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Unlock Law and Whitebeard?

I got the mission in 4-2 "Rescue Whitebeard" after beating the partner missions. I did the story mission and after I beat it, I still didn't get Law or Whitebeard. Someone help

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asakura2005 answered:

First, you have to finish 4-3. Normal Ending (there is a true ending or alternative, the one when Shirohige lives)
Then, beat the Partner episodes of Luffy, Marco, Kuzan, Hancock, Ace, Kuma, Mihawk, Crocodile, Buggy, Garp, MAgellan, Jozu and Vista.
Then replay 4-2, and you will get the mission to try to convince Shirohige to deflect, do not fight with him but help Marco and Ace to get the place he is, then he deflect by himself. After finish the episode, you will unlock Final Act 1, Shirohige as character playable, partner episode of Shirohige and Law and his partner episode. As well as all SH pre-skip time, if you want Kurohige and kurohige DP, beat all SH pre-skip as well as Shirohige and Kurohige episode partner.
Have fun.
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shatteringskies answered:

When Shirohige / Whitebeard was controlled by Kurohige / Blackbeard don't kill him. The mission to rescue him is as follows, "Get Ace, Luffy and Marco to Shirohige / Whitebeard location"

If you aren't playing as Ace, Luffy or Marco, just circle around the map, conquering the bottom nawabari would be a good idea. Don't even bother getting close to him.

If you play as any of those 3, then get to Shirohige / Whitebeard location but don't hit him. Maybe wait for the other 2 to arrive then you can go to the location.
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