Gold War Machine by CChou

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From: "Chris Chou" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 22:00:36 -0500

Marvel vs. Capcom Character FAQ
Gold War Machine

This game is property of Capcom and I have absolutely no voice or say in
their business matters what so ever.  This FAQ is of my own work based on my
experiences playing this character.  I actually really do not care what
people do with this, if you like it let me know, if you want to use it go
ahead, but kinda gimme some credit if it calls for any, thanks =)


I.   Code
II.  Helpers & Partners
III. Moves
IV.  Strategies

I. Code

How to Choose Gold War Machine

Okay, first off this character is a hidden character, so ya gotta punch in
the code in order to play him.

	This is what the Character Select Screen should look like.


Start with the cursor on Chun Li
Procede 2 left to Zangief
2 down to Strider
2 right to Jin
2 down to Wolverine
2 left to Gambit
4 up to Zangief
2 right to Chun Li
2 left to Zangief
4 down to Gambit
2 right to Wolverine
2 up to Jin
2 left to Strider
2 down to Gambit
2 right to Wolverine
4 up to Chun Li
1 up above Chun Li

Press any punch button for the Gold color
Press any kick button for the Light Blue color

II. Helpers & Partners

	A. Now that you have Gold War Machine, who should you choose with him?

	The best choice depends on how you play.  Gold War Machine has almost no
choice except to be extremely offensive.  He cannot afford to be defensive
considering the fact that he cannot block =P  If you are a naturally
offensive type of player, then you might want to choose another offensive
character like Strider, Wolverine, or Spiderman.  If you are more defensive,
then the best choices are Megaman, Captain America, Ryu.  If you are a
little of both, then go for Chun Li, Gambit, or Morrigan.  One thing that
should be part of the equation is the team supers, or team infinites.  Hereí
s some examples of what supers may or may not work well with GW.

Legion hits off the ground, and juggles enough to allow GWís Proton cannon
to hit, and allows Strider to Legion again, etc....  Can also hit with
Oroboros and Ragnarok while being hit.

W/Chun Li:
Kikosho(Puff ball), Senretsu Kyaku(Super dashing kick), Rising Bird Kick,
and her 7 Star Heaven Kick can all hit easily while GW is hitting them.
Puff Ball is the easiest to continue, 7-star is the prettiest =)

W/War Machine:
Cheapest team infinite, but highly effective is to have both on opposite
sides of your enemy and War Destroyer with both, AMAZING tick damage, and if
you hit, it keeps hitting them until dead.

	B. Okay, now youíve chosen your team, what helper do you want?

	I like the juggling call ins, ie. Colossus, Psylocke, Juggernaut.  But
Michelle Heart, Lou, and Cyclops are very nice in grounding your enemy while
you go airborne.

III. Moves

	Now youíre all set with your team, what are his moves?

	Basically, his moves are just like regular War Machine, except he cannot
block.  Good news, you canít be tripped, you canít be launched, and you can
shock the hell outta people when you throw them during their super >=).  Bad
news, you canít block, you can eat supers because they tend to stun you if
you donít jump soon enough.  GW takes almost no damage from certain supers,
but takes more damage from others.

Standing HP		Burst from his hands(Knocks opponent away)
Standing HK		Launcher
Crouching MP	Mid Launcher
D + MK		Knee Dive
MP + LK		Smart Bomb
Fireball + P	High Shoulder Cannon(A missile instead of a ray)
Fireball + K	Low Shoulder Cannon(A missile instead of a ray)
D + HP		Laser(A small laser instead of a missile)
Reverse Dragon	Repulsar Ray
 Punch + K
Fireball + PPP	Proton Cannon
Hurricane + KKK	War Destroyer
Team Super		Proton Cannon
Counter		Repulsar Ray

IV. Strategies

A.	Offense

Combo, combo, combo. You canít block, so you pretty much hafta go all out
offense.  His comboís are mostly Zigzag Magic Series.

Ground Combos I like to use:
(S = Standing, C = Crouching, J = Jumping)

Sjab, Sshort, Sforward, Sfierce.
Sjab, Sstrong, Sfierce.
Sshort, Sforward, Sfierce.
Sshort, Cstrong, Sfierce.
Cshort, Cstrong, Cfierce, Low Shoulder Cannon.
Sjab, Sshort, Sstrong, Sforward, Sfierce.
Sjab, Sshort, Sstrong, Sforward, Low Shoulder Cannon.
Knee Dive, Jroundhouse, Sshort, Cstrong, Sroundhouse, Jjab, Jshort, Jstrong,
 Jforward, Jfierce(pointed up), Shoulder Cannon.
Sshort, Cstrong, Sroundhouse, War Destroyer(Might not combo due to being a
little slower than regular War Machine.)

After juggling with Psylocke, Colossus, or Juggernaut, use Proton Cannon to

	B. Defense

If you can manage to hit your opponent before or during their moves, you can
cancel it.  Best moves for this are GWís standing forward, crouching
forward, and the knee dive.

Gotta try your best to avoid attacks that hit a lot.

Chun-Li:		Lightning Kick
Wolverine:		Berserker Barrage

Supers to stay away from:

Ryu:  		Shinkuu Hadoken, Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
Morrigan:		Soul Eraser
Chun-Li:		Kikosho(Puff Ball)
Megaman:		Rush Drill, Hyper Mega Man
Zangief:		Super Atomic Buster
Captain America:	Hyper Charging Star

Almost no damage:

Jin:			Vulcan Cannon, Great Cyclone
Chun-Li:		7-Star Heaven Kick
Morrigan:		Sillouette Illusion(Doppleganger)
Spiderman:		Maximum Spider
Captain America:	Final Justice
Captain Commando:	Captain Storm, Captain Sword*
Wolverine:		Weapon X
 *Must hit just right, else no damage at all

Easiest to avoid:

Megaman/Roll:	Beat Plane(War Destroyer)
Hulk:			Gamma Crush(War Destroyer)

Most others he can avoid by super jumping.  If you need to stay in the air,
you can either shoulder cannon in the air or smart bomb.  For Chun-Liís puff
ball, if youíre about to land in the puff ball, you can try to knee dive
then quickly cancel into a smart bomb.  If done correctly, GW will start to
knee dive, then rise up a little and smart bomb thus get you outta harms

Well thatís about it.  Not that hard is it?  Yeah right, heís gotta be one
of the hardest characters to be successful with.  Just be sure to attack as
much as possible.  GW can be thrown, and many deem throwing as the best way
to kill GW, so be sure to practice Tech hitting outta throws.  Overall
though, he is stronger than regular War Machine, he can be a huge pain in
the butt to most people to play against.(At least thatís what Iíve been told
=P)  So just have fun with him, I always do =)  Thanks to Capcom for the
game, Marvel Comics for the characters, and all the people I beat up with GW
=)  Also thanks to the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom Homepage for being the
place where I found the code for this cool character =) (The site address of
this great page escapes me for some insane reason -_-*)  Thanks for reading
my FAQ, hope ya liked it, send any comments if ya got any.