Gambit by IrishRagan

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Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 19:06:34 EDT

/********* /****  /**** /**********
/********* /****  /**** /**********
////**//// /****  /**** /***///////  
   /**     /*********** /******
   /**     /*********** /******
   /**     /****  /**** /***/// 
   /**     /****  /**** /**********
   /**     /****  /**** /**********
   ///     /////  ///// ///////////
/*********          /*****        /******    /************ /****         /***   /****
/**********        /*******      /********   /************ /******       /***   /****
/****  /****      /****/****    /**** /****  /************ /******       /***   /***  
/****   /****    /****  /****  /****  /***** /////****//// /***/***      /***   /**
/****   /****   /****    /**** /****   /////     /****     /*** /***     /***  /* 
/****  /****    /****    /**** /****             /****     /***  /***    /*** 
/**********     /************* /**** /******     /****     /***   /***   /***
/*********      /************* /**** /******     /****     /***    /***  /***
/**** /****     /****/////**** /**** ///****     /****     /***     /*** /***  
/****  /****    /****    /**** /****    ****     /****     /***      /***/***  
/****   /****   /****    /****  /**********/ /************ /***       /******
/****    /****  /****    /****   /********/  /************ /***        /*****
/****     /**** /****    /****    /******/   /************ /***         /****
/////      //// /////    /////     //////    ///////////// ////          ////
  /******        /*****     /************** /****    /**** /***          /***
 /********      /*******    /************** /****    /**** /****         /***
/**** /****    /****/****   /************** /****    /**** /*****        /***
/****  /****  /****  /****  ////////****/// /****    /**** /******       /***
/****  ///// /****    /**** 	   /****    /****    /**** /***/***      /*** 
/****  	     /****    /**** 	   /****    /****    /**** /*** /***     /***
/****  	     /************* 	   /****    /****    /**** /***  /***    /***
/****  	     /************* 	   /****    /****    /**** /***   /***   /***
/****  	     /****/////**** 	   /****    /****    /**** /***    /***  /***
/****  	     /****    /**** 	   /****    /****    /**** /***     /*** /***  
/****  /**** /****    /**** /****  /****    /****    /**** /***      /***/***  
/****  /**** /****    /**** /****  /****    /************* /***       /******
 /*********  /****    /**** /***********    /************* /***        /*****
  /*******   /****    /****  /*********     /************* /***         /****                                  
   //////    /////    /////   ////////	    ////////////// ////          ////
Written by IrishRagan
1)What's New
4)Moves List
5)Super Moves
7)Basic Strategy
10)Other Stuff of Mine
Version 1:
I set up the faq.  With a moves list, some of the better combos with him and 
some very basic strategy!
LP          Light Punch
MP          Medium Punch
HP          Heavy Punch
LK          Light Kick
MK          Medium Kick
HK          Heavy Kick
PPP         All Punches
KKK         All Kicks
C           Crouching
J           Jumping
F           Forward
B           Back
U           Up 
D           Down
DS          Dashing
Dash        F,F
Roll        B,DB,D+P
Super Jump  D,U or KKK
Push Block  PPP While Blocking   
Born in the swamps of Louisiana, the Cajun was in the thief's guild.  Now I 
would have thought he was a hustler will the pool cue and the cards but what 
do I know!  He soon found that he had the mutant ability to charge everyday 
objects with explosive kinetic energy. About the time he learned of his 
mutant ability Storm was in the swamps and she asked him if he would join the 
X-Men.  He became one of the X-Men and learned to control his ability with 
Professer X and the other X-Men.  He then fought for the good of mutantkind. 
He now joins them in their fight against Onslaught, the X-Traitor.  Although 
he was often thought to be the X-Traitor by fellow X-Men, Bishop!
				Kinetic Card
Well if you have ever seen the X-Men Cartoon or read a X-Men Comic you know 
what Gambits power is!  But if you don't, he has the ability to charge 
objects and then make them explode.  Well that is what he does to I would say
about five cards.  He throws them out and the explode on impact which stuns 
the opponent.  The punch you use changes how long the opponent stands there 
like a moron!  In the air they go at an angle and slows his fall which allows 
him to throw many in a single super jump.

				Trick Card
Same as the Kinetic Card but he throws them up at an angle.  It is good for 
air defense if you time it to hit as they are on their way down!  When it 
hits they will fall into you which allows you to do what you want with them.  
I usually hit them with an air combo!

