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       Done at the main laboratory at the Midare no chi fukkyuu-chuushin
                    The Riot of the Blood Rehab. Center

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Table of Contents

Jin Saotome
His Moves
How to kick butt using him
Special Points!
Combos, both Air and Ground!
Which Partner?
Which Helper?
How to beat the crap out of other characters
Shove Onslaught out of your way!
beat the crap out of challengers!
Greetings and thanx

Well, I've got MvC near my house and at malls everywhere...
I looked into my hangout, MvC: The site!
(http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/5027) and looked into the
submission archives to find that Jin doesn't have a FAQ! How could this
be?! This is an insult to new Jin fans like me! Oh well...anyway, here
is my version of The Jin Saotome Survial FAQ. If you're lucky enough,
you'll see my older version of my FAQ at Migs' Submission archives!
Also, you can find this at GameFAQs, sent in by an unknown guy. Oh well.

This is best seen on MS-DOS editor, but any program capable of viewing
DOS text will do.

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1. I don't want any report or action of this FAQ being used for profitable 
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Such violations are subject to the shi-ne list!
OK ok,. I'm not frightening you...^_^ Just telling you because ursurping
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08-02-98 - YOSHI!!! I found a nice strategy so you can put up a surprise
           tactic against challengers big and small!!
07-26-98 - AHhh! I got a Japanese and English version of Marvel VS
           Capcom. And I haven't updated my FAQs for a bloody long time!
           Shoot!!! Oh well. Guess I have to correct MANY quotes!!
           Also, new strategies for using Hyper Combo Moves!!!
07-17-98 - Ghrrr...too long!!!! Sheesh, anyway, I have new stuff thanks
           new contributors!!! And I have a new antis and they're mostly
           rewritten. I've made this FAQ as a guide against cheapos.
           The techniques here are not as easy as they look, be warned.
05-19-18 - A long overdue update!
05-01-98 - A little correction of some strategies here and there...
04-25-98 - More Anti-char strats. Added the Freeze point refference to
           earn more points! Also, I have added Jin's Moves in the
           Online FAQ. Effective 6:00 pm Hongkong time. Also added
           correcton to cancel the Saotome Fire.
04-20-98 - Quotes update. Also added Shaow Lady's anti.
04-19-98 - More quote corrections, thanks to (RyogaR@webtv.net)
04-18-98 - Differenciated the Anti-Character section's Anti-AI from the
           Anti-Player. This will clear most confusions.
04-17-98 - The Online Jin FAQ is now up! Also in here, I updated a few
04-14-98 - I've got summer class, and so I can be active in MvC. Anyway,
           really more updates, and I'm considering to make a Roll FAQ.
           Agree on this? E-mail me! Oh Migsky, you're gonna have
           another FAQ to put up!
04-12-98 - A great vacation, and rehased some sections! Now working on
           the helper section (not done with it! ^_^) Thanks to guys who
           mailed me about this FAQ!
04-08-98 - A lot of updates! Including new logo courtesy of Ben Vargas!
04-07-98 - More Jin Strategies, and anti-Onslaught strategies. Now with
           helpers section!
04-06-98 - Added Jin Combos, More basic strats, and anti-AI and anti
           challenger section
04-03-98 - The first version!

Jin Saotome
He is a guy from the future (not to be confused with Ranma Saotome from
Ranma ), a future where robots are now utilized. Anyway, he is born
with a dignity of his father as a hero. Sadly, his father is deceased,
and lives up to his father's dignity. He pilots the
robot called Blodia, a variable armor, from a game called Cyberbots.
(This game is extremely popular in Japan, as Japanese are Mech (as in
robots) maniacs.) Unexpectedly, he joined in Marvel VS Capcom to fight
against Onslaught!

Jin Saotome wears an armor, a Bandanna with a red V at the center, and
looks like a mix of Ryu and Sakura (when it comes to the hair) and is
somewhat muscular, but not skinny. He looks like Ryu's brother, just as
Sakura looks like Ryu's younger sister.

He first appeared at Cyberbots, a mech game where he indirectly fights
using his mech. He is a soldier and a pilot that can pilot the Blodia,
its variants and other robot and their other variants.

Jin's Moves
Ok. Most of them are really powerful, but these has a lag time! Be
careful when using one of his special techniques!

CR - Crouching   LP - Low/Jab punch         LK - Low/Short Kick
J  - Jumping     MP - Medium/Strong Punch   MK - Medium/Forward Kick
ST - Standing    HP - High/Fierce Punch     HK - High/Roundhouse Kick

Note: The moves are for player one side. If you are using the player two
side, reverse the forward and back motions. (eg. HCF motion in player
one is done as HCB in player 2 side)
                                                              The Basics!
The object of the game is to defeat two characters teamed up against
your pair of characters.

Each characters has their own special moves and hyper combo moves!

All characters have a taunt (ChoHatsu). This is a move that teases your
enemy. Because this is irritating, all of the taunts for all characters
(Except Jin) cannot be cancelled, and leaves you open to ANY attack.

New to the system is the duo team attack, where you can have infinite
specials for a certain time (determined by the length of your super
meter, Level 2 has moderate time, Level 3 has the longest), and you and
your partner can attack together!

In the end of the game, you must fight Onslaught to finish the game!
He has two sets of vitality for each form!

You can finish an opponent by these ways.
Button moves.
Special Move
Hyper combo move
Variable Counter
Helper move
Duo team Technique
Super team combination

There are helpers that you can summon and select. Their code is by their
window number, and summoning them is done by adding button combinations,
as these are coded as 1=LP 2=Mp 4=HP 8=LK 16=MK 32=HK. So let's say you
want Collosus, who is helper #19. Before the helper select appears, hold
start, and LP=1 MP=2 and MK=16 = 19=Collosus.

To invoke their assistance, press MK and MP at the same time. They have
certain numbers of assistance so use them wisely.

