Hulk by AYZ

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Hulk FAQ
Written by: AYZ (Ang Yao Zong)
FAQ Version: 0.1

1. Intro
2. Why should I choose Hulk
3. Move guide (Combos and legend section included)
4.   Strategies against different characters
5.   Strategies against Onslaught
6.   Codes for Hulk
7.   Hulk's ending
8.   Acknowledgement and thanks

Hey there! Marvel Vs Capcom has got to be one of the best 
fighting platforms out there, there are (I think) 12 
characters that you can choose from and even 20 extra 
helpers characters that you can choose! So, I have decided 
to write a FAQ for one for my favourite characters in the 
Hulk (the G-Guy). I also wrote this FAQ as there is only 1 
FAQ for Hulk by the guy called Fluffy. Anyway, on with the 
FAQ!(By the way this is a way lousy guide for the experts 
when compared to the guides by the rest of the gang.) I 
hope u will enjoy this.

Why Should I choose Hulk?
Hey, why ask me the question? You know it, everyone knows 
it, that Hulk is easily one of the strongest guys and life-
chipper in the game. Other than Megaman and Shadow Lady, 
two of my other favourite characters. Think about it, I can 
easily get away with 75% of Ultimate Onslaught's (second 
form) energy just using Hulk alone. I have also won over 5 
matches using only him! He's the guy you wanna have. Let's 
face it, he kicks butt!

Here is the legend for the control stick's movements.

QCF---Quarter Circle Forward		QCB---Quarter Circle 
B, F---Charge back for about 2 secs, then move control 
stick forward
D, U---Charge down for about 2 secs, then move control 
stick up.
HCB---Half Circle Back

LP---Light Punch		MP---Medium Punch		HP---
Heavy Punch
LK---Light Kick		MK---Medium Kick		HK---
Heavy kick


LP=1    MP=2    HP=3    LK=4    MK=5    HK=6

Gamma ground rip: QCF+ any P
Hulk rips rock pieces from the ground and makes them travel 
towards you, in a wave form. The waves vary from 2 to 4 
rock pieces each. This move pushes the opponent away and 
cancel away fireballs. Can trade hits with super fireballs. 
Does excellent damage when not blocked.

Gamma Tornado: QCB+ any K
It's sort of a taunt move, but it does good damage if not 
blocked. Hulk stretches out his arm and tries to grip the 
opponent's head. Now the fun part.if he connects, he will 
start to swing the opponent around using the foe's head! 
After swinging a few round, he releases the opponent and 
your foe will fly away (wee!) to the other end of the 
stage. Trust me, don't use this move often cause it has 
lots of lag time and there is always a 90% 
chance that it will not connect. Can be comboed though.

Gamma Charge: D,U+ any K Or B,F+ any K
Hulk charges upwards then forwards or the opposite for some 
MAJOR damage. He has super armour while doing this move. 
One of his most important moves. Unfortunately, it has some 
lag time. Thus if you miss a worthy opponent (good 
opponent)'s character with this move, get ready to eat a 
super, but nonetheless, it can be comboed into better use.

Super Armour: (a million thanks to Fluffy for this)
Hulk's super armour is not a special move, but a move which 
Hulk automatically uses each time he is hit. If he is being 
attacked(not blocking) with a multi-hit combo or super 
move, he will simply absorb the first hit, so making it 
possible for you to block the rest of the moves.

Super Moves

Gamma Wave: QCF+3P
This is a exaggerated version of Hulk's ground rip. Hulk 
rips the ground off and tons (I mean TONS) of rocks, debris 
and damage barrel towards you. I can imagine what will 
happen to your character if he/she is hit by this, 
especially Strider. Major, Major damage if you get hit by 
this move. Oh, by the way, this move is probably the safest 
super to use against expert players as it pushes them to 
the end of the screen.

Gamma Crush: QCB+3P of Hulk's spectacular special move. Hulk flies into 
the air and grabs a piece of glowing red asteroid or meteor 
rock and comes crashing down for huge damage on his foe. 
Your opponent will still receive damage, if he/she is 
knocked down and lying on the ground. Can be comboed and is 
a great anti-air move.

