FAQ/Walkthrough by Dark_Cecil

Version 1.20, Last Updated 2014-01-20

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Ex-7 Dungeon

The dungeon unlocks at the same time as EX-1.

This dungeon is unique in that it's puzzle-themed, including the boss fight, meaning you can clear this dungeon as soon as it's available. You'll need to reach the portal with a given set of restrictions. If you die, you won't lose anything and can return to the stage you failed at immediately, as the stages are unlocked separately once the previous stage is cleared. Fortunately, you can find the solutions for all the levels below.


Pick the crab up and throw it at the turtle. Pretty straightforward.


  1. Move one space towards bat.
  2. Lift bat, throw at minotaur.
  3. Move forward, press X once.
  4. Lift kobold, throw at the bat.
  5. Lift minotaur, throw at the kobold, move forward one space.
  6. Lift Zombie, throw between kobold and minotaur
  7. Move forward one space, lift manta, and walk to portal while carrying it.


  1. Set Angel helper to Cover Me.
  2. Move forward one space to collect the paralysis orb.
  3. Throw the orb at the cactus.
  4. Pick cactus up, move two steps foward, and throw as far as possible.
  5. Move left one space, use Angel Toss, and throw Renya on top of cactus.


Collect the items and kill the zombie. Throw the healing item at it and spam Rotary Emission.


Walk 7 steps left, face up, and use the Jump Device.


  1. Get the Backpack.
  2. Use Backpack's Divine Skill to get the beetle and throw it to where the gate is.
  3. Use the Divine Skill to get the boots and equip them.
  4. Use the Backpack's Divine Skill to get the other item. Make sure to pick it up. This is the only place to find it and you'll need it for the "All Items" trophy.
  5. Use the boots' Divine Skill on the beetle.


  1. Face left and attack to reveal a trap.
  2. Pick up the trap and throw it out of the way.
  3. Pick up the Thief Hood and use its Divine Skill
  4. Stay at the same spot and wait for the enemies to approach you. As they come, pick them up and throw them so they land on the traps.
  5. Once all the enemies are gone, head to the gate. Lift any traps in the way.


Sliding puzzles, yay! You'll need to reach the portal in 10 moves.

All the directions here are given using the initial camera perspective. When I say "Face Z direction", I mean hold square then press the desired button on the D-pad to have Renya face that direction. By "accelerate", I mean use the Divine Skill of the Accelerator.

  1. Move down, equip Accelerator
  2. Face down, accelerate, you'll get a Magic Shroom
  3. Face right, accelerate
  4. Face up, accelerate
  5. Face up, accelerate
  6. Face left, accelerate
  7. Use Magic Shroom
  8. Face right, accelerate
  9. Face down, accelerate


  1. Get both items, equip them both. Kill the Kobold if you want. He's just there to fool you ;)
  2. Use Snake Hair's Divine skill to create a rock. Use it to climb the platform to the left.
  3. Pick up the rock and place it on the edge of the platform.
  4. Unequip the Snake Hair and throw it to the edge of the platform where the gate is.
  5. Stand on the rock and use the Robot Arm's Divine skill and target the Snake Hair to reach the gate.
Boss: lvl 1 Raspberyl

Difficulty: 1/10

Immediately activate Rakiel's Damaging Zone, get one of the medicine items and throw it to Rakiel once Beryl hits him twice. Checkmate.

Well, that was easy. You get the Holy Artifact "Godly Purse" and the trophy "Defeated Raspberyl" for your troubles.

Survival Dungeon

This mode unlocks upon starting New Game+. It's best to start this immediately, as your success in this isn't reliant on your current equipment and Divinigram setup.


  1. 50 floors, no boss at the end.
  2. Start out with no items and no Divinigram or Total Level boosts
  3. Enemies respawn
  4. Mass Production Holy Artifact is innately in effect for the whole dungeon. This is the prize you get for completing the entire thing, and with it active, you'll get +2 Holy Icons per Burst for floors 1-10, +3 per Burst for floors 11-20, +4 for floors 21-30, and so on.
  5. Killing a strong enemy increases the amount of Holy Icons gained from Bursting by +1 per strong enemy killed. This adds on to the dungeon's Mass Production bonus.
  6. Enemies have different drops. They will never drop equipment, but will drop healing and attack items instead. This means almost any enemy can drop Apples.
  7. You're guaranteed to find some equipment lying around each floor.

If you want to make the run easier, then use the infinite EN glitch. You'll probably want to bring Lilliel for healing if you do this. If you don't want to use the glitch, I suggest Kuroiel for the first 10 floors, as maintaining EN is a real problem there.

Floor 1-10

Kill everything on each floor and collect as many items as you can. Believe it or not, this is the hardest part of the run. Set your partner to 'Cover Me.' You'll want it to stay this way for the majority of the run.

Ideally, you'll want both characters to be fully geared by the time you reach floor 4, so if the equipment options on the first floor aren't very favorable, just restart the whole run.

If you run into an item shop, you may want to stay on that floor and try to get enemies to drop stuff to sell. Fruits of Eden are especially nice, as they sell for 2500, a huge amount of money at that point.

Once you reach floor 8-10, stick around for a bit and try to Burst as many equips as you can. During floor 9-10 you'll start seeing 3* equipment, so hang on to those. Ideally, you'll want to Burst all your equipment before moving on to the caravan floor, but most of the time, you won't be able to. If you spot an Irregular Floor, then stay on the floor you're on and try to Burst everything. Enter the Irregular Floor and go to your Divinigram and place all your Holy Icons onto Renya and your current helper.

Keep in mind that the Burst rate is dependent on the difference between your level and the enemy's, and at some point you'll only be getting 1% Burst per kill, so it's recommended to just head to the deeper floors sooner for Bursting purposes.

Once you reach the caravan, strengthen whatever equipment you're going to use, starting with the 3*'s. If you have any extra money left over, strengthen whatever's left. Now, you'll want to set up your Divinigram first and foremost. Give your Angel partner a majority of your ATK and HIT Holy icons, and give Renya everything else. Make sure your partner has mostly ATK and HIT gear for the next floors.

