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                      T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S

MQ00 - Prologue 
	Q01 ------- Quest 1: Harbringer of Destruction

MQ01 - Main Quest: ACT I 
	Q02 ------- Quest 2: Newly Arisen
	Q03 ------- Quest 3: Upon a Pawn
	Q04 ------- Quest 4: Call of the Arisen
	Q05 ------- Quest 5: Strength in Numbers
	Q05 ------- Quest 6: A Rude Awakening
	Q06 ------- Quest 7: Off with Its Head
	Q07 ------- Quest 8: Matter of the Myrmidons
	Q08 ------- Quest 9: Lure of the Abyss
	Q09 ------- Quest 10: The Cypher
	Q10 ------- Quest 11: A Fortress Besieged
	Q11 ------- Quest 12: Seeking Salvation
	Q12 ------- Quest 13: The Watergod's Altar

MQ02 - Main Quest : ACT II
	Q13 ------- Quest 14: Come to Court
	Q14 ------- Quest 15: Griffin's Bane
	Q15 ------- Quest 16: Trials and Tribulations
	Q16 ------- Quest 17: The Wyrmking's Ring
	Q17 ------- Quest 18: Pride Before a Fall
	Q18 ------- Quest 19: Honor and Treachery
	Q19 ------- Quest 20: Reward and Responsibility

MQ03 - Main Quest : ACT III
	Q20 ------- Quest 21: Deny Salvation
	Q21 ------- Quest 22: Final Battle

MQ04 - Post Game 
	Q22 ------- Quest 23: A Warm Welcome
	Q23 ------- Quest 24: Fathom Deep
	Q24 ------- Quest 25: The Final Judgment
	Q25 ------- Quest 26: The Great Hereafter

BBI01 - Bitterblack Isle
	P01 ------- Part 1: Introduction
	P02 ------- Part 3: Garden of Ignominy
	P04 ------- Part 4: Duskmoon Tower
	P05 ------- Part 5: Ward of Regret
	P06 ------- Part 6: Midnight Helix
	P07 ------- Part 7: Vault of Defiled Truth
	P08 ------- Part 8: Gutter of Misery
	P09 ------- Part 9: Warrior's Respite
	P10 ------- Part 10: Shrine of Futile Truths
	P11 ------- Part 11: Corridor of Emptiness
	P12 ------- Part 12: Forest of Remembrance
	P13 ------- Part 13: The Pilgrim's Gauntlet
	P14 ------- Part 14: Black Abbey
	P15 ------- Part 15: Tower of Treasons Repaid
	P16 ------- Part 16: Forsaken Cathedral
	P17 ------- Part 17: Corridor of the Hollowed
	P18 ------- Part 18: Rotwood Depository
	P19 ------- Part 19: The Forgotten Hall
	P20 ------- Part 2o: Blockless Stockade
	P21 ------- Part 21: The Arisen's Refuge
	P22 ------- Part 22: Sparyard of Scant Mercy
	P23 ------- Part 23: The Fallen City
	P24 ------- Part 24: Bitterblack Sanctum

NG00 - New Game +
	NG00 ------- New Game +

________ MQ00 | Prologue ________
______ Main Quest Prologue ______

Q01 - Quest 1 - Harbringer of Destruction

Once you are able to in control, you'll be starting the game as a hero
named Savan and his pawn, Salde. Open your inventory by pressing Select and
equip the lantern. Follow the corridor and you'll find the Dragon at the
end of the path that will set the place on fire.

Follow your pawn and jump past the fire. Defeat the goblins and enter the
cavern. Jump down the ledge and touch the firstone to summon more pawns.

Follow the path until you encounter more goblins. Defeat them and look
around for healing items*. Destroy jars and crates to obtain these items.
Follow the path upstairs and clear the holding area to save Ser Ashrore.
Talk to him to obtain a panacea.

Continue following the path and exit to the antechamber to find a harpy.
Defeat it. There are crates and other items at the end of the walkways.
Open the chest then join the survivors. Follow the corridor and open the
chest on the way. Keep on following the path until you reach the Grand
Hall. Head to the large door to trigger a boss battle.

You are now against the Chimera. It has three heads with a life bar each.
The tail inflicts poison and the goat head casts spells. Guard with your
shield then counterattack when possible. Take out the snake tail first to
prevent poison attacks and use jump attacks to interrupt the goat head's
spells. You can also grab hold of the snake tail and attack it while
clinging on it. When it's attention is focused on your allies, you may
attack it from the side or the rear. Continue until it is defeated.

_ MQ01 | Main Quest _
_______ ACT I _______

Q02 - Quest 2 - Newly Arisen

After customizing your character, you'll wake up in the village chief's
house. Pick a weapon to choose the class you want. Your character's build
will affect your class. Bulkier builds have more strength but low stamina
recovery and speed while it's the opposite for lighter builds.

Once done, you may destroy objects in the room to obtain items. Leave the
room for a scene. After the scene, the quest is completed.

Q03 - Quest 3 - Upon a Pawn

After exiting the area, you can explore a bit. Once done, head to the gate
to trigger this quest. Just follow the road until you encounter a peddler
being attacked by goblins. Rescue him and continue forth until you reach
the Encampment to complete the quest.

Q04 - Quest 4 - Call of the Arisen


-Approach the voice that beckons from the center of the map
-Search the area
-Drive off the threat
-Report to the Rift

Continue to the camp's headquarters and examine the riftstone to
investigate the mysterious voice. After the short event, go to the quest
marker and leave the Encampment. Outside you'll find a cyclops with some
goblins. Help the soldiers take out beasts then return back to the

After reporting, a permanent, primary pawn will be assigned to you. You can
customize his/her overall appearance, build, inclination and behavior. Once
you're done with your main pawn's customization, this quest will be

Q05 - Quest 5 - Strength in Numbers

First Task: Move the Cargo
Second Task: Destroy the Scarecrows
Third Task: Destory more Scarecrows 

As soon as the previous quest completes, exit the headquarters and Ser
Berne will approach you. He will give you and your party a test and will at
least introduce you on how pawns work in a team. Basically, you just have
to complete the tasks without minding your allies. They will work

For the first task, you and your pawns will have to move cargo crates to a
delivery point within the area. Just find a crate that they're not carrying
and place it within the drop off area. Next, you have to defeat scarecrows.
You have to destroy them all before time runs out.

Finally, you have to take out more scarecrows; one group is immune to magic
while the other is immune to physical attacks. Completing all the tasks
will complete the quest.

This an optional quest. If you don't want to do the tests, you can leave
the area. However, this is the only opportunity it will be offered. Once
you leave the training area, it will become inaccessible. 

Q06 - Quest 6 - A Rude Awakening


-Battle the Hydra
-Smite the Hydra's Neck

Look for Mercedes inside the Encampment and choose to spend the night
there. You'll wake up in the morning with a hydra wrecking havoc inside.
It’s head is its weakness. If you have a melee character, you can grab
unto it and climb to its head. If you’re a mage or strider, target the
head using your ranged attacks and magic. Once enough damage has been dealt
with the Hydra, one of its head will be cut off.

If you take too long to finish it off, Mercedes will hand you an explosive
barrel that you can throw to the Hydra. It will swallow it, causing one of
its heads to explode. After the quest, a scene will take place and Mercedes
will ask you to escort her group to the capital, Gran Soren. This will
start the next quest, “Off With Its Head”.

