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Requirement for unlocking the what if scenarios?

I gather that to do this I must complete all the star objectives for one faction's story mode, and then I have a choice of which (real or what-if) path to take at around battle 8-9.

However, is it required that I do another complete playthrough of story mode from start to finish (completing all the objectives), before I reach the battle where the choice can be made, or is it possible to "cherry pick" the levels with the objectives that need to be completed (on select stage in story mode), do those one by one and then go on the level where the choice is made to follow the what-if path from there?

Accepted Answer

TriP_of_Death answered:

You can "cherry pick" the stages.
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Genesplicer38 answered:

You can complete each star objective individually by going choosing the Play Stage option under the Select Stage tab in your chosen Kingdom's Story Mode. Note that you only have to complete the Stars in the stages prior to the branching point. Once their all done, select the branching stage under stage select, but use the Play All option. At he beginning of the stage, there will be two characters that you can start the battle with by talking to. The one with the violet/purple marker will send you through the battle in Historical mode. The yellow/orange marker will launch you into the Hypothetical branch.
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elindauer answered:

Hi who will post all stars objectives on FAQ please? Let me know and there are 2 stars on each stages depends and it won't shows what it is but if I beat story ? Will it shows unlocks ??? To see what needs to do? Let me know
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