To tag out, and call in your next character, press HP and HK at the same
time. Note that they'll do a brief taunt after they jump in. This is to
balance the gameplay.

If you have at least 2 levels of Super meter, Motion Quarter-Circle-Forward
(\) + HP and HK and watch your team both bashing your enemy! The
inactive player will now take the place of your previous character as
he/she rests!

LK and LP together invokes a character's launcher.

Pressing all punch + direction will allow your character to dash. By
default, this is forward. Pressing all kick will give you the super

While blocking, pressing all punch buttons will drive your enemy
away, and reduce block damage from most attacks! But be careful, as one
mistake of pressing a different button can open your character for more

Acheiving certain circumstances of winning will give you secret
challengers! Challengers include the Shadow Lady(Shadow Chun-Li), Armor
War Machine, Roll(Megaman's younger sister), Hyper Venom(AKA Carnage)
and Orange Hulk(AKA The Thing. Waitaminute here. The Thing?! The Thing
is stone, and not flesh!!!)!

This will not support the Easy Mode of Marvel VS Capcom! :( But anyway,
here is tha body of my FAQ!

                                                            Button moves!
Here's a typical layout of an arcade buttons.

  Backward   U     Advancing
  Jump   \   |   / Jump
           \ | /                 ( LP )      ( MP )      ( HP )
  Block/L--- O ---R/Advance
  Backward / | \                 ( LK )      ( MK )      ( HK )
         /   |   \
  Defensive  D     Advancing
  Crouch   Crouch  Crouch

Low Punch             |Medium Punch             |High Punch
J  - A punch          |A Flaming backhand       |A flaming Downward punch
ST - A punch          |An upward punch(Launcher)|A Forward punch
CR - A punch          |A flaming downward punch |A flaming backhand

Low Kick              |Medium Kick              |High Kick
J  - A kick           |Upward flaming kick      |Double flaming kick
+ down () drill kick |+ down () drill kick    |+ down or forward ()
                      |                         |or () drill kick
ST - A kick           |double flaming kick      |Downward knockdown flaming
                      |                         |kick
CR - Downward kick    |DOuble upward flaming    |Knockdown drill kick
                      |kick                     |
                                                            Special Info
Jin's variable counter (done by motion Back, back-down, down </> + HP
& HK) is his Saotome Dynamite!

Jin's Double Team super is his Blodia Punch.
If he is with Zangief (and Zangief is the active player), They'll do a
Double Final Atomic Buster, regardless of chacracter!

If Chun-Li is in your Jin team, and she's the active player, she'll do
the KiKoSho, along with the Blodia Punch, but if Jin is the active
Player, and Chun-Li is the inactive player, They'll do the Blodia Punch
and Senretsu Kyaku, respectively!

If Jin loses his partner and his life is low, he'll automatically
initialize his desperation mode. All of his moves has a 1-hit autoguard,
he cannot be launched, and ALL of his attacks has an increased power.
Vulnerability will be decreased in this mode.
Throw Techniques
Blodia Fist             Approach enemy, forward () + any punch

He rushes to a corner with his enemy in his grip, and bumps him/her into
the fist of his Blodia robot! Cool!

Advantage: This has more damage!
Disadvantage: Doesn't inflict much on stronger characters!
Tactics: You should pull this in the middle of dialing.
Ground Punches          Approach enemy, forward () + any kick. Tap kick
                        button for more hits!

Jin takes his opponent down and punches his/her face! Doesn't do much
damage though...^_^

Advantage: A surprise attack!
Disadvantage: Very weak!
Tactics: However, you should take note that this is not like Wolvie's
throw. Just get into it.
                                                           Special Moves
Saotome Typhoon         Charge b,f (, ) + any punch (button determines
                        range, speed and strength. Tap for more hits)

He spins around so fast, that his face is the only one visible. Best for
taking out enemies with a pixel of a vitality!

Advantage: Very quick!
Disadvantage: Watch out for people who roll under after being hit, and
can do unpredictable things thereafter! Especially Cap. America!
Tactics: Can OTG some wimps more than often. Can substitute for the
Saotome Dynamite.
Saotome Dynamite        Charge d,u (, ) + any punch button

Jin's costume explodes into explosive parts surrounding him! He goes
nude (except for his loincloth) in this mode, which ends abruptly.
Anti-air, and can be used into combos!

Advantage: Nails anyone who reacts! And I mean ANYONE!!
Disadvantage: When the enemy pulls out a super projectile during your
animation! Especially blockers and will throw you thereafter!
Tactics: Wolvie dialers?! Get 'em with this. But be careful, if they
block it, you're in for a big punishment!!
Saotome Crush           Approach enemy, motion Half Circle Back (\/)
                        + any punch

Once this connects, Jin will scrub the enemy's body to the floor, the
wall and ceiling! Does moderate damage, and looks really weird! Works
perfectly against Zangief while he does a lariat.

Advantage: Really funny to see and weird. And really hurts much!
Disadvantage: Hard to catch with this move.
Tactics: Don't use it, as anyone can block it even at standing stances.
Saotome Fire            Press start button, tap punch button. Press ALL
                        kick button to cancel.

So far, the best taunts around since Dan's autograph taunt! He'll go
nude, rub his back with his scarf, and continously rub himself until his
back goes on fire!!! ROTFL!!! This is really funny! Unlike Dan's taunt,

Advantage: Cancellable, and irks scrubs! (try doing this after Chun-li
makes a TenShoKyaku (but get into fire before she lands!!!)
Disadvantage: Can you block an incoming super projectile after
cancelling the taunt?
Tactics: If Chun-Li did a Hazan Tensho Kyaku, and you're fast enough to
pull the Saotome Fire, She'll burn for 99 hits. No kidding here.
And I've killed Onslaught with this move!!!! MWAHAHAHAH!!!!
                                                             Super Moves
Blodia Punch            Motion Quarter-circle-forward (\) + all punch

Jin summons his mech, the Blodia, and mimics his motion of punching the
enemy! Up close, this is a dangerous move for your enemy because this can
inflict massive damage for your enemy, and has a great chipping damage!

