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Clash of Superheroes

Assorted FAQ V2 written by A. Nickerson <bzcharkl@hotmail.com>
Last updated 6 January, 2001


1. Legal Garbage
2. Introduction
3. Version History
4. Easy Mode
5. Thoughts on cheap / cheesy characters
6. Tier rankings
7. Speed, Power & Stamina
8. Characters and Tips
    8.1 - Captain America
    8.2 - Captain Commando
    8.3 - Chun-Li
    8.4 - Gambit
    8.5 - Hulk
    8.6 - Jin Saotome
    8.7 - Megaman
    8.8 - Morrigan Aensland
    8.9 - Ryu
    8.10 - Spiderman
    8.11 - Strider Hiryu
    8.12 - Venom
    8.13 - War Machine
    8.14 - Wolverine
    8.15 - Zangief

    8.A - Gold War Machine
    8.B - High-speed Venom
    8.C - Lilith
    8.D - Orange Hulk
    8.E - Roll
    8.F - Shadow Lady
9.  Helper Characters
10. VS Onslaught
11. Teams
12. Top 10 Supers
13. Miscellaneous Tricks
14. Acknowledgement and Thanks
15. Final notes


    This FAQ is intended for personal use only. Permission is NOT granted
for reproduction in any for-profit publication. If you wish to post this on
a non-profit website, etc. please ask for my permission first.
    You may print this out for reference if you wish, but please keep in
mind the previous statement (don't try and sell it to other people, but then
again, I can't really see anyone wanting to buy it).

    This document is (c) Copyright 1999 Anthony Nickerson. Street Fighter
is (c) Capcom Ltd. Marvel characters are (c) Marvel Inc. Strider is (c) Moto
Hitaku. Any other copyrights not specifically mentioned are acknowledged by
the author. I am not affiliated in any way with either Capcom or Marvel, and
this document is written without the permission of either company.


    By now, I've played Marvel Vs Capcom more than I'd care to admit. It's
still one of my favourite games, and I thought I may as well pass on the
things I've picked up.
    This FAQ is not anything specific. It is NOT a move list, because there
are tons of them. It's partly a strategy guide, but not a full strategy
guide, because I couldn't be bothered. It's just...things. I guess if you
desperately want to pin a specific name to it, it's general tips for the
characters, plus a few code-style things you may or may not know about.
    I am by no means a master at this game. I have been roundly thrashed a
fair bit, but I've also done my share of thrashing. I've played as every
character (some better than others) and I've learned almost all of the moves
for them. After all that experience, I can say one thing about the game.
It's damn cool. Some may consider it a little childish (I really hate
Megaman) but ultimately it's just great fun to play.
    I can't guarantee that any of the following information will be useful,
or even interesting. Nevertheless, it's here to read. I have assumed that
you have some knowledge of the commonly used terms such as OTG and a
knowledge of game mechanics like combos, cross-over counters and the like.
If you don't know about these, poke around and find a move list (I'd have to
recommend Kao's, check out at http://www.gamefaqs.com).


    What's new in each version...

1 - Everything. Quite honestly, I don't expect there'll be another version
    of this FAQ, but I'm putting this in just in case. It was originally
    going to be a mini-FAQ, but at one point or another I got a bit carried

2 - Overhauled the entire thing, to eliminate whatever scrubby crap I wrote
    the first time round ;)


    You will notice at the start of the game that it allows you to choose
between Manual or Easy mode. I will assume that people are using Manual,
and I recommend that anyone using Easy mode learn Manual immediately. The
way I see it, if you can't do the moves properly, you'll never be good at
the game. Sure, you may succeed for a little while, occasionally even win,
but Easy mode will never stand up to a good player in Manual.


    Games are unbalanced - that's just how it is. Some moves are better than
others, some characters have better abilities, or whatever. If you think a
character is cheap, well good for you, but it still won't change anything.
Forget about honour of a fight, concentrate on winning instead.
    Calling a character or player cheap is just a way of attempting to
repair your shattered ego. Face the truth - YOU LOST. YOU ARE NOT GOD. Once
you stop letting your ego get in the way of your abilities, you will improve
a lot. In other words, don't complain about something, just work out a way
to beat it.


    As I said above, games are unbalanced, and this is no exception. There
are a handful of characters that dominate the rest. What follows is my rough
idea of the MvC tiers. The order in each tier is alphabetical, not
necessarily in order of dominance. Here we go...

TIER 1                        TIER 2

Strider                       Captain Commando
Gold War Machine              Chun-Li
Red Venom                     Megaman
War Machine                   Zangief

TIER 3                        TIER 4

Captain America               Morrigan
Gambit                        Shadow Lady
Hulk                          Spiderman


Orange Hulk


    This is a rating of each character's speed, power and stamina. Note that
these are just based on my observations, and may not be entirely accurate. I
have included secret characters, but the ratings there are more likely to be
inaccurate, the reason being that I haven't seen them as much as the normal
characters. Ratings are from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the
highest. Different characters also have different staminas, but it's a
little difficult to tell sometimes. Therefore, I have roughly divided
stamina as being Low, Medium or High.

                        SPEED           POWER           STAMINA
Captain America           6               7              Medium
Captain Commando          7               8              Low
Chun-Li                   9               5              Medium
Gambit                    6               8              Medium
Hulk                      3              10              High
Jin                       5               9              High
Megaman                   6               7              Medium
Morrigan                  7               5              Low
Ryu                       7               7              Medium
Ryu in Ken mode           8               6              Medium
Ryu in Akuma mode         8               7              Low
Spiderman                10               5              Medium
Strider                   8               8              Low
Venom                     8               7              High
War Machine               4               8              High
Wolverine                10               6              Medium
Zangief                   3               9              High
Mega Zangief              1               9              High

Gold War Machine          1               9              High
High-speed Venom         ++               7              Extremely low
Lilith                    7               6              Low
Orange Hulk               4               9              High
Roll                      6               6              Low
Shadow Lady               9               7              Medium


    This is the section devoted to the bits and pieces I've collected over
time. Again, keep in mind that I play some characters better than others.
The secret characters are in a separate section at the end of the main
characters. Everything's in alphabetical order, now let's get to it.

| 8.1 - Captain America |

Captain America is a good all-round character, but he doesn't seem to be
used very much. Mostly, I think this is because of the extreme American
image - he looks like a bit of a fool. Once you get past that, though, he's
a pretty solid character, though not outstanding by any means.

The most important thing to keep in mind when playing as Captain America is
that his punches are good, kicks are pretty average. Roundhouse isn't bad,
but the others pale in comparison to the priority of his punches.

The Shield Slash is an interesting sort of fireball. The best version is
probably the LP one, since it can OTG. The HP version is next to useless,
because if the opponent is going to jump in at you, they're probably not
going to be where his shield is thrown. Remember that he can do them in the
air, and they'll be at the same angles (except his LP one will go downwards
slightly). Of course, if you don't pick up the shield again, you won't be
able to do any more Shield Slashes (more on that below).

The shield is important to his game, but one of the things a Cap player will
need to know is when he'll work better WITHOUT it. Without the shield, his
Charging Stars don't negate fireballs, you can't do any more Shield Slashes,
and his punches have shorter range. However, the speed of his punches
increases considerably while he's not lugging the shield around, which can
be useful in certain situations.

Captain America's Charging Stars are useful, but not abuseable. They negate
fireballs when he has his shield (although his Charging Star will move much
slower after negating one) and they do a good amount of damage. The main
drawback is the awful recovery time, so don't throw them out recklessly.

His Stars & Stripes moves are pretty much the same as standard Shoryukens,
and they suffer from the same weaknesses. They're good counters, and he's
more or less invincible on the way up, but if they're blocked or you miss,
you're in for it.

The cartwheel is often overlooked, but is probably his most useful special
move. This thing goes straight through projectiles ("Hadoken? Good for you")
but remember, Captain America is totally unable to block regular punches
and kicks during this, and is vulnerable to throws. Just know when to use it
(it's great against fireball-happy people) and it will be very valuable. He
can be hard to catch if you know what you're doing, so get practicing! And
remember the double jumps!

Captain America has some good supers. The Final Justice by itself is beyond
useless, because even a half-blind chimpanzee could see it coming, but if
you chain it to a Helper attack (Psylocke or Colossus are good, but you may
have trouble catching them) it can do pretty good damage. Remember, even if
you just barely clip their foot, and they don't block, Captain America will
finish the whole move.

NB - In Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter, his Final Justice could go
     through fireballs (I went straight through a Yoga Fire once). As far as
     I know, he can't do this anymore.

That Hyper Stars & Stripes is his main combo super, which can be linked from
most normal attacks. Damage is so-so, and it leaves him very vulnerable when
blocked. Generally not something to use outside of combos.

The Hyper Charging Star looks pretty cool, and is good for chipping damage.
It takes a bit too long to come out, but it does good damage if you manage
to connect (it will also OTG) so get ready to throw out this move during an

Don't be afraid to try playing as Captain America - he's a good, solid
character, and probably my first recommendation for beginners. He's a whole
lot easier to use now compared to how he was in Marvel Super Heroes Vs
Street Fighter, so give him a try. Who knows, he may become one of your
favourite characters.

| 8.2 - Captain Commando |

I don't like Captain Commando. Sure, he can be an effective character, but
he's just so annoying. I've played against too many annoying Captain
Commando people, and by now I've seen that damn Captain Storm so much it's
just irritating.Still, what I've picked up might be useful.

Perhaps the most important thing is to encourage people to jump in at you.
Captain Commando has some of the most effective air defence moves in the
game. In particular, the Captain Sword can hit anyone in a 90 degree arc in
front of him, regardless of how high they are.

The Captain Corridor is a very useful move. It has incredible vertical
height - I've seen Hulk hit out of his Gamma Crush on the way down with
this move, and it also does a good deal of damage. However, even a jab
Captain Corridor has a horrible recovery time. Make sure you at least force
the opponent to block it, otherwise you'll be wide open (you'll give them a
big window of opportunity even if they DO block it). Don't overuse it,
because it gets predictable, and people soon spot ways of overcoming it.

Remember, when using the Captain Fire a single enemy fireball will totally
nullify it. The animation will still be going, but it will be completely
harmless. Otherwise, Captain Commando will probably win a firefight (with
the exception of ones against War Machine and possibly Megaman). I think
that the LP and HP Commando Strike moves will also nullify fireballs (I
suppose the MP one would if someone was up high enough). Even if they don't
actually nullify them, the other guy can take the hit for you. A Captain
Corridor will nullify fireballs as well.

He's got those Captain Kick moves, but quite honestly they're not that
useful. I'm pretty sure opponents can duck under them, and the damage is
pretty paltry. Someone, somewhere may have found a use for these, but that
someone is not me. One thing I have noticed is that if the HK version is
ducked, he travels a long way - someone like Jin may actually have trouble
hitting him because he's just too far away (Zangief doesn't have an
ice-cube's chance in hell of countering it).

He's also got Commando Strikes, which are interesting. The LK one will call
in the ninja (Sho, Kakeru or Ginzu, depending on where you're from) which is
probably the best because it is very fast (he also looks damn cool) although
he doesn't do much damage at all. MK will call in that bizarre mummy guy
(Jennety, Genity or Mack the Knife) which is decent anti-air, but a little
too slow to be a major part of his arsenal IMO. And finally, HK will call in
that baby in the robot (Hoober or Babyface{?}). Very nice damage if it hits,
but that's not very likely considering how slow the fool is.

As for supers, Captain Commando has some interesting ones. The Captain Sword
is absolutely lethal, but remember that it's not a beam super. It's best for
bringing super-jumping opponents to the ground (even if they block it,
they'll end up back on the ground). Also chain it from his launcher for a
nice combo. As for the Captain Storm, it may look pretty cool at first, but
once you're on the receiving end it quickly loses it's charm. He'll go
across the whole screen to uppercut, but it's really easy to see coming.
Never just use it straight out of the blue, either wait until the opponent
is recovering from something, or chain it to a helper attack. After he's
done, you can OTG and launch into an air combo or Captain Sword.

Captain Commando has a good deal of power, but he doesn't take hits too
well. Watch out for Blodia Punches, Double Final Atomic Busters and so on,
even more so than you would with a different character.

| 8.3 - Chun-Li |

Chun-Li is a dangerous character. She's very fast, with good moves and four
supers - although the power of her regular moves is somewhat lacking. If
you've never tried Chun-Li before, give her a go. It may take a little while
to master her, but once you do she's a very well-rounded character.

