• Trophies

    There are 8 Bronze Trophies, 3 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    End of Chapter 1Complete Chapter 1.Bronze
    End of Chapter 2Complete Chapter 2.Bronze
    End of Chapter 3Complete Chapter 3.Bronze
    End of Chapter 4Complete Chapter 4.Bronze
    End of Chapter 5Complete Chapter 5.Bronze
    End of Chapter 6Complete Chapter 6.Bronze
    End of Chapter 7Complete Chapter 7.Bronze
    End of Chapter 8Complete Chapter 8.Bronze
    Lost in the RainCollect 10 memories.Silver
    Rainbow's EndCollect all the memories.Gold
    The Two and the TownCatch up with the girl, and begin working together with her.Silver
    Twin ShadowsCollect 20 memories.Silver

    Contributed By: Guard Master.