Advantage: Tap the punch button for more hits! This nails anyone in mid
air, or people who just landed after a jump!
Disadvantage: When the enemy is far away to the opposite corner!
Tactics: If you're fast on the draw, this will clog any move they'll try
to pull up!
Blodia Vulcan           Motion Quarter-circle-back (/) + all punch

Jin snaps his fingers, and climbs up his blodia. If this connects, he
switches to the other cockpit and starts shooting away! This can make
really serious damage, that is, if they can connect. A great surprise

Advantage: Great damage, and a surprise attack!
Disadvantage: Too predictable!
Tactics: Fireballers? Wolvie jump kickers? This will fix 'em! Just be
sure to be fast on the draw!
Great Cyclone           Motion Quarter-circle-forward (\) + all kick
Saotome Cyclone         buttons.

Despite of it being plagued with short range, this is actually a great
move. The power of this move matches Chun-li's ShiChiSei Senku Kyaku!
This is BLOCKABLE in mid-air, in a 50-50 chance.

Advantage: Very DAMAGING!
Disadvantage: Short Range!
Tactics: Once somebody tries to hit the cyclone with any appendage, they
go right into the funneling winds of doom! Dunno if it can clog the
Maximum Spider. But for sure, It can work against Hulk!
J HK - Yayeehhhh!
S HP - Hiyaaaahhh!
S HK - Da-ree-ru! (Drill, with a thick Japanese accent)
S MK - Yayeeehhh!
C MK - Huyaaaahhh!
Drill kick - Da-ree-ru! (Drill, with a thick Japanese accent)
Blodia Fist - Blodia!
Saotome Dynamite - Dainamaito! (Dynamite!)
Great Cyclone - Cyclone!
Blodia Vulcan - (#Hekuzo!) Riyaryaryiaaa! <scream>
Blodia Punch - Blodia! Riyariyaaa! <Scream>

Win quotes:

If my father were alive, I could have made him proud!
What is "VA"? Variant Armour, used in combat!
Wether you are flesh or metal, I will destroy you!
Go back to playing video simulations, weakling!
You're through! Your skills were incapable!
If the world gets too mechanical, many may die!
Machines transforms rage into power.

                           What happens list:
        Jin steps down from his Blodia Robot.
# Quote: "Ikuze!"
Meaning: "Let's Go!"

        He goes nude and scrubs his back with his cloth until his back
goes on fire!
  Quote: "Ryah riyaa! Horyaa!!!!"
Meaning: Plain sreams and chuckles

Summoning special partner/duo team attack summon:
        Stares at the screen, fist clenched.

Summoning helper:
        Raises his fist!
  Quote: "Ikuze!" or #"Huri!" (Hore!)
Meaning: "Let's Go!" <Still unconfirmed, but possible>
         The other means "Here!"

Arriving into the screen:
        Jin cracks his knuckles.
  Quote: "Riraryu..." <unconfirmed>

Win Pose:
#A) He draws his katana, and goes to hacking his enemy!
  Quote: "Yatta tose!" or "Korenedema!"
Meaning: "I did it father!"

#B) Gives a peace sign!
  Quote: "Blah blah balh...don da yo!"
Meaning: <unconfirmed>

#C) Stares into the corner, while stepping on his enemy.
  Quote: "Ike terio kono sadane!"
Meaning: "I see the path to victory!"

#(Some of these quotes are only for the Japanese Version of MvC. You won't hear
them on an Asian or US version of MvC.)

Time Over Loss:
        Clutches his head, and slams his fist on the pavement.

Time Over Win:
        He gives a peace sign.
Quote: (see win pose b)

Draw game:
        Same as Time over...

Tips on how to kick butt using him
First: Be it known that Jin's moves set his opponents on fire, giving
him an edge on the battle

Second: Some of his moves has a dangerous lag time. Plan your moves.

Third: Aside from Jin, pick a very known partner and helper to win the

Fourth: He has handy combos!

FIfith: All of his supers can catch an off-guard enemy!

Sixth: Not all of his supers are that sudden. A smart enemy will jump if
he/she senses a Blodia Vulcan.

Seventh: Beware after a blocked Saotome Dynamite, enemies like Morrigan
and Strider will combo away, and this will be very irritating.

Eighth: If you killed some scrubs, prepared to be called cheap, somebody
with no life, and so forth. It's a reaction that comes in naturally.

Ninth: Beware of infinte comboing characters, such as Wolverine, Chun-Li
and Gambit. They have infinites that will rob you of your right to
fight! Tips as we progres...

Tenth: New tactics! Against dialers, push them away, by pressing all
punch. If they come back to attack, this will buy you time to put in
your Hyper Combo Attack, namely the Blodia Vulcan! This tactic may never
fail, if your timing is correct!

Special Points Awards!
Have you noticed sometimes when the screen freezes to the character win
screen, the winner's animation gets "freezed?" Yes, you know, but do you
get points sometimes? I have tried everything, and here's the Screen
Freeze Bonus Points. Take note that my FAQs will only hold this! Maybe
others, but this is probably the first!

100 pts: Unknown yet.
500 pts: Unknown yet.
1000 pts: Earlier frame of his Saotome Fire.
5000 pts: His Blodia Punch animation on the middle part
10000 pts: Initilaizing part of Blodia Vulcan when he dashes cockpit to
           cockpit. Also some frames of Saotome Fire and Starting frames
           of Saotome Dynamite.
20000 pts: Middle Blodia Vulcan animation where he shoots.
30000 pts: Full frame of his Saotome Fire.
40000 pts: Unknown.
50000 pts: Ending part of Saotome Dynamite (when he recovers his

                                                      -On the ground!-
Drill kick, charge down, then Saotome Dyanmite.

