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|                                        |
|   V   V  EEEEE  N   N   OOO   M   M    |
|   V   V  E      NN  N  O   O  MM MM    |
|   V   V  EEEE   N N N  O   O  M M M    |
|    V V   E      N  NN  O   O  M   M    |
|     V    EEEEE  N   N   OOO   M   M    |
|                                        |
|   GGG   U   U  IIIII  DDDD   EEEEE  !  |
|  G      U   U    I    D   D  E      !  |
|  G  GG  U   U    I    D   D  EEEE   !  |
|  G   G  U   U    I    D   D  E         |
|   GGG    UUU   IIIII  DDDD   EEEEE  !  |
|                                        |

Marvel Vs. Capcom Venom Guide
by Joe Zaza (
Version 0.5

(C) MCMXCIX - MM Joe Zaza

A brief note:
Any section of this document that begins with this indicator (//) is merely my
subjective take on a matter and not to be taken as fact. It is either my
opinion, personal advice, or just a side-note. These sections will be
indicated as over either with this symbol (\\) or whenever another section in
the document begins.


Revision History


Mobility Overview
        Ground Mobility
           Walk * Crouch * Dash
        Air Mobility
           Jump * Dashing Jump * Super Jump * Air Dash

Normal Attacks Overview
        Ground/Air Combo System
        Super Jump Combo System
        AC Finishers
           Standing * Crouching * Jumping/Super Jumping
           Standing * Crouching * Jumping/Super Jumping

Throws Overview
        Web Cocoon
        Symbiote Slam
        (Air) Symbiote Slam

Special Attacks Overview
        Venom Fang
           Ground * Air
        Venom Rush
           Short * Forward * Roundhouse
        Web Throw
           Jab * Strong * Fierce

Super Attacks Overview
        Venom Web
        Death Bite

Crossover Overview
        Crossover Counter
        Crossover Combination
        Duo Team Attack
        Team Mates

        Basic Combos
        Intermediate Combos
        Master Combos
        Helper Specific Combos

Helper Overview
        Pure & Fur
        Michelle Heart
        U.S. Agent

Tricks & Strategies
           Air Tick * Delicious Food * Tasty Brains * Web Throwin' * Venom
           Option * Venom Option (Devilot) * Venom Webbin' * Handcuffs
           Chomp * Breakfast * Venom Munch * Yummy Feast * Poking Strategies *
           Anti-Air Strategies * Chasing Strategies * Anti-Chasing Strategies *
           Tick Strategies * Chip Strategies * Free Throw

Summary (Overall Review)

Who In The Hell Is Joe Zaza?



Version 0.5: Released 12 - 16 - 99

A beta version of the guide. I am publishing it pending questions, comments,
and objections before I submit the first version. (


Eddie Brock was a reporter who did a series of interviews with the vigilante
known as the Sin Eater, during which he, under pressure from the authorities,
revealed the name of the Sin-Eater himself. Unfortunately, Eddie didn't check
his sources carefully enough to find out his pal was a wacko who thought he
was the Sin-Eater, not the wacko who *was* the Sin-Eater. This mistake got him
fired for sloppy journalism. Since Spider-Man was the one who uncovered the
identity of the real Sin-Eater, Brock blamed the web-slinger for his
journalistic disgrace. Forced to write for sleaze magazines because no
respectable publication would touch him, Eddie soon found himself in church
contemplating suicide when the symbiont, weakened from a recent battle with
Spider-Man (The conclusion of the 'Black Spider-Man' series...) and attracted
by the force of Brock's despair, found him. When they bonded, the symbiont
became overwhelmed by Eddie's dislike for its former host, and taught Eddie
all of Peter Parker's secrets. The bonding didn't seem to improve the
emotional stability of either the symbiont or Eddie...

With their new form, Brock and the symbiont righteously deny the further
existence of "Eddie Brock" and constantly proclaim "We are Venom!". As Venom,
Eddie can do just about anything Spider-Man can beside posses extreme agility.
However, Venom has tricks up their sleeve that even Spidey can't match up
with. First of all, his symbiont is ultra protective. It acts as a sort of
armor, making potentially fatal blows "not-n butta thang" for Eddie. Second,
because the symbiont is sentient, it will assist Eddie in areas that he
forgets to attend to when in a dangerous situation. For example, if Eddie gets
floored or falls from a ledge, it would break his fall for him. Thirdly, the
symbiont can form harmful objects and extend them from Venom's body. In
addition to this, they can move undetected through shadows and thusly surprise
his enemies. Last but not least, the symbiont multiplies Eddies strength. All
of these powers combined make Venom a very tough cookie to slay.

Eddie shows that he aims for justice just like other super heroes: He 
occasionally performs a deed or two for innocent. However, when performing
these deeds, the symbiont gets the best of Brock. Venom usually kills every
wrongdoer they run into. The symbiont in and of itself is emotionally
disturbed in some way. Ever since Spider-Man decided to ditch it, it has been
evident that it would transfer these perturbed feelings into its host, making
it evil and just plain cranky. To make matters worse, the longer the symbiont
stays with a host, the harder it is to separate the two. This means that Brock
could soon be Venom indefinitely. If and when the symbiont takes full control
of his consciousness, all those ideas for the greater good will be expelled
from Venom's objectives and he will revert into a plain ol' baddie.

During the years following his bond with the symbiont, Brock would either hunt
Spider-Man down like a dog or get his attention by committing crimes: using
every which way to try to extract that revenge he so indignantly desired.
However, since Venom proved unsuccessful in all of their attempts, their
payback remains unpaid to this day.

Venom eventually got sick of Parker (...after joining forces with him in the
'Maximum Carnage' series.) and left Manhattan for San Francisco, where they
championed the city's homeless on a daily basis. However, soon they would have
to put with Spidey once more to help fight Onslaught. (Cue Marvel Vs. Capcom.)

In the game Marvel Vs. Capcom, Venom still carries some of their past hatred
for Spidey. This is revealed by some of his winning quotes, which say things
such as "Parker will pay for what he has done to my innocence!" and the like.
This isn't consistent with the comic book storyline, in which Venom would only
go so far as to treat Parker like a punk. (He doesn't like Spidey, but he
doesn't try to kill him anymore.) Nonetheless, this inconsistency could be a
fluke, since Capcom has been known to throw incongruent storylines into their
games before (In Marvel Comics, Magneto has long been dead, Wolverine doesn't
have 'adamantium' claws, Colossus is evil, War Machine looks different, etc.).

Oh, and in case you haven't noted yet, I will further refer to Venom with
plural pronouns such as they, they are, and their... Because, of course, Venom
*are* two sentient beings.



WALK - Venom walk tall.

Their walk is pretty damn slow. This prevents them from ticking well. (A tick,
as you may well know, is a surprise throw... Catching an opponent by surprise
in any aspect usually requires speed.) That's too bad, because Venom's throws
are some of the best in all of the crossover games. Their backward walk is
even slower. Don't be too worried, though, because their dash more than makes
up for it.

CROUCH - Venom crouch.

Their crouch isn't too handy in terms of dodging mid-level projectiles or
attacks. It, in fact, is pretty high for a crouch. Their upper-body are just
too big! =)

DASH - Venom crawl along the floor on all fours.

This dash throws the character Venom completely off balance because it
extremely fast in proportion to their overall speed! During the dash, Venom
are very low to the ground (you might be able to sneak under a few
projectiles) and thusly safe from high attacks that might be used to counter
them. Also, because of their fast dash, you can poke very well! Isn't that
just peachy? Their backward dash is exactly the same.


JUMP - Venom jump.

This jump isn't as useful as, say, Spider-Man's or Sabretooth's (X-Men Vs.
Street Fighter). It just doesn't have good hang-time. It's also pretty slow.
Their upward jump is not too reliable for it's intents and purposes (Have you
realized how often fighters don't use it?), the backward jump serves all of
*it's* intents and purposes well, and the frontward isn't very good for
jumping-in. If you want to do that, I recommend using the dashing jump much

DASHING JUMP - Venom jump far.