Technically speaking, Chun-Li can't fly. In practice though, her air moves
are second to none. Triple jumps and air dashes can greatly increase air
time - learn how to use them well. Once after a Super to triple jump (with
air dashes), I was way up in the air and hammering the MK button. My
opponent was Captain Commando, who chose that time to pull off a HP Captain
Corridor right below me. Flying up even higher, I went on with more triple
jumps and air dashes...Chun-Li landed. Eventually.

Don't rely on her Kikoken - you won't win any firefights with it. The only
character with a worse fireball move is Strider, but of course some
characters don't have any fireballs at all. The Mini-Kikoushou is actually
handy against someone like Wolverine or Morrigan (i.e. people who are coming
up to try and launch you into a combo).

Her Lightning Kicks are probably her best move, and since in the Vs games
you can do them in the air they become one of the most important parts of
her strategy. Try this against Onslaught's second form - jump up to his head
and repeatedly hammer away at a kick button (HK if you can do it fast
enough). Depending on where he is in the screen, you should be able to get
about 20 hits before the parabombs reach you. The kicks are also excellent
air-combo finishers, and she's pretty much invincible from the front while
doing them. However, stop once your opponent is hit or has blocked the
kicks, unless you have a deathwish.

The Tenshou Kyaku (also known as Spinning Bird Kick, but I hate that name)
is quite effective as air defence. Use it as you would a Shoryuken move, and
if you miss, watch out for nasty things waiting for you on the ground.

The Axe Kick is a handy overhead surprise attack, but don't overuse it
because people will get used to it and it's really easy to counter once you
know how. If there are people who are turtling in the corner, it may catch
them off guard, but otherwise it won't achieve too much.

Her supers are pretty effective in the game. The Kikoushou (also known as
the "bubble-thingy") is great for when people keep jumping at you. I've
caught countless Captain Commando players jumping in with his insane
jumping HP-crouching HP-Captain Corridor combo. This thing is totally HUGE
compared to it's size in the Zero/Alpha series (the Kikoushou super was the
size that the Mini-Kikoushou is in Marvel Vs Capcom) and the fact that it's
an enveloping attack means that there's no annoying hitting Chun-Li in the
back while she's still going (like you can with Ryu, etc.). Note that the
recovery time leaves a bit to be desired, and that an opponent can
push-block Chun-Li to the opposite side of the screen.

The Hazan Tenshou Kyaku is good for a surprise attack, but MAKE SURE YOU HIT
THEM. At least make sure they have to block (preferably while they're also
in the air), because otherwise it leaves you wide open. I've seen this used
in a combo off her launcher, which was surprisingly effective, but on the
whole if you want an air combo, practice the Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku.

The Senretsu Kyaku is great for combos, but don't just pull it out unless
you're feeling stupid. The recovery time on that is enough for hurty things
like Shin Shoryukens, Gamma Crushes, Ultra Final Atomic Busters...need I go
on? It does, however, do excellent chipping damage (remember to mash the
buttons) so if you want to chip someone to death, this should be your move
of choice. Otherwise, chain from her standing or crouching fierce punch.

Finally, the Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku (bit of a tongue-twister) is also a
great surprise attack against people that don't stop jumping in at you. Do a
backflip, pull this off and with a bit of luck it's time for the fireworks.
Otherwise, it can be used in a devastating air combo by chaining it after
her sj.short (the timing is harder than it sounds which leaves your opponent
missing a huge chunk of their life.

Overall, don't stay still, hit hard and get away and remember when to use
her supers. She can be a very effective characters, but needs precision.

| 8.4 - Gambit |

Gambit is one of my favourite characters, but maybe that's just because I
always thought he was cool in the cartoon. He's undergone slight alterations
since X-Men Vs Street Fighter (most notably a new super) but otherwise he
plays very similarly. If you've never played X-Men Vs Street Fighter, Gambit
shouldn't be too difficult to pick up.

The Kinetic Card is a very useful move, but not in the same way as other
fireballs. After you do the move, Gambit pulls out a few cards, charges them
up and throws them - once he actually throws them they travel across the
screen instantly. Mostly, I use the LP version, because the others just take
too long to come out. The HP Kinetic Card is handy if your opponent has done
something dumb like a HP Captain Corridor from the opposite side of the
screen. Doing this move in the air is also handy, since it dramatically
slows down his descent - you can totally avoid chipping damage from
over-ambitious Shinkuu Hadokens and the like.

As for the Trick Card, it's not his best air defence. I've found the best
use for it is against people who pick someone like Morrigan or Akuma-style
Ryu, then super jump and continually throw fireballs at you. Otherwise, it's
just a surprise attack - people forget he can do it.

His Cajun Slashes are perhaps the most important part of his ground
strategy. Not only do they look pretty cool, but they are quite easy to
combo. The HP version in particular is quite difficult to counter if blocked
(even harder if the fool push-blocks). Each one is handy for different
situations - I've found that the LP version has surprising range and comes
out very quickly, while the MP version is good to catch out people who have
just landed after jumping, or who are likely to do sweeps. The HP version is
best for combos or to follow up as an OTG.

The Cajun Strike and Cajun Escape are Gambit's confusion moves - they're
fast, and versatile, but leave you vulnerable. As such, don't abuse them,
but keep them in mind. Use them as crossups or to get Gambit into a better
position, not as a direct method of attack.

Gambit jumps...weird. His regular jumps lack horizontal range. I find it
best to stick to super-jmps, or just stay on the ground.

Gambit's supers are different in terms of uses than those of other
characters. The Royal Flush is not quite a beam super, so don't use it like
one. It's best to punish a mistake that an opponent has made, or set up a
cross-over combination, and it will even OTG (although for a greatly reduced
number of hits). Keep in mind that Gambit clicks his fingers after finishing
the move - there's nothing you can do about it, just don't be surprised if
someone manages to hit you after blocking the Royal Flush.

The Cajun Explosion is great fun, but people can usually see it coming. The
best thing to do is jump over the opponent's head (ie. the qcf + KK version)
while they're doing a fireball. If you're ambitious you could try linking it
off a helper attack (multiple-hit ones like Psylocke would be best). It's
mostly a safe chipping move rather than a direct attack super.

Gambit is an effective character, and good fun to use. In particular,
his combos are very good, but overlooked in favour of Wolverine, Spiderman
and Strider. He's also THE stylish character - great for anyone tired of
doleful and somewhat bland fighters.

| 8.5 - Hulk |

I've been experimenting a bit with Hulk recently, and there's more to him
than the plain old "hit-them-really-hard-repeatedly" strategy that I've seen
people employ. On the surface though, he seems to just be one of those big
intimidating guys, and his moves reflect this.

Hulk can't do very big combos, but the ones that he can do HURT. A lot. A
4 or 5-hit combo from Hulk will do more damage than a 9-hit combo from
Spiderman. Take advantage of this, and if you get an opportunity to launch
the opponent, make the most of it.

I love Hulk's jumping HK. It's big, it's got high priority and (like all of
Hulk's moves) it hurts. On the flipside, Hulk's standing HK isn't as good.
It's not totally useless, but it's really slow and leaves him wide open.

Hulk's Gamma Slam is not used like a fireball. Anyone who knows what they're
doing can avoid it and make you pay. If you do get drawn into a firefight,
it's just too slow, and even the multiple hits can't make up for that. It's
best used to put some distance between you and the opponent (if you can
force them to block it). Otherwise, don't use it too much.

The Gamma Charge is a great move, but don't use it against turtling
opponents. The reason for this is that it takes Hulk AGES to recover, pretty
much anything can be done before he can block. It's difficult to combo, but
that's the best use for it. A Vertical Gamma Charge can be handy, but don't
rely on it to save you from jumping opponents.

The Gamma Tornado is one of the most useless moves in the game. It can be
blocked (or ducked for the smaller characters) and you can even Tech Hit out
of it. If you actually manage to grab someone, the damage is pretty paltry
considering Hulk's standards. I dunno...use it if you're feeling crazy.

Hulk's Supers are interesting. I reckon the Gamma Crush is probably the
best, mainly because it can hit people as Hulk jumps up, and does insane
damage (just how high do you have to jump to grab an asteroid?). Chain from
his launcher for best results. The Gamma Wave is handy but isn't quite
strong enough...though it's very safe if blocked. Generally, I use it to
punish stupid opponents or to try and chip someone to death. As for the
Gamma Quake, try to use it when your opponent is in the corner, otherwise
they can retreat and hit you with the beam super of their choice.

When all's said and done, Hulk is physically the strongest character, but
don't get too carried away. It's all too easy to think that this massive
green machine can just roll over everyone in his way, but for him to do that
your opponent would have to be brain-dead. Don't just repeatedly hammer the
fierce and roundhouse buttons - some strategy is required. However, once you
pick up on the strategy, Hulk is a dangerous opponent.

| 8.6 - Jin Saotome |

Jin is probably my favourite character - he's just so strong. He's slightly
slow for his size, but his power really is amazing. Personally, I took a
little while to get used to his strange style (it was quite a change from
Gambit or Ryu) but once I did he's a great character.

The Saotome Dynamite is both a great asset and a dangerous gamble. It's
great because it hits for a good deal of damage and hits in all directions
at once. The danger comes from the fact that it has an extremely short range
and the recovery time - if your opponent blocks it, or worse, you miss, they
will have all the time in the world to hit you with the super of their
choice (I reckon that even War Machine could get you with a Proton Cannon if
you miss). Personally, I only use the Saotome Dynamite linked to a crouching
HK, but it would also be handy against people who keep jumping in at you.

The Saotome Typhoon is best againt people who are jumping in at you, or you
need a quick counter attack after blocking moves like the Captain Storm or
Weapon X. Otherwise, I can't think of any way to use it without being left
vulnerable. Still, if you feel like taking a bit of a risk, it may pay off.

I usually forget that Jin can do the Saotome Crush - that's how useless it
is. I've never managed to hit a human opponent with this, and usually I've
been badly hurt while I'm vulnerable. Forget about this move, the damage
isn't worth it anyway, and I'm pretty sure you can tech hit out of it.

Jin has the best taunt in the game - the Saotome Fire. You could get by
perfectly fine without it, but it's just so funny! Not so much the taunt
itself, but the fact that it inflicts damage (have a look at your opponent's
face when you kill them with this). Better yet, you can cancel it at any
time (press KKK). Great stuff, just make sure you actually get to the flame
stage when you need to (Jin's harmless until he catches on fire).

Let me introduce you to something that makes Jin totally devastating - the
Blodia Punch. This is one of my favourite supers, the reason being that it
HURTS. It cancels out fireballs, and works in pretty much every respect as a
beam super, only ten times more powerful. The best use for this is to combo
it off a crouching LP-MP - remember that Jin also punches as Blodia does, so
he can hit them and leave them totally unable to block when that massive
fist comes onto the screen.

As for the Blodia Vulcan, it's not that great. It's dead easy to spot, and
the damage isn't really that good. It can't even chip someone to death. The
best use is against super-jumping opponents.

The Saotome Cyclone is probably Jin's most damaging super, but has the
worst recovery out of all of them. The vertical range is great and it's very
unexpected when Jin isn't actually on the screen at the time. Sometimes
combos off a standing strong, but not reliably.

Jin also has something that nobody else in the game has. His Desperation
power-up can make all the difference in tight situations. He has super
armour and all his attacks will do even more damage. This power-up is a
great asset, and since it's unique to Jin, he will always have an edge over
other characters (apart from another Jin). Whatever you do, don't let Jin
die first!

Jin a capable character, but he may take a little time to learn. Don't let
this effort put you off - he's damn cool once you can successfully play as

| 8.7 - Megaman |

It's that nauseating little kid again. I've had enough of this guy, he seems
to pop up all over the place. I've never really gotten the hang of him, but
maybe that's because I'm too busy vomiting all over the place. He plays like
Ryu's baby brother, with a few interesting moves of his own.

Fireballs. That seems to be what Megaman is all about. He can charge his
fireballs up (apparently indefinitely) and all it takes is a single hit of
the HP button. Keep in mind that the uncharged ones don't do any chipping
damage, so you can't kill someone that way (thankfully).