Crouching LP, Crouching HP (holding down), Up plus any Punch for Saotome

Jumping HP, Crouching MP, Blodia Punch!

Standing MP, Great Cyclone! (unconfirmed, but possible!)

Jumping HK, follow up with Crouching HP

Crouching LP, Crouching HK, Change character safely HP + HK

Jumping HP, Crouching LP or MP, Crouching HK or HP then Blodia Punch! This
nails even rollers! And if they're too stunned to get up immediately,
this will hit them for a big damage!

Jumping HK, Crouching LP, Crouching HP!

Crouching HP, Great Cyclone! (But beware of rollers!)

Jumping HP, Standing LK, Crouching HK, Saotome Typhoon!

Helper (preferrably Collosus), then Blodia Vulcan! (But you need to be
accurate in the prediction wether it will hit!)

Jumping HK, Standing LK, Standing HP

                                                       - On the air! -
(all are jumping attacks)

Helper (like Collosus, Sentinel, etc) dash to enemy in the air, Jumping HK!

Standing MP, LP, MP, MP, AC FInisher (HK or HP)

Which Partners?
I've changed this part due to the fact that not all characters are plain
dumb and sucky. You just have to ride with the wave. ;) In here are
potential advantages and pitfalls of every potential partner.


Advantage-Her speed will complement Jin's power greatly! And this is the
most likely combination to finish the game!

Disadvantage-None, really, but she has some slowups, especially her
kikosho. SOme of her combos are really intended for scrubs.

Advantage-His modes factor also helps in doing the job. This also draws
confusion to your enemies and the AI alike, on what moves you really
have and your speed, supers, etc.

Disadvantage-Many have found his weaknesses, so give Ryu a new attack
Captain Commando

Advantage-Moderate strength, bad-ass supers.

Disadvantage-You're going to have to change your fighting style often,
as he's new, and akward moves. But hey, that's not a deep disadvantage,
ne? In fact, he has sweet combos!

Advantage-Meticulous boy with bad-ass supers too!

Disadvantage-It's hard to know when you're crouching or standing with
him, and too much use of his Mega Buster is kind of treacherous.
Strider Hiryu

Advantage-When used moderately, he's great with JIn!

Disadvantage-Throw out your honor when you use him as guys at your
arcade will frown at every sight of you. Oh and technically speaking,
he's quite vulnerable too...And the Uroburulos kicks too much ass. Pack
it with a Legion and Ragnarok, and comes in a cheapest combo since

Advantage-A great gal with supers, and also fun to use! Her Soul Eraser
special works wonders!

Disadvantage-Not a good role model for you. She has no potential
weaknesses other than a some lag time for some of her moves.

Advantage-Hehehe...this guy with another cool guy like Jin! He also uses
deception like Jin does (Seen his Cajun Explosion?) and some

Disadvantage-Kinetic Card lag time. Too much priority of his Cajun
War Machine

Advantage-Technological gurus! Both are very powerful!

Disadvantage-He's kinda slow, and heavy on the joystick.

Advantage-Play as the anti-cheapos....that's the spirit!

Disadvantage-This Villain-Hero needs a little more lesson about
endurance and some speed, unlike his pallate swap. Hell no, his pallate
swap needs more lesson about endurance!

Advantage-Another keep-away guy, aside from a scrubber.

Disadvantage-Not much, but his combos misses most of the time.
Shadow Lady

Advantage-She can sub for War Machine, if you ever think he (WM)
sucks. She plays like WM, exept that she has heat-seeking missiles (They
can trace the enemy, moron!)

Disadvantage-She DOES NOT have her SenRetsu Kyaku (NANI?!) and she's
basically a Shadaloo (or Shadow Law) zombie. Damn...pick Chun-Li instead
if you think she's boring and hard to use. ;)
Captain America

Advantage-Captain America has an agility that makes up for Jin's slow
attacks, and are a deadly combination. They are colleagues in terms of
occupation! Remember Jin's occupation is a soldier! so is Captain

Disadvantage-You know, some slowups, exept for his Hyper Charging Star,
which kicks ass.

Advantage-His strength is your backup, in case Jin gets whupped up!
Super Armor, great strength and a brain. What else could you ask for?

DIsadvantage-His Super Armor is no use against dialers like Wolverine
and Chun-Li. Sucking doesn't it?

Advantage-Mostly a strategist, and his FAB really works now.

Disadvantage-Unless you are pulling the right strings with him, steer
away from him! He's not like Ryu, Chun or CapCom!
Orange Hulk

Advantage-Really fast now! No change of his supers damage rate!

Disadvantage-Although he's strong, he's not unstoppable anymore!

Advantage-The charm of the arcade! Kinda like Sakura... (daydreaming...)

Disadvantage-Unless you play Jin well like I do, she'll drag you to your
loss with her own vulnerability! But if you can play as Megaman with a
few slowdowns...well you can win with Roll in your Jin team...Beware
that you won't know much wether Roll is standing or crouching. This
makes blocking very hard, especially against Spidey and Wolvie dialers.
Golden War Machine

Advantage-All new supers, and an interesting character to learn.

Disadvantage-Uh oh...when you're showered with supers, get rid of
him...ANd one more thing, you have to use GWM like Wolverine, Spidey, or
any other offense-based characters

Advantage-Hyper, and kicks @$$ like crazy!

Disadvantage-Hmm...play him well, but Carnage is like Roll! They take hits

Advantage-The king of cheapos, and the best character since Ryu.

