Gambit by MMouse

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Welcome to my Gambit Shrine
by Max Mouse

This Gambit FAQ is for Marvel vs. Capcom

Ver 0.2:  Adding a versus section
Ver 0.1:  Did my intro, special moves, super moves, strats (will add combos 
and versus later)

Hey guys. This is my first time writing a faq so don't expect some heavy duty 
ASCII art or anything like that sort of stuff.  Gambit is has been and always 
will be my number 1 character.  Him, Guile/ Charlie will always be on the top 
of my list.  Gambit isn't one of those regular do-gooders, and he ain't 
really a team leader, and he definitely isn't the strongest or the fastest.  
These are some of the reasons I like him.  He's different.  He does what he 
wants to do and nothing else.   Playing Gambit isn't about getting all those 
little hits in, it's about style, and in order to play Gambit you gotta learn 
that style.  He ain't a scrub, and he ain't power.  He's tricky, but once you 
get it, it pays off.  (note: This is for intermediate to advance players)


1) Kinetic Card: (d, df, f + punch)

This is Gambit's fireball.  But it ain't just a regular fireball.  It's fast, 
it's invisible, and it's just too sweet.  This is one of the aspects that 
makes Gambit so different.  Because it comes instantaneously, it can catch 
people off guard.  This move has absolutely no recovery time, and after 
thrown, you can block immidiately if you miss.  These babies can be thrown 
from the air and they slow down the rate at which he falls, allowing you to 
dump a whole deck on your opponent before landing.  The punch determines how 
long it stuns the opponent.  Jab comes out fast, yet does not hold the 
opponent for that long.  Fierce comes out slow and holds the opponent 
forever.  It is possible to OTG air combo after doing this move if you're 
fast enough.  These babies are faster then a beam, I once pulled this move 
just as Ryu was doing his shinkuu-hadoken, and I won out.

2) Trick Card: (d, db, b +punch)

Same thing as Kinetic card, but direction is at an angle.  After nailing him 
with the card, you can launch him into a royal flush.  It's hard to time this 
as an air defense, and should only be used as a "trick".  Other then that I 
can't seem to find a good use for it.

3) Cajun Slash: (f, d, df + punch)

This is an extremely useful move.  It's a dashing type move, quick and free 
from recovery time.  A cajun slash can be comboed, used as a surprise tactic, 
and has a lot of range and priority.  Depending on the button pressed, Gambit 
will do either of the following:

Jab:  Gambit will take a big step and during that step takes a huge swing at 
his opponent.  This is the one I used the most.  Lots of range, very quick on 
the first hit, and high priority.  This move is comboable but does not OTG.

Strong:  Gambit will jump and take a slam his staff below him like his 
jumping fierce, then he will add to additional hits with the last hit 
resembling his crouching strong.  I think this move OTG.  It did in X-Men vs 
Street Fighter.  Anyways, the little jump allows him to avoid trips and hit 
em on the way down.  The range of the first hit isn't as great as the jab 
cajun slash, but it's better then average.  I use this version of the cajun 
slash the least.

Fierce:  This is a pretty useful version of the cajun slash.  Gambit will 
take three swipes with this one, and it OTG.  It's got the most range, and 
goes a little more then half a screen.  I love comboing this version.

4) Cajun Strike: (d, u + punch or kick)

Gambit jumps from side to side then comes down with a kick or a flipping 
staff smash.  I don't know what to say about this move.  It's got high 
priority, but it starts up slow, and it's hard to control.  I pulled this 
move off by accident one time and I was eating Kikoken super on my way down.  
The only have to say is don't do this move unless you're fighting the 


1) Royal Flush: (d, df, f + 2punches)

This is one of my favorite moves.  Gambit tosses his staff into the air, 
shouts "Royal Flush" then unloads 37 cards upon his opponent.  Does a lot of 
flashes when it hits, and drains a lot of life.  It's alright for chipping, 
although it shouldn't be used for that.  The twirling staff in the air can 
hit opponents right back down into the cards, but a lot of people air block 
it.  Man they should make the staff unblockable since it's so hard to hit 
people with it.  Anyways, this super starts out real slow, (at least not as 
slow as WarMachine's Proton Cannon) and it also has a little bit of recovery 
delay (again, not as much as WarMachine's Proton Cannon).  The only supers 
that can probably tag him after his royal flush are, Gambit (gotta be really 
quick), Ryu (easily done), captain commando, and shadow Lady (i'm not too 
sure about this one).  Anyways, this move can OTG, but I never try to OTG 
whenever the opponent is in the corner.  Sometimes it doesn't hit, and it 
leaves Gambit standing with a big bullseye in his belly.