If you're not using the infinite EN glitch, I advise using your EN-restoring items wisely. A good time to use one is when you're at 0% EN and your HP has drained to about 25-50%, depending on whether the item restores HP or not.

Also, you might want to make a backup at this point, in case you get unlucky.

I stayed on floor 10 and killed stuff until the Divine Wind came.

My stats after floor 10

I'll be posting stats after every 10 floors. This is intended mainly as a reference to what a typical run will look like and what stats are good enough for each set of floors. As long as your stats are around these values, you should have no issues clearing the next set of floors.

Holy Icon count
ATK icons - five +2, one +3
HIT icons - four +2
DEF icons - six +2
SPD icons - five +2

lvl 21 Renya
HP 336
ATK 357
DEF 255
HIT 215
SPD 264

HP 306
ATK 270
DEF 303
HIT 180
SPD 119

I gave Renya all the DEF and SPD Icons, while Kuroiel got the HIT and ATK.

Floor 11-20

Okay, now we're in business. Zombies will start appearing on these floors, and they are the key to succeeding in this run. Pray that you get some early on, because the enemies will only get harder as you go on. You'll want to kill a few, then set your partner to "Don't move an Inch" besides the corpse. Lure any wandering zombies next to your partner and have them kill it. You'll want to have your partner surrounded by 3-4 Zombie corpses. Early on, just have 2 corpses to play it safe. Now go to a room where your partner isn't in then just hold O + X. Your partner will keep killing the zombies and you'll keep getting levels. If your EN gets low, head to where the massacre is taking place, and you'll likely find a few Apples or Fruits of Eden lying around. Eventually your partner's gear will Burst, but that's okay since you actually want this. If this happens just equip them with new Unbursted gear.

Floor 11 Zombies have about 165 HP, 600+ DEF makes everything do negligible damage for these 10 floors.

Don't stay too far from your partner and keep an eye on their HP. Sometimes an enemy may wander in and might have a ranged attack to hit them from afar, and they might not have the SP or the Divine Skills to deal with it. Make sure you're prepared for this possibility.

Feel free to stay there until the Divine Wind takes you to the next floor (it takes a really, really, long time, but it will come eventually), then just repeat the process of powerleveling if you spot any zombies on the floor. If there are any Board/Thorn snails in the area I suggest just moving on as they will seriously mess up the AI. Also, make sure to pick up all equipment on all the floors and Burst them all before exiting the 10th floor.

If you're high-leveled enough, and you see a purple dot on the map, I recommend trying to kill the strong enemy, as doing so will give more Holy Icons every time your equipment bursts. With the powerleveling method, you should have no trouble taking them on. Make sure to carry a lot of healing items before trying this, as they can still put a serious dent in your HP. Definitely have God Mode ready to ensure you'll destroy them.

Before taking one on, I recommend having the following items:

Oracle Suit - activate before fighting the enemy and you'll heal whenever you get hit
Hero Shield - activate before fighting and you'll counter every time you get hit from the front
Great Horn - increases ATK
Samurai Arm - same as Hero Shield
Hover Cloud - if your HP gets really low just use this to escape

Not all of them are necessary, but they do help. You want to get the first hit in and just duke it out with them while the helper backs you up. If your HP gets low, use God Mode and try to end your last turn in God Mode using Sword of God. If the enemy is constantly hitting you then you can get in one regular attack then one Sword of God before it wears off. Try to fight near the entrance/exit to the room the strong enemy is in so you can escape if you don't have the Hoever Cloud with you. Thankfully, they're bound to the room they're in, so you can just come back and whittle down their HP once you're recovered.

Stats after Floor 20
2 Strong enemies killed
Holy Icon count
ATK - 22 +3 tiles, 34 +2 tiles
DEF - 7 +3 tiles, 37 +2 tiles
HIT - 8 +3 tiles, 18 +2 tiles
SPD - 13 +3 tiles, 13 +2 tiles

lvl 60 (about 3 zombie grinds)
(After +3 gear at 0% equipped)
HP 837
ATK 1051
DEF 879
HIT 541
SPD 703

HP 831
ATK 1561
DEF 668
HIT 795
SPD 301

I gave Renya all the DEF and SPD icons again, and Kuroiel got all the ATK and HIT again. In hindsight, it wasn't really needed. I recommend splitting the ATK and HIT icons 50-50 between Renya and the helper for this floor.

Floor 21-30

This is where you'll start gaining a majority of your Holy Icons. Do the Zombie leveling whenever possible again. This time, your partner should be able to kill any zombies in one hit, so you can stray a bit further from where you leave them. Do watch out for Board/Thorn Snails, as they still suck.

Enemies were doing 0 damage with around 2500 DEF.

Stats after Floor 30
Did 3 zombie grinds

Holy Icon count
ATK - 80 +3, 5 +2
DEF - 35 +3, 20 +2
HIT - 50 +3, 10 +2
SPD - 20 +3, 5 +2

lvl 104
HP 2475
ATK 1988
DEF 4888
HIT 1270
SPD 1462

HP 1912
ATK 6567 <--Yeah, that's a bit too high. About 4K is enough for the next set of floors.
DEF 1359
HIT 1859
SPD 493

I gave Renya all the Holy Icons this time.

Floor 31-40

You don't really need to powerlevel that much anymore, but what you do want to do is Burst anything that's almost Bursted, so you can strengthen it once you reach the caravan. I did one zombie leveling session, but it might be best to just rush to floor 40 then try to Burst your equipments there. The enemies at floor 40 are level 130 so if you're lower level than that you'll be able to Burst your stuff quicker. You'll also be gaining a LOT more stats with your nearly-filled Divinigram, so you could stay on floor 40 for a bit and gain a few levels.

Having 5K DEF should be enough to last you these floors. In my case, Kuroiel had so much ATK she was one-hitting everything, so she didn't really need that much DEF.