Disadvantage-Not recommended for starters! But need combo practicing?
ALSO, toss out your honor when plaing as Wolvie! You'll see what I

SO far, here are the best helpers! The rest of the helpers are to be
used at your own discretion or risk.
Helper#19       |       which is Start+LP, MP and MK    |       5 uses  |
1. Collosus-Everyone's favorite. Once he hits, get ready to bash your

Advantage-Multi-hitting helper          Disadvantage-Honor tainting strat.
Helper#23       |       which is Start+MP, MK and HP    |       4 uses  |
Sentinel-He acts like a wall while attacking!

*TIP*-If you are against spiderman, Sentinel is around, and spidey does
the MAximum Spider, Sentinel will take the hits intended for you!
However, Sentinel goes to waste if your enemy is smart enough! This goes
for other helpers!

Advantage-Takes most damages for you    Disadvantage-Few uses and priority
Helper#5        |       which is Start+LP and HP        |       9 uses  |
Ton Pooh-She's a member of the group strider, from her looks. Yes, as in
Strider where Strider Hiryu originated! Anyway, she inflicts an insane
amount of damage if timed correctly. If you are defensive, use this to
drive Collosus or Psylocke away, or to give a long distance hit!

Advantage-Really strong damage          Disadvantage-Her lag time
Helper#6        |       which is STart+MP and HP        |       8 uses  |
Devilot-A main enemy of Jin back at Cyberbots, but her help is on the
insane side. If you are against dialers like Wolverine and Spidey, and
the like, get into them, and wait. If they think you've lost you're
guard, there's another thing coming for them as this explosion is

Advantage-Unblockable damage            Disadvantage-Their slowness
Helper#2        |       which is Start+ MP              |       8 uses  |
Lou-He's a good alternative for Devilot, since once your enemy jumps to
you, Lou can inflict damage in two ways. One is his gun that shoots
arrows, and another is his pal that blazes fire. The fire beside him causes

Advantage-2-way cover                   Disadvantage-They're damn small
Helper#17       |       which is Start+LP and MK        |       3 uses  |
Juggernaut-Yep, it's the villain from X-men! He rushes to the screen
doing his Headcrush. Like Sentinel and a few other helpers, this can
negate projectiles!

Advantage-Strong multi-hit attack       Disadvantage-Few use count!
Helper#1        |       which is Start+LP               |       4 uses  |
Unknown Soldier-He attacks with his gun and sattelite beam. This covers
both standing and crouching but not flying enemies.

Advantage-Quick and covers both land    Disadvantage-Predictability
Helper#3        |       which is Start+LP and MP        |       8 uses  |
King Arthur-He throws out 3 spears and runs away! His attack can be

Advantage-Really flashy interruption    Disadvantage-Knocked out easily.
Helper#4        |       which is STart+HP               |       7 uses  |
Saki-This girl will jump in and shoots electrodes. This covers both
standing and Jumping.

Advantage-Beams come out quick.         Disadvantage-Lag time.
Helper#6        |       which is Start+LP and LK        |       6 uses  |
Michelle Heart-This winged and skimpilly clad gal will shoot 3 sets of
beam and will fly off. Also acts as an anti's of helpers.

Advantage-All around cover              Disadvantage-Just don't look@her.
Helper#11       |       which is Start+LP, MP and LK    |       7 uses  |
Cyclops-Yes it's Cyke from the previous games! He shoots a low Optic
Blast. This negates projectiles and can nail some others.

Advantage-High Projectile Priority      Disadvantage-Lag time.
Helper#12       |       which is Start+HP and LK        |       7 uses  |
Magneto-Hehehe...he comes into the screen and shoots an E-M disruptor.
Perfect for projectile clogging. People tring to jump kick Magneto are
in for a nasty surpirse!

Advantage-You know, stunning!           Disadvantage-He's kinda turtle.
Helper#16       |       which is Start+MK               |       5 uses  |
Psylocke-One of the faves, because she negates many projectiles and
gives mutihits! Functions like Collosus, but she can be driven away with
a crouching LK or LP. (WHAT?!)

Advantage-Multihit                      Disadvantage-Covers ground only.
Helper#12       |       which is Start+LK, MP and HP    |       5 uses  |
Jubilee-It's the girl. Anyway, she fires up fireworks that tracks your
enemy, chews bubblegum and dashes off. Hmm...

Advantage-Great turtle-game helper      Disadvantage-A little slow.

Beat the crap out of the other characters!!
Here's how! Using Jin!

As the CPU - A total oaf. Falls for his Standing HK most fo the time. When
he gets too close, give him a Jumping HK! If he tries to FAB you, shove
to him the Blodia Punch or Blodia Vulcan, just stay at a safe range
though! Also use his Jumping HP when he gets too close, in conjuction to
his HK! Sometimes, he will try to nail you every time with his lariat,
but this isn't much of a problem. His missed SPD/FAB motion leaves him
open to any attack (except for Great Cyclone) If you are lucky, Zangief
will turn himself into Iron Body Zangief. When this happens, consider
this as a bonus round. Shower him with 3 Blodia Punches and he's

As a player - Zangief players depend mostly on air combos to take you out.
Their most vulnerable form is their Iron Body mode. Although they cannot be
thrown using special commands (but they can be thrown normally) nor air-
combo, they remain open to streaming projectile attacks! They can revert
their Iron Body mode to the normal Zagief, so when he sows a sign of so,
stop him! In other words, allow him to turn into Iron Body Zangief, but
don't let him turn back into a normal Zangief!

As the CPU - Just give him Jumping HKs! If he tries to Gamma Crush you, you
can do 3 things: A) After blocking, give him a Blodia Punch! B)If you're
really in to safety, Blodia Vulcan, C)If you're showy or you just want to
make him pay dearly, Great Cyclone! It does the job better and badder!
I've done it 3 times already!

As a player - Beware that his Jumping HK has a priority that is unmatched
by most characters. Expect most challngers to use this often, then a Crouching
HP and the air combo. He's quite strong too, but many of his moves leave him
open. Let's say a Standing HP of Hulk is vulnerable to a Saotome Typhoon.
Jin's Jumping HK knocks Hulk out of his Gamma Charge. Human players will
do 2 Gamma Charges, and so expect it often before retaliating. A
precisely timed Blodia Vulcan will work against Hulk's Gamma Charge.

