Captain Commando by Benzi

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 05/08/98 | Printable Version

Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 16:45:39 +0800

Marvel vs. Capcom: Captain Commando FAQ ver 1.4
("Burn, baby, burn!!")


 d########b        A        #######b  #############    A        ###  #####    #####
d########b        d#b       ########b ######V######   d#b       ###  ######   #####
d##              d#^#b      ###   Y##P     #A#       d#^#b      ###  #######  #####
d##             d#P Y#b     ###   d#P      #A#      d#P Y#b     ###  ######## #####
d**            d*******b    ******C        *A*     d*******b    ***  ***** ********
d**           d**P***Y**b   **IY           *A*    d**P***Y**b   ***  *****  *******
d********b   d**P     Y**b  Y*b            *A*   d**P     Y**b  ***  *****   ******
 q********b d**P       Y**b Y*b            *Y*  d**P       Y**b ***  *****    *****  

 d########b  d#######b   ###b      d### ###b      d###        A        #####    #####  P######b      d#######b          
d########b  d#########b  ####b    d#### ####b    d####       d#b       ######   #####  ######Y#b    d#########b         
d##        d#b       d#b #####b  d##### #####b  d#####      d#^#b      #######  #####  ###    ##b  d#b       d#b                
d##        d#b       d#b ######bd###### ######bd######     d#P Y#b     ######## #####  ###     ##b d#b       d#b                
d**        d*b       d*b *****Y**P***** *****Y**P*****    d*******b    ***** ********  ***     **P d*b       d*b                
d**        d*b       d*b ***** YP ***** ***** YP *****   d**P***Y**b   *****  *******  ***    **P  d*b       d*b                
d********b  d*b*****d*b  *****    ***** *****    *****  d**P     Y**b  *****   ******  ********P    d*b*****d*b                         
 q********b  Y*******P   *****    ***** *****    ***** d**P       Y**b *****    *****  b******P      Y*******P          
		#########        A         d#######b   
		#########       d#b       d#b#####d#b
		####           d#^#b     d#b       d#b
		#########     d#P Y#b    d#b       d#b
		*********    d*******b   d*b       d*b
		****        d**P***Y**b  d*b   #b  d*b
		****       d**p     d**p  d*b****#b*b
		****      d**p       Y**b  Y*******#b
	   /    Captain Commando FAQ made by Benzi Robledo    \
	  |              (                  |
	 |                                                      |
	 | Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. Distribution of |
	 |  this file, in whole part or in part is permitted,   | 
	 |  provided that it is not modified in any form and    |
	 |    that proper credit is given to the author.        |


| Contents: |

I.   Updates                  -  tells the latest updates on this FAQ
II.  Introduction             -  my talking (actually typing) part
III. Who is Capt. Commando??  -  some facts on Captain Commando
IV.  Basic Controls           -  the notation guide (usually used on combos)
 V.  Moves                    -  what else? 
       a. Normal Moves        -  the "jab to roundhouse" buttons described 
       b. Special Moves       -  and again, what else??
       c. Supers              -  Super Moves!! 
VI.   Combos                  -  list of Captain's combos (with explanations) 
VII.  Versus                  -  strategy on how to defeat all characters
VIII. Strategy                -  how to use him effectively
XI.   Tricks                  -  tricks on the game itself
X.    Other Stuff             -  misc. stuff
XI.   Credits                 -  for the people and everything who helped me 
				 finish this FAQ


I. --==< Updates >==--

Ver 1.4  (05/08/98) - fixed the tricks section.

Ver 1.3  (05/06/98) - finished the whole FAQ

Ver 1.2  (05/05/98) - drew an ACII art and placed it here. Also updated the 
		      "Contents" Section and some other stuff.

Ver 1.00 (05/04/98) - typed some of Capt. Commando's Moves and some 


II. --==< Introduction: >==--

Hello again guys! Did you already download my new Wolvie FAQ?? How about my 
updated Combo FAQ?? Oh well, I was deciding last Sunday on whom to make a FAQ  
on (Captain Commando, Spidey, Strider). I saw some Strider FAQs already and 
for Spidey too. But I didn't see any Capt. Commando FAQ (yet). So here I am, 
typing...and trying to put all my witty strategy and knowledge for Captain 
Commando (hurray!). One of my first characters to use in the game (the other's 
Wolvie) and I finished it immediately!! He's quite hard to learn but you'll 
get in to it. This FAQ is designed for beginners, intermediate players and 
everyone, so read on!! Sorry for the ASCII art for making it so may 
not fit on your screen, ok? And again, I made this FAQ on MS-EDITOR and it's 
very best seen in it. Okay guys, let's get it on and get crazy!! 