Q07 - Quest 7 - Off with Its Head


-Regroup with Ser Mercedes
-Escort to the capital
-Make for the capital

It will be a great idea to bring a mage with Anodyne to keep not only your
party’s HP up but also the ox that’s pulling the cart with the
Hydra’s head on. You’ll have to make your way first to the Waycastle
where Ser Mercedes is waiting. Expect to encounter pack of wolves and
bandits along the way.

The first mountain path is filled with harpies and goblins. Ranged and
fire-based attacks works best against these pests. Remember to stay close
to the caravan and rest if healing is needed. After the first turn in the
mountain trail, you’ll encounter more harpies along the way. Be careful
in the second turn since there’s a large boulder there that will start
rolling down once you get near. There’s a mountain cottage here but you
can just ignore that and continue down the path. You’ll eventually reach
a small hill infested with harpies. Take them out and make sure the
group’s completely healed before venturing forth.

You’ll be halted by another waycastle that’s been taken over by
goblins. Defeat them all then pull the lever nearby to proceed. You’re
almost near and it’s possibly evening by the time you reach this point.
Continue carefully and take out the goblins, bandits or undead that will
ambush you from the foliage and the darkness. The quest will be complete
once you reach Gran Soren’s gates safely.

Q08 - Quest 8 - Matter of the Myrmidons


-Learn more of the pawns (optional)
-Visit the pawn guild

After talking to Mason, this quest will start. You can talk to two NPCs and
check out the inn where you can talk to the innkeeper to update your quest.
The inn will be your most-used establishment in the game since you can rest
here, store/withdraw items, change vocations, learn skills, etc. To
complete the quest, you just have to follow the marker as it leads you to
the Craftman’s Quarter. Follow the road and you’ll find a portcrystal.
Just enter the building beside it and talk to Barnaby to complete the

Note: You can talk to Barnaby again to start the next main quest. However,
it will disable unfinished sidequests in Cassardis. Since you’re free to
explore the whole Gransys after this quest, you can return to Cassardis and
the Encampment to complete the sidequests and notice board requests there.

Q09 - Quest 9 - Lure of the Abyss


-Explore the Everfall
-Report back to Barnaby

Talk to Barnaby when you're ready then go down to the Pawn Guild's
basement. Enter the door there to reach the large underground tower called
the Everfall. Follow the path until you reach a gate. Enter to the left
then fight your way through the corridors until you reach the other side of
the gate. You can find a lever here that will remove the gate but will
alternately close the other path you've gone through.

Continue along the ramp and you'll encounter another gate and an ogre
behind it. If you're a magic user, you can attack and defeat it safely from
behind the gate; otherwise, you have to do the same thing again and fight
through the alternate route to reach the other side of the gate. Again, you
have the option to open the gate or not using the lever.

Continue forth until you reach another gate. Go through the third alternate
route and find the lever to the north to open the other gate. Continue east
of the ceremonial cage and open the stone caskets. A skeleton will emerge
from one of those caskets. Defeat it to retrieve an engraved lever. Attach
the lever to the slot beside the gate ahead to access the chests in the
other side.

Proceed to the other path to reach the marked location. Before checking the
Flameservant’s Throne at the bottom floor, scour the area and make sure
that the room is clear of enemies. This will make your job easier later on.
Beside the stairs leading to the spiral ramp is a balcony containing a few
treasures and gold coins. Once ready, examine the Flameservant’s Throne
to trigger a scene.

Tentacles will start appearing. You don’t have any way of defeating these
so start running to the exit. Mushrooms and Liquid Vims will help a lot in
making your escape. If you have a ferrystone or Eternal Ferrystone, you can
use these instead to teleport back to the portcrystal, right outside the
Pawn Guild. Talk to Barnaby to complete the quest.

Q10 - Quest 10 - The Cypher

Talk to Ser Maximilian and choose the option to "Decipher a text" to start
this quest. This is part of the Wyrm Hunt quests that he'll provide you.
You need the Wyrm Hunt License to start the mission. You'll get this after
completing the previous main quest, but if you accidentally sold the
license, you can buy it back from the "The Black Cat" in Gran Soren for
about 5,000g.


-Inquire around town
-Visit the forger
-Seek further leads
-Travel to Hillfigure Knoll
-Report your findings

Head to the fields and talk to the NPC with the question mark over his
head. Next, head to the Venery and find the Black Cat. Talk to the forger
there to update your quest. Finally, find the last NPC to update your

Next, make your preparations and travel north of Gransys. You’ll
encounter saurian, goblins, direwolves, bandits, snow harpies and a Cyclops
on your way to the destination. You’ll also reach a friendly territory
called the Windbluff Tower. Unfortunately, there’s no merchant or place
to rest inside. Proceed past the tower until you find a winding path up the
hill. You’ll also see a man sitting on top of those rocks as you get

Go uphill towards the group of protruding rocks to trigger an event. Once
ready, talk to the Dragonforged to proceed with the story. Before leaving,
explore the cavern interior to find various loot and materials. Return to
Gran Soren and talk to Maximillian to complete the quest.

Q11 - Quest 11 - A Fortress Besieged

This quest is part of the Wyrm Hunt quests Ser Maximillian gives you.
Select the option to "Rout a monster infestation" to start this quest.


-Speak with the captain
-Open the gate
-Rout the goblins
-Defeat the goblin chieftain
-Report your victory.

The way to the Shadow Fort is a long and treacherous one. However, there's
a shortcut that you can take to make the trip easier. You have to complete
the sidequest "Of Merchants and Monsters" in the Ancient Quarry, due
southwest of Gransys. Doing so will grant you safe access inside the
Quarry, as well a merchant and replenishing treasures and gold

After you exit, there’s also another camp to the southwest of the
quarry’s exit where you can rest and manage your inventory. There’s
also a dragon lurking to the southwest Shadow Fort. You may want to stick
to the eastern path where you only have to deal with goblins and saurians.

Once you’re in the fort, talk to the captain and enter the hole on the
ground. Follow it until you reach the exit and find yourself in the
interior of a building inside the fort. Kill the goblins inside and collect
the loot inside the room. Don’t forget to destroy the crates to get more

Head to the top floor make your way to the top floor and clear it. Take
control of the ballistas there to take out the goblin-controlled ballistas
in the main castle ahead. Be careful since the ballistas you’re
controlling can also take damage and destroyed by those pesky goblins. If
you managed to destroy the enemy-controlled ballistas, you can now use the
ballistas to take out the cyclops below. Either that or make a run to the
Station Room in the middle-west side of the fort.

Enter the station room and clear the prison cells. You’ll find the lever
inside a chest there. Return to the previous building and attach the lever
to the gate mechanism. Operate it to open the gate and let your allies

Help them kill all the goblins in the area until the chieftain appears.
Proceed inside the fort and take out the enemies inside. There’s a
cyclops in the second floor balcony so be prepared to take it down. Find
the chieftain hiding well inside the castle and slay it. Report back to
Maximillian to complete the quest.

Q12 - Quest 12 - Seeking Salvation

This quest is part of the Wyrm Hunt quests Ser Maximillian gives you.
Select the option to "Investigate a Cult" to start this quest.


-Learn more about Salvation
-Talk to Mason
-Renew your inquiry into Salvation.
-Search the catacombs
-Observe the gathering
-Defeat the undead
-Pursue Elysion
-Report your findings

Talk to a man named Meredith inside the Gran Soren Union Inn. Next, find
Mason in the slums and talk to him as well to obtain the Salvation’s
Badge. This will mark the cult members among the populace which you can
talk to and update your quest. After speaking with them, the location of
the catacombs will be marked on your map.