Well, in comparison to their walking frontward jump it's far. It's better
suited for jumping-in.

//Even if a move or attack is good for jumping-in, I don't recommend jumping-
in often. It is a sloppy offensive stratagem on account of that the opponent
will always have the upper hand whenever he/she is recovered or ready to
attack. The only time I recommend jumping-in, in fact, is if you are sure the
opponent won't recover from an attack or move in time, whatever that attack or
move may be.

SUPER JUMP - Venom jump high.

Their super-jump is considerably lower than most people's. However, it serves
every intent and purpose of a super-jump. (Yes, he can make a clean jump over
Strider's Legion.)

AIR DASH - Venom grab a web line (that appears out of nowhere) and swing a
--------   full screens distance.

Advantages of the air dash: 1) Unlike the ground dash, you can (air) throw
while dashing. 2) Hitting any attack button will rip Venom away from the
dash's course, and 3) It is a great evasive maneuver. Disadvantages: 1) Bad
start up delay, 2) no blocking, and 3) hard to control. You should make the
call on this one. I use it sparingly.


Some people don't play as Venom because of their overall weird looking arsenal
of attacks. Getting acquainted with them and their functions is, what I
believe to be, the first thing you should do.

  _     _     _
 / \   / \   / \
| 1 | | 1 | | 1 |
 \_/   \_/   \_/
  _     _     _
 / \   / \   / \
| 2 | | 2 | | 2 |
 \_/   \_/   \_/

A pretty limited system... You can go from any 1 to any 2, but never from 1 to
1, 2 to 1, or 2 to 2.

This means that Venom can only do two-button combos while on the ground or
mid-air (regular jumps)... Of course, you *could* stick a special/super attack
in afterwards for more hits. The upside to this weird combo system (Which
bears a likeness solely to Shuma-Gorath's) is that you can get away with a
blocked, high-risk punch by chaining it into short. (Looks real freaky!) The
downsides include less hits (of course), the fact that there is no way to
combo into the launcher, and that the crouching short (the universal combo
starter) is useless...

Don't fret, though... While combos aren't Venom's forte, they most certainly
makes up for it through their power and overall character construction. Using
all of their bill-paying skills to your advantage can definitely put you at
the top.

  _     _     _
 / \   / \   / \
| 1 | | 3 | | 5 |
 \_/   \_/   \_/
  _     _     _
 / \   / \   / \
| 2 | | 4 | | 5 |
 \_/   \_/   \_/

Phew! Bet you thought we had another Zangief or M. Bison on our hands, huh? =)
Of course, Bison can air combo Psycho Crusher and Zangief's got the Triple
Option... but, ah... let's move on.

STRIKES - S. fierce, C. fierce

Because of Venom's impaired combo system, they cannot finish a ground combo
with a strike.

KNOCKDOWNS - C. rhouse 

LAUNCHERS - S. strong 

Venom's launcher knocks the opponent upward to about mid-screen height and
forward considerably (all in all about 45o)... After canceling into the
super-jump, don't forget to hold the joystick towards the opponent.

AC FINISHERS - (S)J. fierce, (S)J. rhouse, Venom Fang, Symbiote Slam


With the exception of the tongue moves, Venom's punches really look like they
pack a punch... sort of. These should be your initiators... That is, these
should be the buttons your fingers are hovering over while stationery.
(Venom's combo system makes starting out with the kicks impractical.)


JAB - Venom thrust out their fist. (Looks as if he wants to touch you rather
---   than punch you!)
This move is quick, has good reach, connects with crouching characters, *and*
is comboable. Great for poking! Most Venom ground combos start with either
this or their C. jab.

STRONG - Venom swing their arm upward in a cutting-like fashion. (Launcher)

This is Venom's launcher. Its got a split second start up delay, so you'll
have to hit the button a millisecond early! As if that weren't enough, it's
also got relatively bad priority, punishable recovery time, and it can't be
comboed! (You cannot combo *into* this move.) For all those reasons, I suggest
that you do not try launching the opponent off of the ground unless you Web
Cocoon him/her first. Otherwise, use it sparingly as an anti-air attack. If,
for some reason you *must* try to launch the enemy off of the ground without
throwing him/her first, be sure to chain it with a S. short if the enemy
blocks. (I still recommend against this, though!)

FIERCE - Venom lunge their whole upper body toward the opponent, using their
------   symbiont to form a giant fanged mouth that chomps whatever is in its
         path. (Strike)

This move should rank somewhere in Venom's top five most used moves! While its
start up delay requires you to push the button a bit early, it has excellent
range (Approximately 3/4 of the screen!), does good damage and can go
unpunished if blocked.  See TRICKS & STRATEGIES for more information.


JAB - Venom thrust out their fist.

For all intents and purposes, this is used just like Venom's S. jab.

STRONG - Venom flail their sharp, outstretched tongue upward.

This move's 45o angle and high priority make it a decent anti-air attack. You
might want to stick to S. strong or S. rhouse for super jumpers, though.
Crouching strong has other uses that are listed in the COMBOS section.

FIERCE - Venom lunge their whole upper body toward the opponent, using their 
------   symbiont to form a giant fanged mouth that chomps whatever is in its
         path. (Strike) the new crouching flavor! Although this move's range is less than
S. fierce, it covers a good 1/2 of the screen. *But*, since you have to be
closer to get it to connect, I don't recommend using this move. In my humble
opinion, S. fierce is just better.


JAB - Venom thrust out their fist.

Because of this move's angle (straight out; 0o), I find it has only two
practical purposes... 1) In an air combo... and 2) meeting somebody mid-air
with a regular jump (followed by J. rhouse). Otherwise, you can try using it
as a jump-in (followed by either J. forward or J. rhouse) for tall guys
(Zangief, Venom, CapAm, Hulk, Gambit)... I don't think this is an altogether
useful move.

STRONG - Venom flail their sharp, outstretched tongue upward.

This move is great for chasing, because of its great horizontal and vertical
range! Plus, since the enemy cannot hit the tongue (they must hit Venom's
body), it has awesome priority. If you manage to tack them with it, follow up
with a J\SJ. rhouse.

FIERCE - Venom outstretch their hand downward while "symbites" come out of 
------   their palm. (AC Finisher, 2 Hits)

This move's angle (295o; 5:00) and priority make it a great anti-chaser and
jump-in. Additionally, its double hit may catch a blocking grounded
opponent off-guard! (More specifically, they may crouch after the first hit,
making the second hit connect... This enables you to follow-up with a ground

//Before getting to kicks, don't you wonder why that aspect of the J. fierce
works sometimes? I think we can trace it back to the good old days of Street
Fighter II, where a two-hit combo such as J. rhouse - C. rhouse was a potent
offensive weapon... Why? Well, back in those days, not everybody (scrubs fall
into the category of not everybody...) knew about the fact that you had to
block a crouching kick move (remember the repeated Dhalsim sweeps you used to
get off of scrubs?). So, if someone who didn't know about that blocked the
jump-in, they would remain in a standing blocking position, making them
fodder for the subsequent crouching sweep. Whether or not they blocked the
jump-in became moot to those using the combo.

Because of the two-hit jump-in combo's over use, a plain jump-in universally
became defended by crouching immediately after blocking the jumping move(s)...
This practice became even more imperative after the introduction of chain
combos, a system in which an opponent could be severely punished for failing
to block a quick, simple, crouching short... I guess what some people didn't
count on is that now some characters can chain air hits. Since the advent of
these multi-hit jump-ins, fighters must always be very careful when making the
transition between blocking high and blocking low when confronted with a jump-

The best way to avoid all this mess (in my opinion,) is to simply anti-air
every incoming jump-in, no? ...and speaking of SF2, couldn't real snazzy old
school players severely punish jumpers in that game? (Jumping was like a *sin*
in that game!)