III. "What is / Who is Captain Commando??"

	All I know about "Captain Commando" that it is a game for Nintendo 
that can have two players and play the game (who's "Super Joe"??). Captain 
Commando doesn't talk much, he fights. He fights other planets (to conquer 
the universe??). He beats up any maniac that would attempt to take over the 
world. His current mission is to defeat Onslaught through the help of his 
buddies. He has three friends: a Ninja (Sho the ninja), a baby that is on a 
robot (Hoover), and a killer (Jennety) with knives. 


IV. --==< Basic Controls >==--

   ______          ____           ____             ____
  /******\        /    \         /    \           /    \
 |********|      |      |       |      |         |      |  --> Punch buttons
  \_****_/        \____/         \____/           \____/
    |~~|         J a b         S t r o n g     F i e r c e
  .-|  |-.         ____           ____             ____
 (  \__/  )       /    \         /    \           /    \
  \.____./       |      |       |      |         |      |  --> Kick buttons
		  \____/         \____/           \____/
		S h o r t    F o r w a r d    R o u n d h o u s e

b  = hold back               d = hold down (not dash)   u  = hold up
t  = hold toward             c = while crouching        j  = while jumping
+  = add                    \/ = you've landed          -> = chain                  
d. = while dashing

otg  = on the ground (?)  { } = do  it quickly    /\      = super-jump
s.j. = while super-           (tap fast but     d.c./d.s. = dash then
       jumping                not necesarrily             quickly crouch/dash
			      needed for                  while standing
			      the combo)

QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter Circle Backward
DP  = Dragon Punch


V. --==< Moves >==--

A. =-=[ Normal Moves: ]=-= (some normal moves are from the left position)

1. Standing Jab and Crouching Jab
-> When standing, He jabs with his right hand. Easily linked with a s. short
or an another jab again. You could also link the s. jab with a s. strong -> 
s. fierce -> Captain Corrdor for an easy combo. When crouching, he sticks out 
his right hand/jabs with his right hand. Both has short range  

2. Standing Short and Crouching Short
-> When standing, he kicks with his right foot horizontally. Usually done 
after a succesful s. jab. Can be linked with a s. roundhouse (air launcher) -> 
Captian Corridor. Same move when crouching except he's down crouching. Both
has Medium range (i think).

3. Standing Strong
-> He punches downwards with his left hand. Usually linked after a s. jab or
a s. short. Link with a s. fierce -> Captain Corridor for a cheap combo. This 
move has short range. 

4. Standing Forward
-> He turns around and kicks with his left foot. This move is not usually 
used in the game. Medium range.

5. Standing Fierce
-> Sort of like, he turns to the side and punches the enemy with his right 
hand, slightly on fire. Great when linked with a Captain Corridor (which I 
usually do). Medium range. 

6. Standing Roundhouse
-> He jumps a little and swings his right foot up to the air which launches 
the enemy and can be linked with an air combo. You must be very, very near 
your enemy when doing this move. Can be linked with the Captain Sowrd. Very 
short range.

7. Crouching Strong
-> He punches with his left hand up to the air and lifts the enemy up which
can lead to an air combo. This is his "other" launcher (the other one is the 
s. roundhouse). Short range.

8. Crouching Forward
-> Kicks with his left foot. Can be linked with his c. fierce -> Captain Fire.
This move has short - medium range. 

9. Crouching Fierce
-> Sort of Wolverine's c. fierce (except he doesn't move forward when doing 
the move and doesn't have claws). He makes an outward slash with both hands 
to his sides and there's this electric surge going through his hands. Can be 
linked with different moves like the Captain Fire, Captain Storm, and the 
Commando Strike. Medium range.

10. Crouching Roundhouse
-> He turns around, sweeping his opponent. Be careful of rollers when doing 
this move. Can be linked with a Captain Corridor. Medium range.
11. Air Jab
-> The usual start in an air combo after launching the opponent. Same with  
the s. jab (except on air), punches with the right hand. Can be linked with
a j. short -> j. strong -> j. forward -> air combo finisher. Short range. 

