MegaMan by IrishRagan

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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 23:41:20 EST

/*****          /****** /***********    /******        /******
/******        /******* /***********   /********      /********
/*******      /******** /***********  /**** /****    /****//****
/***/****    /*****/*** /****/////// /****  /*****  /****  //****
/*** /****  /***** /*** /****        /****  //////  /****   /**** 
/***  /****/*****  /*** /********    /****          /************ /*********** 
/***   /********   /*** /********    /**** /******  /************ /*********** 
/***    /******    /*** /****////    /**** /******  /************ /***********
/***     /****     /*** /****        /**** ///****  /****////**** ////////////
/***     /////     /*** /***********  /***    ****  /****   /****
/***               /*** /***********   /*********/  /****   /****
/***               /*** /***********    /*******/   /****   /****
////               //// ////////////     ///////    /////   /////

         /*****          /******    /******    /******       /***
         /******        /*******   /********   /*******      /***
         /*******      /********  /****//****  /********     /***
         /***/****    /*****/*** /****  //**** /*********    /***
         /*** /****  /***** /*** /****   /**** /***/******   /***
         /***  /****/*****  /*** /************ /***/*******  /***
         /***   /********   /*** /************ /*** /******* /*** 
         /***    /******    /*** /************ /***  /*******/***
         /***     /****     /*** /****   /**** /***   /********** 
         /***     /////     /*** /****   /**** /***    /*********
         /***               /*** /****   /**** /***     /********
         /***               /*** /****   /**** /***      /*******
	 ////               //// /////   ///// ////       ///////

-=New Versions=-
Version 2.0
Updated the move section!  And a few other minor things!  Rewrote a whole
lot of stuff!  Redid the Character Specific Strategy section completely.  New
Webpage ==>

Version 1.5                                                                   
Put some more combos up and finished the Strategy section.  I know I said 
that updates would be frequent but what can I say I lied about that.  No 
actually the only reason I am even updating this Faq is so I can tell you 
about my website that I did instead of updating this Faq.  You can find my 
website at--> or  The second one is better.  Please go and
let me know what you think!!  Oh I also changed some stuff I had wrong or 
wasn't sure about, so thanks to those people who told me where I fucked up!

Version 1.0
Set up the basic look of the Faq and did some of the strategies.  I also put
up some combos but there should be more at some time.  I should be updating 


Feel free to email me day or nite at!  Help is much 

Basic Info
Basic Moves
Super Moves
Basic info on playing Megaman
Character Strategy

-=Basic Info=-
   He's small, annoying but fun.  If you play him good and win he is fun to 
use, but if you get beat badly you will get frustrated because you will think
if you used somebody bigger you might have had a better chance.  Don't get 
mad just keep with it, if you do you will be rewarded with wins.
   OK for you people that never played a Megaman (Rockman) Platform game, I 
will tell you Megaman's History!  Megaman was the Mechanic Bot for Dr. Light
and Dr. Wiley but Dr. Wiley went crazy and took all the bots that he could
make into bots that could do massive damage to stuff.  He left Megaman and 
Roll, who he thought were useless which they were before Dr. Light changed 
them!!  Dr. Light knew he had to stop Dr. Wiley so he made Megaman into a 
combat effective bot.  So it came to that Megaman became the Man and 
continually saved the day!!  And if you ever played a Megaman Platform game 
you would probably know that! 

