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How do I solve Hrothmund's Barrow?

There is an Axe embedded in a small pillar of stone in Hrothmund's Barrow at end of the great hall, how do l get it?

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Accepted Answer

brightdemon answered:

There is nothing to solve. There is a mead hall overrun with reeklings new the Skaal village. You can either help them or go to the camp of nords down the hill to the east of the mead hall. If you help the norms wipe out the reeklings, the leader will ask you to accompany her to the barrow. She will use the axe to commune with a spirit. That's it.
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bluedragon619 answered:

You can't, its to do with a quest you can find at a mead hall south of the Skaal village, but you never get the axe
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