Travel to the catacombs due west of Gransys. Just stick to the roads if you
don’t want to get lost. Otherwise, just follow the marker and you’ll
reach it eventually. There’s also a riftstone outside where you can use
to replenish your pawn’s HP or re-arrange your party. The catacombs are
pretty much straightforward so light up your lantern and start exploring.

There are lots of undead in the area so have your fire-spells and
enchantments ready. You can also start opening the stone caskets to find
either good loot inside or reanimated corpses. Continue until you reach a
door with a lever. Pull the lever to unblock the path then proceed further
inside. You’ll eventually reach a lift. Operate the lever nearby to ride
the lift down to the lower floor.

Follow the hallway and you’ll reach a locked gate. Ignore it for now but
do remember it later on since it’s part of a quest. Continue to the left
and make it to the next hall. Find the door with a lever then pull it to
open the next path. Proceed forth and follow the path until you reach a
chasm with some wooden walkways. If you take the opposite side of the
wooden walkway past the ladder, it leads you to a deadend (be careful of
the two skeleton warriors inside) with a chest. Now follow your path and
cross the narrow bridge leading to another cavern.

In this cavern lies two chests and an ogre. Defeat it and enter the next
hall. With the circle of the marked meeting place nearby, you can continue
to the southeast and remove the barricade from the door to enable an
alternate route to the Catacombs. This exit is called Rear Passage and will
bring you back a short distance south of Gran Soren.

Head to the meeting place and observe the cult congregation to trigger a
scene. After the scene, you have to clear the room of fresh undead. Exit
the room to trigger another quest. Here, a short sidequest will trigger
(Justice Done) where you have to decide whether to kill the cult leader or
just leave him. Either choice will complete the sidequest. Exit the
catacombs and talk to Maximillian to get your rewards.

Q13 - Quest 13 - The Watergod's Altar

This quest is part of the Wyrm Hunt quests Ser Maximillian gives you.
Select the option to "Aid a Research Team " to start this quest.


-Speak with Father Geffrey
-Meet with the Survey Party
-Find the missing brother
-Report Jean's demise to Haslett
-Investigate the Ruins
-Report your findings

This quest is part of the Wyrm Hunt quests Ser Maximillian gives you.
Select the option to "Aid a Research Team " to start this quest.

After receiving the quest from Maximillian, you have to go to the church
and talk to Father Geffrey to update the quest. Prepare for departure and
make your way to the Waycastle by taking the mountain path. From there,
take the downhill route to the west until you reach the river. Continue
forth until you find a shallow part of the stream that you can cross to
reach the cave entrance. Talk to Brother Haslett along the way to update
the quest. Next, go past the waterfall to find the door.

The area is submerged so you have to find a way across the water first.
Find the ladder in the middle-west that will bring you to the First Level
Underground floor. Here, you have to defeat all saurian. The stone door
ahead will open, bringing in more saurian reinforcements. Take them out and
loot the chests to get the lever. Return to the first floor and attach the
lever to the slot in the middle path. This will lower the wooden pathway.

Continue inside and defeat the enemies along the way. The chest in the
middle contains an Azure Ring or something of similar quality. Make your
way to the Offering Chamber and you’ll find a cyclops inside. Defeat it
then examine the bloody corpse on the floor to update the quest. Loot the
Watergod Altar Key from the cyclops’ corpse then loot the treasure chests
and collect items from the debris and other objects within the hall.

Exit the ruins and talk to Brother Haslett to update the quest. He’ll ask
you to go back again and collect five ancient slates. To do so, you have to
drain the water in the dungeon to fully access and explore the area.
Consult your map to find the deadend to the east. Use the watergod altar
key you acquired earlier to open the stone door. Clear the enemies inside
the cavern then proceed until you find a pressure switch. Step on it to
lower the water level.

Images to locate the slates can be found here:

After collecting all the slates, deliver them to Haslett then report back
to Maximillian to complete the quest.

_ MQ02 | Main Quest _
______ ACT II _______

Q14 - Quest 14 - Come to Court

Note: You can proceed with the story and ignore the other wyrm hunt quests.
However, doing this quest will take the Wyrm Hunt license from you,
permanently closing off the other related Wyrm Hunt quests. This won’t
affect your open side quests and notice board requests.


-Visit the Duke
-See to the Royal Orders

After completing all Wyrm Hunt quests, you can now attend an audience with
the duke to proceed with the story. Enter the demesne and explore the area
for some chests and other items. When ready, talk to enter the manor and
talk to the duke. After the scene, talk to the duke’s chamberlain to take
new orders / quests. After accepting any of them, leave the manor and
you’ll spot the duchess outside. You can trigger a series of quests by
approaching her and triggering a scene. If you keep talking to her,
she’ll remove the jester hat Feste gave you and increase your affinity
with her, thus opening up new sidequests involving her.

Q15 - Quest 15 - Griffin's Bane


-Speak with the volunteers
-Join the campaign (1)
-Join the campaign (2)
-Pursue the fleeing griffin
-Report your victory

Make your preparations. You may want to bring a mage that has offensive
fire-spells and fire enchantments, as well as equip gears that will improve
your resistance against lightning. When ready, meet up with the soldiers
outside the gate lead by Ser Georg. Talk to him and follow the group as
they march to the hills. Continue until you reach reach the spot where you
can place a bait to lure the griffin in. Hunt down a goblin and place its
corpse within the designated circle.

Once the griffin takes the bait, engage it in battle and keep attacking it
until it loses half of its HP. It will flee and your quest will be updated.
The griffin has escaped to the unforgiving, isolated ruins of Blue Moon
Tower. Make the necessary preparations and head north.

Past the Windbluff Tower is a fork in the road. Take the path to the
northeast through the Windworn Valley. Push through against the strong wind
until you reach the narrow, calmer path in Pastona Cavern. This is a
straightforward path leading to the Blue Moon Tower. Carefully thread the
narrow canyon as bandits await and ambush you. You can climb the ledges to
take out the archers first. Loot the cavern rooms and kill all the bandits
along the way.

You’ll eventually reach an open area with snow harpies and a golem. You
can flee the golem or defeat it for extra experience and loot. Once done,
continue forth until you reach the tower entrance. There’s a riftstone
here you can use to restore your pawns’ health as well.

Enter the tower and take out the snow harpies, skeleton knights and
skeleton mages along the way. There are a lot of good items in this area
but most of them are located on the ruins’ ledges. You can get them now
or later. Continue upstairs and clear more enemies. Once ready, enter the
second floor of the tower through the door.

Continue forth until you find the griffin. Proceed and help your allied
knights break the log blocking the door to help them push through. On the
second barred gate, take the path to the right and break through the
obstacles until you reach the other side of the gate. Use the lever to open
the gate.

After opening the gate, Ser Westley will have to fend off the griffin on
his own. You can support him and hurt the griffin until it leaves him
alone. Saving him is entirely optional and won’t hurt your quest
progress. Continue to the third gate, the griffin will destroy the pathway
and will engage you in battle. Keep dealing damage to it until it breaks
the gate for you. Keep running through the hallway until you reach the
tower interior.

Once inside, start destroying crates and collect all items you can find,
especially various curatives. You may also want to save your game at this
point. When ready, continue upstairs to fight the griffin. This is pretty
much the same battle as you’ve done before. If you completed the side
quest “Troublesome Tome”, the NPC you helped named Steffen will assist
you in battle by casting an arcane magick. This will deal massive damage to
the griffin. Keep attacking until it is vanquished.

