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Asked: 1 year ago

DLC from the first game?

Can anyone tell me for sure if the dlc u purchased the first time around will usable in the new one especially if you deleted your memory from the first game?

Additional details - 1 year ago

I had to start over because I lost my original file now I still have all my dlc including the rift crystal packs none of it shows up not even my weapons an armor any ideas?

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I did not delete my save data from the original game but all of my DLC is intact and I can purchase more from the the Black Cat, including items that I assume come from DLC that I never purchased.

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If your PSN account doesn't have the DLC purchased and downloaded you can find all the DLC in the Black Cat to buy with in game gold, if you purchased and downloaded the DLC it ends up in your storage.

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It depends, if you can re-download DLC for Free of Charge, then you shouldn't have any problems. However, most of the DD DLC's state they are for 1 use, per save file.

Normally though, you just insert the DA disc and it transfers your save file from DD to DA.
You could also try creating a new file on the original game, and see if it retained the DLC.

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DLC for the Vanilla DD doesn't apply to DA. That said, since DA upgrades DD saves, if you still have the DD disk, you can start a character in DD to get the DLC bonuses and then upgrade to DA to carry them over while getting your eternal portcrystal and 100000 rift crystals as the standard upgrade gift.

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Actually the DD DLC is completely compatible with Dark Arisen.

I have all the DLC from the original game, and it loaded just fine into Dark Arisen.

Please Note: Dark Arisen, only comes with the DLC Quests: the Notice Board Quests and the From a Different Sky Quests. Not the Equipment Packs.
And you only get the Eternal Ferrystone plus the 6 NPC Outfits if you have a save from the original game.

But Compatibility isnt the question here, its if you can use purchased DLC, that you got on an previous save that was deleted, and use it on a on a newly create game.

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I have never played the original DD. I purchased dragon's dogma dark arisen and bought the monster hunter weapon pack, and the demon armor pack. They show up in the black cat and I can buy them if I have enough gold (which i don't) but they never showed up in my item storage. anyone got any ideas on how to fix this? I've redownloaded the dlc like three or four times and that didn't fix it.

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Skit, try deleting the DLC, loading your game, saving, exiting the game and then re-installing the dlc.

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I deleted the dlc loaded the gam saved it exited and re installed the dlc and it still hasn't shown up in my item storage.

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I have the same problem. I think it is complete bull that items we paid actual cash for are only available to be bought in the game.

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The only way i found to get all the equipment dlc to work is to start a game in DD then save and upload that save to DA.

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i dont have DD and was actually wondering if it could be used in DA without DD... sounds like a no:(

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