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Asked: 1 year ago

How do I get the star in WU stage (Defeat Gan Ji)?

I did wu stage defeat gan ji and i still can't get the star can u help me please?

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From: nevfx 1 year ago

You have to break the source of his power. On Zhou Yu/Taishi Ci's path, before you climb the ladder, keep going ahead. You will see a large structure with blue mist around it. Break it and Gan Ji will talk about how that is the source of his power and his hold over "him" (Sun Ce) will be weakened.

Afterwards, the battle is the same, and the ending scenes are the same, except when you go back to the map, it will say "The warriors of Wu defeated the sorcery of Gan Ji and Sun Ce returned to health."

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There is a altar at the left side of the map, before you kill Gan Ji make sure to go there and destroy it.

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