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Ansem Reports 11 & 13?

For some reason, I'm missing two ansem reports, 11 and 13.
You're supposed to get these from Kurt Ziza and Unknown, but I've defeated both all of the secret bosses, except Sephiroth, and I have yet to get them. I understand Sephiroth should drop one, but what about the other? I've locked all the keyholes already, completed all of the cups at the coliseum, beaten Phantom, Kurt Ziza, and Unknown.
Did I miss something? Did they add something new to 1.5 that I don't know about?

ExHaseo provided additional details:

It may be that my game messed up. It's definitely not that I didn't save though. You're supposed to get 12 from Sephiroth, and I got it from Unknown.

Kalavinka asked for clarification:

Funny how falconesque manages to give the WRONG answer AFTER this has been answered correctly.

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Gestahl777 answered:

It's the japanese Version. There are Ansem Reports 0-12, not 1-13. That's the Problem.
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Nanani answered:

The drops for the Ansem Reports are unchanged from the previous release of Final Mix on the PS2. Something may have gone wrong with your game?

I would suggest double-checking that you didn't quit without saving after beating the bosses or something like that.

If all else fails, you'll get them next playthrough.
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NoxNyctophilia answered:

I got Ansem Report 11 from Kurt Zisa in Agrabah
and Ansem Report 13 from Unknown at Hollow Bastion

If you got 12 from Unknown, then try and beat Sephiroth maybe he'll give the Report #13 to you.
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falconesque answered:

Per Thorf:
10 is received by defeating Kurt Zisa;
11 is received by defeating Sephiroth
12 is received after defeating the Unknown.

There is no 13. Search Thorf's Final Mix Changes FAQ (126K) for "New Ansem Reports" to learn more.

And that sounds like it coincides with what you're seeing, ExHaseo. Double-check your source, it may be in error or a quirk from another release. Be sure to send them a correction -- sadly, many guidewriters won't update unless they receive complaints -- and you'll help the next player.
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