Gambit by Goge

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/10/99 | Printable Version

GAMBIT FAQ v. 1.0 by Goge

Latest Update: 2/10/99

I know this FAQ is coming in pretty late but I think you will find some 
combos and strategies that you have not seen before in here.Oh yeah, 
this for Marvel Vs. Capcom, not X-Men vs SF.

First of all I want to state that this is a FAQ for people who know how 
to play the game to begin with. In other words I'm not going to be 
spending much time explaining basic MvC gameplay. There is no table of 
contents because I don't see much point in them, just scroll down 'til 
you find what you're looking for. Also I'm using the familiar format 
notation which I will explain below:

D. = Dashing
S. = Standing
C. = Crouching
J. = Jumping
SJ. = Super Jumping
D.S. = Dashing Standing
D.C. = Dashing Crouching
A.D. = Air Dash
DN. = While holding Down on the joystick
UP. = While holding Up on the joystick

(example: D.C.Short means Dashing Crouching Short. You ought to know 
this by now people. Also, I don't know who invented this system so I 
can't really give credit where it is certainly due.) 


(note: the numbers are an estamation of how I see the stats. Scale is 
from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest and (duh) 1 being the lowest.)

	-Power: How much damage a characters normal moves and supers         
		  (hyper combos) do.
	-Speed: How well the character moves, how fast their moves come 	
	  out, and how much recovery delay their moves have.
	-Range: How far the character's normal moves reach.
	-Priority: Who's move will win out in head to head attacking.
	-Throw Priority: The range of the throw and if it will beat out 	
		     other throws/moves.
	-Combos: How long and painful of combos can the character put 	 
	-Supers: How powerful, fast, and generally useful the character's 
	         supers are.
	-Comboability of Supers: How easily can the characters supers be 	

Power: 7

	Gambit deals pretty good damage in all of his regular moves and 
	his supers are fairly powerful also.

Speed: 7.5

	Like his power, Gambit's speed is pretty good, but not amazing. 
	One nice thing is that Gambit recovers quickly from many of 
	his moves and can suprise his opponents with quickness that they 
	aren't expecting.

Range: 7.5
	Gambit has good Range. His J.Fierce, Jab Cajun Slash, and 
	C.Roundhouse are all useful for attacking your opponents while 
	still remaining safe.

Priority: 7

	Gambit's starting to look pretty well rounded isn't he? His 
	J.Fierce has very nice priority as does 	his launcher (C.Fierce) 
	and all versions of the Cajun Slash.

Throw Priority: 3

	I have to give Gambit a crappy score on this simply because his 
	air throw priority just SUCKS. Some of you probably haven't even 
	seen Gambit's air throw it is so bad. His ground throw priority 
	is decent though.

Combos: 8

	Gambit has some mean combos, they're powerful as well as stylish. 
	His supers don't combo very well but that's an entirely different 

Supers: 5

	Gambit's supers do pretty good damage but the Royal Flush has too 
	much recovery delay. The Cajun Explosion is a pretty effective 
	beam killer and you should chip with this one as well, however 
	you can see it coming from a mile away.

Comboability of Supers: 4

	I'm giving Gambit a bad score on this because you have to be very 
	fast to get the Royal Flush to combo cleanly off of the 
	C.Roundhouse. Also it's possible to roll from that. Other than 
	that you can just combo the Cajun explosion off of Collosus (or a 
	helper like him), and almost everyone can combo a super off of a 


Kinetic Card: QCF+Any Punch
	The punch button used determines startup and recovery delay, the 
	amount of damage, and how long the victim will stay on the ground 
	afterwards. The Jab one is the most useful. Can be used in the 
	air as a keep away tactic.

Trick Card: QCB+Any Punch
	Like the Kinectic Card but Gambit throws the card at a 45 degree 
	angle instead, as if for anti-air defense, but use his launcher 
	instead for jump-ins because this move has bad startup and 
	recovery delay. If it lands try to follow up with a C.Short, 
	C.Fierce -> Air Combo.

Cajun Slash: Dragon Punch(F, D, DF)+Any Punch

	The Jab and Strong version are more useful that the fierce. 
	Gambit basically whacks his opponent with the staff a few times 
	depending upon what button is used. You can end ground combos 
	with the Jab and Fierce versions. More on this move later.

Cajun Strike: Hold DN, then UP+Any Button:

	Gambit bounces off the walls and hits his opponent from above. 
	This move is useless. Use it to make your opponent laugh at you.

Royal Flush: QCF+2P

	Gambit pumps his opponent full of 37 cards, doing nice damage. 
	Combos off of his C.Roundhouse, the Kinetic Card, and his Fierce 

Cajun Explosion: QCF+2K or QCB+2K

	Gambit jumps to whichever wall you indicated using a QCF or QCB 
	and throws out a 45 degree magnetic shockwave. I like to use 
	collosus with the QCB one. Does good chipping, is safe and hard 
	to avoid.


This is what makes Gambit a worthwhile character so I won't waste any 
time getting to them.

