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In Battle of Tong Gate, how do you lure out Pang De?

While Cao Cao and Han Sui are talking privately, Ma Chao sends Pang De to investigate. The in-game commands tell me to attack the coalition forces along the easternmost portion of the map near the base in which Cao Cao and Han Sui met. The most I've been able to do is halt Pang De's advance for a few moments, at which point I am prompted to continue attacking the coalition forces, but then Pang De continues on toward Cao Cao and I am told that I have failed to lure him out. Is this scripted? I've tried a dozen times but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. And so far none of the walkthroughs that I've consulted on YouTube have been able to accomplish this task either.

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shinchikudo answered:

I encountered the same problem as you and had to reload my save 3 times to figure out. Apparently I wasn't able to defeat enough enemy before Pang De arrives. So I just spam rage mode and killed most of the soldiers in the 3 flashing locations. After that Pang De will be angry and charges towards you instead of Han Sui.
The key is to be fast & furious.
Good luck!
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_2650920 answered:

Just kill as many of the soldiers as you can within each of the three green areas
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