Megaman has a kind of Shoryuken move (possibly called a Mega Upper) which is
used in pretty much the same way as any move of it's kind. Keep in mind that
Megaman is puny - even his HP version won't go too high.

Megaman's versatility comes from his Item Change move. Default is the
Tornado Hold, which is exactly the same as Storm's old move (she also does
it when called in to help). That one's probably the most useful, just judge
the distance right. An LP Item Change will result in a Rockball, which is
a good interrupting move. The Leaf Shield (HP Item Change) could be handy,
but I've never been able to use it properly. In general, I'd stick to the
Tornado Hold, but anyone more co-ordinated with Megaman than me might like
to experiment with the others. Remember to pick up the item that is dropped,
and remember that opposing Megaman or Roll players will be able to steal it.
This could be used as a deterrent - drop an item that your opponent DOESN'T
want on the and keep away from it.

Megaman is small - an absolute nightmare for combo characters, and if you
know what you're doing he can be irritating for other characters too. You
can duck under a lot of attacks (when Thor is called on to help, his
lightning misses even if Megaman is standing) so use this to your
advantage. Also, any attacks that hit at multiple levels simultaneously
(like Gambit's Royal Flush) can have their chipping damage reduced by
ducking while blocking. Actually, that's a general rule, but more obvious
with someone like Megaman.

Megaman's supers are quite good, but they all have one (sometimes fatal)
flaw - recovery time. Megaman takes ages to recover from them (this is not
helped by him stopping to do something "cute") and this can be ruthlessly
exploited by characters with fast moves or supers.

The Hyper Megaman is ok, but the best part about it is that Megaman can
actually uppercut someone while he's preparing for the super. This leaves
them vulnerable, and soon missing a good amount of their health. The Rush
Drill is best for moderately quick counter-attacks (remember to hit the
buttons for turbo boosts) and Megaman is 100% INVULNERABLE for the
duration. The Beat Plane is probably his best super, since there is a
potential for a lot of hits (50+) and you can move all over the place
(even chasing super-jumping opponents). This also does insane chipping
damage, but watch the recovery.

I'm sure Megaman could be a good character, but I'm too put off by the
cutesy image. Still, if you can look past that or (shudder) even like that
kind of thing, you may find Megaman to be very powerful.

| 8.8 - Morrigan Aensland |

As of this writing, I haven't played any of the Darkstalkers games, so the
first time I saw Morrigan was here in Marvel Vs Capcom. Her moves are
comparable in effect to those of Ryu (I assume she was the "Shoto-clone" in
Darkstalkers) but there are plenty of differences once you see everything
she's capable of.

Her Soul Fists are fairly good as far as fireballs go, and are generally
the basis of Morrigan's game. The air version pushes her upwards and
slightly backwards, so people can throw a ton of air fireballs from a
single super-jump. Not very effective, though, because most characters can
counter it really easily. Ryu can super-jump and pull off a Shinkuu Hadoken,
Jin can Blodia Vulcan, or run underneath and do a Saotome Cyclone, Captain
Commando can do a Captain Sword from anywhere on the ground...there's also
Hyper Megamans, Gamma Crushes and War Destroyers, not to mention regular
moves capable of hitting a fireball-happy Morrigan (Captain Corridor works
well). If you can't actually hit Morrigan (maybe when you're playing as
Zangief) there are plenty of places to hide from the fireballs.

Morrigan's Shadow Blade suffers from the same weaknesses as any uppercut
move, but it does multiple hits and she can do it in the air. Still not
very abuseable, though, as I think it misses out on Ryu's invulnerability
frames. Still a handy move to have, though.

Her Vector Drain throw is interesting, but ultimately it isn't that much use
in a fight. The damage is good, but it's difficult to grab anyone who knows
what they're doing. You can also tech hit out of it, so only use it as a
surprise attack or if the opponent is REALLY vulnerable from something (like
after you've just blocked a HK Charging Star).

Many people overlook Morrigan's air dashes, but they form an integral part
of my strategy. The fact that she can dash in three directions (UF, F or DF)
means that they're very versatile. I've gotten behind Ryu while he was
repeatedly throwing hadokens at me and pulled of a Darkness Illusion before
he could recover. The most important thing to remember is that once you
dash, there's no blocking like there is for most ground dashes - it's a
Death or Glory style thing. Either you land and do something good, or you
crash and burn because an opponent was clever enough to pull off a
successful counter. Don't let that discourage you though, because the air
dashes are extremely useful in the right situations.

Morrigan has a few kick moves (not special moves, because they don't do
block damage) which can be handy in the right situations. Her D + MK while
jumping isn't actually much use (I'd rather do a standard HK) but her D + HK
(again while jumping) is useful. It's great for catching someone like
Spiderman by surprise when he tries to dash under you while you jump.
Finally, her F + HK move (while standing) is decent in ground combos.

Morrigan's four supers are interesting. First of all is the Soul Eraser,
which is a very valuable beam super. Once she actually starts it, the beam
crosses the screen instantly (in other words, if you're not blocking before
it actually starts, it's going to hurt) and it does a surprising amount of
damage (don't forget to mash the buttons). As for the Darkness Illusion,
it's handy but ultimately not that useful. I only use it to punish an
opponent for doing something dumb, or to exploit any opening I get (like
when I air dashed behind Ryu). Otherwise it's not the best super (I don't
think you can air-combo it in at all). The Silhouette Blade is vaguely
reminiscient of the Shoryuu Reppa, but I stress "vaguely". Morrigan herself
doesn't actually hit the opponent, so you may think it's much safer than
the Shoryuu Reppa. The only flaw in this reasoning is that she has a huge
recovery time, so if they block it, they can do pretty much anything they
want to you. The damage is decent, so don't shy away from this super, just
know when to use it.

Her final super is the Eternal Slumber, which is a Level 3 super. The only
thing worthy of note about this super is that it's unblockable - against
inexperienced opponents it's pretty useful (and it's also a great way to
finish a round). Otherwise, the heart travels really slowly, and I think it
can even be cancelled by a regular fireball. Most opponents have the sense
to jump or super-jump out of the way, and if you actually manage to hit, the
damage isn't really worth three levels of super energy. Only use this if you
want to show off, or you've got tons of super energy and nothing to do with

Morrigan is a passable character, though she loses badly to the upper tier
characters. Still fun to play, though, and worth taking the time out to

| 8.9 - Ryu |

Ryu is the only character who's been in every single Street Fighter game
ever made. That's got to say something - Capcom really likes this guy for
some reason (maybe his background). In Marvel Vs Capcom, Ryu is probably the
most versatile character, with his ability to switch between the three main
shotokan styles (Ryu, Ken and Akuma).

On that subject, you can quite effectively play Ryu without using the
Shotokan Switch move (some people prefer plain old Ryu anyway) but this
isn't making use of his full potential. Switch your styles around, make your
opponent think before they attack you. Usually I stick to Ryu at the start
(or switch to Ken mode and be really annoying) and when it looks like my
opponent is getting used to that style, I'll switch again. Personally, I try
not to use Akuma too much, mainly because everyone knows exactly what Akuma
can do. Usually, I use Akuma as sort of a threat - switching to him then
going on an all-out offensive, because this style is undoubtedly the best
for offense. Ryu is best for defence, while I mainly switch to Ken for his
irritation value.

Depending on which style you're in, the Hadoken is the most valuable or most
worthless move in your arsenal. Ryu seems to rely heavily on the Hadoken,
while in Ken mode they are basically crap. Akuma strikes a medium between
the two - his are handy but not his best move. If you want to use Hadokens,
stick to Ryu mode, but don't get too predictable with them - a beam super in
the face often hurts.

Next up on the signature move list is the Shoryuken. Ryu gets the slow and
steady ones, which do good damage but, as I said, are rather slow. Ken has
the best, with multiple hits, good damage and the ability to pull them off
in the air. Once again, Akuma hits the middle - multiple hits and decent
damage, but not the best move available to you. All suffer from the same
basic flaws - if you miss, even with the LP version, you're probably going
to get hurt. At the very least, you'll be giving your opponent a free hit,
which obviously isn't a good thing to do. Be particularly careful against
Zangief - he can jump up and SPD you, or quickly pull of a big, hurty FAB
for when you land. They're best against opponents who are jumping in,
because in all three versions, he's pretty much invulnerable on his way up.

And then we come to the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (or Hurricane Kick, if you
prefer). Akuma's version is the best by far, with multiple hits, good damage
and spiffy lightning effects to boot. Ryu once again gets the slow and
steady style - once I heard them referred to as "one hit wonders" which
adequately sums them up. You'll probably only get a single hit out of them,
but the damage is pretty good. Ken's funky oblique version is handy, but
risky (in the same way as a Shoryuken). If you miss, you've just given your
opponent as much time as they could need to do whatever they want to you.
Keep in mind, with all three, that they can be done in the air (Ken's will
revert to the standard kind for air ones) which is usually most useful for
when you're jumping in at an opponent (a flying mass of feet is difficult to
counter, except for Captain Commando).

In all three styles, you've got overhead smashes (F+MP for Ryu and Akuma,
F+MK for Ken) which can only be blocked while standing. They're handy, but
they take a while to come out (Ken's in particular seems to take ages).
Don't overuse them, because they get pretty predictable after a while.

In Akuma mode only, you'll gain access to the dive kick, which in my opinion
is a horribly overused move. It does a few hits, for good damage, but I can
always see it coming. Don't use it too much - personally I'd only use it as
a surprise attack against a jumping opponent who has strayed too close. Also
in Akuma mode, you'll get the Teleport, which is very useful, but don't
accidentally pull of a super instead.

Ryu's supers in standard mode are quite useful. First of all - the Shin
Shoryuken. This thing has very little horizontal range, but if you hit them
with it, it HURTS. Ryu's most used super is the Shinkuu Hadoken, which is
probably the best beam super in the game - it comes out pretty quickly and does
good damage, with very little recovery time (except the air version...don't use
the air version outside of combos). Finally, he's got the Shinkuu Tatsumaki
Senpuu Kyaku (probably the longest name in the game) which does good damage,
but is very risky. In particular, if this is push-blocked, Ryu will be sent
across to the other side of the screen, while they can hit you with pretty
much anything.

In Ken mode, all of his supers are somewhat risky, but they are by no means
useless. With the Shoryuu Reppa, it comes out extremely quickly, and covers
ground faster than Spiderman (and that's saying a lot). I've been hit by
this while recovering from a Royal Flush (the Shoryuu Reppa was started
from the opposite side of the screen). Keep in mind that it's the same as a
Shoryuken (if it's blocked, they've got a lot of time to hurt you). Next is
the Shinryu Ken, which is great for super-jumping opponents, and it can also
be used in a combo after his launcher. Again, this is like the Shoryuken in
terms of risks. Finally, his Shippujinrai Kyaku is very useful, because (I
think) he's invincible during the start-up frames. If it's blocked, though,
he takes a little time to recover - not ages like War Machine after a Proton
Cannon, but enough to give your opponent a window of opportunity.

I don't much like the supers in Akuma mode - they're just not as useful as
those in other modes. Anyway, first is the Messatsu Gou Hado, which is
similar to the Shinkuu Hadoken, but you can't do it in the air, it takes
longer to come out and does less damage. Not terribly good, so don't use it
much. Next is the Messatsu Gou Shoryuu, which is (more or less) exactly the
same as the Shoryuu Reppa. He also has the Tenma Gou Zankuu, which is useful
but (in my opinion) far too obvious. Maybe if you're in the air and need a
counter attack really quickly, but otherwise it's not too great. And finally
he has the Shun Goku Satsu, which is about as useless a super as you could
find. Level 3 only, it's REALLY obvious when you're trying to do the move
and he seems to go so slowly. Not only that, but he can't block while going
forwards, and your opponent should know that if they don't hit him or get
out of the way, they're going to get hurt. Never, EVER use this move against
a human opponent! In general, when you're in Akuma mode it's best to save
your super energy for your partner.

So there you have it. If you want a versatile character, look no further
than Ryu. He's pretty easy to pick up, and offers enough to keep you
trying to master him. He seems to be a touch on the slow side, but other
than that he's a good, all-round character. His main problem is that he eats
super meters up quickly, while building them up slowly, so it's best to team
him up with a fast-charging character like Zangief.

| 8.10 - Spiderman |

Spiderman is a pretty funky character. All his moves look...interesting...to
say the least, and he is, without a doubt, the most acrobatic of the
characters. I'm not too good at him myself, but I've picked up a few bits of
information that may be useful.