Stats after Floor 40
Holy Icon count
ATK - 6 +3 tiles
DEF - 6 +3 tiles
NOTE: At this point, I get 6 Icons per Burst (1 base + 2 strong enemies killed + 3 floor bonus), so I Bursted only 2 things this time!

lvl 134
(with near Burst gear)
HP 4331
ATK 8790
DEF 11362
HIT 4193
SPD 2895

HP 2673
ATK 14695
DEF 2776
HIT 3388
SPD 625

Wooden Shield +9
Samurai Mask +5
Hero Shield +9
Brave Leg +7
Tortoise Shell +7

Had other random +3 to +5 gear

Renya got what little Holy Icons I earned. You'll want to take your partner's Icons and completely fill up Renya's Divinigram at this point if you're able to. Doing so will earn you the "Holy Icon God" trophy if you don't have it already. Don't forget to give any leftover Icons back to your partner.

Floor 41-50

From this point you can stop powerleveling and just rush through the last 10 floors. Kill enemies along the way to increase your equipments' Burst Meter, but don't go out of your way to do so, as you'll now be getting 10 Burst % per kill, meaning your stuff will Burst fast. You'll also be leveling up every 2-3 kills now, so your stats will rise very quickly with a close to full Divinigram. You can also set your partner to "Fight as you see fit!" and just have them kill stuff while you search for the exit. If your equips have almost reached Burst status, don't worry about it too much if they do, as your other strengthened equipment will make up for the loss of stats eventually. Just make sure to have at least 7000 DEF for the first few floors and around 10-11K DEF by the last floor, and all should be fine. You'll probably need a bit more if you run into hard hitters like Death King possessed enemies, Beetles, and Dragons. In this case, have a Wooden/Shell Shield on reserve for the added DEF.

At the last floor, you might want to stick around for a bit and just Burst everything you have to stock up on Holy Icons. Make sure you can comfortably kill things before attempting this however, as the enemies will be level 350.

If you're lucky, you may be able to find 4* equips. I found a few in an Irregular floor (Burst Down room) once. Make sure to Burst those if you get the chance.

Don't even try to fight any strong enemies this time, as they'll be much higher leveled than you.

I ended this run at level 169 by just killing everything I encountered.

  • Minamo as Angel Helper for clearing floor 30F (has no Angel skills, unfortunately)
  • Holy Artifact "Mass Production" for clearing 50F. You can get another one for clearing the dungeon again.
  • Every Holy Icon you've earned, and every items you've obtained in the dungeon, assuming you survive that is.


The Martial Arts (MA) Dungeons are where you'll be spending most of your playtime in. These are the key to finding better equipment and getting more powerful. There are 4 dungeons, each one getting progressively harder and adds an additional 50 floors to go through, but offers better equipment and rewards. At the end of each dungeon is a powerful boss who will give you a run for your money.

Every 10 floors you'll run into a rest area, where your Divine Summon uses will be replenished, and a general store and blacksmith will be available. The general store will sell Holy Artifacts and the blacksmith can strengthen your Bursted gear even further than what the regular blacksmith can do. For every 10 floors you clear, the blacksmith will add an additional level to your strengthened equipment for every 10 floors cleared, so if you strengthen your equipment at floor 10, you'll get +2 to your item, do it at floor 20 and you'll get +3, at floor 40, +5, and so on.

General tips

  • Before starting each Martial Dungeon run, unequip everything from any Angel Partners you aren't using.
  • Don't worry too much about carrying EN-restoring items, as you'll find plenty of them. Consume everything on the current floor before proceeding to the next, and you should be fine as far as EN goes.
  • Save your God Mode for when you get swarmed, or when encountering a strong enemy.
  • Always bring a good chunk of money with you. 5-10 million is usually enough to cover all your immediate needs.
  • If you meet a strong enemy, don't even bother fighting it directly, just equip your highest ATK boosting stuff, enter God Mode, use Sword of God, and move on.
  • Suspend save your progress often if you're utilizing the System Data backup trick.
  • When running the dungeon, your primary objective is to gather as much equipment with the highest stars you can find.
  • Don't rely too much on a single set of equipment. Carry some spare equips with you and try to strengthen those as you go through the dungeons.
  • Bring an Exit and a Revive Gem if you're worried about dying. 2-3 if you're considering facing the boss.
  • Get Paralyze Defense, Stone Defense, and Sleep Defense on your Divinigrams if you have the Holy Artifacts.
  • The enemies don't respawn except for Zombie types, so it's usually a good idea to clear each floor before moving on.
  • The most dangerous enemy combination in the dungeons as far as offensive power goes, are Dragons, Medusas, and Death Kings. Death Kings can possess an enemy which increases the damage they do. Add the Dragon's huge damage potential and the Medusa's petrifying abilities to the mix, and it usually means death if a Dragon happens to hit you while you're stoned. You'll often get a notice that Death Kings are on the floor since they'll try to possess enemies immediately. If they possess a Dragon, Bahamut, or Tiamat, you'll want to play very conservatively and make use of the Wooden/Shell Shield's skill if you happen to meet a Dragon.
  • Another deadly combination of enemies are Triceramunch/Triceracrunch, and Mantas. The Triceras can make you drop your equipment/inventory, and the Mantas can turn them into Apple Cores. Make sure to prioritize the Triceras if you spot any.
  • When you reach the Caravan area, buy ALL Holy Artifacts from the General Store. Not just one or two either. Buy until you can't buy anymore.
  • If you find equipment you wish to keep, equip them to your standby partners when you reach the caravan area.
  • The main stats to focus on are ATK, HIT, and DEF. SPD is pretty much useless and HP, while it can be helpful, isn't very easy to boost.
  • Some useful equipments to consider bringing are:
Brave/Thief Legs - allows you to destroy/evade traps, respectively
Cat Ears - shows all enemies on the map
Hover Cloud - warp to another area on the map, useful when you're surrounded
Oracle Legs - avoid status ailments for a few turns
Hero Helmet - more EXP gained per kill
  • As a general rule, have the following Holy Artifacts on your Divinigram at all times:
Demon Soul
Mass Production
Capacity Up: S, M, and L
HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, and HIT Booster

Before facing the boss, you'll want to add the following artifacts to your Divinigram if you don't have them already. You'll want to set up your Holy Icons so you can remove and replace them at any time.