LP          Light Punch
MP          Medium Punch
HP          Heavy Punch
LK          Light Kick
MK          Medium Kick
HK          Heavy Kick
PPP         All Punches
KKK         All Kicks
C           Crouching
J           Jumping
F           Forward
B           Back
U           Up 
D           Down
DS          Dashing
Dash        F,F
Roll        B,DB,D+P
Super Jump  D,U or KKK
Push Block  PPP While Blocking    

-=Basic Moves=-
  Mega Buster: HP
 This is the most useful move that Megaman has.  It is useless uncharged 
however because it does NO BLOCK DAMAGE.  The more you charge it the more 
hits and damage you do and the longer you have to go into a super move.  If 
you get good at your timing, you can run in and launch them into an air combo,
to do this you have to either hit the set up to the laucher or the laucher
itself just after the last hit of the MB.  So as it hits as a combo!  With 
about a 10 sec charge you can set up any super you want, I recommend the Rush

  Mega Upper: F,D,DF+P
 All this is, is Megaman's version of the Dragon Punch.  If you miss your 
screwed because it is just like any other Dragon Punch move if you miss.
All though you trade recovery time for damage so use this move carefully!  
It is pretty good air defense but because of the recovery time, I recommend 
something else, like the Tornado hold, or an uncharged MB!  But in anycase
your opponent probably won't be expecting the Mega Upper so you can use it, 
every once in awhile, just like any move don't abuse it!

  Item/Weapon Change: D,DB,B+K
 Fliptop from his platform games runs out and throws out a little bubble that
looks like what the items he got came in from the days of his platform games, 
the bubble has the new item in it.  Depending on which kick you use you will 
get a different item.  Short gets you the Rockball, forward gives you the 
tornado hold, which you start with, and roundhouse gives you the Leaf shield.
The Rockball is the most useful in my opinion followed closely by the 
tornado hold.  Now don't get me wrong all of the items are useful as long as 
you can figure out how to call the item out safely!  
  Item/Weapon Use: D,DF,F+P
 This will use whatever you have equipped as your item.  You will use that 
item until you change to a different one.  You start with the Tornado Hold,
and can switch your item at any time while you are on the ground!  You can 
also only use the Item on the ground, except for the Leaf Shield, which has
to be activated on the ground, but then it can be shot anywhere!

    Rockball: He throws the ball out, it lays on the ground, until you kick 
it!  You can use any button to kick the ball, and depending on the situation
there is a time and a place for each kick to be used!  I recommend the Short 
or the Forward, only crouching kicks of course!  They do not have the 
recovery of C.Roundhouse, and the S.Roundhouse won't kick the ball!  Only use
the C.Roundhouse if you are close enough to make them block!  Other wise you 
will suck up a super, which I found out the hard way!

    Tornado Hold: This is what you start with every round.  He throws a
Tornado Ejector out onto the ground and it shoots up a column of wind.  
The column of wind is a lot like Strom helper attack!  It hits multiple times,
the only difference in the two is that Megaman's doesn't move forward as it 
goes.  The distance he throws it depends on which button you use, you will 
get a greater distance with the stronger buttons.  This is a great move if 
you want to play keep away or you need something to set up the charged Mega 
Buster.  Also the jab version can OTG after a C.Roundhouse!

   Leaf Shield: This is a very useful item if you want to do fat damage or
you are getting your butt kicked by a hack and slash character.  You can take
anyone hit, with the shield around you, whether you are blockign or not!  If 
you block the hit, the shield will stay with you, if you take the hit, it 
will disappear!  This is good because it gives you free time to get in there
and hit them out of the combo because you have time to launch or something 
while they are hitting the shield.  If you don't shoot the shield and it 
doesn't get hit away, it will just disappear!  It takes about 5 seconds for 
that to happen!  This item can be shot anywhere you want, but you still have
to be on the ground to activate it!

-=Super Moves=-
  Hyper Megaman: D,DF,F+2P (Level One)
Megaman turns into a gaint robot!  From there he unleashes a huge beam which
covers almost the whole screen!  He also shoots missles and this bubble 
things, which look at lot like the item change bubble!  If your opponent gets
hit by the transformation stage of this super they will be put directly into
the path of the beam!  Its a lot like the War Machine Super in that way!  
Except for the fact that they can run into Megaman from behind and still get 
put into the beam!  This can be comboed, but I will get to that later!

