Morrigan by Ryu

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By Ryu

Table of Contents
1.  Intro
2.  Misc. Info
3.  Legend
4.  Moves
5.  Combos
6.  Tips
7.  Strategies
8.  Best Partners
9.  Acknowledgment & Thanx
10.  Disclaimer

Welcome to my Morrigan FAQ! This FAQ has Morrigan's moves, combos, strategies,
and lots of other neat stuff! I hope you find this FAQ very helpful.

Regular Color: Green hair, Green pants
Alternate Color: Blonde hair, blue pants
Air Dash: F, F in air
Team Counter Attack: Soul Fist
Team Super Attack: Soul Eraser
First Appearance: Darkstalkers
Taunt: ?

Origin: Morrigan Aenslaed is an ancient, very powerful creature. Being a 
Succubus, she lives by seducing men in their sleep and stealing their souls. 
She was so powerful in fact, that she was a danger to her entire universe.  
Her father saw this and took half of Morrigan's power and put it in a coffin. 
That power soon formed a body of it's own, escaped from the coffin, called 
itself Lilith, and went to find her former body. By the time this game comes 
around, it appears that Morrigan has already absorbed Lilith into herself.


QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (from down to forward)
HCB- Half Circle Back (from forward to down to back)
DP- Dragon Punch Motion (forward, down, down-forward)
P- any punch button
K- any kick button
3P- all three punch buttons
3K- all three kick buttons
The Button Layout:
                                      (  )      (  )      (  )
                                      Jab      Strong    Fierce
                                      (  )      (  )      (  )
                                     Short    Forward  Roundhouse

C.- Crouching (or Ducking)
D.- Dashing (F, F or F+3P)
S.- Standing
J.- Jumping
SJ.- Super Jumping (D, U or 3K)
\/- land
/\- jump


Soul Fist: QCF+P
This is Morrigan's fireball move. She shoots a bat with a fiery aura around it.
 It is an extremely powerful fireball and it is rivaled only by Ryu's. Morrigan
 can do an infinite number of these in the air, since they propel her slightly
upward. Combine these with her Air Dash, and you've got one pesky opponent.

Shadow Blade: DP+P
This is Morrigan's Dragon Punch move. Morrigan turns one of her bat wings into
a blade and glides quickly upward. It has extreme priority and is excellent
for air defense. It can be used as a quick surprise or as an Air Combo 

Vector Drain: HCB+P
Morrigan grabs her opponent and flies into the sky with him. Then she uses her
rocket boosters to slam her opponent into the ground. This throw is blockable
like Hulk's Gamma Tornado and should only be done up close. If it is blocked,
Morrigan is left extremely vulnerable. Don't use this move too often.

Shell Kick: D+Forward in air
Morrigan transforms her legs into a drill, then she positions herself parallel
to the ground. This move has insane air priority and will beat out any other
move as long as Morrigan is slightly above her opponent. It is useful in air
fights or as an Air Combo Finisher.

Shell Pierce: D+Roundhouse in air
Morrigan's legs are surrounded by bat wings that form a drill as she falls
rapidly downward. Pull it off as a surprise move when you are right above an

Several bats join together to form a slick-looking gun and two satellite
cannons. Morrigan then fires several semi-thick beams of energy at her
opponent. This move is not comboable but has no recovery time. The damage that
this move does is just nuts! It's best to set up this Super with a Helper
attack. The best Helpers to use are multi-hitting ones, such as Psylocke,
Colossus, Juggernaut, U.S. Agent, and Sentinel. Tap P for more hits.

Morrigan raises her arm as several images of Lilith appear out of the ground.
The images attack the opponent, one after another, making it look like a very
fast wave super. This super is the only one that Morrigan can constantly
combo. Tap P for more hits.

Morrigan rushes forward with her rocket boosters and smashes into the opponent.
 She then creates a mirror-image of herself that helps her beat the crap out of
 the opponent. This move can be done in the air and does more damage than a
Soul Eraser. The ground version hits 33 times while the air version hits 35
times. Tap K for more hits.

