MegaMan/Roll by Novowels

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/01/70 | Printable Version

            A MegaMan and Roll
               Team   F A Q
           For Marvel vs Capcom
               Version  1.4
                written by:
      Novowels <>

                -       -       -       -

  VER 1.0  -- Wrote out the guide with all moves, hypers, some combos, and 
              strategy against Onslaught and a few of the characters.

  VER 1.1  -- Made spelling and grammar corrections, and added a short 
              paragraph strategy against every character.

  VER 1.2  -- Rewrote some stuff, made a few corrections, and added the  
              Lyrics and Translation of Roll's Theme!

  VER 1.3  -- Finessed the sentencing and rewrote a few things, and added 
              strategy vs Captain America. (Oops, guess I did miss one.  
              Hehehe..  Thanks Foreigner!)

  VER 1.4  -- Due to popular demand, I added the Siblings endings and also 
              added 'Other good partners for the duo.'  Also redid a lot of 
              writing.  And I got rid of the big 'Rock & Roll' ASCII thing.  
              Do you like it better with or without?

                -       -       -       -

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S :






I N T R O D U C T I O N :

Welcome to HYPER ROCK & ROLL, the Megaman/Roll Guide! I wrote this guide 
for people who like to play as the most intimidating team in a VS game yet!
Forget Wolvie/Sabretooth, forget Spidey/Venom, forget Ryu/Akuma,  I'm 
talking about Megaman and Roll!

This guide is meant for good, non-cheap players...  I am nowhere near an 
expert on the game myself... I also don't get much competition, so a lot of 
the VS section will be gotten from other sources or from against the 

For your information...  I have spent well over $50 on this game so far, 
and I find it to be money well spent...  Hope you do too!

Megaman and Roll are Copyright (C) Capcom Entertainment, along with the rest 
of the Capcom team.

Spidey, Wolvie, and the rest of the Gang are Copyrighted (C) to Marvel 

Any Copyrights I missed are theoretically acknowledged.

I wrote this for all you Megaman/Roll players to kick some ass.  Not to make 
money.  Please do not sell this.  Don't copy it.  Don't make wierd changes 
to it and post it as your own work.  You may give this to whoever you want, 
you can print it out and hang it on your walls, and you can worship it in 
some kind of pagan ritual.  Just don't sell or copy it.  Thanks.

                TOWARDS  (for advancing)
                BACK     (for retreating/blocking)
                UP       (jumping)
                DOWN     (ducking)
                SJUMP    (super jump..  Press DOWN UP, or all three KICKS)
                DASH     (push TOWARDS TOWARDS quickly, or all three 
                BACK DASH (push BACK BACK quickly, or hold BACK and hit all 
                           three PUNCHES)
                GRO      (ground-only moves)
                G/A      (ground/air moves)
                PBLOCK   (push block..  Block and hit all three punches)
                KNOCKDOWN(a move that knocks an opponent onto their back)
                OTG     (On the Ground.  Means the attack will hit an 
                          opponent that is laying on the ground after a 


         JAB   STRONG   FIERCE
         ( )     ( )     ( )

          ( )     ( )      ( )

  And now, onto...  The Guide.

M E G A M A N :

  Megaman (Rockman in Japan) was originally a small service robot for 
Doctors Light and Wily.  When Wily went mad and took all the robots except 
Mega and a housecleaning robot named Roll, Doctor Light reprogrammed Mega to 
defeat the evil Wily!  In the platform games, after defeating a boss, 
Megaman could plug their weapon into his MegaBuster and use it on others!  
While it'd be cool to absorb Chun Li's Kikosho or something like that. ..  
(Fear...) Mega doesn't actually absorb any powers in this game...  However, 
he can switch to different weapons during the match, giving him a varied and 
powerful arsenal!

        Press PUNCH for the regular blue Megaman,
        KICK for a red Megaman.


JAB and SHORT are the best bet for big combos.  His JAB works best.

FIERCE, ROUNDHOUSE, Mega Buster, Fired Leaf-Shield.

Standing ROUNDHOUSE.  He does a handstand and kicks his feet up.
Good priority.

Ducking ROUNDHOUSE.  He slides forward like in Megaman 8.
Fast, and useful.

His dash isn't the best in the game, he hops forward like
Ryu instead of running like Cap Commando or Wolvie.

Hit START.  Megaman sticks his toungue out and says something in a
silly voice at your opponent.  It's a fairly fast taunt, and very amusing.


        Mega Buster:  FIERCE  (G/A)  (Charged shot will OTG)

Mmmm...  One button projectile.  It pisses people off to keep firing at 
them.  Just like in later Megaman games, you can hold the button down and it 
charges the 'Buster up.  A charged shot will go through any other normal 
fireball in the game!  The longer you charge, the more hits you get.  For 
this reason, I think of it as more of a 'Compressed Beam' than a fireball, 
because it acts more like a beam.  The uncharged shots are useless.  Zero 
chipping damage, and they only do about a pixel if they do hit.


SHORYUKEN!  Megaman does basically a Shotokan Dragon Punch while surrounded 
by a blue aura.  Hits once, invincible at startup, etc etc.  Great anti-air 
attack.  The Mega Punch has horrid lag at the end, so don't just start doing 
them for no reason. This is the move performed during a Team Counter.  It's
invincible at the start, so it can be used quite effectively up close.

        Weapon Change:  DOWN, DOWN-BACK, BACK+ ANY KICK  (GRO)

                SHORT:          Rockball
                FORWARD:        Whirlwind
                ROUNDHOSE:  Leaf Shield

Do this move and Megaman will pose for a split second, and Fliptop(some call
him 'Eddie') will hop down and a small bubble will pop out.  You can change 
as often as you want, and you can even steal other Megaman/Roll players 


After selecting your weapon, do this to use it.  You can use them an 
infinite number of times.  But remember that while you're charging, you only 
get to use the JAB and STRONG versions!

