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|MEGAMAN FAQ  v0.9 |
|by Tyler "t-bob"  Hauck   |  
| |

Last update: March 9, 1998.
-fixed bit about not being able to block while charging the Mega-Buster.
-added bit about keeping your opponent blocking with the charged Mega-Buster.
-see the Shout-Outs for who credit is goin' to for this!

    I  Disclaimer
   II  Info Resources
  III  Intro
   IV  Basic Moves/Super Combos
    V  Combos
   VI  Strategies
  VII  Shout-outs


I - Disclaimer

Marvel vs. Capcom is copyright (c) by Capcom.  Megaman, Rush, and Beat are
copyright (c) by Capcom.  All rights reserved.

I have written this FAQ with the intention that it be distributed freely on
the Internet.  Do not charge people for this document, else I will come to
your house and bust yo' ass.


II - Information Resources

These web sites have excellent information on Marvel vs. Capcom, for all
those who are interested:

Marvel vs. Capcom: The Site!
The MadMan's Cafe     


III - Intro


I first encountered Megaman when I played Megaman 2 for the NES, back in the
days.  It remains one of my all-time favorite games.  When Marvel vs. Capcom
came out, and I discovered that Megaman was a character, I figured I try him
out just for the hell of it.  As it turns out, he's one of the better
characters in the game (in my opinion,) and is my favorite fighter as of now.

I wrote this FAQ mostly because there wasn't one in existance at the time I
wrote it.  It's not very in-depth; it'll probably be of most use to the
beginning Megaman player.

The notation I use in this FAQ will probably be familiar to virtually every
player out there.  If you're unfamiliar with the shorthand you see here,
refer to any FAQ to a game in Capcom's "VS." series.

By the way, please excuse any spelling and/or grammar errors in this FAQ.  I
wrote it rather hastily, and most of it wasn't proofread.


IV - Basic Moves / Super Combos

Megaman's normal punches and kicks aren't particularly noteworthy, save two:
HP and HK.  HP fires the Mega-Buster (see below), and HK is his launcher.
If you are familiar with Chun-Li's or Wolverine's HK, then you are already
familiar with Megaman's HK; they're really the same thing.  For those of you
who don't know, it's a vertical press kick.  Megaman does a handstand,
thrusting both legs into the air.  It's his launcher, and it will trade hits
with jumping attacks.  It's great air defense, second only to the Mega Upper
(see below.)


Wall Cling: Hold the joystick away from the wall as you touch it.  Megaman
will slowly slide downward, and he can fire his Mega-Buster from there.


Mega-Buster: HP - Yep!  A fireball with just one button.  Megaman can fire
the Mega-Buster in the air as well, and there can be two on the screen at a
time.  Tapping HP releases a small shot, but you can charge it up by holding
HP down and then letting go to release the shot.  You *can* move around and
block while charging the Mega-Buster.  The Mega-Buster always travels

The 'Buster is probably Megaman's best move for a variety of reasons:
1. It's easy to shoot: There's no joystick motion.  Just hit HP!
2. Two at once: There can be two on the screen at once, unlike most fireballs.
3. It can charge: This is the most important asset of the Mega-Buster.  Since
   you can block, move around, etc. while you are charging, it's a no-risk
   move.  Also, if it's charged enough, even if your opponent blocks it,
   you'll have time to switch characters, bring out a helper, do a super,
   taunt, whatever.  If you're doing nothing else, you should be charging the


Mega Upper: F,D,DF + P - Bascially a Dragon Punch.  It's more or less like
Ken's Dragon Punch, except it goes forward a miniscule amount and then
straight up.  Because of this, it's not much of an offensive move.  However,
it's excellent air defense; even if your opponent blocks, they will be
knocked too far out of range to connect with a counter.  However, make sure
this move hits, as Megaman is extremely vunerable after executing this move.


Item Change: QCB + K - This move summons Fliptop, Megaman's buddy, and he
will drop an item on the ground for Megaman to pick up.

LK - Megaball
MK - Whirlwind
HK - Leaf Shield

The item you start with is the Whirlwind.  Once you have an item, you can
use it an infinite number of times.  You only need to summon Fliptop to
*change* which item you have.


Item Use: QCF + P - This will activate whatever item you have.  You begin
with the Whirlwind item.

Megaball: Hit this with a kick when you drop it and it will bounce around
the screen until it hits 4 walls or your opponent.

Whirlwind: Megaman will shoot a little pod, and a column of wind, as tall as
the screen, will appear where the pod hits the ground.  The punch button
pressed determines the distace the pod is thrown.  This move can OTG.

Leaf Shield: Once activated, the Leaf Shield will give Megaman one-hit Super
Armor until you shoot the shield by pressing a direction plus a punch button.
It will also dissipate once Megaman is hit or after about 6 or 7 seconds.
The shield will travel horizontally and hit seven times when fired.


Hyper Megaman: QCF + 2P - Megaman's beam super.  After a quick delay, he
gains in size tremendously, and fires a multitude of homing-missile-like
projectiles.  About half a second after that, he cuts loose with the beam,
which covers the upper portion of the screen (don't worry--the beam will hit
any character.)  If you execute the Hyper Megaman right next to your
opponent, Megaman will uppercut them directly into the beam's path as he is
getting bigger.  I don't know if this causes more damage.


