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How to unlock Lu Bu?

How do you unlock him?

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From: CloudStriiff 1 year ago

During the battle of Wan Castle (Wei 6) simply ignore Cao Ang and Cao Anmin. Not saving them unlock the battle of Xiapi (Wei 6x). Once you cleared that battle, a new scenario will be available in the "Other" faction's story mode. It's easy to spot really, it has Lu Bu's face on it lol. Once you clear that stage you unlock him.

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Clear Wei Chapter 6 Gaiden (Side Story).

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Well it's probably too late to mention this now but you unlock him on Dong Zhuo's Assassination in "The Others" story mode. Sorry for the late reply mate.

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Unlock his stage by completing the battle of Xia Pi in Wei's story. Then finish his stage and he'll be unlocked.

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You cab also unlock him by beating him in ambition mode with max fame(all officers can be unlocked this way).

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first unlock wei 6x by completing the 3 stars for 6. Then after that go to the other section and play his mission there. That is how I unlocked him

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may I ask if anybody knows what specifically you have to do durring the level wei6 to unlock wei6-x

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