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                             Version 1.0

Revision History:
Version 1.1 (6/15/98)   --   Haven't update this much because I was 
                             working on my MVC FAQ.  I fixed some 
                             stupid format mistakes and added a little 
                             here and there.  Not much though.
Version 1.0 (5/31/98)   --   Start writing my first FAQ, any inputs
                             and contributions will be appreciated!  
                             Will add more combo, strategy, and partner               
                             info later on. 

Copyright 1998 by H. C. Yu
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Why use Chun Li?
     To kick Wolverine's and Spiderman's behind HARD!!!  Isn't that 
Table of Contents:
     Special Moves
     Super Moves

     MVC is the most balanced Vs game put-forth by Capcom so far.  Every 
character is good and deadly in the hands of experts.  There is not a 
single character that is characterized as "disadvantaged," besides the 
secret character Roll of course.  Amidst all these excellent characters, 
I consider Chun Li to be the best overall character.  Though her style 
of fighting might seem "weird" to many players, practices will pay off!
     Chun Li has always been referred to as cheap, because of her 
defense and chipping potentials.  Indeed, she was a bit cheap in XVSF 
and MVSF; however, in MVC, her cheapness is taken out in many ways.  In 
the first game, her Lightning Kick Super was everyone's nightmare due to 
the insane amount of blocking damage it took off.  To top it off, she 
can't be hit afterwards!  Also, Spinning Bird Kick has no recovery time 
at all, and the Super Bird Kick does amazing damage!  Chun Li was just 
way too cheap in this game.  In the second game, MVSF, Chun Li still 
enjoyed the invulnerability of blocked Lightning Kick Super.  However, 
she lost the invulnerability of blocked Spinning Bird Kick and Super 
Bird Kick.  In exchange for this lost advantage, Chun Li gained 
invulnerability of blocked Axe Kick.  Now the third game, Chun Li again 
lost something in exchange for something else.  Lightning Kick Super no 
longer is invulnerable if blocked - Chun Li will indeed be punished if 
this super is blocked!  To make up this loss, Capcom gives Chun Li a new 
air super that is, IMO, the best looking super of the game.  That's all 
about the major changes in Chun Li and yes, she still has that 
impenetrable roundhouse launcher for defense.
     In this FAQ, I'll discuss Chun Li's specials and supers in detail 
and reveal some ass-kicking strategy in using her well.  BTW, did I 
mention that she's the perfect character to use to kick those 
Wolverine's and Spiderman's butt?!
*Since you are all familiar with controls, I won't list the joystick 
 motion involved!
Kikoken                 IMO a rather useless move.  This fireball is 
                        too slow to be of any use at all.  Fireball 
                        fights are long gone in history; besides, Chun 
                        Li's fireball isn't that fast.  Yes, this 
                        fireball can be comboed, but why bother?  I 
                        almost never use this move, I'd be surprised if 
                        I ever use it in any match!
Mini-Kikosho            Another bad move that shouldn't be there.  
                        Originally designed as air defense, this 
                        move often gets Chun Li killed!  This is 
                        usually a messed up move because it's so 
                        easy to perform, so be careful.  I usually use 
                        it in ground combo, but only when I feel 
Spinning Bird Kick      This is an OK move.  It's usually best if used 
                        in combos instead of as air-defense.  As 
                        mentioned earlier, this move lost its 
                        invulnerability a LONG time ago.  Chun Li 
                        will be punished if blocked.  I rarely use this 
Lightning Legs          Chun Li's signature move since SFII !  This 
                        move still chip off good deal of damage, 
                        especially if the player is good enough to whip 
                        it up whenever he wants.  I have trouble doing 
                        this move for some reason, and it doesn't come 
                        out unless in a combo.  Anyway, Chun Li now has 
                        a little lag time afterwards, so don't use it 
                        as though there's no tomorrow!  This move is 
                        great as OTG combos and air combos.  A useful 
                        move, but not the best.
Axe Kick                IMO Chun Li's best special!  This is an 
                        overhead hit that'll nail any crouching 
                        opponent.  Sadly, it doesn't OTG anymore, but 
                        that's OK still.  Chun Li's game-play involves 
                        some poking, especially low hits.  Tag in an 
                        Axe Kick after any low hit will often frustrate 
                        your opponent.  BTW, did I mention that this 
                        move has virtually no lag time?  One caution 
                        though, different kick buttons will have 
                        different range, so experiment a little bit.  
                        Also, don't be too predictable with this move. 
                        If opponent reads your strategy, he or she can 
                        switch, or in some case counter, while Chun 
                        Li's doing this move.
Neck Kick:              Another excellent overhead move.  Same strategy 
                        as Axe Kick in general.  This move has little 
                        lag time as well, but beware of those cheap 
                        throws because Chun Li is right up in their 
                        face if blocked.
Head Stomp              A rather useful move.  This is an excellent 
                        jump-in move because very few attacks will pass 
                        through this move.  Chun Li can confuse 
                        opponents by mixing in triple jumps and Head 
                        Stomps.  I use this mainly as combo lead-ins.
Lightning Kick Super    This is my personal favorite super!  It combos 
                        fairly easily, and does amazingly good damage - 
                        nearly half life if you keep jamming on the 
                        buttons!  This can be OTG, but can be avoided.  
                        If by any chance Chun Li missed or blocked by 
                        this move, PRAY HARD!
Air Demon               Possibly the coolest looking super in the game!  
                        This super combos into air combos, and does 
                        solid damage.  The combo is a bit tricky 
                        because sometimes the CPU can block the super!  
                        BTW, if this is blocked, Chun Li's up for the 
                        opponent's mercy!
Kikosho                 IMO a rather useless super.  I think it can be 
                        OTG but I've never used it.  This super is a 
                        bit weak, and leaves Chun Li extremely 
                        vulnerable if blocked!  BTW, if anticipated, 
                        you can snuff those Wolverine stomp or even 
                        cross up some players.
Super Bird Kick         The damage this super inflicts has been toned 
                        down a lot!  It's still comboable, but does 
                        about average damage.  I only use this move for 
                        variations in my combos, so people won't call 
                        me cheap.
Ground Combos -
(1)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> D.S. Short -> C. Forward -> C. 
      Roundhouse -> Lightning Leg(OTG)
      *This combo is Chun Li's bread and butter ground combo.  
       Lightning Leg OTG often connects and is fairly safe, even if 
(2)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> D.S. Short -> C. Forward -> C. 
      Fierce -> Axe Kick
      *The Axe Kick at the end will not count as part of the combo, but 
       will often nail the opponents.  Even if the combo is blocked, 
       finish the combo for a little chipping damage.  Hey, if they 
       blocked wrong during the process, they'll get nailed!
(3)   D.S. Jab -> S. Strong -> Mini Kikosho
      *Not a spectacular combo, but works.
(4)   D.S. Jab -> C. Short -> C. Strong -> C. Forward -> C. Roundhouse
(5)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> D.C. Short -> S. Roundhouse -> 
      Roundhouse Spinning Bird Kick
(6)   D.C. Short -> C. Forward -> Roundhouse Spinning Bird Kick 