        ROCKBALL:  (GRO)
A small ball will drop out onto the ground.  Use a KICK button to kick
it towards your enemy.  It usually misses or is blocked, I don't use it 
often, but it can be used as air defense and to play keep-away.

        TORNADO HOLD:  (GRO)  (OTG)
This is the default weapon at the start of each match.  Fire and a
column of wind (Like Storms helper whirlwind) will come out at a certain 
point.  Unlike Storms' move, this doesn't travel forwards.

        LEAF SHIELD:  (Activation is GRO, firing is G/A)
Do the motion once, and you will be covered in a revolving shield of
leaves.  This shield will completely protect you from a single hit.
Do the motion again, and it will fire the leaves straight forward.  It hits
8 times, and will go through any other fireball.  The leaves can be fired in
the air.



Megaman will yell, then transform into a humongous robot (dwarfing even the
Hulk!) and blast out an IMMENSE blue beam, and a crapload of missles and
what looks like mini-mega buster blasts.
To use this effectively, put it up close.  If they are hit by Megaman's
transformation, the are knocked directly into the beam, and are unable to
block it!  This can be put into air combos!


Rush, Megaman's mechanical dog, will transform into a wierd-looking drill 
car and Mega hops inside.  You are *totally* invincible during this super.
I went through Ryu/War Machines double-team super once!  (and boy, that guy
was PISSED!  Hehehe.)  If the last hit of the super hits the opponent, they 
are tossed high up in the air and land in the corner, which gives Mega ample 
time to recover.  (and he needs the time, too!)  Does good damage and even 
good chipping damage.

        (The bombs will probably OTG... Not sure)

Beat, Megaman's mechanical bird,  flies in and transforms into a plane.  
Megaman hops in and you can now control the plane!
Press PUNCH to shoot blasts out the front, KICK to drop bombs.
Megaman is *not* invincible during this super...  One hit will knock him out
of the plane.  I don't use it much, but have comboed off a sufficiently 
charged Mega Buster blast.

        Ground Magic:   Stronger
        Jumping Magic:  ZigZag
        SJumping Magic: ZigZag

        What's a Magic Series?  It's the sequence of buttons that will 
produce a combo with your character.  In Megaman's case, 'Stronger' means 
that you must proceed from a punch or kick to a STRONGER punch or kick.  
'Zigzag' means that you can connect the buttons in a ZigZag pattern, like 

        ( )   ( )   ( )
         |  /  |  /  |
        ( )   ( )   ( )

        One of the most important aspects to your Comboing is LAUNCHING.  
Every character has a launcher.  What the launcher does is pops them to 
SJump height.  After launching, hold up and your character will 
automatically SJump after them.  The oppenent CANNOT block until they
start to fall, so you may continue to combo them!
        Therefore, what you want to do is hit them with a ground combo, use 
your launcher, follow, SJ combo, then finish it.  If successful, this looks 
cool and can do very good damage.

Some easy combo's you'll want to try:

 Charge Mega Buster, DASH or JUMP in, JAB, STRONG, Release Mega Buster
 Activate Leaf Shield, DASH or JUMP in, JAB, FORWARD, Fire Leaf Shield

 Charge Mega Buster, DASH or JUMP in, JAB, STRONG, DOWN+ROUNDHOUSE, Release  
 Mega Buster Charge Mega Buster, DASH or JUMP in, JAB, FORWARD, ROUNDHOUSE, 
 SJump, JAB, STRONG, Release  Mega Buster


 Charge Mega Buster, DASH or JUMP in, JAB, STRONG, ROUNDHOUSE, SJump, JAB,  
 SHORT, STRONG, FORWARD, Release Mega Buster

 But frankly, just follow Mega's magic series and whip 'em out.  It's 
important to note that as Mega's a little guy, his arms and legs are very 
short, so even dash-in ground-to-air combos will have to be shortened so the 
opponent doesn't get pushed out of range.


  Megaman is a very small character.  Zangief, Hulk, and Venom's high 
attacks will generally fly right over him.  Megaman can stick to walls and 
slide down, or do a Wall Jump.  He also has a slow fall, ad
can move about a little in midair.
  He can also fire his Buster while wall-sliding.
  While charging the 'Buster, Rush will stop and growl at the other 
  I generally spend my time SJumping and charging my 'Buster.  Most of the 
time, your opponent will follow you into the air, so release a small Air 
Combo, Hyper Megaman, or Throw them!  It works pretty well, especially 
against people with ground-based attacks.
  If they don't follow you...  Well, you ARE going to land on them.  So, 
Ground Combo, Super Combo, just attack, or just block whatever Anti-Air 
thing they try.  Mid-air is where Megaman can dominate, if you're smart.


Megaman is a great all-around character.  His Hyper Megaman is a great 
backup super, one of the best in the game.  It's big, it's mean, and it 
HURTS.  Thus, he is a very versatile partner and works well with about 
everone.  One thing to note is that he doesn't deal as much normal damage as 
most.  So team him up with a power character to help out!

Leave him as Ryu, or change him to Ken.  Akuma takes damage bad, and just 
doesn't give back enough to justify using it.  Plus, Ryu and Ken can combo 
the team super, Akuma can't.

Ahh, Team Capcom.  The Cap'n works great with Mega because he does so much 
damage, and the supers compliment each other really well.  Always launch 
into it.

Hey, the computer uses this team all the time.  And frankly, it works pretty 
well.  It's important to note, however, that the Team Supers don't 
compliment each other very well, like all wave supers mixed with beam 


Some people have complained that his ending sucks.  I don't, I think it's 
one of the funnier endings in the game.  (DEFINATELY not the funniest 
though.  Hehehehe.)
I do, however, think it's a bit short.  Kind of a letdown after spending $5 
on the big O...

