when 
people see Zangief flying at them they always try to spaz attack but he can 
block before he touches the ground so they will never get him and will have 
set themselves up for a grab.
If your opponent starts super jumping all over the place, time the Air Grab 
to set them in their place, namely, on the ground!
If you can't do the SPD motion, for now just practice the RBG which can 
cancel off a crouching attack.  If they block the crouching attack, you'll 
often nail them with the RBG!  Another thing I've noticed is that I can most 
often get the SPD in off someone who jump attacks me.  I just block the hit 
and start doing circles and hitting a punch button like crazy(yeah, I know, I 
spaz here) and 9 times out of 10 I'll grab them!  Try this on the computer 
Jin.  It works wonders!  However, this only works against single attack 
jumping attacks.
The Clothesline and Lariat have huge priority and are perfect against people 
who jump at you all the time. If they super jump, try super jumping up at 
them and doing one or the other.  As for Mega-Zangief, well I suck at him so 
I'm not going to give any strategies on him for now.

Rogue Section:
Oh man, how obvious was this?  The SPD but only easier to do!  What else 
could I ask for?  This move was so fun to do in XSF and since I can't do SPD 
motion worth jack, I loved it!

After the Onslaught business in comics, which basically revamped all the 
Avengers, the FF (FantasticFour), the Hulk and pretty much influenced in some 
way or another every Marvel character out in existence., I stopped reading 
comics.  More appropriately, my brother stopped collecting them.  Anyway,
the story of Onslaught goes something like this (this is from memory by the 
way so don't nail me on inaccuracies):

Onslaught is the formation of Magneto's psyche being somehow absorbed by 
Professor Charles Xavier who gets pissed at Magneto for having ripped out 
Wolverines adamantium up in asteroid M which is a whole nother story in it's 
own (but I guess that's how comics work huh?).  Professor X "turns off"
Magneto's brain but in the process absorbs his psyche.  So Magneto's psyche 
is festering inside Professor X while the Xmen and women and factor and 
excalibur are going through some pretty rough times.
Eventually Chuck, gets really pissed and Onslaught is the manifestation of 
his pissiness.  Onslaught eventually becomes a being of pure psychic energy 
and it takes almost all the main marvel universe to stop him.  It was an 
interesting story and that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell although I'm 
leaving out a lot!  Like the return of Joseph and the Sentinels and other 

So anyway, in the game Onslaught takes on two forms and you have to fight 
both of them without recharging your energy bar.  Needless to say, he is the 
toughest and cheapest boss Capcom has ever created but still he's very 
beatable!  The good thing is, he's anti-scrub so you actually have to learn 
how to play in order to beat him which is something commendable on Capcom's 

How to Beat Onslaught:
#1 Rule: Ramming on the controls will just get you killed!
Unlike the previous matches against the computer, you can't spaz like crazy 
and then pull off a super if your low on health and expect to win.  You have 
to be patient and learn his weaknesses and what each fighter has that is 
useful in beating him.  For now, I'll list what each fighter has and doesn't 
have going for him against both forms of Onslaught and stick in a general 
strategy to use.

First Form:
General Strategy:
For the most part, you're going to have to take some tick damage so just sit 
and block him while he does his Headcrush and other moves.  If you want to 
play the defensive game effectively, just sit in the corner blocking all his 
attacks until he starts doing his huge beam move right next to you.  I think 
all the characters can duck underneath that if they are close enough. Then 
just attack him constantly while crouching.  Never ever jump at him and 
attack unless you have a character fast enough and/or who can end it with a 
move that leaves him safely behind Onslaught.  Just stay on the ground.  If 
Onslaught calls someone to help him attack you, finish them off as quickly as 
possible so that he can't get any of his energy back.  Watch out though 
because they have unlimited supers!  However, if you are in some major
need of recovering energy, just play keep away with one of your fighters 
while the other one rests.  Don't use supers that much against him because 
they aren't very effective and just leave you open to attack while he 
teleports out of the super and behind you.  Make sure you keep away from 
those Hyper Grav balls of his by super jumping or switching at the last 
second or fireballing them or whatever!