Full Power
Violent Hunger
Practice Swings

Martial Dungeon (Beginner)

There's a significant jump in enemy strength starting from floor 30+. 3* items start showing up around floor 40+.

+0: lvl 200 Buddha, lvl 180 Kobold, lvl 180 Kobolder, lvl 180 Koboldest
+10: lvl 620 Buddha, lvl 560 Kobold, lvl 560 Kobolder, lvl 560 Koboldest
Boss HP
+0: About 20000 HP
+10: About 135K

Difficulty: 6/10

Buddha's Attack Range

 X X X
 X X X

Don't be surprised if he kills you in one hit your first time through. It's just the game's way of telling you what to expect from the optional bosses.

As for the fight itself, you'll probably want to have a full set of +19 2* gear at almost Burst status, or 3* gear strengthened to +10 and at almost Burst before taking this guy on. You'll want to go God Mode and use Sword of God, which will most likely kill the Kobolds, then hopefully your next attack will finish him off if it hasn't already. Having a Revive Gem will also help you survive a hit and hopefully allow you to land the hits you need to finish him off.

You'll get the Nature Set for defeating him. It's a pretty good set, and one of the items can naturally provide 4 stats.

Martial Dungeon (Intermediate)

This unlocks after reaching floor 40 of the MA: Beginner dungeon.

You'll want Petrify resistance for this dungeon. Medusa variants are plentiful and can easily end your run if you don't. This will also apply to the future MA dungeons.

I believe 4* items will start showing up around floor 50.

+0: lvl 600 Hades, lvl 550 Naga, lvl 550 Medusa
+10: lvl 1820 Hades, lvl 1670 Naga, lvl 1670 Medusa
Boss HP
+0: About 300-350K HP
+10: About 1.1 million HP

Difficulty: 3/10

Anub- I mean "Hades" attack range


This guy is the easiest of all the Martial bosses. The main reason for this is his attack range, which is limited to the 8 panels around him. Use God Mode and Sword of God to kill the minions, then just pound on him with ranged skills. With about 100K attack, you should beat him before he gets to attack you once.

You'll be awarded with a full 1* Hades set after defeating him. Unfortunately, it sucks, just like the boss.

Martial Dungeon (Advanced)

This unlocks after reaching floor 80 of the MA: Intermediate dungeon.

5* items start showing up around floor 50+.

+0: lvl 2500 Zeus, lvl 2300 Minotaur 5, lvl 2300 Hayagriva 4
+10: lvl 7520 Zeus, lvl 6920 Minotaur 5, lvl 6920 Hayagriva 4
Boss HP
+0: About 2 million HP
+10: About 8.5-9 million HP

Difficulty: 8/10

Zeus's attack range


You can use the cliff to your advantage to stall him from attacking you as you kill the minions. With any luck, you can just activate God Mode when he's just about to jump off the cliff to reach you, then get in three attacks and hopefully kill him by then.

You'll be awarded with a full 1* Almighty set after defeating him. The set is pretty good, and you'll definitely want to stock up on the higher star versions once you come across the Cosplay Shop.

Martial Dungeon (EX Advanced)

This unlocks after reaching floor 120 of the MA: Advanced dungeon. It has a whopping 200 floors!

IMPORTANT: BRING REVIVE GEMS if you want to take on the boss! It's possible to defeat it the first time you enter the dungeon, but you absolutely MUST have them if you want to survive any confrontation with it, as he will likely kill you in one hit regardless of DEF. 5 should be enough, 10 is overkill. You can buy Revive Gems only from the Total Level shop. It costs 400 levels a pop (you don't actually lose the Total Levels that influence your base stats from doing this, so don't worry about it)

Preparing for the EX Advanced dungeon

So you've finally unlocked the hardest dungeon, and now you're probably wondering how to go about preparing for it?

Depending on what your long-term goals are, there are a few ways to go about this:

  1. Hard but shorter method - Go through all 200 floors the very first time you enter and be done with it.
  2. Easy but longer method - Go through the dungeon until a certain point, then exit it, overprepare, then steamroll everything.

For both methods, you'll want to do the following:

  1. Have at least all +5 icons on your Divinigram.
  2. Set up your Divinigram so you can place Burst Down, Violent Hunger, Practice Swings, Sniping, and Full Power at any given time.
  3. Place Burst Down on your Divinigram and direct 4 God Energies to it. Place EXP Booster and direct the other 2 God Energies to it.
  4. Bring at least 5 Revive Gems.
  5. If you have any extra space left over before you enter the dungeon, fill it with Dives or Revive Gems.
  6. Place mostly DEF Holy Icons on your Divinigram until you get 'Superalloy God' as your title. ATK and HIT should be pumped to about +400 while SPD can be ignored, except for placing certain Holy Artifacts.

One-run method

  1. It helps to do EX-6 first and use the Suspend Save trick at the boss fight for a 6* Great Sword.
  2. Make fully synthed 5* items and one fully synthed 6* Great sword (fully synthed means you've synthed three 5* +69 items to them and they give stats to ATK, DEF, and HIT). Strengthen them to about +50. The Great Sword can be strengthened to +70-80.

Make sure ALL items contribute something towards HIT, ATK, and DEF before you begin.

  1. Go through the dungeon and you shouldn't have too much problems, except against dragons. Use Violent Hunger if your damage isn't high enough.
  2. When you reach the last 10 floors, Take off Burst Down and set Practice Swings, Sniping, Violent Hunger, and Full Power down. If your gear is close to Bursting, just leave Burst Down powered up and direct your extra

two God Energies to Practice Swings.

  1. Make sure EN is at 0% and you have God Mode activated before entering floor 200. Good luck.

Multiple runs The idea is the same as the one-run method except you should:

  1. Use your first run to stock up on 6* items. Exit once your inventory is full.
  2. Burst the 6*s multiple times for +6 Holy Icons and strengthen them to +99. Synth 3 +99s to any 6* gear you plan on using.