  Rush Drill: D,DF,F+2K(Level One)
Rush from the later Platform games jumps into the playing field, turns into a
drill and Megaman hops in!  You are invincible during this super, and you can
plow through a lot of supers, there are some you can't but not sure which 
ones you can and can't!  The only way you can combo this super is off of a
Mega Buster, it takes about 10 seconds of a charge to get it to hit for sure!
If they get hit you will push them into the corner and on the last hit they
will get shot up into the air, which gives Megaman time to recover from the
super, which he needs!  From there you can OTG into an Air Combo, unless your
opponent rolls!  This super does great damage!  Use it when you hit a Charged
Mega Buster and have a Super Meter to kill!  Oh yeah and if you hit the 
punches it gives him little burst of speed.

   Beat Plane: D,DB,B+2K(Level One)
Megaman's bird Beat flies in and turns into the Beat Plane and Megaman jumps 
in.  You control it and can shoot fireballs with the punchs and drop bombs
with the kick buttons!  This super does great chip damage and can be activated
anywhere you want!  I recommend to do it during a super jump so you can be 
away from your opponent!  There are a few ways to combo it but as I said 
earlier I will get to combos later!


Ground Magic Seris: 	Stronger
Jump Magic Series: 	ZigZag
Superjump Magic Series: ZigZag


  D.S.Jab, S.Strong, Mega Buster
You can charge the Mega Buster to do more damage!  It can also be used in a
good way if blocked, but I will get into that later in the faq!

  C.Short, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse, (OTG)Tornado Hold(Jab)
Pretty simple!  Just dash in a hit them.  If they block the tornado hold 
should protect you until you recover.

  S.Short, S.Roundhouse /\ S.J.Jab, S.J.Short, S.J.Strong, S.J.Forward, 
  Mega Buster
Once again you can Charge the Mega Buster for more damage! Basic Air Combo!
Just a zigzag pattern!  Do it the same as any AC, just release the MB if you
are charging it.  Same thing!

  Charge Mega Buster, C.Roundhouse-->Mega Buster Release(OTG)
OTGs just the same as the Jab Tornado Hold!  The MB will set up any super as 
long as it is charged long enough!  You can do the Rush Drill, the Hyper 
Megaman or the Beat Plane!  I recommend the Rush Drill because you can do 
more things off of it in the corner!


  Activate Leaf Shield, D.S.Short, Roundhouse /\ S.J.Jab, S.J.Short, 
  S.J.Strong, S.J.Forward, Leaf Shield
The hardest part of this combo is to actually activate the leaf shield and 
launch them into the combo in the short time you have!  The rest is easy as
long as you can put a fireball motion into an air combo fast enough to 
have it hit!  If you can do that it will be simple once you get it activated
and launch them!

  D.C.Short, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse, (OTG) Rush Drill
Sounds simple, right?  Wrong!  The timing on this super to do it is sooo hard,
that it really isn't worth the trouble!  If you get it to hit which I have
only ever done in the corner it does good damage, probably not as much as 
the Chargerd Mega Buster into a Rush Drill but it does good damage!

  D.S.Short, S.Rounhouse /\ S.J.Jab, S.J.Short, Hyper Megaman(air)
Ohhh yes!  A Super Combo that does incredible damage!  Almost as much as that
damn Air Demon combo of Chun Li's!  If you have a chance to hit this combo
DO NOT HESITATE to do so!  This combo as turned the game around for me soo
many times!  This combo is a must for Megaman!  So USE IT!

  In corner only: Tornado Hold, S.Roundhouse/\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Strong, 
  SJ.Forward-->Mega Buster/Roundhouse/Leaf Shield
Just for you people that couldn't figure it out you have to have already 
activated the Leaf Shield to use it!  But that is self explanitory!  This
combo does good damage, but you might as well just do the regualer AC that
can be done anywhere, the damage is about the same!