Air Combos -
(1)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> D.S. Short -> S. Roundhouse -> 
      S.J. Jab -> S.J. Short -> S.J. Strong -> Head Stomp -> Head Stomp 
      -> Lightning Leg
      *The bread and butter air combo!  It looks pretty awesome and 
       does solid damage.  The last part of the combo requires some 
       practicing and might miss sometimes.
(2)   J. Jab -> J. Fierce -> D.S. Short -> S. Roundhouse -> S.J. Jab -> 
      S.J. Short -> S.J. Strong -> S.J. Forward -> S.J. Roundhouse
(3)   J. Forward -> J. Roundhouse -> D.S. Short -> S. Roundhouse -> 
      S.J. Jab -> S.J. Short -> S.J. Strong -> S.J. Forward -> Strong 
      air throw
      *Tagging an air throw at the end is often risky and tough to 
       accomplish.  Practice will make perfect!
(4)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> D.S. Short -> S. Roundhouse -> 
      S.J. Jab -> S.J. Short -> S.J. Strong -> Head Stomp -> S.J. Jab 
      -> S.J. Short -> S.J. Strong -> Head Stomp -> S.J. Jab -> S.J. 
      Short -> S.J. Strong Head Stomp -> S.J. Jab -> S.J. Short -> S.J. 
      Strong -> Head Stomp -> Repeat…
      *This combo is listed in Mig's page and IT WORKS!  I'm currently 
       working on repeating the sequence indefinitely.  So far, my best 
       number is about 40 hits.  I'm still trying to find a trick to do 
       it consistently.  I'll definitely let you guys know once I 
       master it.  For now, keep practicing!
(5)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> Lightning Leg
      *This combo chips A LOT of damages!  It's just wrong!

