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How do you stop pang tong dying in chengdu?

How do you stop the assassination and which character do you use?


Nynz answered:

I used Xu Shu to do this (any works), but immediatly make a targeted strike to the path left of the one Pang Tong takes (he takes the far right path). There is a little nook in the corner of the left path with a ladder leading to the guy who ambushes Pang Tong. Climb this ladder and kill him, assassination prevented.
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Riversider answered:

Just play as Pang Tong himself and take the upper path instead of the lower one. Then, once you're inside the garrison, climb a ladder on the right side. That will take you to a hidden area and Zhang Ren; kick his ass and poof, Pang Tong won't die at the end :)
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