Captain America
As the CPU - Use your helper, and follow up with Jumping HKs whenever
he gets hit. DOing the Saotome Typhoon is not recommended, as he can
roll and throw you out! After a failed Hyper Charging Star, IMMEDIATELY
give him a Blodia Punch! After also a failed Hyper Stars and Stripes,
the Blodia Vulcan is the fitting punishment!

As a player - He makes a game of keep-away, and so you have to keep him from
turtling. But if he plays like Wolvie, avoid being thrown. Most of the time,
he'll fall for a Crouching HP. This is because it's so sudden and powerful.
Don't do his HK often, because if he's wise enough, he can do the Final
Justice! When you block a Hyper Charging Star, you know what to do!

As the CPU - Nail her every time with your Blodia Vulcan if she goes for a
Soul Fist! Whenever she misses a Shadow Blade hit, The Saotome Typhoon
or Great Cyclone is recommended! Or better yet, the Blodia Punch or
Blodia Vulcan! Pick which is fitting!

As a player - Against you, you are on a constant danger when she does
the Soul Eraser as it can rub  to 3/4 of your vitality. However, it has a
predictability rate to save you. Offensive helpers are the only way to
open you up for that, so pick Devilot, Michelle Heart or Ton Pooh for
that matter to drive Collosus, Psylocke or Sentinel away. Her throws
have an insane damage, so stay away, and play a game of keep-away!

As the CPU - He's an easy target, but to keep away from combos, attack with
his drill kick, then follow up with his Saotome Dynamite!

As a player - Human players of Megaman will air combo you into a Hyper
Megaman, so try not to be launched as possible! When they do a Beat
Plane, expect them to turn to your back to open you up. All of his super
moves has a lag time at the end. Rush Drill combos are deadly too, and
is invincible against all forms of attacks! Defensive Megaman players
will often use their items.

As the CPU - Stay on the air or use your helper when he's getting close!
He's a cheapo. When he can't hit you, he throws you! And to make him pay
dearly, Blodia Vulcanize his face after trying to hit you with his
Hadoken. If he tries to nail you with his super Hurricane Kick, drive
him away (Block, then press all punch) and then Blodia Punch or Blodia
Vulcan! To keep him away even more, give him a Jumping HK when he gets
close to you in mid-air!

As a player - One of the dialers known in every crossover game. NEVER
allow to be air-comboed into a Shinkuu Hadoken. Most of the time,
they'll change modes, preferably into Ken or Akuma. If he choses Ken
mode, His shoryuken becomes the killer. If he truns into Akuma, ALL of
his attacks becomes a killer. Fortunately, Jin's Blodia Vulcan takes
care all of that.

As the CPU - This guy is a total moron! He blocks oftern and always is like
Ryu! Like Sakura in MSF, he like to do Standing Kick Combos! When he
can't hit you, he throws you! Of course, to kick his kinetic butt,
anticipate his every move. When he jumps, give a Jumping HK just to put
him out of your side! When he gets too close, and I mean really too
close, let loose a Jumping HP! Then Blodia Punch! Wham! If that doesn't
work, keep away until he tries to appraoch you! And then if one super
doesn't work, chances are, the other super will. (EG: Gambit blocks
Blodia Vulcan. Most likely, he'll be hit by Blodia Punch!)

As a player - Expect some hard time to beat the cajun. He can play both
offense and defense, which is irritating. His Royal Flush lag time has
decreased, and so, many attacks won't hurt him. Exept for Jin's Standing
HK. If you are skilled enough, try tricking him into attacking you, and
pull off the Blodia Vulcan. However, Gambit has an LP and LK infinite
that will stop you cold! Avoid being tossed by his helper at any cost!

As the CPU - He's a wuss. Send in your helper, then follow up with
Jumping HKs! Do the Drill kick and Saotome Dynamite combos!

As a player - Beware of such, because he can deal a lot of damage. Venom
Web? Block, wait for him to land, then Blodia Punch. His Venom Web
cannot be comboable, thankfully. If Venom's far away, he pulls the Death
Bite, pull out the Blodia Vulcan. If you're really fast on the draw,
this will work!

As the CPU - He's one of a headache! He keeps comboing you, but he doesn't
throw much. If he combos, block. If it ends on a blocked Spider Sting,
Blodia Punch! A failed Maximum Spider or Ultimate Web Throw deserves a
Blodia Vulcan!

As the player - Always roll when tripped as he can follow it up with a
Crawler Assault! And also stay away from being air comboed! His Maximum
Spider leaves him open to a Blodia Punch. Other than those, watch where
you're blocking because really good spidey players will alternate
Standing and Crouching button moves.

Captain Commando
As the CPU - Do all offensives you can do with him, just don't bite
into his combos, or cheapo Captain Fire and Captain Corridors! Never be
victimized by his launcher when CapCom has at least a meter charged, as
he can follow that up with a Captain Sword!

As a player - Most CapCom players play keep-away. Watch out for Captain
Corridor defesives. If you caught one, immediately punish him with a
Blodia Punch! If he does a Captain Fire in the air, Blodia Vulcan him!

As the CPU - Yep, the king of cheapos himself! Keep him out of you with
Jumping HKs. Drill kick him when he tries to land! Throw him after a
failed Weapon X! Stay out of him, or keep him at bay when he does the
Berserker Rage enhancement!