Captain America:
The Cartwheel is very useful in getting behind him.  Try to predict where he 
will reappear after a teleport and then Cartwheel.  Attack him while he's 
throwing everything in the wrong direction.  Then when he's done, just 
Cartwheel to the other side of him and repeat!  Double jumping is also an 
effective way to get behind him so make sure you double jump to escape those 
death beams and hyper grav's.

I haven't found anything in particular that gives him an edge against 
Onslaught.  Just follow the general strategy to beat him.  I suppose the 
SP/FP Cajun Slash can act as a means to get behind Onslaught.

Block, then hit.  Repeat.  Hulk's so strong, he can take Onslaught down in a 
few hits.  Use JP, FP, cancel Ground Wave.

The Web Swing is very useful in getting behind Onslaught.  End all your 
combos with it.  Spiderman is one of the few who can successfully take to the 
air against Onslaught because he attacks so fast and can do a Web Swing at 
the end to leave him safe.

Just keep doing the FP Venom Fang.  You'll literally get rid of him in under 
10 seconds if you time the Venom Fang's right.

War Machine:
I haven't really found much that is extremely useful in beating Onslaught.  
End your combos with the FP/RK Shoulder Cannon.  Stay on the ground with WM.

Just keep comboing his ass with JP, SK, SP, FK, FK, FP, RK, ending with 
anything.  After a couple of hits, Onslaught will start reeling so you don't 
have to worry too much about him counter-attacking.  Use the OC FP to get 
close to him during his beam attack.

Captain Commando:
Just follow the general strategy.  Again, stay on the ground.  The Captain 
Kick may be useful in getting behind Onslaught.  A great combo is to pull off 
all 6 hits on the ground and cancel into a FK Captain
Strike and then repeat.

Chun Li:
Another fast combo character who can take it to Onslaught.  End your combos 
with the Lightning Legs if you feel brave.

Not a very good character to use against Onslaught.  Don't use his special 
moves as they have too much delay time to be helpful.  Stick with ground 
combos and the general strategy.

Constantly have the Mega Buster charged so that you can all combos with it.  
But stay on the ground.

Another fast combo character who can use all six buttons in comboing 
Onslaught.  Still, stay on the ground with her.

See general strategy.

The epitome of fast combo characters here.  I took down the first form with 
Strider once without losing any energy!  The easiest way to beat him is to 
wait for an opening and then either ground combo him continually or jump and 
combo him and end it with a FK Body Slash and then just keep doing it.  The
Uroburos is helpful but not really necessary on the first form.  Use the 
Sliding Kick to get close to him during the beam attack.

Basically, just follow the general strategy.  Don't forget that his Banisher 
can cancel the Hyper Grav's!

Second Form:
General Strategy:
The second form is the one you really have to watch out for.  One of his Eye 
Beams can take off like over 1/2 of your energy.  If he ever, every gets you 
with a knockdown move, ALWAYS roll to prevent him from getting you with 
another Eye Beam or whatever.  Again, keep away from those Hyper Grav's.  If 
your feeling brave, go ahead and jump attack his head, which is the only safe 
place to attack him, but watch out for those Eye Beams!  When he's way up in 
the air, there's not much you can do unless you have a fighter who can jump 
high enough to get to him.  The easiest time to attack him is when he charges 
at you with his arm.  Make sure you listen because you can hear him grunt and 
also see him go off screen before he charges.  Super jump to avoid the arm.  
He'll reappear and not do anything for a second or two.  That's when he's 
vulnerable so attack him!  He doesn't call helpers to attack you in this form 
so don't worry about that.  His arm attacks also don't take off that much 
damage and neither do the bombing attacks(unless he sends out like 10+ of 
them to attack).  You can also get rid of the bombers by hitting them. Unlike 
the first form, do not let him corner you!  So overall, just watch for his 
multiple eye beams and charging arms and hyper grav's.  Never underestimate 
him because he can take you out in an instant.

Captain America:
Use the double jump to get close to his head.

Follow general strategy.

Jump and SK, FP.  You'll beat him soon enough.  Supers can be helpful but 
really aren't needed.

One of the few who can jump high enough to get to Onslaught when he's at the 
top of the screen.