This one is a bit different from the other dungeons. This time, you'll randomly get floors with the nifty features in Lesson 3, 4, 8, and 9. Remember those from 100 hours ago? If not, allow me to refresh your memory:

Lesson 3 - Wide open area
Lesson 4 - Rooftops where you jump down to the lowest level
Lesson 8 - Moving platforms (ugh)
Lesson 9 - Switches and water levels

Fortunately that's about as bad as it gets. ZHP's 200 floor dungeon had much worse hazards than this (like the lava floors), so be thankful.

6* Items will start showing up around floor 80. Make sure you get some!

The final 10 floors will always have Medusas, Bahamuts, Herc Beetles, and Hayagrivas. Yeah, fun stuff.

Recommended artifacts before facing boss:

Violent Hunger
Full Power
Practice Swings

(Direct your 6 God Energies towards Sniping or Practice Swings. Sniping takes less turns to set up, so you'll probably want to go that route. If you want to really overkill him, go with Practice Swings)

Have an Accelerator with you. Make sure you have the God Mode meter filled up and your EN at 0% before the fight.

Not really needed, but offers some insurance:

CQC Evasion
Ranged Evasion
The Ultimate Boss
+0: lvl 6500 Prince Yamato, lvl 6000 Dragon, lvl 6000 Bahamut, lvl 6000 Tiamat
10: lvl 9999 Prince Yamato, lvl 9999 Dragon, lvl 9999 Bahamut, lvl 9999 Tiamat
Boss HP
+0: 185 million
+10: 340 million

Difficulty: 10/10

Prince Yamato's attack range

   XXX     It's actually 3 panels, but it's effectively this due to his double move ability

Boss is weak to wind and resists physical skills. He can also move two spaces per turn.

Even with max DEF (99,999,999), this guy will still hit you for 14-18 million at +0 strength. Obviously at +10 he will hit for a lot more...

What you want to do is move to the left once, Accelerate down, then go God Mode and use Sword of God. With the recommended artifact setup, and 99,999,999 ATK in God Mode, you'll be able to kill him in one hit if you have all 6 God Energies directed to Sniping, at least his +0 version. If fighting his +10 version, you'll need at least a +180% ATK Bonus from Practice Swings/Sniping for the one-hit.

You'll get a 1* Prince Set for defeating him, which offers the highest stat totals in the game.

Advanced Gameplay

This section will go more in-depth about the mechanics of the game and how to fully utilize them.

System Data backup

If something goes horribly wrong during your dungeon run you can sort of reload your progress. To do this you'll need to do the following:

  1. Make a suspend save.
  2. Don't load the save. Instead, exit the game and go to your Saved Data Utility folder in the XMB.
  3. Copy the file called "The Guided Fate Paradox System Data" to a USB stick, or online storage if you have a Playstation Plus subscription. You basically select the file, press Triangle, then select Copy and copy it to either Online Storage or USB, depending on where you want to copy it to.
  4. Now, if you end up dying or want to reload to a previous point, simply overwrite the System Data file in your save folder with the System Data that you copied over.
  5. Once you start the game again, you'll see that you're able to load your Suspend save again.
  6. You don't need to copy your actual game save for this. You can also use the same System Data file that you copied over and over and it will still work.
Infinite EN glitch

This glitch prevents your EN from draining when you begin a dungeon. To do this, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Put Energy Saver on Renya's/current Angel helper's Divinigram.
  2. Enter a dungeon, walk a few steps, and use an Exit.
  3. Remove Energy Saver.
  4. With any luck, when you enter the next dungeon, your EN will no longer drain every 10 turns.

Keep in mind this trick isn't guaranteed to work all the time, and it may take 10+ tries before it actually works. Also, throwing enemies will still drain EN. You can tell that the glitch worked if you hold O + X and the EN won't lower like usual. This trick also works with Hybrid, but is confined to Renya's first Divinigram, and takes up a LOT more room.

Irregular Floors

An Irregular Floor can appear at random on any non-boss floors. It's basically a green portal and shows up as a red square on the minimap. Those who have played Disgaea will find them similar to the Mystery Gates in the Item World.

Irregular Floor TypeFunction
Cosplay Shop*You can buy all Cosplay equipment here. The cosplay equipment offers some of the best stats in the game, so if you happen to come across this, make sure you have room in your inventory to get them!
Holy Icon ShopA shop where you can buy Holy Icons from +1 to +6. They're only available in limited numbers, however.
Gold CrabThe room is filled with Gold Crabs. Be warned that you automatically get kicked out by the Divine Wind after a few turns
Apple CrabThe room is filled with Apple Crabs, which can drop any of the Apple items when killed.
God BoostGod Mode meter is filled
Revival ShopRevives fallen partner
Healing ShopFully heals you and your partner. If your partner is KO'd they're revived
Item ShopHas a single room with a cactus shop in it.
Holy Artifact ShopHas a single room with a cactus shop in it that sells Holy Artifacts. These Holy Artifacts take up an inventory slot when purchased, and are automatically removed from your inventory and transferred to your Holy Artifact stockpile once you enter a caravan floor or exit the dungeon.
Burst UpRed crystals are scattered across the floor, and attacking one will Burst a random equipment you're wearing.
Burst DownGreen crystals are scattered across the floor, and attacking one will reset the Burst meter of a random equipment to 0%
Enemy SwarmThe room will be filled with monsters of a single type (all Medusas, all Zombies, etc). There's also a single Gold Crab somewhere on the floor.
Gift ShopYou get a random Total Level Shop item.
BlacksmithBlacksmith can strengthen your items. The level gain of the item follows the same pattern as the regular MA dungeon blacksmith.
Angel SkillReplenishes all Angel Skill uses
Double EXPYou get double EXP on the next floor.
Stat boostA random stat gets boosted for the next floor.
Status roomAll enemies are either poisoned or asleep on the next floor.
*The rank of the Cosplay shop's wares depends on which MA dungeon you're running. She sells rank 1-2 equips in the Beginner/Intermediate dungeons, 3-4 in Advanced, and 5-6 for EX Advanced. This won't change with the floor you're on or the enemy strength.