Gamma Quake: QCF+3K
Hulk's new damaging super. It does worthy damage, but does 
not have a good range. It only reaches, say _ of the 
screen. Thanks to Fluffy for telling me in his own Hulk FAQ 
that it can be comboed into a ground combo. A fairly quick 
move with little lag time. I use it all the time after 
discovering it.

Team moves
Team Counter: Reverse QCB(B,DB,D)+ HP+HK
When Hulk is tagged out, he does a gamma charge at the foe. 
A fairly good counter, although I have never use counters 
before. They save you but they also waste a level of super.

Team Super: QCF+HP+HK
Hulk and his partner come out and do their personalized 
supers at the same time! Extreme damage if you get hit by 
this. It is a very good idea to use this with hulk, but 
make sure that the move will connect or you will waste 2 
levels of super of only block damage.

Two on one: QCB+HP+HK
Hope I didn't confuse you. A two on one means that both of 
your characters come into the screen at the same time, 
doing their own supers, but this time, they can just keep 
on doing their supers for a amount of time. Until the time 
meter(above the super meter) runs out, you can smash those 
buttons and do Hulk's Gamma Wave, Crush or Quake! This move 
rocks, Capcom!

(Hey.hey.hey.thanks to Fluffy yet again, I have come up 
with some combos for Hulk. Here goes.)

Ground series: Weaker
Air series: Stronger
Super jump series: Zigzag
Air Combo(AC) Finishers: MP, HP, HK
Air Launchers: Crouching HP, Standing HK
Strikes: Standing MP, Standing MK, Standing HP, Crouching 

Jump-in Combos:
1) Jumping LK, MK, land, Ground Combo
(Well, this one is from Fluffy too!)

Ground Combos:
1) Standing LP, HP
This combo, in my opinion, hurts and does decent damage to 
your foe. Lifts the opponent off the ground for a while. 
Hulk encounters recovery time during his heavy punch and if 
your foe blocks this combo, cancel it into a ground rip and 
push them away for safety and some block damage.

2) Dash, crouching LK, crouching HP, Air Combo
This move only works on big and medium-sized characters. 
However, there is a alternative for the little guys.

3) Dash, crouching LK, crouching HP(first hit only), Gamma 
This is good on small guys as the HP only hits them once 
and they don't fly off.

4) Have opponent in corner, Gamma throw, crouching HP, Air 

5) Jump, crouching back LK and MK, Gamma ChargeX2
Decent damaging combo.

6) Crouching HP, Gamma Crush
If timed right, your foe can't even block the Gamma Crush!

7) Crouching LK, Gamma Quake
The best and simplest ground combo. Takes off almost 50% of 
your opponent's life.

8) Have opponent in corner, HP, Gamma Quake, Gamma Crush
This combo takes away a tremendous amount of life from your 

8) Dash, crouching LK, HP(1 hit only), Team Super or Gamma 
This combo, if connected dishes out some serious 

9) Have opponent in corner, crouching back HP, Gamma 
land, HP(off the ground), Gamma Quake, Gamma Crush.
Whew! A very ugly combo by Fluffy! No one has ever survived 
this combo, but it takes a lot of timing and practice.

Air Combos 
1) After opponent off the ground(OTG), super jump, LP, LK, 
No one has yet to escape from this air combo.

2) After opponent OTG, Super jump, LP, LK, MK, HK
Invented by me, I hope it works.

Cheap Combos
1) Jump, HK, HK.
Hah! A simple combo which takes of huge amounts of life if 
not blocked.

Infinite Combos
None yet, but I'll try to get some. OK?

Strategies against different characters(Artificial 
Vs Chun-li: She's a pretty moderate character to deal with. 
Just don't let her do her head stomp on you or chances are 
that she will start a air combo on you. Also, be alert at 
all times. DO NOT let her ground combo into her Senretsu 
Kyaku. Believe me, you won't want to get hit by this. This 
combo has killed my Hulk umpteen times and I have also seen 
other people's characters getting killed by it. Just be 
more alert and you will do fine.