Rush Drill: QCF + 2K - Megaman's faithful sidekick, Rush, turns into a
car with a huge drill on the front.  Megaman hops in, and they barrel
forward.  While this is your standard "rushing super," it has a couple of
special features:

-it can change direction.  Just move the joystick in the opposite direction
you are currently travelling, and Megaman will pause, and then turn around.

-Megaman cannot be hit out of it.  If you are hit by an attack while in the
Rush Drill, Megaman will take damage and stop momentarily, but will continue
onward.  This is particularly useful, because even if your opponent sees you
coming, they will have to block because they can't stop you and if they jump
over you, you can turn around.  The best part is, the Rush Drill does good
chipping damage.


Beat Plane: QCB + 2K - Beat flies onscreen (Megaman's duck robot sidekick,)
and Megaman hops in.  You can control Beat's movement with the joystick.  Drop
bombs directly in front of you by pressing K, or fire bombs in a forward arc
by pressing P.


V - Combos

Megaman's Magic Series are as follows:

Ground: Stronger
Air: ZigZag
Super Jumping: ZigZag
Launcher: standing HK
Air Combo Finishers: HP, HK, Leaf Shield shoot, Mega-Buster release

I don't really know any specific combos for Megaman (I just sorta make them
up from the Magic Series as I go,) but there's a few tricks you should keep
in mind.

-charge the Mega-Buster.  Begin charging the Mega-Buster prior to when you
initiate your combo.  Then, finish the combo by releasing the Mega-Buster. If
your combo was of decent length (I usually go to air combo for this,) the
Mega-Buster should be charged enough to hit 5-7 times.

-use the Whirlwind.  If your opponent gets caught in the Whirlwind, you have
time to pull off a move while they're getting smacked around, i.e. a Hyper
Megaman, a launch, or a Mega-Buster release.  You can either initiate a
combo with this method or finish one up by OTG'ing your opponent with the
Whirlwind, but it doesn't really work in mid-combo: there's too much delay
from when the pod is thrown to when it activates.

-use the Leaf Shield.  Activate the Leaf Shield before a combo.  Then, jump
in and do a combo, air or ground.  Finish the combo with the Leaf Shield for a
nice 7-hit finish.  You can link this to the Hyper Megaman just like with the
Whirlwind.  The Leaf Shield can also be used to finish an air combo; the
Whirlwind cannot.


VI - Strategies

Keep-away: With the ability to fire two fireballs in rapid succession, having
an attack that forms a screen-tall barrier, and a Dragon Punch clone, Megaman
can play a nasty game of Keep-away (not quite as cheap as Cyclops in X-Men vs.
Street Fighter, though.)  Use the Mega-Buster to keep them at bay.  If they
jump in, hit 'em with a Mega Upper or a LP Whirlwind.  At large distances, use
the Whirlwind liberally.  Better players will be able to get around this
tactic without a great amount of difficulty though, so watch out. Your
keep-away game is only as good as you play it.

Air defense: As mentioned above, the Whirlwind and the Mega Upper are good
air defense.  Megaman's launcher (HK) is also an excellent air defense.  It
will trade hits with your opponent, if not beat them out entirely.

The Whirlwind: Some people like the Leaf Shield, but I personally prefer the
Whilrwind as an item.  Learn to know its distances and OTG you opponent
whenever possible.  If you get them trapped in the Whirlwind, cut loose with
a Super, a Mega-Buster, or initiate a combo.  The Whirlwind can also keep 'em
blocking, when used in conjunction with the Mega-Buster.  You can pretty much
keep a steady stream of projectiles and full-screen barriers headed their way
if you want to.

Charge the Mega-Buster: Always charge the Mega-Buster before initiating a
combo (unless you're planning on finishing with a Leaf Shield, Whirlwind OTG,
or Super.)  It does good damage, and you can finish any combo with it (see
also the combo section.)  Use it to keep your opponent occupied or getting
pounded too! (see the basic moves section.)


VII - Shout-Out's

What would a FAQ be without greetz!?!?!
Mad props ta:
-Migs Rustia: maintainer of MvC: TS (mentioned in section II).  DOPE SITE!
-Kao Megura: for his excellent MvC FAQ.  Check out his page:
-Ariel: lots-a-luv, girl!
-ohseven: as usual.

Special respect ta:
-anyone reading this FAQ.
-Prinza featuring The Demolition Man: for recording "Fire."  Undoubtedly one
 of the best Jungle recordings I have ever heard.

X-TRA special respect ta:
-Nicholas Bergelin: He pointed out the bit I had about not being able to
 block while charging the Mega-Buster.  Oops!  That prompted me to hit the
 arcade, and, well, he was right, goddammit.  You CAN block!  Also, his
 pointer on using the charged 'Buster to occupy your opponent while you
 switch out was an excellent tactic too.  I hadn't noticed that either.


Peace all, I'm out.