2) Cajun Explosion: (d, df, f or d,db,b + 2 kicks)

This move resembles an angled Magnetic Shockwave.  Gambit jumps to one wall 
or the other (forward if you do the fireball motion, backward if you do the 
hurricane) and throws a kinetic card which turns into a huge wave.  This is a 
surfing super, but it only gets in about 5 hits and little damage.  I can't 
seem to nail an opponent with this one.  Even with their backs to the corner, 
they are still able to block it if I jump behind them.  It's pretty decent at 
chipping though.  Oh well, it works great on computers.


Playing Gambit requires a lot of cancelling, quick and tactical thinking, 
knowing your opponent and a mix of defense and offense.

Strat # 1: Cancelling
Whenever I play Gambit, I always cancel my normal moves into a lot of special 
moves.  Gambit's not as fast as Spider-man, so a lot of his offense is 
To remedy this, I always cancel the last hit of my combo into a special move 
leaving Gambit relatively safe and also chipping away at my opponent's 
Crouching roundhouses take a lot out of Gambit.  After it's blocked opponents
can easily combo the crap out of him.  I throw in a jab Kinetic card after 
every blocked crouching roundhouse.  It comes really quick because it's 
instantaneous, it catches people that are trying to dash in on you for that 
combo.  If they block the kinetic card, throw in a cajun slash.  They always 
think the kinetic card has recovery time, but it doesn't and soon, they'll 
get smacked in the face.  If they don't fall for it... who cares... you're 
doing a little chipping for every kinetic card.  Sometimes I encounter people 
that jump when I pull off the Kinetic card.  Again because of the little 
recovery time, I get these guys with Gambit extremely useful launcher.  Don't 
ever let your guard down.  Let these guys know that they're gonna take the 
chipping damage, or take the air combo.  Canceling with specials after normal 
moves should be second nature to Gambit players, and getting it you should 
encorporate it into every single tactic you use. Even after blocked 
launchers, I pull off a kinetic card, and if they jump again, another 
launcher into a kinetic card and maybe a cajun slash.  Standing fierces 
should be cancelled with kinetic cards if they're blocked or ducked.

Strat #2: Quick and Tactical Thinking
One of my big weaknesses with Gambit is that I get way too predictable.  Sure 
I can corner them and chip em to death until they make a mistake, but those 
that don't make a mistake can be pretty troublesome for Gambit.  For example, 
I was playing a friend of mine who knew exactly what my patterns were.  
Jumping fierce, jumping roundhouse, dash, ducking short, ducking strong, 
ducking fierce, jab kinetic card, jab cajun slash.  He knew my cancelling 
pattern, and waited me out.  I did this for the third time, and when I threw 
the kinetic card, he jumped and stuck out venom's long hands in my face.  
After that I was eating an air combo with a venom fang finish.  I got up, did 
my pattern again, but this time instead of pulling off a kinetic card, i 
pulled off a jab trick card.  He fell for it when he jumped, and I was able 
to launch, super.  One thing that Gambit players should do but I find very 
hard to, is never fall into the same pattern over and over again.  When you 
play an opponent for the first time, it's hard for them to notice the 
pattern.  But after they learn it, it can be really trouble for you.  One of 
the things I'm trying to do is copy my friend's philosophy by never using the 
same pattern more than twice in a row if they don't fall for it.  It's really 
hard to do this.  Also one of the really big things that I do is the dash 
behind the jump launcher move.  Gambit's got a pretty quick dash and it can 
often catch people off guard.  When they jump, quickly dash behind them and 

Strat #3: Knowing your opponent
There's no one way to play Gambit.  A good Gambit player knows exactly what 
to do in every possible situation.  He should sum up the odds, and follow the 
strategy that's best layed before him.  Different players require different 
ways of attacking.  Players who constantly are on the offense are very 
susceptible to dashing and crouching attacks.  A lot of these guys try to get 
in every single hit in a combo, and are not thinking about their defense and 
just want to get the applause.  Punish their mistakes by pulling off a 
launcher when they jump, a kinetic card when they're far away, and a jab 
cajun slash when they dash in on you.  Don't ever try any patterns on these 
guys as for some reason, I don't know why, they manage to dodge you and pull 
off a combo.  Turtlers are some of the easiest people to handle with Gambit.  
Gambit's jumping fierce, to jumping roundhouse catches tons of turtlers off 
guard.  No one expects another strong attack after a fierce punch.  Turtler's 
and keep aways can't handle it up close, and after you hit them with the 
jumping roundhouse, follow it up with an air combo.  After you land, jump 
straight up and repeat with jumping fierce jumping roundhouse.  Turtler's are 
so busy trying to block every single attack that they won't risk try to 
attack you unless you make a big mistake.  With your cancelling kinetic cards 
and cajun slashes, you should be relatively safe from any attack and thus, 
not making any mistakes.  There's a ton of different players out there and 
you just got to figure them out.  See if they launch you if you jump, if they 
do, they're probably a rusher.  If they block, they're probably a turtler.  
Of course there's those people who are mixed, and those guys are the 
toughies.  There's no one way to play against these guys, and it just 
requires a mix of tactics.