Check the area for treasures and you'll obtain the very useful Portcrystal.
You may want to place it outside the tower so you can just teleport back
using a ferrystone. Once ready, head back to Gran Soren. Talk to the
chamberlain to get your reward.

Q16 - Quest 16 - Trials and Tribulations


-Collect evidence
-Collect evidence (2 days remaining)
-Collect evidence (near deadline)
-Inquire after the verdict
-Report back to Aldous

This is a time-restricted event and you'll have the direct impact to the
results of Fournival's trial. You have two options: collect evidence to
prove his guilt or innocence.

Option 1: Guilty
1. Fournival gets jailed and his daughter gets evicted from her home and
moves to the slums
2. Fournival won't be available as a merchant, and you'll lose access to
unique and rare items such as the Maker's Finger, Pilgrim's Charm,
Magnanimous Cloak and cheap ferrystones.
3. You can pay 100,000 gold to return his daughter back to the mansion.

Option 2: Innocent
1. Affinity with Fournival increases
2. The prices in his store are lowered and you’ll have access to the
items in his inventory
3. Allows you to do the Escort Quest for him if you haven’t done so yet.

Collect Evidence: Guilty
This is the easiest way of completing the quest. If you don’t care about
Fournival’s fate, you can just wait for the allotted time to run out.
There are several evidences you can collect to ensure the guilty verdict.
1. Jasper’s Condemnation (If evicted from the side quest “Land of
2. Sara’s condemnation (If evicted from the side quest “Land of
3. Pip’s Condemnation (If evicted from the side quest “Land of
4. Gift Ledger – This item is found in the second floor of Fournival’s
5. Purchase an Affidavit of Guilt from the traveling merchant, Reynard.
6. Ansell – After completing “An Innocent Man”, head to Cassardis and
talk to him to have him stand as a witness against Fournival.

Collect Evidence: Innocent
You can do the following to ensure Fournival’s acquittal.
1. Chamberlain’s Affidavit* – Get in from the first floor of Fournival
2. Geffrey’s Petition – Talk to Father Geffrey from the Gran Soren
3. Symone’s Petition – If you completed the notice board quest
“Escort Duty”, you can obtain this from Symone in her father’s manor.
4. Fedel’s Petition – Talk to Fedel in the Duke’s Demesne
5. Buy an Affidavit of Innocence from the traveling merchant, Reynard.
6. Speak with Ser Daerio in Windbluff Tower and he will ask you to take Ser
Castor back to Gran Soren as a witness.

*This is needed for the notice board quest “Thanks Mislaid”. Should you
decide to use this item for this quest, make sure to have it duplicated
through the Black Cat.

Once you have the evidences at hand, you can turn them over all to Aldous
at once or as soon as you found them while there’s still time. For best
results, turn over the evidences or assist the witnesses of your preferred
verdict and just ignore the other ones.

Once the timer is up, Fournival’s verdict will be announced in the town
square. The mission will be complete afterward. Talk to Aldous to receive
your reward.

Q17 - Quest 17 - The Wyrmking's Ring


-Learn more of the thief
-Inquire about Salomet
-Confront Salomet
-Report Salomet's Escape
-Renew your inquiry into Salomet
-Confront Salomet
-Ferry back the ring

To learn more about the thief, you have to speak with some of the NPCs
inside the demesne. They are usually marked with the question mark over
their heads. The NPCs you have to find are Pering (he’s walking around
the area), Ser Gyles (in the storeroom) and Ambrose (usually found near the
duke). Speak to Aldous after talking the marked NPCs.

After talking to Aldous, your quest will be updated. Leave the demesne and
head to the noble quarter. Find the NPC named Mellard who will mention that
Salomet is possibly in the Ancient Quarry. Head to the quarry and you’ll
encounter Salomet and his small group of weak bandits. Kill them all and
Salomet with flee.
Report back to Aldous in Gran Soren. Then, head to the Urban Quarter and
talk to Brice. You’ll learn that Salomet was seen heading to the Bluemoon
Tower. If you have planted a portcrystal there , then you just need to use
a ferrystone to return to that isolated dungeon. Otherwise, you’ll have
to do it the hard way by walking there on foot.

Fight your way to the stairs again. You may want to save your game for
every chance you get. Continue to the second floor to engage Salomet. It
will be a challenging battle for melee –type characters since Salomet
“blinks” / teleports instantly. The best way to deal with this wizard
is by using ranged attacks. He will also call forth undead reinforcements.
Take out these pesky annoyances while concentrating your attacks to the
main boss itself. Ignoring them will just make things harder for you since
they can interrupt your actions. Salomet is also weak to lightning so
bringing lightning enhanced equipment or a mage that can enhance weapons
with lightning will help a lot in this battle.

After defeating Salomet, he will drop the Wyrmking’s Ring. Pick it up as
well as a nearby ferrystone. Loot the area then retrun to Gran Soren. Turn
over the original ring or the forgery to complete the quest.

Tip: The Wyrmking’s Ring can speed up the cast time of all magick attacks
by 15%. You can forge a copy of it through the Black Cat and keep the
original. The powerless forgery can be turned over as a quest item.
However, turning over the forgery will prevent you from getting the
Paladin’s Mantle in the duke’s treasury. (You can still sneak at night
and steal it though)

Q18 - Quest 18 - Pride Before a Fall


-Speak with Mercedes
-Travel to the Windbluff Tower
-Seek Out Mercedes
-Observe the duel
-Report back to Aldous

Completing this quest will remove Mercedes from the rest of the game. If
you want her to become your love interest in the story, you need to max out
her affinity before taking this quest from Aldous.
If you want Julien to be your love interest, you must bring a Wakestone.
(See the details below)
The sidequests “Supply and Demand” and “The Conspirators” will
become unavailable after completing this quest.

Talk to Mercedes inside the Demesne then travel to Windbluff Tower. Ignore
the fighting soldiers and continue upstairs. Head to the marked location
for a scene. Julien and Mercedes will then engage in a duel. Here, you’ll
have the following choices:

1. Let the combatants duel without interruption. Mercedes will be defeated
and Julien will escape.

2. Before Mercedes takes three hits or before Julien blocks, you can
quickly go behind him and backstab him. Revive him using the wakeshard.
This will prompt him to return to Gran Soren to turn himself in.

(If you want to make him your love interest, visit him in the dungeons of
the capital. You’ll get his shield “Wizard’s Vizard”) and his
affinity to you will be maxed out.

After making any of these choices, Mercedes will have to leave. Return to
the capital and talk to Aldous again to complete the quest.

Q19 - Quest 19 - Honor and Treachery


-Travel to the waycastle
-Return to Gran Soren
-Defeat the cockatrice
-Report back to Aldous

After accepting this quest and before heading to the Waycastle, bring at
least one Ferrystone and Secret Softeners or anything that will cure
debilitations. Bring someone that can enchant weapons with lightning or at
least use lightning-based attacks. When ready, head to the waycastle.

Upon arriving to the Waycastle, Ser Ravenn will then tell you to return to
Gran Soren immediately. Quickly return to the capital using the ferrystone;
otherwise, you’ll have to walk back. The southern gate will be sealed so
you have to enter the city through the western gate.