Follow general strategy.

War Machine:
The Star Destroyer takes off an enormous amount of damage.  Just make sure 
you position WM underneath Onslaught's head.  If you want to be brave, go 
ahead and do Flight mode.

Follow general strategy.  Try using Berserker Rage to make it easier.

Captain Commando:
The Captain Sword takes off squat so just follow the general strategy.

Chun Li:
When you attack his head, end the combo with the Lightning Legs.   Usually 
it's very effective but watch for those Eye Beams!

None of his supers take off much so just follow the general strategy.

Both the Hyper MegaMan and Beat Plane are useful supers in taking down 

Morrigan can jump fairly high as well but for the most part just follow the 
general strategy.

The air Shinku Hadoken is very effective.  Just aim and fire away.

Activate the Uroburos and attack.  Strider is anti-Onslaught!

Well, um, don't turn into Mega-Zangief.  And follow the general strategy.

Secret Matches Requirements:
There are 6 secret matches that I've heard of.  I've only seen 4 of them.  I 
will list the requirements I believe that you need to get each one and if I 
don't at least partially know for sure, I won't list it.  Sorry about that 
but just go to the site listed in the Thanks To section if you want to see 
the other ones.
For all secret matches, you can't lose either fighter in any match prior to 
the secret match which is the 7th one.

Orange Hulk/Wolverine:
End at least 4(?) matches with any type of super move(single, double).
Red Hulk has no super armor but is a lot faster!  But without the super 
armor, since the computer plays him just like he did have it, he's fairly 
easy to beat.

Gold War Machine/Captain America
End at least 4(?) matches in any way during Double Attack Mode.

Lilith/Chun Li
Same as Orange Hulk except you need to use your helper 4 times a match.  It 
isn't necessary to kill your opponent with the helper.

Roll/Mega Man
Finish off at least 3 opponents with two on ones and use all helper stocks 
for at least 4 rounds.

Shadow Lady (aka Shadow Chun Li)/Jin
The same as Red Venom but you need to completely use all your helper stocks 
for 4 rounds.

Red Venom/?
You need to get the first attack on each round and to finish off your 
opponents with at least 4 two on ones duo team attack whatever you want to 
call them.

Switch Starting Characters:
If you want to switch your starting character for the next match, push and 
hold all 3 punches or all 3 kicks during the screen which shows all four 

Secret Playable Characters(!):
Yes!  Some working codes are finally out!  Thanks to whoever sent these codes 
in to GPOW's page!  Do the controller motions quickly to get these codes to 
work.  I don't think that you can choose a secret character after choosing a 
regular fighter but you can have two secret characters on one team!

Gold War Machine:
Go to Zangief's box
Move L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, R, R, L, L, D, D, D, D, R, R, 
U, U, L, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, U, U, U
The last up will move you to his box above Zangief's.

His moves:
Note: Gold War Machine cannot block but also cannot be launched and doesn't 
reel from attacks/combo supers exactly like Mega-Zangief.
Moves a lot slower and jumps lower.

His Shoulder Cannon has become a missile attack much like normal War 
Machine's c. FP.

His c. FP has become a short range beam.

His Proton Cannon now shoots lots of Proton missiles instead of that big  

Lost his Flight move.
Other then that, he's the same.

Lilith Controlled Morrigan:
Go to Zangief's box
Move L, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, D, D, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, R, L, D, D, D, D, 
R, R, U, U, U, U, L, L, D, D, D, D, R, D
The last down will move you to her box underneath War Machine

Her moves:
Heart Shot (ground, air):
QCF + punch
Same as Morrigan's except it's a heart instead of a bat and it doesn't go 
very far

Shadow Blade (ground):
DP + punch 
Same except you can't do it in the air

Vector Drain (ground):
HCB + punch

Darkness Illusion (ground, air):

Brilliant Shower (ground):
Her beam super.  She shoots out lots and lots of hearts.  However, it takes 
too long to come out and the hearts need time to get to the other side of the 
screen and it doesn't last very long.

? (ground):
I forget what this was called.  Illuminous Happiness or something like that.  
But she forms a statue of Lilith in her arms and rises up slowly like an 
uppercut using Lilith's wings to hit.  I think that she is invincible right 
at activation so it may be good anti-air but it really comes out too slow.