Anyway... =)


Like Blackheart and Shuma-Gorath, you can hardly call Venom's kicks "kicks"...
Don't be confused by their funky looks, though, because they all serve a kick
button's function for all intents and purposes. The ground versions serve as
your follow-ups to punches and your precedents to special/super attacks, so
know them well.


SHORT - Venom quickly kick their foot downward.

This move has only one use, in my opinion, since 1) It doesn't combo into
anything, and 2) Venom's slow walking speed prevents him from ticking well.
After doing any blocked punch move with punishable recovery time (S. strong,
S. fierce, C. fierce) you can chain into this move and be completely safe!

FORWARD - Venom moves their arm aside, making way for two "symbites" emerging 
-------   from their hip. (2 Hits)

This, I think is any ground jab's best follow-up since it can combo into
either Death Bite, the Crossover Combination, or Venom Fang. See COMBOS or
TRICKS & STRATEGIES for more information.

R(OUND)HOUSE - Venom expose their whole body as three huge "symbites" emerge 
------------   from their shadow. (2-3 Hits?)

This move, in my opinion is Venom's most assured anti-air. While it doesn't
have the obvious benefit of S. strong (which launches), it out-prioritizes
more air attacks (Since the 'symbites' can't be hit.). You might want to stick
to both ground strongs for 45o incomers, though.


SHORT - Venom quickly kick their foot downward.

*USELESS*! (I hate saying that, but it is!) It combos into *nothing*, and
Venom can't tick well!

FORWARD - Venom crouch on all fours with their head to the ground, making way
-------   for two symbiont blades that emerge from their back.

You might want to chain a S. jab into this to make sure the opponent is
blocking low... Otherwise, don't depend on this tripe.

R(OUND)HOUSE - Venom expose their upper body as two huge "symbites" emerge 
------------   from their lower body. (Knockdown)

This is Venom's sweep. It's good to combo into this from any ground jab. You
can combo more moves after this than any other regular ground move.
Unfortunately, though, the opponent may roll away. I use this move sparingly.
See COMBOS for more information.


SHORT - Venom quickly kick their foot downward.

I don't think you should ever use this move in a regular jump... In that case,
it doesn't combo into anything! Due to it's angle, (235o; 4:00) however, you
could use it as a precedent to SJ. fierce if someone chases you.

FORWARD - Venom place their hands between their legs, exposing their back, 
-------   while spikes protrude from every one of their sides!

Because of this move's angle (all 360o!!), it makes a good go-between to any
of my recommended chaser/anti-chaser combos. Either that or use it as an
alternative jump-in.

R(OUND)HOUSE - Venom expose their whole body as three huge "symbites" emerge 
------------   from various part of their symbiont. (AC Finisher, 3 Hits)

This move's range, angle (90o - 270o, clockwise), and priority make it (I
believe) Venom's best jump-in. It is also used to end my recommended chase
combos. Use it often!


* When close...

Web Cocoon..............toward+strong/fierce
Symbiote Slam...........toward+forward/rhouse
(Air) Symbiote Slam.....toward+strong/fierce (while mid-air)

A few of Venom's ingenious throws are unlike any in Marvel Vs. Capcom in terms
of usefulness (Okay, Gambit's and Zangief's are pretty good, too!). If you
learn how to use these often and correctly, I don't see why you wouldn't rule
the game in terms of generic competition.

WEB COCOON - Venom grab the opponent and shoots webbing all over their body, 
==========   trapping him/her in a cocoon.

After you spin the enemy up, you are free to pummel him or her in any way you
see fit! Be quick though, because the opponent can and most likely *will* jam
on the buttons to free themselves faster (...for those of you playing against
Venom, the best way to free yourself is to shake the joystick from left to
right and jam on all six buttons.). Also, be prudent with your catch... that
is to say, if you catch em' in the corner, try an air combo, and if you catch
them *from* the corner, try a combo involving Death Bite. Whatever gives more
damage is best.

SYMBIOTE SLAM - Venom use their symbiont to grab ahold of the opponent's 
=============   face and bounce him/her off of the floor behind them.

The bounce is pretty high, so use it to your advantage! Although you can combo
the opponent after this throw too, I find it easier to achieve the same goal
with the Web Cocoon.

(AIR) SYMBIOTE SLAM - Venom use their symbiont to grab ahold of the opponent's
===================   face and smash him/her into the ground.

This throw at first looks like Sabretooth's magic air throw (Wasn't *every*
throw in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter 'magic'?), but alas, it isn't like that at
all. Venom's bounce (after the throw) is much higher and longer, eliminating
the chance to follow up with anything afterwards. Check out TRICKS &
STRATEGIES for more information.


Venom Fang..............QCF+AP (ground and air)
Venom Rush..............QCF+AK
Web Throw...............HCB+AP

If you think the regulars didn't look weird enough, wait'll you see these!
They may appear to be funky, but they sure pack a wallop!

VENOM FANG - Venom morph into a giant face with its jaw open, biting whatever
==========   is in its arc-like path. (Air, 2-5 Hits?)

Yep, Venom's QCF+P isn't a fireball, it's a weird ol' body projectile. Once
you get the hang of this move, however, you'll see why it's ten times better
than any stinking old fireball!



A small, quick arc with safe recovery time! Use it as an anti-air or chipping
move. See TRICKS & STRATEGIES for more information.


A relatively fast, 3/4 screen arc with punishable recovery time. This, I
think, should be your primary anti-fireball... Get used to it before you go
buck wild, though, because if your timing is off and the opponent blocks, you
can easily become promising super combo fodder!


Full screen hop! I rarely use it since it has horrible startup delay and



Practically a straight down plunge! You should rarely use this one. See TRICKS
& STRATEGIES for more information.


This one makes a 1/2 screen leap before falling to the ground... you should
only use this one in Venom's advanced air combo... See COMBOS for details.


Venom travels a good 3/4 screen before heading downward. I use this one
either for their conventional air combo or for punishing missed beam supers.

VENOM RUSH - Venom's symbiont extends its shadow to a designated area and 
==========   spews forth three "symbites". (3 Hits)

At first glance, this move seems useless because of how hideously it can
leave Venom open... But after close examination, it proves to be a very
irritating asset.

SHORT - The "symbites" rise directly in front of Venom.

This version of the rush isn't useful outside of a combo because if your
opponent is close enough to block it, then he/she can easily take advantage of
your recovery time. You shouldn't use it too often.

FORWARD - The "symbites" rise a 1/2 screen's distance from Venom.

After connecting a S. fierce, you could cancel into this version to thwart an
opponent's counter-dash... works great for me! Moreover, you can cancel into
it after your opponent air blocks your S. rhouse... in that case, they will
land directly within the "symbite" patch.

R(OUND)HOUSE - The "symbites" rise a full screen's distance from Venom.

This version will almost always connect if you cancel it after connecting a S.
fierce (whether it hits or not)... It might even *hit* an unsuspecting
opponent... It positions them so beautifully! =) I always use Venom Rush in
general after connecting with a S. fierce. See TRICKS & STRATEGIES for more 


If done closer to the corner, the Forward and Roundhouse Venom Rush will still
appear in the corner, but they will take longer to rise depending on the
strength of the rush (rhouse will take the longest). My advice on the matter
is to *never* use those moves unless you are a good 3/4 - a full screen's
distance away from the opponent! =)

WEB THROW - Venom reels back a bit and subsequently shoots a web line from the 
=========   back of their hand... If the web line connects while still 
            attached to Venom, they will quickly grasp the string and
            repeatedly slam the catch upon the floor, ultimately throwing it
            against the wall.