Once inside, you’ll have to face a cockatrice. This monster can petrify
your characters so make sure you have a good amount of softeners ready. It
is weak against lightning attacks so use these often to deal critical
damage to it. It’s other physical attacks are quite predictable but
damaging nonetheless. You won’t be able to kill it unless you’re
overpowered so keep dealing damage to it until it flies away.
Make your way to the Passage Gate and talk to Ser Camillus. He will take
you instantly to Aldous. Talk to him to get your reward.

Q20 - Quest 20 - Reward and Responsibility


-Head to the duke's solar
-Accept the duke's gifts

This is just a really short quest where you have to follow the Duke to the
treasury. Do so and loot everything once you're inside. As you're
collecting items, a scene will take place. The quest will be complete

__ MQ03 | Main Quest __
_______ ACT III _______

Q21 - Quest 21 - Deny Salvation


-Recapture the Greatwall
-Defeat the Wights


The NPC with the highest affinity towards you will become your love
interest in the story and will affect the scenes in your ending. You'll
know if an NPC has full affinity towards you when you see a bright pink
aura emanating behind their heads when you're talking to them.

If you want to lower the affinity of an unwanted NPC, unsheath your weapon
in front of them several times. You should hear a sound indicating about
the change; you may want to talk to them and check if there's still a pink
aura or not.

The item called "Arisen's Bond" will almost completely seal an NPC's fate
with you.

The last area where you have to battle the bosses is only accessible during
the boss fight. Make sure to loot everything in the area while fighting and
don't forget to collect the Badge of Vows 40 on top of an archway to the
north. A ranged attack is necessary to dislodge it.

Holy attacks are the key to deal with the wights faster. Ranged attacks
works wonders as well.

Enter the Greatwall Encampment and you’ll have to deal with a couple of
armored cyclops and several snow harpies in the immediate courtyard. Take
out all the harpies first then concentrate in taking out one cyclops at a
time. Take note that it’s possible for the two cyclops to damage each
other when they’re near each other so use that to your advantage too.

Explore the eastern area of the hold’s first floor. Quickly save the
knight nearby to have him open up the locked spiral staircase that leads to
more treasure and items. Make your way to the second floor and engage the
Chimera. The same tactics in taking it down still applies and the crates in
the room contain curatives. There’s also a ballista nearby that you can

The frightened knight will open the door, allowing you to proceed further.
Loot the chests in the room he’s in and continue until you reach another
knight-in-distress beside the stairs. Save him to open this alternate
staircase and loot the extra items inside. If you failed to rescue the
knight, you can access this alternate room by throwing an explosive barrel
on its weakened wall.

Proceed to the third floor and defeat a heavy skeleton knight. Loot the
nearby chests and save your game. The boss fight is just ahead so heal up
your party as necessary. When ready, head out and face the wights and their
army of skeleton warriors.

These wights are airborne most of the time so the only way of dealing real
damage is by attacking them with magic and ranged attacks. If you’re a
dedicated melee character, concentrate on eliminating the summoned skeleton
warriors to force them to lower their altitude and summon more again.

These enemies are weak against holy attacks so bringing a mage with the
capability to enchant weapons with holy magic will help a lot in dealing
with these powerful necromancers. You have to be careful of Maelstrom; this
spell deals a lot of damage and will fling your characters helplessly on
the air, damaging you continuously while the spell is active and will also
cause tremendous damage when you hit the ground.

For the tedious sidequest “From a Different Sky”, you can find the
Badge of Vows 40 on an arch in the northern side floor. You have to
dislodge it using a ranged attack (which is another great way of
temporarily changing vocations for this battle) to get that badge. Take
note that this is the only way to reach this; if you failed to get it and
you complete the quest/ the battle ended, you’ll have to attempt again in
another playthrough.

After defeating the wights, watch the following scenes and the quest will
be complete.

Q22 - Quest 22 - Final Battle


-Speak with the Dragonforged
-Make for the Tainted Mountain
-Answer the Dragon's Query

\Stand and Fight\

-Respond to the Onslaught
-Fight back
-Pursue the dragon
-Head to the top of the tower
-Fire the ballista
-Target the Dragon's Heart
-Fell the Dragon by your own hand

First, travel to Hillfigure Knoll and talk to the Dragonforged to receive a
Dragonleather Vest and Draconic Scroll. When used, this scroll will grant
your pawns knowledge how to deal with the dragon. Make your preparations.
Finish all the quests that you need to finish and come prepared. Stock on a
lot of party and self-healing curatives and distribute them wisely to your
pawns. Leave the important and better quality curatives with you to prevent
your pawns from needlessly wasting them.

To reach the Tainted Mountain, you have to go to the ruins of the Greatwall
Encampment and take the stairs to the north, leading to a secret path to
the mountains. As soon as you enter the area, you’ll encounter more
powerful Geo Saurians. Take them out then continue until you reach a cave
with a riftstone. You’ll encounter several succubi here. They attack more
fiercely and can easily put your characters to sleep. Further on, you’ll
encounter even more nasty hellhounds. The path is really straightforward so
just continue forth and fight your way through various enemies.

Once you’ve reached the Grand Hall, you’ll have to face off a much
stronger gorechimera. This is a much stronger version of the chimera and
the goat can cast healing spells, making it a dangerous threat. The tactics
pretty much stays the same though you may want to prioritize taking out the
goat first instead of the snake to prevent the gorechimera from healing
itself. After defeating the gorechimera, stand on the pressure plates
around the room to open the door. Enter it afterward to face the dragon.
During the conversation with the dragon, you’ll be given an option to
face him in battle (correct choice) or sacrifice your beloved (see notes
above). In exchange, the dragon will leave and fulfill your desires.

For the first part of the battle, you have to escape the collapsing temple
ruins. Failing to do so will result in instant death. After reaching a safe
spot where you can engage it, target its heart and keep dealing damage
until it flies away. Give chase and run across the ruined bridge. Continue
to the tower and loot the chests/ destroy crates along the way. Recover
your health and stamina then continue to the top. Use the mounted ballista
on top of the second tower to aim for its heart and shoot it.

After the scene, you’ll be riding at the back of the dragon. Keep
crawling and making your way to the glowing spot on its back. Sometimes,
you have to shake your left analog stick to prevent yourself from being
whisked away. Once you reached the glowing spot, land a hard strike to
trigger another cutscene.

After that sequence, the dragon’s heart will be completely exposed and
you have to fight it for real. Engage it in battle and keep targeting the
heart. The dragon is weak against dark and ice elements. Melee vocations
can effectively latch unto the dragon and attack the dragon’s heart while
they’re holding on. After a while, it will start flying to the far end of
the tower ruins. Look for the nearest ballista in the area and use it to
shoot the dragon down.

Once it’s down, go back down and resume attacking it. Keep repeating the
process until you finally vanquish the enemy. Take note that the arisen
must land the finishing blow to the heart. Every piece of equipment you
have will be dragonforged, regardless of level/stars and you’ll obtain a
Dragonic weapon based on the weapon you used to land the finishing blow.

_ MQ04 | Main Quest _
_____ Post Game _____

Q23 - Quest 23 - A Warm Welcome


-Return to Gran Soren
-Meet with Duke Edmun
-Duel with the Duke

After defeating the dragon, head back to Gran Soren and meet up with the
Duke. You'll have no choice but to fight him in a duel. Since you don't
have any choice, engage him in battle and attack him until his HP is
reduced to half. A cutscene will trigger afterward.