Super Combos -
(1)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> D.C. Short -> C. Forward -> C. 
      Fierce -> Lightning Kick Super
      *This is her bread and butter super combo!  Keep on jamming the 
       buttons for maximum damage.  This combo can be extremely deadly 
       - nearly half life sometimes!
(2)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> D.S. Short -> S. Roundhouse -> 
      S.J. Jab -> S.J. Short -> Air Demon
      *Her other bread and butter super combo!  Cancel into Air Demon 
       very fast, or sometimes the CPU will block.  Human opponents 
       will have very little chance of blocking.  This combo looks cool 
       and does good damage.
(3)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> Air Demon
      *Heh, this is a beginner combo.  'Nuff said!
(4)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> D.C. Short -> S. Roundhouse -> 
      Super Bird Kick
(5)   Head Stomp -> J. Roundhouse -> D.C. Short -> C. Forward -> C. 
      Roundhouse -> Lightning Kick Super (OTG)
      *This is an OTG combo, thus can be avoided.  So, beware!
(6)   J. Jab -> J. Fierce -> S. Short -> C. Roundhouse -> Kikosho (OTG)
(7)   D.C. Short -> C. Roundhouse -> Team Super (OTG)
      *A safer version of combo 6 because even if Kikosho is blocked, 
       it's hard to hit Chun Li if blocked/avoided because it's a Team 
     Chun Li is very balanced in this game.  She has excellent priority, 
quick footwork, and power.  She can adapt into several types of 
game-play.  She can play hit and run with style, or combo like a B!$*@ !  
Her only weakness lies in having no effective keep-away tactics.  For 
now, I'll break down her game-play into offense and defense.  In each 
section, I'll discuss how she can excel in that category.  In the 
future, I'll most likely add more categories.
Offense -
     Super combos are Chun Li's forte, especially and first two "bread 
and butter" combos!  They are fairly easy to perform, and inflicts 
above-average damage.  Ground combos are a bit weak, but are great for 
chipping damages.  Air combos are descent, and does solid damage.  For 
me, I basically stick to those "bread and butter" combos, because they 
do good damage without exposing Chun Li into harm (except the super 
combos of course).
     One thing to remember when using Chun Li is to take advantage of 
her speed and priority.  Chun Li is one of the fastest characters in the 
game, so put that aspect of her into good use.  Constantly mix up 
dash-in combos with jump-in combos, and don't hesitate to get right up 
in their face with a throw!  Personally, I despise walk-up throws, but 
that's necessary sometimes.  Air throws are fair, and with Chun Li's 
high priority, are easy to perform.
Defense -
     If forced to play defense, Chun Li has no problem of whatsoever!  
S. Roundhouse, her launcher, is an excellent air defense.  Very few 
attacks will pass it through.  Even if the attack goes through, it'll 
often end up trading hits!  Once launched, the opponent is at the mercy 
of air combo, infinity, or even Air Demon super combo!  Spinning Bird 
Kick and Mini Kikosho can also act as air defense, but are riskier and 
less effective than her launcher.
     Chun Li can often snuff those dash-in attacks with C. Short ŕ C. 
Forward.  This will often pose problem for those Wolverine and Spiderman 
players, because dash-ins are their main combo starters!  If they 
managed to block those two low pokes, finish with a Short/Forward Axe 
Kick or Neck Breaker for a little chipping damage.  I repeat, DO NOT try 
Lightning Leg attack!
     Also, take advantage of her triple jump ability!  Chun Li can stay 
up in the air for a LONG time!  If you sense the situation is getting 
hairy, take it up to the air and triple jump to safety!

Wolverine:     This is possibly my number one team - very few people 
               can beat me when I pulled off this combination!  
               Wolverine is also very powerful, and is a combo machine.  
               The advantage of this team is speed and super combos.  
               Both characters have quick foot-speed, and can pull off 
               damaging super combos easily.  This team might be 
               considered cheap, because both characters can chip 
               blocking damage without exposing themselves to 
               counter-attacks very often.
Spiderman:     Another of my favorite, I'm pretty good with the two 
               characters.  Again, this team combines both speed and 
               power.  I usually use Spiderman to pull off those cheesy 
               over-powered air combos and Chun Li to pull off those 
               powerful super combos.  Remember, take advantage of the 
               speed and priority of these two characters!
Strider        Can you notice a pattern of my game-play?  I thirst for 
               speed and combos!  Strider is another combo maniac with 
               blinding speed.  His forte lies in ground combos, 
               chipping damage, and possibly air combos.  I stick to 
               ground combos a lot, because they are very powerful and 
               safe.  Air combos are flashy as well, but don't do as 
               much damage.  Sadly, Strider has no super combos.  Heck, 
               that's what Chun Li is there for, isn't it?  One caution 
               though, Strider gets killed very easily - he takes too 
               much damage!  Again, take advantage of the speed and 
               priority of these two.
Cap America    Cap can be deadly if used correctly.  He is strong, and
               Has high priority.  He has flashy air combos, deadly 
               super combos, and extremely damaging team super combos.
               Although he isn't as fast as Chun Li, Cap America makes
               up the lost with power and strength.

Credits and Thanks:
My buddies over at UCR and Tilt for letting me whip their butts for 
     practice (J/K)!
Migs Rustia, who has an excellent site at
Edward T. Ma for his format of doing his great FAQ.

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