As a player - Common pattern=Crouching LP, MP, HP, HK, Fatal Claw,
Throw, Helper, air combo! Play both defensive and offensive against him.
If he tries to throw you, nullify him by doing LPs. Then stay away. Use
offensive helpers against him such as Sentinel. If he does a Fatal Claw
that you blocked, Great Cyclone him! Wolverine players will attack you
often in crouching stances, so get into the air, and smack him with HPs,
then combo into CMP and Blodia Punch! Why? If you keep blocking, they'll
attack relentlessly and eventually they'll throw you. A quirk here is
that they know how to tech hit! Irritaing no? However, their vertical
stomp open them to a Blodia Vulcan or Great Cyclone. But be fast on the
draw for this to work! Also, his relentless atack can open him to a
Blodia Vulcan! Push them away often to save your butt. Relentless
attackers like this moron will fall for this dirty trick. Pick Devilot
for a helper. Approach Wolverine, summon helper, then Blodia Vulcan.
If they don't stop you, Devilot serves as a timebomb. Once she makes the
unblockable explosion, Wolverine will be open for the Blodia Vulcan!
Can anybody confirm this??

Strider Hiryu
As the CPU - Uh oh. Jumping HPs are best with Strider! He loves
slashing you with his sowrd all the time. Never be hit by his cheesy
combos. Of course, his Ame no Murakumo has a lag time, a short one, but
by blocking it, it has a few lag time, open for Crouching LP+Crouching
HP combo. Take every advantage of his lag time for some of his moves. If
he summons a bomb or his Robot sabertooth tiger, Blodia Vulcan time!

As a player - There are really good Strider players out there. Here's
the prime antis for them. Strider players uses Crouching HP for
launcher, Air combo that ends at a throw. OK, use Flying HP, HK or MPs
when they get close to you in the air. This will prevent them from
getting near you. Then if they try the Oborubos, STAY AWAY at all costs,
when they leap attack you, surprise them with a Blodia Vulcan. This
strategy takes some skill.

War Machine
As the CPU - Try to do many tech hits and rolls as many as possible! If he
levitates, go under him and do a Great Cyclone, or Saotome Typhoon!
If he's near you and he just finished doing a Standing Shoulder Beam, Blodia
Punch! Or better yet, a Crouching HP!! Stay out of his launcher, because
if you're followed up with a War Destroyer, Toasty!

As a player - WM is really slow. But powerful. His Crouching HP is
really useful against him. Use an offensive helper against him, and
watch your moves as many of his moves catches an off-guard enemy like
you do! If your enemy likes to cheap you with a shoulder cannon, leap up
with a J. HP!

Jin himself
As the CPU - Jin does most of the combos mentioned above. When he is
just about to land, he'll be vulnerable to a Blodia Punch! He'll do a
Great Cyclone most of the time, especially after your next character
tags in! Yah, his Standing HP has a lag time. Take advantage of it. But
His desperation mode will strengthen 'em big time!

As a player - Many moves of Jin has a lag time. Mostly surprises are in
store againt you. Intercept him on the air with Flying HKs. Watch your
moves because smart JIn players (like me) will nail you with a Blodia
Vulcan. After a Blodia Vulcan, they are vulnerable to a Blodia Punch!

As the CPU - Watch out for this girl! SHe is very light, and can go to the
other side easily! After some fireball throw, she'll do her TenShoKyaku.
So, after she does that, Blodia Punch! If you're gutsy, nail her KiKoKen
with a Blodia Punch (when she's near you) or a Blodia Vulcan (when she's
far). Never be caught by her crouching combos as she'll follow up with a
SenRetsu Kyaku most of the time! Veer away from her now-powerful

As a Player - Chunsters are really combo happy. And throw-happy too.
Nullify their attempts to throw you with a LP. If that doesn't work,
jump, but block, because they'll AC you anyway. Never allow yourself to
be launched into her Shi Chi Sei Senku Kyaku. That hurts like hell,
you'll see. When she does the Kikosho, stay away, then Blodia Punch or
Blodia Vulcan. If she does a failed Senretsu Kyaku, Great Cyclonize her
cute butt! Plus, she has an AC infinite!!! Beware of such!!! The key
here is wait for her to make a mistake. Her mistake can lead to her
early death! (That reminds me. Can't they make the Blodia Vulcan

Orange Hulk (or The Thing)
As the CPU - He's Faster, but that does not make him
stronger, and so, ordianry Hulk tactics will work against him.

As a player - Like Hulk, his HK has a good priority. But you can do C HK
or C MPs to stop him. Remember when he does Gamma Grush, Great Cyclone
him! If you're not sure if he'll go sucker and kiss the spinning winds
of death, might as well do the Blodia Vulcan. This COVERS ALL areas
where he may land.

Lilith Morrigan
As the CPU - She's as stupid as Morrigan. But she's air-combo happy
now! And Morrigan tactics will work against her too.

As a player - DOn't worry, she doesn't have the Soul Eraser. She's
basically weak, and her Soul Flash leaves her open for a Blodia Vulcan.
Your Blodia Vulcan can also act as a surpirse when she jumps in!

Armour War Machine
As the CPU - Same tactics, but stay away as much as possible, and
use Blodia Punches against this piece of scrap metal. He's damn heavy

As a player - Blodia Punch him when he gets near you. If he calls the
Duo Team Attack, call in yours or send in a helper, then do the Blodia
Vulcan to beat them both up! Save your helper count against them.
Basically, Blodia Vulcan won't work much, unless his vitality is low.
If he plays defensively, you're in for a treat of an easy victory.
If he plays like Carnage, pick him out like picking out Hulk.

As the CPU - She's so small, but Megaman tactics will work against her. It's
best to time-over Roll as a CPU player, because she's not as bad as Megaman.
+COMMENT+ I NEVER kill Roll, I just time over her, and watch her cry. ^_^

As a player - Unfortunately, she's just a pushover, and has more lag
times than Megaman! Take advantage of her lag times, and never fall prey
for her throws!

Shadow Lady-
As the CPU - Very fast and quick. Does heat seeking missiles, when
knocked down, has a very fast reaction, and has a good potential of
defeating you. However, Jin can take care of her with his Blodia Vulcan,
as her heat seeking missile lauch leaves her open. Other than that, she
blocks more often than Gambit!

