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Asked: 2 years ago

How is the SA2B DLC?

What does the DLC actually bring to Sonic Adventure 2? Also how does this remake compare to SA2B?

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From: Groudon199 2 years ago

The DLC changes the menu background, unlocks character themes, adds the extra characters, costumes, and levels to multiplayer, and adds Chao Karate. Everything else the GC version changed or added is included in the main game, with the exception of Big the Cat's level cameos (which were absent from the GC release).

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I cant answer you honestly since I installed them both together. But if they are going by the versions released from dreamcast to gamecube, then I can say when the gamecube version (battle) came out, it added a ton of features to the chao, higher res models of characters and environments, Added chao karate, Added a doctor that tells you more informative stuff on the chao such as their aptitude for gaining stats, added a gauge that tells all the stats of the chao and ect, Allows naming chao, adds new characters to multiplayer, And adds unlockable games such as Sonic 1, sonic 3d blast, ect (I very seriously doubt they would leave these in seeing as it would reduce income on other things they have in the store)

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Big the Cat's level cameos are back, though. I definitely saw him in City Escape and I think Cosmic Wall.

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