Gambit by E.J.

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GAMBIT-4-Marvel-Vs.-Capcom FAQ v1.1
Author: E.J.
Date: 6-15-99

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Table Of Contents:

- History of This Faq
- Intro to This Faq
- Disclaimer
- Gameplay and Faq Notation
- Who is Gambit, and Why Play Gambit?
- Normal Moves
- Special Moves
- Super Moves
- Combos
- General Strategy
- Character Match-Ups
- Victory Poses
- Beating Onslaught
- Gambit's Ending
- Credits and Closing Comments


v1.1 = Okay, this will be my LAST revision (I think). I added a couple
     combos, overhauled the General Strategy and Character Match-Ups (I
     alphabetized the character match-ups so it's easier to find a 
     specific match-up), added a Victory Pose section, changed some 
     Normal Moves descriptions, and corrected the Cajun Strike/Escape
     description (I got their names mixed up). I tried to trim down some
     blabbering stuff, but since I added other stuff, this faq is 
     probably even bigger now, oh well...

v1.0 = I never thought I would do a third revision, but after looking
     back at this faq, I could not stand the sloppiness. My previous
     description of the Cajun Strike/Escape was horrid, and I've corrected/
     cleaned it up. Some of my thoughts on special and normal moves have
     changed, and some of my Vs. strategies are changed also. Added a
     couple sections also. This will, in all likelihood, be the last

v0.2 = Added this "History" section and a "Good Partners" section. Added
     a couple combos. Changed strategies a little bit. Took out all the
     cuss words I could find (I'm trying to cut down on my swearing).
     I dunno, I made changes all over the place...

v0.1 = The bulk of this faq, including all moves sections, combos,
     strategies, and closing comments...


Hey all you gamers out there. First off, I just want to let 
you know that this is my first attempt at writing a faq. So, if you 
read this thing and come to the conclusion that this faq really sucks 
and the author is a blithering idiot, well, screw you. No, no, J/K.
Seriously, I'm writing this faq because I want to help anyone out there
who's interested in playing a good Gambit. I ain't a great Gambit player,
but I consider myself to be at least fair with him... anyhow. Enough
about me. On with the faq...


(Uh, I don't know what this is for, but a lot of other faqs have this 
section. I'll just make up some stuff.)

Don't use this faq in any manner for profit or financial gain. If for 
some ungodly reason you want to use this faq as a reference, give 
credit where it's due. The game Marvel Vs. Capcom is a product of 
Capcom (duh), and Gambit is the property of Marvel (that's what I'm 
guessing, at least). If I missed anything, gee, I'm sorry. Anyway, 
enough of that...

Gameplay and Faq Notation:

This faq is a character-specific faq only, and I am assuming that you 
know the basic gameplay of Marvel Vs. Capcom, such as push-blocking, 
super-jumping, dashing, switch-outs, etc. If you don't know what any of 
the previous terms mean, don't worry. There are tons of detailed faqs 
out there that explains everything for you. Go read them, then come 
back here. If you know the basic gameplay of the Marvel games, then go 
on ahead...

Also, I am not going to draw a pretty picture of the controls like some 
of those other faqs out there. If you don't even know what the joystick 
and the six-button set-up of a Capcom game looks like, why the heck are
you reading this?! Go away...

As a matter of fact, I don't even know why I have this section in the
faq. Forget this, let's get to the real stuff...

but to avoid confusion, here's a couple quick notes on the terminology
I'll be using (btw, I borrowed these terms from other faqs belonging to
James Chen, Charles Washington, etc.):

C. = Crouching
S. = Standing
D. = Dashing
J. = Jumping
S.J. = Super-Jumping
/\ = do a Super-Jump
\/ = land from Super-Jump
XX = cancel into...
OTG = hits Off-The-Ground

QCF = quarter-circle forwards
QCB = quarter-circle backwards
DP = dragon-punch motion

Who is Gambit, and Why Play Gambit?

Just who is the Ragin' Cajun? Well, I don't really know much about him,
because I never got into comic books or anything like that. All I know
is that he is one of the uncanny X-men, a master thief, and a mutant 
who can charge up an object's potential energy into dangerously kinetic 
energy. And I'm not even sure about the last part. Anwyay...

Why should you play as Gambit? I'll tell you why. Gambit is THE epitome 
of cool and style. The hair, the coat, the stubble, that finger-
snapping mumble he does at the end of a Royal Flush... so much style. 
Man, he is just oozing with style. He should seriously loan some style
to those boring-ass chumps like Ryu/Chun Li... style... yeah...can you 
tell I love that word? When I play video games, I always pick the 
characters that got style (e.g. Charlie and his kick-ass hair from 
X-men Vs. SF). And IMO, good video gaming is all about winning with 
style. Heck, even one of Gambit's winning quotes says something about 
style being everything... yeah, style, that's the way to go...

Normal Moves:

Throws -
     (Ground throws)

     Strong/Fierce version: Gambit grabs the opponent, charges them
          up against his staff or something, and tosses them 
          away. It is definitely the more useful of his ground 
          throws. The opponent can NOT safety-roll after you throw
          him, so in the corner, an OTG combo is guaranteed. And
          in some cases, you don't have to be in the corner to 
          OTG afterwards (see combo section for further details)...

     Forward/Roundhouse version: Gambit dumps the opponent onto the
          ground, stands on top of him, and repeatedly smashes 
          the end of his staff into his opponent's face. Wiggle
          the joystick like mad to make Gambit do more face-mashing.
          While this throw is visually more demoralizing than the
          other throw (demoralizing for the opponent, that is), I 
          don't think Gambit can follow it up with any OTG stuff.
          The other throw is much more practical...
     (Air Throws)

     Roundhouse version: This is the only air throw I know of for
          Gambit so far. It has the same animation as the 
          Forward/Roundhouse ground throw, except Gambit only 
          smacks them once in the face with the staff. It has
          okay range, but guys like Wolvey, Spidey, and Strider
          will win in air-throwing battles. But it's nice to try,
          anyway, since his Jumping Roundhouse is a great air-to-air

Jab Punch -
     Standing: He does some wimpy backfist that has pitiful range.
          Don't use it unless you're really close to the opponent.
          Misses crouching opponents. Kinda sucky normal move...

     Crouching: Same thing as standing, except he's crouching. It is
          better than the standing version, in that it will at 
          least hit crouching opponents. You can start in-close
          combos with it...

     Jumping: He sticks out another wimpy fist with mediocre range. 
          It is directed more upwards than most other jumping jabs,
          therefore, it is nice for intercepting airborne opponents
          above you...

Strong Punch -

     Standing: He does a downward slash with his staff, from above 
          his head to around his knees. It comes out a little slower
          than I'd like, but it still has very good priority against
          opponents on the ground (Gambit's staff attacks have good
          priority, in general). If someone has jumped past you and
          is landing behind you, use this to catch him in mid-air. 
          Chain it into a crouching fierce (his launcher), and pop
          him up for a nice and easy air-combo...

     Crouching: He slaps at the ground with his staff. Looks kind of
          dumb for such a stylish fellow. Is he trying to break
          the other guy's toes or something? Anyway, it's about the
          same as the standing version, except lower...

     Jumping: He swings upward with his staff. This move used to
          kick butt in XvSF, but it's not as great in MvC, since more
          people in MvC have range comparable to Gambit's. But still,
          it's pretty good for air battles...

Fierce Punch -

     Standing: He lashes out horizontally with his staff using only one
          hand, smacking his opponent to the other side of the screen. 
          It has GREAT horizontal range, although it will MISS over most 
          crouching fellows. This move is extremely useful in certain 
          situations, namely when your opponent is jumping in and
          landing a couple steps in front of you...

     Crouching: This is his only launcher. He swings upwards with his 
          staff, the animation being quite similar to his jumping
          strong. It is one of the better launchers out there, but it
          takes some getting used to. Although it has really good 
          power, reach, and priority against opponents coming down on
          top of him (including people trying to cross him up), it is 
          a little slow and plagued with terrible horizontal range...

          Become familiar with it, because it is one of Gambit's few
          defensive options...

     Jumping: VERY useful tool. Using both hands, he swings downward
          with his staff to bash his opponent's head in. GREAT
          range, GREAT priority. Comes a little slower than Strider's
          J. Fierce, but faster than Captain America's. Can trade or
          beat a lot of launchers...

          One of his best air attacks, by far...

Short Kick -

     Standing: He sticks out a short-ranged knee into the opponent's
          gut. Nothing special about it, though it comes out fast. The
          CPU is really good at ticking you with this, then throwing
          you afterwards...

     Crouching: He quickly sticks out a low foot with NICE range. By
          far the best version of his varying jabs and shorts. It's
          VERY good for harrassing and applying pressure...

     Jumping: He kicks out horizontally with his foot. If the opponent
          is in front of you, this kick has exceptional air-to-air 
          priority. Good for air battles..

Forward Kick -

     Standing: He kicks out at waist-level with some sort of snapping 
          rear-leg kick. Good range (better than standing strong, 
          I believe), and hits crouching opponents. Okay poking tool 
          from mid-to-close range. Mostly use it in ground combos...

     Crouching: Similar to crouching short, he sticks out his foot
          low along the ground. Same use as the standing version...

     Jumping: He kicks high up into the air. It looks like he's trying 
          to punt a football. Nothing special...

Roundhouse Kick -

     Standing: He spins about and delivers a high kick. It is a great
          anti-air against opponents who jump in and find themselves
          out of position. On the ground, it is not all that great. It
          is the only move that can combo into a Jab Kinetic Card, but
          at a distance, it misses high on a LOT of crouching people...

     Crouching: He leg-sweeps you off your feet. Like all sweeps, follow
          it up with an OTG if you want (you have tons of OTG options
          with Gambit)...

  Jumping: He kicks out horizontally with his leg. I have come to 
          appreciate this move, since it does come out a bit faster 
          than the jumping fierce and has NICE horizontal range. 
          Think of it as a slower version of the jumping short. Use it
          a lot, you might get lucky and get an air-throw out of it...

Special Moves:

Kinetic Card (QCF, any punch; ground or air) -

     Gambit's projectile move, and maybe his best special move over all.
     On the ground, he turns away from the opponent for a moment, pulls
     out some cards from his coat, charges them, and chucks them at the
     opponent. The jab version has okay start-up time, the strong 
     version has bad start-up time, and the sluggish fierce version is 
     pretty much useless. Once the cards leave his hand, though, they
     travel INSTANTLY across the screen, and he recovers VERY quickly. 
     If an opponent is hit with a Kinetic card, he will be immobilized
     for a moment, giving Gambit a chance to do more damage. The Fierce
     version immobilizes them the longest, but you can still do a lot
     of stuff after the Jab version, namely dashing up and OTG'ing them
     up into an air-combo...

     the air version can be a royal pain in the ass for your opponent, 
     if you can aim it properly. When doing it, Gambit hovers in the air
     and throws a glowing card down to the ground at a rather steep angle,
     a bit less than 45 degrees. Once again, the card travels REALLY fast,
     and once again, it takes a little while for Gambit to yank out his 
     card and charge it, jab being fastest, fierce being slowest. The 
     area that the card actually covers is pitifully small, so you're
     going have to get used to it if you're going to hit anything with 
     it. He just kind of hovers up there after he throws it, much like
     the air-fireballing Morrigan, so you can throw quite a few cards
     before landing from a super-jump. Note that I said SUPER JUMP. If
     you do it off a regular jump, and your opponent blocks it or avoids
     it, you'll just hover right there in front of your opponent and be
     a big fat target for a launcher attack...

     the jab version is exceptionally useful as an offensive, keep-away,
     and/or annoyance tactic. It combos only after a CLOSE S. Roundhouse,
     but still, there's a lot of other uses. If you have just air-thrown
     the opponent, Gambit will send his opponent down at roughly the 
     same angle as his Air Kinetic Card. Throw out an Air Kinetic Card
     just when they get up, and see if you can catch them napping. If
     they block it, at least it's free chipping damage... after blocked
     normal moves, cancel into a Jab Kinetic Card for some chipping
     damage. But don't ALWAYS throw the Kinetic Card after blocked
     normal moves. People will get the hang of it and start jumping over
     you while you're throwing your card. But hey, that's when you can
     start fooling around with other things (like the Trick Card)...

     Bottom line: Great tool if you know how to use it (it is NOT a 
     mindless keep-away tool). Only use the jab version, whether 
     on the ground or in the air. If you feel playful, throw a fierce
     version while a fallen opponent is getting up, and get ready to
     throw a Royal Flush. If the opponent does not block for some
     unfathomable reason, you'll have lots of time to Royal Flush them
     into oblivion... be unpredictable when using this move outside of
     combos. If you are being predictable with it, most opponents will
     jump over it and punish you before you recover...

Cajun Slash (DP, any punch; ground only) -

     Gambit says, "Cajun Slash!", and he darts forward a certain 
     distance, whacking at the opponent with his staff a certain 
     number of times. The distance traveled and number of slashes
     depend on the button used. The Jab Version is a single, quick
     swipe, while the other two versions are multi-hit. The strong
     Cajun Slash is a funky-looking hopping-and-slashing manuever
     that is great for OTGs, while the fierce version has Gambit
     sliding forward, slashing and ramming his staff into the
     opponent's midsection (well, if the opponent is tiny, a.k.a
     Roll or Mega Man, it looks like he's ramming away at their 
     skulls, not their bellies). All have good recovery time, but
     I think the strong version recovers the fastest...

     okay, in XMenVSF, Gambit's jab Cajun Slash was one of the most 
     important weapons in his arsenal, if not THE most important one.
     Its speed made it the ultimate counter move in that game.
     Unfortunately, it has been slowed down quite a bit, and the only
     moves it can counter now are blocked fireballs and some blocked
     sweeps (like Chun Li's roundhouse sweep). It used to be my
     favorite choice for ground combos; but now, the Fierce version is
     my premier comboable special move. I say this because if you
     knock down the CPU with a Jab Cajun Slash, the CPU can actually
     do a short roll, recover before you recover from your Jab Cajun
     Slash, and throw you! Blargh! So far I haven't run into any human
     opponents who can pull this off, but still, I like using the
     Fierce Version more now. It does more hits, looks cooler IMO, and
     has surprisingly good recovery time...

     Bottom Line: Not as useful as in XMen. But still, the Fierce 
     version is, by far, his most easily-comboed move. Throw out the
     Jab version every in a while as a poke. Use the Strong version to
     tack on some low-risk block damage. If you observe that your
     opponent can't roll worth shit, keep tripping him up and use 
     either of the two stronger versions for more hits until the 
     opponent learns how to roll...

Trick Card (QCB, any punch; ground only) -

     Gambit does the exact same thing as the Kinetic Card, except
     he throws the card up at roughly a forty-five degree angle...

     Okay, I used to think that this move was TERRIBLE. The card's
     hitting area is puny, the start-up time is as bad as the 
     Kinetic Card's, and it seems to come out at times when it is
     the LAST thing you WANT to do (it can easily be the LAST thing
     you EVER do, if your health bar is low and your opponent is 
     standing right next to you, watching you throw out your idiotic
     Trick Card right over his head). But still, it can be helpful. 
     When you're getting REALLY predictable with Kinetic Cards and 
     your opponent starts jumping over them, throw out a Trick Card 
     instead of a Kinetic Card (the start-up motions for both look the 
     same) and see if you can catch him off guard. If you connect, 
     he'll be immobilized and you can combo him even further... this 
     is a dangerous tactic that should be sparingly used, but if you 
     land it, dash in and OTG combo the sucker... I dunno, that's 
     about the only "good" thing I can come up with for this move...

     Bottom Line: Never EVER throw this out just for the heck of it.

Cajun Strike (charge down, then up, any kick; ground only) -

     Okay, this move is kind of tricky. After the initial command, 
     Gambit quickly leaps up to a wall; which wall he jumps to depends
     on whether you do down -> up-back with the joystick, or down -> 
     up-forward. You can do several things while he's about to land 
     on the wall:

          a) do nothing - 
               as a result, Gambit will dart back downwards 
               towards the center of the screen with a diving kick.

          b) press kick - 
               same thing as doing nothing, I think.

          c) press the joystick away from the wall he's landing on -
               he will proceed to jump over to the other wall, then
               do his diving kick from there.

     this move doesn't combo into anything, but it is a good surprise
     move that is quick and confusing. I think the priority of this 
     move has been toned down a little from X-Men, but the priority is
     still very good. And if you DO land it, the opponent will be 
     knocked down and you can follow it up with an OTG COMBO, I 
     think (see combo #9)...

     be warned, Gambit can't block anytime during this manuever, so 
     watch out for huge, full-screen supers like Morrigan's Soul 
     Eraser, Gambit's very own Cajun Explosion, a Hyper Mega-Man, 

     Bottom line: It's a better move than most people think, especially
     if things get hectic. Use its speed to startle your opponent, but
     don't throw it out every other second. Otherwise, you'll get
     punished sooner or later.

Cajun Escape (charge down, then up, any punch; ground only) - 

     This move is similar to the Cajun Strike, except for a couple
     details. For one thing, it is noticeably slower. Secondly, you can
     control him to a certain extent while he's bouncing from wall to
     wall. You can make him bounce from one wall to another just like
     you can in the Cajun Strike, but after two bounces, he will
     automatically curl up into a ball and drop down on the opponent.
     You control when he strikes out with his staff by hitting a punch

     like the Cajun Strike, this move has great priority. But since 
     this move is a bit slower, I don't like it as much; there's
     too good a chance the opponent will be able to react and do some 
     nasty thing to you...

     Bottom line: If you want to do some wall-bouncing, use the Strike,
     not this move. If you're playing a beginner, maybe you might want
     to use this and have a little fun with him, heh...

Super Moves:

Royal Flush (QCF, any two or all three punch buttons) -

     This super is THE essence of Gambit - it requires savvy for it
     to be effective, and it looks really damned cool. When you do it,
     he tosses his staff sky-high, whips out two handfuls of glowing
     cards from within his coat, and coolly eyes his opponent as he 
     prepares to bombard the sucker. During all this he exclaims,
     "Royal FLUSH!" And when he says "FLUSH!", he lets loose a horde 
     of kinetic cards that can connect for up to 30+ (37?) hits. Then
     he catches his falling staff, turns away from the opponent, snaps
     his fingers, and mumbles something that sounds really cool. 
     The most stylish super in the game, by far...

     unfortunately, it isn't very easy to combo with it. It does 
     recover much faster than the X-Men Vs. SF version (thank heavens),
     but it still has a bit of recovery time. Also, the Royal Flush 
     lands all of its hits ONLY when the opponent is standing or 
     crouching on the ground. If the opponent is lying on the ground 
     (as in an OTG combo), you'll only get a few weak hits. If the 
     opponent is vulnerable while hovering just above the ground, 
     you'll only get a few weak hits...

     at least the Royal Flush still combos after his launcher, the 
     crouching fierce. The flying staff has sucky range, though, so
     keep that in mind if you try to knock a launched opponent down
     into his kinetic card frenzy. As anti-air, don't even bother.
     99% of the time you'll miss, and get killed in the process...

Cajun Explosion (QCF or QCB, all three kicks) -

     This super is also visually quite impressive, although it doesn't
     quite have the flair of the Royal Flush. Depending on which
     motion you do, Gambit will fly up to either the left or right
     side of the screen (QCF makes him go to the right, QCB to the
     left). Then he does the same throwing motion as an air Kinetic
     Card, releasing several HUGE (I mean HUGE) kinetic cards that
     rumble all the way across the screen and obliterate almost
     anything in their path. Gambit then drops back down to the 

     Gambit's new super is a very useful one. It is best used for
     chipping damage, and it's great for mind games. The recovery is
     practically instantaneous, and he can even block as he comes
     down. You can't really combo it, so you have to rely on guile and
     a little luck to hit people with it...
     like the Cajun Strike, Gambit can be knocked out of the sky while
     he's leaping to the wall, and he will not be able to do his super.
     So don't just do this super without any worries whatsoever... yet 
     another warning: if the opponent is standing next to the wall
     RIGHT under Gambit when Gambit lets loose his Cajun Explosion, 
     the opponent might not be touched. That's the only part of the 
     screen that isn't covered by the Cajun Explosion. If the enemy is
     under you, get ready to tech-hit out of a throw when you land...

     mess around with this super and figure out ways to land it, because
     it does worthwhile damage and is nearly risk-free...


Launchers: crouching fierce punch

Air Combo Finishers: Fierce, Roundhouse, Roundhouse Air Throw

Team Counter: Jab Cajun Slash

Team Super Move: Royal Flush

Ground Series: ZigZag
Jump Series: ZigZag
Super Jump Series: ZigZag

Man, Gambit must have been doing some serious weightlifiting between
games! He is so much stronger now... but seriously, he IS more
powerful & he is still versatile when it comes to combos, although he
can't mix and match like Wolverine or Strider. I like to start off most
of his ground combos with c. short, because it has better range than 
any of his other jabs and shorts. And a good Gambit player must ALWAYS 
be able to start a jump-in combo with J. Fierce -> J. Roundhouse. And 
when your opponent gets the hang of your double-hit jump-in, just use 
good old J. Fierce. Hopefully he'll still be blocking high for the 
incoming J. Roundhouse, and when you land in front of him, you'll be 
able to slip in a low attack if he isn't paying attention... here are 
just a couple combos that you can do to beat down your opponent...

BTW, Gambit's air combo is kind of slow and quirky. For some reason, 
I find it easier to finish all five air hits with his Roundhouse, rather
than his Fierce. It comes out faster, I guess...

You can do most of these combos after a jump-in attack, or simply after a
dash-in. Some examples of jump-ins are J. Fierce -> J. Roundhouse, or
J. Short -> J. Forward...

(1) C. Jab -> C. Short -> C. Forward XX Fierce Cajun Slash

(2) C. Short -> C. Fierce XX Royal Flush

(3) C. Jab -> C. Short -> C. Fierce /\ S.J. Jab -> S.J. Short -> 
     S.J. Strong -> S.J. Forward -> S.J. Roundhouse

(4) C. Jab -> C. Short -> C. Fierce /\ S.J. Jab -> S.J. Short -> 
     S.J. Strong -> S.J. Forward -> Roundhouse Air Throw -> *Air 
     Kinetic Card

(5) C. Short -> S. Roundhouse -> jab Kinetic Card -> <OTG> D.C. 
     Short -> C. Fierce /\ S.J. Jab -> S.J. Strong -> S.J. Roundhouse

(6) C. Short -> S. Roundhouse -> jab Kinetic Card -> Royal Flush

(7) (in corner) Strong/Fierce Throw -> <OTG> D.C. Short ->
     C. Fierce /\ S.J. Jab -> S.J. Strong -> S.J. Roundhouse

(8) Strong/Fierce Throw -> Royal Flush

(9) Connect with a Cajun Strike -> <OTG> C. Short -> C. Fierce /\
     S.J. Jab -> S.J. Strong -> S.J. Roundhouse

(10) C. Short -> S. Forward -> S. Fierce XX jab Cajun Slash

(11) D.C. Jab -> C. Short -> C. Forward -> C. Roundhouse -> Any of 
     his OTG attacks

(12) Connect with multi-hit helper (Colossus is ideal) -> Cajun
	Explosion/Royal Flush

(13) Connect with multi-hit helper (Colossus is ideal) -> Fierce
     Kinetic Card -> Royal Flush

(14) (you are close to edge of screen with your back to it) C. Short ->
     S. Roundhouse -> Rogue helper attack -> Fierce Kinetic Card ->
     Royal Flush

(15) Trick Card -> <OTG> D.C. Short -> C. Fierce -> S.J. Jab -> S.J.
     Strong -> S.J. Roundhouse 

Comments On Above Combos:

(1) Standard bread-and-butter combo for Gambit. You can do variants
of this combo, but you can only do the Fierce Slash after a Forward
or Strong, not a Fierce or S. Roundhouse. Use the Jab Slash after
a standing Fierce or Roundhouse...

(2) One of his few super combos. Looks good, does more damage than
in X-Men Vs. SF... okay, so it doesn't do more damage. Who cares?
It's damage, and it still looks good. What more could a true Gambit
player ask for?...

(3) Standard air combo for Gambit. Unless you're good at dashing in
after jump-ins, don't try to do this after a jump-in. His C. Fierce
will most likely miss, due to its bad range. Sometimes it's better
to skip the jab, to ensure that the C. Fierce does not whiff...

(4) A variant of combo (3). The Air Kinetic Card at the end doesn't
combo, of course, but your air throw will leave your opponent
right in the sights of your Air Kinetic Card when he gets up. Free
blocking damage if he is paying attention, a bit more damage if he is
asleep at the joystick... credit for this combo (well, I tacked on
the Air Kinetic Card part, bleh) goes to Sabre (

(5) I got this Kinetic Card-OTG combo from Min Sub Kim's Gambit faq in More hits, more damage, more style! Good stuff indeed...

(6) I also mooched this combo off Sabre's faq. More often then not, if
you pull this off, you will be crying in despair at the pitiful damage
the Royal Flush does afterwards. I don't think it does barely any more
damage than combo (5), therefore it might not be worth a super meter.
But hey, if you got super meters, use them...

(7) Gambit's throw is so damned useful. His throw is the only one where
people cannot safety roll out of it. Therefore, you are guaranteed a
nice little OTG combo. Cool...

(8) I was AFRAID of using this combo in XMen, cuz if I didn't time the
Royal Flush just right, the opponent would get up in time to block 
Gambit's Royal Flush. And in XMen, Gambit was pretty much dead if his
Royal Flush was ever blocked (especially against Cyclops, grrr). For
MvC, the timing is just as demanding, but at least Gambit isn't
guaranteed instant death (in some situations, at least)...

(9) I found out that you could OTG after the Cajun Strike by accident.
I had just landed a Cajun Strike on the CPU, and I was carelessly
plunking away on the short button - whoa! My combo counter just jumped
up to two?! I was so surprised, I didn't follow it up with any other
stuff, but I'm sure you can do any combo after the Cajun Strike,
assuming it starts with an OTG attack like C. Short. I'll have to pull
this off a couple more times to verify this trick, but I'm pretty
sure I wasn't dreaming. I think the kick has to hit a mid-air opponent
for this to work. You know Strider's Teleporting Kick? I know for a FACT
that you can OTG with Strider after landing his kick on a mid-air
opponent, so it is quite possible that Gambit can do the same thing...

(10) You gotta be quick with the Jab Cajun Slash to land this one. Not
a practical combo, since the S. Fierce misses most crouching opponents.
This works well only on the big guys, like 'Gief, Venom, and Hulk (I'm
not even sure about Venom). But still, try to do this to your opponent.
It looks like you're bitch-slapping him around with your stick...

(11) Simple OTG combo, where you can use his Royal Flush or Strong/
Fierce Cajun Slash. This type of OTG combo is a bit risky, especially
when the opponent is looking for you to end a combo with a sweeping
roundhouse. The Kinetic Card OTG combos don't fall under this category,
because the opponent cannot roll after being hit by a Kinetic Card...
however, if your opponent is a dumb-ass button masher who plays EASY 
mode, go ahead and beat down on him with these combos, because you know
an unskilled chump like him can't roll...

(12) If you're good at landing helper attacks, this is going
to be useful for you. Use the Royal Flush here, not the Cajun Explosion.
The Flush will usually do at least the same amount of damage, and it
does a lot more if you hit the opponent with the sweet spot of the Royal 

(13) This version of (12) usually ensures that you get the maximum damage
out of your Royal Flush, since the Fierce Kinetic Card sets it up so 
well. This one will put a real hurting on the opponent. It takes time
for the Fierce Card to come out, so do it early...

(14) Credit for the idea of using Rogue comes from a Shadow Lady faq by
CAlexandre. After I read the faq, I knew I HAD to try find a combo using
both Rogue and Gambit ^_^. Anyway, this is not a practical combo, since
the positioning of the opponent has to be just right, and Rogue is not
exactly the best helper out there... and on top of all that, the Fierce
Kinetic Card is a bitch to time; after Rogue connects, you have to 
pause a split second, then do the motion for the Kinetic Card. It's
easier to just skip the Card and go directly to the Royal Flush, but the
damage usually sucks then... spectators will love this combo if you pull
it off...

(15) I realized that I didn't have a Trick Card combo, so I just threw
one in for the heck of it. The chances of landing a Trick Card are pretty
slim, though, so don't expect to use this combo or any other variations
too much...

General Strategy:

Okay, if you're the type of guy who likes to sit and block and let
the opponent come to you, Gambit is NOT for you. IMHO, a good Gambit
player never stays still, whether he's dashing forward, backwards,
jumping, super-jumping, whatever. However, don't just run away; you
should be using his mobility and elusiveness in order to find an
offensive opening. Once Gambit is on the offensive, he can be a GREAT
pressure character. He's not as fast as Wolvey-Spidey-Strider, but he
is still deceptively quick, and his moves have good enough range and
priority to let you poke and bother your opponent into submission...

his offensive manuevers are numerous, and they often leave you in
position to continue your offensive. If you're pestering a blocking
opponent, finish up with a Jab Kinetic Card or a Strong/Fierce Cajun
Slash; if they block them, you're virtually safe afterwards. Opponents
can time it so they jump over the Kinetic Card, but you'll usually
recover in time before they can hit you; if they do this a lot,
occasionally use the Trick Card instead of the Kinetic Card. Even if
they don't jump, usually they're waiting for a Kinetic Card or Cajun
Slash, so the Trick Card shouldn't leave you too wide open. Sometimes,
don't do anything at all after they block a punch or kick; just see
what they do, and react accordingly...

poke with a Jab Cajun Slash or S. Fierce if you realize that you haven't
poked with either of them for a while. Don't get predictable with these
two great pokes, or you might get a fireball or a super in your face. If
you follow my advice and never stay still with Gambit, you'll often find
yourself in position to use his S. Roundhouse a lot on jumping opponents
who have over-jumped you. Follow up with a Jab Kinetic Card, and you can
get an OTG combo afterwards. His S. Strong is also usable in this 

use a lot of crouching attacks so you can charge for an occasional Cajun 
Strike. If they jump, do the Cajun Strike and it'll beat practically
any jump attack they try. Your recovery afterwards is sensational, so
you can continue to beat down on them afterwards. As a matter of fact,
do a lot of Cajun Strikes, especially against the 3 pixies (they have no
good defense against it); if they start getting impatient and you sense
they may try something risky to knock you out of your Cajun Strike (i.e. 
Ultimate Web Throw, Fatal Claw, etc.), pull out a Cajun Explosion
instead, you might nail 'em...

if you can, trip them up a lot for OTG combos. If they're good rollers,
don't follow up with an OTG; follow their roll and throw them with a S.
Strong when they get up. THEN do an OTG combo off of Gambit's throw, heh
heh... they'll become reluctant to roll then. Even if you miss, his S.
Strong has such good priority, it'll beat almost anything they try, so
follow up with a S. Forward -> Fierce Cajun Slash, just in case you miss
the throw...

Gambit's defensive options are not as sophisticated. First and foremost,
his launcher: it's a little slow, but it's great once he gets his staff
out. It has pretty bad horizontal range, it's better against people over
the top of his head... jumping around like an idiot and using J. Fierce
is okay, but it's boring and people can get around it... if things get 
too hot, super jumping and letting loose a couple Air Kinetic Cards will
slow things down in your favor... if you can aim the Air Kinetic Card 
well, you can annoy your opponent a LOT with it...

on super-jumpy opponents, you don't have to just wait for them with your
launcher. Intercepting them with a quick S.J. Jab -> S.J. Strong -> S.J.
Roundhouse -> Kinetic Card is good (the Kinetic Card doesn't combo, but 
if they block, it's free chip damage)... a Cajun Strike is usually safe 
to do as they're landing... if they jump ALL the time and do nothing but
block whenever they descend, throw them...

speaking of throws. if your opponent is a cheap booger, tick for throws.
S. Short is a GREAT tick; it sets up his S. Strong punch throw very 
well. And when it comes to throws, Gambit's throw is one of the best. If
your opponent is throw-wary and starts to thrash after your tick cuz he's
trying to tech-hit your upcoming throw, make like you're going to throw, 
then do a chain like Gambit's C. Short -> C. Strong -> C. Forward (his C.
Short beats a lot of stuff). If you see that your chain has landed on your
opponent, just keep follow the chain and finish with something like a 
Fierce Cajun Slash...

as far as who you should pick to be your helper, I guess you'd just
have to join the crowd and pick Colossus by holding Start+Jab+Strong+
Forward (as if you didn't already know). Gambit's defenses are
sub-par, and he needs a defensive helper to help bail him out of
nasty situations...

Gambit's team Counter is his Jab Cajun Slash, and it is quite useful
as far as counters go. If your teammate needs to switch out and you're
blocking a guy who's dialing away at you, do the counter (Back, Down,
Fierce+Roundhouse). Chances are Gambit will hop in and smack the bad 
guy away...

Character Match-Ups:

Yawn. I'm starting to bore myself. Forget this crap, let's just get 
on to the character match-ups. Each character will be evaluated as both
a potential opponent and partner of Gambit's... and there will be no
how-to-fight-the-lame-CPU info here...

BTW, just for the heck of it, I'm going to comment on each character's
coolness/style factor, and see just how the others stack up to Gambit.
Expect a little bias here and there because, after all, Gambit is the
supreme being of style...

and here are the characters, in alphabetical order (well, actually, all
the secret characters are stuffed in at the end)...

Captain America -

     As an opponent:

     Put Cap on the defensive if you can, since his defense is much
     worse than his formidable offense. If you find yourself at a
     distance from him, use a lot of Kinetic cards, he can't get around
     them that well. If he cartwheels, throw him or hit him as he is 
     coming out of it... if he's being a retard and throwing his shield
     a lot, toss out a random Royal Flush; even if you guess wrong and
     he blocks it, he can't reach you with anything good...

     As a partner:

     I don't use Cap that much, he's a little slow for my tastes. It's a
     pity too, because everything else he has works for him: good air
     combos, super combos, his shield, his fireball... too many pixies
     run circles around my Cap when I use him, though. If you can use
     Cap well, though, this team is certainly a fearsome one...

     Style Comparison:

     Cap is, of course, a heroic fellow, something like Strider and Jin.
     His costume is a bit campier, though... his style points come from
     his Final Justice, which is in my opinion, the second-best Hand-
     To-Hand-Beat-'Em-Up Super in the game (Ragnarok is first)...
     nothing else really sticks out in my mind, however...

     Edge: Gambit, by a comfortable margin. Cap's style is solid, but 
     mostly nothing spectacular...

Captain Commando -

     As an opponent:

     He is one powerful newcomer. He can play keep-away, but he can
     just as easily go on the offensive. He has pretty good range
     and priority, but you do too, and you're quicker than him. Keep 
     him on the ground and GET ON HIS ASS. A fireball war with Kinetic
     Cards versus Captain Fires is a bad idea. If you jump in and block
     a Captain Corridor, you have time to dash in and combo him. Block
     an up-close Captain Fire or Captain Sword on the ground, jab Cajun
     Slash him while he recovers. Most Cap Com players pick Colossus to
     set up his Captain Storm, be careful about his helper attack...

     As a partner:

     I don't play with him much, so I'm not sure about him. He doesn't
     have much variety in his gameplay, but he does have simple,
     effective combos. He takes damage like a BITCH though, and I find
     that he can't really keep up with the pixies in this game. He is 
     a good partner for some people, but I don't think Gambit is one of

     Style Comparison:

     This guy definitely has style. His earth-shaking Captain Corridor
     is awesome, and when he first appears on the screen before the 
     match with all those laser sounds in the background, he does it
     with a lot of flair... unfortunately, he really needs to take a 
     good look at his entourage. That ninja guy is okay, the mummy is
     iffy... but what's up with that robot-driving, missile-launching
     baby?! The Captain's style points take a big nosedive for that 

     Style Edge: Gambit. It would be really close if it weren't for
     Diaper Boy...

Chun Li -

     As an opponent:

     Wow, she's got painful combos in this game. Her Head Stomp has GREAT 
     priority, and in most cases, it will beat your launcher; so, if
     she's jumping in, by all means, don't stay still! Jump up with her, 
     jump away from her, dash back and use S. Fierce, let Colossus 
     take a run at her... basically, you want to keep her grounded.
     Ground battles are now a lot more bearable against her, since she
     is no longer invincible after her Lightning Kick super. Jumping in
     can be risky. Your J. Fierce can trade with or occasionally beat her
     launcher, but it's not worth the risk; getting launched and getting
     Air Demoned HURTS. Your projectile is superior to hers, keep dealing
     out those Kinetic Cards to her when you can... when blocking, watch
     out for that overhead Axe Kick... 

     As a partner:

     I've gotten used to her style, and she is a GREAT partner for Gambit.
     Gambit can build up super meters like crazy, and Chun Li can use up
     supers like crazy with her brutal super combos. She has sick 
     priority on the ground and air, takes damage moderately well, damn,
     she's a GOOD character in this game. Great team...

     Style Comparison:

     Well, gee, let's see here... hmm. She is pretty much the same
     old Chun Li. Lightning kicks, triple jumps, Kikkokens, yeah,
     yeah... she's a cute, butt-kicking gal, but she just doesn't have 
     anything especially stylish about her. I must admit, though, her 
     Air Demon super is pretty cool, with all of those stamped-out 
     Chinese characters. When you connect with it, it is just so 
     demoralizing for your opponent... but still, it's not enough.
     One cool move by itself can't carry her to victory against a
     style guy like Gambit...

     Style Edge: Gambit.

Gambit -

     As an opponent:

     Be the more aggressive of the two, since Gambit's defense isn't too
     hot. However, it may be tough to pin Gambit down... block a Royal
     Flush, you can Flush him right back... I dunno, nothing I can say,
     I haven't played against many Gambits (I've played against two, to
     be precise)... play smarter than your opponent, that's all I can 
     really say...

     As a partner:

     Not possible. Man, I wish you could have two Gambits as a team... in
     XvSF, it was possible, and boy, a double Royal Flush is pretty 
     damned cool...

     Style Comparison:

     What do you know, a tie! However, I do like his 2-Player colors a 
     little better than his 1-Player colors...

     Style Edge: A tie. At last, Gambit has an equal...

Hulk -

     As an opponent:

     I dunno, I haven't played any real Hulk players yet. Right now,
     I'd say that when you're in close, make sure you put on the heat
     and dial away his super armor real quick. If he blocks a lot,
     that's ok; dance around and throw ground and air Kinetic Cards
     to bother him. If you are blocking his Rocks-From-The-Sky super,
     push-block him away and Royal Flush him while he's still summoning
     rocks from above... more on this guy later, maybe...

     As a partner:

     No clue. Never played the guy. He can chain his supers, so a team
     super (Gamma Flush) sounds good, but... I just have no idea if
     this is a good team or not. It could be...

     Style Comparison:

     Big Green is a likable lug, but he has no real style. All he does
     is hit you or throw rocks at you (of course, a strong guy like him
     doesn't really need anything else)... no showy special moves, no
     quirks in his gameplay... kind of boring, if you ask me. Shrug...

     Style Edge: Gambit, always...

Mega Man -

     As an opponent:

     This will be an incredibly annoying fight, but it should be okay
     if you stay cool and patient. The bottom line is, get CLOSE to him
     and stay on his ass. If he's pounding you with Mega-Busters from a
     distance, that's okay; throw out an occasional Royal Flush and see 
     if you can catch him in mid-fireball. Even if he blocks the Flush, 
     he doesn't have anything quick enough to take you out from a
     distance. It's risky to jump in on him. It's tough to jump in on 
     him, since he's such a small target; his launcher is also real good,
     and his Air-Hyper-MegaMan-Combo hurts a lot (most of you probably
     know this by now, though)...

