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Unchanging Armor?

Clear the game without changing your equipment.

Does this mean can't change equipment on Sora only or All Charaters, and also meaning Keyblades and Accessorys?

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noz3r0 answered:

All characters. Don't change anything. If you start on Beginner you have a Ribbon equipped by default, don't take it off. Don't put anything on anybody. Just play the game as if you couldn't hit the Menu button.
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finalburn22 answered:

Yes, from doing a few research, you can't change anything in the "Equipment" section, including Donald and Goofy, so "Do Not" even bother looking at the Equipment menu, but Items and Spells are a different story. Easiest way to get this Trophy is do it on Beginner level. I personally haven't gotten the Trophy yet, but I'm working on it.
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