Megaman zaps Onslaught and it shows him and his partner standing over 
Professor X's prone form.  Megaman reaches down by Xaviers body and 
teleports away.  The next scene shows Rock standing somewhere, except he is 
now red instead of blue.  He aims his MegaBuster forward and shoots out a 
purple MAGNETIC SHOCKWAVE.  The screen says "You Got Magnetic Shockwave!"  
in large letters.  Megaman blasts away for a while, then the screen fades 
and the credits roll.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

R  O  L  L  :

Damn, she's cute.  Ain't she?  For some reason, I have always picked the 
cute little girl characters present in most games as my favs.  Just a thing 
of mine.  Hehehe.
Another reason I like her is the fact that she takes real skill.  Scratch 
that, she takes _beyond_ skill.  She's a serious underdog character.  You 
don't pick her up and mash away and pull a win out of your ass with her.  To 
me, she's the exact opposite of Strider.  And that's what I'm looking for.  
And hey, she's cute.  You don't need another reason to pick her!  She's 
cute, that's enough!

        Roll is a secret character.  To get her, move to Zangief (top right 
corner) and move the controller:

    + - - - - - - - +
    | LEFT, LEFT,   |     Seems like a lot to remember, at first.
    | DOWN, DOWN,   |     Still, it's better than Shadow Lady's code...
    | RIGHT, RIGHT, |     It's easier to remember this way:
    | DOWN, DOWN,   |     Starting at Zangief, make a "5",
    | LEFT, LEFT,   |     then go up, right, up, up, right,
    | UP, RIGHT,    |     (you should be on Megaman's box)
    | UP, UP,       |     Then go right one more time.  Roll's
    | RIGHT, RIGHT. |     Box will appear next to Megamans.
    + - - - - - - - +

        Press PUNCH for Roll in a red and white dress,
        KICK for Roll in a gray and white dress.


        Roll's JUMPING and SJUMPING ROUNDHOUSE has two forms.  Regular 
ROUNDHOUSE is a regular forward kick, but holding UP+ROUNDHOUSE has her do a 
downward kick.
Both her RK and UP+RK are her most highly-prioritized jump-ins.

Like Megaman, stick to JAB and SHORT.  JAB for longer combos.

FIERCE, ROUNDHOUSE, Roll Buster, Fired Leaf Shield, UP+ROUNDHOUSE.

Again, standing ROUNDHOUSE is the launcher.  Unfortunately, Roll doing
a handstand in that skirt would be indecent.  So she just kicks REALLY high
upward.  Similar to Cap Commando's RK.  But BAD priority.  Luckily, jump-
ins are hard against Roll because of her size.

DOWN and ROUNDHOUSE is a slide, just like MM.  She scoots across the floor
with her leg out.  This is what you want to be counting on.  It'll go under
almost every projectile, and sets up OTG combos.

She, like Mega, hops forward.  She's slow.  It sucks.  If you're trying for
gaining ground, use the slide.  If you're going for dash in combos, go ahead
and use it, but I recommend jump-in combos with Roll.

She straightens her hair bow and says something.
(anyone know what?  'Cause I'd like t'know!)


        (OTG's after a throw or slide)

D'oh!  No one button projectile here!  Roll's 'Buster is apparently an older 
model, since it's unchargeable.  Since Roll's 'Buster is not connected to 
her arm, she has to get it out of her skirt too, which gives it horrible 
startup and recovery.  The blast is the size of one of Megaman's charged 
shots, but it only hits once and doesn't go through other fireballs.  It's 
still a powerful blast, though.  Use the JAB version at all times, it does 
almost the FIERCE damage and speed, with quite a bit less recovery time...  
This is the move Roll performs when doing a team counter.

        Exploding Bouquet:  DOWN,DOWN-BACK,BACK+ ANY PUNCH  (G/A)

Hehe, I love this move.  :)  Roll rears back and throws a bouqet of flowers 
at her opponent.  The bouqet must be blocked high, and it arcs up enought to 
knock people jumping in away.  Using JAB will cause the bouqet to arc up, 
then fall like a stone right in front of Roll, while ROUNDHOUSE will cause 
it to go ALMOST all the way across the screen.  It will negate regular 
fireballs, and I have used it to stop Venom's Web Super!  Still, the 
recovery really sucks with this move.  Use it like Dan's Autograph move in 
MSH vs SF, for taunting and to annoy people on their last few pixels
of life, but don't count on it to save your butt in a close fight.

        Weapon Change:  DOWN,DOWN-BACK,BACK+ ANY KICK  (GRO)

                SHORT:          Rockball
                FORWARD:        Tornado Hold
                ROUNDHOUSE: Leaf Shield

Just like Megaman, Fliptop is here to help Roll out with some extra weapons!  
In fact, Roll uses the exact same weapons as Megaman, in the same way.  
However, she has a little more of a startup and end delay than her bro.  
Gotta get the darn thing outta her pocket y'know...


After selecting your weapon, do this to use it.
You can use them an infinite number of times.

        ROCKBALL:  (GRO)
A small ball will drop out onto the ground.  Use a KICK button to kick
it towards your enemy.  It usually misses or is blocked, I don't use it 

        TORNADO HOLD:  (GRO)  (OTG)
This is the default weapon at the start of each match.  Fire and a
column of wind (Like Storms whirlwind move) will come out at a certain 
point. Unlike Storms' move, this doesn't travel forward.

        LEAF SHIELD:  (To call the shield is GRO, to fire the shield is G/A)
Do the motion once, and you will be covered in a revolving shield of
leaves.  This shield will completely protect you from a single hit. (A La 
Super Armor)
Do the motion again, and it will fire the leaves straight forward.  It hits
12 times, and will go through any other fireball.  It can be fired in midair 
as well, but with as much recovery as a FIERCE Mega Buster Blast.  It will 
also dissipate after a few seconds, so people can wait it out.