Vs Ryu/Ken/Akuma: Ryu is back for more action, and this 
time he seems more powerful to me, as he can willingly 
Shotokan switch in to any one of the Shotokaners. As Ryu, 
just use the ground rip and cancel out his normal 
fireballs. You quite easily execute a air or ground combo 
on him. As Ken, do not let him use his dragon punch on you 
continuously, or you will die painfully. Go on the offense 
and use the cheap combo listed!(Hehehe.). Do watch out for 
his Rising dragon punch super though. As Akuma, never ever 
play chicken with him. He's faster and more powerful this 
time. Just play offensive with him. If you hide and block 
in the corner, chances are that he will do his Raging 
Demon(Shun-Goku-Satsu) on you, or he will kick, punch you 
and do his ground combo constantly on you, leaving you to 
take block damage and not letting you escape from that 
corner. If you let go of the block command, you will die 

Vs Zangief: Zangief's a pretty easy character to deal with. 
Just do the ground rip or do the cheap combo on him. There 
is always a 70% chance that the computer will not block. 
However, do not let him come close to you. Most of his 
attacks deal big damage and are close range. Just keep him 
away from you. If he switches to Iron Body mode(Mega 
Zangief), be more alert this time. Try to use your ground 
rip and Gamma Wave to finish him off. Be careful when using 
the Gamma charge. Remember, he is unstoppable now and can 
powerbomb you from mid-air. 

Vs Morrigan: Morrigan is quite easy to beat. She takes 
damage like a wuss, just keep on the offensive and kill 
her. Do watch out for her supers though, they do lots of 
damage on you. Now, if she does her Eternal Slumber super 
on you, just do Hulk's Gamma Crush or Gamma 
Wave(unverified) to avoid it and hit her too! Hehehe.that's 
what I call killing two birds in one stone. Not only they 
waste 3 levels of super, they might also lose Morrigan too! 

Vs Captain Commando: Whew! This is one strong character 
with almost no weaknesses (notice I say "almost"). Most of 
his special attack do considerable damage and with the most 
damaging one being his Captain Corridor. He's one character 
with both good anti-air and ground combos and supers, but 
like Morrigan, he takes damage like a sissy. Just use Hulk 
as usual, but be more defensive. Watch out when you jump in 
on him, or he might HK you and do his Captain Sword 

Vs Megaman: This is another tough character. Megaman's 
supers do huge damage to you, which is very unhealthy. I 
suggest using the ground rip whenever possible. Although 
most of the time he will block it, but it will still do 
worthy chipping damage on him. If he charges towards you, 
do the Gamma Wave! Catch him when he's dashing. When all 
else fails, do the cheap combo.

Vs Strider: Well, he's a moderate character. He takes more 
damage than most of the usual characters. Just go on the 
offensive and kill him. Do watch out for his supers though, 
they do mighty chipping damage (except for Ragnourok). Do 
the usual combos or the cheap combo (how many times have we 
mention this combo!?) to deal with him. Just don't fall 
prey to his 5-hit sword slash combo, or you'll die sooner 
or later.

Vs Spider-man: He's a pretty easy character. Just watch out 
for his supers, which come out very quickly, and both the 
ground and air combos that he can execute on you. Be on the 
offensive and kill him. His normal punches and kicks do 
little damage to endanger Hulk! Crush his eight, erm.I mean 
four legs.

Vs Jin Saotame: Another weird and strong character. His 
supers, as usual do lots of damage and watch for his taunt, 
which he does and becomes glowing in yellow colour! Be on 
both offensive and defensive. Catch him when he's not 
alert. Do watch out for his 4 to 5 hit ground combo, where 
he does a series of punches and kicks, finishing by 
stretching and "exploding" his clothes! Be wary of his 
flaming punches too.

Vs Captain America: Another fairly strong character. His 
supers comes out swiftly and he can easily combo you into a 
6-hit air combo, so watch out. Try to dash and block to go 
near him, I don't think jumping to get near him is such a 
good idea because he can do his Star and Stripes super on 
you. Be on the defensive for this one.

Vs Venom: My oh my.I don't think a tongue covered with 
slime will help this guy much, because he's a dummy! Is it 
me or he just doesn't try to block your attacks!? Go fully 
offensive on this one. I killed the poor guy in 13 seconds 
for my record. Expert players with Hulk should be able to 
kill him faster. Just block his supers and you'll do fine.

