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Naruto's hokage costume?

How do I get the hokage costume without having save data from any of the previous storm games?

Thank you.

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You can't without them.

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So far no, there's no known way to unlock him without Generation save data.

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You can download game saves from this site. Try that.

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I have Generation save data but I cannot still unlock it..
According to SaiyanIsland: "Note: Downloadable alternate costumes are not included in the list. Also, Hokage Naruto, the alternate costume for Sage Naruto, can only be unlocked if you have a Naruto Storm 2 save file on your PS3/Xbox 360."

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you need a Generations or Storm 2 save for Hokage Naruto. either will do, Generations gets you more though.

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For those who have generations save data and still cannot unlock hokage naruto at the start of the game, it means that your storm 3 and generations are of a different region.

What you need to do is save a copy of your generations file and a copy of any of your other game's save file in a usb and open in your com. Get a PS3 save resigner, search in youtube for that. Follow the instructions on how to change the region of your save game. ( you need to know what region your storm3 is. For ppl with region 3, your copy of storm 3 is actually in region 2 BLES format)

After you are done, upload the save file in your PS3 and restart storm 3, it should detect the save file now.

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I had Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 data when I booted up Ultimate Ninja 3 for the first time and it still didn't unlock Hokage Naruto. That's pretty beat it's the only way to get him.

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I believe you need to either have Generations Save Data or Need to have the costume in your storm 2 save.

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Actually all you need the story line cleared in Generations you can't just have saved data from either game

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I have saved data from both generations and storm 2 and i still don't have hokage naruto. can someone help? i played storm 3 before playing both generations and storm 2

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