Beautiful. If you rotate the joystick 360o while jamming on the punch buttons,
Venom will slam the enemy four times before tossing them! This move does tons
of damage and has more uses than one. *This move does not work against
hyper-armored characters*. For Hulk, you have to hit him before getting it to
connect. (Bummer!)

JAB - Venom shoot the line at a 0o angle (straight out).

I rarely use this one, although you could try canceling *certain* projectiles
with it (The web line is so high above the ground, it sails over certain
low-to-the-ground projectiles like Hadouken and Web Ball.). For those
characters whose projectiles travel under the line, try using it to grab them
anyway! Venom will simply proceed to slam the opponent while the fireball goes
through him!

STRONG - Venom shoot the line at a 45o angle (diagonally upward).

This one has got a few uses... After letting up on the character (i.e. after
they block a safe combo), back up (stand still for large chars) and shoot the
line... For some reason, most people jump towards you (Ready for the kill!)
after they block one of your safe combos, and consequently get caught! *But*,
make sure you have a confident expectation that they will (Some players just
*don't* jump!), or else you could get pounded.

FIERCE - Venom shoot the line at a 90o angle (straight up).

Catching the enemy with this puppy is awesome looking. If someone tries to
super jump over you, execute this move a few milliseconds before they are
directly above you and they will think twice forever after. You can also
utilize it after a conventional air combo... see TRICKS & STRATEGIES for more


Venom Web...............QCF+3P
Death Bite..............QCF+3K

It goes without saying that Venom's normal and special attacks make them a
very unique character, but these super moves are their signature icing on the
cake. Although they do undeniable damage, these moves must be used with
extreme confidence and caution, since they leave our Raid-prone pal even more
wide open than a certain intern that I'm sure you've heard about.

VENOM WEB - Venom flash and subsequently rise (rather slowly) to the center of
=========   the screen, where he releases a huge web that spans the entire mid
            mid to lower arena. If the web hits, the opponent (...who will be
            trapped in a web cocoon) will consequently be torn to shreds by a
            vicious auto-combo.

Since this move cannot be comboed with any of Venom's regular moves, hitting
with it is a bit tricky. My suggestions are to either A) Use it as an anti-
fireball, B) Cross a jumping opponent up with it (Risky!), or C) Combo it
off of a helper, which I am sure everybody has seen and grimaced at...
Fortunately for option C, Venom can easily combo the web off of *any* helper
(...assuming that, of course, it hits). For your sake, do not just perform
this move *out of the blue* while your opponent is on the ground. As if the
flash weren't a big enough flag, he/she still has the "super freeze frame" to
show him/her that it's blocking time. You could be walloped badly with a
"stupid stick" for trying (Speaking of the flash, this move would be one
hundred times better without it!). See TRICKS & STRATEGIES for more

DEATH BITE - Venom raise their arms above their head (laughing menacingly) 
==========   while their symbiont extend their shadow across the ground. Venom
             then exposes their body while "symbites" flow across the arena
             through that shadow. If any of the "symbites" connect, the
             opponent will be "surfed" across the screen until they stop.

This is a "waveform super" (Magnetic Shockwave, Gamma Wave, Cajun Explosion,
etc...). That means that it will drag the enemy across the screen, activate
flying screen, and then some! Since the "symbites" will always stop when they
hit a corner (...breakable corners excluded, of course), it's best to hit an
enemy with this *from* a corner. The beauty of this super is that it does
loads of damage and be comboed several ways! See COMBOS to find out how.


Switch-In...............HP & HK
Crossover Counter.......BTD+HP & HK
Crossover Combination...QCF+HP & HK
Duo Team Attack.........QCB+HP & HK

It seems to me that in one on one battling ala Marvel Super Heroes, Venom
can almost assuredly hold their own water. They have great moves and take
damage extremely well! As a matter of fact, they really don't seem tailor made
for a crossover (versus; tag team) game at all. Fortunately for Eddie,
however, they ain't too shabby as a crossover character as well. Their switch-
in (HP & HK) can be comboed, their counter is excellent and their team super
is great whether they activate it or not. In a two on one, they can coolly sit
back and wait for their partner to hit your opponent and subsequently Venom
Web. Did I forget to mention that he can do a "handcuffs" (procedure that
freezes the opponent) with Spider-Man? Let me count the ways...

SWITCH-IN - Venom jump on-screen with their J. Short.

As you should know by now, everyone's switch-in is a hovering, high priority
low damage attack. Venom's are nice n' speedy and works well after launchers
and sweeps.

CROSSOVER COUNTER - Venom perform the jab version of Venom Fang.

This can easily snuff out opponents that are either jumping or dashing-in.
It's one of the best crossover counters, in my opinion.

CROSSOVER COMBINATION - Venom perform a constrained version of Death Bite.

Even though the super is constrained (Since flying screen cannot be activated,
the additional hits that it entails are non-existent.), it's great because 1)
the team super can be comboed if Venom activate it and 2) it makes a great
backup super if they don't. Lovely.


Venom can rock in a two on one. First of all, they've got range to back up
their partner if you choose to position (whoever he/she is...) he/she close to
your opponent, second, if your partner hits with anything, you can easily
combo that hit into Venom Web, third, if you decide to place Venom close to
your opponent, you can use his Web Cocoon throw and set up limitless
possibilities! What a symbiont!


Venom seem to be able to fare well solo (by himself; without your partner),
because 1) they take damage so well and 2) they can play a good game of keep
away. If you kick back and play smart, you should be able to win with them.


I think that due to Venom's great flexibility (He's fast and slow, he takes
good damage, has good power and good defenses.), he makes a great team mate
for any character. No special cases here.

//I think you would be doing *your partner* a service by putting the chum on
your team!


As I wrote before, because their combo-system limit the amount of hits Venom
can give, his overall combo span is pretty low. However, this could be a
blessing in disguise, because the less combos you have to memorize, the
clearer your mind is when you ask yourself what to do to an opponent who is
vulnerable. (The less objectives you have, the easier it is to decide which
one to use when the time comes to use it.)

I'd say Venom fall in the Spider-Man/Gambit area in terms of how much damage
they give at one time. The reasons for this are because 1) they all have a
relatively hard time positioning their super-combos, 2) the best thing they
can do damage-wise after those super-combos is an air-combo and 3) their (at
best) three move ground combos give about the same damage in comparison to
Spidey and Gambit's multi-hit ground combos. It takes a lot more work to win
with Venom as opposed to, say, Wolverine or Chun-Li. This section could help
you make sure you are up to the job when called to action.

One more thing I should make fair mention of is that you really shouldn't be
comboing with Venom that often. If you are, it implies that either you are
bum rushing the opponent too often or that you're just being too offensive in
general. Don't misconstrue lack of offense to mean lack of attacking... even
with a tight defense, Venom will have to be on their toes. Just... lay up on
your opponent; make them come to you. This is how great Venom players play.
See TRICKS & STRATEGIES to learn my recommended Venom code of conduct.


           XX   buffer; normal attack into a special/super attack

           ->   chain; normal attack into a normal attack

            /   interchangeable with

            ^   launch cancel

            ,   link; cancel-less combo

(from corner)   must be done from the corner

     (corner)   must be done in the corner

          OTG   off the ground hit

            -   or less


The reason I list jump-ins before any of the combos is because you can always
start your ground combos with them. I think the best way to jump-in at all
would be with your character's dashing jump. If your opponent doesn't defend
against you or counter-attack; if your opponent is vulnerable (open), then you
should then proceed to attack him/her on the way down with any one or
multitude of attacks (jump-in attacks) and subsequently dash when you land so
you can follow-up accordingly with either 1) a singular ground hit or 2) any
of my listed combos. Sweet!

Remember, I advise against jumping-in (unless it is absolutely safe). I list
how to do it well because there are times when *you may* and the longest
combos start with jump-ins.

//'jump-in -> dashing ground combo ^ air combo -> air throw -> ground combo ^
air combo -> super' is about the longest sort of combo I can think of. (Chun-
Li & Megaman are the only ones who could perform such a combo... I think.)

1) (2- Hits) J./SJ. fierce

2) (3- Hits) J./SJ. roundhouse

3) (4- Hits) J./SJ. jab -> J./SJ. roundhouse

4) (5- Hits) J./SJ. fierce -> J./SJ. roundhouse


#1 and #2 have good priority, but bad range and angle. #3 and #4 work best on
tall characters.


1) (2 Hits) S. jab -> C. rhouse

2) (3- Hits) S. jab -> S. forward


Both combos are very easy to pull... you should repeat them over and over
until they ain't not-n butta thang to you.


1) (3/5- Hits) S. jab -> C. rhouse XX OTG Jab Venom Fang or OTG Short Venom


2) (10- Hits?) S. strong ^ SJ. jab -> SJ. short -> SJ. strong -> SJ. forward

               XX Fierce Venom Fang

3) (? Hits) any helper attack, Venom Web

4) (? Hits) S. jab -> C. rhouse XX OTG Death Bite or OTG Team Super (best from



#1 is a good combo, but since it involves an OTG I wouldn't rely on it. (The
opponent could easily perform a jab roll and clock you afterwards.) #2 is
Venom's generic air combo. Takes some practice to get the hang of it, but I'm
sure you will. #3 is pretty infamous by now. In order to get it to work, you
must be sure that the helper you use will hit and perform Venom Web before it
does. You can do that by either predicting your opponents strategy or calling
out the helper whenever they have massive recovery time (...from moves like
Shouryuu Ken and the like.). #4 is, like #1, good, but dangerous. You can use
it if your opponent doesn't know how to roll (or if you don't expect him/her
to), but then again, I'd rather rely on Master Combo #5. Don't forget that
it's best done from the corner.


1) (2 Hits) S. strong XX Strong Web Throw

2) (5- Hits) S. jab -> S. forward XX Jab Venom Fang

3) (12- Hits?) S. strong ^ SJ. jab -> SJ. short -> SJ. strong -> SJ. forward

               -> SJ. rhouse XX Strong Venom Fang

4) (? Hits) C. strong XX Death Bite or Team Super

5) (? Hits) S. jab -> S. forward XX Death Bite or Team Super (best from


6) (? Hits) Intermediate Combo #3/Venom Web, C. jab -> S. rhouse (corner)


#1 requires some pretty steep timing, but you should be able to get the hang
of it after five or six tries. You must also be very close to the opponent for
it to work properly. It gives great damage if you get every Web Throw slam in!
#2 requires you to cancel into the Jab Venom Fang after the first hit of S.
forward (So you can be closer.)... I'm not entirely sure that combo works on
everybody yet... If I find out that it doesn't, I'll put it out ASAP. #3
requires you to buffer the SJ. rhouse into Strong Venom Fang after the second
hit. You also should doing the moves a little slower if you want every Venom
Fang hit to connect. #4 is pretty easy to do, but hard as hell to position. I
left it there solely as an alternative to #5, which is much better. The
problem with both #4 and #5, however, is that in order from to work one
hundred percent of the time, you must be very close to the opponent. Work on
that before trying them out like a maniac. #6 is pretty hard to time...
instead of jamming on C. jab when the Venom Web ends, sit back, wait for the
opponent to be grounded, and then throw it out. See? Smooth like butta.

//An easy way to start combos that require you to be close is by Web Cocooning
your opponent first. However, you mustn't jam on the first button of the combo
right after you web him/her because if you do, you won't might miss the timing
required to smack them before they break out. Instead, learn the timing of the
throw (find out *exactly* when it ends; when you recover) and throw the hit
out at the exact right moment. Your opponent might jam on the buttons and bust
out before you can recover and hit him/her, but you'll always be able try
again later.


1) (? Hits) any charging helper attack, Venom Web

2) (? Hits) Basic Combo #1/C. rhouse XX OTG Juggernaut/Sentinel, Venom Web

            (from corner)

3) (? Hits) C. strong/S. forward XX Rogue, Venom Web (from corner)

4) (? Hits) Intermediate Combo #2/Master Combo #3, Devilot, Venom Web (corner)


#1 requires you to have either Psylocke, Juggernaut, US Agent, Colossus, or
Sentinel as your helper. I'm almost *sure* you have seen this combo before! =)
You hate it when you get caught with it, but you'll love being on the flip-
side... I guarantee! #2 is an OTG combo that must be done from the corner. If
and when you use it, it should really catch the opponent by surprise! #3 must
also be done from the corner, but since it doesn't involve an OTG, it is much
safer to use (It's safer... I don't know about easier!). #4 is a little ditty
I thought of a while ago (I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner...). It
requires you to hold the opponent in place with a few moves once they land (I
usually use S. jab -> C. rhouse to keep them in check.) and buffer the last,
whatever that may be, into Venom Web. If you get it to hit, it will take off
100%. (Try doing the same thing *again* by whipping out Devilot before the
opponent's partner jumps on-screen... if you get *that one* to hit, the match
should be yours...) See TRICKS & STRATEGIES for more information.


I don't like helpers. In my opinion, people can grow dependent on them too
easily. Since people like them so much, though, here's a list and short
description of how I use those helpers that work best with Venom.

PURE AND FUR - Start + LK (5 uses)

Pure and Fur could work after Venom's Intermediate Combo #2/Master Combo #3...
Pull it as soon as you land, then attack. The vast array of attacks could put
pressure on your opponent and make him/her mess up.

PSYLOCKE - Start + MK (5 uses)

I think that most people use Psylocke wrong. She *is* low to the ground, but
if you use her to hit an opponent who dashes-in, she will only hit him/her
once or twice before he/she recovers and blocks. It's a waste. She works best,
rather, as a anti-air attack. As soon as your opponent reaches the peak of
his/her jump when jumping-in on you, call her out. He/She will most likely
think that Pyslocke will whiff... If so, they'll try to hit you. They may get
a hit in, but Psylocke should pick them up and drag him/her to the end of the
screen. By that time, you will have recovered and be ready to attack. Use your
character's best super attack accordingly.

MICHELLE HEART - Start + LP & LK (6 uses)

I think Michelle is best used for people who either constantly push, super-
jump or play keep-away. First of all, her attack is hard to push... the shots
pass through your opponent so fast (the block-stun is so short) that if he/she
tries to push, they could actually attack and end up getting hit. Second, if
your opponent runs away or suspends himself by super-jumping too much, she
can knock them out of the sky. Third, if they play keep-away too often, you 
can whip her out and force them to either eat block damage or super-jump 
to avoid the shots, giving you time to dash in and do your thing. Very handy

JUGGERNAUT - Start + LP & MK (3 uses)

Juggy can be used either as an OTG attack (which requires you to be relatively
close to the corner) or as an anti-air (You use him like you'd use Pyslocke
in that respect.). Since you only get three chances to use him, though, I'd go
with a more plentiful assistant.

DEVILOT - Start + MP & HP (5 uses)

Devilot is great if you can place and trap your opponent in a certain
position. Venom can after his Intermediate Combo #2/Master Combo #3. See

US AGENT - Start + MK & HP (5 uses)

It very easy to link Venom Web if he catches the opponent... how easy it is to
catch the opponent with him is an entirely different matter... =)

COLOSSUS - Start + LP & MP & MK (5 uses)

Oh boy. I've seen people use this guy wrong more times than I've seen people
mispronounce guacamole, but I don't correct them as often. If you use Colossus
as an anti-air attack, then he will knock the opponent down, giving them the
opportunity to roll. This is when you, thinking that you got him/her, pull out
your super and he/she, knowing it will knock them down, rolls and catches you
in your recovery frames. Lesson learned: don't use him as an anti-air unless
your opponent doesn't know how to roll. For a more sure bet, use him if and
when your opponent performs an offensive dashing jump... but not *as soon* as
he/she does... first, dash forward to a position behind where your opponent
will land. Then, before your opponent crosses you, toss blue boy out. This
procedure creates quite a predicament for your opponent... In order for him/
her to get through Colossus' hits successfully, he/she will have to block
backward once, forward once, and backward again. Most people cannot deal with
such demands on the spot and, consequently get hit and dragged a bit across
the screen. Link after one of those hits with your best super, and you've got
some serious damage done.

