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Can Easy mode unlock New Game Plus?

Does beating the game on Easy Mode unlock NG+? Not just the bit where you start over with all your stuff but the one with all the extra upgrades and stuff?

I played through all the way to the Final Day on Normal and spent half the bloody fight against the final boss being juggled in the bloody air. -_-

Died around the halfway mark. Decided to try it on easy for better luck and was wondering if it would still unlock NG+


Auronblade98 answered:

Yeah as long as you beat the game on easy or normal you should be able to start a NG+ with all your equipment and the ability to upgrade shields and weapons. Also if you want you can try NG+ on hard mode cause that option unlocks too.
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kgriffi2 answered:

It does not matter which mode you beat him. it will unlock NG+ option.

the option to upgrade weapons/shields is only available if you beat him

Beating him is needed to unlock hard mode as well.
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