Roll, winks, yells, then transforms into a big robot.  Unlike the Hyper 
Megaman, she doesn't shoot that beam of death!  Instead, she fires a 
crackling beam of electricity from her tiara/headband thing.  The problem?  
Hyper Roll is as tall as Onslaught First Form!  Although she does also shoot 
out a load of missles and Mega shots to cover her lower half, (including a 
barrage of missles from her uh...  chest region... *snicker*) they will do 
NO damage if blocked, and frankly don't do that much anyway.  However, 
taller characters like Hulk, Zang, and Venom sometimes get knocked up into 
the beam by the missles! (not always tho). Like the Hyper Megaman, they can 
get hit by the transformation and are launched into the beam, setting them 
up perfectly for DEATH!!  HAHAHAHAA!!  ...  Sorry.

                (OTG's, just like Mega's version)

Rush runs onscreen and turns into that funky little drill car.  Just like
Megaman's version, this thing cannot be stopped!  Roll can't be grabbed, 
supered, double team supered, and even Onslaught can do nothing to stop you!
It is much more difficult to combo this, since Roll can't juggle the 
opponent with a charged Mega Buster shot...  But a fired Leaf Shield should 
handle it!
Also does decent chipping damage.  Comparing this Drill to Megaman's will 
make you weep, though.  (Why??  The Drill is the same!  It should do the 
same amt of damage!)

        BEAT PLANE:  DOWN,DOWN-BACK,BACK+ 2 KICKS  (G/A)  (Bombs may OTG, I 
                                                           haven't tried it)

Beat flies out and Roll hops in.  Press PUNCH to fire projectiles forward,
and KICK to drop bombs.  Like Megaman, one hit will knock you right out of
this, and it is much, much harder to combo for Roll.  Still, it's useful for
chipping, and you can fly all over with it.  Use it to cross up the 
opponent, make them block the wrong way!


        Roll isn't quite the combo maniac that Megaman is.  The unchargeable 
Mega Buster is a serious hampering to her offensive game.  That doesn't mean 
you shouldn't combo...  In fact, thanks to the serious lag-time on all of 
Roll's special moves, combos are your best friend. The main problem with 
Roll is her short-ranged regular attacks...  Roll has to be right on top
of her opponent to even hit them.

        Ground Magic:    Stronger
        Jumping Magic:   ZigZag
        SJumping Magic:  ZigZag

Also, her ground launcher doesn't have the reach nor the priority of 
Megaman's, so shorten her ground to air combos or she'll push them out of 
range before launching them!

Other than that, stick to Megaman's combos.  You won't get as many hits or 
damage, but hey.  It's a combo.  Also:  Her FP air throw can be added to 
combos, and it does good damage if not Tech Hit out of!  Although I dislike 
throwing, beating people with Roll makes you have to go to extremes!


        Roll is THE smallest character in the game.  This can be good or 
bad...  For one, she is a damn small target.  Things like Cajun Strike, and 
Spideys Maximum Spider are quite difficult to manually aim at her. (Though 
the computer has no problems.)  She can also duck underneath a lot of moves, 
special moves, and supers.  I've been told that part of the Captain Storm will
miss Roll. (Though I don't believe it.  You may be able to duck under the 
uppercut though.) The next thing about Roll is her SJumping...  Roll floats.  
Her skirt seems to act like a drag chute, she falls the slowest of everyone 
else.  This can be advantageous:  Repeatedly throwing jab Bouqets will keep 
you in the air, and relatively safe. Watch for those guys that know how to air
dash/double jump or air counter though...
        Secondly, Roll's air defense is next to nil.  Her launcher has 
almost NO priority, as it looks like Captain Commando's launcher, except 
Roll's legs are so short that she barely covers her front.  The Exp. Bouquet 
CAN be used for air defense, but some people can actually recover from being 
hit by the Flowers and can hit Roll before she can recover!
        All of Roll's supers are rip-offs of Megaman's.  In fact, most of 
her moves are rip-offs too.  If they know what to expect from him, they know 
what to expect from her.
        Finally, always keep your cool...  If your opponent manages to take 
out Megaman, the tend to get a bit cocky about taking out Roll.  Don't 
panic and throw out a super, even if they only have a few pixels left!  The 
Hyper Roll won't do block damage, and the Rush Drill has enough start-up lag 
that people can SJump and get on the other side, where they can do whatever
they want to you while you detransform.  Play it cool and don't expect to 
win every time, just have fun.  Taunt and ridicule your opponent, but after 
it's over shake his or her hand and say "Good game." whether you win or 
lose.  Remember, we MvC fans gotta stick together!


Roll's main problem is that she takes damage, doesn't do much damage, has 
bad range, bad recovery, and a very small beam super in an awkward place.  
Thus, she's VERY hard to find a good partner.  Now some people think that 
partnering some overpowered bastard (Wolvie/Spider/Strider/Li) with Roll 
means they aren't cheap, since they're giving themselves such a drag 
characters.  For all but Wolvie, I agree.  Roll can add on some MEAN super 
meter with J.FP's, and Wolvie heals more and faster than others so Roll is 
actually an ADVANTAGE if you can dominate super-well with Wolvie.  So a
Wolvie/Roll Team?  CHEAP CITY.  Hehehe.

Actually, this is my most dangerous team now.  I still use Mega, and I still 
do very well, but the Captain just rocks.  His Sword is one of the few team 
supers that work REALLY well with the Hyper Roll.  Besides that, he's an 
extra-strong character that makes up for Roll's inability to inflict massive 
damage.  However, he takes hits bad, and so does Roll.  So you have to be a 
bit more careful with this team.