ETERNAL SLUMBER: Jab, Forward, B, Strong, Roundhouse (Level 3)
This is Morrigan's Raging Demon! She and Lilith float in the sky on top of a
flying bat carpet and they blow a heart at the opponent. The heart moves very
slowly and can be easily dodged, but it is unblockable. If the heart hits, a
curtain falls over the screen and Morrigan's silhouette can be seen throwing
the opponent around. When the curtain disappears, the opponent is lying on his
back while Morrigan stands over him, licking her fingers! Who knows what goes
on behind that curtain? It's best to use this after you've killed your
opponent's first partner and the second partner is coming in. He'll have no
choice but to land on the heart unless he has an Air Dash or Double Jump!


1.  D.C.Short, C.Forward, S.Roundhouse

2.  D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward, S.Fierce, S.Roundhouse

3.  D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, S.Forward, Shadow Blade

4.  D.C.Short, C.Forward, Silhouette Blade

5.  C.Roundhouse, Silhouette Blade

6.  Helper Attack, Soul Eraser
Use a multi-hitting helper, such as Psylocke, U.S. Agent, Sentinel, Colossus,
or Juggernaut to set up this combo.

7.  D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Strong, Darkness Illusion

8.  J.Jab, J.Short \/ D.C.Short, C.Forward, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short,
SJ.Strong, SJ.Short, AC Finisher
As soon as the J.Jab hits, cancel immediately into the J.Short. Finish the Air
Combo with a Shell Kick, Shadow Blade, Darkness Illusion, SJ.Fierce, or


1.  Morrigan can really brawl. Just get in there and fight. It's her best
    chance of victory.
2.  Morrigan doesn't take hits that well, so try not to get hit by any big
    combos. However, she is still very powerful. Just watch her life bar.
3.  If you're really desperate, just jump up and pelt your opponent with Air
    Soul Fists. If the opponent gets too close, air dash to the other side of
    the screen and continue. This technique is useful if the computer is
    whooping your ass.
4.  The best thing about Morri is that she is pure eye candy. Sometimes I end
    up watching her and not my opponent. Hehehe...
5.  Morrigan has the same strategy against everyone with a fireball move.


Vs. Chun-Li
If she does a Kikoken, immediately jump or super jump up and shoot a Soul Fist.
 It will hit Chun-Li in her stun animation. You might want to try shooting two
Soul Fists so you don't land on the Kikoken. You could forget all that and just
nullify the Kikoken with a Soul Eraser. Just get the timing right. If she
jumps in, use a Shadow Blade or a Silhouette Blade.

Vs. Ryu (in all modes)
If he does a Hadoken, immediately jump or super jump up and shoot a Soul Fist.
Remember, shoot two so you don't land on the Hadoken. Or just nullify it with a
 Soul Eraser. Just get the timing right. If he jumps in, use a Shadow Blade or
Silhouette Blade.

Vs. Zangief (in both modes)
This guy is a piece of cake for Morri! Just keep him away with Soul Fists. Use
a Soul Eraser if he tries a Spinning Piledriver. If he transforms into Mega
Zangief, just jump up and pelt him with Soul Fists. If he gets close, Air Dash
to the other side of the screen and continue. Use a Soul Eraser when he's near

Vs. Morrigan/Lilith
If she does a Soul Fist, jump up and shoot two Soul Fists or nullify it with a
Soul Eraser. Get in there and brawl. A few well-placed combos should finish
Morri off since she loses life like a sissy.

Vs. Captain Commando
CapCom can play keep away all day, but so can Morri. Just don't jump in. Watch
out for the Captain Fire. Keep him away with Soul Fists. If he gets close, be
relentless! Stay on him!

Vs. Megaman
Morri basically has one strategy against opponents with fireball attacks. If MM
shoots a Mega Buster, jump up and shoot two Soul Fists or nullify it with a
Soul Eraser.