     As a partner:

     I'm certainly no good with him, and I don't think he is really 
     a good partner for Gambit. Neither have really powerful combos,
     which means that their damage potential compared to the opponents
     will usually be unfavorable... Mega is a keep-away artist, and
     I'm not a hard-core keep-away guy, although I will play keep-away
     sometimes. But hey, maybe a good Mega can complement an aggressive
     Gambit; too bad for me, my Mega kinda sucks...

     Style Comparison:

     This is really unfair for Mega-Man, because he was designed to be
     cute and funny, not cool and stylish. One thing I have to admit,
     his Hyper Mega-Man is one intimidating super. I'd be scared if a
     huge-ass beam was coming my way and I had to block it with a lousy
     staff and some Cajun stubble...

     Style Edge: Gambit, of course. I like Mega-Man, but he's just not
     style material...

Morrigan -

     As an opponent:

     Morrigan needs room to fight, so you don't want to give her any.
     Go on the offensive and pin her down. She is WEAK, so trading 
     hits with her is a good idea, she'll be dead long before you are.
     But your opponent will probably be aware of that, so he'll just
     throw ground Soul Fists, jumping Soul Fists, super-jumping Soul
     Fists, you name it. If you can't get close, just jump around with
     her and throw Air Kinetic Cards all over the place... if you block
     a Soul Fist up close, I think you can Jab Cajun Slash her before
     she recovers. DO NOT fire a random Royal Flush; if she blocks, her
     Soul Eraser is quick enough to get you before you recover. Her
     recovery time for her supers is kind of lousy. After a blocked
     Darkness Illusion or Silhouette Blade, dash in and combo. After a
     blocked Soul Eraser, you have time to hurt her, although not much...
     be patient. Morrigan can be very irritating and elusive...

     As a partner:

     Although she is pretty weak, I like to use Morrigan a lot. She has
     a keep-away game, combos, and a great command throw in the Vector
     Drain. Unfortunately, she dies way too fast... this team doesn't
     have brutal super combos, but you can use super meters in other
     ways (namely, abusing the unblockability of Morrigan's Level 3 
     Super, hee hee)... IMO, these two don't quite click as partners.
     Both play kind of finesse styles, and neither have brutal, brawling
     combos. A fun team, yes. A great team? Not really...

     Style Comparison:

     I dunno, sexiness doesn't quite equate to style, does it? She is 
     about as provocative as a two-dimensional character can get, but I
     don't think she's really stylish... for some reason, I think her
     artwork isn't very good. She looks pretty poorly-drawn compared to
     the other characters... her Level 3 super is a riot, though. It 
     doesn't do dick for damage, but I'll go ahead and give her kudos for

     Style Edge: Gambit, again.

Ryu/Akuma/Ken -

     As an oppponent:

     These guys AGAIN? Yawn... you'll want to stay close on Ryu, although
     that could be difficult to do. In Ryu and Akuma mode, he will
     throw MANY fireballs (what's up, Young!). That's ok, bug him with
     air Kinetic Cards. If he jumps up after you, whack him with your J.
     Fierce, land with him, and pummel him on the ground. Block a Hadoken
     up close? Immediately jab Cajun Slash him, you will tag him before
     he recovers (smacks of XvSF, yes?)... stay close with him, you can
     push him around because you're quicker and have better range.
     Akuma's dive kick will beat your launcher a lot. One way to deal
     with that dive kick is to simply jump away and whack at his kicking
     self with your J. Fierce from a distance. It's not very pretty, but
     it works... go on a careful offensive to beat this classic (a.k.a.
     boring and dull) character... this grows tiresome...

     As a partner:

     He's a solid partner for Gambit, I guess. He can combo his supers
     in all modes, he has decent strength, speed, and fireball. Team
     super here is nice and comboable (Shinkuu Flush sounds so dorky, 
     though)... this is a good team, but it's not a team for me. Ryu is
     too boring..

     Style Comparison: Whatever.

     Style Edge: Gambit, by a landslide.

Jin Saotome -

     As an opponent:

     Go on the offensive, because Jin's defense and counter-attacking is
     poor. Jin is much more effective as a crazily-jumping offensive
     character; he has great priority with his flaming attacks, and his
     J. Fierce gives Gambit's launcher some problems. If you end up being 
     far away from Jin, however, then get really defensive and use ground
     and Kinetic Cards on the fireball-less Jin. Jin has problems against
     keep-away tactics... all of his special moves leave him wide open.
     Block a Blodia Punch, you have time to Jab Cajun Slash him, or if 
     he's really close, dash in and combo him. After a blocked Blodia 
     Vulcan, you can tag him with a Royal Flush after he drops out of 
     the cockpit. His Super Typhoon can be really tricky in crossing you
     up in mid-air, be careful about that... you should never 
     underestimate anybody, and Jin is no exception. He's one strong 
     As a partner:

     He's not a really great character, but he's still got some redeeming
     qualities. His easily-comboed super makes sure super meters don't go
     to waste, and a team super (Blodia Flush) will take off a LOT. This is
     definitely a fun team, although not a serious team...

     Style Comparison:

     I love this guy, Blodiiyaaaa! Of course, he isn't anywhere as suave
     as Gambit, since he's screaming bloody murder half the time, but he
     has this certain desperate, valiant manner that makes me root for
     him. You can tell that he's giving it all he's got, and you gotta
     admire him for that. Flaming normal punches and kicks, larger-than
     life mecha super moves, that wind-whipping scarf and bandanna...
     he's definitely got some style. Can you tell I'm a sucker for 
     seemingly underdog characters?...

     Style Edge: Gambit. Jin's likable and all, but he's rough around the

Spiderman -

     As an opponent:

     Uh oh. Spidey can be tough. Is it just me or do his punches and 
     kicks have NUTZ priority and do insane damage?! Well, I guess 
     it's only fair since Spidey fights with only his fists, a couple
     web-shooters, his wits, and nothing else... this is a lot like
     fighting Strider, except Spidey takes hits better. Go on the
     offensive if you can, he's less effective when he's playing
     defensive. Spidey RULES the air and has incredible air-throw
     priority (see Strider on how to handle that air-throw priority)...
     I dunno, this fight is a lot like Strider, except Spidey has a more
     competent projectile to bug you with... just play smarter and
     quicker than Spidey, he doesn't have any glaring weaknesses you
     can take advantage of...

     As a partner:

     Spidey is a great partner for anyone, and Gambit is no exception.
     Neither have reliable super combos, but they still hit hard enough
     to be a very dangerous team. This team is fast enough to dance with
     any of the pixies, and quick enough to pin down turtling
     fireballers. Very good team, especially if you are feeling cheesy
     and use the 2-on-1 a lot...

     Style Comparison:

     Well, I don't know about this guy, he's pretty low-key. There's
     nothing really special about him. None of his moves really look 
     all that good (well, his taunts are okay)... a Maximum Spider 
     looks okay, but... you know, this guy is just plain bland. He's
     all about dashing and jumping and punching and kicking, with a 
     periodic Web Ball or Web Throw. His punches and kicks can look
     funny and crazy sometimes (his wild thrashing Crawler Assault 
     comes to mind), but that's not quite style... I like this guy,
     but not because of his style...

     Style Edge: Gambit, once again.

Hiryu Strider -

     As an opponent:

     Oh boy. He can be really tough. NEVER stay still, don't let him get
     one of his lethal ground combos on you. Strider's sword is equal
     to Gambit's staff in range, if not superior. If you're launching a
     jumping Strider, make sure he is close over your head; at a
     distance, his J. Fierce beats Gambit's horizontally-challenged 
     launcher. His air-throw priority is nutz during air-to-air battles,
     and it usually swallows any short-ranged jab or short. Use an early
     J. Fierce or Roundhouse on a jumpy Strider if his air throw keeps
     swallowing your J. Jab or Short. If he's up in your face, push-
     blocking and then quickly throwing out a random Royal Flush isn't
     such a bad tactic. If you catch him in mid-move, he gets hurt a LOT.
     If he blocks the Royal Flush, no big deal; he has no long-range
     super to hit you with... you have a fireball, he doesn't; therefore,
     play keep-away if you want. Use a lot of Kinetic cards, especially
     the air version...

