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                      The "Not so complete guide 
             to Roll, Dan, and others if they suck enough"

                              by Nick Williams

Copyright Notice-------------------------------------------------------------
 Ok, I've seen a lot of people on the net usin' other people's stuff.
I didn't really work that hard on compiling the info you are about to read
but it would be enough to piss off the Pope if you stole my guide. So this 
next statement is for all those people who have ever stolen ANYTHING:

The "Not so complete guide to Roll, Dan, and others if they suck enough", is
a copyright (1998) of Nickolas E. Williams. Therefore, you (anyone besides
NickolasE. Williams) have absolutely NO right to the information in the 
guide. You not use the following information unless you have the consent of
me, Nickolas E. Williams. You may not use the following information in a
publication, on-line or not, or for a profit in any way. Thank you. 


  Hi there, you're surfin' the net at two AM. You're tired, about to fall 
asleep and hit your head on the keyboard, and thinkin': What the hell is 
this? Well, wake up my frined! You have just stumbled onto the NOT SO 

  This deals with two of the best (read: worst) characters is Capcom Versus
fighting game history! Roll and Dan both suck incredibly....   so whaddya 
gonna do? Kick major ass with 'em! Now if they suck so bad, why use them? 
Answer, so you can gloat and become the hero (or nerd, depending on the way 
people see it) of the arcade. Have I convinced you? Well then look down for 
the rest of the guide.


  If you wanna kick some serious ass, you have to know how to move the damn
cartoons that your controlling.  This is the layout:

                           (jab)       (strong)     (fierce)


                          (short)      (forward)   (roundhouse)

As you can see, I'm no ASCII artist, so please don't ask me to 'draw' 
anything....   alright?

Here's the key to all the jibberish so you don't get TOO confused:
U-- Up
D-- Down
F-- Forward
B-- Back
DF--Down + Foward (You know, diagonal)
DB-- Down + Back
FB-- Fireball (You should know this, if you don't, look below)
DP-- Dragon Punch (Sho-ryu-ken, Super Uppercut, whatever the hell you wanna
call it)
FR-- Flying Roundhouse(I can't think of a better name)

If you don't already know the stuff below, then you obviously haven't played
a Capcom versus game in your life. If you have, skip the next section.

Dash--  3 punches(hold) F or B, FF or BB
Super Jump-- D, U  or 3 kicks
Fireball-- D, DF, F, any punch
Dragon Punch-- F, D, DF, any punch
Flying Roundhouse-- D, DB, B, any kick


  Let's get to the nitty gritty. The reason you're here is for the next two
sections, so who am I to get in your way?

In the blue corner!   (drum roll)  ROLL!  'no pun intended'

Roll's moves-----------------------------------------------------------------
Roll Buster: FB motion
Flower Bomb: D, DB, B, any punch
Item Change: D, DF, F, any kick
Item Use: FR motion

Hyper Combos:
Mega Roll:FB motion (2 punches)
Rush Drill (Rashii!): D, DF, F, 2 kicks
Beat Plane (Biito!): FR motion (2 kicks)

Roll's tactics---------------------------------------------------------------

First off, Roll sucks!  She can't really go on the offensive because 1. Her 
skirt makes her slow down when she jumps... so forget jump ins  2. She's too
damn slow! Her walking speed is fair, but her dash BLOWS! Not to mention....
3. Her range is absolutely nothing! You can almost forget about combos 'cause
her arms reach out as if her elbows are glued to her waist!  4. Her supers 
are nothin'. The Hyper Roll almost ever connects, the Rush Drill doesn't do
much damage compared to the other supers in the game, and her Beat Plane 
can't really dish it out either.....  if you want a power character, don't 
pick Roll.

However, she does have a good side.....  1. She's small.  She can walk right
under almost all standing moves (and some crouching moves!) Do you know what 
that means?  GET IN AND THROW!!  Against a computer opponent, they'll see 
this comin', but a human won't know what the hell is going on until their 
first character is gone! Aside from that, I don't see anything else to do 
with her except run like the little pansy you are!

In the red corner! Dan Hibiki   (OYAJII!!!!)

Dan's moves------------------------------------------------------------------

Ga-dou-ken: FB motion
Ko-ryu-ken: DP motion
Flying kick(s): FR motion
Taunt: Start button (This is universal, but Dan's taunts are just special)

Hyper Combos:
Shinkuu Ga-dou-ken: FB motion (2 punches)

Dan's Tactics----------------------------------------------------------------

Dan is Dan. As soon as the announcer says Fight!, prepare to get your ass 
kicked unless you totally defend yourself.  Dan is no offense machine. He
cannot create any Magic Series combos simply because he has no Magic Series.
Basically, block until they are in attack stun. Then let them have it with
a good Fierce or Roundhouse. The ko-ryu-ken has almost no range, and you are
NOT invincible when you do it unless you are lucky and flash. (You have a 1 
in 8 chance of flashing, or so I've heard) 

In case you are insane and decide to go on the offensive with Dan, use his
Flying Kicks move. Unlike most Shoto- Flying Kicks', Dan's version has some
speed to it, and does a fair amount of damage. Also, despite Dan's lack of 
range when it comes to his moves, he's pretty strong. He's no Zangief, but
every hit you make with Dan will count, so take it easy and don't expose

BTW: Never use his autograph move unless your opponent will let you, or he
TRULY sucks! It's such a dumb move that I didn't put it in the guide.

Other BS---------------------------------------------------------------------

A note to all FAQ writers: If this guide seems very close to yours, then it 
is just a coincidence. I had no intention of copying ANYBODY. Still, if you
feel you've been ripped off, write me at-


and tell me what is bothering you. I'll most likely follow your request, and
change something if you feel cheated. 

To anyone else who's reading this: Feel free to E-Mail me if you like what
you see. I might make another one of these if enough people like it. If 
you're dying to put on your hompage, write me FIRST THING. (Wait for 
confirmation too) Please don't just take it from where ever and post it, 
cause I want to keep track of who has it.

There's no one to really thank. No one really helped me with anything, but
I gotta have some names so - ta da!

Kao Megura - Has a crap load of FAQs for everything, and a really cool Dan 
Hibiki shrine.

Jon Culbert - Another good FAQ writer, he also has a bunch of stuff for 
fighting games.

Well, that's all folks. Try and kick ass with these two next time you play
Marvel vs. Capcom, or Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter!