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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do you teleport to a party member? Unanswered 0
Level Help status answers
How do I get into a dungeon? Answered 1
What is a guild? What is a Free Company? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
(create your own question)Pay to play? Answered 1
any players in Shiva to help me past the dungeon? Unanswered 0
Are there are any fee's to play this? Answered 2
Becoming a warrior? Open 2
Can I play online with PS4 players? Open 1
Can I use a PS3 headset for FFXIV ARR for team and FC communication? Answered 4
Collector's Edition Digital Upgrade: Free days? Open 1
Cost confusion? Open 2
Cross platform? Answered 1
Do i need to buy a brand new FFXIV? Open 1
Do you need to have played FFXIV on ps3 to upgrade the game to ps4? Open 1
Does UK version work on US console? Unanswered 0
FATE rewards? Answered 1
FF14ARR Internet speed requirements? Open 2
Free Company? Answered 1
Game Unplayable After February 2014? Answered 2
Having trouble getting into Final Fantasy XIV with my 1.0 non legacy account. Help? Open 1
Help With save data ? Answered 1
How do I become a blacksmith or any other trade? Answered 1
How do i get my mini behemoth ? Answered 2
How do you flash? Answered 1
How Many Characters Can You Create In A Single Server? Answered 1
How to make my parents pay FFXIV subscrition fee...? Open 2
I can't send messages to free company? Open 4
Is there any way to mark gear? Answered 1
Is this game already out? Open 4
Keybinding problems with keyboard -PS3- ? Open 1
Mounts ? Open 2
New game + ? Answered 3
Playing 2 characters in the same service account? Open 1
Playing on different Play Station account, can I re-install under a different Playstation account? Open 2
PS3 Japanese Voice Option? Answered 2
PS3 screenshots? Open 2
Question about NA PC Edition Compatibility with EU PS3 Edition Help? Open 1
Slow Connection? Open 1
Switching worlds? Answered 1
Thaumaturge Hunting Log - cant access level 3? Answered 4
Trophies list /early access? . Major problem - Pleassssse help! Open 1
When will the game appear in EU SEN (PSN) store? Answered 1
Where do you find ifrid? Open 1
Which is better, summoner or scholar? Open 1

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