Escape the demesne. As you reach the Noble Quarter, you'll find Ser
Maximillian waiting for you. Don't bother defeating the guards; just run to
the Passage Gate and head to the Urban Quarter. Another cutscene will take
place. The quest will be complete after the scene.

Q24 - Quest 24 - Fathom Deep


-Gather the stones (20)
-Deliver the stones
You need to explore and clear the various chambers of the Everfall. Each
chamber has bosses that you must defeat in order to collect wakestones.

There are two methods of returning to the surface. Jump again to the
bottomless pit until you get warped back above Gran Soren, Grab hold of the
nearest ledge so you can return via the Pawn Guild. The next method is by
simply using a Ferrystone. If you have the Eternal Ferrystone, then you'll
have a more convenient way of returning to the surface. Below is the list
of Everfall chambers and their enemy composition. Take note that the
combinations may randomly vary.

Absence: Geo Saurians, Hellhounds, Grim Goblins, Skeleton Sorcerers

Anxiety: Undead Warriors, Skeletons, Skeleton Mages, Lich

Apprehension : Grim Goblins, Cockatrices

Confusion: Evil Eye

Distress: Dire wolves Geo Saurians, snow harpies, wyrm

Estrangement: Ogre, Cyclops, Golem

Fate: Hellhounds, drake, succubi, gorechimera, wight

Hesitation: Hydra

Hope: Hellhounds, Gorechimera

Inspiration: Phantoms, undead

Lament: UR Dragon (Defeating this will unlock the The Messiah

Remorse: Golem, cyclops

Resolution: Stout Undead, undead, undead Warrior, ogres, geo saurians,
saurian sage, cockatrice

Sorrow: grim goblins, Evil Eye

Tragedy: phantasms, succubi, gargoyles

Woe: liches, undead

Each large monster drops 2-3 wakestones. You only need 20 so it shouldn’t
be that hard to collect them. However, if you want to train further and
collect more loot and materials, you can opt to check every chamber

Entering the portal will be the point of no return. If you still want to
explore the area and complete quests, don’t enter the wakestone portal.

Once you have at least 20 wakestones and when you’re done exploring the
area, stock on many curatives and possibly, extra wakestones. Talk to
Quince and hand over the wakestones to create a portal out of it. Enter the
portal when ready to complete the quest.

Q25 - Quest 25 - The Final Judgment

-Trial of Power-

Avoid the enemy's slow and preditable attacks. Keep attacking him until his
HP is almost gone then stay away from him until the next cutscene.

-Trial of Will-

Repeat the process during the first trial and watch the next cutscene.

-Trial of Resolve-

You now have to choose whether you'll retreat or step forward. Keep
slashing all the obstacles along the way as you move forth until the next

-Trial to End it All-

For the quest's final phase, you'll have to fight Seneschal Savan and his
main pawn. This is not particularly a hard battle so no further tactics is
necessary. Your pawn will then grapple Savan and you have to finish the
battle in a single strike. After landing the finishing blow, the quest will
be complete.

Q26 - Quest 26 - The Great Hereafter


-Live as the Seneschal.

This is basically the end-game portion. You can only roam the streets of
Cassardis and Gran Soren as a transparent, invisible figure. Your items
will stay with you but you won't be able to use them. You won't be able to
talk to the people but you can attack and kill them without repercussions.

To end the game and start New Game+, you have to return to the Seneschal
chamber and use the Godsbane in your inventory.

_ BBI01 | Bitterblack Isle _

P01 - Part 01 - Introduction

This is the first area in Bitterblack Isle and will contain enemies that
will test your party's strength. If you're having difficulties dealing with
the enemies here, consider leveling up your character and main pawn before
proceeding since everything will just become progressively harder as you go
along. Consider the following tips:

1. Have a good supply of Flasks of Oil in your inventory. You'll be using
your lantern almost all the time you're exploring the labyrinth.

2. Bring lots of curatives. You'll need them.

3. Follow the game's advice that you should be at least LV70 before
attempting the place.

4. Consider using a ranged character and employing a hardened fighter to
take the brunt and act as a tank. Most enemies, especially the large ones
tend to be really a pain to deal with, unless you have top-tier equipment,
skills and weapon.

5. Stock on Rift Crystals. Removing curses from high quality Bitterblack
equipment you'll find requires Rift Crystals. Further upgrading wyrmforged
equipment (those equipment with a red dragon icon) requires RC as well.

6. Combine herbs to more powerful curatives.

7. Loot every chest you can find. This is a sure-fire way for you to obtain
high-quality gear.

P02 - Part 02 - Garden of Ignominy 

-A Guiding Light-
Liftstone x1

You'll find the arisen named Barroch in the Duskmoon Tower. You'll reach it
by going through the transition door in the Garden of Ignominy. You'll find
it by going to the first floor and taking the stairs north. The immediate
area has some hellhounds while the square will contain goblins and a

P03 - Part 03 - Duskmoon Tower

The arisen here can Rarefy (enhance) equipment, manage stored items, allow
you to learn or set your skills or even buy/sell items. The ledge to the
west leads to a treasure room at the bottom of the stairs.

When ready, head to the unlocked door to the east leading to the Ward of

P04 - Part 04 - Ward of Regret

Follow the path and you'll run into a broken riftstone. You can restore it
by using 3500 Rift crystals. Continue forth to the north and you'll run
into a sewer-like area. There's a chest here containing a very powerful
monster that can instantly kill you or your pawns if you're not careful.

Continue north and you'll into a large group of skeletons, including a
giant warrior skeleton. Be careful of its fast and powerful attacks. After
taking it down, continue north and thoroughly explore the area to find some
treasures. If you check the map, there's a small room with a lever and a
chest. You can reach it by levitating to the ledge. Continue forth and head
to the next exit.

P05 - Part 05 - Midnight Helix

Continue to the deep to find a chained, giant Gorecyclops. You may want to
save your game first. The giant cyclops is a very formidable foe so avoid
damaging it. It will stay chained and will not notice you until you touch
it. Should you decide to fight it, you have to be a ranged-class at least
and stay on higher ground as you deal damage on its head. There's also an
opening to the southwest leading to a sewer. Avoid touching the toxic water
to avoid getting poisoned. There are four chests here and several

After taking the first set of stairs, check the path to the northwest as it
leads to a cavern with two chests.

Continue upstairs and take out the skeleton mages and gargoyles. Follow the
path until you reach the topmost level. You'll find a chest and a corpse
with the Void Key. Loot them and return back to Duskmoon Tower and open the
gate in the middle.

P06 - Part 06 - Vault of Defiled Truth

Explore the area thoroughly for some chests and items. There's a cockatrice
in the main area so you may want to get rid of it to proceed. There’s
also a possibility of a Garm spawning in the main plaza. There's really no
important points of interest here but for you to scour the area for
treasure and get rid of enemies within it for additional experience.

P07 - Part 07 - Gutter of Misery

There's a door upstairs leading to another area called Warrior's Respite.
That area has a broken riftstone and a healing spring that you can use.

Has some small vile eyes that lowers their barriers when attacking, stealth
sulfur and large master saurians. There's also another powerful tentacle
monster inside a chest to the north. If you killed a lot of enemies here,
there's a possibility that another large monster will appear. In my case, I
encountered an Elder Ogre. It has several life bars but the fight should be
manageable enough.

At the end of the dungeon lies the door leading to the Shrine of Futile

P08 - Part 08 - Warrior's Respite

You'll find Barroch here as well as some helpful items. There's also a
notice board where you can accept additional quests. Here you can also rest
to fully recuperate your party.