As a player - Her heat-seeking missiles works wonders. Use the Saotome
Dynamite to drive such away, or offensive helpers. When she does the
galaxy missile, Blodia Vulcan!

As the CPU - You know what to do. He's as vulnerable as Roll.

As a player - NEVER underestimate a Carnage player because he can rack
up crazy damage against you! But same Venom tactics will work, just
watch out for his moves! When you get him, don't let go until his
vitality goes zero. Their basic attack is HPing you until they can throw
you. Get smart by C. HKing them!

How to beat the crap out of onslaught!
First, let's count how Onslaught attacks:

1. He has two forms. A small form, and the usual Apocalypse-like form!
2. His first form has Cyclops' Optic Blast ripoff!
3. For his first form, he can teleport. He can do this to avoid damage
   from a streaming projectile or to get near you.

4. Both of his forms has Magneto's Hyper Gravity. To avoid this, Jump!

5. For his first form. he can summon a brainwashed character while he
takes a break. A Blodia Punch can take care of that idiot as the
brainwashed character gets only 1/4 life!

6. His first form has a shoulder charge. This inflicts large block
damage, like his optic blast!

7. His second form has a streaming eye beam, that zooms downward and
upward. If you are hit by this, a big chunk of life is chopped off!
This may range from a single eye beam to at least 5 continous eye beams.
If you are ever juggled by this, don't worry. The next hits won't hurt.
Just get off the ground before he does his next attack!
8. His second form also has a hand rush, like Apocalypse's hand drill.
Unlike Apocalypse's, this has not much block damage, but it's best to
avoid it.

9. His first form has a Magnetic Tempest. Not really damaging, but never
let yourself be hit by that!

10. Both of his forms can summon Sentinels! These pesky robots drops
bombs or pass through you!

Now for the counter measures...
1. The best helper around is Sentinel and Juggernaut, which are
powerful, but has low quantity of assistance. So if you value quantity
of help, Pick Collosus or Psylocke. As they attack, pull out your best
combo, or for Jin, his Roundhouse Kick. Both are effective for both
forms! If you are challenged with cheap-asses, and you don't know
anything about Air Combos, pick Devilot or Ton Pooh, to drive them, or
their helpers away!

2. Always crouch when Onslaught's first form does the Optic Blast. You
may not have block damage, especially for smaller characters. If you are
directly under him when he does the said attack, do Jab Punches or at
least two Crouching HKs. Other attacks? Well, it's up to you. Just don't
get hit.

3. If his first form does his shoulder charge, after the attack, give
him a Blodia Punch. DO it immediately as he can teleport to safety

4. NEVER let yourself be caught by his Hyper Gravity under any
circumstances! To cancel his Hyper Grav, send the helper in!
(Preferrably Collosus or Sentinel) Characters like Venom can negate
Onslaught's Hyper Gravity (Effective only against his second form) by
hitting his face with his Jumping HK! You'll see that the orbs meant for
you dissapeared!

5. Jin's Blodia Vulcan is not that effective against Onslaught's second

6. If you want to change partner safely, reserve a helper count, use it and
then if it hits, while Onslaught is reeling, switch your character!

7. Do not pull the Blodia Punch when Onslaught
        a. is unreachable by at least 3-4 inches from screen floor!
        That's for second form only!

        b. is doing the Hand Rush (unless you have higher vitality than
        Onslaught! Also unless this is a double team move, and Onslaught
        is about to die. What a great stunt!

8. The unbelievable. Jin's Saotome Fire works against him, and I dn't
know if it can rack some crazy damage!!! I did it for fun one time, and
somebody saw the damage it did! I'm gonna confirm this, though.

Anti-Challengers tips!
Yes! To drive the stubborn as-warfreak-as-Sakura challengers!

1. Always have a handy partner next to Jin! These may be the one
mentioned previously! And whomever you can handle better is the best
character to go first!

2. Helpers are a big factor! They are mostly meant for extra offense.
This is where Collosus, Sentinel and others enter. But for the
defensives, Cheapo Collosus helpers are no match for Ton Pooh!

3. If your opponent is air-combo happy, many of them produce open spots
for attacks! Find them and retaliate accordingly!

4. Against Strider Players and maybe others-His Legion super produces a
lag time before the actual attack! Double Team against him after he
summons them and before his creatures arrive!

5. Make it a habit to tech hit, to push away your enemy (block, all
punch) and to overpower your enemy by double team super or duo team

6. If your character is weakening, and you want to tag out without being
bashed by your enemy, find projectile and/or move lag times and then
switch! Or if you have two super meters, Double team!

7. Never underestimate your enemy!

8. Do not use helpers unless extremely necessary!

9. While your enemy is distracted by the helper, take this oppertunity
to change your weak character to a stronger one!

10. If your enemy likes to throw, nullify their attempt of such with an
LP or LK.

11. Most of the time, when they jump over you, try activating the Blodia
Vulcan. If timed precisely, you will see that your enemy is being hit!

12. If you don't know how to Crouch Block and Block, this may lead to
your downfall. Jumping doesn't help much, and is kind of dangerous.

Thanx page
There are guys who made this thingy pssible!

Kao Megura-He provided me with Jin's moves! Thanx man!
Migs Rustia-The keeper of MvC the site! Cool man!
Raul-My best friend!
JIn Saotome (AKA William Laidley)-Helped me out in the Best partner area.
Miguel Raya-Gave me more info against Onslaught, and a lot of useful

Chris Camareno-Gave misc. info regarding the Saotome Fire.
Ben Vargas-For the ascii art! Yahooey!
JuraiPrince-Move Quote clarification!
JinMousse- Provided me with new stuff!
? - gave me an AC for Jin!
S. B. - The Character Quote Analyst.

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