First - combos. Spiderman has big combos, but they're a little tricky. In
particular, his launcher isn't very straightforward. You could use a standing
MP, but he always ends up jumping too high when you try to follow up. To
launch an opponent, use a crouching MK, then a standing HK.

Spiderman's fireball is the Web Ball, and despite what you may think, it's
not too great for entangling an opponent. The HP one seems to take ages to
come out, and in that time most people have either done their own fireball
or started to block. The LP version comes out quickly enough, but traps them
for quarter of a second (if you're lucky). Usually, just use the LP version
to cancel out your opponent's fireballs, and ignore the others unless you're
feeling lucky.

The Web Throw is an interesting move, but ultimately useless. It seems to
take too long to come out, and they have to be within half (?) a screen to
actually get thrown by the thing. I've found that the best use is a surprise
attack against jumping opponents, with the MP and HP versions. Otherwise,
don't use this too much.

I really like the Web Swing move - not for how it looks but what it can do.
The fact that you can do it in the air makes it a good air combo finisher,
and it's good for an "attacking dash". Spiderman looks deceptively
vulnerable while doing the move, and most opponents will be lured into
trying to hit him. If my experience is anything to go by, this move has
insane priority (once I traded hits with a Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku,
but that may have just been luck). It's a great move, but don't overuse it,
because the recovery leaves quite a bit to be desired.

The Spider Sting is an interesting version of a Shoryuken, and should be
used in pretty much the same way. If you manage to connect with it, don't
forget to tag the extra hit on the end of the move. I think Spiderman lacks
the invulnerability of the standard shotokan Shoryuken, though.

Spiderman's supers are decent but by no means easy to use. The Maximum Spider
is really easy to see coming, although once he actually starts it is
unbelievably fast, and does good damage. Try and chain it to a helper attack
or wait until your opponent is really vulnerable. If it's blocked, Spiderman
is in trouble. The Crawler Assault is a handy move, but I'm yet to find a
really good use for it. It's best to use when you have an opening that would
be too small to start a Maximum Spider. As for the Ultimate Web Throw, it's
just silly but insanely powerful. It's pretty easy to see coming, but a
good time would be after blocking something like a Gamma Charge or Charging
Star. If you reckon you can hit, go for it! The damage is excellent.

Spiderman is a fairly average character, but he's very fast and builds meter
quickly. Sadly, the only time he really gets used in high-quality play is
for the lockdown technique, and even then he can be substituted for the
other remaining Venom...

| 8.11 - Strider Hiryu |

Strider originally appeared in an old Capcom platform game, but I've never
played it myself. I'm told that it's pretty good, but I'm yet to track it
down. Nevertheless, I know that in Marvel Vs Capcom, Strider is really good.

Strider has the best combos in the game - seriously. They're dead easy to do
and he does good damage with each hit. His sword (Cypher?) gives him
excellent priority, and to cap it all off, they look really impressive.
What more could you want?

He's also got a whole swag of special moves, but quite honestly some are
just plain useless, so I'll mention those only briefly. First is his
fireball (Formation B), but the fact that it's a double charge move (once to
get the satellite thing, again to launch it) means that it's too slow to be
of any use. If anything, you can stick the launch on the end of air combos.
His Ame no Murakumo (or useless-runny-slashy-thing) takes too long to come
out and leaves him really vulnerable if it's blocked. The next useless move
is (I think) called Formation C, but most people just know it as the bomb
drop, and it's just far too slow to be of any real use (good damage, though).
The Wall Cling is just annoying for your opponent, it really won't do you
much good (climb up into the corner and wait, then when they jump up at you,
cross over to the other wall. Repeat for maximum irritation). His other moves
are at least somewhat useful in certain situations, so I will elaborate upon

From memory, the move is called Ghram - the one where he slashes almost
across the whole screen. This is a useful move, particularly good if you
want to play keep-away games, but don't try it in close quarters - it comes
out a bit too slowly. Remember that on the ground he can do a low version as
well (use K) but in the air he can only use the P version. The main use is
in ground combos.

Performing the move for the Ame no Murakumo in the air will result in a body
slash style thing. I've found this is best as a combo finisher (you can get
extra hits tagged onto his already impressive combos) or as a kind of air
dash (watch out though, since that's a bit risky). Remember that you've got
6 directions, with LP going almost straight up, through to LK going
headfirst into the ground.

The Vagula is a great move, and I don't know why more people don't use it.
I've caught countless people by surprise with this move (kicked Ryu in the
head after he'd done a Hadoken. Heh) and it also looks pretty snazzy. The
recovery time if it's blocked is a bit of a drawback, but it comes out so
quickly you should be able to pick a good time to use it.

Formation A will send a mechanical leopard running along the screen. It's
actually decent for if you get into a firefight with someone like Chun-Li or
Spiderman (although if your opponent starts a firefight with either of those
characters, they need their head examined) but otherwise I find it's best to
just annoy your opponent. Don't overuse it, but throw out the odd leopard
and chase after it, launching a flurry of attacks in their direction.

The teleport is best used as an evasion tactic. If your opponent gets too
predictable with ranged moves, appear behind him and do your stuff.

As for supers, first the Ragnarok...not very useful, really, since it's slow
and has bad recovery. Damage is nice, but nothing particularly noteworthy.
The only use I've found is to do it when someone has tagged out normally, and
you've blocked the jump-in move (ie. not going to happen much).

Ouroboros is easily his best super -  - if you want to put your opponent on
the defensive, nothing will do it like this. Only someone with a severe
deathwish would attack Strider while these things are going, because if you
hit your opponent, there are all sorts of nasty things you can do to them.
The Ragnarok can actually be used during a combo from these things - they'll
cover the time it takes Strider to actually start his move. If you want
insane combos, try to anticipate when the Ouroboros will end, then launch
them into a double-jump combo as they finish. Remember that Strider can
also teleport during the Ouroboros...

Strider's final super is the Legion. It looks pretty cool, but it's not
actually a lot of use for hitting people - the animals take too long to
cover the screen. It's usually used to chip people to death, but if an
opponent knows what they're doing they can not only avoid chipping
altogether, but hit Strider as well. Beam supers will cut swathes through
the mechanical animals, likely hurting Strider in the process. There's not
much the Strider player can do about this, just watch out if your opponent
has a level of super.

One final note - Strider takes hits like a pansy. A move which would
slightly hurt a "regular" character will put a big dent in Strider's energy,
and all I can say is WATCH OUT for supers like the Shin Shoryuken or Blodia
Fist - Strider ain't gonna be too healthy after those.

Strider is an excellent character, just remember how badly he takes a hit.
Use everything in your extensive arsenal combined with Strider's speed and
range to overcome anything your opponent throws at you.

| 8.12 - Venom |

Venom is probably the most interesting newcomer to the VS series, and I'm
glad he finally made it into one. He's a bit difficult to play at first,
but if you get the hang of him he can be a dangerous character.

The most important thing to remember when playing as Venom is his size.
Although he's as fast as Strider or Morrigan, he's still a big guy. This can
be exploited by combo-freaks (I mean, who would you rather attempt to do a
combo against - Roll or Zangief?) and he can't do sneaky things like duck
under War Machine's high Shoulder Cannon. There is, of course, nothing you
can do about this. Just keep it in mind.

Venom doesn't have too many good combos - he's really more of a poking
character. His standing HP has amazing range, and his standing HK will hit
pretty much anyone who jumps in at him. Super-jump around, hitting them with
anything then retreating to safety. His best air combo is probably as
follows: launch your opponent (MP) jump up and follow with LP-MP-HK-Venom
Fang. Otherwise, Venom has to keep on the move to be really effective.

Remember something about Venom - his ground combo series is punch to kick.
Why is this important? Well, here's the thing - Venom's standing fierce has
excellent range and power, but recovers slightly slowly. However, due to his
combo series, Venom can cancel his fierce into a standing short kick, and
recover very safely. Don't underestimate the usefulness of that.

He only has three special moves, but they're all handy. First is the Venom
Fang, which is excellent air defence and also an excellent air combo
finisher. However, don't just pull this off while you're on the ground
unless you're really confident - if you misjudge the range they'll probably
hurt you.

The Venom Rush is a nice move, but you really have to know what you're
doing. It's great for counter attacks (it's pretty fast) but if you miss
you'll look like a bit of a fool (particularly if you receive a beam super
in the face). Know when to use it (right after a Hadoken is NOT a good time)
and it will come in very handy. User discretion is required when it comes to
this thing.

Finally the Web Throw looks pretty cool, but isn't that good against other
opponents on the ground. It's best as a surprise attack against opponents
who are jumping in at you, but don't overuse it (they'll get used to it,
and, if they're really clever, will work out a way to hurt you while
avoiding it). Maybe throw out the odd one along the ground to keep them on
their toes, but otherwise air defence is the best way to go (a little
premonition may be required - it's speed leaves much to be desired).

Now we come to the supers - first is the Venom Web. Heh...this thing is next
to useless against human opponents, because EVERYONE can see it coming. Only
use it to punish a silly mistake that someone has made, otherwise you'll
never get anywhere using this move against anyone with half a brain. It
looks pretty funny though, and on the odd occasion I'll throw it out just to
see the goofy way Venom jumps...

The Death Bite is a fun super, and it comes out surprisingly fast. I've hit
Strider with this thing as he started his Ouroboros (it was pretty funny at
the time) and I've even hit Captain Commando out of a Captain Sword (much to
my relief, 'cause Venom didn't have enough health to survive) but despite
how useful it is, it can be the complete opposite if you don't know what
you're doing. Against opponents who are jumping in, he may actually start it
BEHIND them as they land (and you'll soon be on the receiving end of
something nasty). It's best against people who don't have quick beam supers
(obviously NOT Ryu) because even if they block it they'll be out of counter
attack range (or at least, out of range for powerful counters).

Venom can be a powerful character, but you really need practice. He's not a
beginners character, so I'd only suggest trying Venom once you've got a good
grasp of the game. Once you become proficient with him, he can be a very
effective fighter.

| 8.13 - War Machine |

Palette-swapped fool in a high-tech suit of armour, and also one of the most
dangerous characters in the game, in the right hands.

First I'll talk about Flight - War Machine is the only character in the game
who can do this. It CAN actually come in handy, but remember one vital thing
about this - War Machine can't block during it. He's got a lot of possible
moves, but there's not a lot he can do about supers in his face. If it looks
like your opponent is going to do a super at you, land straight away.

War Machine's launcher has next to no horizontal range, but it more than
makes up for this by having insane priority (War Machine has incredible
priority in general). Dash in and chain it from his crouching strong.

A Shoulder Cannon is both useful and risky. The high version is particularly
risky against someone like Megaman, but both high and low suffer from a key
weakness - they take just a split second too long to start and finish.
Whereas something like a Hadoken has all the recovery piled on at the end
(i.e. it comes out very quickly, but he needs to recover a bit after doing
one) the Shoulder Cannon seems to have the recovery evenly divided. Still,
it's a great move (particularly handy for combos) and War Machine should be
able to win a firefight against anyone else in the game (yeah, even Megaman
with his ultra-easy HP fireballs).

Smart bombs are excellent for putting opponents on the defensive and general
retaliations. They're best used while super-jumping to keep opponents on the
ground. You're not going to catch anyone by surprise, but War Machine
recovers quickly and these cover a lot of space. Sprinkle liberally
throughout your game.

Repulsor Blasts have been seriously toned down since Iron Man appeared in
Marvel Super Heroes (War Machine's armour must be inferior). If you don't
hit your opponent with it, it seems like War Machine stands there for SO
long with his hands above his head. Either use it as air defence (and hope,
a lot) or don't use it at all. Never use this from a whole screen away - I
can't think of many things that would be dumber.

War Machine has two supers which are decent stand-alone ones, but
incredible during Duo Team Strikes. The Proton Cannon looks mighty
impressive, but it takes a long time to come out (not to mention having a
huge recovery time) so you're best off using it solely during Duo Team
Strikes. Though I can't really think of any reason to use it over the War
Destroyer there...but hey, it sure looks purty.