SENTINEL - Start + MP & MK & HP (4 uses)

OTG with Sentinel only... This is because unlike Juggernaut, who plows through
attacks with his shield, Sentinel takes hits like a baby. One jab puts him out
of commission; recalls him back to the assembly line; sends him to Davy Jone's
scrap heap, etc. Make sure you are close to the corner when you use him.

ROGUE - Start + LP & MP & HP & LK (6 uses)

Rogue is comboable. If you buffer any normal attack with good hit-stun into
her from the corner/mid-screen area, you've got a super.


If anyone has a ton of tricks up their sleeves, it's Venom. He even looks
tricky (...on account of his slanted eyes and devious, drooling grin.)! Venom
have great defensive capabilities, which he may come to depend on, and a few
so-so offensive strategies that may work on the inexperienced. Overall,
you're going to play defensively if you want to win, so stay calm when you
play as him and be patient with your opponent.


Tricks are procedures that should be carefully and/or rarely used; usually on
unsuspecting opponents ( least in my FAQ's! =). Here's what I got:

AIR TICK - Perform an (Air) Symbiote Slam whenever your opponent jumps in
--------   blocking.

The air tick is a procedure: If your opponent jumps in, blocks an anti air
( S. strong), lands, and jumps in again, chances are he/she will be
blocking, expecting another anti air... instead of throwing it out and
fulfilling his/her expectations, jump toward him/her and air throw. =) Don't
do this if your opponent is itchy.

DELICIOUS FOOD - Jump backward and perform an air jab venom fang if your
--------------   opponent follows.

If they follow (dash after you), then it will most likely hit. However, if
it's blocked, they might be able to exploit your recovery, so only use it if
you know your opponent is inexperienced enough to get hit by it.

TASTY BRAINS - Execute a Strong Venom Fang as soon as your opponent throws a
------------   projectile.

This technique actually has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, however, it
doesn't work against most of what I call 'quick projectiles', or projectiles
that cover the screen almost as soon as they are activated... Those 'quick
projectiles' that the technique fail to work against are Captain Commando's
Captain Fire, Gambit's Kinetic Card, and War Machine's High Shoulder Cannon.
Now that the restrictions have been pointed out, remember that this move can
work against move fireball type attacks... so if you know your opponent is
about to throw one, munch on tasty brain!

//This technique can prove to be more effective than all the other tricks, but
make no mistake, it belongs in tricks. Once your opponent becomes aware that
*you will* punish his/her fireballs with this or any move, they might take
advantage of *that* predictability and fake a fireball (or follow through with
a procedure that might lead you to think he/she will throw one) in order to
get you to do the move. Once you fall under such a trap, you are vulnerable...
So, use the technique sparingly. That's why it's in tricks. =)

WEB THROWIN' - Execute a Strong Web Throw before your opponent jumps toward
------------   you.

I'm sure many people have seen or fallen victim to Spider-Man using this same
technique. The reason I think you shouldn't rely on it with Venom (or Spidey)
is because it strictly requires the anticipation of your opponent to be done
safely. If your opponent doesn't jump, who knows what could be in store for
you. (Whatever it is, it's a bad bargain... trust me. =) Use it on the
predictable and the predictable *only*.

VENOM OPTION - After performing Venom's generic air combo (one that ends in
------------   Venom Fang), perform either one of Venom's normal/special
               attacks according to what your character does. (Must be done in
               the corner.)

Those specific normal/special attacks are Web Throw, (Air) Symbiote Slam, Web
Cocoon, or S. strong. Whichever one of the four that you will use is up to
you (how fast you can react to the opponent's course of action) and your
opponent (his/her course of action). You shouldn't have to worry about the
corner bit *too much* because Venom usually land in the corner after an air
combo (for one reason or another...). The main crux you need to worry about is
being directly beneath the opponent. OK, first of all, if your opponent is
visibly jamming on his/her buttons while they are falling (from the Venom Fang
blow), then immediately do a Fierce Web Throw. You should get him/her before
he/she realizes it's time to block... Next, if your opponent is blocking or
still all the way down (anticipating a Web Throw attempt) then you should
either air/ground throw them. The reason I say either one or the other is
perchance your opponent sees what's up before touching down... If you know
your opponent will stay still (because of previous experience fighting the
person), then ground throw him/her... Web Cocoon can set up another air combo/
Venom Option! =) But, if you know that he/she will hit once they see you
walking toward the spot (or standing still near the spot) where they will
land, then air throw them (This, incidentally, ends the option.). Lastly, if
you know your opponent will attack earlier (on his/her way down) as an attempt
to thwart an air throw attempt, then stay on the ground, chill, and hit S.
strong before they touch down. If it connects (that depends on your timing),
then you got them in another air combo and another Venom Option. Truly a
beaut, isn't it? Well, of course, as you may have expected, the are some
drawbacks to it... one is that is shouldn't work on wall bouncers, double
jumpers, or air dashers -- they can all escape once they are visible; on-
screen. If you haven't counted yet, this fact actually eliminates *nine* of
the normal characters. Ugh! The only ones it could assuredly work on are Ryu
(any form), Zangief, Captain Commando, Jin, Hulk, and Gambit. Sure, four of
them have suspension moves that opponents can use to attempt escaping the
option, but if any of them pull one, you should chase them during their
recovery frames and air combo them (...this resets the option!). As for the
other characters, you shouldn't have to worry too much (again), because most
people I play (it even worked a few times at SHGL!), don't avoid it! Even if
you only get this option to work on those six characters, the whole trick was
worthy of mention in my opinion. Try it out for me someday. =)

VENOM OPTION (DEVILOT) - After performing Venom's generic air combo (one that
----------------------   ends in Venom Fang), call Devilot. (Must be done in

This has all the same restrictions as the regular Venom Option. The benefits
and simplicity of the procedure, however, are far greater. First of all, you
don't have to do anticipate and work with the opponent's moves. No counter-
attacking is involved. It, in fact, is just a plain, good ol' offensive move.
Now, after landing (from the Venom Fang), just keep pressing the helper call
buttons (MP & MK) until you hear Venom's trademark "Hey!". =D It won't be too
long after your opponent reappears on-screen. Then, if and when your opponent
lands next to you, do a straight up J. strong -> J. rhouse. Whether he/she
blocks it or not is immaterial (This, by the by, prevents your opponent from
escaping your clutches!). Then, as soon as you land, do Venom Web. "Gotcha!"
finally means something. =) This procedure, if done correctly, takes off 100%
damage *and* leaves you in the perfect position -- right where your opponents
partner will land when coming on-screen. Pull Devilot ASAP and try it again!
Granted, these aren't sure fire techniques but they *are* tricky and hard to
escape from. Try it, once again, for my sake! =)

VENOM WEBBIN' - How to use Venom Web outside of it's obvious restrictions.

Venom Web, unfortunately, is like Proton Cannon. It is powerful, makes great
eye candy, but cannot do squat in terms of comboability. This means that it
can only be used practically by either linking it after a helper attack or by
punishing moves with high recovery time ( missed super attacks.) The
following are a few examples of how you can use it outside of those obvious

ANTI-FIREBALL - Perform Venom Web as soon as your opponent throws a
-------------   projectile.

This technique has the exact same restrictions as TASTY BRAINS. Remember that
this move can work against move fireball type attacks... so if you know your
opponent is about to throw one, put web in his/her eye!