Vs Hulk: Sorry, I can't give you too much info to kill him 
as he's my favourite character(hehe.). I can only tell you 
to watch out for his powerful kicks and punches. Do not get 
comboed or hit by them. Just do the ground rip and you'll 
do just fine (I hope). Super jump when he comes close to 
you because that's when he starts to become dangerous!

Vs Gambit: This guy is giving me lots of problems as it 
takes almost half a day to kill him! His supers are fast 
and his attacks do decent damage. If you try to jump in on 
him, his HP will land you into a dilemma as it will launch 
you up into the air. A very fast character to watch out 
for. Play a bit more defensive on this one.

Vs War Machine: Hey! Iron man's clone is taking his place 
in this game. He looks just about the same as Iron man. War 
Machine is a bit slow, so take advantage on this although 
you are almost as slow (never mind). I suggest that you use 
the ground rip rather than the Gamma charge, because if you 
miss, you'll most probably get hit by WM's War Destroyer 
super. Also watch out when he tries to do air combos on 
you. If they connect, they might hit up to 11 hits.

Vs (finally) Wolverine: This cheap and easy to use 
character for button smashers is back yet again. Wolverine 
in this game will always try to hit you with his ground 
combo. What can I say? Just block and kill him!
Strategies against Onslaught
Onslaught 1st form: Ok, he's quite a difficult character to 
beat. After all, he can do any amount for supers without 
any limitations, but there is a way to beat this fat guy 
using Hulk. It may seem a bit hard, but I think it would 
work. Before I start, I suggest that you partner Hulk with 
a thin, agile or small character as this will help a lot 
when you are dealing with the 1st Onslaught. Anyway, when he 
tries to do supers, BLOCK. If he leaves a opening, hit him 
with a fierce punch. Whenever if possible, try to jump over 
to Onslaught's back and hit him with everything you've got. 
The reason is that since Hulk is such a huge character, his 
chances of getting hit by Onslaught is very high.

Onslaught 2nd form: Ah.Onslaught's 2nd form is quite a piece 
of cake for Hulk, even though Onslaught is even stronger in 
this form. Just HK or HP into his face! When he does he eye 
beam, I really mean BLOCK as this does MEGA damage on Hulk 
When he leaves the stage and reappears to scratch or tickle 
you (sort of), super jump and avoid it!
Soon, you'd have stored up a super level or two. You may do 
the team super if you want to, but if you still want to 
continue to use Hulk, do his Gamma Quake, and in no time 
you will kill Onslaught. Hey! Nice job.

Codes for Hulk
Orange Hulk: Hulk is faster in this mode and can even a 
chain a 5-hit air combo! However, he has lost his super 
armour and his attacks do less damage.
To use him just do this: 
1) Start a game and move the cursor to Chun-li.
2) Then move the cursor in this direction.
3) R,R,D,D,L,L,R,R,D,D,L,L,U,U,U,U,D,D,R,R,U,U,D,D,D,D,U,U,U
4) Memory Help: Just spell the number "3", go back to Chun-
li and spell the number "4". Then go counter clockwise 
until you reach Ryu's icon, then hit up once more.

Acknowledgement and Thanks
Whew! Here goes:
1. Fluffy for his spectacular Hulk FAQ and info on combos.
2. Migs Rustia for making the most wonderful MVC site I've 
ever seen and for the strategies guides and combos 
3. Aaron Tan(TKH) for inspiring me to write my own FAQ after 
his wonderful Chun-li FAQ.
4. Lim Tian Yi for the characters info.
5. Circus-circus for promoting the MVC machine at 1 token a 
6. The people whom I have beaten at this game.
7. Hulk for getting his body radiated.(Ha!)
8. The rest of the Capcom staff for making this great games.
9. The rest of the MVC characters for letting me kick their 
butt real hard.

1998 by AYZ Ang Yao Zong
All names mention in this guide are "copyrighted" to their 
respective owners and please do not take this FAQ for 
money-making purposes or ripping it off to look like your 
Please get my consent first or I will feed you into 
Onslaught's mouth! Thanks.