12. Air Short
-> Kicks with his right foot. Can be linked with an j. strong -> j. forward
and any air combo finisher. Move has short range.

12. Air Strong
-> Punches with his other hand (opposite of hand used in the jab button). 
Can be linked with a j. forward -> air combo finisher. Short range.

11. Air Forward
-> Kicks with the other foot (opposite of the foot used in the short button).
Can be linked with an air combo finisher. Move has short range. 

12. Air Fierce
-> He punches in the air with a surge of electricity in his hands. A usual 
end in an air combo. Good range. 

13. Air Roundhouse
-> He extends/kicks with his left foot. Can be an air combo finisher. 
Good range.


B. =-=[ Special Moves] =-=

1. Captain Fire (QCF + any punch)
-> Captain Commando fires a burst of flame somewhere in his arm. Comes very
fast and goes all the way the screen. Can be done in air or on the ground. 
Same range when different punch used but the damage done and the delay 
afterwards is determined by the button used. It is usually done to end an air 
combo. A very good keep away move but be careful of jumping opponents and 
rollers!! Can be an air combo finisher.

2. Captain Corridor (QCB + any punch)
-> Captain Commando hits/pounds the ground which brings a sort of blue energy
that goes up to the top of the screen. A great anti-air attack move. Just do
the move against jumping opponents and wham!! He's in the other side of the 
screen!! Also great for dashing characters. But be careful when he blocked 
your move because you're open for any attack. Try to set it up after a sweep 
(c. roundhouse). Only done on the ground. It's also a Variable Counter Move.

3. Captain Kick (QCB + any kick)
-> He quickly flies to his opponent across the screen kicking several times
with his feet on fire. The kick button wil determine the height of the attack
(a roundhouse may go above a tall character). This move may leave Captain 
Commando open for an attack. It is a good surprise attack, counter move and 
an anti-air attack. Can be done only on the ground

4. Commando Strike (QCF + any kick)
-> Captain Commando slightly pasues, makes a signal for his teammate (not his 
other partner) to help him out. The kick button determines on who will attack.
If the:

short kick - is used, Sho the Ninja, falls forward to the ground striking at
anything in his path with his sword. can be chained into a ground combo and 
if you're nasty, you could use this for dashinng opponents. This is the most 
effective Commando Strike but the damage is poor.

forward kick - is used, Jennety, the Mumie like zombie, flies above him from
Captain Commando's behind (not his butt) to the other side with knives spinning 
like a helicopter and returns again. He should be used mostly as an anti-air
attack move cause he'll be too high to hit someone on the ground. Probably the 
most useless Commando Strike. 

roundhouse kick - is used, Cap calls Hoover, the baby in a robot, to come 
down and fire a slow missile at his opponent (not recommended...use the 
Captain Fire). If hit, does insane damage. If the opponent dodged the move 
and jumped towards you, try setting up a counter attack.

Be careful when Captain Commando makes a signal, you can be open for an attack 
(again). Only done on ground.


C. =-=[ Supers ]=-=

1. Captain Sword (QCF + 2 punches)
-> Captain Commando calls his teammates to help him fire a big beam of energy
at his opponent. Starts off pointing at the top, sweeping the beam downward. 
Use it against flying/jumping opponents above you. A very great anti-air move! 
Great after a s. roundhouse!! Only done on ground. This is his Team Super.

2. Captain Storm (QCF + 2 kicks)
-> A very great move (but hard to connect)!! Captain Commando rushes toward 
his opponent and does a small uppercut. When connected, his opponent flies 
into the air and he and his teammates will each have a time to hit/smack 
him/her. Then when they're done, the opponent comes down falling, Captain 
Commando hits him/her with a Captain Corridor! After the move, his 3 teammates 
appear behind the Captain Commando after he made the Captain Corridor while 
the opponent flys again and falls to the ground. The uppercut can hit enemies
above you. Also, he ducks on fireballs when the move is done so it's great 
for some fireball happy guys!! But don't do this move on characters who block 
a lot, it has a very slow recovery time. Can otg after the move when near.
Comboable after a c. fierce. Only done on ground.


VI. --==< Combos >==--

1. s. jab -> s. short -> c. forward -> c. roundhouse -> Captain Corridor

**note: a very easy combo. just dash in first for better accuracy. be careful,
he might roll.

2. j. fierce -> \/ -> c. jab -> c. forward -> c. fierce -> 
(jab ) Commando Strike/Captain Fire

**note: another easy combo, do I need to explain??

3. c. short -> c. forward -> c. fierce -> Captain Storm
**note: sometimes hard to connect...just do it quickly aftr his c. fierce.  

