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How do I beat Tao Qian before he retreats?

Its in Wei Story. Am I missing something? I can never get to him in time, is there a way to open the gate that leads to where he is before he withdraws? To cut out fighting my way through all those chekpoints?

nevfx provided additional details:

Thank you for both answers, I have now completed it. I just moved faster, didn't allow myself to get distracted and used three musou bars to speed run on the horse.

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LanceDearnis answered:

The key is having 3 musou bars, and as soon as you pass the first checkpoint after the flaming castle - when you start running through the woods - to use the Horse Musou to drastically increase your speed. With this, it's possible to catch up with him at the last bend before Liu Bei's camp reliably.
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Genesplicer38 answered:

The other option is to have an equestrian skill of 8 or higher, and a good solid offence that can chew though the gate guarding officers that you have to fight. Multiple Musou bars help for that too. If you can get the gates between you and the escape point open fast enogh, the equestrian skill of 8+ gives your horse just enough speed to catch up to Tao Qian just before he gets to Liu Bei.
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