     As a partner:

     I love this guy, even though he takes a damage like a baby. His
     sword and Gambit's staff give this team a RIDICULOUS advantage
     in range. Super combos are not really needed here; Strider can use
     up those super meters with his chip-you-to-death Legion and 
     pester-you-to-death Ouroboros. Strider is a good teammate for a lot
     of people, and Gambit is one of them, IMO...

     Style Comparison: 

     This guy is just too damned cool, what can I say? He's got that
     kick-ass funky two-handled Cypher sword, half of his special moves
     involve pointing a defiant finger at the enemy, and the Ragnarok
     super looks and feels so painful when you land it! He's got this
     heroic aura about him, and he damn well knows it. Why else does
     he do all that posing whenever he activates Ouroboros or aims
     his Legion of animals at you? Aggressive gameplay and lots of
     tricks up his sleeves. My gosh, this is gonna be close...

     Style Edge: Str-... Gam-... Str-... Gambit. Oh so barely Gambit...

Venom -

     As an opponent:

     Hmm. Be more cautious when attacking, he is a good turtler. 
     Gambit's J. Fierce will trade hits with Venom's S. Roundhouse
     at best... don't EVER get caught up in a multi-hit helper attack
     like Colossus; Venom'll do the Venom Web and it will HURT... Venom 
     will throw out Venom Fangs for chipping damage; block them and 
     laugh as you ram on S. Fierce to smack him back across the screen
     (don't forget to throw a Kinetic Card after the S. Fierce)... his
     Venom Fang does go over fireballs, even Gambit's Kinetic Card.
     So don't throw Kinetic Cards like there's no tomorrow... if 
     you're in the air, get ABOVE him. His jumping Roundhouse
     Thrashing-Symbiote attack has great priority. If he gets you in
     his Web-Coffin throw, THRASH the joystick like nuts to get out
     as fast as possible... pester him with air Kinetic Cards from 
     time to time, he can't do much about them... be patient. You 
     have superior chipping damage to him, and he'll have to stop 
     turtling and attack you sooner or later (most Venom players 
     tend to turtle, IMO)... if you block his Symbiote-Wave super,
     a quick Royal Flush might get him before he recovers, I'm not 

     As a partner:

     I don't use Venom much. He only has that one really nice air-combo.
     Otherwise, he's kind of combo-unfriendly. Of course, he doesn't
     really need combos. His Fierce attacks and his Venom Fang are
     great pokes... if you're good with Venom, this could be a good 
     team, I guess...

     Style Comparison:
     Heh heh, everyone knows that Venom is one bad-ass motherf*cker.
     He slinks around like a stealthy predator, flings about his 
     symbiote with a lot of show, and has one bad-ass attitude. Like
     Wolverine, he doesn't really seem to care about style, but he
     still has quite a bit of flair to him... unfortunately, he has one
     small problem: he drools. A LOT. As in, he slobbers all over the 
     place with a tongue that dangles down near his sternum. I know
     it's supposed to make him look more vicious and all, but it does
     absolutely NOTHING for his style points. Actually, the frothing
     mad-dog look knocks him down quite a bit... sorry, Venom...

     Style Edge: Gambit, yet again...

War Machine -

     As an opponent:

     He is SLOW. Push him around, get in close, and keep on whacking at
     him with your stick. From a distance, his shoulder cannon can be
     really annoying, but it's relatively easy to jump over, and, if you
     block it in close, immediately Jab Cajun Slash him. Jumping in is
     pretty safe, watch out for the War Destroyer. Block a Proton Cannon,
     Royal Flush him. If he flies, use a Cajun Explosion (he can't block 
     during flight). As a matter of fact, throw out more Cajun
     Explosions than usual in this fight. Maybe you'll catch him in
     mid-Flight, mid-Smart Bomb, mid-Shoulder Cannon, whatever. You can
     take him on ground or air, although ground is preferable. His Knee
     Dive gives your launcher a little trouble. If he's about to Knee 
     Dive, jump up beside him and whack him with a J. Fierce or J. 

     As a partner:

     Hmmm, this could be an interesting team, although I find W.M. to
     be very combo-unfriendly. This team can bug you all day long, with
     Kinetic Cards, Smart Bombs, Shoulder Cannons, etc. 2-on-1's with
     the ultra-safe Cajun Explosion and War Destroyer can lead to
     HUGE chip damage... an interesting team, but probably not a good

     Style Comparison:

     Although War Machine is horrendously slow, I think this guy has 
     potential. His special and normal moves have a lot of little tricks
     to them, and if I ever get the hang of them, I think he could be 
     really fun to play... as far as flair goes, none of his special 
     moves look all that great - no, wait, how could I forget?! PROTON
     CANNON! The BEST super beam move in the game! When someone pulls 
     out from his ass a gun THAT huge, you just KNOW that you're messing
     around with some MAJOR power here. War Machine gets a big style-
     point boost because of that move...

     Style Edge: Gambit. But I must say once again, the Proton Cannon is 

Wolverine -

     As an opponent:

     Do NOT stay still! Do NOT let Wolvey slip in one of his lethal
     ground combos! Jump a lot and whack him with your stick, it's a
     lot better than testing Wolvey's priority on the ground. Wolvey,
     like Strider and Spidey, has sick air-throw range, be careful about
     that... but don't just turtle. Wolvey is fast enough to get around
     turtling, and eventually he'll get his punches in; and one of his
     super combos will win over a bunch of blocked fireballs anyday.
     As far as Wolvey's dreaded stomp kick goes, it isn't all that hard
     to deal with it. When you see Wolverine do it, jump up and let him
     stomp kick you while you're blocking in the air. Even if he cancels
     it into a J. Roundhouse, Wolvey STILL bounces away from you as if
     he has bounced away from just doing a Stomp Kick by itself. He is,
     of course, vulnerable at this point. You should land on the ground
     a moment before he does, and hopefully you can dash up and launch 
     the descending Wolvey with a S. Strong -> C. Fierce -> air combo.
     Wolvey can get around this tactic, but I don't want to talk about
     it, since Wolvey is already too powerful as he is...

     As a partner:

     These guys were my fave team in XvSF, and he is probably the best
     partner for my Gambit in MvC. Their team super hurts like hell, and 
     Wolvey's super combos alone hurt like hell. No sirree, using up
     super meters here shouldn't be any problem... what can I say, 
     Wolvey's one of the best. Actually, I don't use Wolvey much
     anymore, therefore my skills with him have detoriated. But still,
     he and Gambit work very nicely together...

     Style Comparison:

     Although some people hate Wolverine's gameplay, I don't mind it so
     much. Up-close, in-your-face combat, pure and simple. He has enough
     tricks up his sleeves to keep things interesting (aimable Drill 
     Claw, that DF+Fierce claw slide, and the D+Roundhouse Dart Kick,
     among other things)... he's quite a refreshing change of pace from
     turtlers and fireballers... but as far as style goes, let's face 
     it: he's just a freakin' animal. He growls whenever he swipes at 
     you, and he's barely able to spit out coherent words when he does 
     his moves, like "BeserkerErGrPhlmx BARRAGE!" And while Gambit has
     stubble because he looks cool with it, Wolverine's stubble just 
     makes the savage guy look unkempt. Don't get me wrong, I like 
     Wolverine and his attitude. But he simply doesn't give a damn 
     about style...

     Style Edge: Gambit. If you need more convincing, just take a look 
     at Wolverine's wacko hairdo...

Zangief -

     As an opponent:

     Um, I don't know. I haven't played any good Zangiefs yet. But I 
     do know this; stay AWAY from him, unless you've got a good
     ground combo going. If he's Iron Body mode, don't even combo him.
     Just run away and throw a Cajun Explosion. Don't roll if he
     knocks you down, because he's waiting to throw you once you get
     back up from your roll. Kinetic card, Cajun Slash, J. Fierce, S.
     Fierce, use your range to beat this guy's face to the dirt. When
     I play a Zangief pro, I'll let you know some more...

     As a partner:

     Maybe someday I'll start using this guy. I can do the 360 motion
     and everything for Alpha and all that, but MvC is all about pretty
     combos (or, at least that's why I play it). And Zangief don't got 
     no pretty combos...

     Style Comparison:

     Gee, let's see here... Zangief likes to wear speedos. Enough said.

     Style Edge: Give me a break.