-=Basic Info On Playing Megaman=-
  Like all the characters in the game, there are many different ways to play 
with them.  Now with Megaman I have only seen two real effective ways to use
him.  One is using the rockball trap, and the other is relying on the tornado
hold to keep the guys off of you.  I myself personally started using the hold
but then found out, with the help of a friend, how much better the rockball 
is.  I will tell you how to use both in a strategy since I know how to use 

-=With the Rockball=-
With the Rockball you have to be able to do a lot of little charging with the
Mega Buster.  I usually wait for my opponent to jump in to me for a Collusus,
or I just throw a helper out there and switch my items.  While I do this I am
charging a Mega Buster.  From there I usually rush my opponent so they are 
stuck in the corner.  I use short charger Mega Busters, helpers, and the 
stronger seris of Crouching kicks to allow me to get my rockballs out to use
them.  Works great once you figure it out for yourself.  Kinda hard to teach
through words, kinda have to see it to understand it completely.

-=With the Tornado Hold=-
Now with the Tornado Hold I think you are a little more reliant on a screw up
by your opponent.  Now they usually happen, but against a good opponent you 
really can't win a lot by them screwing up.  But in anycase, with the Hold 
you will throw some out to kinda zone them away from you, using uncharged 
Mega Busters to help you with this.  If you don't have any luck with that, go
get in their face and sweep them into Jab Holds, if they are in the corner 
go for an Air Combo.  That's basically it with the Tornado Hold!

Well, I will soon have a strategy part for the Leaf Shield so if anyone can
help me out with that please let me know.  Also I really recommend the 
Rockball because it is a little safer and you don't have to rely on your 
opponent screwing up.

-=Basic Strategy=-
  Megaman has a few basic strategies!  One that is used most is the keep 
away strat!  But from what I have seen Megaman doesn't have that great of 
a game of keep away.  He is much better at a zone, which is like keep away
but instead of staying as far away as possible you stay within a certain 
range to do it.  There is another way which I find much easier to do and 
much safer.  It is to charge the Mega Buster, run and then hit them where 
it hurts!  

-=Strategy Against Characters=-
  Computer Hulk:  Don't even worry about this guy, the computer plays him 
like crap anyways.  It is soo easy to get the computer Hulk stuck in the 
Rockball trap of Megaman's it is scary, just try to do that most of the time
and most off all keep away from him.  If you let him get too close you are
screwed, because yoy won't be able to hit him enough and quick enough to get
past that damn super armor.
  Player Hulk:  Actually this is about that same as the computer Hulk.  
Except that your staying away from him is even more important, because a 
players judgement isn's as predictable as the computers Hulk.  And usually, 
the players combos are longer and therefor more damaging!  So be careful, 
whether or not he is a serious threat or not is up to you, but at least take
this match serious, if you don't it could end a great streak like nothing.

  Computer Zangief:  Real simple to beat, do the same thing to him as you 
would to Hulk, keep him away, and run if he gets too close.  Although being,
the fact that Zangief has to get a lot closer to you than Hulk to deliver
his damage you can allow him to get a little closer to you.  And remember 
that this guy doesn't have super armor all the time, so you can dash in a 
hit him a lot safer than Hulk!  =O)
  Player Zangief:  At one time, I didn't Zangief serious at all, but now I
know better.  The Zangiefs, that are good, are few and far between but in 
anycase you never know when one will show up!  So keep player Zangiefs a lot
further away than the computer Zangief, as a player might know about the 
triple option which is basically just an infinite, but a little different.
I like to use the Tornado Hold against him, just for the fact that it is a 
little easier to keep him blocking with it, and he really can't get a good
strike in on you! =O)