4. s. jab -> s. short -> s. roundhouse -> /\ -> s.j. jab -> s.j. short 
-> s.j. strong -> s.j. forward -> s.j. fierce, s.j. roundhouse or 
Captain Fire

**note: you can substitute c. strong for the launcher. but if you want to use 
his roundhouse, dash in first because it has a very short range.

5. j. short -> j. fierce -> \/ -> d.s. jab -> s. short -> s. roundhouse -> 
Captain Sword -> c. short (otg) -> s. roundhouse -> s.j. jab -> s.j. short -> 
s.j. strong -> s.j. forward -> s.j. fierce, s.j. roundhouse or Captain Fire

**note: well, you must be in the corner to do this move. after you've landed,
try to dash in or skip the d.s jab -> s. short or substitue the roundhouse 
with a c. strong. I've done this move many times so it's not that hard.

7. s. jab -> s. short -> s. strong -> c. fierce -> Captain Fire

**note: it's like #2

8. s. jab -> s. short -> s. strong -> c. forward -> s. fierce ->
Commando Strike

**note: a very popular ground combo. you could use any of the kick buttons
for the Commando Strike.

9. d.s. short -> s. roundhouse -> Captain Sword

**note: hehehe, I always do this move. skip the short kick if you want to.
After Capt. Commando launches the opponent, do the Captain Sword which 
starts from pointing up, where the opponent is.

10. d.c. jab -> c. forward -> c. fierce -> Captain Fire, Captain Corridor or 
Captain Storm

**note: this is one of those easy combos. be careful of rollers.

11. d.s. jab -> s. jab -> c. short -> s. roundhouse -> Captain Corridor

**note: I think he can't roll on this one...

12. d.c. jab -> c. short -> c. forward -> c. fierce -> (short) Commando Strike

**note: use the short kick for the Commando Strike.

16. d.c. short -> c. forward -> c. fierce -> Captain Storm -> c. short (otg)
-> s. roundhouse -> Captain Sword

**note: a very complicated move. you need 2 super meters. you must be near  
after the Captain Storm for the c. short (otg) to hit. 

for more combos, go to Migs' page (address down there)


VII. =-=[ Versus ]=-=

VS. Ryu

Ryu mode: Again, he'll rain you with fireballs. Just keep on avoiding them or
do the Captain Storm on fireball happy guys. If he misses a Dragon Punch, try 
setting up a Super (Captain Sword), or a combo.

Ken mode: Same as in Ryu mode, use the missed Dragon Punches to your 
advantage. If he does the Super Hurricane Kick, just do a super... 

Evil Ryu: his defense is crap so charge him with ground combos. Be careful 
when he launches you...he can still use his super.

VS. Captain Commando

Never, ever jump on this guy...he may use his Captain Corridor or even his  
Captain Sword. Do some fancy ground combos on this guy. Don't try to be launched 
with this one because he can connect it with a Captain Sword (you can also do 
that too). Fool him with your dash then counter. Use Juggernaut for this one.

VS. Hulk

Use the Captain Corridor/Captain Fire/Caaptain Sword on his jumps and attacks 
at you but be careful, he may block the move, dash in and attack. Wait for him 
to do a move, block it and do a super. Be very patient. Use a big helper to 
trash this guy.

VS. Chun Li

Time your Captain Storm against missed moves such as the Kikosho super. She
has a deadly new super that can be comboable in an air combo so don't be 
launched by her. Use the Captain Corridor when she dashes.

VS. Gambit

This guy is so cheap that he always sweeps you and does a Super or his Cajun 
Staff or launches you and makes a Royal Flush. Be very defensive on this guy.
If he missed an air attack or he is making his "bounce off the wall" move,  
aim it with a Captain Sword/Captain Corridor or wait for him to land and do 
the Captain Storm or a combo.

VS. Megaman

Be careful of his fireballs because he can rain you with them with only a  
press of a button (how cheap) and his Supers too. His c. roundhouse can  
be linked with the Tornado Hold so play defensively (crouching). Have 
a big helper!!

VS. War Machine

get away from this guy because he always grabs you and throws you to the 
corner. Don't be launched or jump at him because he has a Deadly anti-air 
Super. Beware of his Beam Attacks. Just wait until he screws something and
then attack.