P09 - Part 09 - Shrine of Futile Truths
There's a giant gazer in the middle. To deal with it, you simply have to
keep attacking and destroying its tentacles. It's other attacks are
predictable and can be endured. As long as you have a great variety and
plenty of stock of curatives, you should be able to withstand its attacks.

It will occasionally fill the battlefield with miasmic gas that will
continuously drain your HP a bit. It's evil gaze can also instantly blind
your characters, or sometimes turn them to stone. Once it suffers heavy
damage, it will start casting fell magick.

Concentrate your attacks on the four summoning tentacles to stop the
casting. A glowing orb will remain after you interrupt the casting. Keep
attacking this orb to release projectiles that will attack the eye itself.
Keep doing this until the abomination is defeated.

This enemy will also drop an Abyssal Eye, that's required for a notice
board quest. Make sure to look for it and pick it up since it will
disappear quickly. The door leading to the Corridor of Emptiness will be

P10 - Part 10 - Corridor of Emptiness

Continue forth and open the gate. You'll find a piece of the monument
there. Examine it then repair the riftstone. When you return to the
surface, examine the monument to get an experience reward. Barroch is also
just outside for your needs. There's also a door nearby that will lead you
back outside the island.

(Like any other "safe" areas, Barroch will change locations; you have to 
leave and re-enter the area several times to catch him. This is during the
pre-Daimon version of the dungeon)

P11 - Part 11 - Forest of Remembrance

Follow the path and take out the undead by the bridge. As you reach the
arching corridor, you'll find two skeleton brutes. Take them out as well.
Continue forth and you'll eventually reach a door leading to another area.
(The Pilgrim's Gauntlet) Enter it and clear it first before continuing.
After getting the Void Key, continue forth in the Forest. Carefully cross
the high bridge and take out the succubi along the way. Examine the tablet
in the middle of the tower then continue downstairs.

Restore the riftstone if you have extra rift crystals. Continue to the
second level underground. Kill the wolves outside. Take note that a
minotaur may appear here as well. Be careful with dealing with this monster
as a single misplaced swing from it can throw you off the cliff to your
death. It will be helpful using the tower's window to go back and forth and
keep yourself protected from its wild, powerful swings. The 2nd Level
Underground also leads to the Black Abbey.

If you continue to the fourth level underground, that's where you'll find
the gate that requires the void key. If you still haven't explored the
Pilgrim's Gauntlet in the area's first floor, you should go back and
retrieve the key. The door here leads to a deep dungeon called the Tower of
Treasons Repaid.

P12 - Part 12 - The Pilgrim's Gauntlet

This immediate area has pyre saurians so be careful. Proceed to the main
hall to fight some humanoid enemies. To the south corridor you'll find the
Void Key, beside a corpse. After picking it up, a rotten dragon will
appear. If you're a ranged attacker, you may consider going to the second
floor and jumping on the ledge nearest to the porch. This will limit the
dragon's movement to simply flying under the porch or above the ceiling,
without posing too much damage to you. When the dragon is almost dead, you
may consider equipping non-dragonforged equipment you have and wear them if

Head to the northern corridor to find another tablet piece. Examine it to
obtain the recollection of another arisen. Go behind the burning barricade
and climb the blocks to reach the second floor. Loot the chest there and
continue up to find a macabre statue. You can now exit and leave this area.

P13 - Part 13 - Black Abbey

This is a coliseum-like area with varying enemy spawns. According to the 
game's Wikia page (http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/The_Black_Abbey), the
confirmed Pre-Daimon combinations are the following: 

* 4 Pyre Saurians + 4 Geo Saurians
* 3 Goblin Shamans + 5 Greater Goblins + 1 Gorecyclops
* 3 Sirens + 3 Chimeras
* 1 Gorecyclops + 1 Wight (who can summon 6 Stout Undead at a time)
* 1 Wyrm + 1 Wyvern
* 4 Banshees + 1 Lich (who can summon 4 Wargs at a time)
* 1 Giant Undead + 5 Skeleton Brutes + 3 Poison Undead
* 2 Gargoyles + 1 Lich who can summon 6 Skeleton Sorcerers at a time
* 2 Sirens + 6 Greater Goblins
* 1 Cockatrice + 4 Vile Eyes + 3 Gargoyles 

The area also boasts several ore deposits and chests. One metal chest is 
on top of the pillars, that has the possibility to give better loot. 

P14 - Part 14 - Tower of Treasons Repaid

This area as a gorecyclops and a few goblin mages. Take out the mages first
before engaging the gorecyclops. You can easily take out the cyclops if you
simply stand upstairs. It's most dangerous attack is when it grabs you and
slams you helplessly to death.

The area itself is similar to the Midnight Helix area you completed before.
There's a sewer area to the southwest that has leapworms and chests, as
well as a small cavern on the second floor where there are more chests.
You'll also find another recollection tablet near the ledge of the sewer
and in the second floor cavern as well. 
Tip: Dragonforging Equipment
Before defeating Daimon the first time, you can farm the Cursed Dragon in
this area by baiting it with the Rancid Meat Bait. This will enable you to
Dragon Forge as many equipment as you like, as long as your Arisen wears it.
The best tactic against it is by staying inside the sewer area or the
second floor corridor leading to a bridge above the sewer. Comestion works
wonders against its fragile crystal hear since this attack erupts from
beneath. When it flies, you can aim for its heart and shoot it down using
arrows or magick projectiles.

P15 - Part 15 - Forsaken Cathedral

Walk a bit and you'll encounter a poisoned undead. Take it out and head to
the next room where you'll find another poisoned undead, a couple of chests
and a macabre statue.

Continue forth until you encounter a couple of heavily armored enemies,
guarding the doorway. Engage them and defeat them to continue to the next
room. On the ledge lies another recollection tablet. Examine it then
proceed forth.

Loot the chests along the way until you reach a large hall with giant
undead and banshees. Clear the area then go downstairs to find a broken
riftstone. Repair it and continue further downstairs. Make sure to save
your game before you continue forth since you'll be fighting a dragon and
an undead (ardinal) necromancer.

The dragon itself is easy to kill but it can still be a threat when left
alone. The necromancer itself can cause various debilitations including
petrification, possession, poison and its magickal attacks are not to be
ignored as well. As long as you have a good stock of panacea and other
curatives, you should be able to last long enough to win this battle.

You’ll deal meager damage at first but continue doing this until the
necromancer is forced to possess the dragon. When it does, do everything
you can to deal as much damage to the dragon as possible to force the
necromancer out. This will render him vulnerable for quite a while so use
this time to gang up on him and dish out your most powerful combos/attacks.

Later in the battle, the necromancer will start using even more powerful
attacks such as High Maelstrom and High Exequy which can easily wipe out
your party. It can also use a wide-range spell that can cause continuous
and great damage to everybody within it. You have to play your cards right
and don’t hesitate using your curatives for survival.

After defeating the duo, climb up the ledge in the eastern side of the hall
to reach the upper ledge with the recollection tablet. Follow the corridor
in the same level to find two more chests in a small room. Collect the loot
in the area and continue to the next safe area, called the Corridor of the

P16 - Part 16 - Corridor of the Hollowed

Here you'll find another riftstone that you can restore. Check the dock
nearby to find a recollection tablet. Examine it to obtain its transcript.
The door leads to another exit going back to the surface.