  Computer Ryu: At times they will do something amazing, but not usually.  
Because of some of his combos, I recommend leaning towards the keep away 
tactic.  In playing keep away you can use many Mega Busters along with 
Tornado Holds.  Or you can zone him with short Mega Buster Charges and the
Rockball, now of course when you kick the Rockball you would use the 
crouching short.  You should do this in case the computer throws out a wild
Shinku Hadoken, which it does at times.  The short Charges are usually long
enough to go throw a fireball, and still hit 2 to 3 times.  If you are lucky
you go through the fireball and hit him while he is in the block stun.  The 
good thing about about the Rockball in this methode is, if they do super 
jump you can go with him and try to get the RockBall to connect in the air.
  Player Ryu:  When a person uses Ryu he is either real good or real scruby.
You of course have to be careful long enough to decide for yourself, but in 
anycase I play him the same because I feel Megaman is a Ryu killer.  Or at 
least mine seems to take down the good Ryu's around here on a regular bases.
I usually play a keep away or zone game with the Rockball on player 
controlled Ryu's, I feel like I have more control over what happens!  Maybe
that is just me.
  Ken Mode (Player or Computer):  Ken mode in my opinion is the most 
dangerous.  Ken tends to be played as a ground opponent so watch out for 
dashing crouching shorts.  These set up almost all of his damaging combos, 
including his big super combo.  Other than that, you just need to try and 
keep him out of fireball range, his is shorted than Ryu's, so if you can
keep him there, and out he is really worthless in my opinion.
  Akuma Mode (Player or Computer):  Wouldn't really know, I have never 
played anyone that used Akuma mode worth a damn.  So I would say just play 
him more like Ryu as that is what he is closer to.  And most of all don't 
get hit by that damn Raging Demon!  =O)

  Computer Morrigan: Yeah, ok, if you have to worry about this computer
opponent you suck.  Now on a serious note, she can be deadly, but I have to
say I don't think I have ever had a problem with her, and I alse play her
just like Ryu, being she is just a shoto clone.  =O)
  Player Morrigan:  Most of all she is annoying, people super jump throw 
fireballs and then dash across the screen when you get near her, and start 
again.  It sucks and its annoying, and this is what beats a lot of people.
If you get mad, you will lose, so you better stay focused and not let this 
kind of stuff get on your nerves.  She can also be deadly on the ground, she
does have a super combo, its not the Soul Eraser at least.  She has pretty 
basic ACs but they come out fast and are a lot of hits, but thankfully they
don't do a lot of damage.  Just try to either get in her face or stay back,
I prefer to get in her face, being she can stay in the air longer than most.

Captain Commando:
  Computer CapCom:  Yeah, he sucks, just like most Computer controled 
characters.  Just get in his face and overwhelm him.
  Player CapCom:  He's a great player if you play him right, and many have.
Therefore he can be a tricky opponent.  But most people using him try to 
play keep away, but Megaman does it better.  If they try to play keep away 
with you like they probably will, just do Charged Megabusters and the 
Rockball and sit back and do it over and over again.  When they finially 
do decide to attack you, super jump, all jump get to the other side and go 
for some combos.  This should easily lead you to victory.

Captain America:
  Computer CapAm: He is a lot like Ryu, especially when the computer uses 
him, look out for stray moves, just like the computer will do.  I have 
found you can do just about anything you want to the computer CapAm, and 
still pull a win off.  Just try not to get hit by the Final Justice,  that 
kinda puts your mind set off.  Go figure.
  Player CapAm: Now as for a player uses him, it can be a lot like Ryu, they 
are either real good, or real scrubby.  Now usually they are pretty good
being it doesn't take much to learn how to use him good.  If it is close in 
end of the match I would recommend trying to keep him away from you due to 
his rather damaging, yet rather scrubby AC.  If you get hit by that combo 
alone I would say there goes about 10% to 15% of your life like that.  It
sucks doesn't it.  In the beginning I would recommend also keeping him away
because of that same AC, but being it is early in the match you can do 
whatever and still be rather safe.

  Computer Spiderman: This can actually be a challenge for you, just for 
the fact that is it Spiderman.  He is fast, has more priority than you and 
has a more damaging basic AC.  So I recommend not holding back on this guy,
if you do you might just lose.  Go full attack.  Or full Defensive, either 
work, just decide which is better for you.
  Player Spiderman: I don't even know if I should give Strategy against this
guy, as much as I get beat by people using him.  Well, all I do is go full
offensive and then if I am ahead on life I start to run away.  That seems
to work pretty damn good if you ask me.  Now of course if you are behind on
life towards the end you probably ought to try to go for the Hyper Megaman
combo.  That does good damage and is almost impossible to screw up.  If you 
hit them with this it should turn the tides of the match in your favor.

Chun Li:
  Computer Chun Li:  Well, what can I say, its a pretty simple fight for you.
You don't have to worry about that Air Demon AC, you really don't have to 
worry about the kick super combo on the ground, lets face it, the computer 
doesn't use any of the good things that she has.  All they do it jump around
so little wussy combos that tickle more than anything.  And most of all it
seems like they let you hit them.
  Player Chun Li: Yeah now you get to see all of them skillful super combos.
Oh what a thrill.  What can I say, don't get launched, roll after every 
sweep, and don't get hit by a crouching Fierce.  Yeah that is about right,
if they launch you expect the Air Demon or the semi infinite.  If you get 
swept expect the kick super, but if you roll they are screwed, and if you
get hit by a Crouching Fierce you will probably get hit by the Kick Super, 
and if you do, I recommend rolling afterwords just in case.  But in anycase, 
don't try to go attack her, and don't try to beat her in the air.  Use the 
Rockball a lot and you should be ok.  Being that this will knock them out 
of the air, and hopefull you will get lucky and it will hit them out of AC
before you take an Air Demon in the ass.  In other words "Good Luck!"

  Computer Strider:  Hehe, this fight is basically a joke, they don't do any
of his damaging combos and if they do, they are few and far between.  Just 
go and attack him, to take advantage of his little wussy body.  If you hit 
him with just about anything that does good damage against most characters, 
you will really and I mean really hurt him.
  Player Strider: Now this is one of the harder fights for Megaman, I really 
don't think that Megaman has anything on Strider.  But in anycase, I 
recommend trying, and I mean trying, to keep him away from you.  If he gets
into you, you are screwed, you really can't do anything to get him off of 
you, due to his priority and speed.  But if he does try to chip you, you do 
have one advantage, a super that you are completly safe in, sure, he throws 
a bunch of kitties at you, but you are in a drill and you just plow through
them, and then hit him, with enough of a super to do some serious damage
on this little wuss.  =O) I like that!

  Computer Wolverine: He's a lot like fighting the computer Strider.  So
as it is, I play him the same.
  Player Wolverine: Now, if you want to talk about a character that gets
used like a cheapass, this is the guy to talk about!  I am not saying that
Wolverine himself is cheap in anyway, but in anycase people use him 
cheap as hell in my mind.  But then again Wolverine doesn't seem to have too
much against him now does he.  So keep him off your ass, or just get on his 
ass.  For some odd reason the later of the two seems to work better and be 
a lot easier.  I think that has something to do with them not being used to
going defensive.  =O) Thats even better!

  Computer Venom:  Yet another one not to worry about.  This holds true 
unless you do something stupid like get hit by either super of his.
  Player Venom: This can be an irriating guy, especially due to his size and
strength.  A lot of people use him to just counter and keep you away.  They 
do this by doing Crouching Fierces canceling into Jab Fangs.  The Fang will 
counter just about anything.  Now because of this you might want to dash in
and block and also dash in and attack, that will make them do a little more
guessing.  Now in reality you might want to try to take Venom in the AC, 
there you have a better chance, unless of course they throw you.  But you 
are faster, but have less range so you want to be careful, and most of all 
mix it up.