No level 3 super, sorry!  I guess Lilith isn't into that kinda kinky stuff.

Red Hulk:
Go to Chun Li's box.
Move R, R, D, D, L, L, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, D, D, R, R, U, U, D, D, 
D, D, U, U, U, U, L, U
The last up will move you the R. Hulk's box above Ryu.

He's much, much faster!  For instance, he can chain two c. SK's!  But no 
super armor (else he'd be invincible!).  His attacks do less damage too.  
Other then that, he's the same as regular Hulk.

Red Venom:
Go to Chun Li's box.
Move R, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, U, R, R, D, D, L, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, U, U, 
L, L, U
The last up will move you to R Venom's box above Chun Li's.

R. Venom's moves (I made up these names):
Note: Damn this guy takes damage like a bitch!  You'll see what I mean when 
you play him!  But he has all hunter series and is only a little bit slower 
then Wolverine in Berserker Rage mode.  Fun guy to play but hard to win with 
if you make any mistake!  Several of his normal moves have been changed too.

Venom Bite (ground):
QCF + punch
Basically he rushes forward doing normal Venom's standing FP animation.  Has 
incredible reach!  But I can't believe this move has some recovery time!  He 
should have no recovery time at all on ANY of his moves to make up for the 
damage he takes!

Venom Rush (ground):
QCF + kick
Does normal Venom's standing RK very quickly.  If you keep hitting a kick 
button, he does more Venom Rushes that will combo.

Venom Claw (air):
QCF + punch
Quickly comes down at an angle doing normal Venom's (notice a trend here?) 
air FP.  Treat it like you would a better version of Ryu's Diving Kick.

Web Throw (ground):
Same as normal

Same as normal Venom

Go to Zangief's box.
Move L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, R, U, U, R, R
The last right will move you to Roll's box at the right of Megaman's.

Roll's moves:
Note: Roll is small!  She's like half the size of MegaMan!  Because of this, 
lot's of things won't hit or affect her.  For instance, she can slide under 
Ryu's Hadoken!  The Captain Storm is not effective on her!  She can WALK 
under Onslaught's beam attack!  However, she has pathetic range and zippo 
power on her normal moves.  Still, she's fun (and funny) to play!

Fireball (ground, air):
QCF + punch
Nope, you can't charge!  Plus this has the longest recovery time of any 
fireball move.

Flower Bomb Toss (ground, air):
HCB(QCB?) + punch
This move's too funny!

Item Change (ground):
QCB + kick
Still the same as Megaman's

Item Use (ground):
QCF + kick
Same as Megaman's, just kick instead of punch.

Hyper Roll (ground, air):
Just like the Hyper MegaMan, except it's the Hyper Roll!  Plus, you won't hit 
your opponent much with this super unless you nail them during activation 
because the missiles and bombs and stuff come out way too slow.  The only 
thing that's instantaneous is a laser that shoots out from her head but it 
comes out too high to be of much use.  Also, it seems to come out slower as I 
couldn't get it to combo in the air.

Rush Drill (ground):

Beat Plane (ground, air):
Same, except it seems to come out slower

Shadow Lady:
Go to Morrigan's box.
Move U, R, R, D, D, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, R, R, L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, 
L, U, U, R, R, U, U, L, L, D, D, D, D, D
The last down will move you to her box underneath Gambit's.

Her moves:
Drill (ground):
QCF + punch
She does her Kikoken motion but instead, a drill appears in her hands while 
she rushes forward in her Kikoken stance.  Much better then her Kikoken, I 
think.  Use this to chip away at damage!

Electric Field (ground):
DP + punch
Shadow L. surrounds herself with electricity.  Great anti-air (Finally!  I 
think I found the perfect counter to Wolverine's damn Head Stomp!) and good 
recovery time.  The punch used determines the number of hits and the duration 
of the electricity.  Pathetic range though so be careful about that.

Missile Track (ground):
HCF + kick (I think)
She slowly lets out a couple of missiles from her butt that just as slowly 
track the opponent.  I guess, it's a surprise anti-air type of move.