He's another of my favs, althought the Team Super only works well when he's 
in Ken mode. In Ryu mode, you have to choose.  Shinkuu or Hyper will hit?  
It's nearly impossible to get both to hit.  Akuma mode is worse, since he 
has bad startup lag on his Super Fireball sucks.  And besides, between Akuma 
and Roll they have about as much vitality as one Hulk.  Trust me, that's not 

Although I'm not THAT good at him, Cap is a great all round character.  
Stronger than most, he can make up for Roll's weakness.  (Well, one of 
them...) And the Team Super works well.  Works best to start it with the 
Captain though.  They both have a slow fall, so people with impenetrable air 
defense will probably give you problems.

The 'Giefer.  Big Man.  Zango.  The Big Cheese.  Mr. Spin Your Head into the 
Ground.  Toned down considerably (His SPD does what the double hit RBG used 
to in XSF, and his FAB does about what an old FP SPD did.  *sigh*) Zango is 
still a nasty hitter.  He can nearly match the Hulk punch-for-punch, and can 
turn into an unstoppable Zombie Killing Machine!!  Their Team Super when 
started with the big Z is the Double Final Atomic Buster, which looks 
absolutely hilarious!  Roll clings on with all her might while 'Grief pounds 
'im into the ground!  Don't discount using Roll to start though, the 'Atomic 
Lariat' super has been beefed up considerably, now hitting low and juggling 
high for a LOT more hits!


Last couple of times I went down to the arcade, MvC was really busy so I 
kept getting interrupted in my fight towards Onslaught.  Thus, this is not 
an EXACT transcript of what happened.  Still, I've beaten O with her a few 
times in the past, so I know what happened, just not word-for-word.

Roll smacks Onslaught, and he falls to the ground.  'Roll wins!'  The scene 
shows Roll and her partner standing over the fallen Professor X.  The next 
scene shows Onslaughts stage, with Roll running from the left to the right.  
Dr. Light (Or maybe the Dr. Light Rush Projector thing) appears.  Roll says 
that she can't believe she beat the stage before Megaman did.  Dr. Light 
can't believe it either, but seems quite impressed.  He says something 
similar to:  'Let me enhance your power now for the next stage!'
  Roll turns into the Hyper Roll robot and jets offscreen with Dr. 
Light/Rush.  A second passes, then Megaman runs onscreen from the left.  He 
looks left.  He looks right.  He looks left again.  Then he kneels down and 
a tear falls from his eye.  The scene fades out and the credits roll.

Hehe, another funny ending!  This one ranks about #3 on the funniest 
endings!  And watching Megaman cry is just kinda funny, especially if he was 
your partner.  Hehehehe. Sibling rivalry.  Go figure.

T H E  D R E A M  T E A M :

        Yeah, buddy.  This is what I'm talkin' about!  First of all, you 
have to pick Roll first!  Frankly, I like to start with Roll anyways, but if 
you don't wanna, just hold all three punches until the start of the match 
after picking them and their teammate.  Megaman will be first now.
 Anyways, there are a number of special things to point out about the 
Megaman/Roll team.

        Problem #1:  Aside from the non-chargeable nature of Roll's Mega 
Buster, Mega's Dragon Punch, and Roll's Bouqet of Death, these 2 have the 
same exact moves.  This tends to make you a tad...  Shall we say, 
'predictable.'  One of the best things to do is to mix and match your 
weapons and supers.  Leave Mega with the Whirlwind, but change Roll to the 
Leaf Shield.  Use the Hyper Megaman liberally, but use Roll's Rush Drill 
more than the Hyper Roll.
        Also, try a different tactic with each of them.  Spend Mega's time 
chipping away with the Buster, then pop Roll in and haver her gunning for 
them with high-hitting ground-to-air combo's and supers!  Betcha they won't 
be expecting that...

        Problem #2:  Both of these are a tad bit on the small side.  Wise 
opponents know that they both have a slow fall and therefore will spend a 
lot of time duckblocking.
  Not much can get around this.  Throw 'em around and OTG them a bunch, and 
keep trying to launch them.  Mid-air is where Megaman and Roll really shine.  
Spend a lot of time up there.

        Problem #3 is damage.  Let's face it, Roll could not arm-wrestle the 
Hulk.  Hell, she's smaller than his damn arm!!  And she's not sturdy.  A few 
nasty hyper combos put her out, or right in her place.  Switch out to heal a 
lot, and keep Megaman as backup, he's your heavy hitter.
        The final big problem is range...  Being little guys, these two have 
to get in REAL close for their stubby little arms and legs to hit them!  Of 
course, since most standing attacks go over Roll, she has less trouble 
getting up close than Mega.  And Mega's chargeable Buster more than makes up 
for range problems anyways...



        Technically, this double team super should be called "The Hyper 
Megaman and Roll," but I think "Hyper Rock & Roll" sounds a helluva lot 
There are a number of reasons this Double Team Up Super can truly suck.  As 
usual, most of it is on account of Roll.  The first thing to know is that 
there are no missiles, no Mega Buster blasts.  There is only the 2 beams.  
For Megaman, this isn't a problem.  His beam covers
practically the whole screen.  Roll's beam, however, is about a quarter of 
an inch thick and near the top of the screen.  However, connecting at that 
crucial point isn't easy.  And just hitting with Megaman's portion actually 
does less damage than a normal Hyper Megaman for twice the cost!  (although 
it will cover you for a safe character switch and do decent block damage)

        What you need to do is find a way for Roll to hit with her Beam...  
The oretically, getting the opponent hit by Roll's transformation should set 
it up nicely, but that isn't so.  It does not work, I can't stress that 
enough.  Roll's transform-hit knocks them way the hell up there.  It 
basically launches them.  The problem is they land on the very top of 
Megaman's beam.  This does PATHETIC damage, especially for 2 levels of super 
        Strangely, Megaman's transform hit will set them up nicely, knocking 
most characters into the center of his beam and allowing Roll to pile on the 
hits with her electricity!  If you do it deep enough starting with Roll, 
Megaman will hit with his transformation too, and that will pop them right 
into Roll's beam.  The duo then blasts the crap out of them!  The amount of 
damage a double-transform hit setup (started with Roll) does is amazing, and 
is a great crowd pleaser to finish with, although getting it to hit takes 
skill, patience, and most importantly:  LUCK.