VS. Strider

Don't be too near with this guy...he has a deadly ground combo so always play 
defensive. Have a Big Helper for this one. Just always get ahead of him with 
ground combos. Be aware of his Ourobos and always shield (crouching except  
when he jumps).

VS. Spiderman

Just ground combo him and do a Super. Be careful though, he throws you to 
the side sometimes. Just wait for him to attack with his Super, block it and 
then attack with your super (e.g. after he makes a Maximum Spider, wait for
him to land and attack with a Captain Storm).

VS Zangief

Always do the Captain Corridor when he jumps. Get away from him and avoid his
grabs and his deadly super. Don't do too much ground combos. When he is in the 
Evil mode, attack him with the Captain Sword! Also rely on your big helpers. 
Pick strong partners who has a front projectile super.

VS. Jin

Like the Hulk, he will nail up to the corner...just wait for his slide then
Super him. Don't go above this guy because he has a deadly super which can 
take almost half of your life. Attack with big helpers. 

VS. Wolverine

He will always attack with a ground combo so just block it. When he makes a 
Drill Claw, then attack. Start off a ground combo with a Big helper and when
hit, make a Captain Storm.  

VS. Morrigan

Don't use the Captain Storm at her. Be careful of her sweeps and air combos. 
Don't be launched with her because she has a deadly super (again).

Vs. Venom

He's like Sabretooth. Be aware of his combos because it can take up serious
damage. Always attack with an air combo. He has a deadly fierce punch that 
almost covers half of the screen. 

VS. Roll

Roll is a very weak character so don't be afraid of her!! Some of your
combos don't work with her so just do whatever you want. But don't be over 
courageous though, I've seen Roll players who can kick butt. Rely on your
ground combos.

VS. Orange Hulk

He's more easier than the original Hulk. But use the same technique with
Hulk with this guy.

VS. Lilith

Same on Morrigan. She is more easier (I think) than Morrigan. Make way for 
ground combos.

VS. Gold War Machine

Be careful with this guy because he's like Evil Zangief. Attack with the 
Captain Sword and some of your big helpers!

VS. Red Venom 

His fast and very powerful. Be careful with this guy. Always get ahead of him
with combos and be aggressive when playing against him. Don't worry, he takes 
so much damage.

Vs. Onslaught

First Form - I think this is this is the cheapest strategy on defeating 
Onslaught. Wait till he attacks then counter with a s. fierce -> Captain 
Fire or Captain Collider (be careful when doing this move, leaves you open 
for an attack). It does massive damage!! Just repeat the whole process and 
you should have full power for the second form. You could also do combos like
c. jab -> c. fierce (don't use a c. strong, you'll get hit for sure). Get a 
big helper like the Sentinel or Colossus. Don't waste supers and use it 
against his second form. And remember to block!!

Second Form - Always block his attacks!! Always use the Captain Collider  
because it's a better choice than the Captain Sword (Collider's stronger) it
doesn't take a super meter, a vertical range and good damage. A j. fierce is 
effective and could take him out quickly. 


VIII. --==< Strategy >==--

- Captain Commando is simply one fo the best in the game. He lacks range in 
some of his normal moves, still he has power, speed and massive supers. 
Pratice your ground combos so you could be unstoppable.

-  His Captain Fire and Captain Corridor are the best keep away move of this 
game. Dumb opponents will almost never get an attack. Beware of smart 
opponents though (me??).

- Use the Commando Strike for defense. use the ninja for dashing, the mummie
for air attacks and the baby for...for...well, dumb opponents?? hehehe.

- Be careful when performing some of Captain Commando's moves which leave you
open for an attack. When fighting against a skilled player, don't rely on this
moves like the Captain Corridor except when you need it badly (like he jumps 
at you). Just set it up perfectly.

- Use both Captain Fire and Collider for dashing opponents. The Collider again 
for jumping characters. Time your moves. 

- Captain Commando's supers are great for countering against missed attacks  
and supers. Use the Captain Storm because it's faster and stronger (e.g. 
Spiderman's Maximum Spider...after he lands, Captain Storm!!). But if you 
think they could block the attack, use the Captain Sword instead.

- Practice how to otg (it's easy!) after a Captain Storm. Look in the combos
section for some OTGs leading to an another super. It will do massive damage!