Early game, the best place to farm money is in Lesson 10 with +10 enemy strength, NOT Lesson 8 (For the record, the clones in Lesson 8 give 3-3.5K per kill at +10, a rather pathetic amount at that stage). You'll need to have the Paw Paws weapon though. Just go to floors 7-9, and kill everything with the Paw Paws effect on. Set your partner to "Don't move an inch!" or get them killed so they don't deny you any money drops. Most enemies will be dropping 20-30K. You'll especially want to kill the Treasure Crabs, as they can drop up to 100K. Once you've cleared up to floor 9 just use an Exit and repeat the process. Also nice for racking up some Total Levels.

Late game, you just need the Demon Soul artifact in both you and your partner's Divinigrams and just keep running the Martial dungeons while killing as many things as you can. For best results, raise the enemy strength to +10, as Demon Soul seems to depend on the foe's HP, contrary to what the game description states. In Advanced/EX Advanced, you'll be making more money than you can spend by just killing things with the Demon Soul equipped.

Total Level

For quick levels I don't think there's a better place for this other than Chapter 10. As usual, set enemies to +10 strength. Set your partner to "Fight as you see fit!", equip them with at least 3* gear, then just set them loose. Once your partner clears the floor, just use an Exit and repeat. You'll get about 20-30 levels per run without EXP booster.

If you don't mind automating your powerleveling and using glitches, then you can install Deep Thinker with all 6 God Energies directed towards it, then perform the Infinite EN glitch. Head to floor 10 in a cleared story dungeon, then just find a room with only one pathway. Have your helper "Don't move an inch!" to guard the one path leading to the room, then just hold O + X. With Deep Thinker, you'll be gaining a level after some number of turns. You can eventually get to level 9999 this way. I don't know how long it takes to reach level 9999 with this, but you can just tape down your O + X buttons and go to sleep, then you'll probably get there when you wake up.

Holy Icons

You'll want the Burst Up and Mass Production Holy Artifacts (or two) for this, and preferably unlock all Angel Helpers. Basically, you'll want to do the following:

  1. Install Mass Production and Burst Up on one character (or set up your Divinigram so that you can easily install Burst Up if you don't want to utilize it too early)
  2. Equip Renya and all your helpers with whatever star gear you're trying to farm Holy Icons for.
  3. Set up your Divinigram with all God Energies to Capacity Up: L, and install Capacity Up: S and Capacity Up: M. You'll now get 64 item slots.
  4. Fill your inventory with Dives.
  5. Dive to floor 60 in the Intermediate dungeon or above, making sure to kill a few things every now and then for the level ups.
  6. Add all the helpers' gear to your inventory when you reach the floor 60 caravan. Direct all God Energies to Burst Up.
  7. Start the Bursting process from the next floor onwards. Make sure that whoever has Mass Production is the one doing the Bursting.

If you don't want to use that many Dives, you can just run the dungeons like normal with Mass Production installed, but you'll get less Holy Icons early on.

Make sure to strengthen all your Bursted items whenever you get to the caravan, and just keep Bursting them with whoever has the Mass Production artifact installed before reaching the next caravan area. The Mass Production artifact, contrary to what the in-game description says, gives you more Holy Icons per Bursted item the deeper you go into the floors, so at floor 61-70 you're looking at 8 Holy Icons per Burst, and at floor 91-100, you get 11 Icons per Burst! You'll want to make sure to install Burst Up with 6 God Energies to it in the later floors for faster Bursting. Depending on how many items you brought with you, you might be able to completely fill all the characters' Divinigrams with just the Holy Icons you get from a single run.

For Bursting more equipment, you can also set some equipments to Divine Summon and summon the set when there are a lot of enemies in the vicinity.

Divinigram Setups

In this section, I'll go more in depth regarding the Divinigram. Understanding how it works and how to use it to its full potential is key to taking on the postgame.

To be expanded on in the future.

Utilizing Items

Coming Soon

Making Powerful Items

For starters, I'll assume you just want to make this gear to survive the toughest dungeons.

For the most part, you don't really need to synthesize uber items to beat everything in this game. You can beat everything with 6* items synthesized with only 5* items.

Synthesis isn't really needed until you reach the EX-6 and Martial EX Advanced dungeons, the toughest challenges in the game.

I'll try to simplify things and not get into min-maxing, because it really isn't necessary, but if you're really curious you can look at this thread for a more thorough analysis http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/680713-the-guided-fate-paradox/67952801.

These are items you'll want to stock up on for better synthesis results. If it has a * it indicates a cosplay item.

What you'll need to do is get as many of these items with the highest stars as possible. A good way to farm them is to do the Suspend Save trick at the x0th floor of a Martial Arts Dungeon, then check the general store. If the store has any of these, then buy them. Getting 2-3 copies of the needed synthesis component is enough.

If you happen to come across a Cosplay Shop, then you've struck gold. Buy all the highest stars of the listed items.

Synthesis Components

Head (Gives mainly HP and HIT)

Mushroom Hat (HP, DEF, HIT)
Witch Hat (HP, ATK, HIT)
Gas Mask (HP, DEF, HIT)
Fluffy Beard (HP, DEF, HIT)
The Viking* (HP, ATK, DEF)
Samurai Mask (HP, ATK, HIT)
Almighty Helm* (HP, ATK, HIT)
Prince Helmet* (HP, ATK, HIT)
Nature Helmet* (HP, ATK, HIT)
Princess Wig* (HP, ATK, HIT)

Arm (Gives mainly ATK)

Hero Shield (ATK, DEF)
Spike Knuckles (ATK, HIT)
Glove (ATK, HIT)
Robot Arm (HP, ATK)
Princess Arm* (HP, ATK)
Fairy Tale Arm* (ATK, HIT)
Zombie Arm* (ATK, DEF)
Mantis Sickle (ATK, HIT)