        Then again, if you have a couple levels of meter to play with, it's 
a lot more fun to go psycho with the Double Team Attack...  Unless you're 
really hurting, then the 2 on 1 will probably get you killed.  Also, NEVER 
do the double team against Onslaught Form 2...  One word: Onslaught Eye-
beam.  Ouch.



        I have found a couple of reasons the Double Team Attack is a lot 
more useful than the Team Super.  First of all, you can do a Hyper 
Megaman/Hyper Roll once or twice during the Double Team Attack anyways, and 
those missles and blasts are all there this time!  Second of all, I have 
found some great Team Attack combos.  Here's a few.


        Try to work the Double Team Attack into a combo or something.  Let's 
say Mega's in against Venom.  You have a Level 3 super bar, and he's being 
all careful because he doesn't want to eat a HYPER ROCK AND ROLL.  Power up 
the Blaster and move in on him.  Make sure he's about in the middle of the 
screen, and release the Buster.  He'll do one of three things, Get hit, Jump 
over it, or Block.  Do the Double Team Attack (DOWN,DOWN-BACK,BACK+ FIERCE +
ROUNDHOUSE)  Megaman will taunt, then Roll will jump in with a kick.  If 
Venom got hit with a decent sized charged blast, it can combo.  Roll will 
then taunt.  Megaman is free, and he has UNLIMITED SUPERS.  Do a Hyper 
Megaman.  If it hits him, uhh...  He's braindead or you're lucky.
Immediately jump over Venom while he's blocking.  Now you have Roll on one 
side, Megaman on the other.  Before Megaman can return to normal, have Roll 
do a RUSH DRILL.  As soon as Megaman recovers from the Hyper, have HIM do 
the RUSH DRILL too!  There is no need to move the joystick, but jam on those 
KICKS for extra hits!!  This does insane damage, insane chipping damage, and 
both of your characters are TOTALLY INVINCIBLE!!  Venom can do NOTHING!  
This is extremely cheap, and using it in a VS Match will probably get you 
some mean looks! (or punched!) Do it after they beat you 5 times with 
Spidey/Wolvie.  Wipe that smug button-smashing scrub grin off their face.  
Make sure you yell "Rush DRILL!" In a silly voice with the announcer as
you win!  (Chip away the last few pixels of their life with it at the end!)


        Try the same general thing, just get Beat Planes on either side of 
them!  Keep jamming on Punches and you can juggle them for some really 
impressive combo counts!  Keep in mind that using the 2 0n 1 attack makes 
people immediately switch to BLOCK EVERYTHING mode...  Which is pretty smart 
really.  *grin*  So do a Hyper Megaman/Roll and have the other guy run up 
and throw 'em!  Then OTG with a Rush Drill and make your own combo!  The 
possibilities are endless!


You want to have some certain partners for Megaman and Roll.  I will list 
some of the more useful partners here and why they are good...  Good 
partners can be the difference between life and death...

I do not believe in CHOOSING your RANDOM partner, so I'm not going to list 
the codes here.  Go to Migs' page if you really NEED to know, but trust me, 
the game is a lot more fun if you allow the random element into play.

     Hell, is there any team where Colossus isn't useful?  He sets up any 
horizontal attacks!  Hyper Megaman, Buster blasts, Beat Plane...  You name
it, the big guy can set it up!

     Same as Colossus, just quicker.  The speed means some stuff will have 
     trouble connecting though.

  US Agent:
    Same as Psy...  Also, he doesn't go all the way across the screen.

    Just having all these short people running around is fun.  *grin*  Use 
    that purple flame as a shield with Roll, just duck behind him!

  King Arthur:
    Same as Lou...  Plus those lances can help combo Mega Buster blasts.

    Having a big moving wall is always helpful...

 Shadow: (Note:  Shadow is a secret helper, so you have to choose him.  Get 
          the code off MvC: The Site!  The address is in the Thanks 
          section.) Can set up the HYPER ROLL if timed properly!

     Can also set up the HYPER ROLL..

     Probably the cheapest set up for Roll's super...  *grin*  Shouldn't 
     have ran to the corner, dude...  Not my fault...

     Allow me to elucidate:  After pressing SHORT+FORWARD, Devilot pops on 
     screen.  After a few seconds, it explodes, causing UNBLOCKABLE damage.  
     That means get them in a corner, call Devilot, then HYPER ROLL them.  
     Unless they SJump at just the right time, and I mean RIGHT as Devilot 
     pops onscreen, the explosion will toss them directly into Roll's 
     electrical beam!  EVEN IF THEY BLOCK!!!
     Some people seem to think this tactic is cheap...  I think Roll's 
     fierces not going through Hulks Super Armor is cheap, but do you
     hear me complaining about it??  Well, yeah, but not loudly!


  There are certain people who're going to mop the floor with you, and 
certain people that you can just waltz all over.  Generally speaking, 
Megaman is a slightly above-average character, and Roll is below-average.  
One of the biggest problems you're going to have is Mr. Tough Guy The 
Incredible Hulk.  Then again, this overpowered green bastard gives everyone
trouble now, doesn't he?  *grin*  Probably why I like to use him and Zangief 

        Against the Hulk, jump and block a LOT.  Or else he'll mop you up 
and toss you away. Roll takes hits terribly, and with the Hulk's strength, 
it'll only take a few to knock her out of the fight --either permanently or 
just to rest.  Megaman is a little better equipped.  His charged Mega Buster 
will blow through Hulkies super armor, and the Mega Upper is GREAT 
defensively.  Orange Hulk poses little threat compared to the real thing...  
Definately the worst secret character, despite what some POLLS say...  

