• Trophies

    There are 11 Bronze Trophies and 5 Silver Trophies.

    *There are 1 secret trophies. show

    Enough for 12.5 HorsesFound fifty horseshoesBronze
    Financial FollyWent bankruptBronze
    Fruits of Your LaborThreshed ten hectaresBronze
    Harvest KingThreshed one hundred hectaresSilver
    LongplayerPlayed for ten hoursBronze
    Lucky HandFound twenty-five horseshoesBronze
    Mass ProductionSeeded one hundred hectaresSilver
    Mission MasterCompleted fifty missionsBronze
    Mobile FarmerTravelled one hundred milesBronze
    Nouveau-Riche (secret)Earned one millionBronze
    Out of DebtGot out of debtBronze
    Pots of GoldEarned ten millionSilver
    SowerSeeded ten hectaresBronze
    The CollectorFound one hundred horseshoesSilver
    Very Frequent DriverTravelled one thousand milesSilver
    Well-HeeledEarned five millionBronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.