Leg (Gives mainly ATK, DEF)

Turtle Legs (HP, DEF)
Yoshitsuna (HP, DEF)
Gunner Leg (HIT, DEF)
Out-of-Body XP (HIT, DEF)
Almighty Leg* (HP, DEF)
Nature Leg* (HIT, DEF)
Cinder Skirt* (HIT, DEF)
Princess Skirt* (HP, DEF)

Misc (Gives mainly HP)

Aureole (HP, ATK, DEF)
Flowing Cape (HP, ATK, DEF)
Cloth (HP, ATK, DEF)
Backpack (HP, ATK, DEF)
Almighty Suit* (HP, ATK, DEF)
Prince Armor* (HP, ATK, DEF)
Nature Suit* (HP, ATK, HIT, SPD)
Cinder-duds* (HP, DEF, HIT)
Princess Duds* (HP, ATK, DEF)

Next, you'll need to pick a "Master Item", which is the final gear you'll want to be using, and the gear you'll be synthesizing all of the synthesis fodder to. You'll be picking these for their skills more than stats. Some recommendations are:

Head - Great Horn, Hero's Helmet, Samurai Mask, Angel Halo, Cat Ears, Almighty Helm
Arm - Any two wands (Has A rank Double Divine skill with no attribute), Any two Axes (Has S rank slash Double Divine Skill), Any two guns (Can attack most number of targets), Shell/Wooden Shield
Leg - Yoshitsuna, Brave Leg, Oracle Leg
Misc - Caribbean Suit, Oracle Suit

To actually synthesize strong items, what you'll need to do is strengthen your components to their maximum level, then Burst them. Synthesize those Bursted components into your Master Item and you're done. Now you just have to strengthen your Master Item and you'll see a big difference in the stats you gain once the item's close to maximum level.

SPD is virtually useless, so I'm leaving out items that boost that stat. HP isn't as useless, but it's difficult to boost and won't be much help against bosses. I'd still recommend getting some HP on all your final gears though, as it can save you a few Revive Gems when actually doing your EX run.

Here are my suggestions for synthesis equipments. I'll leave the Master Item for you to decide. I'll assume you're synthesizing this equipment to take on the entire MA: EX Advanced dungeon your first time, meaning you have access to MA: Advanced and can get 5* items, so I'll leave out Cosplay Items if possible. Unless I say so, you'll want to gather 5* versions of the listed items.

One/Two of either Mushroom Hat/Gas Mask/Fluffy Beard
One/Two of either Witch Hat/Samurai Hat

Arm (You'll need 2 sets of the listed items)
One Hero Shield
One of either Mantis Sickle/Glove/Spike Knuckles
One Robot Arm, or replace with another Hero Shield if you don't think you need the HP.

One Out-of-Body EXP/Gunner Leg
Two of any Leg that gives ATK and DEF (most Legs give this)

One Nature Suit (4* is fine)
Two of Aureole/Flowing Cape/Backpack/Cloth

You basically want to get these items to their max level and Burst them all (+69 for 5* items, +49 for 4* items), then synthesize them into your Master Items. This will give you items that will contribute something to the important stats (ATK, DEF, and HIT). Now all you have to do is strengthen them and you're good to go.

Divine Skills/Items List

This section includes a list of all the Divine Skills as well as what items you need to enable them.

In order for a skill to register in your Divine Skill Book, you need to set animations to ON. The skill will NOT play automatically the first time you activate it, unfortunately. What skills you have are determined solely on what you're wearing at the time.

Head Gear Skills

Skill NameEquip Name
Dirt DiveDrill Head
Prinny MarchPrinny Hat
Scissor BindScissor Hat
Burst HornGreat Horn
Vision StarLantern
Carrot TherapyYummy Carrot
Peachy DanceFlower
Lamaze TechniqueGas Mask
6-Inch DropCursed Band
Magic VeilRibbon
Cat EarsCat Ears
Para-MurderZombie Hat
BindingsKing Tut Helm
Bow Down, Y'allFeudal Hair
Happy SkullSkull Face
Full AnalysisAnalysis Scope
Rule of TunaTuna Head
Angel HealAngel Halo
Tiara AttackTiara
Surprise VirusMushroom Hat
Rock CraftingSnake Hair
Justice NeighHorse Mask
1,000 SpikesFluffy Beard
Show TimeSilk Hat
God's Best JigHannya Mask
Angelic FinaleHalo
Hey, Amigo!Amigo Hat
PunchThe Viking
StrikeFluffy Hat
Lock OnGunner Helm
ConcentrateWitch Hat
Like the WindSamurai Mask
AwakeningHero's Helmet
Drop AnchorCaribbean Head
Healing PrayerOracle Head
Thief's EyeThief Head
Pilum ForceHades Mask
Zeus RugbyAlmighty Helm
Gate CreationPrince Helmet
Mandara BombNature Helmet
Cinderella SlapFairy Tale Wig
Princess CrushPrincess Wig

Arm Gear Skills

Skill NameEquip Name
Hit, Hit, HitHammer Arm
Rocky UpperGiganto Rock
Rata-tat-tat!Gatling Gun
Free-fallRocket Punch
Sloppy CutChainsaw
SlashDragon Claw
Spin DrillDrillin' Arm
Spiky*PunchSpiky Arm
Catch N' MoveRobot Arm
Hook ShotChain Hook
Psycho BeamBlaster
Lucky LurePaw Paws
Quick ChargePlug Knuckle
Fire FistFlame Gauntlet
Lotus FlowerIce Gauntlet
Thunder BallThunder Fist
Thousand EyesEvil Eye's Arm
Pivot CatchStretchy Arm
Sickle ScatterMantis Sickle
Comet UpperGlove
Star KnuckleSpike Knuckles
Flame ThrowerBurner Arm
SlashArm Blade
Death SnatcherCursed Hand
R.P.S.Scissor Hand
Nail 'Em Down!Pile Bunker
Missile VolleyArm Missile
0cm Chain ShotGunner ARm
Devilish GunWitch Hand
Like FireSamurai Arm
Critical HitBrave Arm
Anchor WaveCaribbean ARm
Priestly PunchOracle Arm
Quick SwipeThief Arm
Soul BalancerHades Arm
God's WrathAlmighty Arm
Hydra SummonPrince Sword
Mirror CoatPrince Shield
Buddhist ThunderNature Arm
Cinderella SlapFairy Tale Arm
Zombie EffortZombie Arm
Creator PunchYoung Man Arm
Princess CrushPrincess Arm
Single SlashDagger
Cut to PiecesLong Sword
Sword Choppin'Great Sword
Swing RoadSpear
Phantom StabJavelin
FlashFeather Lance
Big SpinHand Axe
Boomerang AxeBattle Axe
Life Rob 5Blaze Axe
FireFire Wand
WindWind Wand
FrostIce Wand
Spiral BulletPistol
Spin CockingShotgun
Thick LaserRQ-44
Iron WallWooden Shield
Protective VeilShell Shield
Hero CounterHero Shield