        Another person I have quite a bit of trouble with is Gambit.  All 
his moves are quick and his slashes cover his full front..  No passing over 
Roll's head (except standing FIERCE!) on most of his moves here.  And watch 
out for his Kinetic Card's, he can pop them out while you're bouqet tossin' 
and they hit immediately!  They're also one of the few projectiles that
Roll can't slide under!

        Chun Li-  Who doesn't have trouble with her??  Good luck getting her 
Air Death By Chinese Characters Hyper Combo to hit though..   Hehehe.  Her 
lightning legs can cause you problems, but her Kikoken can be WALKED under 
by Roll.  Heh.

        Shadow Lady-  Haven't fought against her yet, but she doesn't have 
the Air Hyper or Kikosho, although you should probably watch out for her Big 
Bang Laser...  The drill looks like it may pass over Roll's head, but I 
doubt it.

        Wolvie-  Claw claw claw claw claw claw combo into Berserker Barrage 
        X, die.   *yawn*
        Spidey-  Web, combo, launch, imbossible air combo, repeat, die.   
        *rolls eyes*

For both these guys, there is a simple rule: Keep away from them!!  If they
can't touch you, they can't hurt you.  Y'all know how to beat scrubs, and 
rarely do serious players use these guys anyways.  Additionally, spend a lot 
of time in the air. Wolverine's worst attacks are really ground based.  And 
comboing li'l Roll is terrible.  They'll screw up easily, so capitalize on 

        War Machine-  Ugh.  I hate this guy!  What is he doing in this game?
DIE WAR MACHINE!  Ahem, anyways...  WM is the projectile man.  He's the only 
one in the game with a beam.  Beam's eat fireballs.  Then beams hit you.  
Well, unless you're short.  Eheheh.  He has so many ways to cancel your 
fireballs it's not funny. His Missle blast, however, can be slid under by 
Roll and Mega, and if you are in REAL close with Roll when he tries a Proton 
Cannon, Roll can duck under it!  As a side note, why does he need that 
plexiglass shield?!  Wuss!  Roll doesn't even need a shield!  His shoulder 
cannon will go over Roll's head, and he has terrible recovery on all his 
moves...  Evade a lot.  Mega War Machine get's a lot more respect from me,
but treat him like Mega Zangief, and use the Rush Drill a lot...  He can't 
block or counter, and switching out will allow you to smack his opponent 

        Ah, Venom.  Psychotic.  Symbiotic.  Weird.  He does good chipping 
damage, but that's about it.  He telegraphs almost everything he does ahead 
of time.  The most difficult move you will encounter is his leaping symbiote 
wave move.  And believe me, you'll encounter that a lot.  Stay cool.  Venom 
is strangely a very bad fighter against Roll.  His standing attacks 
generally go over her head, and he has bad recovery, leaving himself upen a 
lot.  Make sure you use every advantage thrown your way, and leave the
spider-hater in the dust.

        The team has a distinct advantage over Ryu, since one of his 
attacks, the hurricane kick, will go over their head.  Without that move, 
Ryu's fireballs are slower, and his dragon punch is equal to Megamans.  
Watch out for Akuma modes hurricane...  I think it will hit Mega though.
Only a fool switches to Ken mode against Roll...  That hurricane can't hit 
her if she's on the ground, and it leaves him wide, wide open for the Hyper 

        Morrigan can give Roll a run for her money, but just doesn't have 
the stuff to take Megaman on.  Play against her a lot like you'd play 
against Ryu, just watch out for the air drill kick and her multi-hit mid-air 
dragon punch clone.  Lilith is again just a watered down version of her 
palette-swapped 'sister.'

        Zang has a tough time with this group...  Especially Roll.  Since 
she is so small, all his standing attacks hit air, and it is REALLY hard to 
catch her in a Spinning Pile Driver. If he goes to Mega Zangief mode, RUSH 
DRILL him.  There's nothing he can do to knock you out of it, and he can't 
block it.  *snicker*  Watch out for the lag at the end, you could get
Final Atomic Bustered, and neither Roll nor Rock can take many of those...

        Jin is one of the few that are well equipped to take on the short 
crew.  His downward flaming punch and air dashing whirling sliding kick 
thing can screw you over.  Watch out for his cheesy Hurricane Super too...  
That will massacre poor Roll...  He also has a standing trip, and a lot of 
his stuff OTG's.  Learn to roll well and quickly.

        The Captain Corridor is a bane to your existence...  It hits you 
jumping in, it cancels fireballs, and it HURTS.  Thanks to the Captain Fire 
and Corridor, Pogo Smacking and playing keep away or fireball wars is very 
difficult.  The Captain Storm will miss a ducking Roll though, although half 
his damn regular moves do super+ damage to Roll...
Boy, hitting with that Captain Corridor sends Roll FLYING, geeze.  Takes a 
few seconds to come down...

        This is the one of the guys I won't touch with a ten-foot pole...  
The hold a place in my mind beyond Wolvie and Spidey:  Strider and War 
Machine I will not play, and I give no quarter against them.  That cheesy 
sword beats out anything that Wolvie can dish out, in my mind.  His teleport 
is also not much fun, and can make comboing him a hassle, since Roll and 
Mega's dashes are slow and so is their jumping in.  Luckily, he has 
basically no projectiles so keep blasting him till he's dead.

        Oh yeah.  This guy.  *grin*  Cap is very strong, but is also very 
slow.  His standing Shield Slash will go over both Roll and Rock's head, and 
if you hit or throw Cap, you can prevent him from getting it back!  Cap 
players get a little annoyed if they don't have their shield, and will often 
make stupid mistakes trying to get it back.  Use that to your advantage. He 
has a double jump, but is slow enough that it's more an advantage for you 
than him.  The Charging Star has horrid lag time, throw him after blocking 
it for some easy damage!