War Machine: 
  Computer WM:  In reality he is one of the hardest computer opponents to 
beat.  His Should Cannon, does 7 hits or something, there for you can't have
a short charged Mega Buster to beat it out.  And the damn thing does good 
chip damage.  And he has a good priority Air to Ground move.  But he lacks
in close fighting, therefore get on his ass and stay there.
  Player WM:  Yeah, no WM can be a problem if in the hands of a master like
he normally is and belongs.  If they try to chip you with Should Cannons, 
slide under high ones and jump forward over low ones.  Most of all don't 
release a Mega Buster to go through them, cuz it is just stupid, and anyways
if you are close enough and he throws a low one you will probably land in 
time to hit him with one.  If they go to the air just keep super jumping and
throwing uncharged Mega Busters out at him to try and bring him back to the 
ground.  Now you can also use the RockBall to do this and then superjump up 
to let the ball get to him, this will keep them concentrating on not getting
hit and not from attacking you, this will keep you safe for some time.  You
can also super jump and do the Beat Plane if they are not expecting it, this
will allow you to move around if the block unlike the Hyper Megaman which 
leaves you shit out of luck if you miss them.

  Computer Jin:  He's a joke.  As long as you don't get hit by a super 
because you are stupid or you are screwing around.
  Player Jin: Now he should not at any time be taken lightly.  If you get 
hit my all kinds of moves you can and probably will get hit by a Blodia
Punch.  Its a fact.  If you get swept I recommend rolling, basically if you 
get hit by anything that knocks you down roll.  If you block his sweep hold
block until they either do the Dynomite thing, or don't do it.  If you try
to attack after a blocked sweep you will probably eat it.  Now I have seen 
two kinds of Jins, the I'm gonna dash in with all kinds of Jabs trying to 
get you to fuck up so I can give you the Blodia Punch Combo, or I am going
to jump around with Roundhouses so you can't get in and hit me.  I use the 
later of the two and my friend uses the other.  Just push block the jabs
and try to counter the roundhouses when they get too close.

  Computer Gambit: Yeah, he is like one of the better computer controled 
characters.  For some reason he actually does the AC and he actually blocks
supers that you throw out of nowhere. So you actually need to concentrate on
this fight.
  Player Gambit: Yeah my favorite character.  He may not beat you but he will
lose in style.  You have to watch out for all kinds of things with him, he 
can keep you away with Kinetic cards, Trick Cards and Jab Cajun Slashs.  He
can also get on your ass and combo you to death, or he can throw you and 
combo you, or super you.  It works good like that.  You basically have to 
fight him your own way because even my Strategy is different from Gambit
to Gambit.

  Computer Megaman:  Just beat him, nothing to it.
  Player Megaman: Because of the three items of his, there can be a few 
different ways to play him.  But usually people rely on one Item, which means
if you can throw an item out there and trick him into picking it up you 
should have an advantage, because that makes them have to change their Strat 
in the middle of the fight.  Other than that try and keep your Strat the same
if you can do this you should be able to come out on top.  If you can hold
true to your Strategy and fuck up theirs you should be fine, and remember, 
sometimes the best strategy is to be able to switch around to keep things 

 This FAQ was written by me not you!  So if you use it, give me some credit!
And just so you know this can't be sold, copied or anything like that!  You 
can use the info on this FAQ as long as it stays in whole and you give me, 
the author, full credit!

 Let us see, I want to thank Fluff for driving my ass down to the arcade 
before I had a liscense, and also for kicking my ass on a regular basis!  I 
would also like to thank him for getting me into Megaman in the first place!
And mine is better Fluff!  
 I would like to thank Jinmaster for showing me the light and getting me 
away from that damn Tornado Hold!  And for picking me up and driving me to 
the arcade when I can't get a car because people at my house are dicks!  And
even if your Megaman is still a little better I can still take you down with
 To everyone else that wrote a FAQ that I read before I had the cash to just
go to the arcade to play and learn things on my own!  
 And lastly to all of those people that have either beat me or have been 
beaten by me, in all of those arcades all around the Bay Area!
 And of course to those people that said Megaman sucked, which made me want 
to use and get good with him more!