The War Destroyer is a fun move (Geronimo! War Destroyer!) and is a useful
move against super-jumping opponents who are trying to land on your head
(usually Wolverine or Morrigan with their annoying head stomps). It can be
effectively used in a combo off his launcher. It's also good for tracking
opponents. It truly excels during Duo Teams, as it effectively hits your
opponent anywhere, leaving your partner free to move to do whatever they
want. It also leads to the infamous double War Machine semi-lockdown, but
use that sparingly, just in case your opponent has homicidal tendencies and
is close to breaking point...

Despite the beams and projectiles coming out of every orifice, War Machine
is NOT a scrub's character - the lag on his moves means that he requires
excellent timing and co-ordination to be truly effective. Once you master
him, though, he's got the upper hand on most characters in the game.

| 8.14 - Wolverine |

He's back again - he's appeared in all three Vs games to date (along with
Ryu, Chun-Li and Zangief, excluding helper characters) and I still don't
like him any more than I did to begin with. It's not that I'm bad with him,
it's just that I've never really liked the character, or his spastic
berserker style. Nonetheless, some people love to play as Wolverine, and
he's clearly a character to be feared in the hands of an expert.

Wolverine is fast. Damn fast. He can run rings around pretty much anyone
except Spiderman (even Spiderman when he uses the Berserker Rage) and
Red Venom (but again, Berserker Rage will bring his speed equal to Red
Venom. His game is mostly based on taking advantage of this speed.

He's got a fair few special moves, each having their uses. The Drill Claw is
best as an air-combo finisher, because otherwise it's really slow and leaves
him extremely vulnerable if it't blocked. However, the fact that it can be
used in 8 directions means that it's very versatile and can actually give
Wolverine a good deal of manoeuvrability in the air.

The Berserker Barrage is his signature move, and is best used in ground
combos, because if my experience is anything to go by, you won't catch too
many people by surprise with this thing. As far as I can remember, I've only
ever been hit by it when it was used in a ground combo. It will also OTG, so
it can come in handy in other situations as well.

The Tornado Claw could be better, but it's far from useless. It suffers from
the same weaknesses as any Shoryuken move, so keep that in mind, but he does
multiple hits for decent damage. He also has good horizontal range, so it
can be used as a very quick counter-attack against relatively close
opponents. It's main drawback compared to other anti-air moves is that it
lacks invulnerability frames.

The Berserker Slash is a great new move, but if you misuse it, you will look
really stupid. It can go through pretty much anything, and will go straight
past the opponent, and therein lies the catch. If you misjudge the distance,
Wolverine will be facing the other way and at the mercy of the opponent. But
the truth is that this move is great - it's very fast and can hit someone
out of pretty much anything. Practice this move until you can judge the
distance correctly all the time.

Wolverine has that annoying head stomp, which shouldn't be abused, but still
forms an integral part of his game. The reason is that, for some reason, it
can be chained to a jumping roundhouse, which then leads to ground or air
combos very easily. Try and start it close to the opponent, or you'll
soon be receiving an anti-air move straight up his ass.

As for supers, Wolverine has some of the best. The aforementioned Berserker
Rage makes him unbelievably fast (I think if you're lucky you can actually
combo the Weapon X while in Berserker Rage) but his power takes a nose dive.
Use this when you want to really overwhelm your opponent.

The Berserker Barrage X is one of the most annoying supers to face. It is
really, really easy to combo in, and it does good damage. When not used in
combos, it comes out extremely fast, so you can catch most people out from
the tiniest opening. Watch out though, because if it's blocked, Wolverine
will be rather vulnerable (in time for launchers or most supers).

The Fatal Claw is a bit of a gamble, due to the poor recovery. Many
characters, even when hit by the Fatal Claw, can jab techroll and recover
before Wolverine, which is, needless to say, bad for the berserker mutant.

Finally, we come to the Weapon X, which looks pretty cool but isn't very
useful. The fact is that it takes far too long to come out, so even if you
want to catch someone out after a missed HP Shoryuken, the timing is
absolutely critical. Too early and you'll run under them before they land,
too late and they'll block. Maybe use it to try and finish someone off with
a bit of style.

If you want speed and combos, Wolverine is probably the man for the job. If
you're not too good at the game yet, Wolverine will also probably put up a
sterling performance regardless of how little you know. He works well with
pretty much anyone, and truly shines during Duo Team Strikes. As much as I
dislike him, I must admit that he's easily one of the best in the game, if
not THE best overall.

| 8.15 - Zangief |

Zangief has undergone numerous overhauls since his original appearance way
back in Street Fighter 2 (an immovable Lariat and the Spinning Pile Driver
were his only moves) and in the Vs series he's become a very solid
character. Cnce you get the hang of him, he can hold his own against
pretty much everyone.

Zangief has horrible dashes. Technically, he has horrible dash, because he
can't go backwards. His forward dash is really slow, and I don't think it
can be stopped to block like the forward dashes of other characters. Try not
to dash with Zangief, it won't get you anywhere worthwhile.

You've got to be able to do the Spinning Pile Driver (SPD) move to be able
to successfully play as Zangief. The SPD is probably his key move, so if you
can't do the 270 motion you'll never be good with Zangief. It doesn't do as
much damage as it did in Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter, and it's
possible to tech hit out of it, but the move is still perhaps the most
important in his arsenal. Practice this move.

Even if you can't do the SPD motion, you can still muster a decent
performance with Zangief, using the Russian Bear Slam/Siberian Suplex move.
The half-circle move is a lot easier to do than the 270, and he'll have
super armour while he's moving forwards (see note below). Don't just use
this move out of the blue from the opposite side of the screen - that's not
what the super armour is for, and besides, he probably won't make it to his
opponent unless they dash forwards (unlikely). It's best against someone
like Morrigan or Spiderman, who's probably going to try and combo you after
you land in front of them.

NB - It's actually more than super armour. Hulk, for instance, has a 1-hit
     buffer before flinching, but can be tripped any time. Zangief has a
     larger hit buffer (unsure of the exact value), but can also be tripped.

Zangief's Lariat is a very useful move. His fists will hit pretty much
anything first and of course he will go through most projectiles (a notable
exception is War Machine's high Shoulder Cannon). It's probably the best
move to finish off Zangief's puny air combos, and it's helpful because
Zangief looks deceptively vulnerable during it - novice opponents may be
lured into attempting to attack him, but veterans will either sweep or stay
out of your way. It's really easy to do, so don't overlook it, but don't
overuse it either, because soon people will notice his vulnerability to

The Aerial Russian Slam (a super from Street Fighter Alpha, but a regular
move in Marvel Vs Capcom) isn't actually very good as air defense. I always
have trouble actually grabbing the opponent, and the angle is kind of odd
(you'll probably fly under an opponent who's jumping at you). If your
opponent is kind of dumb, you may be able to combo this off a crouching MP,
but I mean they have to be REALLY dumb. I haven't really found a use for the
Aerial Russian Slam.

The Banishing Fist is a very valuable move for Zangief. It will negate
fireballs, but the timing is very difficult, and he takes too long to start,
so you'll have a really hard time hitting the fireballs. The real attraction
for this move is that it can set up either a SPD or a FAB, and if you're
really good it doesn't matter if the Banishing Fist connects or not. If they
block it, Zangief has virtually no recovery time (not even enough for a
crouching LP from Morrigan) and will be left right next to the opponent. If
he actually manages to hit them with it, well, they'll still be reeling
while you do the move. Heads, I win. Tails, you lose.

As for supers, there are three words that will strike fear into the minds of
anyone on the receiving end - Final Atomic Buster. This is probably the most
daunting (although not the most powerful) super in the game. After it is
started, Zangief has the same super armor as during his Running Bear Grab
until he either grabs the opponent or he finishes running forwards.
Technically speaking, this move can't be used in a combo, but there are
times when you can start it and the opponent has virtually no chance of
getting out unhurt. For instance, while the opponent is standing up, start
the FAB, and there's not a great deal they can do to get out of it. If you
rotate the joystick during the move, the final piledriver will do more
damage than normal.

Zangief's new Level 3 super is the Ultra Final Atomic Buster, and quite
honestly it's a bit of a disappointment. When started, he doesn't move
forward at all (the same as doing a SPD while on the ground) so your chances
of grabbing the opponent are reduced dramatically. The damage done doesn't
warrant three levels of super, and it really isn't that impressive visually
either. This move shouldn't be used in a serious fight, because it is, not
to put too fine a point on it, crap.

Another new option available to Zangief is the Iron Body/Mega Zangief mode.
It takes up a level of super, but once done Zangief will turn into the
secret character from Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter. This means that
he has Hyper armour and won't flinch from ANYTHING. He gains a new move, the
Vodka Fire, which is handy but only really useful against someone who tries
to jump in at you (never use it against Roll!). He loses the Banishing Fist,
which is a pity, but it's a worthy sacrifice. Instead of the UFAB, he gets a
bizarre thing called the Siberian Blizzard, which is kind of like Ken's
Shinryuken only harder to do and not terribly useful. By the way, Zangief
cannot block in this mode (maybe that Iron Body transformation cut off the
blood circulation to his brain) and he is SLOW. Damn slow. Transforming can
be the smartest or the stupidest thing you've ever done, depending on your
opponent. Against Spiderman, go for it! Spiderman can't do any real damage
to Zangief this way, his Web Balls, Web Throws, Maximum Spiders and Ultimate
Web Throws will be shrugged off with little effect. Against someone like War
Machine, Iron Body isn't a terribly clever thing to do. War Machine can hang
back and blast you with Shoulder Cannons, Proton Cannons, War Destroyers...
or he can just super-jump and Smart Bomb you to death. You should be able to
get the idea - Iron Body against weak, combo freaks (not Strider, mind) but
use regular Zangief against someone with good ranged attacks.

Zangief is great fun to play, and people shouldn't shy away from him like
they did in the earlier games. MvC is one of Zangief's best games to date.
He still requires a fair bit of skill to play, but it's worth taking the time
out to learn him.


    All codes are entered on the Character Select screen. It's best to
enter the code while selecting your first character, because otherwise the
cursor will skip over the picture of the character you have selected. To
enter the code, move over the portrait of the character mentioned, and input
the directions indicated. Do it fast, or the game will automatically select
the character you are currently over when the timer runs out. Once you reach
the end of the code, the final direction should move you off the grid, over
whatever secret character you have chosen. Press any button to select them.
    Note that the tactical descriptions tend to be somewhat cursory, since
generally speaking the secret characters aren't vastly different from their

| 8.A - Gold War Machine |

CODE - From Zangief, Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, Dx2, Lx2, Ux4, Rx2 Lx2, Dx4, Rx2, Ux2,
       Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, Ux5

Gold War Machine is slightly different from regular War Machine (move-wise,
instead of Shoulder Cannons he fires missiles, and the Proton Cannon will
also fire missiles) but obviously the main difference is that he has Hyper
armour, like Zangief in Iron Body mode. Unlike Zangief, War Machine can't
switch his armour off, so he'll never be able to block.

One notable change is his crouching fierce - instead of the missile, he
fires a short beam. What's notable about it is that if War Machine is hit,
the beam will extend to a full screen range, and continue firing until
whatever is hitting him stops. This also opens up a silly oversight when
fighting a mirror match with Gold War Machine - if both do a crouching
fierce at the same time, the beam will extend as usual, but since nobody
flinches...it just keeps going until someone dies. If done in training
mode, it just keeps going period.

He really is incredibly slow, but his hyper armor and smart bombs will see
him through. Forget about the Shoulder Cannon here, it's basically crap.
Ditto for his Proton Cannon, not that it was particularly useful to begin
with. Rely on your priority, and watch out for beam supers.

| 8.B - Red Venom |

CODE - From Chun-Li, R, Dx4, L, Ux4, Rx2, Dx2, Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, Ux4, Lx2, U

Ugh...freaky. This guy is a bit of a shock - he's always got supercharged
speed (like a perpetual Berserker Rage) and he actually tends to be a touch
more powerful than regular Venom. But (and it's a BIG but) he has next to no
stamina. A strong super like the Shin Shoryuken will probably take him out
in one go (if it doesn't he won't be too healthy). A few good whacks on him
and he's gone.