				Cajun Slash
What  can I say he whacks you with his stick or pool cue as most people see 
it.  Looks like a long stick but it is a pool cue!  Depending on which 
button you use he will attack differently!

Jab-He takes a big, quick swipe with his pool cue!  It is quick and a surprise 
to most people!  It is very comboable!

Strong-  He jumps up for the first hit and stays on the ground for the next 
two!  Once again fast and comboable!

Fierce-Also a three hit combo!  Instead of jumping up he does a strike like 
the jab version.  It will OTG an opponent for at least two hits!  Not as fast 
but has good range instead!

				Cajun Strike
				  D,U+P or K
He flips backwards and bounces off the wall.  You can either have him go to 
the oppisite wall and then attack or he can attack right after the first wall.
To make him go to the oppisite wall you just need to hold the joystick in 
that direction, I have only been able to go from wall to wall with the punch 
				Royal Flush
Well it is pretty much just a giant Kinetic Card.  He throws his staff up in 
the air, which can knock jumping opponents back down into the super.  It is 
slow and easy to block but very damaging.  I recommend canceling into it from 
a sweep!.

				Cajun Explosion
			    D,DF,F+2K or D,DB,B+2K
Depending on which motion you do he will jump to a different wall.  The backward 
motion will make him jump to the wall behind him and the forward motion will 
make jump to the wall behind your opponent.  It is slow and pretty useless if 
you ask me but I haven't figured out what it is good for yet!

				Counter Move
It is a jab Cajun slash and works good because it is fast and has some range.  
Don't use it against supers that are beams,he won't make it to them fast 
enough and he will take the full brunt of the super!

				 Team Super
He jumps out and does the Royal Flush.  Good to start because it OTG's.  Be 
careful if he jumps in because he has like no recovery time and if blocked 
you may get hurt!

S.Short, S.Roundhouse, Jab Kenetic Card, Jab Cajun Slash 
Works best in the corner or really close

S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward, Fierce Cajun Slash<BR>
Pretty basic combo.  Easy to do with a little practice!

D.S.Short, C.Forward, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, 
SJ.Rondhouse or SJ.Fierce  
Basic Aerial Rave. I will say this in combos below, I just mean to do the 
hits that are in the air!

C.Short, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse, Strong Cajun Slash (OTG) or Royal Flush 
(OTG) (not on small characters) or Crossover Combination (OTG) (not on small 

Punch throw enemy into corner, Royal Flush or C.Short (OTG), C.Fierce /\ 
aerial rave
Actually rather simple to do once you get used to throwing them!  That was 
the hardest thing for me, I didn't throw much!

Basically what you want to do with Gambit is get in there do the 
combos and get away!  This may sound kinda chicken shit but it works!  Now 
I am not saying you want to stay away all the time, the way I do it is I get 
in do the combo, jump out, throw a kinetic card then jump back in and do 
another combo.

				Basic Things

First: When your opponent is close to you and the miss a move that 
has a long recovery time hit them with a Jab Cajun Slash!  this works good 
because it is quick, does good damage and clears them away from you.  Works 
good against characters like Wolverine or Strider!

Second: Use Gambit's ability to OTG with his Royal Flush from a sweep a lot!  
His supers do excellent damage when they hit and this ability of his allows 
him to hit the Royal Flush easily!

Third: Well, Gambit is basically the OTG king of the game!  You can OTG two 
of his Cajun Slashs, and his Royal Flush!  You can do it from sweeps or 
throws!   So basically get used to hitting them off of the ground!

				More Advanced
First and only for now: Combos!  In my mind that is the most important thing 
to learn to become a great Gambit player!  There are three things you need 
to be good at combos!

First: Knowing the Combo!  Can't stress it enough, if you don't know the 
combo how will you be able to do it!

Second: Timing!  If you can't time the button pushing right it won't work!

Third: The setup!  If you can't set the combo up 90% of the time how will you 
be able to do it?
Thanks Loyd(AKA=Fluffy) for getting me into using Gambit!
And to Migs for the great site on Marvel Vs. Capcom!  His site can be found
at!  You will have to go through other stuff but
it is there!
I wrote it you didn't!  Just give me credit if you use anything in here!  
Don't sell it!  Gambit is a product of Marvel and is owned by them unless I 
am mistaken!
I also have a Megaman Faq running around here!  And I have a website devoted 
a select few characters in this game!  It is located at