P17 - Part 17 - Rotwood Depository

This area has holy beacons that you can light up at a cost of some rift
crystals to illuminate the area and weaken the enemies. It will make your
job easier so light up the beacons you find along the way. There's also a
secret compartment to the east of the beacon, behind some destructible

The shortcut to the exit is due northwest but if you want to take the long
path, take the path southwest. Make your way to the northernmost part of
the map to find more chests along the way. When ready, exit the area.

P18 - Part 18 - The Forgotten Hall

The enemies in the common area will be wights and undead. The layout of the
area will be similar to the other areas you have completed. Be prepared
though since there are two gorecyclops here. Don't underestimate the mages
here as well since their High Maelstrom can easily wipe out your party. If
you're unlucky enough, the Reaper and/or three Garms will make an
appearance as well.

The second level terrace has some chests so you may want to levitate/
double-jump to reach them. There's also a recollection tablet inside a
small flooded room to the west, accessible through the second floor or the
hidden, vine-covered path in the first floor.

Once you're done looting the area, continue north and go downstairs. Be
careful of the leapworms that will drop from the ceiling. Continue forth
until you reach the door to the next area.

P19 - Part 19 - Blockless Stockade

The first door you'll find leads to a safe area called the Arisen's Refuge.
Repair the rifstone there and rest as necessary. This is one of Barroch's
spawn points. The are enclosed cells here that you can open with the help
of skeleton keys. Explore the area and kill the possessed pawns and an
eliminator in the tight corridor of the dungeon cells. The next room also
has a lot of enemies; just make sure to take out the sorcerers and mages
first. After looting the chests, take the ladder to the north down and
follow the spirit. Go downstairs the pitch black pit until you reach the
bottom. There's a lot of leapworms waiting below so be prepared.

You're now in the first level underground of The Bloodless Stockade. Check
the area past the broken grate to the north to find a chest possibly
containing a Bitterblack item. There's also another chest east of the
beacon. Continue southeast and make your way to the exit. Take note that
the Reaper may appear here as well as an Elder Ogre.

P20 - Part 20 - The Arisen's Refuge

Repair the broken riftstone here and accept the new quests in the notice
board. Sleep if you want then sell your unwanted stuff to Barroch and
organize your inventory as well. There's also a Moonbeam Gem by the
fireplace so don't forget to grab it as well. This will enable you to open
one of the doors in Duskmoon Tower.

P21 - Part 21 - Sparyard of Scant Mercy

Restore the broken riftstone and stay put a bit to recover your pawns’
health. When ready, head to the arena. Here, you'll fight a living armor.
The only way to deal considerable damage to this enemy is by attacking it
at the back. It's attacks are solid but slow so just keep away from it when
it starts brandishing its weapon. It's pretty resilient against magic
attacks and can also knock down your characters easily.

After defeating it, collect the loot in the area and head to the exit. Here
you'll find the last recollection tablet in the game. If you have the
notice board quest "Echoes from Beyond" and if you followed this guide,
you should be able to collect all recollections up to this point and
complete the quest.

P22 - Part 22 - The Fallen City

This a rather large settlement and has a lot of treasures to loot. Some of
the chests are located on the rooftops while the others are along the
narrow corridors at ground level so take your time exploring the area.
After collecting the treasure, make your way to the temple door. Before
going inside, make sure you have ample amount of curatives and your party
donning the best equipment you can get since there's a boss battle ahead.

Note: There will be no enemies during your first visit in the area. But if
you happen to enter the Bitterblack Sanctum, leave and return, expect heavy
resistance before you can reach the Sanctum. You may want to stay on the
rooftops to avoid getting pummeled by enemies in the narrow streets or even
get trapped by enemy spells.

Expect even heavier and deadlier myriad of enemies in the area once you
return after defeating the labyrinth’s last boss. The area will be
patrolled by living armors, thunderwyverns or eliminators. You may even
face Death at the same time. If you don’t want to bother with them, you
can just scale the rooftops and run towards the Bitterblack Sanctum

P23 - Part 23 - Bitterblack Sanctum

Here lies a giant demon, capable of wrecking havoc to your party even with
its basic attacks. This happens to be the last boss of this dungeon and his
name is Daimon.

Daimon has a variety of physical and magical attacks. His charging punch
can send you flying, dealing massive damage. He can also fly up and deal a
crushing punch from above. The only way to avoid this is by anticipating
the attacks. You’ll know when he’s up for a physical attack when he’s
not casting his spells and if he quickly moves towards you. If you’re a
ranger, strider, magick archer or a bow-equipped assassin, you can
interrupt his charge by a perfectly timed headshot. This will stagger him a
bit and allow you to deal extra damage for a few seconds.

His basic elemental attacks can be easily avoided by running. If you get
hit, the damage will be manageable; however you may get frozen or stunned
helplessly sometimes. Fortunately, he doesn’t have that much debilitation
skills like the annoying necromancer and his cursed dragon in the Forgotten
Hall. In the last two or three health bars, Daimon will be able to cast
spells WHILE attacking physically, and even cast powerful spells in a split
second such as Meteor Storm and Seism. It’s a relief that he doesn’t
seem to be able to cast the overpowered High Maelstrom spell. 

His special attacks include a homing rain of blue projectiles that can
cause great damage. You can take cover behind some rubble or just run
around as the projectiles rain around you. He can also grab your character
and deal continuous damage. You also need to watch out for his vortex
attack. Getting caught by it means certain death or banishment of your
pawns. It is also a brief window of opportunity to damage and stagger him. 

After interrupting this attack, Daimon will curl up and hover near the
ground. Focus your attacks and if you’re able to stagger him while in
this state, he’ll become briefly vulnerable and take extra damage. It
will be a good idea to use conqueror periapts (for physical attacks) or
Demon Periapts (for magic users) to deal massive damage. As long as you
evade most of his attacks and as long as you have a good supply of party
and self curatives, you should be able to last long enough to defeat the

After defeating the demon, exit through the opened gate and open the chests
to get various bitterblack equipment, including a moonbeam gem. Follow the
stairwell to reach the exit. Pull the lever in the exit and and head for a

You can enter the dungeon again but expect a major change in the enemy
composition. You have to get your best party and best gears up since the
enemies will be much harder from hereon. Take note that the shortcuts you
opened before will be closed again so in order to use them, you have to
explore the dungeon again from the start. Also, you have to face the
stronger version of the bosses you fought before.

_ NG00 | New Game + _
!!WARNING!!: DO NOT SELECT "NEW GAME" from the main menu as it will
overwrite your save and restart EVERYTHING from scratch. The correct method
of starting new game+ is detailed below. The game will also instruct you
what to do to start new game+.

1. Load your game and you should be the Seneschal in the "The Great
2. While inside the Seneschal chamber, open your item menu and use the
Godsbane to stab yourself.
3. The game will stat the ending credits. When prompted, save your game.
4. Load your game and follow the instructions.

Starting in New Game+ will give you the following perks:

 -Your character and main pawn's level and stats are carried over

 -Your character and main pawn's learned vocations, vocation rank, skills,
core skills and augments are carried over.

 -All your items in your inventory and warehouse will remain intact

 -Enemy level and game difficulty will remain the same.
 -You can fight the Ur Dragon by accessing its chamber through a rift in
Cassardis' Starfall Bay.

 -Portcrystals are now being sold at The Black Cat

 -Deployed portcrystals will retain their last positions and will be active
by default.

 -Stores and peddler inventories will remain when you left them.

 -Explored areas in the map will remain visible

 -New notice board quests will become available


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