A side effect of his insane speed is, unsurprisingly, infinite combos. Red
Venom's got a ton of them, and that's one of the things that puts him so
high in the rankings. He's all about mad combos, but you have to know
exactly what you're doing and when to do it because of his poor stamina. Hit
hard, and never let up.

Keep in mind that Red Venom's special moves are different to those of
regular Venom. Generally speaking, a qcf+P move will result in Venom's HP
and a qcf+K will result in Venom's HK (although there are differences, as
you will see if you perform the move). Red Venom still has the Web Throw,
but otherwise his moves are different. His regular throws are also the same.

| 8.C - Lilith |

CODE - From Zangief, Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, Ux2, Dx4, Lx2, Ux4, R, L, Dx4, Rx2, Ux4,
       Lx2, Dx4, R, D

Lilith is quite an effective character for anyone who plays as Morrigan. She
tends to be slightly faster and a touch more powerful than her sister
(although Morrigan has much better supers) and this will allow you to have
two "Morrigans" on the one team.

Generally speaking, Lilith has the same special moves as Morrigan, the only
difference being the Soul Fists - Lilith's version is a heart-projectile,
which only covers half the screen (like Ken's hadoken) but tends to do a
little more damage than one of Morrigan's Soul Fists. Otherwise, the Vector
Drain and Soul Blade are the same, and she also has the Head Stomp, etc..

As for supers, Lilith loses the Eternal Slumber, but retains the Darkness
Illusion (her version is identical, but called Luminous Illusion, I think).
Instead of the Soul Eraser, Lilith gets something called Brilliant Shower,
which sends heaps of pink bats at the opponent. It's good for chipping, but
takes a bit too long to come out. Also, instead of the Silhouette Blade,
Lilith gets a pretty useless thing called Splendour Love. It seems to take
AGES to start, and doesn't really do very much if you actually manage to
start it. Generally, save your supers for your partner (if you can combo in
a team super, the Brilliant Shower is an excellent back-up to anything).

Lilith is an interesting character - her supers aren't as solid as
Morrigan's, but she can still combo as effectively..

| 8.D - Orange Hulk |

CODE - From Chun-Li Rx2, Dx2, Lx2, Rx2, Dx2, Lx2, Ux4, Dx2, Rx2, Ux2, Dx4,
       Ux4, L, U

Also known as Crappy Hulk, I still haven't found any reason to play this
guy. He loses his super armour in favour of bigger and easier aerial raves.
Since his ground combos are exactly the same, and he's no faster than
regular Hulk, this effectively neuters him. If anyone's found a use for him,
I'm all ears.

| 8.E - Roll |

CODE - From Zangief, Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, Dx2, Lx2, U, L, Ux2, Lx2

When I first saw Roll, I had trouble keeping a straight face. She's just so
pointless...I don't know. She seems really underpowered and just plain
silly. She's also a blast to play.

Her moves tend to be similar to Megaman's, but there are a few very
important differences. The fireball is now qcf+P and cannot be charged, and
it's also got insanely slow recovery time (Roll has trouble in a firefight
against Strider, but mainly because Strider has those leopards). To use
whatever item she has is now qcf+K. qcb+P will throw a flower bouquet, which
is probably the silliest move in the game (for comparison, I'd rather use
Chun-Li's taunt than this thing). She also loses the Mega Upper.

Roll is microscopic - many moves miss her while she's standing, and she can
crouch to be even smaller! This lack of size also means lack of range - her
arms and legs are really short, and you'll have trouble hitting someone.

Roll retains the Beat Plane and Rush Drill, and instead of the Hyper Megaman
she gets the Hyper Roll (funnily enough). This is really silly, because in
the Hyper Megaman you'll notice that huge beam coming out of him - she loses
that and gets useless lightning bolts and missiles instead (I know which I'd
rather have).

Roll is there just for kicks...she's great fun to play, but will never be a
truly competitive character.

| 8.F - Shadow Lady |

CODE - From Morrigan, U, Rx2, Dx4, Lx2, Ux4, Rx2, Lx2, Dx2, Rx2, Dx2, Lx2,
       Ux2, Rx2, Ux2, Lx2, Dx5

Remember Chun-Li's ending from Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter? Well,
Shadow Lady is now playable in Marvel Vs Capcom. She is, of course, similar
to Chun-Li, only I think the word "techno" adequately describes her moves

Shadow Lady retains the Lightning Kicks and the Axe Kick, but loses the
Tenshou Kyaku and the Mini-Kikoushou. Her other moves either replace moves
that weren't mentioned there, or are new to Chun-Li - these moves will be
described below.

Shadow Lady has the Drill Punch instead of the Kikoken, and it's ten
thousand times more useful. The Drill Punch does multiple hits and as such
does much better damage that the Kikoken.

She gets a Lightning Field move, which is handy but ultimately not too
useful. It's kind of like Venom's standing HK - good if you connect with it,
but extremely short range. Use it against opponents who are jumping in, but
don't overuse it.

Finally she gets some pretty useless things (I just call them Butt Missiles)
that take far too long to come out. They do track the opponent, but pretty
much everyone will either start up some kind of beam super or block - you
may catch someone by surprise the first time (like a Captain Commando player
who starts a Captain Storm) but people will tend to learn after the first
time. Maybe use them once or twice, but don't rely on them, because they're
not too great.

As for supers, Shadow Lady gets the Big Bang Laser (pretty dumb name, but
you can get some funny cross-over finishes...Big Bang Bite...hmmm) which is
kind of like War Machine's Proton Cannon, except it comes out and finishes
much quicker. It does good damage, but people do tend to see the eye ching
and take the hint.

She also gets the Galaxy Missile, which is probably the least useful super
in the game. Think of it as Super Butt Missiles, and you'll get the idea. It
takes AGES to come out, and suffers from pretty much all the drawbacks of
the regular move. May do good chipping damage, but I don't really get the
chance to experiment (if I do try it, I'm usually eating super pretty

If you want to know what happened to the Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku, or the
Hazan Tenshou Kyaku, well...I don't know. Shadow Lady just doesn't get them,
so she can't dominate air fights like Chun-Li can.

Shadow Lady is an interesting change, but personally I'd rather have regular
Chun-Li. Shadow Lady is nice for a change, but can't hold a candle to normal


    These are the helper characters available in the game, along with codes
to select them and comments on their effectiveness. There's apparently some
numerical order to them, but I couldn't be bothered about that, and the grid
isn't on the screen for very long, so I've just alphabetised them instead.
    To use the codes, you must hold down Start and the indicated buttons,
preferably BEFORE the grid comes up (otherwise when you press the buttons
you'll select whoever the cursor is over).

Name: Anita
Code: LP + MP + HP
# of uses: 5
Comments: A little girl from Darkstalkers who isn't actually much use. She
takes ages to actually launch her clocks (?!) and so forth at them, and most
opponents will either block or hit her. The damage isn't too great, and
she's not big enough to make much of a distraction. Generally, if you get
her randomly, don't bother using her, because it really won't do you
any good.

Name: Colossus
Code: LP + MP + MK
# of uses: 5
Comments: Hoo-boy...this guy's annoying. If you see someone with Colossus
who's backing into a corner, DON'T JUMP AND ATTACK! Bait them into wasting
their Colossus assist by blocking, otherwise Colossus is called as you jump
in and you bounce along on his shoulder. The opponent starts up something
like a Captain Storm...kiss goodbye to a big chunk of your life. Colossus is
probaby the most useful helper, because he makes it so easy to set up things
like the aforementioned Captain Storm.

Name: Cyclops
Code: LP + LK + MP
# of uses: 7
Comments: Cyclops' low Optic Blast is good against, say, Megaman, because it
does three hits (cancelling out most fireballs and hitting the opponent) but
the damage isn't too great. Cyclops is a good helper for someone like Jin or
Zangief, who don't actually have any ranged attacks worth mentioning. Also
will be good against fireball-happy opponents.

Name: Devilot
Code: MP + HP
# of uses: 5
Comments: The big attraction here is that the explosion is unblockable, so
if you want a bit of space most opponents will back away from Devilot. She
has super armor, and can absorb a few hits, but if she takes too many, she
leaves without doing anything. Nonetheless, an excellent helper to control
space and intimidate people.

Name: Iceman
Code: MP + MK
# of uses: 4
Comments: Old member of the X-Men, he's a lot like Hulk's Gamma Quake (only
much shorter and for less damage). It covers a good portion of the screen
(great for Dave's good old "confuse-the-enemy-by-putting-too-many-
characters-on-the-screen" tactic) and lasts a fair while. Handy to have.
The trouble is that you only get to call him four times, so don't waste

Name: Jubilee
Code: LK + MP + HP
# of uses: 8
Comments: Jubilee (of the X-Men) comes on and fires a few flashy firecracker
things at the opponent. She takes a little too long to start, but the
firecrackers always seem to go towards you (they don't track you, but
there's a fair few of them). She won't stand up to beam supers, but then
again, no helpers will. Use her as you would a sort of crazy fireball.

Name: Juggernaut
Code: LP + MK
# of uses: 3
Comments: Juggernaut comes charging on to the screen, doing excellent damage
and (as most people should know by now) he's BIG. The drawbacks here are
that you only get to call him three times, and that he only does three hits
per summon. He'll go through fireballs, but will stop if he gets hit
physically. I'd use him in close quarters, near a screen edge so as to
minimise the time it takes to get Juggernaut actually hitting the opponent
(and thus have a good chance of catching them by surprise).

Name: King Arthur
Code: LP + MP
# of uses: 8
Comments: He's from Ghouls & Ghosts, that ancient platform game, and quite
honestly, he's a bit of a fool. He'll come on and throw three lances, then
bound off again. If he gets hit by anything, he'll have his armour blown off
and fall off the screen in his underwear, so don't call him in when the
opponent is close (when I was Strider, my opponent wasted five summons
because I'd just hit Arthur with a single LP as he came). He's best used for
irritation value, because he's not too quick.

Name: Lou
Code: MP
# of uses: 8
Comments: I've got no idea where Capcom pulled this guy from. Anyway, he
looks like some variety of gnome, who'll come on and fire a few harpoons at
your opponent. There's a little orb near his head that shoots a flame as
well, so he's got a fair bit of firepower for such a little guy. He's
actually a very good helper, since he stays on-screen for a long time and is
small enough to avoid many retaliations. Good to control the ground.

Name: Magneto
Code: LK + HP
# of uses: 7
Comments: Magneto (one of the villains from the X-Men series) comes in and
does one of his EM Disruptors. He's actually quite good, because first you
can call him seven times, and he's actually one of the quicker helpers out
there. Also, he's very safe while doing his EM Disruptor, but he doesn't
look it (so foolish opponents may be lured into attacking him). As with
Cyclops, he's good for characters who don't have any real ranged attacks of
their own, but Magneto probably won't do as well as Cyclops would against

Name: Michelle Heart
Code: LP + LK
# of uses: 6
Comments: Dunno where she's from, and quite honestly I don't care. Against
human opponents, I don't think she's really very useful. Although her firing
has a good vertical spread, she doesn't really do much damage. She will
appear roughly at the height your opponent is, which can actually be a bit
of an inconvenience - for instance, if your opponent is jumping in at close
quarters, and you call in Michelle, she'll appear up really high, and in the
meantime your opponent has landed and is beating the crap out of you. She is
handy against Onslaught's second form, but against human opponents there are
much better helpers out there.

Name: Psylocke
Code: MK
# of uses: 5
Comments: Another X-Men character, she comes in with a toned-down version of
her Psi-Thrust super from Marvel Super Heroes. She's fast and sets up combos
nicely, but she's not too tall, so opponents can easily jump over her. She's
similar to Colossus in terms of use, though she trades vertical range for
increased horizontal area.

Name: Pure and Fur
Code: LK
# of uses: 5
Comments: Apparently, these two were going to be a Capcom mascot (I for one
am glad that I'd never seen them before Marvel Vs Capcom) and in game terms,
they're not that great, but they're far from useless. Probably the best
thing about them is that the dice come from the absolute top of the super
jump screen, so if you're facing super-jumping opponents you can call these
two in to catch them by surprise (a dice-bombing isn't exactly what you
expect while super-jumping). On the ground, they're not too good because
they have next to no horizontal range. Chipping damage isn't too good
either, so if you're fighting against an opponent who'll stay on the ground
they're not that useful.