  1:	D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward  --> Fierce Cajun Slash
	  Try to make sure that you're right up against your opponent for 
	  this one, a basic ground combo.
  2:	D.C.Short, C.Fierce ^ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward -> 

	  Gambit's basic air combo. I use the SJ.Roundhouse to end it 	  
because it seems to connect more often than the SJ.Fierce. If 	  
you're really humping you're opponent you can throw in a 	  C.Strong 
or C.Forward after the D.C.Short.

  3:	D.C.Short, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse --> Strong Cajun Slash
	  Another combo where, if you're really, really close to your 	  
opponent you can throw in another hit. In this case it's a 	  C.Strong 
after the D.C.Short. I don't like this combo much 	  because it can 
be rolled from and there are better combos.

  4:	D.C.Short, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse --> Royal Flush

	  Similar to the above combo but obviously much more damaging. I 	  
don't like this one much either because it's hard to pull off 	  and 
can be rolled from.

  5:	D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse, Jab Kinetic card -> Strong Cajun Slash 
	or Royal Flush

	  Similar to the above two combos but more stylish and a little 	  
more ify.

  6:	J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/ D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse, Jab Kinetic 
	Card, D.C.Short, C.Fierce, SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, 
	SJ.Forward --> Jab Kinetic Card(Blocked)

	  This is the big one. If all hits connect it will really rip 	  
your opponents lifebar apart. Of course, you don't have to use 	  the 
jump in but it will really add some damage if you get it to 	  
connect. Likewise you can use the J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse jump 	  in 
on any of the other combos as well and they should still 	  work. The 
Jab Kinetic Card is just to add a little chipping and 	  if your 
opponent isn't blocking it will connect for even more 	  damage.

  7:	Kinetic Card --> D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Jab, S.Short, S.Jab, 
	S.Short, etc.

	  Gambit's infinite. I've never had all that much success with it 
	  so I can't really verify it myself but it appears as though you 
	  can just keep juggling them in this fashion.

  8:	In corner: J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/ D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse, Jab 
	Kinetic Card --> D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Jab, S.Short, S.Jab, 
	S.Short, etc.

	  The only practical way to combo Gambit's infinite that I've 	  
found. But again, it's pretty tough to keep them juggled with 	  it 
so I wouldn't bother with this one.

  9:	In corner: Fierce Throw, D.C.Short, C.Fierce ^ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, 
	SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward -> SJ.Roundhouse

	  If you can't seem to get the SJ.Roundhouse to connect then 	  
finish with a Jab Kinetic card for some small chipping damage.

10:	Fierce Throw --> Royal Flush

	  Be quick about canceling into the Royal Flush and don't expect 	  
to get all 37 hits.


This is just a little section where I tell you about some techniques I 
use to bulldog and a few other things. I don't really want to tell you 
how you should play the game so I'll leave out the second by second 
strategy for each match.

1:	Try starting out with a Strong Cajun Slash a short distance from 
	you're opponent. 	Hopefully they'll block it. If it hits them and 
	they are knocked down just start doing it again right before they 
	get up. Remember we want them to block it.

	If they block it they will most likely try to counter strike and 
	this is where they get suprised by Gambit's speed. AS SOON AS THE 
	MOVE ENDS dash in with D.S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward. At this 
	point they are probably getting hit so end it with a JAB Cajun 
	Slash. This will allow you to start the Strong Cajun Slash again 
	as they are getting up, which they will surely block since they 
	can see it coming.

	Now, if they have BLOCKED your D.S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward, 
	end it with a STRONG Cajun Slash. Now we are right back where we 
	started, dash in with the D.S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward again 
	and if it hits, end with the Jab Cajun Slash and if it is blocked 
	end it with Strong Cajun Slash. Keep doing this until they figure 
	it out.

	I hope that follows. The easiest way for your opponent to get out 
	of this is simply to push block you at any point. However we are 
	hoping your opponent is a moron and will either keep blocking 
	while you slowly chip away at his life bar, or he keeps trying to
	counter after he blocks the Strong Cajun Slash. You DO risk being 
	countered but it is very unlikey and depends in part upon how 
	fast YOU are. You should be able to at least trade hits with even 
	Wolverine though with the D.S.Short. Characters like Venom, Capt 
	America, Hulk, etc. will stand absolutely no chance against your 
	D.S.Short unless you are slow as hell with your dashing. 

2. 	After you end Combo #6 (the big one) with the airborn Jab Kinetic 
	Card, which should definately be blocked, you're opponent will l
	and before you. You should come down with a J.Fierce, (J.Fierce, 
	J.Roundhouse won't work for some reason) \/ D.S.Short, S.Strong, 
	S.Forward --> appropriate Cajun Slash depending upon whether or 
	not you've landed any hits yet. Then just continue with 
	bulldogging strategy #1 shown above. If they've got the 
	bulldogging BS figured out (which any respectable opponent
	should), then just come down with a J. Fierce and Dash in with 
	the combo of your choice.

3.	Any move that leaves you open, like the C.Roundhouse or even the
	C.Fierce, cancel with a Jab Kinetic Card. If your pretty sure 
	that they're going to try and jump in on you OVER the Kinetic 
	Card then try a Trick Card. If it hits, Launch 'em and Air Combo 
	to make them think twice about jumping over Kinetic Cards in the