Leg Gear Skills

Skill NameEquip Name
Tank DropTank mk2
Jet FirePrinny Jet
Runaway VehicleDeath Car
Needle RainScorpion Body
Darkness DashBike
Smoke ArmorHovercraft
Iron RobeTurtle Legs
Hidden CloudsHover Cloud
High BoostStriker
Missile LaunchLeg Missile
Swing LowQuadri-Legs
The Hanged ManOut-of-Body XP
Flying CraftUFO
Swan DanceWhite Swan
Ship CannonYoshitsuna
TorrentMermaid Legs
Impossibru!Gunner Leg
Hasty FeatherWitch Leg
MountainesqueSamurai Leg
Trap TrapperBrave Leg
Anchor HoldCaribbean Leg
PreventionOracle Leg
Trap EvadeThief Leg
Counter WarpHades Leg
Godly LeapAlmighty Leg
Heavenly StampPrince Leg
God's Iron LegNature Leg
Cinderella SlapCinder Skirt
Princess CrushPrincess Skirt

Misc Gear Skills

Skill NameEquip Name
Bat CompanyBat Wings
Aureole FlashAureole
EmissionButterfly Wing
Lightning ClothLightning Drum
Main LauncherCannon
Vital StarFlowing Cape
Miracle HandCloth
4D BackpackBackpack
To The Moon...Jet Pack
Counter StanceAntiballistics
Full Speed AheadFlight Unit
HexanigonTortoise Shell
Eternal BarrageMissile Pod
Angelic FinaleAngel Wings
From the HipGunner Suit
LifeWitch Cross
Art of WoodSamurai Suit
Blissful PrayerBrave Suit
Anchor DriveCaribbean Suit
Reactive HealOracle Suit
Money TimeThief Suit
Bandage RollHades Suit
Shining BodyAlmighty Suit
Spear RainPrince Armor
Kotodama PrayerNature Suit
Cinderella SlapCinder-duds
Zombie EffortZombie Scarf
Creator PunchYoung Man Duds
Princess CrushPrincess Duds

Double Divine Skills

To get these you must equip the listed Arm weapons on both slots. The skill will be available for use once this requirement is met.

Skill NameRequired Equips
Mega HammerHammer Arm x2
QuatrockGiganto Rock x2
Pew-pew-pew!Gatling Gun x2
Knuckle SandwichRocket Punch x2
Cross ZapperChainsaw x2
Heart CatchDragon Claw x2
TwisterClawz x2
Spiral ZoneDrillin' Arm x2
Spiky*SandwichSpiky Ball x2
Catch N' BlowRobot Arm x2
Say HeyyyyChain Hook x2
Punch GunBlaster x2
Cat TrickPaw Paws x2
Leakage SparkPlug Knuckle x2
Whirlpool ScornFlame Gauntlet x2
Frozen FangIce Gauntlet x2
Longinus ZapThunder Fist x2
Millennium EyeEvil Eye's Arm x2
Zoom StrikeStretchy Arm x2
Double SlashMantis Sickle x2
Nature's BellGlove x2
Air SplitterSpike Knuckles x2
Rotary EmissionBurner Arm x2
V SlashArm Blade x2
Death For AllCursed Hand x2
OutrageScissor Hand x2
Full Power Stab!Pile Bunker x2
Omni-LauncherArm Missile x2
337 ShotGunner Arm x2
Anti-Devil GunWitch Hand x2
Way of FlameSamurai Arm x2
Legendary BlowBrave Arm x2
Zip AnchorCaribbean Arm x2
Clergy BeamOracle Arm x2
Lacking RhythmThief Arm x2
Balance MixerHades Arm x2
Embrace of GodAlmighty Arm x2
Ame no NubokoPrince Sword/Prince Sword
Pearl BeadsNature Arm x2
Cinderella SlapFairy Tale Arm x2
Zombie EffortZombie Arm x2
Creator PunchYoung Man Arm x2
Princess CrushPrincess Crush x2
Whirlwind SwordAny combination of Dagger/Long Sword/Great Sword
Valesti SpearAny combination of Spear/Javelin/Feather Lance
God Breaker AxeAny combination of Hand Axe/Battle Axe/Blaze Axe
TrimegistusAny combination of Fire Wand/Ice Wand/Wind Wand
Gun FuAny combination of Pistol/Shotgun/RQ-44
Absolute DefenseAny combination of Wooden Shield/Shell Shield/Hero Shield

These are the most overlooked items:

  • Warp Device - Found in EX-7, stage 6. This is the only place to get it, as far as I know.
  • Total Level shop items - Just go to the Total Level shop and buy these. Notable ones include Destroyer Gem, Revive Gem, and Dive.
  • Lunch - Set Kuroiel as your partner and use her Angel Skill while having room in your inventory to get this.
  • Rotten Lunch - Exit the dungeon with a Lunch in your inventory to get this.
  • Cosplay Shop Items - The biggest ones are the Halo and Angel Wing, which can only be found there, to my knowledge. The Cosplay Shop can be randomly found in an Irregular Floor.

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