- Don't trade hits with an opponent. Captain Commando takes more damage than
average. Just block and be careful.

- Rely on your ground combos. It's best to set up a ground combo by jumping 
first and then attacking in the air (j. fierce is good...hard to counter). 
His air combos are also good but the ground does more damage. If you hit them 
with a launcher, follow it up with a Captain Sword instead of an air combo 
because it does more damage (isn't it obvious?).

- When playing, don't get predictable. Don't let the enemy learn you pattern
of fighting, you'll be in trouble. Let the enemy guess and guess...

- His supers do serious damage. The best thing about it is easy to combo and 
set up (sort of). He can defat an enemy with 2 supers (the OTGs in the combo 

- Use a big helper!! Look for the best helpers in the "Best Helpers Section".

- Combo is the key!!


XI. --==< TRICKS >==--

=-=[ Choosing your Helper:]=-=
-> after selecting 2 of your characters, quickly press the desired buttons
of your favorite helper with the Start button

| Unknown Soldier                 Jab | Devilot              Strong+Fierce |       
| Jubilee         Short+Strong+Fierce | Storm             Jab+Short+Fierce |      
| Saki                         Fierce | Juggernaut             Jab+Forward |      
| Psylocke                    Forward | Pure and Fur                 Short |      
| Magneto                Short+Fierce | Michelle Heart           Jab+Short |      
| Thor                   Short+Strong | Iceman              Strong+Forward |     
| Cyclops            Jab+Short+Strong | Lou                         Strong |      
| U.S. Agent            Strong+Fierce | King Arthur             Jab+Strong |     
| Anita             Jab+Strong+Fierce | Rogue      Jab+Strong+Fierce+Short | 
| Ton-Pooh                 Jab+Fierce | Colossus        Jab+Strong+Forward |      
| Sentinel      Strong+Forward+Fierce | Shadow           Jab+Forward+Fierce |

=-=[ Change character Line-up: ]=-=
-> hold 3 punch buttons until the round starts

=-=[ Secret Matches ]=-=

1. Orange Hulk/Wolverine
-> at least 5 team supers before reaching Onslaught

2. Gold War Machine/Captain America
-> finish opponent by switching (fierce and 2 times without
losing a character before round 6

3. Red Venom/?
-> change leader at beginning of each stage, get first Attack on all
stages, win with a switch on round 6.

4. Lilith/Chun-Li
-> use helper once in each stage, 2 team supers and one helper finish

5. Roll/MegaMan
-> use helper once in each stage, 2 with finishes and one helper finish

6. Shadow Chun-Li/?
-> use helper in every stage, get a switch finish, helper finish 
without losing a character

=-= Change Colour =-=
-> change Capt. Commando's color by pressing punch (blue and white) or kick
(pink and white)

X. --=< Other Stuff >==--

These are only my favorites...but it's best when you team Wolvie with
them (hehehehe)

=-=[ Best Partners ]=-=

1. Woverine
-> the orginal ultimate combo machine!

2. Strider
-> the "other" ultimate combo machine. 
but they take up more damage than average

4. SpiderMan
-> Captain Commando on the ground, Spidey in the air!! 

=-=[ Best Helper ]=-=

1. Juggernaut
-> he's big and strong...covers almost the entire screen.

2. Sentinel
-> like Juggernaut, he covers the entire screen and much taller.

3. Colossus
-> comes from the middle...get ready to dash!!

4. Psylocke
-> same here.


XI. --==< Credits >==--

WHAT?@#$%&!! Another finished FAQ??!! Yep, here are the people I wanna thank:

1. Migs Rustia  (
-> for the informative page and some strategy

his Marvelous and outstanding page (MVC: the site) :

2. Edward T. Ma ( 
-> his marvelous FAQ. 

Again, I wanna thank Eduardo Perez for teaching me how to do my very first 
combo (man, where are you??)...Shirley (finally found you again), to Capcom 
(nice job) for making such a great character, to Marvel for the best comic 
characters I ever saw in my life, to God up there, to Greenhills Virra Mall 
and to Carnival, Video Wread for their arcade units, to all other FAQs out 
there and to you!! Thank you for reading my FAQ!! Just write for any 
comments, questions or something wrong about this FAQ, k?? And I need some
history for Captain Commando!! Thank you for reading, bye guys!! 

---===<  by benzi ( _>===---
---===<   Remember: "Combo is the key"     >===---