CROSS-UP - Perform Venom Web when your opponent jumps toward you. (Go under
--------   him/her.)

This is tons riskier than the former technique, because if your opponent
manages to block it, he/she will be placed directly next to you during your
recovery frames. However, if you know that your opponent cannot block cross-
ups worth a damn, use it. It's free damage!

HANDCUFFS - Freeze your opponent.

Performing the handcuffs consistently could veritably be a strategy, but since
I am almost certain that it was a glitch ( opposed to a legitimate
procedure that Capcom would purposely put in a game,), I think it belongs in
tricks. The only reason I use the handcuffs is when I'm in an empty arcade
waiting for an opponent to show up. (I choose normal speed, handcuff the
computer opponent, and let the timer run to zero. =)

First of all, you must choose Spider-Man as your partner character (I have
heard rumors that Venom can also perform the procedure with Hyper Venom...
anybody want to confirm this?). Second, you must build up enough hyper meter
to perform a duo team attack and do so (It's preferable to activate it with
Spidey, since doing so places Venom closer to the opponent.). Lastly, you must
Web Cocoon the opponent and subsequently Web Ball (Jab is best) him/her with
Spidey. Voila! Your opponent is frozen. While the opponent is stuck, he/she is
in "web-stun". While in "web-stun", he/she cannot be thrown, Venom Rushed, or
hit with web attacks of any sort.

//If you still have duo team attack time left, I suggest you either taunt,
super jump and air dash, or, if you have one character on each side of the
opponent, perform Venom Web (Looks cool.).\\

When the duo team attack time runs out, you are free to build up your hyper
meter to level three. When it is full, you should perform either a super
(beside Venom Web or Ultimate Web Throw), team super, or another duo team
attack if you have less energy than your opponent (I suggest doing the team
super.). However, if you have more strength than the opponent, you can simply
wait for time to run out. (Very wimpy, *very* cowardly.)

//I don't like it when people use the handcuffs on other humans as if it were
a "legitimate procedure". In cases like this, I don't adhere to the mantra "If
it's in the game, it's in the game". Crap procedures that slip through the
cracks aren't "in the game" on purpose, they are by accident. I say, "If it's
banned in tournaments, don't practice it". 


Strategies are procedures that should be used often. However, it is ultimately
up to you, the player to decide when to adjust them for contingencies... It's
not like you can always get away with doing the same thing all the time! =)
(Some people are smart, you know!)

CHOMP - Perform Venom's S. fierce before your opponent dashes towards you.

Another procedure that requires you to anticipate the movements of your
opponent. However, unlike those listed in tricks, this anticipatory procedure
can go unpunished every time. You should pull it whenever you feel that an
opponent at full-screen's distance is about to dash-in. If he/she does, he/she
will usually get hit by it before he/she even realizes it! If, however, your
opponent has fast enough reflexes so as to block this move more often than
not, you can still get away with the connection without exposing yourself to
its dangerous recovery time. The reason for this is because of 1) their S.
Short 2) Venom Fang and Venom Rush (see below): If you cancel the fierce into
either of them then you will, virtually, be completely safe. Remember, though,
that you are only free to use either of these moves to cancel the S. fierce
from the corner... When you are anywhere else (mid-screen/close to your
opponent), always cancel with S. short.

//My ultimate advice is to always use this S. fierce in the corner, since your
opponent can take advantage of its start up time anywhere else.

BREAKFAST - Cancel a connected S. fierce into either Jab Venom Fang or
---------   Forward/Roundhouse Venom Rush.

Buffer the fierce into a Jab Venom Fang (safe whether it connects or not) or a
Forward/Roundhouse Venom Rush... the Roundhouse Venom Rush is not as safe as
the rest, however, because if you do it, they can virtually counter attack
you by way of super jumping as soon as they land. However, if you do the
Forward version they may not (on account of the fact that if they super jump
towards you; hold the joystick towards you throughout the entire jump, which,
by the way, is the only way to counter attack Venom, they will come into
contact with the Rush's 'symbites'.). Forward, by that rationale is safer but
trades that cushy security with the chipping damage that the Roundhouse gives.
Whichever one you should use is for you judge.

Jab Venom Fang, on the other hand, works well because it has deceiving
recovery time. If your opponent thinks that he/she can catch you in its
recovery frames, he/she will probably dash in as soon he/she see you do it...
However, he/she can't catch Venom in their recovery frames... In fact, Venom
can recover, hit S. fierce again, and connect with the opponent if he/she *is*
dashing in! This second connection with the S. fierce is actually pretty
imminent in such a case. The only case, however, in which you would miss the
fierce is either if they don't dash (he/she could stand his/her ground and do
a super) or if they jump before you throw it out (do a jump-in attack into a
super combo while you are recovering). In both cases, you are in danger, so
only throw out the second fierce if you know that your opponent will dash-in
again. Otherwise, don't.

//In a nutshell, the safest things to cancel a S. fierce connection into are
S. short, Forward Venom Rush, Roundhouse Venom Rush, and Jab Venom Fang,
respectively. The most damaging things to cancel it into are (respectively)
Roundhouse/Forward Venom Rush, Jab Venom Fang and S. short. The only one that
can reset the pattern (thusly, set up an option) is Jab Venom Fang. It's up to
you to decide which one is appropriate.

VENOM MUNCH - Perform a ground Jab Venom Fang at designated times.

Jab Venom Fang, as I said in BREAKFAST (the strategy above) has unexploitable
recovery whenever it either connects with a ground opponent or misses a
grounded opponent who doesn't expect it. If it's ground blocked, first of all,
then the opponent's block stun will be too long for him/her to retaliate with
anything (If the move is air blocked, they can... make *sure* they're on the
ground.). Second, if the opponent doesn't expect it, then you can pull it out
from wherever and miss it. The first way of using it is safer; the second,
obviously is not, because using it safely in such a manner depends on your
opponent not expecting it (...if he/she does, then he/she can beam super/quick
projectile/auto combo super you.). In order to use it well in the second
manner, mix it up in your overall execution of the move. Otherwise, if you
come to use it predictably, your opponent will most likely punish you.

YUMMY FEAST - Perform Fierce Web Throw whenever your opponent is or is about
-----------   to be directly above you.

This usually catches people off guard because they can't see you tossing the
web line. It truly is funny whenever you catch your opponent in these
instances, because he/she sits there with a "What the hell just happened?"
look on his/her face while you are slamming the crap out of his/her character.

POKING STRATEGIES - Venom's best poking techniques and safe combo.

Venom's safe combo is S. jab -> S. forward XX Jab Venom Fang. Your opponent
can't hit Venom afterwards. His best poking attack is S. jab. If you
mistakenly think you've hit the opponent with the jab and cancel into the
forward, cancel that into the Venom Fang... however, if you *have* hit with
the jab and cancel into forward, buffer the combo into Death Bite.

//Poking, in my opinion is an okay strategy to use with Venom since he has a
safe combo to fall back on... however, when juxtaposing the strategy with
everything else Venom can do, it's *only* okay. (It's not *good*.)

ANTI AIR STRATEGIES - Venom's best anti air techniques.

Venom's best ground anti air is S. rhouse (great priority). However, it lacks
the launching capabilities of the S. strong, which has less priority. So you'd
probably want to use either. I'd use roundhouse whenever an opponent is super
jumping in (...he/she could thusly use an attack with tons of priority.) and
S. strong when he/she's regular jumping in. Another ground attack that can
thwart certain jump ins is Venom Fang ( any of its forms.). Use either
one of the three accordingly.

CHASING STRATEGIES - Venom's best chasing techniques.

Venom has some of the best chasing techniques in the game. The first of the
two is J. strong -> J. rhouse. This is primarily used to chase/meet opponents
who are regular jumping. The next is SJ. strong -> SJ. forward -> SJ. rhouse,
and, as the notation of the attacks denotes, it is primarily used to chase
super jumpers. Use either of these techniques if and only if you'll out-
prioritize the opponent. If you don't, you'll probably get smacked.