Name: Rogue
Code: LP + MP + HP + LK
# of uses: 7
Comments: Rogue comes onto the screen doing her rushing punches move from
X-Men Vs Street Fighter. She has a fairly limited hit range, but if she
actually connects, the opponent will be lifted up and ready for all sorts of
follow-ups or beam supers. Rogue isn't the best helper out there, but there
are plenty of uses for her.

Name: Saki
Code: HP
# of uses: 7
Comments: Some girl comes on and shoots this funny lightning gun thing,
gives the thumbs up and jumps away. From a technical aspect, she's pretty
much the same as Cyclops - her lightning hits three times and crosses the
screen instantly. The uses are pretty much the same also - good to use as a
projectile attack for someone like Jin or Zangief, and good against fireball
happy opponents.

Name: Storm
Code: LP + LK + HP
# of uses: 6
Comments: Storm flies onto the screen and does one of her typhoons from
X-Men Vs Street Fighter. The typhoon has fairly short range, but good
vertical height and will lift up opponents (ready to be hit by the super of
your choice). Don't expect an opponent to get hit by the typhoon too often,
because Storm takes a touch too long to start up. However, it will cancel
out fireballs and is a good way to exploit an opening. Practice the timing
and Storm will come in handy.

Name: Thor
Code: LK + MP
# of uses: 7
Comments: When I first saw Thor, I thought he was pretty crap. Then, Dave
ended up with him as a helper once (after messing up the Sentinel code) and
he started calling Thor down and shouting "Thor!" all the time. Anyway, this
soon ended up as Thor Wars (with both of us selecting Thor and trying to
out-Thor each other) and since I've been seeing Thor so much, I've actually
come to appreciate his uses. His lightning comes out really high, so pretty
much anyone except Zangief and Hulk can duck under it - and most veteran
players will do this. This effectively shuts down their movement for a
second, which allows you to get into a better position, or perform cross-ups
with no fear of retaliation. Thor does decent damage (if he hits, which is
another story entirely) and he's pretty big and intimidating (and thus
causing a bit of a distraction for your opponent). He does take a bit too
long to start, but otherwise Thor is one of those useful but overlooked
helper characters. To top it all off, you get to call him seven times, which
is bound to cause a headache or two for your opponent.

Name: Ton-Pooh
Code: LP + HP
# of uses: 9
Comments: I'm told this girl is from the original Strider arcade game. She's
not too good - she'll jump on the screen and do a big kick (about the same
range as Strider's Ghram) then jump off again. The kick has decent range,
and you can call her nine times, but it's near impossible to use her to set
up anything. Throw her out to catch your opponent by surprise, but otherwise
don't expect too much from her.

Name: Unknown Soldier
Code: LP
# of uses: 4
Comments: This guy (don't know where he's from) will pop onto the screen and
fire a few times. He comes out very quickly, and he fires a fair bit (don't
try to out-shoot him, because you'll probably end up worse off). The problem
is that you can only call him four times - not too great for someone like
this. I mean, you can call Colossus out five times, and Colossus is probably
better in game terms. Nonetheles, Unknown Soldier is a very good helper,
just don't waste your summons.

Name: US Agent
Code: MK + HP
# of uses: 5
Comments: He'll do a Charging Star, exactly the same as Captain America's HK
version. Once he starts, he'll nullify fireballs, but he takes a touch too
long to actually get going. Use him as you would a kind of tiny Juggernaut,
because he's very similar from a technical point of view. He can set up
supers and act as a fireball shield, but don't expect him to achieve a great

HIDDEN HELPERS - These two can only be selected by a code. They won't appear
                 on the regular grid.

Name: Sentinel
Code: MP + MK + HP
# of uses: 4 times
Comments: Sentinel charges across the screen, hitting a few times for good
damage. He's as tall as the regular screen (i.e. not including the
super-jump height) but there's a big problem here. If he gets hit by a
fireball, he'll stop and kind of half-heartedly explode (you'll see what I
mean when this happens). Use him as you would Juggernaut, but keep this
vulnerability to fireballers in mind.

Name: Shadow
Code: LP + MK + HP
# of uses: 3
Comments: Shadow jumps onto the screen with his Somersault Justice super.
He's far from useless, but it's a little difficult to actually hit someone
with him. If the opponent is in the opposite corner, Shadow will miss them
entirely. Only use Shadow when your opponent is approximately in the middle
of the screen. If he hits, they'll be lifted up, but it's difficult to chain
supers off Shadow's hits - he just doesn't seem to last long enough. He's
not a bad helper, but not someone I'd use very often.


    Onslaught isn't like Apocalypse was in the original two Vs games. If you
don't know what you're doing, he'll walk all over you. First there are
ratings for Helpers against Onslaught, then character-specific tips for
defeating him.
    The ratings for Helpers are like this - there are A, B and C, with A
being the best and C being the worst. Generally, the best against Onslaught
are large, multiple hit style characters, with the fastest taking pride of
place. Helpers are mostly useless against his second form, so all of these
ratings are for using against his first form. Note that these ratings are
against Onslaught only. If you want to know about Helpers in a normal fight,
see the previous section imaginatively entitled Helper Characters.

 Anita           - C - Takes too long to start.
 Colossus        - A - Comes out quick, multi-hit.
 Cyclops         - C - Doesn't do enough hits, sometimes misses.
 Devilot         - C - Way, way, WAY too slow and too hard to hit with.
 Iceman          - B - Only good when fairly close to Onslaught.
 Jubilee         - B - A bit too slow to start, but otherwise good.
 Juggernaut      - A - Good strength, comes out pretty fast, multi-hit.
 King Arthur     - C - Far too slow.
 Lou             - B - Just doesn't shoot rapidly enough.
 Magneto         - B - Makes Onslaught stagger after he hits.
 Michelle Heart  - C - Would be B class against second form.
 Psylocke        - A - Probably the best, with speed, hits and 5 summons.
 Pure and Fur    - B - Only good when right next to Onslaught.
 Rogue           - B - Stuns first form nicely.
 Saki            - B - Multiple hits are good, but could last longer.
 Storm           - B - Good hits but short range.
 Thor            - B - Would be A Class, but he takes too long to start.
 Ton-Pooh        - C - Just totally crap.
 Unknown Soldier - B - He's ok because he comes out fairly quick.
 US Agent        - B - Fairly good, but a little too vulnerable.

 Sentinel        - A - As good as Juggernaut, but watch out for projectiles.
 Shadow          - A - Multiple hits and decent speed.

    Now, in general, against his first form you want to chain regular combos
to helper attacks. Don't do supers, because Onslaught will just teleport out
of them. When he does his optic blast (Behold! Optic Blast! That's what he
should be saying) you'll notice a huge gap near his feet. If you can get
to that gap (as a smaller character) you can crouch and do simple hits. A
single LP for some characters (Jin, for instance) while some can do LP-MP
(Ryu and Strider are good examples). Some characters have their own simple
combos (Morrigan can do LP-LP-MP-F+HP). Generally, you want to block
whatever he does and hit him a couple of times while he's recovering. To
finish him off, a super can help (he'll only teleport out after being hit a
few times).
    Against the second form, watch out for the eye beams! They do INSANE
damage (as much as some supers against normal characters). Otherwise, watch
out for hyper gravs, and if he suddenly disappears, super jump to avoid his
rush. Jump up next to his head and hit him with a simple combo or a single
HP or HK. If you need to switch out, the best time is just after he's rushed
at you (before he gets back on the screen). A simple way to finish him off
is to do a beam super as he rushes at you (he'll go straight into it and
die). Keep your head, and again, watch out for those eye beams!

First Form - Use up your helpers, and chain a standing LP-MP-HP combo to
             their hits. After this, crouch and block, slipping in LP or MP
             during an opening. Alternatively, if you're feeling gutsy, try
             to cartwheel behind him and hit him in the back.

Second Form - When it's safe, jump next to his head and do a LP-MP-HP combo.
              The only super capable of hitting is a Hyper Stars & Stripes,
              but it doesn't do very much.

First Form - Use your helpers, and chain a standing LP-MP-HP-Captain Fire to
             their attacks. Crouch and block, using LP or MP when possible.

Second Form - Watching out for Eye Beams, run under his head and do Captain
              Corridors. A Captain Sword can hurt him a bit.

First Form - Crouch and use MK-HK, ad infinitum. The second hit will make
             Onslaught stagger, setting him up for another MK-HK combo.

Second Form - Jump up next to his head and hammer away at any kick button.
              He will send parabombs at you, so if it looks like you're
              going to be hit, drop to the ground and block. Repeat.

First Form - Chain LP-MP-HP-HP Cajun Strike to helper attacks. Otherwise,
             crouch and block, hitting him with LP whenever possible. Try
             Cajun Explosion if you feel lucky.

Second Form - Trick Card may do a bit, but otherwise jump next to his head
              with a hunter-style combo. Cajun Explosion helps too.

First Form - Chain LP-HP combos to helper attacks. After that, it's best
             to switch out (Hulk's too big). If you have to stay in, you
             can try blocking and slipping in a single LP when you get an
             opening, or doing a few jumping HKs.

Second Form - Jumping HP or HK next to his head will hurt him. Otherwise try
              LP-MP-HP combos or either Gamma Crush or Gamma Quake supers.

First Form - Chain LP-HP combos to helper attacks, then crouch and block,
             using LP-Saotome Typhoon.

Second Form - Jump next to his head using LP-MP-HK combos. If he does his
              rush at you, try a Blodia Punch (you'll get hit, but do good

First Form - Crouch and do uncharged fireballs at him. If you manage to
             start it, Beat Plane will help.

Second Form - Charge fireballs, then jump next to his head and fire them.
              A Hyper Megaman next to his head is great, as is a Beat Plane.

First Form - See Chun-Li. MK-HK combos stagger Onslaught, and can be
             repeated easily.

Second Form - Jump next to his head, doing LP-MP-HP-Soul Fist combos (while
              watching out for eye beams, of course). Try jumping Soul Fists
              at his head, but again, watch out for eye beams.

First Form - This couldn't be easier. Chain LP-MP-HP combos to helper
             attacks, then crouch and use LP-MP combos during openings. If
             you want to beat him with a little flair, change to Ken or
             Akuma mode and get behind him (using rolls or teleports). Kick
             the crap out of him while he's looking the other way.

Second Form - Again, this is really easy. Ryu can jump up next to his head
              and do LP-MP-HP combos, and a Shinkuu Hadoken really hurts
              Onslaught. In Ken mode, use the same regular combo, but for
              supers use a Shinryu Ken instead. In Akuma mode, the same
              combo helps, or you could try dive kicks at his head. Use the
              Tenma Gou Zankuu as a super, but be really careful for eye

First Form - Piece of cake. Chain hunter-style combos to helper attacks,
             then crouch and use LP-MP combos. If you want, try teleporting
             behind him.

Second Form - Try to start the Ouroboros, then jump up next to his head and
              mash like crazy. Legion can do a bit of damage, but otherwise
              just use combos (and be extremely careful of eye beams!)

First Form - All I can think of is HP-Venom Fang from helper attacks, then
             LP whenever an opening presents itself. Venom is a little too
             big to be really effective against the first form.

Second Form - Jump up next to his head using HK hits. If you can afford to
              be hit a little, try a Death Bite as he rushes at you.

First Form - Chain LP-MP-HP-Shoulder Cannon combos to helper attacks. Then,
             try to just use crouching HPs or Shoulder Cannons whenever you
             have an opening.

Second Form - If you're really gutsy, go into Flight mode and drop Smart
              Bombs on his head. Otherwise, just use Shoulder Cannons at his
              head. A War Destroyer will help (as long as Onslaught doesn't
              move too much).

First Form - Chain LP-MP-HP-Berserker Barrage to helpers (NOT Berserker
             Barrage X). Then, whenever you get an opening, mash the buttons
             until physically restrained (or until Onslaught attacks back,
             whichever comes first).

Second Form - Fatal Claw! Go nuts with that thing. Otherwise just jump up
              next to his head with the combo of your choice (but don't get
              too fancy, otherwise you'll get hit).

First Form - Really, all you can do is use HPs during helper attacks, then
             hit him with a single LP when possible. In general, it's best
             to leave the first form to your partner. Don't go into Mega
             Zangief - this is a Dumb Thing To Do.