Uh, did I miss anyone...?  Oh well, onto the big bad guy...



The Rock & Roll team really shine against Onslaught.  Against FORM ONE, you 
should start with Roll.  The thing to remember is to keep things short, 
sweet, and on the ground.  Roll can do ANYTHING while he's doing that Mega 
Onslaught Blast.  Run up and start smacking him!  He generally does 2 or 3 
in a row, so just repeat.  Watch out for bombing sentinels!

If Onslaught does Hyper Gravs, call your helper or jump and Roll Buster
it.  They are unblockable but helpers and projectiles fizzle them out.

PUSH BLOCK everything.  The Onslaught Rush, the Magnetic Shockwave, 
everything.  Just keep waiting for that Onslaught Blast and nail his ass to 
the floor.

Try to switch to Megaman near the end of Onslaught's lifebar.  When using 
Megaman you have to be more careful than with Roll.  But still follow the 
same pattern.  Push block everything, then slide up to him and make him reel 
while he's blasting air.  Charge the Mega Buster at all times!  It'll make 
him stagger back for a while, allowing you to follow up with a couple of 
hits.  And never use his crouching STRONG during the beam, since Rock'll hop 
up into the beam...


        This fight, as always, can be a real challenge.  As Megaman, charge 
up that Buster and start J.RKing him in the face! Release the 'Buster when 
it's charged long enough.  When you've got a couple of levels, try a midair 
Hyper Megaman to his face!  Watch out because he can knock you out of it 
with those energy blasts, and DAMN do those hurt!!
But just stick with charged Buster shots mixed with Hyper Megaman's to win.  
If you want to win with Roll, I recommend using the BEAT PLANE super.

        Although it leaves her wide open, you can knock the shit out of him 
and follow him to boot.  The main thing to watch for is the bombing 
sentinels...  You can't block while in the plane, and he automatically calls 
them as soon as you transform!  Good luck against Onslaught!

A U T H O R ' S  N O T E S:

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whatever, to < >  Any mail welcome!

Or if you want to talk to me on ICQ, my number is 2028071, but I'm generally 
only on after midnight, since other people use the phone during the day...  
Still, I'll talk to ya 'bout anything!

I still play the Duo every once in a while, even though I've beaten the game 
with both of them...  Obsess much?  *grin*  I might work on a Captain 
Commando FAQ now..  Any useful info on the Captain would be appreciated!  
I'm also toying with a Chun Li/Shadow Lady Team guide... What d'y'all think?

You can get this Guide at my homepage The Express Elevator to Hell (game 
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If you'd like to post it on your page, lemme know and I'll mail you any 
updates or corrections, and I'll list your site here with my next update.

R O L L ' S   T H E M E   T R A N S L A T I O N :

        If you've ever played Roll, you know she has some wicked theme 
music! (the only theme in the game with actual lyrics!)  I've seen quite a 
few requests for the Theme Translation... (Hell, I posted some of the 
requests. *grin*) And what d'ya know...  I got a response!

ROLL'S SONG : "Kaze yo Tsutaete" ("Winds, Let Him Know")
          Lyrics, Production, Arrangement: Yoshinori Ono
          Sung by: Yoshino Aoki

     (Japanese lyrics)
         *Tsutaetai kono omoi
          Tomaranai modorenai
          Dakishimete Tsukamaete
          Moh hanasanaide

          Machi no akari Yureru omoi terashite
          Hitogomi ni anata no Yasashisa kanjite
          Namida no ashiato sae
          Kiete shimau mae ni
          Anata to ita jikan wo
          Moh ichido tashikamete

               (Repeat *)

          Aitakute samishikute
          Nukumori ga kienai yoh ni
          Kono mune ga sakeru hodo
          Kanjite itakute

               (Repeat *)

     (English lyrics)
         *I want to let you know, know just what I feel.
          I'm not gonna stop, I can't ever go back
          I want you to hold me, want you to catch me
          And never let me go...

          The lights of the city shine on the trembling thoughts I possess.
          Even amid the crowds, I [clearly] feel your gentleness.
          Before the tracks of the tears [on my face]
          Have a chance to [dry and] disappear,
          Just once again, I want to be sure
          Of the time that I spent with you[, dear.]

               (Repeat *)

          [Now] I want to see you, ['cause] I'm lonely,
          So [I can be sure] that your warmth won't depart.
          I want to feel it [now, want] it so badly
          That it's breaking my heart.

               (Repeat *)


Cool, no?  Thanks M. Sipher!

S P E C I A L  T H A N K S :

I'd like to thank Migs Rustia for having such a great page full of 
information, and not full of Junky CRAP CODES.  You rock Migs!  You da MAN!

Same goes to Kao Megura, who's FAQ's have been helping me and inspiring me 
since FFVII and beyond!

Special thanks to M. Sipher <> for the Japanese 
Lyrics and English translation of Roll's theme!

Thanks go to Miguel Raya (The Foreigner) for noticing I forgot a 'vs Captain 
America' section, and for information for that section!

And I thank the operators of the Tilt arcade in the mall at Ottumwa, IA.  
The closest arcade to me, and where I spend my precious time playing MvC and 
MSHvsSF.  (They fixed the controller yay!  Mega Zangief/Dan is BACK!)

And thanks to my friends for allowing me to drag them down to Tilt so I 
could test out combos, hypers, and just generally being impressed with what 
I could do.  Btw, they think I'm obsessed.  Heh.  Those morons have no 

Thanks to GeoCities, for hosting my page, along with half the world's pages.

Finally, thank you for reading this far.  Hope this helped your game!  May 
it help you put War Machine in silicon hell with all the photocopiers!

F I N ~

   "Don't be mad at me...  I'm just a girl!" --Roll when meeting Onslaught
   "Your powers are too weak to help me!"    --Megaman after defeating War