Red Venom -

     As an opponent:

     My gosh, when I first fought against Red Venom, I didn't want ANY
     part of this guy. He was so freakin' fast, and he looked so
     freakin' pissed, with his frothing mouth and all. He was all over
     the place, and Gambit looked like an crippled sloth next to him...
     I'd hoped that my Gambit would last long enough to maybe land a 
     couple solid hits on the guy before he tore Gambit to shreds. So I
     got my solid hits in, hoping that my Strider would fare better - 
     what the heck?! Red Venom was already DEAD! From a couple combos?!
     And that was when I realized this guy was nothing but a seething,
     frothing wimp. You have to play a little defensive against Red
     Venom, but don't turtle up. Get your licks in, and this guy will
     be out of comission before you know it...

     As a partner:

     No. Don't. He just takes damage way too bad. If you want to show
     off against scrubs, go ahead, but otherwise, this team (and any 
     other team with Red Venom) is usually a bad team...

     Style Comparison: See Venom.

     Style Edge: Why are you even reading this sentence? You know who
     I'm gonna pick, don't you?

Golden War Machine -

     As an opponent:

     Huh. GWM can be annoying if played right. When fighting him, hit
     him hard and get out as fast as you can, his throw range is
     exceptionally good. But you don't want to stay too far away,
     because he might try playing keep away all day. But still, he 
     can't block, and you can. It shouldn't be too hard... BTW, GWM's
     Missile-Launching Proton-Cannon Ripoff looks really stupid, if
     you ask me...

     As a partner:

     Probably not a good idea. Thumbs down on this team.

     Style Comparison: See War Machine.

     Style Edge: See War Machine.

Roll -

     As an opponent:

     Good LORD, what in the world was Capcom thinking when they put
     this character in the game?! She is SO weak, and her special
     moves are SO bad! Even Morrigan seems like a body builder next
     to this schoolgirl! Just shrug aside those Mega Busters and 
     FLOWER BOUQUETS (?!), and send her back to whatever elementary
     school she came from...

     As a partner:

     Uh... if you're feeling adventurous or playful, go for it. I
     would not recommend it, though, if your opponent is lining up
     guys like Wolverine and Strider for HIS team...

     Style Comparison:

     I actually have a lot of fun watching people play Roll. I always
     root for them (unless I'm playing against them, of course)... her
     special moves and antics are hilarious, and it just boggles my 
     mind that such an underpowered character could even exist. Cute 
     addition to this game indeed, but cute does not quite equate to 
     style. Sorry, Roll fans...

     Style Edge: Gambit is style incarnate!

Shadow Lady -

     As an opponent:

     She's basically Chun Li, with keep-away capabilities and no
     readily-available super combos. Fight her just like you'd
     Chun Li, except stay on a little closer. Don't give her enough
     time to release all those weird butt missiles at you; hit her
     with kinetic cards while those missiles get launched...

     As a partner:

     Ah, I guess she could work, since Chun Li is pretty good in this
     game. But no real super combos between the two... not good. Decent
     team, I guess...

     Style Comparison:

     What style comparison? She's the same old Chun Li, except with butt
     missiles and that huge Big Bang Laser super. Where the heck
     did they come up with that stupid name anyway, Big Bang Laser?
     The super itself is actually pretty cool, kind of like the
     Proton Cannon in terms of sheer magnitude and power; but the
     name just ruins the effect... and I won't even start on those
     silly butt missiles...

     Style Edge: Who do you think?

Orange Hulk, Lilith, and any other secret characters I missed -

     As an opponent or partner: Who cares?

     Style Comparison: Who knows?

     Style Edge: Who else?

Final Score of This Faq's Coolness/Style Showdown:

Gambit: 20 or so wins
The rest of the MvC cast: 0 wins

It's official, everyone! Gambit is THE shit when it comes to style...
Note: If you had any problems with my scatter-brained logic, too bad.
If you wanted the winner to be someone else, write your own faq...

Victory Poses:

This is an utterly useless section, but I'm throwing it in anyway. After
you beat your opponent, you want to look cool for all the people
watching, right? Well, here's a couple victory poses that'll make Gambit
look stylish AND give you bonus points...

The ending frames of a ground Kinetic Card - 1000 pts. 
The last slash of the Strong Cajun Slash - 1000 pts. 
The diving kick of the Cajun Strike - 1000 pts. 
Beginning of Royal Flush I * - 10,000 pts. 
Beginning of Royal Flush II ** - 1,000 pts. 
End of Royal Flush *** - nothing 

* = This one is HARD to time. You have to catch him JUST as he reaches
     inside his coat for his cards. His hands are buried inside his coat,
     and he looks REALLY slick since his arms are moving so fast, they're
     nothing but a blur. To top it all off, his coat is flapping in the
     wind... most of the time you'll miss this frame and end up with the
     one where he has all these cards in his hands (see next pose)...

** = This one is also tough to get. It's when he has JUST pulled out the
     cards from his coat. There are apparently several different frames of
     him holding the cards in his hands; the only frame that gets you
     points is the first or second one... looks nice, but not as cool as
     the previous one...

*** = This one doesn't have bonus points, but I love this one anyway.
     If you hit Start and do the Royal Flush right after you've killed
     your opponent, Gambit will go through the entire Royal Flush
     animation and end up in his finger-snapping pose, with his back
     turned to the opponent. The victory pose frame will then freeze,
     you get a shot of Gambit with his back turned to you, and you will 
     hear him dismiss his fallen opponent: "See ya, cher..."

Beating Onslaught:

Geez, beating Onslaught is a piece of cake for me now. You shouldn't
have any trouble beating the first form, so pick Michelle as your
helper so she can shoot the second form for you (Start+Jab+Short).
Against the first form, wait until he pauses after doing one of his
Special Moves. Then dash in and do a brief combo that ends with a
Jab Kinetic Card, like S. Strong -> S. Fierce -> Jab Kinetic Card.
Gambit's recovery from the Kinetic Card is so fast, he can block
anything that Onslaught tries to do to him afterwards. All you have
to worry about is Onslaught taking advantage of his super armor,
but chances are that your combos will be so brief, Onslaught won't 
have time to do anything. The first form will die pretty soon, and
then you will have a fun time trying to jump up and hit that elusive
second form without getting blasted or clawed to death. Michelle
will be useful because she roughly tracks Onslaught to wherever he
goes. Kinetic cards will evaporate those pesky Hyper Gravs; also,
if you bonk Onslaught while his Hyper Grav bubbles are still 
stationary, they will disappear. And last, but not least, if the
second form of Onslaught is ALMOST dead, and you KNOW he's going
to do that stupid ground-sweep with his claw, go ahead and throw
out a Royal Flush just before he charges into the screen. Your cards
will kill the bad guy before he can reach you, and it'll look good
if you end the game with a super. And after all, looking good is
what Gambit's game is all about...

Gambit's Ending:

Gambit and Morrigan are facing each other in their taunt poses,
I think. Morrigan asks Gambit if he's done playing with his
sticks and cards. Gambit is thinking to himself, wow, she's
fascinating. And he blabbers about how she's as beautiful
and thorny as a rose. Then Rogue suddenly dives in (the same 
animation as her helper attack), and she carries off Gambit,
saying that Gambit shouldn't be playing around without her.
Morrigan then says darn, and I thought I was going to have 
a little fun...

pretty corny ending, but it's not too bad. It's better than all
those stupid Ryu endings that have him wandering towards some
sunset while spewing all this nonsense about honor and fight and

Credits and Final Comments:

*Thanks* Go Out To -

Hyun for being so damned good at X-Men that I had to get away from
generic SF and join the Vs. action...

Young for being so terrible at X-Men and giving me an ego boost whenever
I thump him in that game :) ...

James Chen, Charles Washington, or whoever created the faq notation 
that I used...

Sabre ( for combos (4), (6), and an exceptional MvC 

Min Sub Kim ( for combo (5) and a great Gambit faq...

CAlexandre for the inspiration of combo (14)

Everyone Else out there who's given out so much useful gaming info 
to me and the other gamers... for a great site...

*Grudges* Go Out To -

Any Cheap Guys I've already played and will play in the future...