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How do I beat giant mushroom in atlantica?

How do I beat the giant mushroom in atlantica? do I just have to stop it and hope im strong enough to beat it, or is there a trick?

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Altrus02 answered:

You can get 100 hits on the treehouse Agarincus, but you have to use the Bambi summon outside behind the tree house before unstopping the third mushroom, then dismiss Bambi at the last second. This will trap Donald and Goofy outside behind the treehouse wall so they can't hit the mushroom while you wail on it.
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lizpereirax answered:

I used Stop and the just attacked it ... it'll drop items, munny, etc.
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s0ra0wNz answered:

It's kinda funny.
In all those years the Final Mix exists, nobody has ever found a way to successful defeat the Agaricus in Atlantica.

To beat it you have to successfully connect 100 Hits while it is stopped.
With the Maximum amount of MP you have exactly 18 Seconds to do so.
Whenever Donald and Goofy hit the Agarincus, they decrease your Hitcount.
The only Way to get 100 hits, is using Aeroga on Sora and hit it with 3 successful Ragnarok Limits. This is only doable in Deep Jungle thou AND is no longer possible ni the ReMIX, because of the Changes to the Limits (Triangle instead of the fourth Slot)
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soramstr answered:

Yeah.. just forget about the one in Atlantica. You need Stopga (beat phantom) and go to deep jungle where the treehouse is. as s0ra said, use aero and stopgap but I find that if you use ars Arcanum you get better results. better yet, if you have all combo plus's, blitz, and slapshot, your combos go pretty quickly. Also set up your armor and keyblades to have the max MP
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