MegaMan by Marc1s

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The Megaman FAQ ver. 1.0    by Marc1s (

This is my first FAQ, so don't complain if I screw up. I'm going to list the 
moves, combos, strategy, and ending (although I might scrap that in later 
versions). So without further delay, the FAQ!

Key: P-any punch
        K-any kick
   HCF-Half Circle Forward
   HCB- Half Circle Back
       2P-2 punches
       2K-2 kicks
  OTG- Off The Ground An opponent on the ground can be hit off the ground.
SJ.- super jump

Mega Buster: Fierce punch Hold for a charge that makes the blast larger. It 
can hit 9 times and OTG!

Mega Uppercut: F,D,DF,P Megaman's dragon punch style move from MMX2. Does 
incredible damage, but it leaves him wide open if he misses. The punch button 
pressed determines how far he goes.

Item change: D,DB,B,K The kick button pressed determines what item he'll get. 
Short for Rockball, Forward for Tornado Hold, and Roundhouse for Leaf Shield. 

Item Use: D,DF,F, P Megaman uses his current item. Here's a description of 
each one. Rockball: Megaman kicks a ball around the screen. It's useful for 
keep away, but doesn't do much damage. Tornado Hold: This is the item Megaman 
has at the beginning of each round. Megaman fires a propeller at the ground 
and it sends your opponent flying and can OTG! Leaf Shield: A rotating shield 
that prevents Megaman from being hit once. I mean ANY one hit. He can also 
throw it and it becomes an 8-hit projectile that plows through any fireball 
(except super fireballs i.e. Shinkuu Hadoken).

The supers:

Hyper Megaman: D,DF,F,2P Megaman transforms into a HUGE robot with a Mega 
Buster the size of the Hulk's arm and fries your opponent with a beam that 
covers almost the whole screen! He also has rockets and robotic animals to 
back him up. This is his most powerful super. It's slow, but if the opponent 
gets hit by the transformation, the get knock into the beam!

Rush Drill: D,DB,B,2K Megaman hops into rush and drills his opponent. He is 
completely invincible while in Rush. NOTHING will stop him, team super, 
Onslaught, you name it, he can go through it! However, this move has a 
recovery delay and a start-up lag, so this move is best used in a combo or 
after a helper. If the last hit connects, it knocks the opponent skyward, 
which gives Megaman ample time to recover. It's also his best shipping super, 
so use against opponents who love to turtle all day. 

Beat Plane: D,DB,B,2K Megaman hops into beat and air strikes his opponent. 
Use punch to use fireballs and kick to drop bombs. This super also chips, but 
it isn't as good as Rush Drill. This can be confusing to block, as you can 
fly all over the place in beat. MM is NOT invincible in beat and can be 
knocked out of it. 

The combos!!
I'm going to list two easy, intermediate, and hard combos. All of these 
combos have been confirmed, so if it doesn't work, you're doing it wrong. 
Just wanted to clear that up.

Easy combos

1. charge mega buster, C.Roundhouse, C.mega buster release 

2. Charge mega buster, J.Jab, land, D.C.Short, C.Forward, cancel into mega 

Intermediate combos

1. D.C.Short, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse, cancel into Rush Drill(this must be  
      done quickly otherwise they will be able to block).

2. Leaf Shield Activation, D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse, SJ, SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, 
   SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, fire leaf shield

Hard combos

1. Charge mega buster, D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse, SJ, SJ.Jab, SJ.Forward, 
      release mega buster, beat plane(you can also do a hyper Megaman instead 
      of a beat plane).

2. Charge mega buster, leaf shield activation, D.C.Short, C.Forward,  
      S.Roundhouse, SJ., SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, fire leaf 
      shield, release mega buster, beat plane(this is Megaman's most 
      complicated combo. You can also stick in a hyper Megaman, but you'll 
      need fast fingers).



Now Megaman is the second smallest character in the game(Roll is the 
smallest). This means that most attacks will go right over his head(i.e. 
standing strong by Hulk)! It also makes it hard to tell whether he's 
attacking low. His mega buster is his most valuable move. He can link it into 
special moves and supers! His launcher is a very good air defense. It's 
similar to Chun-Li's launcher and will beat-out his opponents attack or at 
least trade hits! He has great supers! The hyper Megaman acts as it's own 
setup because it'll knock the opponent into the beam! The rush drill is 
unstoppable. NOTHING will penetrate it. The beat plane is a good air defense 
and can be confusing to block.


Megaman's moves are weak, with the exception of a charged mega buster and the 
leaf shield. It takes big combos involving his supers to win with him. His 
normal attacks don't cut it. All of his supers have horrible recovery time, 
which leaves him open to attack. It takes him a little while to get to his 
opponent because of his short limbs. He has to be close to his opponent to 
hit him/her with combos. 

Against Onslaught

Megaman is the best character to use against Onslaught. He can slide right 
under that Mega Optic Blast and combo the crap out of him! When Onslaught's 
not doing the beam, charge that mega buster! Block and charge, and when you 
get a clear shot, fire! It will leave him stunned for about a second. You can 
then pull of a quick combo or a rush drill!

Ultima Onslaught

Now this guy can give Megaman a rough time. Throughout the entire fight, 
charge that mega buster! It will be your most powerful asset! Keep pelting 
him with the mega buster and J.Roundhouse. When you have some super meter 
built up, you can pull off a hyper Megaman to his face! It does enormous 
damage against him. If you're feeling gutsy, you can pull off a rush drill 
when he rears back and does that hand thing of his.

Megaman kneels down by the Professor and picks something up. He teleports off 
the screen. He then appears shooting a magnetic shockwave! It says in big 
letters, "YOU GOT MAGNETIC SHOCKWAVE!" No you can't use it in the 
game(although that would be pretty cool).

Credits and acknowledgements

Whew! My first FAQ completed! What do you think? E-mail your criticism and 
complements to I'd also like to thank Migs Rustia for his 
AWESOME site! His Megaman section helped me out a lot! IrishRagan for his 
Megaman FAQ and his advice! And my parents for lending me money for the 
arcade! Be sure to look for an upgrade!