ANTI CHASING STRATEGIES - Venom's best anti chasing techniques.

First of all, (one of the reasons) you have J. rhouse (is) for any fool who
tries to chase or meet you in a regular jump. Second, you have SJ. short/SJ.
forward/SJ. rhouse/SJ. fierce for those who try to chase you in a super jump.
You're covered in any case.

TICK STRATEGIES - Venom's best tick techniques. (none)

It's hard for Venom to tick since they have such a slow-ass walk. This
prevents anyone who is using him from performing either the poking or jumping
tick on any tick-experienced opponents (...practically everyone who counts).
My advice to you in this case is to not try ticking. What a pity.

CHIPPING STRATEGIES - Venom's best chipping techniques.

Do not use Death Bite to chip. It's too risky. Even if the opponent super
jumps and lands on it, he/she may take advantage of your recovery time. IT IS
TOO RISKY. Instead, go for the old school strategies above. Just hit them with
either a few safe combos (which involve Jab Venom Fang) or repeated S. fierce
XX Forward/Roundhouse Venom Rushes. If you're patient, you'll come out on top.
In these cases, helpers can work well, too.

FREE THROW - When you kill your opponent's first character and his/her second
----------   char comes out, tick them with J. forward.

I have to give props to Dan Thompson for this one (I saw him use it many times
in a recent tournament at SHGL.). If and when you K.O. your opponent's first
character in the corner, wait for his/her other character to jump on-screen...
when he/she does, make him/her block a J. forward (you have to time this move
so that it connects with your opponent while he/she is above/higher than you.)
... if he/she blocks it, then you will land before him/her and be able to
Web Cocoon him/her away from the corner... If you do Web Cocoon him/her
successfully (and he/she doesn't break out in time...), perform the S. jab ->
S. forward XX Death Bite combo. The whole procedure takes a while to master,
but considering its benefit, it's definitely worth it to try!


Recently, I attended a tournament (in which I did not compete) at Southern
Hills Golf Land (...which I have previously referred to in the document as
SHGL.), which is touted (among the internet) to have some of the best MvC
competition on the west coast today... Of course, with all the hearsay and
reputation in mind, I was excited to see how these people played, which
characters they chose, and the like. Unfortunately, I came out extremely

First off, let me clarify something. I played in some pre/post tournament
matches and lost almost every time. I can only hope to convince you now that
the reason I ended up so bitter was not because of that (I, as a matter of
fact, expected to lose.) but because of what the "best competition" was like.

Most people, to my dismay, picked either Wolverine or Strider, and played with
an extreme offense. Rarely was there a time when I saw people pick players
like Zangief, Hulk, Captain America, Jin, Venom, Captain Commando, or even
Spider-Man! People seemed just too scared to in the midst of the hot
competition... needless to say, it was very disappointing to see that most of
the people there were so scared to try and use characters that are harder to
use effectively that they succumbed to using those that are extremely easy to
win with (in comparison).

//Incidentally, there was only one saving grace to the whole trip, however,
the facts that 1) a Latino (Alex Valle) won the tournament, and 2) that he won
with a Strider/War Machine team. (At least he had one different character in
his mix!)\\

In order to play Venom effectively, you must not play offensively all the
time. On the contrary, you must be extremely patient and ready to react
(rather than act) to every one of your opponent's moves. Rather than think of
the game in terms of how fast your character is, think of it in terms of how
fast your mind and fingers are. This frame of thinking will get you at
least a bit further... trust me. Stay on your toes, peeps. Peace out.


I am about 5'7 feet tall, I have black hair, black eyes (from getting my ass
beat so often), and a huge chip on my shoulder. My real name is Jose Lafaurie,
and sometimes I go by Joe. I gots a brother, his name is Ricardo Jr. (AKA
Dasrik). I am 19 (10/27/80) and am currently going to Riverside Community
College in Moreno Valley, California. If you think you know me, holla "What's
up, Joe?" and gimme five fingers next time we meet.

For those of y'all who remember matches better than faces, I am known to play
most with a Spider-Man/Venom team. However, I also can kick it with Zangief,
Ryu, CapAm, and Jin (I haven't used his ass in *too* long.). I detest using
Strider and Wolverine, but if you got a hankering to see me play them, ask me
to and my quarter is yours.

This is my first FAQ. I wrote it for all the peeps out there who either can't
play fighting games for jack and for all the Wolverine addicts (Get some
skill and stop trying to rationalize that crap.).

My philosophy for video gaming is the same as with any sport: It ain't whether
you win or lose, it's how well you play. So, if you see me having an episode
after I lost a game, it ain't *cuz* I lost, it's cuz I sucked. Oh yeah, and
while I got a soap box to stand on, let me address the issue of trash talking.
Yes, I do it a lot. No, I won't try to justify it. But for God's sake, people,
don't beat a brother down for doing it. First of all: everything I say when
I'm on the game is just trash. It ain't written gospel that you should take
to heart. Second, when I'm on the game, I'm nervous. I'm sure everyone (with
the exception of kids and special cases) can relate. It's just a 'tude that
seems to come with the territory. I cannot control it very well, but I'll try.

//Mail me -


Big ups go out to:

Polo, his cursing brother, and Fuson - for inspiring this FAQ. When one of you
told me that all I did was "Colossus into Venom Web", I decided to write this
big ol' thing (On second thought, damn you for wasting a week of my life.).
Know, though, that I didn't write it to prove anything to either of you (If I
beat yo asses with Venom fifteen times in a row, you still would say that I
suck!). I agree that intelligent talk ain't nothing unless you can put it down
at crunch time, but I can, so leave me alone!. =) (Incidentally, I used
Colossus into Venom Web so many times on you guys because it worked... you
were *way* too itchy back then.)

//That previous paragraph was directed mostly at Polo's cursing brutha. I get
the "extreme prejudice" vibe from you, man... Lighten up.\\

Anybody who plays at Brunswick Recreational Center in Moreno Valley,
California... Especially Andre, Das, Chip, Keshin, Mario... I learned from all
of you. *Especially* Keshin... you damn, trash talk hating... =) I don't even
want to think of how much money I spent on you... Andre... ya damned "Super
Sayjin"... keep it up, man. When Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 comes out, you'll be
whooping my ass.

The kiddies that play at Fireworks in MoVal - You guys suck, but you're good
people (These are the only peeps that ask me "How did you do that?" instead of
beating my ass when they lose to me... By the way, to the people that work
there: that tournament in April '99 sucked! No infinites... no throwing...?!
WHAT THE HELL!? Next time, give us the rules before taking our cash, you damn

All those who play at The SU in Cal State San Bernardino... the only ones I
remember from that joint are Damien and Chief... I'll whoop all you non-
rolling, helper dependent, two hit comboing asses now! You guys are so damn
old school, y'all playin' with Jesus. =)
Jeanne Burch - for the Venom biography. I love your site... If *someone* ought
to pay homage to the women of Marvel, it should be you, girl. Y'all reading
this need to check it out... GIRL CAN WRITE! |:/

Capcom - I know you suckas can't even hear me, but stop making such whack ass
games... I mean, they're the bomb and all, but... they whack! Oh, and for the
love of hell, stop throwing that punk ass "bigfoot" Wolverine into your damned
games... I know he your cash cow, but DAIMN!

Everybody I've trash talked and everyone that hates me cuz of it - Watch "The
Mighty Ducks", you damned fools. It's just a freakin' game! =)

and all those who use Venom... C-ya!

12 - 11 - 99


Special thanks to those who can recognize that even though the acknowledgment
section looks like a bag of insults, it ain't nuthin' but trash... (People get
so emotionally disturbed by trash talk these days... Y'all need to play
baseball more often, you sissies.)