Second Form - Jump up next to his head and whack him with a single HP. If he
              sends Hyper Gravs at you, it's best not to try the Banishing
              Fist at them (more often than not, you'll get hit). Try and
              super-jump out of the way, otherwise you'll just have to take
              the hits (but Zangief's a tough guy). Again, don't go into
              Mega Zangief - this is an Even Dumber Thing To Do.

Either Form - I really have no idea. I guess all you could do is just hammer
              away at him repeatedly, but you'll take heaps of damage. I'd
              mostly just use him to give my other character a chance to
              recover. Smart Bombs, maybe?

Either Form - Uh...if anyone can prove that they can beat either form of
              Onslaught solely with this guy, I'd be really impressed. His
              extremely low stamina means that Onslaught will soon chip him
              to death.

Both Forms - More or less the same as Morrigan, but don't try any supers.
             They take way too long to come out to be of any real use.

Both Forms - Just follow what you would do for regular Hulk, and remember
             that you don't have super armour anymore (not that it would do
             you much good against the second form).

First Form - Roll is GREAT against the first form! She's so tiny that
             Onslaught has a terrible time trying to hit her (watch what
             happens when he does the optic blast). Just whack him whenever
             he's vulnerable, and if he does the optic blast, rejoice!

Second Form - Pretty much how you would with Megaman, but use combos instead
              of charged fireballs. With Roll, a Beat Plane should be the
              only super you use.

First Form - Chain LP-MP-HP-Drill Punch to helper attacks. After that, use
             the same combo whenever you get an opening (it should cause
             Onslaught to stagger slightly).

Second Form - Just what you would do with Chun-Li. When he rushes at you,
              a Big Bang Laser will hurt him a lot.

 11. TEAMS

    Although I like variety, and I frequently mix the characters around in
any old way, there are a few teams that I come back to occasionally. I can't
always justify my choice of teams, but someone, somewhere may find this

Gambit + Strider

Back in the days of X-Men Vs Street Fighter, I reckoned Gambit was cool.
Maybe it was just because he got some cool one-liners in the cartoon, but I
gave him a go and became relatively proficient with him. I was disappointed
that he didn't make it into Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter, but once
I heard he was in Marvel Vs Capcom I dredged up my old skills. When I first
played Marvel Vs Capcom, I was looking for another character to accompany
Gambit. I picked Strider, because I liked the look of him, and as it turned
out he was a pretty cool character. Anyway, that's why I chose them

In game terms, these guys make a great team. I love combos, and these two
have some of the best in the game. A cross-over combination beginning with
Gambit is also effective (if you hit). Gambit holds them in place with the
Royal Flush, then Strider's Legion pummels them repeatedly. What fun. I
think the main reason I like this team is that both characters can really
handle themselves well independently, but can team up effectively for
interesting cross-overs.

Jin + Chun-Li

I started playing as Jin because I'd never really gotten the hang of him
before. After a few matches, I was very impressed by his sheer power (love
that Blodia Punch). His power-up at the end can also help in desperate
situations. As for Chun-Li, her supers complement his perfectly.

Cross-over combinations are what these two do best. Start one with Chun-Li,
and it is absolutely DEVASTATING. Her Kikoushou acts as a vacuum, and Jin
comes charging on, with Blodia smacking them repeatedly. I love that
cross-over. If you start one with Jin, Blodia does his thing, and Chun-Li's
Senretsu Kyaku follows up, reaching further than the Blodia Punch does.
Potential for a lot of hits here.

Also, these characters are amongst my best individually. Jin is devastating
once you know how to use him, and Chun-Li can be extremely annoying (if you
want an unfair match up, pit her against Zangief).

Zangief + Hulk

Well, how could you pass this up? The two biggest guys in the game, and they
work well together. Although the damage of his moves is slightly lower than
in Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter, Zangief is still one of the most
dangerous in the game. Also, with the option of turning into Mega Zangief
against those irritating characters like Spiderman, Zangief is actually
quite a well-rounded character. As for Hulk, he's obviously rather strong.
A few hits from him, and your opponent will be missing a good portion of
their life.

But undoubtedly the best thing about this team is the Double Final Atomic
Buster. If you manage to get them with one, they're not going to be too
healthy afterwards. The fact that the damage increases if the supporting
character is big is what makes the Zangief / Hulk combination the most

The only criticism I have is against Onslaught. I always have trouble
against Onslaught with this team, because they're both huge and Zangief
can't grab him. Otherwise, this team is great fun, and very intimidating.

Morrigan + Lilith

I always seem to do well with Morrigan, so I couldn't pass up having two at
once. Once you know how to use them together, these two can become rather
dangerous. Keep in mind the differences (and make sure you can tell them
apart) and you can't go wrong.

Also, a cross-over combination beginning with Morrigan is cool. I don't know
if it's true, but Lilith's Brilliant Shower seems to do insane damage. The
trouble is actually connecting with it - lock the opponent in place with the
Soul Eraser.

Don't expect to win a lot with this team, but have fun anyway.

Venom + Captain America

Nothing special about this team. Just finish someone with a cross-over
combination, starting with Venom...you'll get the Death Star! Well, I
thought it was funny...

Spiderman + Venom / Venom + Red Venom / Red Venom + Spiderman

Uh...can we say "cheap lockdown glitch"? If you want to know how to do it,
start a Duo Team attack, then with a Venom, do a punch throw. While the
opponent is webbed up, do a Web Ball or Web Throw with your other character.
The opponent will be frozen in place, and unable to do anything. Don't use
it if you value your health.

War Machine + Gold War Machine

Duo Team Strikes are what these guys excel at. War Destroyer until it's
over...your opponent loses a lot of life if they block, they die if they
don't block, and you make a new enemy. Fun.

Ryu + Megaman

This is the anti-Onslaught team. With these two, I've managed to do in
Onslaught without taking a hit (although I did lose a bit of health from
chipping). The reason they're so effective is their supers. Both can do
jumping beam supers, which are really devastating against Onslaught's second
form, and since he's so small Megaman can quite easily defeat Onslaught's
first form (Ryu can do a pretty good job as well). Otherwise, there's not
anything really special about this team.

 12. TOP 10 SUPERS

    I've included this section mainly because I was bored. It lists the 10
supers that (in my opinion) are the most visually impressive or stylish.
Now, I may be biased (I really hate Megaman) but as I said, this is just my
opinion. I'll be willing to hear your views, but keep in mind that with
something as trivial as this, there are no "facts", only opinions.
    Also keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the technical aspect
of the super. If Dan's Super Taunt was in the game somewhere, it would be
right up there with the best of them.

#1 - Royal Flush - Gambit
Well, how could I go past this move? This move is the epitome of style, and
it's what makes Gambit the coolest character in the game. I've Royal Flushed
more opponents than I can remember, and it's still my favourite super. The
only flaw I can find is that there are only 37 hits - there should be 52 to
make up an entire deck :)

#2 - Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku - Chun-Li
I don't know what Chun-Li just did to her opponent, but this quote I
overheard adequately sums it up - "That's not a kick, it's a natural
disaster!". I've seen this move countless times (usually when I'm on the
receiving end) and it's still one of the most impressive in the game.

#3 - Proton Cannon - War Machine
That's some pretty impressive ordnance he's got there. And just where does
that thing come from? In game terms, it's not the most useful super (people
can see it a mile off) but it's damn cool in terms of appearance. Don't
forget to shout "Proton Cannon!" along with War Machine - it adds to the
annoyance of the move.

#4 - Legion - Strider
I can't really explain why I like this super. I think it's all got to do
with Strider's action - I love that point. It's as if he's got an entire
army (or should that be zoo?) off screen, and it comes on rather suddenly.
Once someone I was playing against sent out a single leopard afterwards
(qcf+K). Looked like one of them was running a bit late (it would be really
funny if it was fat and wheezing).

#5 - Blodia Punch - Jin
Well, that massive fist is amongst the most reassuring sights in the game
(that is, reassuring for the Jin player). I mean, seriously, if this was in
a real fight, how could Jin lose? That huge robot should just step on the
opponent and squash them flat. Game over. Like the Proton Cannon, remember
to shout out "BLODIA!!!" when Jin does. If you really want to, punch your
opponent as well.

#6 - Messatsu Gou Hado - Ryu in Akuma mode
I love the look of the energy (chi?) gathering in this move - much more
impressive than the Shinkuu Hadoken (of course, the Shinkuu Hadoken is tons
better in game terms, but that's not what we're talking about here). Some
people think the Tenma Gou Zankuu looks better, but I'd have to disagree. In
my opinion, the Tenma Gou Zankuu looks a bit unco-ordinated. Maybe that one
should be a beam super as well, a bit like Cyclops' air Super Optic Blast.

#7 - Weapon X - Wolverine
I always thought Wolverine looked pretty cool at the start of this move (but
the thing is, his claws are always out during the fight. Why does he need to
pop them out again?). It's definitely my favourite auto-combo super, and I
love the slow-motion at the end (can't explain why, though).

#8 - Venom Web - (Red) Venom
He's a bit too eager, but it still looks cool. If there was a move that just
SCREAMS "Venom", this is it. Spiderman my ass...this super is where it's at.
Let's see your Maximum Spider do this, eh! :p

#9 - Final Justice - Captain America
FINAL JUSTICE! In my opinion, if you don't say that when you do the move,
you may as well use the Hyper Charging Star instead. Captain America's good
old super (came in with his first appearance in a fighting game) is back
with a vengeance, and it's as useless as ever! Still, if you manage to
connect with it, it's a pretty cool-looking super.

#10 - Final Atomic Buster - Zangief
Even though Zangief has that Ultra Final Atomic Buster, I still prefer the
good old Final Atomic Buster. The reason is, the UFAB just isn't enough. I
can't really justify why I think that, but personally I'd do the FAB over
the UFAB any day.


    Anything which didn't fit in anywhere else will find it's way here. Most
people already know these things, but there's bound to be someone somewhere
who doesn't know. Whoever you are, enjoy...

BEAT UP THE DEAD GUY - After winning a match, press Start to stop your
                       character doing their victory pose. Now you can
                       control them and beat them up until the screen
                       clears. Note that some poses can't be cancelled (such
                       as Captain America with the eagle landing on his

POSE POINTS - After the points are totalled up, it will freeze whatever your
              character is doing and take the picture to the centre of the
              screen. Before the character portraits come up, you may get
              extra points depending on what the character is doing. More
              points are awarded for tricky poses (i.e. only one or two
              frames of a move will count, such as in Gambit's Royal Flush).
              There are tons of possible poses, so experiment.

SWITCH LEADER - At the match-up screen (i.e. when the portraits are
                displayed with a big fat VS in the middle) press all three
                punches to switch the character who will start out the
                match. Note that you don't have to hold the buttons, just
                pressing them will do.

STEAL HELPER - Between rounds, hold all three kick buttons to retain the
               helper character that your opponent used.


    Mostly, I've written everything in this FAQ myself. However, there are a
few people I'd like to thank...

It's inevitable that I'd say this, but thanks to Capcom for making such a
great game. Keep up the good work. Thanks to Marvel for allowing them to use
the Marvel licence.

Chris MacDonald (kmegura@yahoo.com) for writing a comprehensive move list
for MvC. I borrowed a few move names from there (hope that's ok, because
otherwise there'd be no chance I'd remember a name like Shichisei Senkuu
Kyaku). If you want to read his FAQ, it can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.

Thanks to Dave, Ty and anyone else I've fought against. If it weren't for
all of you, I'd always be fighting the lame computer AI (which has
occasional bouts of combo-frenzy).


    If you want the latest versions of my FAQs, you can check out my site at
<http://i.am/ug.the.caveman>. Send any comments, suggestions or corrections
to <bzcharkl@hotmail.com>.
    Looking back over the FAQ, I've noticed that I've used my own names for
a few moves, and since I haven't listed the actual commands, people may get
a bit confused. I shouldn't imagine this will pose too much of a problem,
but if you've got no idea what I'm talking about, e-mail me and I'll try to
    So there you have it - my FAQ on Marvel Vs Capcom. If you live in the
area of Brisbane, Australia, I'd be glad to challenge you to a game of MvC
anytime (I'm always looking for a good game).

 - Anthony Nickerson, aka Ug the caveman <bzcharkl@hotmail.com>