Vs. Strider Hiryu
 Just play keep away with those Soul Fists. Strider has to get up close to do 
any real damage. Soul Eraser or Darkness Illusion when he's open. Strider takes
hits like a sissy, so those supers should kill him quickly.

Vs. Spider-Man
Spidey loves to jump in, so get ready to use Shadow Blades and Silhouette
Blades when he does. If Spidey tries a Web Swing or Web Ball, quickly execute
the Soul Eraser. You've got to get the timing just right, however.

Vs. Jin
Jin can really be a pain in the ass. His attacks are very damaging, especially
on Morri. Just jump up and shoot those Air Soul Fists. If he gets close, Air
Dash to the other side of the screen and continue. Another good thing to do is
get in there and brawl. But be careful. If you see that Jin is beating you in
brawls, get out of there.

Vs. Shadow Lady
Her Shadow Drill has just enough recovery time for you to get in a good combo.
Look out for those missiles. Once you see Shadow Lady starting to fire a
missile, let her have it with a Soul Eraser.

Vs. Roll
Get in there and use crouching combos since Roll is so small. Use Combos 4 and

Vs. Captain America
Just stay on him. Don't turtle or he'll get tough. Use Morrigan's most damaging
combos on Cap.

Vs. Venom/Hyper Venom
Don't let Venom get close. Play keep away with those Soul Fists. Against Hyper
Venom, use Combo #6. It will kill him easily.

Vs. Hulk/Orange Hulk
Watch Morri's life bar. A few combos from Hulk will kill her. Play keep away
with those Soul Fists. Use the Soul Eraser whenever possible.

Vs. Gambit
Gambit can do lots of damage to Morri. Shoot a Soul Fist if he tries a Cajun
Slash. Use a Soul Eraser when he's open. If he dashes in, try a Darkness

Vs. War Machine/Mega War Machine
Don't shoot Soul Fists on the ground. WM will neutralize them with his Shoulder
Cannons. Pelt him with Air Soul Fists. If he shoots a Smart Bomb, use a Soul
Eraser. Pelt Mega WM with Air Soul Fists. If Mega WM shoots his Missile 
Shoulder Cannon, nullify it with a Soul Eraser. Just get the timing right.

Vs. Wolverine
Shoot a Soul Fist is he tries a Drill Claw or a Berserker Barrage.  Watch out
for Wolvie's combos. Use a Soul Eraser if he's open.

Vs. Onslaught
First Form: If he does a Mega Optic Blast, crouch under it and use this combo:
C.Jab, C.Strong. Repeat until the blast ends. You could pelt him with Air Soul
Fists, but watch out for any Hyper Gravs and Magnetic Shockwaves that could
reach you. Definitely use the Soul Eraser.
Second Form: Jump around and avoid his Eye Beams. Hit his face with this combo:
J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse. If he's on the ground, let him have it with a Soul


Ryu: Morrigan basically plays like a Shotokan, so Ryu is a perfect partner!
Please send in any other partners you have for Morri!


At this time, I'd like to thank:

He gave me some combos!

Migs Rustia, the webmaster of Capcom Crossovers: The Site!
I copied the move descriptions, Onslaught strategies, and most of the combos
off his page. Without his site, this FAQ wouldn't be here.


I worked very hard on this FAQ, so listen up:
c. 1998 by RYU.  No rip-offs and no making money off this FAQ. If you take
anything from this FAQ, at least give me credit. This is for personal use
only.  This FAQ has no affiliation with Capcom whatsoever.  Morrigan and the
Capcom characters are trademarks of Capcom.  Spider-Man and the Marvel
characters are trademarks of Marvel Comics.

Thanx for reading my FAQ. I hope you found it helpful. Now go out there and
kick some ass! Good luck and happy gaming!

Please send all questions, comments, flames, and any tips or combos I've missed

While you're here in the Submission Archives, check out my Spider-Man FAQ and
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