Strat #4 Mixes of OFFENSE and DEFENSE
Gambit can both go offense and defense.  Because of his range, he's got 
pretty good priority and because of his priority he's got pretty good 
defense.  Offensive tactics require a basic knowledge of Gambit's attacks.  
Jumping fierce has a lot of priority, and can combo into jumping roundhouse.  
Ducking short is quick has okay range.  Crouching fierce is powerful and 
sends opponents sky high.
 Standing strong is extremely high in priority.  Know which moves to use for 
offense and which for defense.  Whenever jumping in on a ground opponent 
always jump with fierce, then cancel into roundhouse.  The first hit has a 
ton of priority and damage, and the second just adds up to more damage.  They 
go well together.  After this dash in and pull off a combo.  If they block 
the combo, end it with a kinetic card and then a cajun slash if they block 
the KC.  When your on defense, remember that Gambit's launcher is a pain for 
other characters.  Also, Gambit's jump is extremely high and slow.  Watch out 
for those guys that like to dash under you and launcher you.  Your Jumping 
fierce won't hit anyone behind you so you better block accordingly.  Gambit's 
classified as a mid-tall character.  Watch out for the double kick jump in 
from other characters.  For defense, just basically watch your blocking and 
pull off your high priority moves (launcher, jab cajun slash, standing 
strong) when they least expect it.

Versus characters strategies:  (human opponents)

This is where I'm gonna discuss specific strategies for specific characters.  
(note:  this is for human players...not that easy computer).  Anyways, each 
section will have a paragraph, outlining specific details, and also will have 
a set of "Do's" and "Don'ts".  The Do's and Don'ts are not neccesarily true, 
but it just tells you that you shouldn't pull off the don'ts without 
thinking.  Like, for Ryu,  if you can combo the royal flush, great, but if 
not... don't ever pull it off.  Anyways... on with the strats.

Vs Ryu:
Ryu's a very very old character and you'll see a lot of the same strategies 
from Marvel vs street fighter and Xmen vs sf that are used here.  I used to 
find it so hard to fight against Ryu.  When I first played I always jumped 
against my opponent with a roundhouse.  They always uppercutted me into that 
air shinkuuhadoken.  Always jump at Ryu with a jumping fierce chain into 
roundhouse.  Your fierce will beat his launcher, and the extra kick gets you 
the extra damage.
Only pull off this chain when they're on the ground.  After you hit em with 
this, they're probably gonna try to meet you in the air with a jumping 
hurricane kick while you're jumping.  Always ALWAYS pull back on your jump 
and dashes.  When you're blocking the hurricane kick, Ryu will follow you 
down and try to follow up with a series of ducking attacks.  Always block low 
after blocking an air hurricane kick.  After they finish they're little 
ground combo, jump at them, but air block.  Most likely they'll do another 
hurricane kick, and repeat that ground combo.  Now, this time don't jump at 
them.  A lot of Ryu players will do the air hurricane, and you can launch em 
and follow it up with a combo.  Ground kinetic cards are safe, same with 
super jumping, but don't ever pull off a normal jumping kinetic card.  You're 
gonna eat an air super in your face.  Also don't pull off royal flushes 
unless comboed.  Ryu can hit you while you're in your stun animation.  Ryu 
doesn't have any good priority jump-ins so you can launch this baby without 
feeling worried.

Vs Captain Commando:
This guy has pretty devastating comboes, but if you're extremely careful with 
him, you can get the best of him.  He's got a slow dash so it's pretty easy 
to spot that dash behind launch into captain sword.  His standing roundhouse 
leaves him pretty open unless he cancels into a captain fire or a captain 
If he does the captain Fire when he's up close, block, then pull off a cajun 
slash.  Don't try dashing in cause it won't be fast enough.  Not a lot of 
strategy here since Captain Commando players are extremely predictable.  
Also, roll roll roll.  Getting hit by a captain corridor leaves you in a 
world of hurt.  If he plays keep away, just super jump and keep on tossing 
those kinetic cards.  You'll be able to block the captain sword if he pulls 
it off, and if he doesn't, he'll probably get mad and try to chase after you.  
I always dash behind this guy when he jumps to launch him because his jumping 
fierce will beat Gambit's launcher.  Watch your jump ins,  a captain corridor 
or a launcher isn't too good for you.  I'd prefer dashing in on this guy.

CONCLUSION:  Anyways that's about it for now.  I'm gonna add a few comboes 
that I love to do and versus strategies for specific characters later.  
Anyways Thanks goes out to MIGS for his excellent site (some of the 
descriptions and strats are from his awesome site).  Thanks also goes out to 
all the Gambit fans out there, because skilled players pick Gambit.  
Unskilled players pick Strider.  Yeah, well I'm gonna mail this in now. See 
ya later.