Lightning Legs (ground, air):
Push any kick rapidly.  Same except legs are a different color

Axe Kick (ground):
HCB + kick

She still has her Stomp Kick and her Neck Breaker.

Big Bang Laser (ground):
What a dumb name.  Anyway, Shadow L. does that eye ching and then releases a 
huge laser from her hands that looks a lot like War Machine's Proton Cannon.  
Doesn't combo though.  Has about the same amount of recovery time as Chun Li 
does after the Kikosho.

Galaxy Missile (ground):
She does that eye ching again and then lets out a ton of missiles from her 
butt that hunt down her opponent.  No way that it combos as it comes out so 
slow but cool to watch.

Final Mission (ground):
Charge Back, F, B, F + KKK
This is a level 3 super that acts almost exactly like Shadow's Final Mission.
Shadow Lady will slowly rush forward and then do a RK launching her opponent 
into the air.  She follows them up and kicks the crap out of them while the 
screen turns white.  When the screen reappears, she lands and taunts while 
her opponent hits the ground in an explosion.  Too bad it's blockable.
Better development of characters including strategies (definitely!), 
hopefully more SECRET CHARACTERS!, Onslaught info, taunt descriptions, etc.  
Also, just better organization and refinement of this thing.  I really hope 
you guys could read this.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and please e-mail me with your thoughts and 
suggestions on it.

Remember: Don't take everything in this guide as definite fact.  Go and try 
out your own ideas too! You'll be surprised what you can find out!
Of course, first and foremost, Marvel for creating (or buying anyway) their 
respective characters and Capcom for creating this awesome game. (duh)

Also, I'd like to thank Migs for his page and all the regulars/non-regulars 
on there for making it such a great source of information and conversation.  
Here's his also awesome MvC page:

Future versions of my guide can probably be found there as well as at 

The Madman's MvC Guide, James Chen XSF guide, and everybody else's guides 
I've read for providing me with ideas on how I should format my guide.

The Yellow Brick Road Arcade at University Towne Centre in San Diego, CA for 
getting the game (especially as early as they did)!  

The people at UCSD who I play all the time!

John and Jung for making me learn Wolverine so I could beat them with their 
own cheesy fighter!

Doug and the original Jon for reminding me I spelled Rogue's name wrong!  
God, I'm so dumb!

The person who figured out the system of choosing your helper character!  
Whoever you are I gotta to say, Good Job!  I think this is the website of the 
person who figured it out but I'm not sure:

The people who read this and find it useful and provide me with suggestions 
and info:

Sam Olmo: Hulk's Magic Series and reminder that Cap. A's Hyper Charging 
Star/Final Justice can combo!  Thanks Sam!

Dre627 (Dre627@aol.com): Thanks for some of CapCom's/War Machine's combos and 
ideas!  This guy loves playing War Machine among others so ask him questions 
if you got em!

Michael Basus for giving me the real name of Morrigan's Silhouette Blade.
XdarkLichX (XDarkLichX@aol.com) for combos and other info on War Machine and 
Wolverine.  Knows what he's talking about so ask him questions (well, if I 
can't answer them first!).

Leon Chang for correction on Gambit's Cajun Explosion.

The guy who did that crazy Strider combo (Hard Combo #2) to me!

Trevor for telling me how to switch walls during Strider's Wall Cling.  
Thanks for finally solving the mystery for me!

Driz for posting Cap. A's Hard Combo#5!  Where did you get this?

Foreigner for fixing Shadow's code and for telling me the specifications for 
the secret matches.

~*AzN pRyDe*~ and a lot of other people for translating Chun Li's air super 
foor me.  I'm Chinese and  don't even know it.  Yeesh.

Me!, for writing this.  Doing this took much longer and was harder then I 
thought and I'd like to congratulate myself.

Hope I haven't forgotten anyone but if I have, please tell me so I can give 
you credit!!

Suggestions, complaints, strategies, questions, corrections and otherwise are 
VERY WELCOME.  Please send away to Edmaedmaedma@juno.com or amsoulde@aol.com.  
I will respond to as much e-mail as I get.  Thanks mucho.